Britney Spears shops in a sleeveless top, jeans and grey boots: cute for her?

These are some new photos of Britney Spears out shopping yesterday, during which she changed from a sheer ruffled top to another cream top with a pearl studded collar. Her hair looked unkempt and was pushed back in a style reminiscent of Jessica Chastain’s Golden Globe disaster. If she was having a bad hair day she should have brushed it back into a sleek ponytail, as she did in the photos we saw yesterday. I’ve been doing that a lot lately as I’m trying to wash my hair every other day. It’s been so dry this winter! I don’t have extensions but I’ve heard that it’s better not to wash extensions daily, which may be why Britney’s hair is messy so often.

A lot of outlets are making a big deal out of the fact that Britney is no longer wearing her engagement ring following her broken engagement to Jason Trawick. The thing is, Britney hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring for at least a couple of weeks, which predates the announcement of her breakup. So either her split with Jason happened before it was announced (likely) or she switches up her jewelry every day. Britney is said to have given the $90,000 sparkler back to Jason.

I get worried about Britney when she’s papped so often. That sounds counter-intuitive, like I should be reassured by seeing her looking so happy, but it reminds me of that period before her breakup, when she was hounded by paparazzi and would drive around aimlessly. In this case she’s probably just showing everyone that she’s doing fine. Yesterday she even showed some sideboob, which I missed – my bad! I was so focused on her fug brown boots. She switched them out today for grey boots, which are still fug.

In our story yesterday on Britney’s breakup, the comments were somewhat evenly divided on whether Britney was being used by Jason, whether they had a business arrangement rather than a personal relationship, and whether their breakup was predetermined from the start. A lot of you mentioned that Jason was a great influence on Britney, regardless of whether he had ulterior motives. I would just like to see her happy and in a legitimate relationship, but given her level of fame, wealth and near-constant supervision that may be unrealistic.

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  1. lilred1 says:

    Like the tuxedo style top better than the peter pan collar.

  2. Riana says:

    …cute for her is probably the nicest way to put it.

    It’s a bit amazing because I remember when she was the hottest thing on the planet and now…I kinda wonder if that’s how she would look if she hadn’t had such a bad downswing years ago.

    Like the stress, drugs, and illness robbed her of some of her beauty.

  3. littlestar says:

    Celebitchy – I used to wash my hair every second day, now I’m stretching it to every 4-6 days. Don’t worry, it gets easier to not wash your hair as time goes on. And you will have healthier hair too that will look amazing :) .

    As for Britney, I will always love her and wish her well, but she has never had nice style. I don’t think she has a stylist – at least not for her every day wear. I wonder what she bought? If I had her kind of money, I’d be dressed to the 9s all the time. Balenciaga, Chanel, McQueen. Sigh.

  4. Birdie says:

    Yeah right. The reason her hair looks greasy so often is because she cares about the hair extensions. Also, why does she always buy and change her clothes while shopping?
    Don’t get me wrong, I like her and I wish her all the best. She deserves some happiness and a guy who doesn’t want her money.

    • smartyparty says:

      I always think it odd, too, that she changes clothes while out shopping. It reminds me of when I was a really little girl and my mom would let me wear my new shoes right out of the store. It makes me think her spirit/mind is very childish, and that she gets so excited about her new purchase that she just HAS to wear it and show it off right away. Given the amount of instability she has exhibited in the past, this trait seems pretty harmless, right?

      • Belle says:

        Exactly what I was thinking smartyparty! I remember always wanting to wear new shoes out of the store as well… and my youngest daughter is the same way. ;) Not sure about changing the clothes though… I guess it is similar. Hmmm. I agree that it is pretty harmless behavior for Britney though!

  5. florencia says:

    She looks great in general, I used to love her face

  6. Apsutter says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’ve NEVER EVER seen Brit in a cute outfit. She has the worst taste, no style, and doesn’t know how to dress for her body type. Wish her dad would get a good stylist for her.

  7. CocoBelly says:

    She looks cute and healthy. The boots are the only thing I don’t like. A rockin’ stiletto woulda been ok too.

  8. E says:

    I’m just happy to see her wearing a bra. Who knows what happened with Jason, but I’ve always thought Britney seemed so sweet.

  9. Shira says:

    She looks really cute, except for sticking those non-skinny jeans into boots which makes the look odd. I wish her all the best.

  10. themummy says:

    I wash my hair every 3-4 days, but I condition it pretty much every day. My hair feel so much healthier than when I used to over-wash it. Instead of dry and frizzy, my curls have their ringlets back and it doesn’t feel dry at all. It does get easier–at first it was a pain and just kind of strange to go to 3-4 days.

  11. HadleyB says:

    She never wears anything that fits properly and I think she keeps shopping in stores for juniors instead of womens that might be her problem.

    Or she looks matronly.. she can look young, fresh pulled together without looking older. Whoever dressed on that show was all wrong…

    Just because you want to look young doesnt mean you have to keep shopping in the Jr section. And get things that fit, or tailored. She doesnt have huge jugs like some people so I dont see why things gap so often with her.

    I love Brit so I wish she would get it together and start looking good again, I know she can!

  12. MsAubra says:

    Get on a natural oil regimen for the roots and her hair is good again!

  13. BooBooLaRue says:

    For the off days, try a simple dry shamppoo, not the kind with “volumizing” junk in it, but the regular spray stuff. Works wonders! BS looks sweet.

  14. RN says:

    Overall, I don’t have a good feeling about her. I have a vague sense of foreboding. I don’t feel like she’s going to have a long, happy life. When I see pictures of her, I always see an air of doom around her.

    I imagine that suitable men for a romantic relationship would be few and far between.

  15. Suze says:

    I don’t know – every time I see a photo of her I just get sad. It’s like seeing a ghost.

  16. hunter says:

    It’s sad that Criss Crocker was seriously onto something when he said LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOOOOONE!!!!

    Damn paps, wish they’d just leave her alone. And no, none of her clothes fit right, it’s a goddamn shame.

  17. dorothy says:

    I was hopeing that after she left Idol she would enjoy time at home. However, I noticed the Britany money machine now has you up for the highest bidder in Vegas. Sad.

  18. emmie_a says:

    I missed the post yesterday but I think Jason was a very good influence on her personal life & professional career. He kept her grounded & occupied, which kept her away from bad influences. I think they both knew it was more of a business relationship, although that doesn’t mean one or both didn’t have strong feelings for the other. I know that as part of her contract, Jason had to be with her at all times on the X-factor set & it seems like she always has security around her when she is in public — so is she ever allowed to be left alone?? I would go crazy if I always had to have people around watching me.

  19. lettylynton says:

    My goddaughter found my old stash of Britney’s first few CDs and said ‘Britney used to be so pretty’. Sigh. I always thought that left to her own devices we would see what we have seen the past few years. But, if she’s happier, ok then; don’t do your hair and wear whatever is in the closet. I still root for her!

  20. novaraen says:

    I think it’s relapse time for her…this is reminiscent of her pre-Jason days when she would shop and constantly change her clothes…all while looking a hot mess. Yep, Britney is Back. :-/

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    That top reminds me of something a three month old would have on, but I love Brit.

  22. Debbie says:

    What’s the deal with the circular bruise on her inner wrist (in the pic where she’s holding her hair)?

  23. Joanna says:

    she always looks happy and healthy to me. i don’t get all the concern for her. whatever her issues, they appear to be under control to me.

    i didn’t really watch american idol, but it seemed to me like people were trying to “see” crazy britney. i mean, everyone makes funny faces, i look at myself in the mirror and think sometimes, damn, I looked cross-eyed from that angle, etc. i think AI was trying to use the crazy britney angle to get viewers, but unfortunately for them, she didn’t bring the crazy. girl might have issues but damn, i think i would too if i had everyone calling me crazy. and looking for “signs” of the crazy. people comment she looks dead, lost, blah, blah in pictures. to me she looks fine and happy.

  24. Kosmos says:

    She looks good here, not over the top, not trashy or put together in a flash, although she may have done that LOL. I just think she looks best in a simple look with clothes that fit, and without the Ugg boots or the super low cut tops.