Tiffani Thiessen, 38, poses for ‘Me In My Place’: tacky or gorgeous?

I’ve talked about this before, but I LOVE Tiffani Thiessen. I loved her when I was younger and she joined the cast of 90210. I even kind of loved her before that on Saved By the Bell (shame-face). I love that she still has a career and that she’s on White Collar now (she plays Tim DeKay’s on-screen wife), and I still think she’s so, so pretty. I love that she’s never really been “in style” you know? She’s always seemed more like a throwback with her voluptuous body and her beauty mark and her sweet-sexy beauty. Like, she would have been a perfect 1940s pin-up. Anyway, Tiffani posed for “Me In My Place” which is basically just a photographer coming to her house/apartment and taking photos of her rolling around in her underwear. Surprisingly enough, even though the photos are sexy, they don’t really feel trashy. She’s more covered up than most of the women who pose for this series, so maybe that’s it. And in case you’re wondering, she’s 38 years old. That face could easily pass for 20s though (or maybe I’m just looking at her through the 90210 prism). Some highlights from the interview:

Howard Stern once describing her as having the “most perfect breasts” in the world: “Yeah, he said that before I had kids (laughing loudly). He first said that around the time that first FHM cover came out, it came up again when I did his show again last year. I’m not gonna say I’m not flattered, he’s Howard Stern, Howard knows boobs. The fact that he talked about me positively, I’ll take it! He was really nice and complimentary, in his own special way he was very respectful.”

You were the consummate sex symbol, was that a lot of pressure? “I think any time you are on a hit show as a young actor or actress, you feel that way. Then as a woman, there’s some additional pressures you feel to look a certain way and be a certain size. I was not the girl that was a size 2 and didn’t work for it. I was never the waify model type.”

If you could play any character, who would you be? “I got very close to that once, one thing that I always wanted to do was be a Bond Girl. I tested but didn’t get it. It was also probably the hardest rejection, because I’m such a fan of the movies. It was between me and 2 other actresses at the time. Unfortunately the actress who got the job, went on to be voted as one of the worst Bond Girls as well.”

Guilty pleasures? “Wine and chocolate. Or if a “Designing Women” marathon is on, I won’t switch it off. God I love that show.”

Favorite 90s Jam? “I absolutely loved Boys 2 Men, but I’d have to say George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.” I played that over and over again, I’m not kidding you.”

Being a TV staple, what’s that like? “Sometimes it’s crazy to think about how “Saved By The Bell” and “90210” ran for so long and internationally too. I feel very fortunate and blessed, to have worked on shows that lived for a while. Especially after experiencing that popularity at such a young age. Then to continue to say I’m a working actress now, I still really enjoy it.”

[From Me In My Place]

Which Bond movie was she talking about? Probably The World Is Not Enough, and the other actress she’s alluding to is Denise Richards. Denise played “Dr. Christmas Jones” who was, no joke, a nuclear physicist. I’m not saying that Tiffani would have been better in the role, but it would be difficult to do a worse job, you know?

Also: love the shout-out to Designing Women!!!

Photos courtesy of Me In My Place.

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    • Anonny says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it. Having your photo taken in your underwear so you can post it online screams of attention deficit…as in she’s not getting enough of it.

    • 'Sup? says:

      ^yep. I always thought she looked like a stick in Saved by the Bell. If you pull up some scenes in youtube you’ll see what I’m saying, no boobs, no butt and a hint of a waist at most. Her main attribute is having a pretty cheeky face, which is why she looks younger than her age but I’m sorry, I’ve never seen the voluptuous pin up like body you mention…her body did become more woman like and feminine after having a child. But it is not exotic nor exhuberant. She is very average body wise. Now her face is really pretty, youthful and spunky and her personality is very likeable and easy going, I’ll give her that.

      • apsutter says:

        Her body COMPLETELY changed after SBTB because she was a teenager when they filmed it. She was incredibly pin thin because she hadn’t fully developed. As soon as she hit her 20′s she filled out and became much much more voluptuous. It has always shocked me the way her body totally changed as she matured but mine did the same thing! I was a late bloomer and finally came into my own right around the time I turned 18. It’s kind of amazing how we change as we age.

      • Sophie says:

        She had a butt in SBTB for sure, I know because I thought it was kind of big for being such a skinny girl. She looked way different in BH because she got implants. She was like an A cup prior. I never thought she was very pretty until she cut her hair.

    • I.want.shoes says:

      Being photographed like that looks stupid on a 20 year old and even worse on a nearly 40 year old.

  1. gogoGorilla says:

    Sorry, I find the concept of being photographed rolling around on furniture in your underwear to be just plain stupid. The pics aren’t trashy but I guess I don’t understand the point.

    Also, she really needs to powder her nose in photos. (Since turning 40, my nose is ALWAYS red in photos so I am oversensitive to this, LOL.) I think she’s still a pretty woman, though.

    • Nina W says:

      Yeah I don’t get it either but she looks great maybe that is reason enough.

    • lee says:

      ‘Me in my place’ is a series that has been running for a few years now. I don’t follow it, but if memory serves, the premise is basically that women look and feel sexiest in our own spaces, very little makeup and our own clothes (usually underwear in this series granted). The photos i’ve seen don’t always turn out amazing, but i kind of like the concept. It better than a Uncle Terry or Maxim at least IMO.

  2. Ramona Q. says:

    Put pants on, please, ladies everywhere.

    • Hmmm says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! I thought she looked good until I scrolled down. Yikes!

      From reading comments here, I’m relieved to find that others think this is tacky and ridiculous too! It’s worse than other photo shoots because it is so casual and, hence, so jarring.

      Why do women continue to let themselves be used in this manner? She plays an intelligent, loving woman on White Collar. Now, this? Did she really need the help?

  3. Apsutter says:

    Who doesn’t love some Kelly Kapowski!?! She’s still gorge and could pass for early thirties. All the SBTB were drop dead gorgeous. Elizabeth only got prettier with age & Lark was stunning before she went off the deep end & started messing with her face.

  4. DeltaJuliet says:

    I hope my husband doens’t come across this. His lust for her is crazy.

    In some of these pictures, she looks like Yasmine Bleeth.

  5. annabelle says:


    Naturally beautiful. Her confidence in her body is sexy as hell. And that smile!

  6. freya says:

    i like these pics. they’re not the usual “layers of make up, flooded with bright light, airbrushed and photoshopped to death”kind of pictures. and she still manages to look good. that’s real beauty.

  7. Ms Kay says:

    38??? Wow!!!! Not only I thought she was about the same age as Brenda, Kelly and Donna but more importantly she is looking [high pitched voice] fiiiiiiine!

    What happened the name Amber? She was Tiffani Amber Thiessen at some point right?

  8. Dave says:

    Tiffani Thiessen could never be anything but gorgeous!

  9. Mia 4S says:

    She’s great fun on White Collar. That show just makes me ridiculously happy. It’s also nice that she plays the spouse of someone in law enforcement who isn’t constantly complaining about the danger or hours or whatever. She fell in love and knew the score when she married him. She and Tim DeKay are probably my favorite TV marriage.

  10. lem says:

    I love her but I’m not sure I get the point of the photoshoot– they took 6 pictures, 5 of which are all in the same place (her couch)…doesn’t really show you her place at all.

  11. Suze says:

    She’s very beautiful and youthful but this concept is desperate and tacky to me.

    Come to my house! I’ll take off my clothes and you can pose me around my sink in my underpants.

    Not something you’d see Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett doing.

  12. good_as_gold says:

    I think she is gorgeous and really youthful looking. But no no no – too much underwear. Seriously, girl, put some pants on! lol I think she would have been better doing the whole strategically placed angora/cashmere sweater thing which looks relaxed and casual, but also manages to leave things to the imagination…if the aim of the shoot was to go for this whole bed-head, chilling at home look.

    Tiffany is too classy to be showing her pants. Leave that to the Beyonces and Rihannas.

  13. ldub says:

    LOVED her on SBTB but LOOOOVVVEEDD her on 90210. she wasn’t your one dimensional “bitch” character, ya know?

    Also, i totes think she tested for “the world is not enough” and deff should’ve gotten it.

  14. Laura says:

    This looks like a bad Uncle Terry shoot. Put some pants on please, girl.

  15. anon says:

    I love her.
    But best breasts in the business?
    They’re implants. She got them during SBTB, college years.

  16. sarah says:

    LOVE her. Loved her on SBTB (NO SHAME FACE!!) love her in everything I see her in.

    I’m not understanding all the hate on the pictures. So she’s in her underwear in her house having pics done. What’s the big deal? That’s better than a Terry Richardson shoot, isn’t it?! Geez people.

    • deehunny says:

      ITA. True, someone made a good point that the Blanchetts & Strepes of this world aren’t doing this, but she’s always been a sex symbol so it’s a good fit here.

      She’s a beautiful woman who took care of herself and is natural except for the boobs apparently! Until I was reading others posts I always thought she was natural.

  17. irishserra says:

    She’s a pretty girl, but I don’t think she could pass for being somewhere in her 20′s. I think her face looks a bit rough.

  18. fabgrrl says:

    For some reason, I started intensely disliking her when she went blonde. Just seemed so generic. Glad she is back to brunette. She reminds me of a Bond girl, Holly Goodhead (ug!) who was a scientist of some variety. Thiessen would have made a much more convincing nuclear physicist than Denise Richards.

    I also don’t like the shots of her lounging around in her undies. Don’t your kids sit on that sofa? Not saying women shouldn’t feel free to roam around their own houses sans pants(and if I had her figure I would do it a lot!), but why document it for all to see?

  19. Vanladeelite says:

    She looks incredible! Just flawless.

  20. Vanladeelite says:

    She also never should go blonde, ever. She’s a fierce brunette.

  21. TQB says:

    I disagree that she looks like she’s in her 20s – she looks like she’s in her 30s, but IMO she looks way better now then she did back then. Now she looks sultry and voluptuous; in the 90210 days she just looked cheap and trashy. Fashion choices might be part of that.

  22. Jayna says:

    I always thought she was so gorgeous, just a pretty, pretty face, not all that plastic-surgeried fillers/fish lips look that’s so rampant as she gets older. Her face is very soft and pretty.

    Her boobs were amazing. I had a friend who had big boobs like that when we were in high school. She blossomed really early. Three of us were unddressing to get in our bikinis at about the age of 19. My friend and I had cute figures, but the other friend I was stunned at her nude. They were like really high melons, spectacular not even a bit of a droop. Always kind of like how I imagine Scarlett’s boobs to be. Talk about boob envy that day. LOL

    The photoshoot looks like her husband took some snapshots or like she answered an ad to model for some “photographer” and goes to his cheap apartment and takes some cheesecake photos as he begs you to take your top off. LOL

  23. Lee says:

    I hope I age as beautifully as she is

  24. Pedge says:

    “I Want Your Sex” is from the ’80s, genius.

  25. Katie says:

    I feel so bad for her. The acting jobs must not be paying well enough for her to buy pants.

  26. LaLa2 says:

    I hope I look that good when I’m close to hitting 40.

  27. Talie says:

    I heard her on Howard Stern last year…she was really down to earth and super cool. She’s had a lot of success, too, never really had a down period. You’ve got respect that.

  28. Barrett says:

    She is pretty but to me I feel bad because I get annoyed, her face seems an odd shape. Almost too full in the face? Does anyone else see that? But at least the very large round face makes her look younger now At 38.

  29. Elfrieda says:

    Kelly Kapowski! Of course I love her. And it’s refreshing how she seems so grateful for the success she’s had.

  30. Susan says:

    IDK, getting a compliment from someone who is obviously objectifying your body sort of takes the warm fuzzies out of such an exchange.

    I think it’s one thing to address beauty and the sexiness someone possesses, but I think I’d be grossed out if someone like Howard Stern said he liked my boobs over other boobs.

  31. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I luvs her. I’m 31 and watch SBTB on Netflix on Saturday mornings.

  32. annaloo. says:

    She CANNOT be 38. No surprise, but these stars are lying about their ages! Kelly Kapowski was OLDER than me– I remember as a preteen reading her age in Bop and Tiger Beat, knowing she was older than me… now SOMEHOW — maybe the magic of the internet, she’s 2 years younger????! WHen did this happen?

    (She still looks sensational, of course, but she is NOT younger than me!!!)

  33. Samantha says:

    Gorgeous. And she seems so down-to-earth. Love her!

  34. littleMissy says:

    Two things wrong here:

    1) I thought she was older than 40

    2) I always thought she got her boobs done

  35. Stubbylove says:

    Gorgeous, funny & down-to-earth. Chick crush.

  36. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like that she isn’t wearing tons of makeup

  37. natalina says:

    shes pretty but too old for underwear pictures

  38. JPC says:

    If she had a boob job, it was a damn good one. Subtle. When she was on 90210, she had a PERFECT figure. So pretty, this one.

    And I like that she and Jennie Garth are like besties in real life even though they were mortal enemies on the show.

  39. WOM says:

    That’s her home? Really?

    It looks like a really low budget, charmless motel.

  40. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    She looks adorable and very naturally pretty.
    I’ve seen her on Fashion Police a few times now and she has a quick funny wit and I find her very likable as well.
    TT should be on more on those (dumb) sexiest lists, she certainly beats out the Anistons and Jessica Biels of this world that is for sure.

  41. Ugh says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky and obviously (yet another) attention-seeking ploy. She is one of those celebs who seems to encourage the paps and constantly puts herself out there to get media exposure — e.g. posts pictures of herself and her young child on twitter, instagram, etc. Who does that?? You don’t see celebs like Halle, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman etc., posting updates on their children via social media. They just go on about their business and the only photos are pap photos – taken WITHOUT their permission.

  42. Asiyah says:

    Designing Women! Love that show!

  43. Isa says:

    I thought she was pregnant in two of the shots then I scrolled down and saw that she wasn’t. She should have picked a better top.

  44. dj says:

    She is very attractive and sexy in these pictures. I thought it was a dumb idea in theory but she changed my mind. From a guy’s pov could be the sexy wife in middle of tryst. Very natural.

  45. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Love her on White Collar and she is incredibly beautiful but I also don’t get the point of these pics. I will say they are tasteful. So there’s that.

  46. Anastasia says:

    I feel bad for her after seeing these pictures. Does she need publicity or something?

  47. lflips says:

    I love her too but those pictures look like an American Apparel ad.

  48. Ana says:

    I’m sorry but if I looked that good after squeezing one out, I would totally pose in something like this. Everyone is being totally cynical about it because she’s 38 and not a toothpick but no one has a problem with the baby actresses doing it.

  49. Jess says:

    1000000% sexier than when that skank Hilarie Burton did it!