Tina Fey & Amy Poehler as Golden Globe hostesses: how did they do?

After a three-year run as Golden Globes host, Ricky Gervais finally passed the torch to two of the loveliest, funniest ladies in the world, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. We previewed their hosting duties yesterday in the Open Post, and they totally killed it last night – I laughed whenever they were on stage! Here’s their open monologue:

I think the Kathryn Bigelow/James Cameron got the most laughter/groans, but the whole thing was just hilarious. Love the Ben Affleck “You’re not betta than me” Boston joke. Love the “None of us has PLANS to do p0rn” joke. Also: “Quentin Tarantino is here tonight, he stars in all of my sexual nightmares.”

I think the best part of Amy and Tina’s hosting duties was that they weren’t omnipresent – about an hour into the show, I was like “Damn, where are they? I want them to come back and do a bit!” They made you miss them when they weren’t on stage. But I did love the little one-off jokes they sprinkled throughout the show, like after Bill Clinton introduced the clip from Lincoln, and Amy came out and said “OMG, that was Hillary Clinton’s husband!!!” And I loved when Amy and Tina were out in the audience for Best Actress in a Comedy Series – Tina and Jennifer Lopez clutching hands while Amy sat on George Clooney’s lap with a nice cocktail. What’s it going to take for Amy and Clooney to work together, amirite?

Basically, Amy and Tina ROCKED. I hope they get invited back next year to host! Or even better, I hope they get invited to host the Oscars next year!

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  1. marie says:

    I didn’t get a chance to watch it, but have heard some clips this morning and from what I heard they were pretty funny.

  2. Lucy says:

    The Taylor Swift joke was my fav of the night. WHY didn’t the director cut to her WHY?

  3. daisydoodle says:

    They were great…although I always loved Ricky Gervais. Tina and Amy made it look so easy, however, I think it takes a lot of preparation to make it look so carefree. I absolutely laughed out loud with the best actress nominations for best comedy actress.

    • Esmom says:

      Ricky was always a bit too mean-spirited for my taste. Amy and Tina got some zingers in but nothing felt vicious or petty. Just super funny. Loved them!

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      I think it’s the improv. Their monologues and jokes were great, but award shows should pick more people like them that can roll with the punches. Loved!

    • Anga says:

      I love Gervais shows. Extras was just sublime! But these ladies KILLED it. The Oscar People must be kicking themselves. Remember when Eddie Murphy pulled out and they needed a new host? The inter-webs were screaming for a Faye-Poehler pairing. Or even Faye-Carrell. But noooooo…..the Oscar nitwits went and got that old school racist whose name I barely remember (although I’m sure my grandma can remind me).

      Then they’ve brought in MacFarlane because apparently frat-boys and teen boys are the key Oscar demographic. Fools!

      FYI I do watch MacFarlanes shows but its kind of obvious that a good deal of that humor isnt intended for a minority 20-something female.

  4. T.Fanty says:

    Even if all they had done was come on and delivered the Taylor Swift and James Cameron jokes, they would still have nailed it. They were completely brilliant.

  5. DanaG says:

    I watched it and thought they did a great job. Clooney was great I bet they had to toss a coin who got to sit on his lap. I also like how he was introduced as better looking then a young George Clooney it’s middle aged George Clooney. Very funny. Hope they do it again. Borat I could live without he was classless as usual. I think George and Amy would make a great couple he seemed happier with her then he did with Stacy. BTW someone needs to show her how to wash her hair.

  6. QQ says:

    They were GREAT but they really didnt spend a lot of time on stage which made me miss em too!

  7. Amelia says:

    From the clips I’ve seen these two rocked. They’re those rare, naturally funny type of people.
    I feel so much better after watching that video, it really brightened my day!
    I feel the need to point out DDL’s crazy-high-five-face at 0:13 on the clip, though :)

  8. annabelle says:

    I thought they were brilliant.
    Hilarious and hawt.

    The James Cameron joke was the best of the night. But the digs on Swifty were a damn close second.

    Brava ladies!!!

  9. Mia 4S says:

    The Cameron and Swift jokes were hilarious, but the Franco one was my favorite. Cameron actually has an OK sense of humor and would probably laugh the joke off. Franco? I’m expecting a blog post, short film, and interpretive dance about his feelings on it soon. Ugh.

  10. Eve says:

    They’re cute and funny without being mean-spirited, but I must confess I missed Ricky Gervais (and his mean-spirited jokes).

  11. Po says:

    Loved it. They didn’t take over the show but had the funniest moments. They weren’t cruel, but they made some funny jokes at people’s expense. It reminded me of back in the late 80s and early 90s when I was a kid and liked award shows.

  12. FirstTimer says:

    They were beyond amazing! I loved the little things they did throughout the show too. I am totally ‘shipping Amy and George! :P

  13. CF says:

    they were great, I actually loved their live jokes too. saying they were going to go home with jodie foster, etc. I wish they were on screen more!

    oh also, they looked amazing!

  14. Dusty says:

    I thought Ricky Gervais had more air time than these two hostesses.

  15. andy says:

    My favorite joke was the one about Quentin Tarantino being the source of sexual nightmares.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Fantastic, and I loved their red carpet and on stage wardrobe too.
    Compared to a dud like Franco, what a difference having intelligent, witty hosts who can deliver a written joke but also banter with ease. I loved it, hope they do more.

  17. mkyarwood says:

    Taylor Swift can’t sing without Autotune. She’s not winning much from here on out. Joaquin looked twitchy, and HUGH DANCY was sitting behind Mandy Patinkin I mean, hello. Where was Johnny Lee Miller! They showed Lucy Liu. Also, Mel Gibson, lmao.

  18. Vv says:

    It was awesome! I don’t usually watch the whole show but I did last night it was just so good. My only complaint was after a while it seemed the presenters were trying to ‘out funny’ each other and it kind of dragged things a bit.

    Best presenters were Kristin Wiig and Will Ferrell haha ‘you get out oh here! ‘

  19. mln76 says:

    They did so well and they both looked fabulous. They are so much better than Ricky G.

  20. Naye in VA says:

    I was pissed that Amy lost to freakin Lena Dunham. Maybe not pissed. I just love Amy Poehler. A lot lol

  21. Diane says:

    Fantastic! But I wanted more of them.

  22. Sisi says:

    I want Amy’s jacket. It just perfect.

  23. Agnes says:

    I didn’t watch it, but loving Amy’ s suit!

  24. normades says:

    I love the picture where everyone is laughing at the James Cameron joke except Joaquin Phoenix. I love me some JP but dude really needs to lighten up a little bit.

  25. Diana says:

    They were hillarous! and I loved Ami on George’s lap, it was fantastic. I really enjoyed the show. Well done GG.

  26. Marianne says:

    I loved them. I don’t think there was one joke from them that fell flat. They weren’t afraid to poke fun at the celebrities without it totally turning into a roast like Ricky did. It was good.

  27. EscapedConvent says:

    Tina looked absolutely beautiful. I thought her hair & makeup were stunning. I am drooling over her gorgeous hairdo.

  28. PinkG says:

    My first thought was, “WOW! Tina Fey has an excellent plastic surgeon”. She really looked good.

  29. GoodCapon says:

    I see no one has mentioned the Meryl Streep flu joke yet… :D

  30. originalme says:

    Amy and Tina didn’t get enough air time! They were so funny. My fave joke was Amy’s about the “Beautiful people in movies rubbing elbows with the rat faced people of tv”.
    Tina looked really pretty-I think it’s the best she’s every looked. They should host every year.

  31. videli says:

    I actually reached for a replay button when I saw Amy sweet-talking Clooney.

  32. bea says:

    They were awesome – it’s about time some women got to host.

    I have never seen either of them look as great as last night. The dresses, hair and make-up were flawless.

    My only criticism……I’m not feeling those slacks with the tux jacket on Amy. Not super flattering. But everything else – perfecto!

  33. Sachi says:

    They were amazing and they looked amazing.

  34. vvy says:

    Will Ferrell and Kristen Wig were even more hilarious during their bit!! But yes, we love Tina and Amy. Hope they do it again.

  35. I Choose Me says:

    OT: Wonder who’s the guy behind Amy in the third pic. Dude is hot!

  36. Kosmos says:

    I totally loved these two as hosts, perfect and well done!

  37. booboobird says:

    i liked the RDJ ironman joke (our next presenter is so versatile he’s played ironman in 3 movies). that kind of stands out the most (but then again i love me some RDJ). and also the sexual nightmares one was good.and of course, taylor swift one about MJF’s son and taking some me time:D

  38. Rex says:

    I think they were great, quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen. Not that I was expecting any less from the duo…

  39. Lisa says:

    They delivered! Everything they said they would do in interviews, they did, right down to repeating a few lines they previewed. That goes with the comment about lots of prep work done.

    Love Poehler, hated her fashion choices. Tina Fey looked FABULOUS OMG.

  40. Kelly says:

    They were awesome, love them!

  41. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    They did an awesome job, LOVED it!

    And how gorgeous did they both look. I don’t think that I have ever seen Tina look as amazing. She looked so sexy! Loved their outfits etc.

  42. stay-cee says:

    I’ve never watched the GG’s till this year & they were fantastic ! Very funny (: ,if tina & amy don’t host next year i think will Ferrell & Kristen wiig would be great at it too .

  43. stay-cee says:

    I’ve never watched the GG’s till this year & they were fantastic ! Very funny (: ,if tina & amy don’t host next year i think will Ferrell & Kristen wiig would be great at it too .

  44. StaCat1 says:

    Just AMAZING.
    They did what has never been done before- EVER. They made a awards show not only watchable..but I wanted MORE.

  45. LouLou says:

    Thanks for posting the clip. That was so funny. Men who say women aren’t funny are idiots.

  46. Suze says:

    I had ridiculously high expectations and they met them.

  47. lbeees says:

    Maybe now we can get a solo female host!

  48. skuddles says:

    Love Amy but hate the black suit – it’s just all wrong wrong wrong!

  49. p says:

    They also made a very subtle joke about lindsy lohan( without saying her name)

    6. Hathaway’s future is very bright. Except for the fact that she doesn’t like having cameras in her face, which limits her future as a porn star. “I don’t think she has any plans to do porn, Amy,” Fey said on hearing Poehler’s joke. “Well, none of us have plans to do porn,” answered Poehler.