Jennifer Aniston signs on to be the newest “face” of Aveeno: good choice?

Last June, there were some seemingly legit reports about Jennifer Aniston being offered an 8-figure endorsement deal to become the face of Aveeno. I thought it was a good match at the time, although nothing came of it at the time, and I thought Jennifer seemed to give up that possible deal to associate herself with a line of MIT-invented haircare products. That was last October – Jennifer got in on the ground floor, and I believe she owns a stake in the company. Well, now Aveeno has come back to Jennifer and it seems like she has signed on to do an Aveeno campaign after all!

Jennifer Aniston takes great care of her skin—and now that loving relationship is paying off.

The oft-glowing actress has signed a deal to be the new face of Aveeno skin care, E! News exclusively confirms.

“We can confirm that Jennifer Aniston will be partnering with Aveeno for skincare,” the superstar’s rep, Stephen Huvane, confirmed to E! News. “You can expect to see the results of this collaboration later this year.”

Whisperings of such a deal first sounded last summer, but Aniston’s work for the brand is just getting under way.

Previous Aveeno spokesmodels have included lovelies like All My Children actress Daniella van Grass, but Aniston would by far be the brand’s most famous face yet.

The former Friends star has also appeared in campaigns for SmartWater, L’Oreal hair care and her own eponymous fragrance.

[From E! News]

Well, Jennifer makes mostly smart decisions about her endorsement deals – that SmartWater deal has been good to her, from what I hear. Although her perfume (“Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston” – for real) was a big dud. Honestly, I was completely fine with Aniston’s haircare thing. She’s known for her hair, and I thought the product line sounded really cool, and like an interesting investment/endorsement deal. And while I know Aveeno is known for their “clean living, clean products” etc and that’s what Jennifer’s image is too, I can’t say that I’m more likely to buy skincare products with her face attached to them. I don’t associate her with good skincare. I associate her with boozing, smoking and tanning.

Photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. DailyNightly says:

    She needs an industrial sander, not Aveeno.

  2. Monie says:

    Boozing, smoking, and tanning are soooo good for the skin. Well yeah, if you also get high dollar face peels to sand off the damage and fillers to plump of the areas deflated due to age and poor care. Perfect choice!

  3. lucy2 says:

    The hair product line made sense (I tried it and really liked it, but $$$$) but I don’t really see her being a good choice for a skin care product. Though like all ads, it’ll be photoshopped out of reality anyway.

  4. trudiebell says:

    Since when does “clean living” entail Botox, cigarettes, and booze? Bad choice, but I tend to think she’s a bad choice for everything.

  5. marie says:

    am I having deja vu? didn’t this happen last year? does this mean she’ll go paler to push the sunscreen, cause although she may not believe it so, constant tanning is not good for the skin.

  6. hey u says:

    Doesn’t matter if people think she isn’t the right choice. She has signed the deal, so she is going to rake in money either way.

    I do have to say she when it comes to her endorsement deal, she has a good manager\agent.. She makes smart decisions there.. She not only becomes the face of this products, she makes sure she gets an investment stake .

    she and 50 cents were given shares by the company that both owns smart water\vitamin water(why do people think 50 cent is still making huge money yearly even not having a album out in years) … She also become and investor in that hair company , which means longer term money.

    Now only if they can work that magic on her film decisions lol.

  7. Anna S. says:

    I’m embarrassed to say, I love her perfume. It smells like summer and I kinda love it. I get compliments on it, too. However, I’m hesitant to say it’s hers. haha

    • Josephina says:

      Do you use coupons at Walmart when you purchase?

      • Just Me says:

        You know, i shop for my beauty items at Sephora. That’s where I recall seeing JA’s perfume. I didn’t even know they sold it at Walmart, but then I don’t shop there. Is that something you saw on your most recent shopping trip there, Josephina?

        Seriously, what a crappy thing to say to someone you don’t even know. And over a bottle of perfume.

      • spinner says:

        @ Just Me

        very well said & spot-on.

      • Josephina says:

        OK… the following response is dedicated only to the impaired audience…

        Aniston premiered her “marketing” for her perfume in the UK. And then it went downhill from there… all the way to Walmart. Her perfume sales are NOT going well. My point is Walmart is the DEFAULT circuit that she can GET sales–a very slow, leaky faucet drip of sales. It was never the intended market.

        Now, IF she had picked Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, Costco, Sams Club as her first choice, then my comments would be different.


        You can bathe in the stank perfume for all I care. Oh yeah, sexy women all over the world want to smell like a woman who has had a very public, unfortunate love life.

        My second point is that Huvane still does not know who her fans really are (it is not JUST minivan minority) or he does not know that the true fan population is actually a lot smaller than the Internet boo-hoo sisterhood.

      • Just Me says:

        6 paragraphs of rage at a bottle of perfume.


        That’s a lot of unresolved anger & projection there. Atleast that’s what I hope it is. Otherwise, that’s insanely creepy.

        Also, Josephina, I prefer the earthy, hippie smell of Tocca Cleopatra. I also don’t follow this crazy triangle and I’m not a fan of any of the involved. It’s very 2006, wouldn’t you say? I just happened to glance in here out of boredom and thought it was pretty crap to imply that someone was poor b/c they happened to like a scent. Not a good look on anyone, regardless of who you are a fan of. Capiche?

      • Josephina says:

        @ Just Me–

        My previous response was in moderation too long. So I am reposting.

        No rage here, hon. I am not supporting Aniston’s perfume sales.

        Just pointing out the obvious—that the perfume is and has been available at Walmart. FACT.

        AND Walmart does provide coupons for just about anything they sell. If you see nothing wrong with you or your friends wearing perfume that is available at Walgreens, WalMart, Kmart, …then why are YOU so defensive?

      • Just Me says:

        Huh? What kind of screwed up, convoluted logic is this?

        If you can’t understand what’s inherently wrong with implying someone is poor, or, making fun of someone because they are poor (no implications towards ANYONE here), then I feel very , very sorry for you. I hope that you never have to know what it’s like to go without.

        It’s my birthday today, a day I share with the celebration of the great Dr King. Since I’m feeling generous, I’m going to go ahead and give you a gift – the gift of the last word. I don’t think there’s much else you could say to make yourself look any worse than you already do. Knock yourself out.

    • spinner says:

      Her Perfume does smell really good. I have not purchased it, but several of my girlfriends wear it all the time.

  8. bopit says:

    maybe I’m making it up — but I swear there was a story back in 2012 about her estimated monthly costs regarding all things beauty. Please girlfriend — you’re not going to convince me you use Aveeno — you use crushed pearls and Justin’s tears when he’s “bored” with your marathon Cabo vacations.

  9. s says:

    I think she’s a great choice. I don’t think of her as someone who boozes, smokes and tans – is she?

    • Billie says:

      Are you serious?

      That is basically all she is! She has a tan all year round that does not look good. She loves tanning, slurs her words in interviews and at award shows and is a known smoker although she blames her obvious weight gain on quitting.

    • Barb says:

      Look at her skin, especially the chest area in the pictures above. Not attractive. I don’t think she’s a good choice to hawk skin care. I can’t stand JLo but all the interviewers comment on how fresh and youthful her skin looks in person (she also spends a fortune on La Mer skin products among others).

  10. Eleonor says:

    How old is she? She is in her fourties, and she has spent a life tanning. I’ve seen girls with more sundamaged skins in their 30′s, to me her skin isn’t great, but it’s not that bad, considering the tanning thing.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Eleonor …

      It’s called ‘makeup’ for a reason. If she spends $200,000. a year on her hair, how much do you think she spends on her makeup? Most woman in their 30′s with ‘sun damaged’ skin can’t afford to cover the damage so well … they also don’t walk around wearing makeup 24/7, even at the beach.

  11. keats says:

    This is kind of a shame if only because Daniella von Graas is seriously beautiful and I mentally associate her with aveeno products.

  12. FirstTimer says:

    Ugh! I love Aveeno and I don’t think she’s a good choice to endorse it. The hair product is actually smart and very fitting… Even if she does have fake blonde hair.

  13. G says:

    8 figures? I seriously doubt that. I think Aveeno is a “young” product and she’s too old, but good for her.

  14. DenG says:

    Look, I don’t like her but she would look so much better with her more natural darker hair and brown eyes. Lose the blue contacts.

  15. Allie May says:

    There are a lot of women out there that would be a much better choice to represent a skincare line- women that don’t lay in the sun for hours nor are they known for smoking. I know a lot of women in their forties that don’t have wrinkles, but she clearly has them in the photos above.

  16. Amory says:

    I think any celebrity endorsement of a skin line is insulting. These people do botox, fillers, laser treatments, facials, etc… Nothing wrong with that, but do they think we’re all stupid and believe that any of them get nice skin from their products??

    And of course, she does not have nice skin, so it’s a crazy choice imho.

    • Annie says:

      “botox, fillers, laser treatments, facials” – well those things can potentially make you look even worse so perhaps it works out even. IA though, Jen does have very mediocre skin and almost bad skin for a celeb.

    • Granger says:

      +1000. Not to mention that in the majority of photos we see of celebrities, they’re slathered in expertly applied make-up and standing under perfectly positioned lights.

      But none of it matters anyway because the photoshop job they do to her will erase 15 years and any signs of wrinkles or sun damage from her face.

  17. serena says:

    LOL Kaiser I agree so much.

  18. spinner says:

    I’ve got to hand it to her…she’s a smart, smart business woman.

  19. Billie says:

    She has terrible skin! In HD pics you can see how rough and damaged it is.

    Wonder how much Photoshop will be involved?

  20. mln76 says:

    She has horrid skin….but she fits the brand well, women love her because she is plain and her look is attainable.

  21. Lemony says:

    I like Aveeno products & have used them for years. My interest in Aveeno will have NOTHING to do with her :)

  22. Shelly says:

    I don’t associate her with good skincare either. She looks great and all, but she tans a lot. I would think that Aveeno would go with someone who had a more natural, paler complexion. She does fit the brand in the sense that she has an “everygirl” image, but that’s about it.

  23. rita says:

    you know that Aveeno does animal testing?
    it’s a johnson&johnson brand and they don’t give a f’
    that this is not necessary.
    i am deeply disappointed in jennifer aniston signing up for this.

    i knew about her loreal deal at the beginning of friends. they do animal testing to. but since she is a dog person and she supports dog shelters i thought she cares. the hair company she owns doesn’t test their stuff on animals. Aveeno does.

    i am not a fan of her anymore. i think it is important that a celebrity supports brands with values. especially a rich celebrity like JA who can afford to say no to a business deal.

    sorry for grammar. not native speaking.

    • Jocelyn says:

      How do companies that don’t do animal testing test their products? They just use ingredients that have already been tested on animals by other companies.

      • rita says:

        i will adress your question first:
        for some ingredients it’s not necessary. for more riskier conditions…there is artificial skin and artificial stuff for other tests. animals are just a cheaper option. and companies can breed enough new ones if older ones get too sick.

        what i find disturbing on your comment is:
        “They just use ingredients that have already been tested on animals by other companies.”

        um…so why is it necessary to go on with testing? for your beauty? did u research about the life of an animal in such environment? the constructions they are kept in just to test shampoos in their eyes and stuff? and they can’t help themselves getting out of these? imagine this is your life.

        aveeno is a company that does active animal testing or pays companys to do that in some cases. why would u want to support that? there is enough cosmetic that doesnt need to do that. and the results are great (i.e. jennifer anistons haircare company like i said before)

    • Blondie says:

      Thank you for posting this. I need a new skin cream and now I won’t even consider Aveeno or anything by Johnson & Johnson. Jennifer Aniston has nothing to do with my decisions.

    • Tara says:

      True. Thanks for bringing that up, Rita

    • Lady D says:

      I didn’t know that rita. Thanks for telling me although I feel embarrassed that I didn’t do my homework. I have a severe allergy to scents and aromas. I use Aveeno for this reason. Any suggestions anyone?

      • rita says:

        i thank you for your kind comment, lady d and everyone who took the time to reply or read. its a matter that’s very sensitive to me.

        i don’t know the brands u have in your country but i always google brands if they do animal testing. i experienced that cremes, lotions and oils for baby skin are good for people with sensitive skin because they don’t put things in baby lotions that could cause allergies or irritate baby skin. they really look after it. sorry again for my english. u know…people do take a deeper look at ingredients of cremes if babys get in contact with it and they take care. i read something about a johnson&johnson brand for baby products that has something chemical in it. what happens to be in it because of the production process. they had to make it go away otherwise they would have got in trouble. i didnt follow the news further because johnson&johnson does tests on animals. but i thought that was a good example for baby products.

        did u know that there exist artificial eyes too and they could use that instead of blinding animals. i don’t get these big brands at all.

        in the colder months…look for skincare that is rich in fat (because water-based harms your skin in colder months) and in warmer months u need creme that has more water in it (because the fat based cremes react with the sun and harm u).

        wish u the best!

  24. blonde on the dock says:

    She quit smoking awhile ago. What’s wrong with a little tanning and the odd cocktail? Everyone does it now and again. If she was as some of you say she would’nt look the way she does in her forties and Aveeno wouldn’t use her as their poster girl.

    • Mila says:

      Nothing wrong with a nice tan, however she does not have a nice tan.
      Her tanning goes beyond a little, she overdoes it. She is tan year round! It does not look good and in close up pics you can really see the damage.

      Odd cocktail??? She can’t even talk at an award show without slurring.

      And I think she looks her age and her skin looks beyond her age.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Sorry I didnt realize you hang out with her all of the time.

      • Mila says:

        Uh, I do not need to hang out with her to know she overdoes the tanning and drinking. Her tanning is obvious just by looking at her rough orange skin.

        Her slurring is obvious at every award show.

      • emmaV1 says:

        Jennifer is like brad pitt and most smokers. They quit for a while and then restart. It’s super hard to quit completely.

        She has lessened her tanning though. A few years ago she said something like she had to quit tanning to save her skin and so now relies on spray on tans.

        But who are you kidding about the boozing. She is seen partying once every other month with alcohol involved and that’s just the cases we know about. She probably lays back with vodka every weekend.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Hate away! I dont care that much about these people. I just simply dont see what you do. That’s ok!

      • EmmaV1 says:


        “I don’t care that much about these people”

        Then why are you on every Angelina post saying nasty things about her? And why are you on every Jennifer post saying good things about her?

        Other posters and I are on most Angelina posts saying good things about her, defending her, so that’s not the problem.

        Heck, I loved it when mln said something like “If you don’t care about these people, why bother about them? I admit I click and comment on celebs I DISLIKE, but never ones I don’t care about.”

      • Lucky Charm says:

        emmaV1 says:
        “She has lessened her tanning though. A few years ago she said something like she had to quit tanning to save her skin and so now relies on spray on tans.”

        Umm, have you seen pictures of her since her trip to Cabo over the holidays, just a few weeks ago? She most definitely has NOT quit tanning or relying on a spray tan.

        I think Reese Witherspoon would have been a much better choice for this. Unless Aveeno is coming out with a new product that will magically remove years of tanning, smoking, drinking, partying, and general abuse of the skin and those are the people they are trying to market this to…

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @emmaVI, who wrote: “She has lessened her tanning though. A few years ago she said something like she had to quit tanning to save her skin and so now relies on spray on tans.”

        Well, that must have been her twin we saw pictures of slathered in oil on a pool chair in the sun

    • blonde on the dock says:

      EmmaV1: I dont post on “every” Jolie thread saying nasty things about her or every Aniston thread either and you know it. I see by your comment you have put yourself on a pedestal. Hope it makes you feel better.

  25. mar says:

    she is looking like Donatelle Versace here

  26. evyn says:

    For someone who never wanted to “pimp herself out,” she sure is hustling for endorsement deals. She must really be missing those residual checks from Friends.

  27. Amanda says:

    Jennifer Anniston and Aveeno both make me think of oatmeal, so I think it’s a good match.

  28. NeoCleo says:

    I get sick of her hair falling over her face. You are not Veronica Lake my dear and never will be even with the great hair.

  29. Rena says:

    Her film quote is much smaller than in the past, her residuals from Friends have shrunk, she has an expensive lifestyle, her perfume is for sale at Walmart not in high end stores, Smartwater is always on sale, so she probably needs the income endorsements bring in.

    I don’t understand why she always covers her face with hair extensions or a scarf. And I wish she had not torn out the vineyard in the million of $$$$$$$ remodel of her new home to be.

  30. Bella says:

    she is a terrible choice,a 20something fresh young face would be the right choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. KellyinSeattle says:

    She and Babs can maybe do one jointly together

  32. Bella says:

    She would be the perfect poster girl for
    “this is what your face will look like
    after sleeping thru hollywood,drinking,smoking,sun exposure
    and selfishness “

  33. Ginger says:

    A sun worshiper and a smoker should NOT be promoting skin care.

  34. Jaded says:

    Her skin is, at best, average but looks good in most pictures because of the best make-up artists, lighting and photoshop. I’m sure her skin would look worse if she couldn’t afford the best facials, laser treatments, injectables, etc., etc. But close-ups show she has distended pores, wrinkles and discolouration, and that is what excessive tanning does to your skin. She and Justin were papped recently in Cabo and she was BAKING herself so she’s obviously not taking her own advice and continues to turn herself into toast.

    So I think it’s kind of reprehensible that Aveeno is paying her big bucks, not because she exemplifies someone with healthy, youthful skin, but only for her star power. Her photos for the campaign will undoubtedly be photoshopped beyond recognition. I’ve never used Aveeno, don’t like it, and now I don’t like it even more.

  35. lrm says:

    How much money does girlfriend need?
    I mean, really????!!!!
    more power to her-
    she must be loaded after all these years….
    it’s just amazing that she keeps signing on for endorsements….
    but, she’s popular with the public, so I imagine she’s a good choice for marketing….

  36. skuddles says:

    The last thing I think about when I look at Ansiton is lovely skin. She does, however, bring to mind thoughts of pancake mix and old leather purses.

  37. Hipocricy says:

    Her face is disgusting : hard facial traits, leather skin and all.

    Plus no offence to mature women, i am one of them, but i thought to sell a skincare product, the marketting campaign will go after a fresher younger skin/model type…unless it’s a product destined to wrinkles or something.

    Jennifer’s skin is so sun damaged and leatherly looking with big pores that it’s not even funny…

  38. stinkyman says:

    Lovely choice, despite those pictures you picked!

  39. anom says:

    aveeno sales will decrease with ugly manny’s face as their brand.

  40. janie says:

    She must have been their last and only option, that must be the reason? She must not be required to act.

  41. Kosmos says:

    I love Aveeno products…now that Aniston will be the “face,” this only tells me that the price of their products may go up, darn…maybe I should be the face of Aveeno since I use them so much? Geez, but no one has ever heard of me…

  42. Sal says:

    Shes too busy drinking, smoking, re-arranging her iced nipples and spreading her legs for taken men to worry about skin care.

  43. mars says:

    This campaign is going to one big beige blur

  44. Caroline says:

    Good choice, since Aveeno is sold to the drugstore crowd..and I can already picture the campaign..
    Showing her well-moisturized legs

  45. Sugar says:

    I guess that favorite little ol bar of nutrogeina on her bathroom counter just got the pink slip

  46. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I think Jennifer Aniston is a good person to represent Aveeno, because she has the girl-next-door healthy kind of beauty. I also think that women relate to her, because she’s had some struggles in her life that she has overcome: weight problems, her mother, her marriage, for example.

    I happen to love Aveeno, because it actually makes a difference in my life. I’ve got one kid with sensitive skin who gets a rash everytime you turn around. The anti-itch lotion is really good.

  47. Chrissy says:

    I actually love Aveeno. I use a lot of their products. I don’t feel Jennifer is right at all for their stuff. Her skin is nothing like mine, which is tan-free and sensitive (which is why some of the Aveeno works well for me). I also feel she has a bit of a fakeness because we all know she’s has a number of plastic surgeries. It’s hard to believe good skin comes from a product when someone goes the plastic surgery route frequently. No, she’s just the wrong image and wrong choice.