The Yellow Wiggle is opening an Elvis Museum

Many people have confessed to being Elvis fans, but who would have thought that the yellow Wiggle would be one of the biggest collectors of memorabilia, owning enough to open his own Elvis museum?

Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle who left the group in 2006 due to illness, has a huge collection of over 200 items of the King’s goods, including Priscilla and Elvis’ marriage certificate.

“It’s been my dream to set up an Elvis museum somewhere so that people can experience what I experienced when I went to Gracelands for the first time,” Page told SiT.

When Anthony Field, the blue Wiggle, took the group through Elvis’s home a decade ago, Page was struck by the King’s rise from dirt-poor upbringing to global fame. “That opened my eyes to the story of Elvis,” he said. “It was so much more than just the movies and the singles and the performances. There was a man behind the legend.”

Page started the collection with a cheque that Elvis wrote for a bodyguard for a 1975 tour. He also has an ever-stylish gold lame jumpsuit, original blueprints for Gracelands, Elvis’s last karate certificate, some of his favourite jewellery and clothing he wore in the movies Jailhouse Rock, Kissin’ Cousins and King Creole.

Sydney Morning Herald

Page also owns a beige suit, and the original contract Elvis signed with Colonel Tom Parker, as well as other items.

The only item he is not giving to the museum is the Cadillac Elvis was photographed driving two days before his death, which I think is this one. He doesn’t drive it for fear of crashing.

He has also recorded his solo album with Elvis’ backing group, the TCB band.

My kids are big fans of the Wiggles, and debates in mother’s group can often turn to fisticuffs over which Wiggle is the cutest. Which is obviously Anthony the blue Wiggle. The Wiggles have a legion of celebrity fans of their own, Robert DeNiro, Jerry Seinfeld, and John Travolta have all been to concerts, so maybe one day a celebrity Wiggles fan will set up their own museum dedicated to Greg and his turtlenecked friends.

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  1. Jessica says:

    For some reason, I have always thought that the old yellow wiggle, Greg was cute…

  2. Kink says:

    No way dude, Capt Feathersword is the hottest.

  3. CandyKay says:

    Anthony has aged well – a little bit like George Clooney. He’s much more handsome with grey hair. Unfortunately, he has over-bleached his teeth.

    My daughter prefers Sam, the yellow replacement Wiggle. He’s a good 10-15 years younger than the other Wiggles.

    If you really care about the Elvis car, Greg shows it off in the outtakes at the end of Wiggle Rainbow. Anyway, it’s interesting to know what he’s spending all that money on. The Wiggles make a LOT of money.

  4. Jessica says:

    Yes, Captain Feathersword is hot too!!

  5. dovesgate says:

    Anthony is the hottest, followed by Captain Feathersword and Greg.

    My kids have since grown out of the Wiggles but we used to have the videos and once even went to a concert.

  6. cooler than you says:

    i saw them at my school in 1993. which is why i turned out so cool.

  7. D.Halpin says:

    Good work Greg, keep buying up those things, need to be cared for by people with real passion.
    My Swing Band love this stuff