Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ song is eligible for an Oscar & she wants it bad

Katy Perry John Mayer

Here are some photos of Katy Perry and John Mayer (and his wacky boots) leaving a Hollywood restaurant on Friday evening, and look — they’re holding hands! If you’d have told me last summer that they’d still be dating, I’d have laughed my ass off. I mean, I’m still giggling right now anyway, but it’s a different kind of chuckle and an incredulous one as well. But I guess Katy and John are “serious” now that he spent Christmas with her family and dressed like a pervy Santa. (Although he’s probably cheating on her.)

John’s wandering wang is likely of very little interest to Katy at present. For the moment, she’s very pumped up about “Wide Awake” being listed as one of 75 songs eligible in the Original Song category for an Oscar. Other possible contenders include Adele for “Skyfall” (Skyfall, obviously) Rick Ross for “100 Black Coffins” (Django Unchained), and Fiona Apple for “Dull Tool” (This is 40, can you imagine her acceptance speech?). To me, Katy’s song comes nowhere near any of these other examples, but we’ll find out whether the Academy agrees when nominations come out on January 10. One nomination from another category has already leaked though. Thanks to a glitch on the Oscar website, it was announced (way too early) that costume designer Sharen Davis is up for an award for her work on Django Unchained. Now that nomination would be a well-deserved one, but Katy Perry getting an Oscar nod for anything? That would be crazy, but Katy thinks it’s possible:

Katy Perry John Mayer

Katy Perry. Oscars. Visualize it.

The pop star is on the Academy’s short list of songs eligible for an Oscar nomination in the best original song category.

Perry penned the song Wide Awake for [last] summer’s concert film Katy Perry: Part of Me.

While the 28-year-old Perry has been nominated for nine Grammy awards, the Oscar nomination would be a very different honor.

“It’s like a dream’s dream,” Perry tells USA TODAY over e-mail. “When I was growing up and working on music, it was always a dream to win a Grammy, but Oscar was so far out of my dream sphere.”

“This would be a nomination of a completely different caliber,” Perry continues. “One that is more impressive than many other ones I’ve had. It’s interesting to step out of your playing field and to be recognized from a different angle. It would be an honor.”

The Academy will announce the five best songs, along with the rest of their nominations, on Jan. 10.

Perry vows that if she were to ever win an Oscar she would make the statue a permanent part of her world travels.

“I would never let it leave my side,” she writes. “I’d take it on tour and take pictures of it with me around the world.”

Either way, a nomination would be enough to get the flamboyant Perry on the most famous red carpet in Hollywood.

“If I had business being at the Oscars, I would make it my business to rock the red carpet,” Perry writes. “Basically I would dress like a winner.”

[From USA Today]

While I do admit that it would be mildly interesting to see what Katy would wear on the Oscar red carpet, I think common sense and decency win out over curiosity on that end. For the love of all that is decent, the Academy just won’t go there, right? If it did, we’d have to hear “Oscar nominee Katy Perry” for the next several years, and that’s just not a world in which I care to live.

Katy Perry John Mayer

Katy Perry John Mayer

Katy Perry John Mayer

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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44 Responses to “Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ song is eligible for an Oscar & she wants it bad”

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  1. Marty says:

    Damn she is laying it on thick… but I guess anything is possible.

  2. dcypher1 says:

    I would want fiona apple to win just to see one of those this is b.s. speeches again that was awesome back in 97 when she did that at the vmas when they were good.

  3. Andrew says:

    I personally like Florence and the Machine’s ‘Breath of Life’ from SWATH the best. It’s kinda obvious Adelle is gunna be nominated and probably win though (its well deserved, I just like Florence and the Machibe’s song better)

  4. Naye in VA says:

    I cant with that dress

  5. jinni says:

    They look like a dollar store version of Johnny and Winona.

  6. Amelia says:

    Since when does ‘eligible’ mean ‘good’ or ‘worthy’?
    It just has to be an original song written for a film, right? That’s why there’s an extra song in Les Mis.
    Sit down, Perry. You’re mostly inoffensive, but delusions of grandeur comes to mind.

    • Tiffany says:

      The biggest thing that differentiates the Oscars from the Grammys is that the Oscars CARE about their reputation.

      For the most part, they would rather go for quality of craft over what is the flavor of the month. There are so many flashes in the pan that have Grammys. There are so many amazing actors (and original songs) that have never won an Oscar.

  7. Gracie says:

    I dislike most of the “artists” nominated including Adele. I’ve never liked her music, but Katy is far worse. I’m just glad it’s not Swifty.

    • Justyna says:

      Actually, Swift has much bigger chance than Perry. She is listed as one of the strongest candidates for the nomination because her song written for The Hunger Games was already nominated for a Golden Globe. It’s not the most prestigious category but it’s still an Oscar. Oscar nominee/winner – Taylor Swift, Oscar nominee/winner – Katy Perry. Sounds equally horrible. I remember how happy I was when they gave it to Glen Hansard in 2008. Bob Dylan has one too. Swift and Perry just don’t fit the group.

  8. Erinn says:

    I heard that song soooo much before I got the fiance satellite radio and we were stuck with our only local radio station.

    Honestly… it sounds like a rip off of Lenny Kravitz ‘Fly Away’.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Why is she still with him? EW.

    Her getting an Oscar nom. would be horrible. I still can’t believe she’s won other awards.
    Adele is most likely going to win, but I don’t want to see Katy’s name even considered.

  10. mia girl says:

    Meh, there have been some pretty crappy songs/artists nominated over the years so frankly, Perry getting a nomination doesn’t offend me so much.

    The song “Flashdance” once won for best song. And don’t forget we had to watch Goop sing a couple of years back.

    Perry’s song is not fine music, but this category is not always the best place to find the best.

  11. Marianne says:

    Its not gonna happen. Taylor Swift has more of a shot since she was nominated for a Golden Globe, and I don’t think that’s gonna happen either.

  12. JustJen says:

    The oscars have been trying to appeal to a younger demographic for years. My guess is they will nominate her for the attention and ratings but Adele will win.

    John Mayer makes me giggle in a thank God that’s not me kinda way.

  13. JustJen says:

    The oscars have been trying to appeal to a younger demographic for years. My guess is they will nominate her for the attention and ratings but Adele will win.

    John Mayer makes me giggle in a thank God that’s not me with him kinda way.

  14. valleymiss says:

    If Adele doesn’t win over Katy and her autotuned vocals, I’m giving up on music!

  15. Sugar says:

    John really brings out that easy-breezy( but serious) messy- artsie side of a girl- I remember Jessica Simpson going thru her phase with him. I think with Katie there is more authenticity then wanna be because she has always dressed somewhat WTF. John maybe you have finally met your soulmate.

  16. jaye says:

    That man must be hung like a Clydesdale.

  17. Earth to Kelly says:

    Dear god she better not get even a nom, however the academy has done some weird things before in an effort to increase viewership from a younger demographic. Remember when they brought in Miley Cyrus (before she underwent her “cool” makeover) to present? It was such an obvious pathetic attempt to appear cool. If they give Katy Perry a nom, it’s because they are still desperate to get ratings up.

  18. apsutter says:

    Django was awesome and I really liked the John Legend song from the soundtrack, I hope it’s eligible. I think Adele is gonna win it anyways because that song is Oscar bait and everyone loves her.

  19. handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

    I actually love that dress, but that probably says more about my terrible fashion sense. Why not an Oscar, or even the Nobel peace prize? Just as deserved as her accolades for music.

  20. Rachel says:

    When I first saw the header pic, I thought WTF is going on with John Mayer’s hair??? Then I realized it was partly shrubbery and I was like WTF is going on with John Mayer’s hair???

  21. Lindsey says:

    An Oscar for that formulaic, dull song? Not gonna happen.

  22. Isabel says:

    Why is that douchenozzle wearing a penis piercing-ring on his neck?

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    Am I the only one who thinks most music up for awards is crap? Thank you, Kaiser, for not putting a post about Taylor Swift today!

  24. Laura says:

    Please for the love of god, no.

    If she so much as gets a nomination, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  25. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Oscar’s and tuneless, talentless, famewhoring KP should never be mentioned in the same breath; And why does john mayer look like Johnny depp from Edward Scissorhands;
    No Kellyinseattle you’re not the only one; Awards shows in the entertainment world are sops to egos and opportunities for freebies; Here is a partial list of the true Legends, for example, that never won album of the year:
    Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Prince, Elvis Presley,CSN, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Radiohead, the Jackson Five – I dare say anyone or band on that list walks all over what passes for much of today’s music – enough said.

  26. muppet_barbershop says:

    The topmost photo is awesome. Mayer has a tree-mohawk in it.

  27. choppersann says:

    I honestly would prefer this song from this God awful movie to Adele’s skyfall

  28. Az says:

    Not a chance. Adele will take it. Lucky for Katy Mayer knows how to look good on the red carpet. Lucky for Mayer Jennifer Aniston has low standards and actually made up with him to not be seen alone at the Oscars.

  29. Bubbaang says:

    Maybe Kaskade’s (radio edit) version of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake on soundcloud…maybe

  30. ruffnsweet says:

    First of all, whoever wrote this article is a douche bag. I love Wide Awake. It’s a beautiful song. Fell in love with it when i first heard it.

  31. Karen says:

    He really is trying to be Johnny Depp isn’t he?