Jodie Foster in Armani for the Cecil B. DeMille award: brilliant & unstoppable or dull?

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster looked absolutely spectacular at the Golden Globes last night while in attendance to accept the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award. Can I say that she looked “divine” without sounding too try-hard? Because Jodie was divine last night. I know her career has been on the downswing lately, but she’s enjoyed such a long period (several decades, in fact) of enduring success, and her confidence last night really shone through on the red carpet. Oh, and Jodie may be 50 years old but looks at least a decade younger, don’t you think? And it’s so obvious that she hasn’t become a plastic surgery victim to get there. Of course, Jodie has done the requisite nose job (when she was much younger) and probably touched up with a little bit of Botox in the forehead area for last night’s event, but she looks very real, which is a major accomplishment in Hollywood.

Jodie wore a beautiful blue Giorgio Armani gown that bucked today’s fleeting trends in favor of old-school glamour. She chose a dress with just the right amount of shimmer and cling, and the straps gave the gown a very age-appropriate air. With her trademarked cute little bob and understated makeup, Jodie knew she was in charge of her look last night. I might have gone a little bit more adventurous with the lipstick, but I can’t really complain too much here.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Jodie’s speech was a whole lot of things rolled into one — candid, emotional, and a little bit awkward too. After she started to talk about her “big announcement,” Jodie seemed to backtrack on her original script a bit. I think we all expected her to make a “loud and proud” announcement about her orientation (?), but then she made a joke out of the moment by simply stating, “I am single.” Then she went on to make a point about privacy and how “I am not Honey Boo Boo Child.” I see what she’s saying here, and Jodie has spoken before on the topic of privacy in terms of the Kristen Stewart scandal. Jodie is perfectly entitled to say whatever she wants in her Cecil B. DeMille speech. God knows she’s earned it. Jodie also went on to utter some amazing, emotional lines about her mother, and then she made an allusion to a new chapter, which I suspect means life behind the camera. Here’s a clip.

Jodie’s speech was offbeat and kind of amazing in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. I suspect that she scripted it that way on purpose. If only she hadn’t mucked up the occasion with all of that Mel Gibson talk. I know Jodie prides herself on being one of Mel’s only (or even possibly his lone) supporter, but this friendship and working relationship only taints her otherwise illustrious career. In response, Mel let out a wolf whistle. Ugh.

Now back to THAT SMILE.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    I get her friendship with Mel.
    I mean, he clearly has huge issues with alcohol and anger and religion and probably much else, but I find it commendable that she sticks with her friends and family through thick and thin. Also, she probably has that “been together such a long time” syndrome that makes you look past the flaws of a friend, no matter how big and terrible, because you know of all the good that lays underneath.

    Sigh. Also, I don’t think she backtracked at the “big announcement” moment. I think she said it all just the way she reharsed it a hundred times before the event.

    • Heidiho says:

      Why bother? Everybody know what she is. She’s been wearing the uniform (white shirt, black pantsuit) for ages.

    • only1shmoo says:

      I’m willing to keep an open mind and consider that maybe, just maybe, she chose to stand by Mel Gibson when everyone else turned their back on him because she saw a friend who was in need of support. As Erma Bombeck said, “[one]needs your love most when he deserves it least.”

      What I’ll never understand, however, was how she –and the rest of Hollywood– could forgive Roman Polanski. Mel’s problems seem to have stemmed from learned habits…pedophilia & child rape, on the other hand, are, IMO, beyond redemption, sorry!

    • Becky1 says:

      Yeah, I get her friendship with Mel, too. She and Robert Downey Jr. have really stuck by him. Mel’s obviously been very supportive to them or they would not be so loyal. As much as I don’t like Mel, I give both Jodie Foster and RDJ credit for their loyalty. It would probably be to their advantage to distance themselves from him but they don’t because they care about him and he’s obviously been a good friend.

  2. Lem says:

    to be fair; she asked for the wolf whistle

    • sarahlee says:

      Exactly what I was getting ready to write. We nay not all get her friendship with Mel Gibson but I have no doubt that it is real and meaningful to both of them. You could see that clearly last night.

      • Msbock says:

        I agree and it bespeaks volumes about her character that she alone stands with Mel, during troubled times. We should all be so lucky, to have 1 friend in our lives that would stand with us thru the thick and thin, especially in a place as mercurial and image conscious as Hollywood, well then your lucky. While I certainly don’t endorse his escapades over the last several years, I believe that he is probably mentally ill, and god help him, he probably really needs the support. Kudos to you jodie, your momma would be proud

      • Ang says:

        I agree with the friendship sentiment. Funnily enough the only part I saw of the show last night was Jodie’s speech. When she started talking about Mel and the camera zoomed in on him, he was tearing up, it broke my heart in a good way. I’m not a fan of either of them, Jodie just because I’ve seriously never seen a movie she was in (but I’m aware she has an epic career) and Mel because he is a racist jerk, but you could see how her kind words touched him and it was very beautiful.

  3. bea says:

    I like the beaded straps, but the dress looks chunky and fits her poorly. Her hair looks great.

    Her speech was rambling and she seemed a little crazy…but not as crazy as Mel looked. Also, RDJr seemed odd somehow as well. I guess they were showing support for Mel, but they whole things was weird.

    • Esmom says:

      I feel like they conspired to elevate Mel as much as possible, which was so inappropriate. Not to mention that Mel is so far beyond redemption it’s ridiculous.
      Of course they’re entitled to stay friends with him but I thought it was too bad they used the GG show as a platform to try to get the rest of the industry on board. It really detracted from what should have been Jodie’s time to shine.

      • V4Real says:

        I am kind of coming to the defense of Mel for a moment. We know he said some pretty f_cked up things about Jewish people, Hispanics and Blacks. The way he spoke to his then girlfriend was just despicable. But wasn’t it evident that this man suffered from some kind of mental disorder and he was a raging alcoholic. These things were said while he was in that state. I’m not condoning what he said but I must also put partial blame on his gold-digging ex-girlfriend for recording those rants and taking them public. I believe that she was fully aware of his issues with substance abuse and his mental disability and she used that against him.

        I have seen alcoholics go into a drunken rage and spew things that I would never believe could come out of there mouthes. But Mel is a public figure and a once beloved actor and director so he has been pretty much black-balled in Hollyweird. The man has apologized tirelessly for his actions unlike Chris Brown & Charlie Sheen who refuse to take responsibilty but still remain on the AList. But Mel I can forgive you but you only get one pass from me.

      • Dawn says:

        You know I doubt very much that this was a GG thing. Jodie has been a true friend to Mel during his unfortunate breakdown. I think his gold digging Russian girlfriend played a huge role in what happened and since Mel has worked with people of all persuasions if they aren’t mad at him I am not either. And yes when he wolf whistled it was because she asked for it. And she stated that Mel “saved” her when she needed saving. I would like to know what that is about. I think their friendship is sweet and shows that everyone deserves more than one chance during a long life. He is still a great actor.

      • nnire says:

        “Mel is so far beyond redemption it’s ridiculous.”

        totally agree with this.

        do we go around forgiving Chris Brown because he might have a mental illness or might have a substance abuse problem? abuse is abuse. we are all accountable for our actions, especially someone with millions of dollars that has access to a whole lot of good professional help.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I must be missing something here, because if someone records someone abusing them, how is it then the victim’s fault? She shouldn’t have recorded the abuse, so everyone could believe his denials? What?

        I don’t know much about this story, but nobody deserves to be maltreated. Even a “gold digging girlfriend”.

      • V4Real says:

        Mel GF played that victim card well: if you’re BF became verbal as well as physical abusive to you would you leave right away or would you continue to stick around and wait for him to have more blow-ups so you can record it to display the rant publicly. I’m not saying what he did was right but that woman had her own motives.

        Some people may not have forgiven Chris Brown but Brown is still a big star and has not been locked out of the business like Mel has. Also Mel apologized while Chris Brown has not, there’s a difference.

      • Kate says:

        If I had a baby with someone abusive, damn right I’d want evidence of that abuse. Without it, they’d automatically get time alone with the baby. Too many Halle Berrys claim abuse for courts to know who to believe at the getgo, so yes, my child’s safety would be a priority. I don’t blame her for ensuring it, if that was what she did.

        I don’t know anything about this. The woman could be as bad as everyone says. But she still wouldn’t be as bad as a man who abused her, no.

  4. Tiffany27 says:

    I’m confused. Did she come out or was she saying respect her privacy about her choice not to come out?

  5. T.Fanty says:

    Can it be both? I loved what she said about privacy, but at other times, it took on a Mel Gibson-esque mania, which is (obviously) not a good thing.

  6. Esmom says:

    I thought Jodie looked stunning from head to toe. The best I can ever recall her looking. Her eyes just popped.

    Her speech was pretty amazing. I do, however, think it’s a crying shame that she tainted it with mention of Mel. He gives me the utter willies and when they cut to that shot of him I wanted to scream.

  7. Lem says:

    she looked amazing!
    I thought it was not a very good speech. I’m not very eloquent today, I feel like puke. BUt _JOdie will have people talking for a while with that speech. it was weird.
    walker and cleavage?
    I’m gonna need your support on this. I’m… single
    it was odd

  8. annabelle says:


    I’ll not comment on the speech only that while I respect standing up for one’s friends, her bestie in question is an Asshat of monumental proportions and not worthy of her very vocal support.
    (Every shot of him had him slack jawed and confused looking).

    Ok, I will comment; I think she’s right. They should be entitled to more privacy and they are doing themselves a disservice by being so accessible to the fans.

  9. Mrs. Darcy says:

    She looks beautiful, the bob kind of undersells the dress for me though. Had she worn her hair up this would have been showstopping. Love her uncompromising way of doing things, she is a badass. Of course she isn’t going to come out on the cover of People, she’s fricking Jodie Foster.

  10. mia says:

    i always loved jodie ,started to dislike her a bit when she went on a war with the world for kstew,but she looked ageless and beautiful tonite

  11. L says:

    I don’t understand why people are calling this a coming out speech. I thought she came out back in ’07 when she won some award and thanked her partner/girlfriend her ‘cydney her darling cydney’ or something like that.

    Her speech was a little rambley, and the part with mel gibson was weird. But she looked fantastic.

  12. V4Real says:

    I will always love Jodi; she will forever be A list.

    However, I think my girl was a bit tipsy last night or just in damn good spirits to get what we already knew off her chest. Jodi coming out last night reminded me of Ricky Martin when he came out. We already knew but thanks for confirming it Jodi. Her speech was awesome in parts but I think she took us on a bit of a spin when she said RDJ talked her into not retiring, then she proceeded to say we will never see her on stage again, hinting at retirement but backstage she says she is not retiring from acting or directing. She also seemed kind of jittery and reminded me of KStew when she’s on stage giving speeches.

    RDJ was a charm as usual. But at times I think the look on his face was WTF Jodi.

  13. valleymiss says:

    Her dress was one of my favorites of the night. Loved the cut and the beautiful periwinkle color! Jodie’s speech was good. I thought it started off weird, but the 2nd half was wonderful, and I cried like a baby. (And even on the 2nd showing of the Globes, I still cried!) I loved how proud her kids looked, and what she said about privacy. I love that she came out on her own terms. Normally I hate the idea of celebs being role models – I believe that that job should be left to parents, teachers, etc (ie, people who actually are with children for hours a day and can have direct influence, conversations, and personal impact).

    However, the “coming out in Hollywood” thing is slightly different to me. I feel like any celebrity who comes out makes a gay 17 year old kid in Missouri or Nebraska or even California or NYC feel a little less alone. So, I do kind of feel that it’s very nice when a celebrity confirms, “Yes, I’m gay. I don’t want to talk about my personal life and who I’m dating, but yes, I am gay.”

    But when Jodie made the point that is specific to her life and experience in Hollywood, about being famous since age 3, and giving her entire life’s work to the public…it did give me pause, and it made me understand a little more about why she’s been reluctant to speak out. She HAS come out to everyone who matters in her life. Up until last night, she had no interest in telling a bunch of people she’s never met about what gender she is attracted to! I respect that Jodie did, though, and Jodie, if it gives comfort to any LGBQT (did I get the letters in the correct order? Not sure) person, than it was worth it. Good for you, Jodie.

  14. Belle says:

    I think Jodie looked beautiful, though her speech was… more than awkward. Yes, she can say what she wants while accepting that type of award, but I think it just came off as a rambling, odd… thing.

    • Msbock says:

      It did ramble a bit, but she seemed nervous to me. All in all tho, I liked the speech. I got to thinking about it last night and she is in a big change point in her life. Turning 50, mom ill (I got the impression of Alzheimer’s, which is horrible to watch), single mom (again I picked up that they weren’t together but were still incredibly close), that’s a whole lot if flux for one person

    • Irishae says:

      I LOVE Jodie Foster. Always have. That said, I’m sorry, but girl was going through a manic episode, forgot to take her meds, and/or did some drinking because that speech was some crazy diarrhea of the mouth. She is so incredibly talented, genuine, and beautiful–I am all for her saying what she likes, but I’m kind of worried now. I was certain the internetz would be all abuzz about her odd behavior. Luckily for her, it seems to have worked in her favor.

      Edit: You know, it’s probably menopause. Hormones suck.

  15. mia girl says:

    She looked amazing, but aside from the comments about her mom, most of her speech was a WTF? Even RDJ’s intro was strange.

  16. GoodCapon says:

    I’ve never noticed her wide forehead until now. Huh.

    Loved her speech.

  17. aims says:

    My take was, she confirmed her sexuality. In a very loose way. Not that we didn’t already know or that its a big deal. She was lovely, funny and smart. It was nice to see her two boys there, and was surprised to see how grown up they are. I think she looked really pretty, in a very normal, real way.

    I have nothing but love for smart, talented trailblazing women. Jodie is part of that group.

  18. Post-Its says:

    I can only hope I look that good at 50. She looks amazing.

    As for Mel Gibson, she has been a great friend by sticking by him. I have to admire that. Mel always struck me as someone who is battling so many inner demons. I also find it interesting that Mel has made many homophobic and sexist comments and here is Jodie, a lesbian, sticking by him to the end. I hope he realizes that.

  19. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I thought the moment where she talked about ‘Privacy’ was amazing and something that we as a society desperately need and regain. Maybe that’s crazy for me to say since I’m on a gossip site!

    I was sorry that she chose to write such a rambling speech and then became so nervous that it became even more rambling because at its heart it was an incredibly beautiful, profound and painfully authentic speech.

    • Faye says:

      I very much agreed with her about restoring privacy, but was then confused by her need to ramble on about her own private life and feelings for quite a bit in the same speech. So, not really sure what point she was trying to make there.

      • Mrs. Ari Gold says:

        Having thought about it more I think she was explaining why she hadn’t come out earlier. She has received a lot of criticism for decades from the gay community. So she was explaining why it took her so long. But, IMHO, it was too important a speech to have been written so cryptically so everyone was left trying to decipher it..

        I think she overestimated her ability to pull off the whole thing in front of a live audience. She’s a film actress and it’s very different from speaking live. But even though it was riddled with confusion I still loved it!

  20. taxi says:

    She did ramble & semi-backtrack a bit but she looks great. Her sons appear to have the same father, as they look very much alike.

  21. MG says:

    Love Jodi, loved her speech. The part about her mother made me tear up. I’m assuming her mother has Alzheimer’s. My grandmother has it and its been very painful for my mom and her sisters and brothers.
    The only flaw about Jodi is her friendship with Mel (who had a weird, open mouth look on his face all night.) I understand the argument that she is a loyal friend who has stuck by her friend…if it was just the alcoholic thing or anger management issues I would agree. But I wouldn’t tolerate racism from any of my friends…period.

  22. Winnie says:

    I’ve always loved her work and hope she directs more. I love Little Man Tate and Home for the Holidays, which she both directed. I can’t believe her boys are so old!

    Just had a weird thought on the Mel Gibson thing: what if she sticks by him because he was the sperm donor? Although that wouldn’t explain their redheads I guess.

  23. Marianne says:

    I thought the dress made her shoulders look really broad.

  24. Amilu says:

    She seemed manic during her speech, but, boy, did she look beautiful! Much prettier onstage than in these photos.

  25. Jayna says:

    Jodie looks so pretty.

    Allowing yourself to have actual smile lines instead of erasing them completely with filler makes you look younger and allows your face to be animated instead of a mask-like smile. Twenty-somethings have smile lines, but some 40-somethings plump their face up so much they have none at first glance and look odd.

  26. DeltaJuliet says:

    Oh good. I thought it was just me. I felt awkward watching most of it and thinking “what the heck is she talking about? is she retiring? what’s going on?” And then the Mel crap, which yes, I thought he looked heavily medicated or something. And then the ending when she talked about her mom and I cried. It was quite a mess.

  27. vixo says:

    I think she’s amazing. The speech was emotinal and genuine and I love that she sticks by Mel Gibson (so does RDJ). These two (Jodie and Robert) have been around long enough to know Hollywood well, and I’m sure there are plenty of unknown (to the public) stories, as bad as Mel’s, from people we probably admire, but very few take the blame. Not excusing him from his sins, but he was a good friend when they needed and they show their support and that’s is gratitude and friendship.

    • V4Real says:

      I posted earlier about forgiving Mel and until I hear him spew anti-semetic, racial and homophobic slurs while in his sober mind, I don’t believe he is a racist. I admire RDJ and Jodi for sticking by him, it shows you that not all friendships in Hollywood are staged, fake relationships (side eye to Kim K. and Beyonce).

      These two stand-up celebs are showing that they are not just fair weather friends and b/c Hollywood has turned its back on Mel, doesn’t mean that they will do the same. Mel was in a bad place mentally and physically with his SA problem but he is trying to get help and make amends. If Mel release a film that I am intterested in seeing, I will be there with bells on to support it.

  28. Kim says:

    She basically dissed the Gay celebs who have publicly come out IMO.So racist ,sexist,homophobic Gibson has a lesbian BFF,I guess I should become a fan.I need to go rent his latest film GMAFB

  29. videli says:

    I think hers was the best dress of the night. She looked like some sort of cheerful warrior lady in it. Her speech was one of the most entertaining parts of the event.

  30. Francesca says:

    I am so over people talking about their sexuality.

    • Lee says:

      well good for you and I hope more people stop caring, but I also hope you realize that being ‘over it’ is a privilege many of us don’t have. Try being ‘over it’ when you have to put up with sleeze-balls hitting on you and your wife all night because you can’t tell strangers in a southern bar on NYE that you’re together out of fear for your own safety. It’s an experience I’m grateful I only have to put up with on rare occasions when visiting relatives, but no matter how out I am to my friends and family, there will probably always be situations where I have to hide who I am.

      Good on Jodie for acknowledging her own sexuality (being proud or her family in front of the whole world with her 2 boys in the audience was a beautiful thing) while still maintaining that she isn’t obligated to share anymore of herself than what plays up on the silver screen. I thought it was an interesting and thoughtful speech (though certainly awkward and rambling in parts) that made it clear she knows full well who she is and isn’t afraid for the rest of us to know but is simply a private person who doesn’t owe us any personal details. And I thought her thanking her ex-wife was a lovely touch too.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Every wedding and most books and movies talk about people’s sexuality. A good proportion of the posts here talk about sexuality. It’s just that when the sexuality in question is straight, that conversation is taken for granted and reframed as to do with romance.

      She was talking about her kids and their other parent. That’s normal for someone accepting an award. She was also joking about the obsession with celebrity private lives, and in her case, that centres on her being gay.

  31. F5 says:

    Wonder what she was on.. took it too soon or too late cause damn..

  32. vvy says:

    She’s extremely articulate and intelligent, obviously. It did come out as a little odd…sort of like she was rambling, and then she wasn’t. Why did she talk about stuff so openly and gave us way too much information when she is such a private person? I think she was drunk!

  33. Janet says:

    She looks damn good for her age. I could have done without all the personal info. Whatever happened with people keeping their business to themselves?

  34. Ginger says:

    I love Jodie and she is divine. I too kind of cringe at her friendship with Mel considering what’s come out about him in the past few years. However she knows him well privately so she must have her reasons to be a loyal friend. I adored her speech and I’m proud to see her publicly embracing her partner! I cannot believe she is 50!!!

  35. FassDaActor says:

    It’s always nice to see and hear Jodie because it’s rare. Like her views on trying to have a normal life. Idk what’s up with Mel but he’s such a sorry case. Maybe she’s just trying to be a good friend. I’ll try not to judge.

  36. Marianne says:

    While she did rattle on and on in her speech, I think I get what she was trying to get across. I think she wants to gossip to be about the movies, and not about someone’s personal life. And also she probably doesn’t feel like she needs to make some big announcement that she’s gay because it’s not like she was ever hiding it.

  37. twoblues says:

    Jodie looked beautiful, my forever girl crush.

  38. mimi says:

    What an amazing and inspiring woman she is. Class act always. Young Hollywood starlets THIS is who you should look up to. In a phony, superficial atmosphere, she gave a speech that showed a realness, a passion that we never see. And she never got a nose job. Her nose has always been pointy. Her features sharpened as she got older.

    Her being a loyal friend to Mel Gibson makes me like her more because it shows that she doesn’t care what people think. She’s not going to turn on a long-time friend just for her image like so many stars do. A true legend with integrity.

  39. Nico says:

    Why yes, I DID just bawl my brains out. That speech was wonderful, if a bit harebrained. Jodie is such an amazing woman!

  40. Kosmos says:

    Jody Foster has been a fantastic & talented actor and deserved the award; however, I could have done without her long, self-absorbed, lingering speech with too much personal information, hello??? Wow, I wanted to offer her some of Carrie’s meds from Homeland !!

  41. JessSaysNo says:

    She was nuts. I felt her ingratitude and annoyance with her fans at an almost Kristen Stewart level. I could also see how much Kristen Stewart mimics her facials expressions and way of speaking. I have a problem with celebrities crying out that they need ‘privacy’. They chose this industry. They chose not to do plays in small town USA, they wanted to be famous millionaires.

    I also hated how she compared being an out lesbian to being Honey Boo Boo. Eye roll.

    • Londerland says:

      “I have a problem with celebrities crying out that they need ‘privacy’. They chose this industry. They chose not to do plays in small town USA, they wanted to be famous millionaires.”

      Don’t all human beings have a right to privacy? I mean, yes, her job involves public exposure, she has to expect to be a recognisable public figure on some level. But she’s not demanding anything irrational, like “I want to be in movies but NOBODY CAN KNOW WHO I AM!” That would be insane. But I don’t like the idea that, if someone’s a successful actor, then they lose the right to a private life.

      When she’s not doing the actual job of being an actor – when she’s not at a film premiere, on set, or doing publicity for a film – shouldn’t she be left alone? If she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life, why should she have to? Just because “the public” is nosy?

      There are plenty of people who want nothing better than to be followed down the street by paparazzi, to live their lives followed by cameras, to have their every personal moment chronicled for the public. They are Kardashians, Rimeses, Mama June Honey Boo Boo Whatever, Hiltons, Stoddenses. And we despise them for their attention-seeking and we call them famewhores. We take the piss out of people like that, who do not value their privacy. Why insist on stripping that right from anyone else?

      Let them live on TV if they want to – that’s their job. Jodie Foster’s job is acting, and I’m happy to leave her to it.

    • Absinthe Minded says:

      When Jodie Foster entered the business there was not the constant scrutiny from the press and the crossing of boundaries as there is now. In Jodie’s essay that supported Kristen Stewart she said that she would never have continued to pursue acting as an adult had the press been this invasive back then.

  42. Lulu says:

    Courtney Cox needs to take a page from this lady’s notebook on how to look beautiful and like yourself at the ripe old age of 50. I suggest she get Jodie’s plastic surgeon’s number. Because those are not the neck or jowels of a 50 year old woman. Damn she looks hot!!

  43. Nicolette says:

    I have always respected her. She is smart, very talented, and you have never heard any gossip really about her. I thought she looked great, and the part where she was speaking to her mother was very touching. Congrats to her on the award!

  44. sweetpea says:

    Mel Gibson is a bigot. His father is a documented bigot. He isn’t only aggressive when he is drunk. You only have to watch his interview with a jewish journalist about his last cop movie (that bombed) to see him be aggressive and weird (in a bigot way) with the journalist.. its on youtube.
    By jodi having him there and mentioning him was weird and trying – its like she knows The Beaver was a huge mistake but won’t admit it

  45. Kate (newer one) says:

    She seems to be saying that Gibson was really there for her when she needed him. If that’s so, then I admire her for loyalty now. Similarly with RDJ. Abandoning someone who’s really been there for you, when they’re at their lowest, isn’t especially pleasant IMO. Good for them if they are remembering someone who was there for them when their own lives were tough.

  46. wanderlust says:

    Eh. She just sounded like she was trying not to bitch about the annoying public. I’m pretty sure that alot of people don’t care about her private life so she shouldn’t have used her entire speech to make it seem like everyone(who doesn’t matter) was forcing her at gunpoint to come out. If she was so tired of being a celebrity she should have quit and I don’t think she would have liked the “real” everyone has.

  47. Ranunculus says:

    I don’t really know why she deserves an award like that. She is not that talented as an actress as she usually gives her one note performances in every role, and she is far from accomplished as a director. She is been around for a long time and it is the Golden Globes which is more industry than artistic anyway. I always thought of her as the character she plays in Carnage. Uptight, and somehow one dimensional.

  48. Anna says:

    Jodie was as real and lovely and out there and angry and funny and honest as all of her movie characters.

    She was nervous people! So what if she is a celebrity. Why does it have to be pills or some drug. Perhaps it was having her two sons right smack in front of her. Perhaps it was the preplanned support for Mel. (which is lovely, btw. Who did Mel kill? What makes him so much more horrible than any other ahole artist. She is his friend. Good for her.)

    Jodie brought herself to the globes and let it all hang out in front of us. What a blessing. I felt that for the first time ever I got a feel for her personality. She has always always intrigued me.

    This speech will be remembered forever. Who here can tell us about another Cecil B. deMille winner and what they said?

  49. Boxy Lady says:

    I think some of you have forgotten a few facts about Jodie Foster.

    1. She has been acting since she was 3. That is her life, that is her normal, that is her reality. AND she is damned good at it.

    2. She, more than most, knows the cost of being a public figure. I am referring to John Hinckley, Jr., a young man who became so obsessed with Jodie after seeing her in Taxi Driver that he tried to assassinate President Reagan in 1981 in some sort of homage to her. Jodie was just a teenager at the time and I have no idea how she was able to process the fact that a man she had never met tried to kill the leader of the free world *for her*. That incident alone explains to me her drive for privacy and I have always respected her for it.

  50. Asdfg says:

    She’s a very talented actress! I like her!

    As for the dress, it really makes her eyes POP! Her eyes are soooo gorgeous! She looks very lovely ! :)

  51. skuddles says:

    I love JF, she’s a true original. And I love how her dress matches her eyes so perfectly.

  52. ??? says:

    I like Jodie. And yes, she’s probably had some very subtle work done to her face, but my goodness, she looks fab!

    I dig her dress, but the sides just underneath her armpits were jutting out a tad, so perhaps it could have been tailored a bit better. What a lovely shade of blue, though.

    And her hair parted to one side may have looked even prettier (and more youthful). I wasn’t too big on her center split.

    Can’t stand Mel, but Jodie’s support of him as a friend speaks volumes about her character. That kind of loyalty is extremely rare.

  53. Shy says:

    Why did she have to bring Mel Gibson there? And they had to seat them at the table in front of scene so we would see Mel’s crazy face every second.

    And it was obviously that Mal himself was feeling sooo uncomfortable to be there. He was looking so off. I think that he wanted to feel a little less stressed so he took pills to calm nerves. Because he was looking like he was on drugs or pills. I with they would do gifs with all his weird faces. Because every freaking time camera showed him – he was having weird face.

    You know it’s like when you are in school and you were publicly embarrassed and you know that people talk and laugh behind your back… and you still have to go to that school to face them. That’s exactly how Mel looked.

    I wonder if anybody even talked to him? Now the politely: “Hi Mel. How are you doing? Fine? Take care now. I have to go”. But the real conversation. I feel like those stars are afraid of him. After all they all heard tapes i’m sure.

  54. Shy says:

    I was looking at Mel and you know what? He made such a stupid decision to hide after the scandal. He thought that if he will hide for few weeks then it will all go away and people will forget. But the thing is that we all heard tapes. We can never erase that image from our heads. If there would be only words then no one would believe Oksana. We would call her crazy gold digger and move on. But it’s other thing when we heard it.

    But in this Hollywood forgiving society… If Mel, after 2 weeks, would give a heartfelt crying interview, where he would give sad eyes and say: ”I’m sorry to everyone. Now, finally, after I heard myself on those awful tapes, I can see what kind of monster I became. I need help, I need medication. I’m so embarrassed the way I behaved. That I hurt my family. I get crazy when I’m angry. I need to go to rehab and get help. Once agaim – I’m sorry”. And they would all forgive him I’m sure. He would go to rehab, then give countless interviews about it like that Demi Lovato does and at least he would be able to show up on people and those awards show without everyone else feel uncomfortable.

    But no! Being coward – he just went to hiding. His team was giving all those fake stories to TMZ site, they tried to destroy her and made it look like: “Hey, she was gold digger bitch. She deserved it”. And now look at Mel. STILL hiding, no friends beside Jodie and RDJ, no career. He showed up at Globes and I’m sure everyone felt uncomfortable and tried not to look at him.