Katie Price is engaged again for the 5th time, this time to a stripper

Katie Price

Katie Price, English chav extraordinaire (and perpetual star of hilarious white wedding photoshoots), is engaged for the fifth time! If she actually makes it to the altar, this will be her third marriage (she was previously married to singer/reality star Peter Andre and wrestler Alex Reid), but she’s had a few very recent engagements to other rather dumb men (her very favorite kind) as well. In the past year or so, Katie was briefly engaged to Gladiator Warren ‘Ace’ Furman and Argentinian heartthrob (of sorts) Leandro Penna, the latter of whom ended up as an ankle tattoo of Katie’s after they dated for a mere three months. Leandro then bought Katie a cheesy, pink, heart-shaped engagement ring that was just repossessed because Leandro never paid for it. Ouch.

Regardless of her track record in love, Katie is trying yet again for a successful engagement. She’s just accepted the proposal of a stripper (heh) named Kieran Hayler, who couldn’t stop himself from Tweeting all over the place about his lady love. Naturally, Alex Reid is speaking out and is all, “Dude, you don’t wanna go there.” Alex has warned Kieran that Katie is not only “the most high maintenance women in Britain,” but “it is a rollercoaster being married to her.” I believe Alex, and here are the details:

Katie Price

Katie Price is tying the knot for the third time — marrying builder and part-time stripper Kieran Hayler. Kieran, 25, and 34-year-old model Katie only revealed they were a couple three weeks ago.

Besotted Katie told yesterday how hubby-to-be Kieran popped the question over a romantic Christmas dinner. And Katie said she has finally found Mr Right in Kieran, a part-time stripper who peeled off his kit on EastEnders.

The mum of three said: “Kieran and I talked about marriage a few times and he proposed to me at Christmas over dinner. Kieran is a true gentleman who treats me like a princess. He’s a normal guy, he works hard and the kids love him. It just feels right. I know what people will say about me because I’ve heard it all before. But life is short so when something feels right, I just go for it.”

[From Daily Mail]

Who knows if these two crazy kids will ever get to the altar, but if they do, it certainly won’t last. I really think Katie/Jordan just needs to kiss long-term romance goodbye and just focus on raising her three children with Peter Andre and selling tacky clothing geared to equally tacky equestrians. She’s such a mess, but I guess it sells.

Katie Price

Katie Price

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  1. DanaG says:

    Marriage is very profitable to Katie. Each wedding get’s her lot’s of attention and even more cash. Idiots buy her photo rights and make reality shows out of the wedding. She did this before Kim K did and her marriage didn’t last either. Peter Andre is father to only 2 of Katie’s children the oldest has a football player dad who I don’t think married Katie. Those poor kids are going to be very confused. Katie may make it to the aisle this time it’s been awhile since she had a reality show and she needs a new theme.

    • Po says:

      Thank you for giving me a reference point about this woman because I’ve been trying to figure out what she does. She’s the British Kim K. I get it now. Thanks

      • MsAubra says:

        NO NO NOOOOOO!!!! Katie, for all her uncessary famewhoring and unecessary marriages, I still wouldn’t compare entirely to Kim K. She owns it that she’s not this high brow celeb and doesn’t try to fit in where she’s not taken seriously. And you can’t laugh at her mothering skills, as a single mother, she really has it together and is pretty endearing

    • spugzbunny says:

      Yup I was going to say the same thing. The oldest, Harvey is Dwight York’s kid previously of Man Utd fame. He basically denied the kid was his but had to take some responsibility when a DNA showed it was. He has nothing to do with him. It’s a shame that the kids have such an unstable background.

      She’s a frickin train wreck though! I think she’s actually pretty clever but she incredibly self-centred.

  2. MisJes says:

    As an Equestrian, might I just point out that I know absolutely NO ONE who would be caught dead in or using any Equestrian products made by that woman. Here in Australia, you wouldn’t even be allowed to compete in that kind of crap.

  3. Sarah says:

    Her first child isn’t even to PA, it’s to footballer Dwight York (or something).

  4. Hakura says:

    This woman needs to focus on the only truly important thing in her life, her children. Not only is she repeatedly subjecting them to these relationships, but to the repeated break ups.

    But most importantly, her oldest son, Harvy (born in 2002, so 11 now) is not only blind, but apparently on the autistic spectrum. Wiki claims he also gains weight easily & has difficulty walking.

    Not at all that a parent of a child with such difficulties shouldn’t have relationships, but she seems to spend too much time on these ridiculous, short-term relationships. Not to mention repeatedly subjecting all her young kids to these different guys way too soon in the relationships (allowing them to develop relationships with them as well, then constantly breaking up with them, likely hurting the kids as well).

    She just really needs to reevaluate her priorities.

    • Miss Kiki says:

      That’s always been my biggest issue with KP. I see nothing wrong with a single mum having relationships/casual dalliances. I do however take issue with her introducing her kids to a guy the moment she gets into a relationship/casual arrangement with him. I strongly feel that parents who are no longer together should have an agreed length of time before introducing children to a new partner and I think that time should be a heck of a lot longer than 3 months.

      • Hakura says:

        I have to wonder if she’s even considering how *dangerous* it is, letting your kids meet someone you’ve only been seeing each other 3 months.

        I was just lucky I wasn’t subjected to the same sort of ‘dating’ issues regarding my mom. She only ever dated (then Married) one person after my Father passed (car accident).

  5. marie says:

    she in love with a stripper.. this song will be stuck my head all day..

  6. Miss Kiki says:

    I love/hate that CB covers Katie. I can’t stand her in any other media representation yet on CB I suddenly find her hilarious. It really is the rollercoster Alex Reid describes, he’s so wise.

  7. Elceibeno says:

    I hope she makes him sign a pre-nup. He is smoking hot.

  8. T.Fanty says:

    Man, I hope she actually marries him. That wedding will be chav-tastic.

  9. Kiki says:

    My gaydar is pinging away just by looking at those photos.

  10. OhDear says:

    She’s a famewhore, but to her credit at least she’s self-aware of that (if nothing else). Alas, all her partners seem to be users.

  11. BW says:

    It must be winter. This is the most covered up I’ve ever seen her.

  12. Lisalou says:

    Wow, that Argentinian ex of hers in the linked article is so freaking hot.

  13. Hannah says:

    Hard to believe she is only 34!

  14. J7 says:

    Nothing worse than a man in a deep plunging V neck t-shirt.

  15. erika says:

    Oh, I hear the Brit’s call her ‘Kim Kardashian’ that’s british slang for ‘idiot girl’ …

    cheers mate!

  16. Smokey says:

    I’ve often wondered what’s wrong with Courtney Stodden. I think I’ve got it now – her idol is Katie Price. If we had a page three girl (how KP got her start), Courtney’d be doing that right now. Girl is copying KP’s hair, makeup, styling, shoes, poses, etc.

  17. Baskingshark says:

    According to reports, they have just gotten married. Welcome to Katie Price’s ever-expanding vortex of skankiness, Kieran, I think you’ll fit right in – and now you won’t have to strip at gay saunas for a living anymore. Well, not unless KP orders you to!

    Also, if this is true, Kieran will be Casper Smart’s new hero.