Leonardo DiCaprio is taking an indefinite break from acting: will you miss him?

Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, and I’ve long referred to him as “the grumpy chihuahua” for reasons that I cannot ever remember; that is, besides the obvious. For the vast majority of his career, I’ve enjoyed Leo in a few choice roles (Romeo + Juliet, Catch Me If You Can, and The Basketball Diaries), but I honestly find most of his recent work (such as Inception) to be fairly overrated. Leo has made a name for himself as a diverse actor, but I observe him to be largely a one-note thespian, and I feel like if Martin Scorsese hadn’t taken Leo under his wing, then his acting career wouldn’t have remained nearly as elevated to this date. I’m also not terribly fond of the way Leo conducts himself in his personal life either, what with Pu**y Posse and an endless cache of Victoria’s Secret models under his belt.

However, I am going to give Leo a huge break from now on at least in regards to his acting — not that he’ll notice or care what I think of him, but his work as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained was just so over the top and deliciously malicious that I had to watch it more than once. The boy did good. At this moment in time though, Leo is ready for an indefinite vacation from working. Will you miss him?

Leonardo DiCaprio

This could be Leonardo DiCaprio’s last awards season for a while. The actor has announced he’s retiring from acting indefinitely. “I’m a little bit drained,” he told German newspaper Bild. “I am now going to take a long long break.”

After doing three films in two years – Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby and the recently-finished The Wolf of Wall Street – DiCaprio says, “I’m just worn out.”

Publicity tours for those films still loom, however, but DiCaprio, 38, has other plans for when his schedule slows down. “I would like to improve the world a bit,” he says. “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”

In the meantime, he’s living green at home. “My roof is covered with solar panels,” he revealed. “My car is electric. A normal person does not drive more than 50 kilometers a day. That can be done with a plug.”

[From Page Six]

This is just talk, right? For certain, Leo has led a very hectic year with three major roles in big-budget, blockbuster films. I’m not sure how long he’ll realistically be away when his IMDb profile reveals twenty-three projects in development, but we’ll see. In addition, you can bet that next time Marty Scorsese comes calling, Leo will dutifully quit his break in short order. Those two are thick as Hollywood thieves together.

Does anyone else find it slightly amusing that Leo plans on flying around the world and burning up a ton of carbon credits in order to help save the environment? I admire anyone who is devoted to such a cause, but there’s just so much work to be done at home that travelling the globe to do so seems a bit silly and self-defeating. But I guess it’s his thing.

Also, dude really needs to lay off on the self-tanning lotion.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Actually, yes. He may be a douche with women, but he is one hell of an actor.

  2. alons -y alonso says:

    I do like Leo’s acting a lot. I loved The Departed and Blood Diamond. So, yeah I’d miss the bastard.

  3. Cherry says:

    LMAO @ “I will fly around the world doing good for the environment.”
    That has GOT to be a joke, right??

  4. flotsamrose says:

    I think he’s a great actor, but I won’t miss him if I know he’s coming back. He’s become so overexposed as a celebrity (mostly because of his dating antics) that I’ll be excited when he turns up after a hiatus.

  5. Ranunculus says:

    Not that I have seen all his movies but to me his acting never rises above mediocre. Plus he looks like a self-satisfied puffy pumpkin. I hope he takes a LONG break.

  6. JoJo says:

    He’s one of the best actors out there! I’ll miss him – glad Gatsby and Wolves are coming this year.

  7. andy says:

    I will be writing Mr. Scorsese about this.

  8. serena says:

    LOL he makes me laugh, in a cute way. Maybe it’s his big head..who knows, anyway I find the surname ‘grumpy chihuahua’ really perfect.

    Oh and I’m glad he’s taking a break, if he’s not always in our faces then we’ll love him more when he returns.

  9. Madhubala says:

    Leo’s a good actor, in a practiced, deliberate sort of way. I find that the spontaneity and spark he had in movies like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries has long gone. He’s great at picking good roles though, I’ll give him that. Some time away wouldn’t be a bad idea, there’s more to the world than Hollywood and its excesses and I applaud anyone who takes time off and a step back to discover that.

  10. Post-Its says:

    Next to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, I think his best role was in This Boy’s Life.

  11. FirstTimer says:

    I think he’ll just stop accepting films but will still be around promoting the ones he’s finished.

    I really liked him in Django. I thought, coming in, I will be terribly annoyed by his performance judging from the trailers. But he’s like a spark in every scene he was in.

  12. carrie says:

    his “green activity” around the world will be the protection of this precious species…Victoria Secret models!

    i remember when he gave many money for the tigers 2 years and Putin was very proud to meet him.Don’t forget Putin is a huge hunter (tiger,elephant,whale…) and he loves stuffed pets!

    i don’t say Dicaprio isn’t honest in his activism but he’s not logic because to fly in private plane is NOT ECOLOGIC

  13. Justyna says:

    We’ll have to wait at least another year to have a chance to miss him because 2 out of 3 movies he mentioned are still in post-production and they will probably be huge awards contenders. I really like Leo as an actor. I loved him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? when I saw it for the first time when I was maybe 10 years old. At that time, I thought they took a real mentally handicapped boy to play Arnie and I felt so sorry for him. He has been one of my favourites ever since. I was never physically attracted to him though. Even in the Titanic era or should I say especially in the Titanic era. He was so skinny and effeminate back then. I think he looks better now but I would never crush on him and I’d rather not to think about his private life shenanigans.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Oh I like him as an actor.

    And if he does take this break, I have a prediction: he’s gonna get SO FAT. Like Marlon Brando PLUS Orson Wells fat. Watch.

  15. T.C. says:

    I read this as Leo mad at not getting an Oscar nomination for J Edgar (gay man) and Django Unchained (nasty villian). So he wants to take a break from Oscar begging. Three films in two years is not that much, the man gets plenty of time to vacation with his buds.

    • carrie says:

      the problems with his Oscars snubs are
      1/Leo isn’t a team player (he was nod for SAG for J EDGAR but he snubbed the ceremony for example,he snubbed oscar show when Titanic won because he was not nod)
      2/ he has NOT a so very good reputation in Hollywood and he had some roles because he is on THE list of the studios:for example,he’s the lead in INCEPTION because he was the one of Warner Bros’s list given to Nolan with who Nolan was interested to work and some reports say Nolan & Dicaprio weren’t happy together (they didn’t share the same vision of his character and Nolan thought Leo was a diva because of his friends all time on the set)
      He puts a option on many movie projects just for him :it’s why his IMDB’s movie projects is always full
      3/blame Weinstein for this year because Waltz in supporting category is a fraud
      and Leo deserved to be nominated (his role is very ricky for him) except Waltz or Jackson deserve also to be nod in my opinion

  16. Ms Kay says:

    Er… Excuse me but Leo is one the best actors out there, as much as Christian Bale is amazing, Leo stands up right there if not above. I don’t get how the likes of Brad Pitt got Oscar nods for Moneyball whereas his J Edgar was simply outstanding, them miserable old goats at the AMPAS… Eh.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely miss his presence on big screens.

  17. WSS says:

    He was so good in Gilbert Grape that I still see him as a sweet, mentally handicapped kid. He will never be my idea of sexy.

  18. aims says:

    I agree with the others, the guy is a solid actor. He’s talented and smart. He’s also a jackass when it comes to women. In high school i had a mad crush on the guy ,but i really don’t think he’s aged well. I also admire his enviromental stand. It’s a worthy cause and he has shown he lives what he preaches.

  19. um says:

    The only problem is they all bring out their posters when it is work related topic to gratify them, that is hollywood actors for you.

  20. Jocelyn says:

    Yes I’ll miss him! I’ll never let go….

  21. Jojo says:

    He used to be cute but now, that giant head? WTH did it come from? It’s also weird that it’s shaped like a big slice of bread.

  22. Walice says:

    I go to see Tarantino films ALONE!! I don’t want to discuss/argue the political or violence issues, because if it came to a vote I would have to agree – I believe his films are violent, lets just say he is my guilty pleasure.

    Django Unchained further surprised me with a Great Show from Dicaprio. Candie is Corrupt and believable as such, usually I am not as convinced by Dicaprio.

    “Leo” was robbed, for this film he should have received a nomination. And YES – I will miss him if he stops for two (?) years.

  23. Apsutter says:

    Riiiiight. We all know this man has very little substance. All he does is party on yachts with models and his “bro” douchebag friends. He’s a good actor but I have absolutely no respect for the man. It’d be nice if every movie he made wasn’t some boring Oscar bait project(J Edgar). That said I really liked him in Django and Shutter Island.

  24. Mira says:

    His best was The Departed. It’s actually good that he’s taking a break. He’s worked on so many movies with very short gaps. I believe that actors should take a break to regenerate like DDL. I know most won’t accept the DDL route because 5 years between each film is very long. To each his own but yes, it’s always good to break in between. They won’t appear repetitive. I won’t miss him, but I’ll definitely be excited to see him back on screen after the break. Hope the break is not for 6 months or a year. Leo is like Tom Cruise for me (not the crazy Cruise). I enjoy their movies, both are intelligent entertainers and dedicated to work but I have never fan girl-ed over them.

    • Apsutter says:

      His IMDB is insane!!! He’s never taken more than 2 years off since he was 16! That’s crazy in the entertainment business. It’s unreal how successful he’s been commercially and critically. When I think of his career the only real misstep I can think of is “The Beach.” Pretty much everything else is great.

  25. j.eyre says:

    Although I absolutely agree about Inception, I like Leo as an actor. I think he was fantastic in Gilbert Grape and The Aviator and he may be the factor that tips me in favor of Django.

    I am so excited about Gatsby I had to watch the trailers yesterday just to tide me over.

  26. Amanda says:

    I bet his “break” from acting will only last a week or so.

  27. Anna00 says:

    Yes I’ll miss him. He’s a great, underrated actor.

  28. mln76 says:

    I so agree with you Bedhead Inception was so overated a great cast but a very standard Sci-fi script and DiCaprio had the same role as he did in Shutter Island. On the otherhand he was the best part of Django

  29. bns says:

    Eh, he’ll be back in 2014. Actors always say this and then have another movie lined up a year later. A year is a long hiatus for us normal people, but in Hollywood it’s not that long.

  30. epiphany says:

    “I’ll fly around the world doing good for the environment” – now, does that make any sense to anyone?!?! These limousine liberal celebrities are so caught up in looking like they’re doing something self sacrificing and noble, they don’t comprehend the ridiculous statements they make. How is burning tons of jet fuel, so he can span the globe in search of good press and photo ops going to help the environment? Talk about a carbon footprint! He would do better spending a year picking up trash along LA freeways. What a self-serving hypocrite!

  31. Lourdes says:

    I will miss him, I think he is a brilliant actor. Am I the only one who thinks he looks older than 38??!!!

  32. themummy says:

    I think he’s one of teh best actors out there and yeah, I’d miss him if he took a break, although I’d not begrudge him the break.

    As far as his snubbing this award show or that–good for him. Too many politics going on in Hollywood, and even if he is being a pouty baby, that’s really his business, not ours. Doesn’t affect us one iota. I do think he is an absolutely amazing actor, though.

  33. minime says:

    Yay! And how many Vitoria’s Secret models is he taking with him on his quest to save the world?

    I confess that I really liked most of his movies, but I tend to think that it’s more because of him being given great roles then due to his acting skills…If he goes away they will give this great roles to someone else that is not so boring, so…iupi?

  34. come on says:

    He has 3 movies to be released back to back. He just doesn’t want to over saturate the public.

  35. Syrav says:

    I find him really douche-y but he’s a pretty talented actor. He can be intense without chewing scenery like Christian Bale does. Hopefully he’ll come back with another good role after he’s done banging some more 20 something blonde models on this ‘break’ break of his.

  36. Katie says:

    I don’t think Leo can survive away from the spotlight and red carpets.

  37. isabelle says:

    Yes, I would definitely miss him.

  38. NeoCleo says:

    He was brilliant in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” among many great performances but he’s gotten so jowly and old looking beyond his years that his days as a leading man should be over.

  39. andrea says:

    By the time all 3 of those movies come out (with all the promos and what I assume will be an Oscar campaign), I think it would be a good idea for him to lay low for a while. I’m not really sick of him now but I’m pretty sure I will be by then. The part about flying around the world for the environment is funny though. Maybe he intends to do it in a hot air balloon?

  40. Madriani's Girl says:

    Good. See ya!

    Aging well: he is not.

  41. Irishae says:

    I’ll admit it: I’m going to miss Leonardo DiCatchAHo (credit to Dlisted for that one) terribly if he is indeed taking a break. Soo many movies now are fucking terrible, made for sequels with sad excuses for PR-fueled “actors.” Leo is the new standard of quality, IMO. I don’t find him one-note at all, unlike say George Clooney or Tom Cruise. He tends to do a slew of dramatic movies back-to-back which is where that sentiment may come from. Anyways, the flying around the world bit is very silly. I’ll just try to ignore that.

    P.S. It’s not on his IMDB list anymore, but recently I saw he was attached to a Mel Gibson-directed viking epic. That needs to happen.

    • Ms Kay says:

      If anything George Clooney should get the Oscar for Best One Note Actor in a One Note Leading Role category, from drama to comedy, dude is exactly the same!!!

      Tom Cruise thing is at one point he was such a good actor and showed versatility especially in the 90′s but since CO$ took over his head and career, all he does is action flick after action flick, repetitive indeed!

      I find it unfair that Leo isn’t getting more credit, because not only he works his a$$ off but he really does justice to the characters he plays, one hell of an actor no doubt, one of those few left who care about their craft.

      • lrm says:

        Yes, I agree about Clooney, but I think there’s a place for his type of actor-it’s old school-he has a screen presence, non threatening and engaging to watch…..look at the classic films-there’s a whole cadre of actors who fit that role, too….
        I enjoy Clooney-he’s got that debonair/dashing vibe. No, I don’t fan girl him or go out of my way to see his movies; I just enjoy what he does and find it believable-i don’t normally feel like i am watching clooney rather than the character, like some of these one note, PR machine ‘actors’ today….
        clooney was good in burn after reading and other cohen brothers films, as well as Up in the Air [overrated movie IMO, but he was good in it.... albeit, yes, not that different than his other roles]. He picks the right choices, usually, for his range. meh-i like him alright; he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and likes his job/doesn’t complain or whine about being a famous actor.
        Leo is good but at times ‘phoning it in’, in recent years. so perhaps a break will do him well in that regard.

    • Giselle says:

      I agree completely, Cruise & Clooney are one note, while DiCaprio can really bring it. He is the one others are measured against these days.

      I, for one, will miss him.

  42. Kaboom says:

    Celebrity activists, always lousy with math.

  43. Stubbylove says:

    I have always had a love/hate relationship w/Leo. No doubt he’s a legitimate talent but he can be such a condescending douche or at least come off as one. He’s been privileged his entire life and can have any women he pleases – guess that’s not the recipe for humility. Committing to environmental causes is a valuable use of his fame and assets. He can go away for awhile in my opinion – in fact I think it would be refreshing for both him and his fans.

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    Won’t miss him at all!!

  45. Caleb's Mom says:

    Yeah, I will miss him too. Maybe he ought to hook up with Weinstein. That is probably the only way he will win an Oscar at this point.

  46. nikkie says:

    Am I the only one struck by the fact that he believes no “normal” person drives more than 30 miles a day?

  47. anon33 says:

    Wow. I guess I’m the only person here who absolutely HATED Gilbert Grape and thought his performance was overwrought, unrealistic, and hammy. Which is, quite honestly, what I think of most of his performances. IMO he is mostly serviceable and does a decent enough job, but maybe the Academy is “snubbing” him for a reason. I certainly don’t think he has deserved an Oscar for any performance and I most assuredly would not place his potato head in the same category as Bale and DDL. (I haven’t seen Django yet, though.)

  48. tabasco says:

    he’s let himself go so much. he looks like sh*t. i doubt a female contemporary in the biz would be able to get away with looking a bloated droopy mess like that.

  49. B says:

    I can’t help it. I’ll always like Leo.

  50. Ally8 says:


    He looks like a constipated Cabbage Patch Doll. Not a face for movies anymore. Retire in dignity absolutely.

    He was good when he was younger, especially Marvin’s Room and Catch Me If You Can.

  51. Miss M says:

    He always chooses the right projects. I really enjoyed many movies he was in , with the exception of “The Beach”. I will never forget Gilbert Grape,Candie (he was the best part of Django!), the departed, shutter island, catch me if you can… The list goes on and on. It’s time for the Academy to reevaluate its “reasons” to nominate actors and give the award for those who deserve, and stop the popularity contest.

    ps: Enjoy your break Leo! Maybe settle down with a VS model, have a couple of babies…

    pps: He must be a super diva because I never understood why the other Diva, Clooney, did not mention Leo in his Golden Globes acceptance speech last year. It spoke volumes to me, considering that Leo produced “The Ides of March”.

  52. e gesue says:

    Nope. As long as there is Ryan Gosling there is ABSOLUTELY no need for Leo.

    Ryan is hotter, younger and a better actor. AND he dates awesome women, too!

  53. Call Me Al says:

    i will miss him. i think he’s one of the greatest film actors and i’ve started to love him. shutter island, the departed, and inception were so good because of his awesome portrayals.

  54. rose says:

    Love the hell of his Performance in Django Unchained. He was robbed in the Oscar

  55. crtb says:

    I think he is a brilliant actor, buy a very shallow man who only dates bimbos. You can tell alot about a man by who he picks as a mate.

  56. lucy2 says:

    I like him as an actor and see a lot of his films, but I can’t say I’ll miss him if he takes time off.
    Time off is a good thing, and he’s been doing a lot of very high profile, high expectation films.

  57. Kosmos says:

    He’s always been passed over for an award, and both he and his mother have always been humiliated by this, although it has happened so much, they must be used to it by now. As to missing him, there are so many other good actors out there, so no, I won’t be missing him. It’s too bad he’s such a womanizer, because it’s the one thing about him that I find unfortunate.

  58. Snooze says:

    I watched Romeo + Juliet three other night. I had forgotten how gorgeous he was then. He really has not aged well. He’s has a fat baby face with jowls and huge bags under his eyes. He can definitely act, I”ve known that since Gilbert Grape. I just don’t think he should be cast as the “good looking” guy anymore.

  59. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    What is happening to his face?
    Soon he’s not going to be able to play anything but the villian if his face keeps going in that direction.

  60. Laura says:

    He’s my boyfriend’s boy crush. I know this because my boyfriend told me. When I laughed at him for admitting it, he was all ‘What? He’s good looking and a great actor…and don’t think I don’t notice the way you salivate over Liz Hurley in a low cut dress.’ He doesn’t read gossip though, so he doesn’t realize Leo’s a d-bag.

  61. Carolyn says:

    Leo’s career has declined in inverse proportion to his rate of dating VS models (no they’re not supermodels).

    Last good movie he did was Blood Diamond. Although Gatsby does look good.

    Foxtel has a montage of well-known actors on their current movie channel ad. Leo is featured in his Romeo role. Agree with blogger above. Hasn’t aged well at all.