Duchess Kate is due in July and she’s not expecting twins, the Palace announces

What do Duchess Kate and Justin Timberlake have in common? Both tried to pull focus away from the Golden Globe coverage yesterday. JT screamed “PAY ATTENTION!” with the release of his new single, while Duchess Kate released a statement – through intermediaries, of course – about the royal bump. Well… at least we have a better idea about her due date, and I’m taking this as a confirmation of Kate’s non-multiple pregnancy (as in, she’s not having twinsies).

July 2013 is going to be an exciting time at Kensington Palace! Pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William expect to welcome their first child midsummer, they announced in an official statement on Monday Jan. 14 “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July,” St. James’ Palace tells Us Weekly.

“The Duchess’s condition continues to improve since her stay in hospital last month,” the statement adds of Kate, 31, who was hospitalized in early December for acute morning sickness. The wording of the royals’ happy announcement — “a baby,” singular — also puts to rest speculation that Kate and William, 30, were expecting twins.

Had Middleton not been admitted to the hospital, the couple had intended to make their announcement at this time, with Middleton safely in her second trimester. “This is the announcement they were hoping to make all along. The Duke and Duchess are delighted that they can finally make the official announcement today,” a source explains to Us.

Adds a second insider of Kate’s potential due date:”We are looking at the very early days of July.”

July is a bittersweet month for William; the first of that month was the birthday of his late, beloved mother, Princess Diana.

[From Us Weekly]

Yes, Diana was born on July 1st (making her a Cancer) and William was born on June 21st (making him a Cancer as well.) Is it a particular kind of destiny that his child will likely be a Cancer as well? A Cancer born of a Capricorn mother… I have no idea what that means. I do know that Harry’s a Virgo like me, which has always made me feel a special connection to him.

Incidentally, in case you’ve forgotten – this is very similar to the due date rumors/gossip for Kim Kardashian as well. UK gamblers are already laying odds on Duchess Kate and Kim Kardashian giving birth on the same day. Can you imagine? Hahaha.

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  1. Caity says:

    Not a fan of KK but I will laugh if the royal baby and kimye baby are born on the same day

  2. Miss Kiki says:

    Yay for once I saw how they buried a story.Most things Waity are always on the front page of the DM site but they just tacked this little announcement onto a previous post.

    ‘Palace officials said yesterday that Kate, 31, does not plan to be seen in public for several weeks. However, they said she expects to resume official engagements ‘in the near future’.’

    Poor preggo Kate will not be doing anything for a while.

  3. GoodCapon says:

    “Although she and William had not wanted to make their happy news public at such an early stage, the couple felt they had no choice as her absence from public duties was likely to spark a flurry of speculation on social media and online.

    “Palace officials said yesterday that Kate, 31, does not plan to be seen in public for several weeks. However, they said she expects to resume official engagements ‘in the near future’.

    Hahahahaha thanks Daily Mail I really needed that. Oh wait, were they actually serious?

    It’s nice to hear she’s recovering however. I bet she’ll be fully recovered in time for their annual Mustique getaway.

    • JulieM says:

      I know; those lines in the DM story are laughable. “Absence from Public Duties”? There are almost 800 comments saying “what duties?” I’d say the negative comments equal about 90% of all the comments. Even the sycophants are starting to see the light.

      I think USWeekly lifted this from DM.

  4. Cherry says:

    Where’s Pippa these days? I miss her.

  5. Melly Bee says:

    That portrait!!I just can’t, what the, I. . I’ve got nothing.

  6. DeltaJuliet says:

    I’m a Cancer, as is my husband and oldest son. It’s …. interesting (my youngest is a Scorpio).

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that she went to the hospital when I’m SURE they could have the best of care right in their tiny little palace? I mean,they keep saying we HAD to announce it because she was in the hospital. When I don’t get why she had to go to the hospital in the first place. And yes, I had HG twice, but alas, OB/GYN’s don’t make housecalls where I live. But then, I’m no princess (duchess, whatever)

    • Jenni says:

      I wondered that, too! But it may be that they only see excellent doctors and those doctors wouldn’t agree to treat her at home? I agree it would have been fairly simple but maybe the doctor was insistent on the hospital so they could get blood tests done immediately for electrolyes and stuff. Whereas Hollywood stars get doctors who will do anything they want, like prescribe tons of narcotics & benzos or even administer anesthesia at home (Michael Jackson).

    • Red Snapper says:

      She was at that school, on a Friday, playing Field Hockey, jumping around in her heels looking perfectly fit and healthy. Then on the Monday she was in hospital with HG (supposedly). However, reports at the time said that she had spent the weekend with her parents while William was away with friends hunting (‘a shooting party”). It’s tres cynical of me, I’m sure, but I suspect that William was not without female companionship during that shooting party, and Kate knew and was upset and was complainingg to her mother, and Voila! Extreme morning sickness necessitating a phone call to William to come pick up his sick wife ant TAKE HER TO HOSPITAL! It’s pure speculating on my part of course, but William is a blatant cheater, and Kate is an attention seeking famewhore and it makes sense. To me at least. I wouldn’t be surprised if William isn’t kept on a much shorter leash now that Kate has golden goose in her tummy.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Delta, she was staying at her mother’s when the pains started. Was dropped off in front of the hospital and walked in by herself. She wasn’t at the palace and I have a feeling they had no clue until after she was admitted. Those Palace PR people are sure earning their paychecks!

        Snapper! I mostly agree. William is often taking trips alone or extending vacations to be without Kate. He is a serial cheater and she knows it. This might have been a plot to get him home, but she probably had a touch of morning sickness too.

        It’s speculations of course, but if they’re not doing an appearance, or vacationing together I will put good money William is on another one of his trips with “friends”

      • Meerkat says:

        If she was “severely dehydrated” by HG, why was she not taken by ambulance to the emergency ward of the nearest hospital? There would have been a huge risk of renal failure. Why wait for William to come from his “shooting party” to drive her all the way to London?

        Something doesn’t add up…

      • Mich says:

        I always saw it as a setup to pave the way for Xmas with the Middletons.

      • Paddy says:

        One thing is for sure, PW ain’t doing any “search & rescue” & their rather pathetic story of living in a small cottage in North Wales with her playing wifey was blown apart, after she left hospital they turned up at a party in N London for 27 of their staff……you can’t fool all of the people all of the time..

  7. Eileen says:

    Does anyone honestly think if she was expecting multiples that would be in the announcement?

    • GoodCapon says:

      Yes. I think.

      The Danish RF did announce it when CP Mary were expecting twins 2 years ago. I’m not sure how the BRF rolls with this, but I can’t find any reason for them to lie.

    • Suze says:

      I do think they would announce it, they issued a specific denial a year or so ago when the “Kate is pregnant with twins” rumor was swirling around initially – about the time of the peanut butter paste.

      This announcement pretty clearly states “a baby”. I think we can expect a single baby to emerge in July.

      I’m not sure where this expectation of twins came from, anyway.

    • Belle says:

      If she were having twins and they didn’t want to announce that part yet, I think they would have just worded things carefully… such as saying that Kate is expecting, and due in July. I don’t think they would say ‘a baby’ unless she is having ‘a baby’. So it would seem, no twins.

      I think the whole twins thing came from the fact that women carrying twins often have more severe morning sickness…. so some ran with that, along with Kate having twins somewhere in her family. Plenty of women with severe morning sickness or HG, are pregnant with only one baby though.

  8. Less is More says:

    Don’t all these Palace press releases reinforce the fact Diana was hard working esp during two pregnancies?

    A= Yes.

    PS- I’m glad Diana did the Panorama interview because she died a short two years later. Had she not agreed to the interview, there would have been more questions, speculation years down the road by historians.

    Kate; get eating. Your baby needs nutrients. She still looks far too thin.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Yes, diana worked through through pregnancies and 1 with bulimia, but it’s all she had to keep her sane. She didn’t get that family vacation 5 times a year.

      I though Kate was on the low cal all healthy food diet celebs do when pregnant. You still get nutrients an an maintain your figure. Just maybe not the ones your body is craving.

      • Dana says:

        She USED to look healthy – before the severe weight loss prior to the wedding. Since then and up to now, she looks frail. As far as comparing her to pregnant celebrities, I’ve never seen one that looked like that.

        As the other poster said, “Get eating” and save the vanity dieting for after the pregnancy if you must.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Dana Rachel Zoe looked downright emaciated during her pregnancy and Peaches G didn’t gain much during hers either. Victoria B seems to lose weight during her pregnancies. All celebs that looked way to skinny to be pregnant. 

        I’m no Kate fan, but she will not screw up her only real responsibility as archaic as that is. She can consume the bare minimum of nutrients, keep her weight down, and can still deliver a healthy heir.

        And her vanity is all that gives her value in our society. Because of only her vanity she has married well and maintains a comfortable lifestyle.

      • Dana says:

        Sorry AB – You are right, Rachel “the Raisin” Zoe is a classic example. Forgot about her. On a side note, she has always been emaciated, no? I don’t remember her undergoing any kind of transformation…

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Maybe before the paps were in her life she was healthier. All the pics i’ve seen and her show displayed a very thin woman. She worked non-stop, was always on her feet, and never ate a solid food. In fact I only saw her with either a coffee or smoothy during the show. When there were salads she only pushed food around, but never ate.

        She reminds me of Karen Carpenter. Not in personality, just in emaciated frailty.

      • Lulu says:

        “Yes, diana worked through through pregnancies and 1 with bulimia, but it’s all she had to keep her sane. She didn’t get that family vacation 5 times a year.”

        Perhaps the palace is trying to learn from their past mistakes?

      • LAK says:

        the idea that ‘palace is learning from Diana mistakes’ is a complete misunderstanding of the situation. A misunderstanding the palace [WK] is happy to collude in to make WK’s lives easier ie work free and vacation full.

        Diana said that she was overwhelmed by the public response to her. You see pictures/videos of popstars having their clothes torn off from over enthusiatic fans? Diana had to deal with a polite version of the same. And since no one, govt/palace PTB etc, had anticipated such a public reaction, there was no help to give her because no one knew how to deal with it or thought it would die down eventually. It never did.

        Further, she was in a miserable personal situation. With a palace full of servants and no one talk to. Her girlfriends weren’t always available, and she was lonely. She turned that loneliness into work. Unfortunately, the more visible she was, the less visible the rest of the royal family.

        When Kate first entered the RF, there was a presumption that she would be as popular and as charismatic as Diana. And so this idea was floated. The fact is she is not. Exposure to her doesn’t create a frenzy, even with the limited number of outings.

        It’s wierd how the palace has managed to convince the public that Diana was a helpless victim of her situation when she refused to be victimised.

        At this point the only thing the Palace will not allow as it did with Diana is have the rest of the RF be overshadowed.

      • rosie says:

        LAK – great post. I especially liked your remark about Kate not measuring up to Diana in terms of charisma and popularity. There’s no comparison — she lacks the looks, vitality, spirit and charisma that Diana had in spades, there is no question about it. Diana wasn’t a saint, but I firmly believe she was “genuine” and people saw this and responded to it.

        Although Kate may fall short in terms of looks and popularity when compared to D., she has had ample opportunity to overcome that by throwing herself into charity work and making herself useful like Princess Anne and Sophie. Unlike those 2, Kate is all about getting attention for herself v.s. doing meaningful work “quietly” without fanfare.

      • JulieM says:

        LAK-totally agree. I get really tired of the “the palace is learning from their mistakes” excuse as to why Kate lives such a life of leisure.

        Diana was NOT miserable because she had to work. She was miserable because her husband was a rat bastard, never loved her, used her as a broodmare, and “effed” Camilla through it all. If Charles had stayed faithful to Diana, she might very well still be alive and still married to him. After the split, work is probably what kept her sane.

        Funny, I still like Charles, except for his lousy husbanding skills. He seem to have done better the second go round.

  9. cc says:

    wonder if they would even know at this point if its twins…I think it may be a bit early?

  10. Holly says:

    I’ve seen a pic of Prince William and Kanye together (and Diddy). It was at his mothers concert benefit a few years ago. I can’t imagine they’d approve of Kim k though.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Who exactly are they to approve or disapprove of Kim? I am not a fan of her and I never click on her stories but please why exactly a man famous for his accident of birth get a right to approve or disapprove anyone who is earning their own money. He have no place or credentials or right to approve or disapprove anybody on this earth because he hasn’t done anything . I don’t know why some people think the so called royalty is better then themselves or other normal people .

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Who exactly are they to approve or disapprove of Kim? I am not a fan of her and I never click on her stories but please why exactly a man famous for his accident of birth get a right to approve or disapprove anyone who is earning their own money. He have no place or credentials or right to approve or disapprove anybody on this earth because he hasn’t done anything . I don’t know why some people think the so called royalty is better then themselves or other normal people .

      • Thinker says:

        Eh, William can look down on Kim. A good deal of people look down on Kim K. Money making does not make you an admirable or respectable person. Money is a necessity of life but i am of the opinion that becoming rich for the sake of being rich does not make you better than anyone and seeking to accumulate wealth for wealth’s sake likely means your moral center is off. She’s Paris Hilton’s classmate and friend; with her privileges she did not go to university or invent anything worthwhile. She is quite simply a woman who sold a sex tape and urination story and then profiteered off fake relationships.

  11. just says:

    Cc:They would know if it was twins, I had twins and knew at my first scan (4 weeks), as they pick up the heartbeats and there were two. Its not too early to know. I’m sure if it was they’d announce it.

  12. Cathy says:

    That portrait is horrid. It looks ghostly and makes her look old. They need to find a new artist

    • Belle says:

      No, they should have used another photo… or Kate should have requested that the artist try to flatter her more than the photo did. The artist said that Kate wanted the portrait to be more ‘natural’, and the portrait looks very much like the photo that was chosen by Kate (after having many photos taken) to use for the portrait.

  13. LAK says:

    Has anyone noticed that this current statement has downgraded her morning sickness from ‘HG’ to ‘severe’?

    Now I know severe can be just as bad, but why claim HG (which was a palace NOT hospital diagnosis)in the first place??

    • Meerkat says:

      Perhaps to justify the big fuss admittance to the hospital for rich people?

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Whoa! LAK! You just blew my mind. There was never a hospital diagnosis of HG?

      The palace just declared that with no medical facts to support it?

      • LAK says:

        Alex – yes. It was a palace statement. And it’s been the palace updating public on her condition all along.

        The ONLY time hospital commented was when the nurse committed suicide. The Hospital didn’t and wouldn’t comment on a patient’s specific condition beyond possibly confirming that she was indeed there. And that was also taken out of their hands by palace statement confirming it.Patient confidentiality and all that.

        As to the rest of her condition, to rephrase a witty CBer, they gave the public a shovel to dig from their imagination.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        And dig we did. Thanks LAK!

      • Lucrezia says:

        People seriously thought it came directly from the hospital?

        Even if it was something ridiculously obvious, like her arm had fallen off, the diagnosis “bad case of deciduus-bracchium” would’ve come from the palace, due to patient confidentiality.

        It applies to anyone/any-illness mentioned in the media. Hospitals don’t say anything much more than “X is currently in a critical condition” or “has been discharged”. Anything else is from family or PR. Probably true most of the time, but it’s not guaranteed.

    • Belle says:

      I didn’t know that the HG diagnosis came from the palace, and not the doctors?? Wow. Makes me wonder if a doctor simply mentioned the condition as a possibility they would watch for, and the palace ran with it?

      Either way, the HG diagnosis was questionable (for me) from the beginning, because it came so quickly. Yes, morning sickness can hit fast and hard… and you can become dehydrated and need fluids after just a couple of days if you aren’t keeping anything down… and that makes you feel even worse. It doesn’t automatically mean HG though.

      I said this from the beginning. I think the HG was ‘floated’ because, whether it is fair or not, many would scoff at Kate heading to the hospital at the (perceived) first bit of morning sickness. That sounds trivial to those who have never experienced (or known someone who experienced) very bad morning sickness. Kate is already seen by many as lazy and spoiled and I don’t think the PR would have been very good. The HG made people much more sympathetic when they heard how awful it could be (and then heard the horror stories from those who have had it). Again, going in for IV fluids and meds is perfectly reasonable and prudent if you become dehydrated with morning sickness… it doesn’t have to be HG. So, they shouldn’t have needed to ‘justify’ her hospital visit… but I think that is what they tried to do.

  14. bluhare says:

    Don’t forget Charles and Diana got married on July 29.

    • LAK says:

      Given William’s Diana obsession, more likely that she’ll have this baby as close to, if not, on Diana’s birthday 1st July. It will be the same reasoning he gave for the engagement ring ie he wants his mother to be a part of it.

      However, wouldn’t it be a bitch if she ignores that date, but baby is born on Camilla’s birthday, 17th July???!!!

      • Thinker says:

        Oh and Kate is much more of a Camilla than a Diana! Kate might even be a Wallis…

        I want more information on their separate lives. I’ve heard she’s often spotted in Berkshire and spends inordinate amounts of time at her mother’s side, while William schedules private events, parties, and trips as if he were a bachelor.

      • Thinker says:

        Call me cynical but the royal couple have strange aloof and disjointed body language for married people of their generation who claim to be in love. William does not seem even remotely happy. His smiles are few and far between, and occasionally they are such sorrowful smiles thay one cannot help but feel they are looking at a man with a heavy bundle of regrets. I get the distinct feeling he resents his obligations to his wife and his role as future king and he feels only a familial and trusting sort of love towards his Kate as a trusted friend who will stride to make him look good and avoid any embarrassment (or duty). I’m rather surprised that he managed to “do his duty” and make a royal heir.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Thinker. I’m not getting how Kate is a Camilla. She’s certainly not William’s big love or a hard worker despite being publicly hated. Her skin isn’t that thick. Please explain.
        I have a soft spot for Wallis so i’m not touching that one.

        The body language is weird. We see her puppy dog stares at him. She’s in love. But when does he ever look at her like that. Even in a relaxed setting he seems cold.

        You nailed it i think. She is a trusted confidant. He put her through the paces and she will stay through his behavior. I can’t see their alone time being sweet and intimate because he’s always vacationing away from her.

        And for the baby. It’s mean, but kinda true that i think they only made a baby because he got a vacation out of it and had to do it.

        It is a very cold and distant relationship.

      • Thinker says:

        Camilla is known as a hardworker?? News to me. I think she’s quite lazy and far more interested in clothes than in public duties.

        Camilla and Kate are both long term mistresses willing to bide their time, take what is given to them and wait it out for their Princes. Both have unappealing personal attributes that require grand PR campaigns to cover up. Both are rumored to live lives rather separate from their spouse – Camilla bc she wants to be near her children and grandchildren and Kate bc shes closest to her mother and choses to go to Berkshire when William leaves her for fun.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Thinker. Camilla was the other woman during Diana’s marriage. Yes there were those creepy love notes. Those facts and Charles not being mature enough to marry Camilla when he had the chance, but continuing a relationship with her all aside, she’s misunderstood imo.

        She works so much harder than Kate. And she worked hard while she was still so hated having mud, eggs, and whatever was on hand tossed at her or her car. Because Diana was so loved Camilla took all the deserved and undeserved anger after she died.

        All in all Kate is unique. She is no wallis and no camilla. She is a middleton. and after the divorce years down the road she will legally be a middleton again.

  15. Patrice says:

    @RedSnapper: Thank you!! I have wondered since the start of this whole HG charade why no one (in the press or otherwise) had bothered to take the time to mention that Kate was running around on a field PLAYING SPORTS in HEELS two days before this sudden onslought of severe “HG”.

    I suffered from true acute HG this past year and let me tell you, no one who has it is doing THAT (I practically lived in the hospital for six straight months and at one point during an admission a feeding tube was being seriously being discussed b/c I was so ill my body had started to violently reject even water :( )

    Side note: The term “hyperemisis gravidarum” is just fancy medical speak for ANY form of morning sickness (so I guess the palace technically wasn’t lying/embellishing if Kate wasn’t feeling well in any way). It is the “acute” form of HG that is the devastating kind that requires serious medical intervention. (My OBGYN and I actually had a chat about this in her office a few weeks back-I was reading the People w/Waity on the cover-and she said that unless a woman was practically on her death bed, no responsible doctor would ever diagnose acute HG at Kate’s then 8 weeks gestation b/c the vast majority of women suffer from any range of morning sickness in the first trimester.) She said it’s when you’re so sick that you can’t function/are in pain/losing weight while entering your second trimester that the diagnosis would generally be made…

    • Paddy says:

      I think Belle is right, HG was mentioned as a smokescreen, as simply saying she was going in to be treated for morning sickness would have heaped scorn and derision on her. I think it was a day or two after she left hospital that they were spotted at a ” staff party” in N London. Not perhaps what one would have expected from a women who 48 hours before was being reported being treated for HG, 24/7 retching, dehydration , weakness and extreme tiredness etc.
      it’s clear she never had HG, the PR people are now desperately trying to rid that from the public consciousness, hence the trip to see the portrait, the birthday treat with Mum & Dad to see Circus Soleil and the press release that she is making good progress with her health. She will be away with her parents and family ( not PW as he’ll use the search and rescue line to stay behind..when the Kate’s away the mice will play) to Mustique in the next few weeks, no doubt as a “tonic” from her poor “health”and if they play their cards right , they might even get over to Switzerland for PW to do some skiing . What a life!

    • Lucrezia says:

      Patrice: I don’t really understand your complaint about the hockey-heels thing. It’s not like she was photographed runnning around AFTER the diagnosis, and the onset of morning sickness in general is notoriously rapid.

      How gradual was your HG onset? Did it take a few days to go from “I can run around” to “I need doctors, stat!”? A week, a month?

      Not disbelieving btw, I’m simply curious. All the pregnant women I’ve known have experienced x-level morning sickness that hit suddenly. None had their vomiting get progressively worse, it was either mild or severe from the get-go. Two that had entire-pregnancy sickness and did get “worse” in the sense that after 4/5 months they simply couldn’t cope any more. But their actual level of vomiting remained the same.

      They weren’t vomiting badly enough to need hospitalisation, but they got diagnosed as HG anyway. It must depend a lot on where you live. Here in my part of Oz the criteria seems pretty loose. The two friends I’m thinking of needed medical certificates so they could start their pregnancy leave early, so they got diagnosed as HG, simple as that. (And since that’s the standard I’m used to, I get totally confused in these threads, like: “Wtf? She was bad enough she was admitted to hospital, of course she has HG!”)

  16. Dena says:

    Meant to post this when the portrait first hit the web.

    I like it. I think it captures her essence. Didn’t she have to okay the photo used by the painter anyway? If so, then she picked one where she isn’t smiling and one where she is wearing a darker color that doesn’t add “brightness” to her tone.

  17. Dena says:

    Oh, and, if she were to have twins then she’d use that as an excuse to do twice as less as what she does now.

  18. psykins says:

    I love reading the gossip on this site, but the astrology bullshit really throws me for a loop. I really, really, really don’t understand why anyone actually believes that stuff

  19. Ravensdaughter says:

    The twin thing not being true-a relief for all. Can you imagine being the second twin born mere minutes after THE HEIR?
    I hope it’s a girl and I hope they name her Diana, although we all know The Queen would never allow that. You know William is mamma’s boy and he would do just that if he could get away with it. If it is a girl, I betcha we will see Diana as a middle name regardless. That’s the least the older Royals could do after having Diana knocked off (kidding-sort of..)

    • Jessica says:

      Why would you want a girl to be named Diana? The poor thing would be tormented the rest of her life with the Diana comparisons (if a girl, it will already get comparisons, why add more?) that she will never live up to. She will never have her own life because people will want Diana 2.0.