LeAnn Rimes on Kimmel: ‘You just kinda get fed up with people lying about you’

As soon as I saw that Brandi Glanville had appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, I knew this week was going to be heavy on the LeAnn-Brandi Dramz. Those two just can’t keep their damn hands off of each other (metaphorically). I figured that LeAnn would find some excuse to do another interview, not realizing that she was already scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s new late-night show. She made her appearance last night! Here’s a video clip – Kimmel brings up the Brandi stuff within two minutes I think.

The war-of-words between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville hit the late night circuit Tuesday, with LeAnn telling Jimmy Kimmel that despite her best attempts to distance herself from her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s ex-wife, “There comes a time when you’re just like, ‘Screw you!’”

The How Do I Live singer, who said she had a hoarse voice because of allergies, wore her hair in a teased 80′s style to go with white skinny jeans and platform stilettos. The interview came less than a day after Brandi ripped LeAnn on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, calling the singer “insane,” implying Eddie’s only with her for her money, and mocking her admitted struggles overdoing it on Twitter. When asked about the ‘insane’ comment, Rimes – who claimed she does not watch RHOBH – quipped, “I am. Clearly. Clearly.”

When asked about her rivalry with The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, LeAnn said, “I think it’s kind of interesting how it seems one-sided most of the time — but then, you know, you just kinda get fed up with people lying about you.”

Kimmel reassured the veteran singer, noting that she’s got something the Real Housewives lack — talent.

“I usually don’t engage, but there comes a time when you’re just like, ‘Screw you.’

“That’s it, and that’s all you wanna say and you’re like, ‘I’m done with this now,’ for like another three months.”

With her new album Spitfire coming out soon, the 30-year-old singer said that her personal life does creep into her art, at times.

“Oh yes, I see here on the track listing, ‘Burn in Hell Real Housewives,’” Kimmel said. “That’s a good one, is that about them?” Spitfire hits stores on Tuesday, April 9.

[From Radar]

I don’t really want to get into the analysis of this little detail or quote here, suffice to say that I don’t think this interview did LeAnn any favors. I think it’s hilarious that she felt like she had to go injury-for-injury, exhaustion-for-exhaustion, illness-for-illness with Kimmel. Like she has to keep emphasizing how sickly she is and how people need to pay attention to her. Poor Leelee. And does anyone else think it’s hilarious how much promotion LeAnn is doing for her album… which doesn’t come out until April? She’s just desperate to talk and give interviews.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. brin says:

    She is just a joke…especially her “Evan Rachel Woodn’t” hair-don’t.

  2. mln76 says:

    Ugh can’t stand either one but Jimmy Kimmel is right at least she is a washed up country star who used to sing dumb as a gnat as opposed to a parasitic wannabe who sells out her kids for revenge.

  3. I.want.shoes says:

    She tries so hard to be funny and get the public to laugh along with her. It gave me secondhand embarrassment.

    WTF is up with the hair?!

  4. Erinn says:

    I find it really funny that she says she doesn’t engage. Well no shit, she has all her twitter cronies do it for her. Not to mention when she had a fake twitter account.

    • valleymiss says:

      Yup. Like wearing an “angelfish” shirt isn’t engaging in it? Like tweeting “kiss my ass” during Brandi’s interview isn’t engaging in it? Bitch please.

    • claire says:

      All the twitter bullying, all the interviews dissing Brandi. Then there were the public blogs she wrote every Monday when she would take passive aggressive digs at Brandi. All the slagging of Brandi as a mother that she does for all to see on her Twitter. The tons of tell-all interviews, and now the songs, where she throws it back in Brandi and Dean’s faces constantly. All the times she has inferred to the public that she has deep dark secrets about Brandi. Calling strangers from Twitter to snark on Brandi.

      In what world does Leann not engage or often instigate? It’s been her focus for 4 years. Every time she lies, it confirms for me she has mental issues. There is a complete disconnect with reality.

      Per her MO, in her next interview she’ll say that she only focuses on her music, only promotes her music and never discusses her personal life. She’ll say this even though we’ve just witnessed 4 interviews in 2 months of her only talking about Brandi and her affair – barely a mention of the music. And she’ll say with a straight face. And we’ll all be having this exact same conversation again. It’s the Cycle of Crazy with her. Her and Lindsay Lohan should become BFFs. I think they would “get” each other.

  5. Allie May says:

    Who needs to lie?

    She puts it all out there for everyone to see and hear.

  6. Jezi says:

    She’s just in that hole and pulling the dirt over her. Love it! Keep it up Leann.

  7. Cathy says:

    Well, she won’t be getting a penny of my money. I wouldn’t waste my time or hard earned money on any of her albums.

  8. NerdMomma says:

    A. Why is she constantly sick/ill/ailing? Something is always wrong with her physically. So weird. I’d shut up about that stuff, myself.

    B. How come her album isn’t coming out until April? Is it not done yet? Why promote an album that isn’t out for 3 more months?

    C. Does she really have a publicist? That person’s job should be to make sure talk show hosts do NOT bring up her drama with Brandi. Lord.

  9. judyjudy says:

    She should say “SCREW YOU” to whoever styled her hair.

  10. Talie says:

    Kimmel played Andy Cohen for her and slammed Brandi, which must’ve felt like a gift.

  11. kudzuqueen says:

    I love how she said she screams at the tv, then quickly turns to the audience and says she doesn’t watch it. She has stuck her foot in her mouth in a couple of interviews like that. (yes. I wanted to say hoof, but I didn’t).

  12. Relli says:

    Kaiser your assessment is spot in! I appreciate your ability to see the humor in this epic battle of the plastics and never taking it too seriously!

  13. natavalina says:

    the baby mama got some tacky ass tats

  14. Blondie says:

    Are “flock of seagulls” making a comeback?

  15. Holly says:

    I loved how she said I scream at the TV when RHOBH is on; then caught herself and said I don’t watch it but I hear about it.

  16. Cam S says:

    I don’t understand Rimes’ thought process about the affair. It’s as if she thought the 1st wife would just roll over and hand her her husband and kids, and the public would cheer her on. It tells me she has never been told “No” before and has always been surrounded by “Yes” people.

    If my husband had an affair, it’s my right to call him and the skank he cheated with every name in the book for as long as I liked! By gosh, if she didn’t like it, then don’t cheat! Leann IS NOT THE victim. She has no shame, or feelings other than how this affected HERSELF. I’m just in awe of this fool and the hatred the wronged party receives. I can’t imagine having my life as I know it torn apart, and then the guilty party thinking I don’t have a right to react negatively.

    I also will never understand the hatred the mistresses have for the wife of the man they cheat with. Are they jealous? Why do they demonize the wife, are they projecting their guilt and shame onto the wife to alleviate their guilt? This I will never understand.

    BTW: Lele- your shoes look ridiculous, as well as your hair. Also, the audience does not seem to warm to you hon.

    • Deanne says:

      It’s all about entitlement and it’s disgusting to watch. Seriously, when people say that Brandi needs to shut up and move on, how do they suppose you move on when the hag who helped destroy your marriage and family, has your kids half of the time, disrupts any hope you have of peaceful co-parenting out of jealously and also gives one tell all interview after another, talking about how much helping to destroy your family hurt HER? Brandi has every right to say whatever the hell she wants about LeAnn and Eddie, whenever she wants to. This “take the high road and be the bigger person” is great when you are dealing with reasonable people, but it doesn’t cut it when you are dealing with narcissistic idiots. I imagine that LeAnn’s private behavior is much worst than any that is played out in public. LeAnn’s angry because Brandi’s refusal to hand over her entire family, drives the point home to her that she got Eddie by default and that she’ll probably lose him the same way Brandi did. She can pretend that she won him, but he had nowhere else to go and she knows it. Brandi speaks the truth so it affects her. LeAnn, being the litigious creature she is, would sue if it was “lies”.

  17. Dinah says:

    Every time she says, “I’m not joking”, you can be assured she isn’t- she’s actually bold-faced lying.

    Injectable intranasal novocaine for allergies? Seriously? You have allergies, but were not skin tested? And no, skin testing is no big deal, nothing to dread. Your entire face was swollen, but miraculously is not, a mere 24 hours (or less) later?

    Did anyone enjoy the tequila barb Jimmy let loose?

    And the “I am. Clearly. Clearly” was the most honest thing she said. Maybe ever said.

  18. claire says:

    Ugh. The lying on national television. I just can’t. I’m embarrassed for her.

  19. Rita says:

    “What does one do when one can’t give away her music while her nemesis is selling out bookstores?”

    Answer: You post pictures of yourself trying to suckle from Kat Von’s navel.

    • Lady D says:

      I find that picture disturbing for some reason. Beyond using a fetus for a photo-op I mean. Something seems really off to me in that pic but it’s difficult to articulate.
      Speaking of babies, she’s never going to have 1 with the Ediot is she? Stress would probably cause a miscarriage.

  20. Baylor says:

    Her hair was beyond awful.

    Also LeAnn,
    Heres the deal honey. When you do something wrong, like say commit adultery, there are things called consequences. For you, like everyone else, there is no choosing your consequences or how ling they last. You say Brandi is a liar and unstable. Fine. But even so, you butted in to her life not vice-versa. You don’t get to pick when, how, or even if Brandi “moves on.” You say Eddie is the “best,” well he best be worth the consequences because it seems they will keep on rolling in for a while. If he is worth it, then you best shut it and get used to it. If not, dump Eddie because Brandi and the general public isn’t going anywhere.

  21. Memphis says:

    Manish looks aside (was she kidding with that hair!?) The best part of her lying, I’m here to promote my hatred of Brandi not to sing interview was the audience.. I swear you could hear crickets! The biggest laugh she got was when she said “I am insane”. LOL

    You could almost feel the audience thinking, “does this crazy chick seriously think we are buying her shit?!”

  22. Rita says:

    According to DM, it appears Darrell Brown took her to the interview because Eddie, well who the hell knows what (who) Eddie was doing….busy man.

  23. valleymiss says:

    I actually thought Leann’s hair looked cute…am I the only one? I think she had a French braid/twist thing going in back…but the front wasn’t TOO pompadour for me. Gwen Stefani has done similar hairstyles.

    Yeah…Leann is ridiculous in this interview. Love that she kept saying to the audience, “I’m not joking,” as if everything she was saying was so earth-shatteringly exciting that she’d need to remind us that it was all true. And did anyone else catch Jimmy’s intro where he refers to Leann’s “new” cd coming out…and then he did a pause, like, “It comes out in…….April.” lol! Like even HE can’t believe she’s doing promo 3 months out for this turd of a record. Lol

    I wonder if all of Leann’s “allergy” and “no voice” talk is to try and heighten the excitement about her record and live shows? Like, “Come see me and buy my CD, cuz who knows how much longer I’ll be able to sing!”

  24. LeeLoo says:

    Having dated a narcissist for several years, I can tell you that narcissists rarely have the self-awareness of how people perceive them.

    I wish I could give Brandi a hug and tell her to stand fast and not to let this bitch get under her skin. I also wish I could be on Eddie’s PR/Management team and tell him to get rid of the bitch.

  25. erika says:

    ohh honey, people aren’t lyin’ about you. You are a NUTcase.

    I have the BEST revenge for brandi against mighy mouse leanne…


    If brandi would just flat out IGNORE leanne, NO twitter, NO commenting about the sitch on TV, NO magazine interviews, SHUTUP. SHUTUP. Leanne doesn’t exist in brandi’s world. Dont even say the word leanne. And most of all, don’t talk to your kids about her.

    This would drive leanne CRAZY!!!!!! crazy, crazy, crazy! leanne has some wierd, really wierd…stalker like obsession w/ brandi. copyying what she wears, where she goes, does. if brandi would just zip it and ignore…

    it would drive leanne INSANE. she would have no purpose in life, nothing to cry about and no more excuses to make as to why she’s soooooooo f***ked up.

    • Helvetica says:

      I totally agree. To me, someone completely stonewalling you/blanking you is much worse than someone saying mean things about you.

      Silence speaks volumes.

    • candigirl says:

      Great advice! A security expert, Gavin de Becker, wrote a wonderful book on this: The Gift of Fear, Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence. His ideas are so helpful, Oprah had him on her show twice. He talks about people like Brandi who are the targets of stalkers like Leann. Like Brandi is doing now, sometimes a person’s response to the constant life disruption and damage of a stalker is to fight them: “I know you are stalking me.” But actually that can excite the stalker to continue their behavior. They love the attention. The scariest thing for Leann might be Brandi going on with her life and career and being successful in spite of Leann. Brandi not making teasing references to it in the media. At some point in the future she might do an in depth serious interview about being the target of a stalker. Brandi could still talk candidly to everyone in her immediate circle and her kid’s circle about what Leann has done and is doing. I think this should include going to a family therapist with the kids to learn self protecting strategies and to a lawyer and security firm to document all the online and in person incidents of stalking by Leann. A whole file of stalking incidents including the screenshots and photos and detailed notes of personal intimidation.

  26. tricklady says:

    Hmmmmmmm……. All of a sudden I miss
    Jonny Bravo!

  27. Susie Q says:

    What is she plugging? Did she write a book or something? Getting sick of seeing her everywhere whenever I turn the tv on.

  28. Helvetica says:

    As they say: If you’re still talking about it, you still care.

    LeAnn cannot let this go one bit. It’s sad. Granted, Brandi should stop to but at least Brandi was the one who was wronged so she has a bone to pick. LeAnn needs to learn to STFU already.

    Making “Burn in Hell Real Housewives” a TITLE TRACK on her new album? That is bunny boiler territory right there. This woman is so immature.

    No man is worth all the trouble/stress these two women put themselves through (willingly) by slinging back words back and forth.

    Notice, Eddie never says a dang thing.

  29. Lesalou says:

    I have never heard of a singer plugging a new album more than a few weeks prior to release. This dumbo has been talking about this album that is sure to flop for the last six months. I believe she still thinks she has the same popularity she had 15 years ago. Can anyone say has been? I can’t even stand to hear her sing any more because she fails to anunciate or finish any of the words in the song. As for Brandi, I don’t blame her for doing whatever she has to do to make money. She was so wronged and left with nothing but bills. This Eddie and Leann have their nerve flaunting their nasty selves on every web site that will pay them a hundred bucks to buy their pictures. This girl needs a serious reality check. I am sure Eddie has given many stolen glances or whatever to Brandi in front of Leanne to make her realize that he thinks she is gorgeous. Therefore, she tries to make herself look like Brandi. The harder she tries the uglier she is getting. I am just so sick of seeing her and reading about her. But, yet here I am again!! I guess you can’t ignore crazy.

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    She feels the need to constantly do interviews! Then say she has no privacy

  31. Under My Skin says:

    LeAnn Rimes has no personality. None.
    LeAnn Rimes is ugly inside and out.
    LeAnn Rimes needs to be committed.

    Nobody in LeAnn’s world cares about her.

  32. CatJ says:

    I thought it was hilarious that she told Kimmel that she would love to come back on his show and sing, and there was no response.
    And, what was she on?? She seemed to be on something that made her talk fast, and fidget and grin at the camera and audience whenever she said anything. What a loser!! So tired of hearing about her crap…. Does she not realize that nobody wants to hear anymore about her affair and her life… STFU and go away.

  33. LAK says:

    Talk about trying to work an unresponsive audience.

  34. TheTruthHurts says:

    SO funny how LeAnn has to use Brandi’s popularity to stay relevant. And you are so right, you don’t promote an album coming out “sometime in April (LOL)” 3 months before. What a joke.

    BTW, why isn’t she flashing her big ol wedding ring diamond in that baby bump photo considering she takes every opportunity to do so?

  35. jessiesgirl says:

    You can always tell a Leann tabloid plant because it includes the title of her album, Shitfire.

    I mean really, when does that ever happen if its not dictated to the tabloid?

  36. littlestar says:

    I actually wasn’t too bothered by Leann in that video. She seemed okay’ish, although I seriously doubt her face was swollen from allergies (botox and fillers maybe, but not allergies). Also, isn’t the point of going on shows like Kimmel, Letterman, Leno etc to talk about yourself? So it doesn’t bug me that she went on and on about her “illnesses”. Hmmmm can’t believe I’m not annoyed by Leann for once…

  37. Snowpea says:

    Cringe cringe cringe.

    She is so embarrassing. All this talk of her illnesses! Teeth, allergies, flu, headcolds, blah blah blah.

    This chick is a fully blown hypochondriac!

    Can you IMAGINE being around her fulltime? That Eddie is earning every cent of his allowance.

  38. Madriani's Girl says:

    She said she “usually doesn’t engage” people. SAY WHAT????????? Is this b*tch for real???

  39. why? says:

    Not in Leann’s case. When Brand is silent that is when Leann is at her worst.

  40. Emily says:

    “That’s it, and that’s all you wanna say and you’re like, ‘I’m done with this now,’ for like another three months.”

    In, “like”, middle school. Adults know how to get “done with it” permanently. This woman needs — I don’t even know what. College?

  41. Heebeegeebee says:

    The mystery allergies, puffy face, prenatal posing…could she be pregnant??

  42. candigirl says:

    Leann Rimes is a stalker. Now that Brandi is starting to do interviews and tour for her book, Leann is going to be busy copying her by going interview for interview and statement for statement.

    • Lady D says:

      It would be nice of Brandi to save Falcor a little time and send her a wardrobe list for her book tour. Send a little joy Falcor’s way and include anticipated hairstyles as well. After all, Leanne is going to be soooo busy when B’s book tour starts. Can’t wait for the book.

  43. Rita says:

    I just realized why LeAnn said her face was swollen from allergies. She was trying to explain away (lie)about the picture of her just after she got her face peel and was caught in a truly candid picture.

    If you didn’t see it, she looked like a baby hippopotamus just as it’s being born. The look is much cuter on a baby hippo…awwwwwhhhhh.

    • Lady D says:

      Is that what happened to her face? I thought it was a harsh sunburn. These peels improve your looks huh?

    • Ming says:

      I thought the same. She is just saying these things to distract from that awful makeup free photo in the dail mail a week or so ago…the day after brandi talked with scheanna..she must have been up all night crying hence why her face was swollen and red and her eyes were nearly shut. Then she got on twitter to say it was a peel..only to magically appear the next day with a healed face and wearing that stupid angelfish shirt she had made herself.

      • Memphis says:

        She cracks me up. She goes online and sees everybody saying how bad she looks in her make-up free pictures (LOVE the baby hippo comparison Rita!) so she tweets she had a peel. yeah OK..then why are you IN THE SUN!? And the next day she’s healed..praise jeebus.

        Now when everyone is saying how AWFUL she looked on her ET whine fest she attributes her ever expanding weird, puffy face to new allergies.

        Face it Le, you’re screwing with your face and it’s just not helping!

        She’s DESTROYED what little looks she had. She looks rode hard and put away wet.

  44. Rita says:

    LeAnn is going to be pissed about Brandi’s thread having more comments…..so I’ll quit.

  45. Jane says:

    Leann needs an intervenion fast. Her family needs to put her in a room and she needs to go to a real form of rehab for her disorder(s).

  46. Jana says:

    LeeAnn Rimes is just a washed up has-been, who is allowing this gigolo to spend all her money. In the words of Hoda, she’ll lose him the same way she got him!

  47. cryptkeeper13 says:

    I like that she took a chance and tried something different with her hair. Her body looks great; it looks like she’s more relaxed and comfortable with herself.

  48. EJ says:

    What percent of her own lies do you think Leann actually believes at this point?

  49. Jayna says:

    Let’s see, LeAnn tweets if she has a hangnail, but she never tweeter a out her latest illness or the most horrible allergy doctor visit anyone has ever had? I have never heard of a singer being told she can’t talk for two weeks because of allergies? What the? How does not talking relate to allergies?

  50. Cirque28 says:

    LR’s only way of knowing about the drama is via Monday meetings with her publicist yet she knows Brandi called her insane. She yells at RHOBH yet never watches it. She lost her voice yet we can all hear her speaking. (Jesus, LeAnn, just say, “I’m hoarse.” You act like you have a life-threatening brain tumor every time you get a cold.) SMH. It’s these constant slip-ups and backtracks that give her a air of being profoundly uncomfortable with herself.

  51. Deanne says:

    My friend’s sister is an immunologist and told her she’s never heard of anyone getting a shot in needle form up their nose for allergies. She said they do have special nasal sprays for extreme allergies but wouldn’t use a huge needle to deliver it. Shots are given in the leg or upper arm. I don’t know why Leann would requite a giant needle up her nose if that isn’t a treatment. Also, they can give you a steroid spray up your nose, but as that causes weight gain, I can’t imagine her going for that. LeAnn seems to stretch the truth, a lot. Didn’t she just have another giant needle for a stomach bug? Boy she sure gets a lot of giant needles. She must be really, really special. LeAnn’s horse voice and broken blood vessel in her throat could be the result of purging her food. Bulimics have this happen a lot and it makes their voices horse and could explain the dental issues as well. Whatever it is, her health is really poor for a such a young woman.

    • nomorerimes says:

      LOL at your statement about LR stretching the truth a lot! No, she just flat out lies. And she had the nerve to say SHE is fed up with people lying about her! A lot of people are fed up with all the lying she is doing everyday!

      • why? says:

        The craziest thing about Leann’s lies is that major media outlets don’t call her out, they go right along with her lies(even when there is strong evidence contradicting what Leann says)misleading other media outlets.

      • Deanne says:

        Yeah, it’s become pretty clear to me that the only truth she ever tells is “her truth”. I don’t know if it’s because she’s surrounded by yes men and fans who kiss her behind (just likes she thinks everyone should) or if she’s got some sort of compulsive lying problem, but whatever it is, she just keeps outing herself and then trying to deflect. With her, everyone who doesn’t says she’s great, or even asks an innocent, but valid question,is a liar or a believer of lies and everyone who buys her BS is telling the “truth” and gets a retweet and a “thanx sweets” or an I love you. It’s weird how her minions can’t see the behavior pattern. Geez, even with my best friends, we don’t always agree and don’t always think that the others are perfect and fault free in every circumstance. How can someone grow as a person if no one ever makes them accountable?

  52. linder loo says:

    Dear God, those flaring nostrils. You could drive a semi thru them. She is truly very unattractive, both inside and out.

  53. Frannie says:

    So, theoretically, let’s say LR is at home watching BG on WWHL. She watches the “insane”, “favorite show”, “Hi Lele!!” bombs drop… Would she not lose her mind? It’s not a stretch to picture her totally enraged, yelling, screaming at the tv, and there’s your lost voice. I dunno, I just can’t help but speculate that maybe she went full throttle tasmanian devil, seeing Brandi looking so stunning in that blue dress saying the fearless things she said. A lost voice, puffy face, and absent Ed could certainly result the following day. Just my opinion. BTW that didn’t look like her wedding ring on her hand did it?