Star: Justin Theroux got super-bored during his Cabo vacation with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been all over the place this week, but I’ve been ignoring her because I’m kind of over it. There are gossip phases, and this week is my “Ugh, Jennifer Aniston is the embodiment of watching paint dry” phase. Don’t worry, I’m sure this phase will be over in a few weeks and then I’ll be interested in hearing about her wedding/baby bump/nose job/whatever. On Wednesday night, Jennifer “won” a People’s Choice award for her “comedic performance” in Wanderlust. Chica seemed pretty toasty when she accepted her award, which is her People’s Choice tradition – she’s always one of the first people to win or present, and she’s always kind of drunk. You can see the photos and her acceptance speech here – her dress was horrible!

Earlier in the week, Jennifer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s new (earlier) show. I’ll show you this video because it leads into the tabloid story I wanted to discuss. Jennifer’s peplum’d dress is not that cute (it would have been much better without the peplum). She’s flashing her ring a lot too. But she tells some stories about Justin and their vacation together in Cabo, blah blah.

Anyway, from the way Jennifer is talking about their Cabo vacay, you’d think that it was all hearts and roses and oily hipster sex. Not so much, says Star Mag.

Even movie stars get cabin fever. Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, planned an 11-day dream vacation in Cabo, but boredom quickly set in. “After four days, Justin started getting restless,” a source reveals. “When Jen started harassing him about ignoring her, he said he wanted to cut the trip short. She flipped out and said if he really loved her, he wouldn’t be bored.”

Justin stormed off to ride his ATV in Baja, leaving Jen alone to call friends to complain about her fiancé ruined their vacation.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

This story might not be true, but I would buy that there’s a vein of truth to it, in that Justin is getting a glimpse of what his life with Jennifer is going to be like. Yes, lots of nice vacations and shopping and staying in fancy hotels and resorts. But there’s also the crushing boredom. The incessant talk about hair. The drinking. The narcissism. The Aniston.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Granger says:

    After four days of lying around, my husband would be bored too. And I’d still be happy to read by the pool with a margarita in one hand. So he’d go off and do something energetic and life would be good for both of us. Whatever.

    • Christina says:

      I agree. Not everyone enjoys sun holidays. Personally one day of lazing on the beach would be more than enough for me. Seems like someone is trying to make a big story where none exists.

    • Sherry says:

      My husband and I are the same way. I’m perfectly content to lay on the beach and read a magazine. He’s got to be doing something. Once when we were in Key West, I stayed at the beach by myself sunning, relaxing and swimming and he toured an old Fort. We were both happy.

      I don’t think there’s a problem. And I’m with Kaiser, Jennifer’s life is like watching paint dry.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      That’s what I was thinking! And we’re the actual “working folk” who would enjoy just chilling on the beach. That’s what they do, what, every day anyway?

    • km says:

      Yes, this! Half way through the first day he’s b*tching and moaning about being hot and sand all over him. Me? I could lay on a beach forever. We compromise. Always bring the cruisers so we can ride around and check out bars and restaurants and craptastic museums. Everyone goes home happy.

  2. lisa2 says:

    The People Choice awards is just UGH. We know the only people invited are the people that win. Otherwise you don’t go. No surprises. Besides she is one of the first because she never stays at the event. She gets her awards and leaves.

    If Justin is bored then he better get use to it. Welcome to Your Life hon..

  3. Cece says:

    I got super-bored reading all these fake stories about them. They are still together. Deal with it and get over it.

  4. Bowers says:

    My husband never lies around on a vacation. We reel from one place to another, and have maybe one day of rest. It drives me nuts.

    • Lauren says:

      My husband has never wanted to relax or sit around. He is very athletic and energetic- would be surfing, parasailing, swimming. Justin has his friends there, so he can hang out with them. Jen looks so happy on Jimmy’s show, and tanned. Wish i could tan like her!

  5. hey u says:

    Lmao!!!! I can’t take star seriously wasn’t it only last week they had her pregnant with twins and talking about him being a girl and boy, until aniston stepped out in her bikini and that rumor froze .

    Aniston wasn’t the only one on holiday with him.. The two other guys jimmy and john are mainly justin friends …

    And pop sugar has pic of the atv ride, it was him and john racing each other.. How we supposed to assume john stormed off on emily as well lol.

    From most accounts it seem like it was a couples holiday which am sure they all must have planned together esp the men since they need ones that really are friends.. Star seem like it just looking to make up drama

    Next week am sure they will be back to stories of aniston being pregnant with triplets

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @hey u, who wrote: “And pop sugar has pic of the atv ride, it was him and john racing each other.. How we supposed to assume john stormed off on emily as well lol.”

      Perhaps Emily doesn’t have a problem with John doing things on his own without her. The common thread in Jen’s past relationships is that she’s clingy and insecure (by her own admission, she has a problem with self-esteem). I can very well see them getting into it because she wanted him with her 24/7 and he wanted to go do ‘guy things’ with John and Jimmy.

      Yep. I can totally see Jen giving Justin the ‘I should be enough for you!’ whine.

  6. Agnes says:

    I’d be bored out of my mind after four days of suntanning and drinking too. Bored and hung-over. But what was he expecting? That’s how Aniston rolls.

  7. Cecada says:

    Don’t have any problem believing this. She’s boring-er than hell.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Not all of us live to tan, so probably he got bored.

  9. marie says:

    so, were the black cut offs his way of protesting? did he oil himself in protest? did she chain him to the balcony preventing him from travelling to the ocean? did she tell him “you’re my balcony b-tch and will pose in the same nasty shorts on the regular? dance grease monkey, dance!”

  10. hmm says:

    Blah blah – fake stories. Come on magazines find something new – a new theme. Be creative, thanks.

  11. Jojo says:

    Who wouldn’t be bored with her? Everything is the same same same. Good luck with your new life Justin.

  12. G says:

    I highly doubt it took 8 hours to run out for some spaghetti. Good cover for an all day escape, I guess……

    Should grown men need a cover.

  13. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Spuzzum is waaaay more exciting than Cabo – they should go there for the next vacay.

  14. Nicolette says:

    Maybe her storming off had more to do with the blind item I read yesterday that had him mocking her diva ways in front of friends. I’d be surprised if this marriage actually happens. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in that last photo.

    It’s funny, when I watch shows from the first season of Friends, I like her. But then again, she wasn’t her Ahole self yet.

  15. ramona says:

    11 days on a beach is approximately 8 days too many for me. I wear SPF 50, y’all. A lot of it. I can’t afford 11 days’ worth of sunblock!

  16. SmokeyBlues says:

    What I want to know us how she dinks so much and still looks so fit and slender. Seriously, I have not been able to drink much since I was 23 without getting bloated, puffy, and ending up gaining serious weight. I drank wine on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, didn’t overeat, and I gained FOUR pounds and felt like bloated crap for days. And I’m only 29! HOW does she do it? Tell me her secret!

  17. gogoGorilla says:

    She really looks like a nagging fishwife in that last photo.

    But *yawn*. Yes, pretty much.

  18. Mac says:

    It’s odd that Justin would be throwing hissy fits and mocking Jenn in front of her friends.

    His entire act has always seemed rather petulant and egocentric.

  19. Jayna says:

    Like star would have any insider info from their tight group and like they would fight in front of anybody else. He’s been on beach vacations before. They had some big celebrities with them as couples friends. He was probably partying away with them. We only see them laying out for a few hours, not their whole day.

  20. Dani says:

    I really doubt he’s bored with her/the lifestyle. He got with her specifically for it.

  21. Dirtnap says:

    Remember what John Mayer said
    in an interview once, that he didn’t want to spend his youth sitting around and petting dogs in the kitchen and that that was a problem in their relationship? I think Jen is just content doing very little, and, if the Justin story is true, she obviously doesn’t understand men very well. The male stereotype is that of “hunter/gatherer.” They like to be DOING, to have a task, to have something to show for efforts at the end of their day. A suntan isn’t much to check off of the ol’ to-do list. I wonder if that’s part of why Brad was attracted to Angie. She seems like the type to not care if a man goes off on his own, because she certainly likes her alone time too.

  22. Jayna says:

    Also, all I have to say is I didn’t want to go on a seven day beach vacation. I got there. The first day I thought I would go out of my mind. By the third day my body rhythm slowed down and I was so relaxed and happy. I stopped checking into the office, all stress began slipping away. Laying out in the morning by the ocean with a good book, coming in during the hot part of the day, a great lunch, a little sightseeing or not, a nap, back to the ocean in late afternoon, next to great happy hours at the condo with everyone, throwing on a sundress and having great seafood dishes at different
    restaurants with great conversation. I honestly wanted to stay another week. I never
    thought I was that person. It really showed me how good slowing down your pace is
    and not just going going going all the time on vacation. The beauty of the ocean just
    listening to the waves lapping on the shore was magical. I loved the beach strolls when. Maybe kayak one day, I just did as I pleased, not even putting pressure on myself to go to an activity my friends were if I didn’t want to.

  23. tracking says:

    I like the PC dress (though a light color would have better highlighted her tan), but despise the Kimmel one. So unflattering! As for Mr. Theroux, I think I’d give away one of my children right now for a 7-day beach vacation (ha ha). But I’m sure the European vacay was more interesting. Tough lives!

  24. ms.steel says:

    why she won an award? ahh, I dont want to know! I dont want to open the videos because with stills alone, i feel like it is cheesy and trying hard to be funny. those facial expressions and whatever are so annoying!

  25. kiki says:

    I think Aniston is probably as friendly and personable as can be but I think you are right about her life. It is not boring to her but any man with any salt to him can’t abide it for long. I have gathered from comments by Brad Pitt (being bored with the shallowness of it) and Mayer(as exciting as pet sitting)that she is self-absorbed and is stuck in her Friends personna. It does not make her a terrible person but who in their right mind would want to spend their time doing nothing but this.

    • spinner says:

      You have no idea what she does with the majority of her time. Of course Brad contributed nothing to the boring-ness of this relationship. Yeah…he just blamed it all on Jen & took no responsibility. What a guy.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Spinner …

        When did Brad ‘blame it all on Jen?’

      • Sal says:

        Took no responsibility? Lol, what a joke. I think that was Aniston from her Vanity Fair interview onwards. She is the only one who has steadfastly refused to take any responsibility whatsoever. Threw Brad under a bus to save herself and took NO responsibility whatsoever. What a woman (sarcastic). Shes a worm. Shes trash. Her and Justin deserve each other.

      • Kim says:

        Brad is to blame for Mayer calling her boring.I believe Pitt said he smoked weed to deal with his marriage in Parade magazine.Listen Aniston is predictable she used to eat the same lunch everyday,she goes to Mexico every year,she pretty much has had the same hairstyle for years,she plays the same role in every film.Nothing wrong with that.I think living in LA will be more on issue for him than her predictable tendencies.Love conquers all.

      • Janet says:

        @emma: Brad never blamed anything on Aniston. Eight years after the split and Spinner still can’t forgive Brad for unloading his ex for a better woman.

        In her Vanity Fair weepfest, Aniston assigned 98% of the responsibility for the break-up to Brad. Typical of her. She’s a plaster saint who is never to blame for anything. :roll:

      • PG says:

        I can’t believe your bringing Brad into this since they split up a million years ago, but if you really must know it was all Jens fault, she treated him like an a peasent, when she won her Golden Globe award she spent half an hour thanking everyone but Brad, thats when that relationship went south, long before Angie.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t find John Mayer terribly interesting. I see him just sitting around the house high pontificating about some bullshit subject, going to the neighborhood hip joint and picking up a girl and banging her. Self-absorbed in a nutshell. I admire his talent, but him off in another room writing music isn’t terribly interesting on a personal level in a relationship. What he would bring to the table on that level wouldn’t be much.

  26. Jayna says:

    That dress looks like something you can buy from the local strip mall.

  27. Suze says:

    Eh…probably not true given the source, but even if it were, he wasn’t tied down. He could do things – plenty of activities around there.

  28. The Original Mia says:

    Her vacations are boring. There’s only so much sunning one can do before boredom sets in. I could see if they were biking or exploring or paddle boarding. They aren’t doing dilly, but tanning. Yawn!

  29. BELLA says:


  30. BELLA says:


  31. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m divorced and don’t have a husband, but any guy I know would be looking to see if they have beef jerky in the sovenieur shop…. :)

  32. Jess says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for FINALLY sticking it to Jen Aniston! I cannot for the life of me figure out how she has so snowed the media and the public into thinking that she is admirable or interesting on any level!!!!! She contributes nothing to society and is a WAY overrated “beauty.” Run away Justin!

  33. Holden says:

    I’ve done that trip to Cabo with my wife and I get bored as shit too. I need some kind of activity every day, like surfing, or fishing or I get bored silly. The eating a binge drinking help though…

  34. mar says:

    Jen is a giant bore. Working out and tanning are her only hobbies it seems.

  35. emma says:

    Yeah he seems like the kind of guy who likes to DO things, even if it’s just going to a coffee shop or something. Aniston likes to lounge, and tan, and get her hair done.

  36. blonde on the dock says:

    You cant look like that and abuse yourself with booze and smokes and sun. She comes across as very down to earth and happy to me.

    • Sal says:

      Clearly you can, because the sun booze and ciggies have really turned her skin to leather. Whatever, she always came across as aloof, stuck up and so unapproachable and unfriendly. Even in these Cabo pics she looks miserable. Karma maybe? Realising her cheating douchebag fiance is not going to keep her happy? Miserable smug bitch.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @blonde on the dock, who wrote: “You cant look like that and abuse yourself with booze and smokes and sun. She comes across as very down to earth and happy to me.”

      How could you possibly know what she looks like? You have never seen her without makeup, not even by the pool. Jen is a woman who likes to be pampered at Spas and spends $200,000. yearly on her hair. Just how ‘down to earth’ can she be?

    • Joanna says:


      I agree. I don’t see why people hate on her so much. she only tans and works out? oh horrors! *clutches pearls* what a horrible person! *gasp*

  37. tabasco says:

    This is not going to end well. It seems like this guy (his true nature) is SO different from her, add in his dick move re: Heidi Bivens (which should be a *huge* red flag for Jen if she had any damn sense) and her long-standing pattern of sh*t relationships….ugh.

    • Sal says:

      +1 Very well said! When you get together with a man who cheated with you, you get together with a man who will cheat on you. This relationship, which seems phony to me- all for business/show, like an arrangement, will not last. When a cheating douchebag marries his whore, he leaves a vacancy for a mistress. It will blow up in her smug face. Trust.

  38. skuddles says:

    I don’t doubt he got bored. He fancies himself a quasi-intellectual, edgy, motorcycle driving, eccentric hipster type, and she’s an aging actress of questionable talent and limited intellect and interests. I’ve never once heard of her doing anything “out there” aside from getting a bit shit-faced before an awards ceremony or tv appearance. She just seems to be all about the Cabo, boozing, palling around thing, and, of course, fretting on her appearance. I doubt they’ll actually get married but if they, it will be pretty short-lived.

  39. Mac says:

    A body language expert, called in to analyze the Cabo photos says that they show that Aniston is “livid” with Theroux, and he’s “tense” and “holding back anger”.

  40. Hipocricy says:

    She had one TWICE in a row. A tall long legged hairy guy (as opposed to his antithesis : the current short legged one with a receding hairline).

    His name was John ‘The Ninja’ Mayer. He dumped her on a street conference because she wasn’t napalm enough and he didn’t want to co parent her dogs.

    Don’t like Justin at all but at least he is not the childish attention ho, scato freak and urinator Mayer.

  41. Mary says:

    I love Jen. I think her figure is incredible but Justin just strikes me as a tad creepy .i’m also a fan of the beach holiday (I live in Ireland I need some vitamin d) but my bloke rents a car and does his own exploring when we go on holidays. We both win

  42. Ginger says:

    I’m not a lay around on the beach kind of gal either. I enjoy it for about one day and then I want to be out taking in the scenery and exploring. Luckily for me, my husband is the same way. If you can agree to disagree and everyone is happy then cool. If Aniston really did call her friends to complain about him taking off to do stuff on his own, hopefully they set her straight….relationships are a compromise always!

  43. hopperlea says:

    If I had Aniston’s body and money, I would spend weeks at my beach house too.

    Most people would love the easy going life she has. Having no real problems sounds like a great life to me. Not the most deepest of lives, but hey, I will take it.

  44. Shawneka says:

    Jennifer isn’t really passionate about anything outside of herself. She’s too busy obsessing and chasing the kind of woman she wishes she was naturally. For her sake, I hope he’s just as shallow and arrogant as she.

  45. Tres Jolie says:

    Actually, this was not a vacation, it was a publicity stunt.

  46. Sugar says:

    color me surprised. I actually made comment on one of the many cabo coverage picture posts that I thought he looked bored. The only guy who could withstand the amount of tan time Jen enjoys would be George Hamilton.
    Bless his heart Justin gave it a try but I’m with those who think this trip bored the SPF50 out
    of him except for when his buddies showed
    I hope he gets a say when they plan their honeymoon if they have one.

  47. Ryan says:

    He looks more and more like Stephen Colbert every time I see him.

  48. Bolivar says:

    My impressions of Aniston, who does not offend me, is she is a competent actress, but not a terribly exciting person. If someone is seeking THRILLS! and DANGER!she is probably not your gal. She seems pretty even tempered to the point of flat-lining. She will probably never: get raging drunk and drive a camaro with her feet; carry a razor in her updo, wear cha cha heels, and flash a bedazzled vadge; be featured in a mug shot with a coke ‘stache; have her incisors filed into fangs and wear white contact lenses; have to be carried offstage from a Flaming Lips concert naked and covered in a bib of barf, etc etc. But if you wanna get stoned on an exotic beach, and bake in the sun until you are leather (think “leather” pronounced in an Australian accent), then yes, yes she is the gal for you.

  49. MrsBPitt says:

    She has def gained weight…that peplum dress was not a good choice…JT creeps me out for some reason…

  50. Kendra says:

    Am I the only one that think it is strange,, Jennifer and Justin did not spend time with family for Christmas and the New Year. They just got engaged,seems like Justin would have taken her to meet the whole family and Justin would have met Jennifer’s half brothers and their families.

    I really think that Justin’s family want nothing to do with Jennifer. I bet Heidi Blevins was like one of the family after 14 years and the way Justin dumped her ,to be with Jennifer was shameful. I bet Justin’s family does not think to highly of “home-wrecking ho” Jennifer. I bet Heidi Blevins was invited to Justin’s family for Christmas.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      I totally agree with this. I think Justin’s family really ‘do’ like Heidi better than Jen and were probably appalled by the way Justin treated Heidi. The only ones who bought the ‘oh, Justin and Heidi had been ‘on again, off again for a while now’ were Jen’s hardcore ‘mini van’ fans who desperately needed to justify Jen’s actions after crucifying Angelina Jolie so horribly for getting together with Brad ‘after’ Jen had filed for divorce.

      But the worse justification from her fans was the ‘well they weren’t married so it’s okay’ and ‘if Justin really wanted Heidi he would have married her” as if people who have ‘both’ committed to be in a relationship with each other were still somehow ‘fair game.’ Not every couple dreams about getting married. Some couples really do enter their relationship with a mutual disdain for the institution. And let’s not forget that the jury is still out on whether or not Jen and Justin will make it to the alter.

      There was much noise on the Internet this past week about the ’8th’ anniversary of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s separation (which was announced, I believe, on January 7, 2005). What ‘still’ amazes me is how many people to this day believe that Jen and Brad were still together in April 2005 (completely overlooking the face that Jen filed for divorce in March 2005) and that Angie ‘stole’ Brad from a happy home.

      In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether couples are married or not. If they’re in an emotionally ‘committed’ relationship (Justin and Heidi weren’t causal dating, they’d lived together for the last 6 years of their 14-year relationship) they are off limits.

      • Lil says:

        His family are well known in the literary and academic worlds – what could they have to talk to her about? I doubt tanning and hairstyles magazines are on their reading lists.

      • Lana says:

        ITA Emma, VERY, VERY well said. I don’t think his parents would ever accept Jennifer unless she buys them extravagant gifts to buy their acceptance which I wouldn’t put past her. No doubt they’d still think very highly of Heidi. ESPECIALLY since she was classy and dignified in how she handled what Jen and Justin did to her. No ‘pity parties’ for or passive-aggressive digs in the media. Even if their loyalty is to their son, they’d respect Heidi for the class and dignified manner she handled what their son did to her.

    • Lana says:

      Very well said, Kendra. There is something very morally and characterly suspect about someone who refuses to spend even one holiday a year with even one member of her family. It says a lot about the moral fibre and character of a person. Down-to-earth? Friendly? Clearly NOT.

  51. Kendra says:

    Jennifer and Justin both looked unhappy and miserable on vacation. The bloom is off this fake relationship, they do not even fill like faking being happy. How much money will Jennifer have to pay Justin to get him to the alter? LOL Karma, the “home wrecking ho” is getting what she deserves. I bet Heidi, looked at those pictures and laughed her AZZ off.

    • Jayna says:

      I have seen a lot of photos of him with Heidi looking indifferent also.

      I feel for Heidi. She seems like a very classy person who hasn’t regurgitated every private matter of this in public, which is rare these days. She has kept her dignity in a way few do when hurt so deeply, especially in this celebrity media-driven day. I really respect her style in handling this.

      But she chose to stay with him for 14 years. I’m sure at points it was on and off, but she still did with no marriage proposal. She is such a pretty woman I hope she meets someone nice who really loves her, but it seems Justin was always hedging his bets. Being a long-suffering girlfriend teaches you many lessons. I’m sure she won’t stay so long the next time. Not that people stay in marriages either lol, but she probably wants children and wasted a lot of time with Justin. She probably really relates to When Harry Met Sally, when Sally talked about how she and her ex used to talk about how they didn’t need marriage and could pick up and go whenever they wanted and have sex on the kitchen table because no kids, and then she realized it’s not that he didn’t want those things like marriage, he just didn’t want those things with her.

      Will Jen and Justin last? I don’t know. None of us knows with any of these relationships of the celebs. The ones I think will last don’t and the ones I don’t think will last do.