Arnold Schwarzenegger says he still loves Maria & hopes to reconcile: pipe dream?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new interview with German tabloid, Bild, to promote The Last Stand, a new action movie co-starring Johnny Knoxville. The film was out last week in the US and bombed at the box office, but there’s still the European market and Ahnold is doing his promotional duties. The 65 year-old told Bild that he spent Christmas with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver and their kids, that he still loves Maria and he hopes to reconcile with her. Here’s a translation from Huffpo, and the original German source is here:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quoted in an interview in Germany’s top-selling newspaper saying he’s still in love with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver.

Schwarzenegger is quoted in Tuesday’s Bild newspaper as saying that despite their separation he spent Christmas with Shriver and their children.

Schwarzenegger is cited as saying “we’re not fighting any war: I still hope for reconciliation; I still love Maria.”

Shriver filed for divorce last year after 25-years of marriage following Schwarzenegger’s admission he fathered a child with the family’s housekeeper.

He has also admitted to other affairs.

[From The Huffington Post]

We’ve heard rumors that Arnold was holding out hope for a reunion, and we’ve heard that Maria might be open to it. (We’ve also heard that Arnold told a neighbor that if it didn’t work out with Maria he was planning on “getting a 20-year-old honey.”) A reunion wouldn’t sound as outrageous if Arnold was sorry for what he did and if he were willing to go to counseling. The last we reported on Arnold, when he was promoting his tell-all book back in October, he didn’t sound contrite at all. He paid lip service to “protecting his family” but he still publicly revealed how much his infidelity, and the news of his love child, devastated Maria. He didn’t sound sorry at all and he opened old wounds just to promote himself and his memoir. Of course Arnold wants Maria back, she put up with his crap for decades and stood up for him. He expects the status quo and a lot of ego stroking, at home and wherever he can get it on the side, preferably conveniently. I just hope Maria stays strong and that she lets their divorce go through. She filed last summer.

Arnold is shown at the premiere of The Last Stand in Cologne, Germany on 1-22-13. His dye job looks awful! He’s also shown on Extra on 1-15. Maria is shown on 12-16-12 after lunch with her kids Katherine and Patrick. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Meow Mix says:

    He’s such a narcissist.

  2. Post-Its says:

    She was a fool to stay with him as long as she did.

  3. Nina W says:

    I hope it’s a pipe-dream and Maria follows through with the divorce. She deserves so much better than this unfaithful ham.

  4. Ms Kay says:

    I think Mr Narcissistor has nothing but rocks in his head so smacking it would only rattle them rocks around in there… Oh what to do what to do…

  5. aims says:

    Don’t do it Maria!!! You are to good for him. You should have the peace of mind knowing, your man is banging the housekeeper.

  6. Ida says:

    Of course he wants her back. And, of course, it’s not just because she put up with him for 25 years. I don’t understand what she saw in him in the first place. That said, I really don’t think she was ignorant about his affairs, not at all in fact. So who knows, maybe there will be a reconciliation.

  7. carrie says:

    i read his autobiography and he has many qualities (he can stand James Cameron,he’s clever,ambitious,charismatic,he’s proud of his own family,he’s proud of his ex-wife really) but he’s macho,narcissic,greedy (i understand his youth was terrible but he didn’t want to share his money during his divorce)
    Maria had to have big balls to support him during so many years

  8. Starlight says:

    What he did was total embarrassment.

  9. DeltaJuliet says:

    He treated her so badly and showed no shame at all post break up. I can’t look at him without thinking “what a pig”.

    He reminds me of my neighbors boyfriend. They broke up and he was “devastated”. He was good friends with my husband and he enlisted his help to get them back together. Then at one point he actually said “I miss her so much! I was just getting ready to propose to her. I love her so much. I hope she decides if she wants me back soon though because there is a 20 year old hottie trying to get with me so….” Assface.

  10. Hautie says:

    All I see is a man who is mortified, that he is going to have to give her half.

    And I bet Maria could have gotten over the whole shagging the lady that worked in their home. Had there not been a child born out of that affair. A child that Arnold lied about for years to her about it.

    But to be honest. Maria is going to end up going back to him.

    Because if she was done with the whole drama. That divorce would already be final. And she would have a big fat checking account for her troubles.

  11. lucy2 says:

    If they can get along and do family things together for the kids, that’s great, but I see no reason why she should take him back as a husband.

  12. junegorilla says:

    She knew what he was like before they married. She only left him because of the baby. Monogamy is not the cornerstone of many, many relationships. And no one understands that fact like a Kennedy woman. They seem to really synch up well on many issues and levels. They could doubledate with the Clintons!

  13. eny says:

    I believe he may. The Kennedy’s women have no dignity

  14. jwoolman says:

    It’s not impossible, even after serial cheating. They would both need to decide they have something worth salvaging and be willing to make the necessary changes to rebuild trust. I’ve seen it happen. But he would have to stop cheating forever, so it really all hinges on his willingness to make a fundamental change. He may be realizing that he wants to go into old age with Maria, not a succession of 20yr old hotties…

  15. Hubbahun says:

    He is disgusting in ever way. End of.

  16. blonde on the dock says:

    I watched his interview with Piers Morgan and he came across as remorseful sincere and he loves his wife. He screwed up! I think it would be nice for them to reconcile. Easy for us to sit on the sidelines and call him a douche.

    • Debbie says:

      “Whoopsie, I fell into our housekeeper’s vagina by mistake! In our bed. In our home. And when you suspected the truth, I accidentally lied to you about it. For years. And then when you wanted to keep everything private, I had a brain fart and accepted a publisher’s advance for a tell-all book. And the press tour for that book … well … somebody tricked me, that’s what happened. But here’s the real honest truth: I’m so sorry and I love you and I want another chance to be a good and loyal husband. You believe me, right?”

  17. Onyx XV says:

    Hell yeah, that’s a pipe dream. I wouldn’t reconcile with him if I were her. He procreated with the maid. And no doubt that was the tip of the iceberg. Keep on moving on, Maria!

  18. JFerber says:

    He’s a conniving, lying womanizer. He will never change. On a side note, I laughed when I read he claimed to be 6’2″ in his New York Times interview. He was never that height. A friend’s daughter was his waitress in NYC a while back. Two things she said: 1)He was short and 2) He was nasty to her. He’s also not aging particularly well.

  19. Str8Shooter says:

    There are some people in Hollywood that you just love to see FAIL on every level, since they are such narcisstic douchebags in real life.

    Case in point, this moron. So glad this movie TANKED.

    Are you listening, Russell Crowe? Oh wait…your movie bombed this weekend, too!

    Hahaha! Life is good!

  20. Laura says:

    I agree that Arnold is a dirtbag and Maria shouldn’t take him back (I took back a cheating boyfriend once…let’s just say cheating is now a solid deal breaker for me). But I do feel like Arnold is getting a lot of hate for this while we heap praise upon another famously unfaithful politician. Yeah, Clinton never got a woman pregnant, but there were other squicky things (a lot of the women were working for him in some way), and he also wrote about it in his memoirs. Not to mention he threw Monica under the bus to make himself look better.
    Now honestly I like both of these men as far as politics go. I just feel sometimes like Bill’s charisma makes people forget that he’s kind of a dirtbag.

  21. telesma says:

    I don’t know what any sane woman would want with this womanizing asshole, but she stayed with him for how long? Long after I’m sure she knew he was cheating, and LONG after she knew he was an asshole. So who knows?