Anne Hathaway in white Chanel at the Golden Globes: lovely or annoying?

Let’s talk about Anne Hathaway. Sigh. During my coverage of Anne’s victory at the Critics Choice, I commented on the “Five Stages of Hathaway,” claiming that I was now at the fifth stage, love and acceptance. Yeah… last night she proved that she can still annoy the hell out of me. Her gaspy, wide-eyed little girl act grates on my last nerve, and all of you who claimed that she was going to pull “The Natalie Portman Method” were dead-on. It seemed very much like Portman’s awards run two years ago. Here’s Annie’s speech (bonus Jonah Hill & Megan Fox, who were actually really funny together):

As for the fashion and stuff, Annie wore Chanel. I like this dress a lot in photos, but it was something different in motion. In motion, you could see how loose the top was, and it was disconcerting. It made me wonder if Anne is pregnant, or if she wants us to speculate that she’s pregnant. Or maybe she just wanted it loose to remind us of how much weight she lost for her Les Miserables role. Anyway… the Chanel was fine. White was a typical color choice, and I hope Anne goes bolder for the rest of the awards season. She kept everything else really simple – simple makeup, simple hair. It was okay.

Anne also gasped and aw-shucked her way to the mic to shout-out more thank-yous when Les Mis won Best Musical/Comedy:

I’m adding bonus Helena Bonham Carter! She’s fantastic, but this Dolce & Gabbana dress is… ugh.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. MoxyLady007 says:

    No. Just no. It looks like a David’s bridal two piece wedding dress.

  2. MoxyLady007 says:

    And I say that as a fan of David’s bridal. I just happen to hate the two piece look.

    • Erinn says:

      Ahahaa, same here. I guess it suits some people, but it’s not my taste at all.

      I’ve been looking online at Davids Bridal, drooling away. I actually bought my prom dress from there years ago, when I was on a family vacation to Orlando. Unfortunately, the nearest DB is like 3 provinces away from me, and I don’t really dare buy a wedding dress online. Ah well.

    • Ginger says:

      I bought my wedding gown at David’s off the rack AND on sale. It was the best $500 I’ve ever spent. It was perfect for me and I felt more beautiful than the $5000 gowns. But you are correct..Anne’s dress is very bridal-y

  3. T.Fanty says:

    Three is only one answer to that question.

  4. Lb says:

    I feel so bad about it but she bugs. I was comparing her speech to Jennifer Lawrence’s right before. It’s a classic case of someone trying too hard, which is an admirable quality but can be awkward to watch. I’m sure they both try hard to project an image (and I found both of them to be genuine) but with Anne, you can see the effort. It’s…not entirely endearing.

    (I did appreciate her shout out to Sally Field though)

  5. judyjudy says:

    I think I would like the dress better if it weren’t white.

  6. marie says:

    I would like that dress on anyone else, I just can’t stand Anne. She’s like punch you in the face annoying.

  7. ds says:

    It would have been a nice speech if she hadn’t shown the neediness…. just relax…it’s just an award they hand them out every year.

  8. Tanguerita says:

    at this point she is just unbearable. I really can’t wait for her to finally go away.

    • Pale fire says:

      I agree I can’t STAND her. A few years ago she came out with some article or quote saying every girl should try an@l once. It really grossed me out annoyed me. Not that I’m prudish it just seemed like a desperate attempt to get her on guys radar. I thought that was a cheap and tacky move since that article got a lot of play on reddit. Ever since than I just couldn’t stand her or her chipmunk veneer face with her corny a$$.

  9. Shay says:

    I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt…I do think she deserved the award but I found her COMPLETELY insufferable during the whole thing.

    • QQ says:

      Insufferable: Best Descriptor, is like

      A) she forgot how the public turned on Natalie Portman open beg years past

      B) that we already have Taylor Swift and we cant stand the fake wide eye wonderment at awards

    • renata says:

      I get all the hate with her — she is perky to the point of contempt. BUT, I saw Les Mis yesterday and must say her performance was absolutely STELLAR! I mean as good as it gets for that sort of thing. I couldn’t heap enough praise on her job on that Dream song.

      So, I might have to temporarily give her a pass on the parts of her I don’t like. She did something really good — it deserves to be recognized — in spite of herself :)

    • Giselle says:

      i agree completely. she did that whole “aw shucks” wide eyed thing when she was on camera way before he even won, and i was alone watching this and I just said outloud: “I hate this woman.” I just can’t deal with the fakeness, the overdone eagerness. In that moment, I wanted her to lose just so I could see her fall apart, as others have said about her.

      Now we have the Oscars to look forward to. She’ll likely win, but if she doesn’t, there needs to be a camera on her! I’d love to see her face fall and her heart break. She’s just the most obnoxious person I have ever seen.

  10. s says:

    ugh, the whole “I can’t believe it” is a little much. Esp. since the acceptance speech is so CLEARLY planned. I loved her, but she’s losing me, fast.

    That said I think she looks amazing. Gorgeous. But the faux ingenue is killing me.

  11. Sisi says:

    Imagine what’ll await us if she ever gets nominated for anything more than supporting actress.

    Anne’s speech was way too long. And then she stole more time when it was time for the filmmakers to say something.

    • T.C. says:

      Not only that, she kept drawing attention to herself in the background the entire time the Les Miz producer was making his acceptance speech. She kept squeezing poor Amanda Seyfried like she was her pillow. Everyone else was being respectful in the background except for Annie ‘me, me, me’ Hathaway.

      • j.eyre says:

        I wonder what poor Amanda did to have AnnE try to consume her through osmosis?

        I was able to correct the image but picturing Hugh in AnnE’s place and Eddie RedCarp in Amanda’s. Then I kind of encouraged such behavior.

      • Loira says:

        anne was ensuring she was within the tv frame. She could have hugged Amanda on the other side, or stood next to Helena Bonham C, noooo she had to stand next to the producers showing off.
        I have liked her from the beginning but this year is just a big NO. Yes to the Nat Portman annoying style, she has copied it and worsened.
        Actually, iff she wins the Oscar this time it will not mean the best has happened to her. Quite a few actresses have won and then have gone on to have dissapointing careers, like Halle Berry or Gwyneth.

    • Izzy says:

      I thought her cutting in to steal more mic time was tacky and classless.

    • Sisi says:

      exactly. She’s just one of many actors in the ensemble and in the movie for a fraction of the time. He’s THE director. It wasn’t her place to step up to the mike.
      but tbh, it doesn’t really surprise me that she did… and Hugh Jackman would never

    • JuneBug says:

      Exactly. In the first speech she acted so breathless that I thought she may have jogged to the Golden Globes…her speech was so long and annoying, I wanted to change channels. They had to turn on the music to get her off the stage ! But then, when she stole the mic for the group award, and she continued the acceptance speech for her personal award… I wanted to punch her in the throat. She is the most pretentious bitch in the world. I will never see le mis because of her.

      • Loira says:

        She was kind of hyper, annoying, selfish, uneducated, amateurish. She has really believed her own hype. I would have thought that that boyfriend-legal thing she had would have humbled her. But she is annoyance reloaded.
        I hope someone would tell her how badly she is acting in those award shows, like the AnnE thing, which was innapropriate, she could have let it pass, and her forgetting someone in her speech and then stealing the mic from the director/producers REALLY????
        Her time had passd, she had her chance to thank whoever, and then there are the press conferences, social media she could use, etc. To make her point. She is …. Unbelievable. She is already worse than Nat Portman and her “he totally wanted to sleep with MEEE” speech.

    • oliveo says:

      EXACTLY. At least Natalie’s campaign was for Best Actress, not Best SUPPORTING Actress. I’d almost be less annoyed if Anne was up for Lead, but the fact that she’s THIS FRICKIN’ CRAZY over SUPPORTING (read: not lead) is really unforgivable.

      • Lou says:

        You hit the nail on the head. She’s really good in Les Mis, but she’s in it for ten minutes. Lord knows how annoying she’ll be when she’s up for Best Actress one day.

        Ann, I used to like you. Now I want to slap you. Stop being a derp. STAHP.

  12. Leigh says:

    For me, she is – without a doubt – the MOST annoying A list celebrity ever.

  13. Amy625 says:

    I like the dress hate Anne. She’s become too annoying and egotistical.

  14. Elle says:

    If I were Amy Adams—who is on like her 4th well deserved Oscar nod and 5th Golden Globe this year—I would have been ready to kill this woman during the speech. Especially when she pulled the whole, “I was a Disney princess and now I have proven I can be more!!!!” thing. Anne….Amy Adams was a better Disney Princess than you were, honey.

  15. kibbles says:

    Anne with an “e” is vanilla personified. Everything about her is plain, boring, annoying, and vanilla. She would’ve looked better in another color. She looks nice but nothing special so she needs a pop of color and an outfit that wows. Anything less and she looks like any annoying WASP living in Boringville, USA. In some photos she looks like bobble head. I think she purposely has kept the weight off as a reminder of the sacrifices she made for her role. And most of us here can agree that she was beyond annoying and fake in her speeches and her behavior. I find her even more annoying than Natalie Portman. I think most of the young starlets nominated this awards season are overrated. Emily Blunt should be getting roles as good as Anne and Jennifer Lawrence and she should be nominated for an Oscar. In my opinion, Emily Blunt is the most talented actress under the age of 30 in Hollywood right now.

  16. Po says:

    Ok, so I normally don’t watch award shows. I usually watch the Red Carpet and Youtube the show the next day but this year was different. The Red Carpet had so many bitchy moments that I watched it almost until the last minute. So of course I watched the opening and Tina and Amy had me from the James Cameron joke. Hilarious. But Anne. Oh Anne. I flipped channels and turned back to the Globes and saw Anne’s face and heard one word come out of her mouth and I instantly remembered why I don’t like award shows. This is the thing though, I never minded her until this year and I saw Les Mis and thought she was great. Ugh

  17. Eve says:

    As I said yesterday…let’s brace ourselves for when she accepts her Oscar.

  18. annabelle says:

    I don’t want to have such a hate on for her, she’s harmless really, but I just land on INSUFFERABLE every time I have to consider her in any way.

    She almost won me back around the Princess of Genovia part of her speech. But then she kept talking and pretentioussed her way back on to my annoyed side.

    • j.eyre says:

      I really liked what she said to Sally Field. I thought it was respectful and showed some class. I also liked her actual message.

      My husband’s comment when they called her name and he looked up for the first time:

      “Oh, hey, this is the first time she has looked more human that cartoon character.”

      and that is why I ask him to watch these things with me.

      • ??? says:

        I would’ve liked what she said to Sally … if I didn’t believe she did it only to put extra focus on herself.
        I felt that she made those references as if to say, “See how Sally broke those typecasting barriers? Well now I’ve done it tooooooooo!!! Me, me, me!!!”

  19. GoodCapon says:

    The dress looks like crumpled tissue paper.

    I used to like her since The Princess Diaries, but her cutesy image grates on me now. When she preempted that Best Motion Picture C or M speech, it was just too much!

  20. Effy says:

    Always a fan, hating makes my head ache!
    Go Anne!!!

  21. Tanguerita says:

    there is just so much fake humbleness one can take.

  22. Ranunculus says:

    I like the lower part of her dress a bit better than the top part. Her face and her fake smile is really getting on my nerves BIG TIME.

  23. May says:

    I just CAN’T with her anymore. If people keep insisting on giving her awards I hope she gets every single one EXCEPT the oscar.

  24. serena says:

    Fu-ing annoying. And the dress is really too bridal and meh, usual Annie style. Boring.

  25. Jayna says:

    I like her and the speech was fine.

  26. Post-Its says:

    AnnE’s speech last night is the perfect example as why I can’t stand her. As I said before, AnnE Hathaway loves AnnE Hathaway.

    “I’m going to use this award as a weapon against my self-dboubt.”

    Honey, Madonna won a Golden Globe. FOR “ACTING”. Don’t get cocky. And while it may have looked like she was giving some great nod to Sally Field, she was just reminding everyone that shE is no longer a princess in a Disney movie.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I like her gown, and she did a good job in the film, but I wish she would calm down a bit – mostly because it’s starting to seem like an act rather than genuine enthusiasm and surprise.
    Also, if you’ve had your moment, don’t take up time during the film’s winning moment.

  28. bella says:

    used to love her.
    she’s now officially become annoying.
    get over yourself.

  29. lily says:

    Good lord, now I want her to win so she can go the Reene Zellweger’s way and finally leave us alone!

  30. MSL says:

    Why has she not gained the weight back that she said was horrible to lose? It must not be easy to maintain that weight either. Does she have to stay this weight now forever so no one calls her “fat”? I liked her better with more curves personally. As someone said earlier, she looks like a bobblehead now.

  31. tmbg says:

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. Up next: SAG and Oscars.

    I think the speech falls somewhere between Natalie Portman’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar speech.

  32. lkm23 says:

    I think the whole wide eyed “ohmigod!” thing is more appealing on a 20 year old than a 30 year old. Anne has been in the business for a long time and at this point should be a little more composed (see: Jessica Chastain’s speech).

    I liked Anne a lot before her disaster of an noscar campaign. I kind of dont want her to win anymore, and I thought she was fantastic in Les Mis. Interupting the producers speech to thank her agent? She was in 20 minutes of the movie and all ready had her chance to speak. Not classy.

  33. Oi says:

    And now her people have a denial that she’s pregnant out there. Yes she was looking for speculation. And that was very annoying.

  34. Merman says:

    First of all, HBC is rocking that bag!Second,I hope Anne’s faking it or else she’s heading for a nervous breakdown at the Oscars.Also her whole team should be fired for allowing this to happen: “Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forever use as a weapon against self doubt”.

  35. someone says:

    Am I the only one with working ears because honestly I cringed when she sang her song in Les Miz. And when they play it as she is walking up to accept her award it’s like a bad joke. Caterwauling. Is everyone voting for her because she actually cut her hair off and lost 10 pounds? It surely isn’t for the singing.

  36. Tapioca says:

    …and yet her best ever acting performance will always be the one where she convinced the FBI that she knew nothing about her ex-con fiance’s thievery, because millions of dollars often have a tendency to appear straight out of thin air!

    I do hope she wins her Oscar though, because you just know the speech is going to rival Gwynnie’s for faux tears as dieting for 5 weeks and getting a hair cut in return for millions of dollars and built-in Oscar glory is totally, like, as hard as breaking rocks in a Siberian gulag…

  37. Quinn says:

    Blarf. She makes me stabby. Hate the dress, too.

  38. Diane says:

    She is a wonderful actress and amazing singer but everything about her off stage is ANNOYING. Her Taylor “Little ol’ me?” speech was so awful. Then she comes back? Then when Les Miz wins, she’s on stage hanging all over Amanda? Gag! I never cared for her but had to eat my words after Les Miz. Now I’m back to disliking her.

  39. Jenna says:

    It’s boring. But then again 95% of the dresses worn last night were. Also, I guess this means she’ll get her Oscar. So she can stop offering up her first born now.

    And I can’t believe ‘Les Mis’ won its category for best picture. Give me a break.

  40. Sisi says:

    it seemed that Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried were sitting together somewhere else, away from the entire Les Miserable cast & crew, like… about three tables removed from the others. Seemed strange

  41. ernie says:

    Why is everyone so surprised at this? This is exactly where it was going from the moment she got the role. And after such an aggressive campaign season, how could you expect anything else from her? At least now you know to tune her out at the Oscars.

  42. Marianne says:

    I love Annie when she got on stage. I loved her speech. She was so cute.

    However, her look was not a winner. I hated the dress. Maybe if it had been a sweetheart neckline, it could have improved. And I hope to see her wear more jewelery this awards season.

  43. Diana says:

    I hated that dress and finally understood the annoyance everyone here has for her; she was just obnoxious the entire night. The faces she made made me wonder what was she on? Damn and it’s gonna get worse with the oscars isn’t it?

  44. Attica says:

    I thought her dress was fine, a little boring, but fine all the same.

    Her faux “I never in a million years expected this” attitude really lets her down in my eyes. It grates on my nerves, and I cannot stop an eyeroll every time she appears on the screen.

  45. Auj says:

    I miss her long hair. Made her look younger. She looks too old for short hair. I like the white dress on her. I also think she should loose the dark lipstick. She has a large mouthe and it only accentuates it. A lighter color would make it less gaping. I mean she is so working the Whale mouth swallowing Jonah. :(

  46. MG says:

    Okay, I used to be a fan of hers, but after last night….ugh!! Her speech was sooooo annoying! It really really rubbed me the wrong way…and then to blabber more when everyone one was up there. Then hanging on to Amanda S (who looked like she wanted to slap Anne) was just over the top. Take a cue from Hugh Jackman, who gave an honest, REAL, and touching speech! I really really don’t want her to win an Oscar!

  47. Debbie says:

    The dress was bad the speech was annoying, the campaign has been exhausting. But I was willing to ignore it all and just roll my eyes until she jumped in and interrupted the producer when Le miz won. Then I was DONE!!! That was the most unprofessional, classless, disrespectful, tacky arrogant thing I’ve ever seen and I hope it offended the academy enough to cost her the Oscar!

  48. hmm says:

    Like her a lot – she never looks really off.

  49. JuneBug says:

    Thank god she didn’t flash her vigina at us again.

  50. Christine says:

    Speech was annoying enough. But her grabbing the mic away from the producers? Unforgivable. And he even seemed annoyed in his bit about he didn’t forget anybody because he hadnt started thinking anyone yet.

  51. Hubbahun says:

    Just unbearable. am I the only one who can see Hollywood turning on her after this? Definitely a case of “Yeah here’s your freakin’ Oscar now bugger off will ya?”

  52. vic says:

    Did anyone notice Hugh Jackman’s wife when she won? She turned her back as they hugged and her acceptance speech very obviously with a bitch look on her face. And yes she was annoying.

  53. taxi says:

    I feel very sorry for her husband, since he’ll have to listen to that all the time. There will never be enough food for her ego.

  54. tabasco says:

    yeah, her speech was annoying as hell. but my favorite was when some presenter (i forget who) said something about “pulling the curtains back” and then said “no, im not referring to anne’s upskirt” and the camera actually panned to her and she was fake-laughing but i’m sure wanted to die.

  55. april says:

    I find Anne highly annonying and fake. Her short hair does nothing for her face; it only emphasizes her nose. She has very prominent facial features and her thinness accentuates this.

    It’s as if she is trying to be classy like Julie Andrews, her co-star in the Princess Diairies, but fails miserably at it.

  56. Lem says:

    My husband loves her.
    Now, that makes me side eye him
    I did lmao @the jab about her doing anything -”Anne Hathaway’s upskirt” to win

  57. Bella says:


  58. James says:

    Her speech was terrible. Why is she putting on this fake-sympathy thing?
    Yes she is following Natalie Portmans method. Which is a shame since I used to like Natalie and now Anne is following in her footsteps.

  59. Megand says:

    All this unesscary promotion for Best Supporting? She is going full-out as if she were nominated for Best Actress! Like someone else above wrote, Natalie Portman was atleast in the Best aactress category, Anne Hatheway is only in Supporting. I wonder what her plan would be if she were up for Best Actress and had good shot at it.

  60. aston martin says:

    Insufferable. Yep. Makes me wonder where she goes after this? Princess, drug addict, Oscar co-host, ill-fated prostitute in an iconic musical… uh… well, there’s still getting naked on film intentionally, unless one subscribes to the theory that the car exit wardrobe malfunction was, in fact, intentional (me!)… with the hair I guess she could do a Hilary Swank “Boys Don’t Cry” type deal right out of the gate in a few weeks.

    WOW! I agree with vic– Hugh Jackman’s wife HATES her!!! I love it!!! she doesn’t even TRY to disguise it for the occasion or the cameras. The minute they announce Anne wins, and Anne kisses her husband, the camera moves with her around the table and you can see Jackman’s wife and Hugh’s eyes meet for the briefest moment, and she is saying to him with her eyes, “Well, here we go.” Hugh- bless his heart – doesn’t know what the hell to do or look like. I think I can tell he agrees with his wife, but is meekly trying to just get through the damn unsufferable night with this damn unsufferable girl who has glommed onto him ever since their Oscar gig — OH MAN, can you even IMAGINE how much try-hard he’s had to put up with, especially considering he, himself, has enough natural talent that try-hard isn’t even in his vocabulary? And then when Anne name-checks him in her speech as “my friend” — like they’re pals, peers” and the camera cuts to him actor-smiling up at her, and his wife’s back turned to the stage… CLASSIC. Bet she’s kicking herself now for talking him down from the edge ;)

    Ugh. That whole cast is just ready to be done with her, and probably with the whole experience as a result of her. Poor Amanda. There was not one shot of her at the table looking remotely happy being there, and on stage she gamely put up with Anne’s “sincere”, and “no really! see? I’m in the BACKGROUND!” hugging.

    The thing is, her sweet husband looked like her could eat her up with love. His eyes shone. I hope she can remember THAT moment long after her spotlight has inevitably faded, which could happen a lot sooner than she realizes now.

    • aston martin says:

      Oh wait! she’s totally done the nudity thing! Brokeback Mtn and that other one. I totally loved her in Brokeback, never saw the other one. How crazy is it that I didn’t even remember she was in Brokeback due to loathing her so much now? I don’t even think of her as having a body of work — pardon the pun.

    • TG says:

      Very good analysis. I have to watch that part of the Globes again when they announce her name to see Hugh”s wife, but if she doesn’t like than you know we are all onto something, and is sounds like Hughe is just a classy man and putting up with AnnE. You are so right that BACKGROUND scene was actually worse than anything else she said or did last night. I love how the director or whoever that weird guy was who spoke on behalf of the movie, gave AnnE the setdown she deserved, with his opening lines about how she was hogging the mic.

  61. Srsly says:

    What is the Natalie Portman method?

  62. Rex says:

    I’ve read stories about her being a megabitch before, but her whole “oh I just picked out this dress yesterday” act showed her true colours, she’s a good actress don’t get me wrong, but she just seems like a total bitch who’s using her acting skills to match her inner diva. Just sayin

  63. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Geez, if she was insufferable and annoying for her acceptance speech for the GG’s (which she was!), imagine what it will be like for the Oscars. She’ll probably faint or something. Ughh.

  64. may says:

    Jusy wondering… Hasn’t she won awards before? It’s not like it’s her first time.. Come On!! She’s becomed this Taylor Swift/Natalie Portman/Michelle Williams hybrid (of all their respective annoying habits)

  65. Kelly says:

    Beyond annoying. Have never liked her.

  66. Snowpea says:

    She looks so much like Sid from Ice Age with those goggly wide apart eyes.

    How DID this chick get where she is today?

    She annoys the CRAP outta me. She’s the goody two shoes with the white knee socks and the projects all perfect who sucks up to the teacher.


    • TG says:

      @Snowpea – I have been laughing my head off at all the comments on the insufferable AnnE, but your comment made me laugh so much because it comes off just they way we all have felt at one time in our life about the teacher’s pet and even though it is childish it is so true. The thing about the project perfect people is many of them have significant (cough) help by their parents with their projects.

      I am intruiged by the Sam Barks comments about stealing AnnE’s thunder in the film so I am racing to google her to find out what that is all about. Would they really not invite an actress to the stage and all the press appearances just to promote this self-rightous chick?

  67. Nicolette says:

    She gets under my skin big time for some reason.

  68. Jaxx says:

    Just because you get the globe does NOT mean you get the Oscar. It’s happened that way before. PLEASE GOD let it happen that way again!!!!!!!!!

  69. Pompasaurus says:

    Ugh, used to really like her, now I just want her to go away forever. So annoying, tasteless and lacking class since her campaign. She may think her breathless, neurotic behavior is endearing, but I just find it completely pathetic.

  70. Jesse says:

    She seems like a “nice” person, but I, too, find her unbearably annoying. She has something in common with Taylor Swift…That wide eyed – I just can’t believe this is happening to me – nonsense that just feels so phony. I also agree with many of you that she is really over rated as an actress. Her “performance” at the Golden Globes will ensure that I’ll never watch her in a movie again.

  71. Peta says:

    She is so hyper nervous and neurotic in every single appearance she’s made the past several months. No self-control or self-awareness whatsoever as last night clearly showed. This is not the Anne of old, who was always earnest and eager for approval but was never this crazy and manic.

    Whether or not she wins an Oscar she needs to go away for some rest, even if its just to gain a bit more weight, relax and calm the hell down. I just read that Spielberg’s delayed start on his robot movie so she’ll have some free time.

  72. Emma says:

    I don’t mind Anne generally, but she can come across as very insincere and overly dramatic, especially at awards shows, though I think that’s just the drama school geek in her.
    Her speech was kind of like a hammy child practicing their Oscar speech in the mirror.

  73. Annelise says:

    Here’s an afterparty photo.

    Her costars look like they hate her. Of course, I could be projecting.

  74. Adrien says:

    Why is she so excited? She’s nominated for Oscar’s best supporting actress not best actress. Ann Dowd (that’s without an ‘e’)should be the one sweeping all the awards and accolades for her supporting performance in ‘Compliance’ but she got no money and PR firm to campaign for it. That’s why seeing Anne getting too giddy about this makes me want to hate her. I actually loved Anne’s performance in Les Miz but still no match to Ann without an ‘e’.

  75. Marisa says:

    She tried to act all surprised that she won afterwards, like it was unexpected….girl, puhleeze.

  76. skuddles says:

    Is anybody else getting completely sick of Hathaway? Maybe it’s her desperation to win an oscar but I am sooo over her.

    Edit… just read upthread… apparently everyone is sick of Hathaway!

  77. Asdfg says:

    Ehh, The dress I love just not on her! Maybe if it was in a different color it would’ve looked better? Hmmm… :P

  78. Littlebowbee says:

    Used to love her. But she wants the O sooooooooooo bad it’s showing through terribly. NONE of the other actresses were so obnoxious with their campaigning. She needs to go away for a bit after Oscar.

  79. Meganne says:

    Ugh. She always wears terrible lipstick that makes her mouth look even bigger than it is. The dress is nice but her hair is terrible

  80. Bijlee says:

    I like her husband. I’m glad she’s found someone who loves her.

  81. Susi says:

    Oh ugh no. Just no. I thought everyone was being a bit unfair and judgy about her and then I watched these two hideous painful videos. Yuck. She needs to tone that shit down before the Oscars! I just cringed the whole time, and fancy eating up the time for the whole cast and the producers too! She is needy and her insecurity is all too apparent. Gross. Compare this to the fabulous J-Law and it is even more embarrassing. She’s too old for that gushy teenaged crap and the wide-eyed innocence thing she’s playing. I actually think I threw up in my mouth a little bit at one point here. The worst bit is, I think she’s capable of being sassy and fun and interesting, but she’s just so caught up in her “little Annie” act and her insecurities to get there.

    As for the dress, it is awful and unflattering. It looks way too big on her, it also makes her look unhealthy as she is pale and also still underweight right now. It looks like really bad bridal. The flared out corset is just so unflattering. Horrid!

  82. ??? says:

    Oh, wow. Jackman’s wife does not suffer fools gladly, does she? I think I am in love with her.

    Anne’s hubby seems like he is so in love. Which makes me sad for him, because if he doesn’t realize what’s he’s in for now … Lord have mercy on that boy for when he does.

  83. neer says:

    I just saw Les Miserables. It was a good movie BUT I think the 1998 version was better.

    I love musical films such as Cats, Fiddler On The Roof, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, South Pacific, Oliver, King & I, Annie, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph The Dreamer, Mary Poppins, Phantom of the Opera, Camelot etc.

    This time Les Miserables (the one that starred Liam Neeson) made a strong impact to me. Just last month, I watched 1998 Les Miserables again, so it’s so easy to compare the two films. Sure, Anne Hathaway is OK with a beautiful voice BUT Uma Thurman was better in portraying Fantine, as well as Liam than Hugh as Jean Valjean. I especially liked Geoffrey Rush better than Russell Crowe as Javert.

    I don’t know but the emotions conveyed in the 1998 film is moving. The acting is more affecting & touching. It’s as if the actors/actresses on it were not “acting”, if you know what I mean. Maybe if I haven’t seen this, I would really say the 2012 Les Miserables is great.

  84. Sarah says:

    That was horrible, just horrible.

  85. Woofie says:

    I thought AnnE looked like a big Tampon in that dress last night.

  86. Lucky says:

    Is it my imagination, or is this board mostly made up of angry gay effeminate men?