Madonna & Tracy Anderson are fighting about Madge’s formerly-fat trainer

Ugh, I avoided this story yesterday, but now I can’t avoid it because Page Six has added yet another layer to the stupid drama. Here’s the background… years ago, Madonna began promoting a relatively unknown trainer and that trainer’s “Method” of weight loss. The trainer? Tracy Anderson, also known as “that weird-looking woman who says that women should live on 1,000 calories a day and work out three hours a day if they want to look presentable.” Madonna became the poster girl for Tracy’s “Method” – and those were the years where Madonna looked awful. I mean, she was really muscular (which isn’t bad) but she just looked roidy and gristly and not good. Madonna introduced Tracy around to her friends, and Tracy found an enduring friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

At some point, Madonna and Tracy had a falling out. Around the same time, Madonna and Gwyneth had a falling out too, and those fall outs are probably related. Word is that Madonna didn’t appreciate that Tracy was spending more time with her other clients like Gwyneth, and Madge didn’t like that Goop and Tracy were going into business together. Another layer? Tracy is up to her eyeballs in years of fraudulent behavior – she’s been sued by former business partners and she had periphery connections to Madonna’s poorly-operated (and ultimately criminally negligent) Raising Malawi charity.

So, Madge was no longer speaking to Tracy or Gwyneth, and Tracy and Gwyneth went into business together and they do interviews together and they sound like body-shaming Mean Girls together and everybody wants to train with Tracy now. But Madonna quietly got herself a new trainer named Nicole Winhoffer, and Winhoffer is going head-to-head with Tracy:

Madonna is continuing to wage war against her former trainer Tracy Anderson, sources exclusively tell Page Six. The pair, who worked together for three years, had a contentious split in 2009, and now Madge’s new trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, is getting in on the fight.

We’re told Winhoffer and Madonna are releasing their new range of workout DVDs, “Hard Candy Fitness: ‘Addicted to Sweat,’ ” as a way to get back at Anderson, whose DVD series has become a major part of her empire.

“This is not about being competitive with Tracy,” Madonna’s rep insisted. “It’s just timing. Nicole was on tour with Madonna all over the world, so she wasn’t available to do much promotion for the DVD series. But now she’s back in New York.”

A source close to Anderson sniffed, “Madonna and that trainer are not on her radar. She could not care less.”

[From Page Six]

You know how “Madonna and that trainer are not on Tracy’s radar”? To emphasize just how much they are not on Tracy’s radar, Tracy’s “friend” (hint: it was Tracy) went to Page Six today to tell the backstory on the situation. Tracy couldn’t care less about Madonna’s new trainer because Tracy used to train Winhoffer. And Winhoffer used to be a fatty. That’s how you know this is coming directly from Tracy Anderson, by the way:

The bad blood boiling between Madonna and Tracy Anderson since their 2009 split has everything to do with Madge’s current trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, says a source. We’re told Anderson trained Winhoffer for a year and introduced her to the pop legend.

“Nicole was overweight until Tracy shaped her body,” snarks the insider. “She was a caterer, and wanted to be famous. Tracy had been living with Madonna in London but moved back to the States to spend time with her family, and sent Nicole in her place.”

The source said Nicole was working for Tracy and learned all her moves. Adding, “Nicole doesn’t understand the reasons behind the moves, just the motions.”

At the time of the split, Page Six was told, “Madonna had grown tired of the baggage that Tracy always seemed to be carrying with her,” that it had become a “distraction,” adding further problems arose when Anderson developed a relationship with Philippe van den Bossche, the former head of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity who was forced out for alleged mismanagement.

[From Page Six]

I can’t believe I’ve talked this much about what amounts to a couple of A-listers getting into a down-and-dirty bitch-fight about TRAINERS. This is not about a man. This is not about money. This is not about the movie role of a lifetime. This is about who yells at them when they’re on the treadmill. As for the way Tracy is insulting Nicole Winhoffer – UGH. GMAFB.

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52 Responses to “Madonna & Tracy Anderson are fighting about Madge’s formerly-fat trainer”

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  1. Ms Kay says:

    Ah?… Madonna is still relevant?

  2. Cherry says:

    Now I wanna see what this Nicole Winhoffer looks like, but I’m too lazy to google. Anybody?

  3. says:

    Richard Simmons needs to get in there and bitch slap all involved.

  4. Nina W says:

    This line, “Nicole doesn’t understand the reasons behind the moves, just the motions.” is hilarious! Yeah trainers everywhere, teach me the “reasons behind the moves” because fatty here can’t figure it out.

  5. carrie says:

    it’s pathetic to fight about a trainer: it’s really all about ego war!

  6. Jaded says:

    Madge couldn’t sustain a relationship with a house plant, she’s pure greed and self-obsession.

  7. Caroline says:

    I never thought I’d have to choose who’s more awful, Madge or GOOP, but GOOP wins. Merely by association with that wackadoo Anderson.

    What a bunch of a$$holes.

  8. flor says:

    This is stupid. Besides, I don’t get why celebrities like toe train with her. I own one of her DVDs and she is SUPER boring is like she is dead but keeps moving parts of her body in order to lose weight.
    BESIDES, all her routines only made Gwyneth look sporty, not curvy and tones like, say, Halle. Halle still has a better body. Anyone who lifts weights and watches what they put on their mouths can get Gwyneth’s body. And her cardio routine is bad. I’m pissed.

  9. sunnyinseattle says:

    If anyone needs to be photoshopped, it is Madonna. Omg, she doesn’t photograph well anymore….. ;-)

  10. littlestar says:

    Given how shady Tracy Anderson is, I’m really surprised that Gwenyth Paltrow still associates with her. Even more, I’m surprised she went into business with a known scam artist (doesn’t look good when former associates are suing you). What does this say about Goopy?

  11. Jayna says:

    Waging war? LOL Madonna has opened her first batch of fitness centers around the world in 2012. The fitness tapes are even named in conjunction with the fitness centers. It’s just part of Madonna’s business plan for her fitness club empire she’s building, nothing more. No war. That split happened four years ago. I have no interest in Madonna’s fitness tapes, but I don’t believe the hype of a war. Tracy may be obssessed from her side.

    As far as Gwynneth, she showed up to Madonna’s concert over in the UK last summer and Madonna had a big afterparty at her home and Gwynneth was there. So they are back on decent terms again, not besties anymore, though

  12. nadia says:

    lol, Nicole wasn’t a caterer, she was a dancer, ON BROADWAY. I’m pretty sure she was never fat.

    • GByeGirl says:

      Exactly, and her body is 1000X better than Tracy’s. There is a difference between someone who is a dancer and someone who takes some dance classes. Madonna probably prefers her as well since she has an actual classical dance background. Tracy and Goopy trot around like a couple of prissy horses and consider it dance.

  13. MooHoo says:

    That line “she was a caterer who wanted to become famous” is unbelieveably bitchy. As if, being in catering is loser-ville and of course the liking-food association that goes with that just accentuates the wannabes desperation. And the girl was so desperate and such a nobody, and she wanted to become famous like Tracy. dreadful people really. and pathetic.

  14. Auruor says:

    I’m actually MORE inclined to trust a trainer who was once overweight. Who would know better how to slim down and work out, right?

    Although it really doesn’t look like this woman was/is overweight. Maybe by TA’s standards?

  15. Sweet Dee says:

    So I suppose Nicole is the winner of the Crazy Obsessive Delusional Lying Bitch Brigade this week? Good for her.

  16. Sam says:

    Well, we need to take that “fat” jab with a grain of salt, since we’re already aware that Tracy considers the presence of MUSCLE on a woman’s body to be “bulk.”

    And it says a lot about her that the worst thing she can think to call another woman is fat. Its more telling about her than about her target.

  17. Ponytail says:

    Sam – what ?! Have you got a source for this, I’d love to hear this idiot say this for herself !

    • Sam says:

      Pony, in one of the last articles posted here about TA, it quoted her in Redbook advising women who naturally are a bit larger in the hips and thigh areas to not do strength or muscle building exercises in order to “balance out a thicker bottom.” So basically, don’t try to develop any kind of muscle in your larger areas because it will make you look “thicker.” Which from a health perspective, is crazy (muscle and strenght development are almost universally good things). That’s why I take TA calling any woman “fat” with a grain of salt – her “fat” and your “fat” are probably wildly different.

  18. G says:

    Personally, I don’t care for the advice of trainers/celebrities who have never really struggled with their weight.

    Some naturally thin people act as if their weight is the result of some moral superiority. There are a lot of body types and different metabolisms out there. I’m not impressed with a program that’s a thinly veiled mean girls club.

    Give me the formerly fat anytime.

  19. jessiesgirl says:

    Given that I’ve never heard one positive review about Tracy Anderson’s “training” that wasn’t paid, it seems like Madonna is on the winning end of this one!

  20. paranormalgirl says:

    From 2005: Nicole’s pretty much been a dancer all her life and was certainly not trained by Tracy Anderson, at least not for any length of time. Anderson’s training methods are not conducive to a dancer’s career.

  21. lettylynton says:

    I love that magazine cover…the 5 day slim down she swears by? Really? Gag.

  22. Susan says:

    SOURCE: “Nicole doesn’t understand the reasons behind the moves, just the motions.”

    TRANSLATION: Nicole doesn’t already know that the moves are not about “working all the little muscles” but instead the moves are actually used to doop people into paying way more for what is basically calisthenics.

  23. anti-icon says:

    They’re all irresponsible in the sh-t they were promoting as wholesome and healthy. Probably was as jacked as … everything else celebrities do to enhance their appearance.

    I trust no one in this triangle. It is about money; but they are powerful and influencial and they are all LOSERS in my book.

  24. Shiba says:

    Gwyneth found Tracy first, through Daily Candy in LA, when she had a studio there, so she had dibs on her in terms of going into business. Unfortunately, TA is obsessively competitive – it’s not enough for her studio to be successful, others must fail. Hard to see why GOOP and she are partners, with this kind of pathological destructive behavior. She may not be stealing any more, but trying to destroy someone else’s business through lying is still a form of dishonesty and basic untrustworthiness.

  25. Shelly says:

    I miss Madonna’s old face. That is all.

  26. Sue says:

    Yikes! Is it me? or does Madonna looks like Bette Davis in “What Happened to baby

  27. Kosmos says:

    Madonna IS toxic, so just being around her would be dangerous to your health…..