Kristen Stewart hates Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston & Katy Perry?

Some days I think the worst of Kristen Stewart, depending on what “the worst” is for that particular day. I do think she seems unprofessional, affected, sullen, disrespectful and twitchy, and what’s worse is that she can’t back up her bad attitude with actual talent (in my opinion). But even though my opinion of Kristen is pretty low, I will give her credit for some things – I don’t believe she’s some kind of girl-on-girl hater, you know? Like, I think she has female friends and she values those friendships and she doesn’t go around bad-mouthing other women. Maybe she’s super-jealous of Jennifer Lawrence, but I like the fact that she’s never taken a public swipe at J-Law before. So it seems weird that The Enquirer would write this piece of Twihard agit-prop which seems to have only one purpose: making The Lip-Bite Brigade come around and defend their eye-rolling heroine to the death! When most people won’t even believe this in the first place:

Kristen Stewart has exploded in a jealous rage at rival actresses Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as singer Katy Perry, sources told The Enquirer. Now, a worried friend fears Kristen is “losing her grip on reality.” She’s has been telling pals she fears her career in Hollywood may be set to nosedive following last year’s cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders.

“Kristen’s feeling very sorry for herself,” a friend told The Enquirer. “With the awards season underway, it’s just hit her how much her leading lady status has plummeted. Seeing Jennifer Lawrence being worshipped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globes and getting nominated for the Oscars has really gotten to Kristen. Jennifer’s come out of nowhere and is getting adulation that Kristen used to dream about.”

Kristen has also been bad-mouthing Jennifer Aniston too: “Kristen’s always been a big fan of Angelina Jolie and has never really rated Jennifer Aniston as an actress. She can’t understand why Jen manages to hog the headlines every time with very little effort. She’s not that talented as an actress, not is she the most beautiful. Kristen believes if it wasn’t for her bitter rivalry with Angelina, Jen would NOT be this famous these days at all.”

Kristen fears her movie headlining days are numbered – “She knew there would be a backlash from her cheating scandal, but the scripts have definitely slowed down in landing on her doorstep.”

She also hit the roof when Men’s Health magazine recently released its “Hottest Women of 2013” list and placed Jennifer Lawrence fourth while Kristen came in at No. 89, with Katy Perry at #1.

“Kristen couldn’t believe that Katy was No. 1 on that list… she’s known Katy for years and doesn’t think she looks that hot, especially without her makeup. Kristen’s in a relaly dark place at the moment and Rob is worried about her.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristen is jealous of Jennifer Lawrence and all of the amazing things happening to Jennifer’s career. And yes, some of that could have been Kristen’s career had she played her cards differently. And maybe I could believe that Kristen was like “Katy Perry? Seriously? All she’s got are boobs and a candy cane stripper pole.” She thinks that because ALL OF US think that. The Aniston stuff just seems kind of random though, right? Like… is Kristen one of the faceless Team Jolie tin-foil-hat conspiracists getting her direct orders from Empress Zahara? See, that made me like Kristen more!!

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  1. Riana says:

    Definitely bizarre.

    To be honest I can’t even picture Stewart being jealous of Lawrence, I suspect if it came down to one of them the role would go to Stewart since she’s been around longer and directors/studios seem to love her.

    …they’re both kinda similar actually.

    Both get too much credit for too little acting, Jennifer Lawrence seems like she might be more fun one on one though.

    • flor says:

      T he funny thing is: there was a time around 2007 when Into The Wild came out when people would look at Kristen the way they look at Jennifer because she was very talented back then (although then we discovered she was just a one note actor).
      I call bullshit on this story but I agree that Hollywood seems to be more supportive of Kristen than Jennifer. I mean, Kristen has Sean Penn support which may seem odd but he LOVES her. And as “hot” Jennifer is now, her popularity is based on THG otherwise, she would not have gotten the nomination (although she seems to be the front runner). It’s all because of Weinstein, actually. But Kristen has the support of the indie crowd.
      She should just keep making indies and people would respect her a bit more. Kristen is not movie star material, IMO, she is not THAT likeable.

      • T.C. says:

        Jennifer Lawrence had an Oscar nomination even before The Hunger Games and before Harvey Winstein. She didn’t just get a second nomination because of Weinstein either. Go to Rotten Tomatoes and read the reviews for Silver Linings Playbook. Her reviews are off the charts better than even Jessica Chastain’s and Naomi Watts for their films. She has won critics group over critics group which have nothing to do with Weinstein. If Hollywood is trying to hire a 22 year old actress no they ain’t going to hire making Miss Lip-Bite over a two time Oscar nominated actress with critical acclaim. Please stop with the delusions.

        Of course this story is total bull but Kaiser is right about the Lip-Bite Brigade coming around and to defend their eye-rolling heroine to the death! LMAO.

      • Tessa says:

        How do you explain the Oscar nomination she got before The Hunger Games?

        Jennifer is lapping Kristen right now in almost every way possible. Kristen’s fans hate this, but facts are facts. A better franchise, 2 Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe and countless other smaller awards already awarded, and a really good reputation in the business. Kristen can’t even speak without sounding like she’s mentally disabled. It was kind of charming when she was 17, and so was the dressing like Justin Bieber thing, but she’s 22 now. She’s no better than Swifty. They’re both perpetual teenage misfits.

      • clay basket says:

        In what reality is Hollywood supporting the Lipbiter more than Jennifer Lawrence?
        Into the Wilde is an overhyped piece, especially Stewart’s part that is just 10 minutes of which she mostly spends touching her hair and spreading her legs in underwear which explains why Sean Penn likes her.

        Jennifer has two Oscar nominations, a very successful and well reviewed franchise and is well liked unlike the homewrecker.

        Lipbiter can’t find work while Jennifer is winning awards.

      • flor says:

        Hey! I’m being attacked! I think JLaw is phenomenal and her first nomination was well deserved but I think that it was more a case of supporting the young actress with a fantastic performance that is breaking out more than anything. Every year happens that a young actress is nominated for an Oscar.
        But I think this year, even though I think she was fantastic on it, she wouldn’t have been nominated had the movie not have the support of Harvey because he is the one pulling for it so hard you’ll be surprised. I think that if another actress had taken the role, she would have been nominated too. That is why I think that Jennifer is a Weinstein girl (and she is).
        And about Hollywodd supporting KStew, yeah, I think it’s true. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be hearing so much about her. She would have disappeared by now and she still was invited to parties and still is an “it” girl. She will keep working for a long time as long as she takes a different approach to acting aka work on indies.
        And, c’mon, guys! You cannot tell me that Jennifer’s current popularity is not THG based because it is! But it also is Kristen’s case with Twilight. There is nothing bad with it though, their careers have taken off and I’m happy for them but you cannot deny that even though they were pretty well-known, their franchises didn’t help their image. Both of them became HUGE. Although I think Jennifer will become even bigger after THG2 because the first one did not do THAT well at the international box office whereas everyone knows who Kristen is because of Twilight.

      • eileen says:

        I’ve seen movies both Kristen and JLaw have been in besides their blockbusters and Jlaw is hands DOWN a superior actress…by miles. She has REAL talent besides rolling her eyes and flipping her hair. I just watched Silver Linings Playbook and she was excellent in it.
        Kristen plays the same damn character over and over and its because that’s all she’s got in her Emo Bag O’Tricks.

      • T.C. says:

        “she wouldn’t have been nominated had the movie not have the support of Harvey because he is the one pulling for it so hard you’ll be surprised”

        Her film won the Toronto film festival and Jennifer Lawrence had the best critics reviews. The last three films to win that festival all won the Best Picture Oscar. Like I said go to Rotten Tomatoes and read her reviews. Not just for Silver Linings Playbook but for The Hunger Games, Winter’s Bone and The Burning Plain. Harvey Weinstein had nothing to do with any of that. Colin Firth, Michelle Williams, Meryl Streep all nominated because of their critics reviews not just cause they are in a Weinstein film.

        You don’t seem to understand cause and effect. Weinstein finds good films with actors who have good performances and good reviews BEFORE he supports them. He’s not stupid. He isn’t taking Megan Fox or Transformers and turning them into Oscar gold. He doesn’t have magic abilities. He can pick good talent. If you can look at all the critics groups Lawrence has won and pretend it’s all due to Weinstein then right there tells me you are living on fantasy Island. The Fantasy Island where Kristen Stewart gets hired before a two time Oscar nominee and a SAG nominee. Crazy.

      • flor says:

        @TC you really don’t understand how the Weinstein machine works. He can pick any-ANY- young actress and make her relevant. Jennifer was fantastic BEFORE Weinstein but SLP is not an Oscar movie for sure. HE made it an awards movie. HE made it the movie that could possibly beat Lincoln. HE made the Academy LOVE the movei (as he did with the traveties that were The King’s Speech and The ARtist). HE made JLaw a frontrunner and HE made fucking Bradley Cooper an Academy Award Nominee (he was great but IMO Hawkes was better).

        If he didn’t have a huge ego, he would have made SLP open on Christmas day and make it a lovely iconic holidays movie but he wants it to swept the awards season. If you don’t believe me how the Weinstein machine works, check this link:

        Harvey has history. As I said before, there is no doubt that Jennifer was going to have a fantastic career even BEFORE Weinstein but you cannot deny that her frontrunner status is due to Weinstein.

      • T.C. says:

        Silver Linings Playbook won the Toronto Film Festival automatically making it an Oscar frontrunner. Check your Oscar history girlfriend in regards to TIFF. Critics at the festival were salivating over it. Giving it standing ovations while it was playing, at every major Jennifer Lawrence scene. Read the news reports. If you replace Jennifer Lawrence the film dies. Just because you didn’t like her in the film (surprise surprise from a Kstew fan) doesn’t mean people who critic films for a living feel the same as you.

        The Film didn’t go wide Christmas because it was tracking poorly. Every box-office website reported on that tracking so the studio decided to let it stay small for word of mouth to catch up. The film has now almost made three times it’s budget using this strategy. LOL at Harvey Weinstein making the academy like anybody or any film they didn’t already like. What do you think he uses that other studio heads don’t mind control, demon magic, voo doo, virgin sacrifices?

      • flor says:

        I know that it won at TIFF but it does not mean anything. The King Speech also won and it was a travesty, mediocre at best.
        Also, I am not a KStew fan, I just don’t hate her like most of the people in the world. I think she is harmless and stupid, but harmless nevertheless.
        And man, it’s pointless talking to someone who would not listen. Harvey is known for his ~ways~ of campaigning. If you don’t want to accept the fact that poor, average movies have gone onto win all the awards because of Harvey, you are in denial.
        Let’s agree to disagree.
        And you cannot play the “critics love her performance” because critics also love KStew but you seem to hate her sooooooooooo

      • Laura says:

        What the, Flor?! Since when have critics EVER liked a performance by KStew? I would hardly say that Hollywood likes KStew more than Jennifer Lawrence … Like people before have mentioned, Jennifer is a Oscar nominated actress and will always have more cred in Hollywood than KStew. Her popularity has nothing to do with THG in Hollywood, and certainly doesn’t have anything to do with Weinstein.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Someone seriously thinks “The King’s Speech” was mediocre? Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were both magnificent in that film. It was both a critical and popular success – unlike the Trampire Empire, ugh.

    • Cait says:

      I thought Lawrence gave a gripping performance in Winter’s Bone. Stewart would have just eyerolled her way through sawing off the dead hand. She’d have bitten her lip clean through the scene where she gets slapped around by her kin – you know, just so that the audience would see her emoting.

      While Weinstein is a campaigning machine, he’s not such a Svengali that he can take a cardboard “actress” and elevate her performance to that level.

    • Boo says:

      You crazy Riana? This isnt 2009! JLaw has a string of oscar, golden globe and sag nominations and wins for 2 years now. In the last year she also led a box office hit franchise. No doubt JLaw would get the work as Kristen hasn’t really proven herself critically and hasnt got any solid box office hits outside of twilight. I dont think they are similar at all either. Kristen is a passive withdrawn presence whereas JLaw is direct, strong and more ballsy. Very different actresses and i suspect they will end up having very different careers because JLaw essentially has the edge in talent and attitude.

  2. keats says:

    Eh, I don’t like her either, but I think at most she’s worried about career longevity now that the twilight franchise is over. Her own image and public perception is a bigger enemy to her than any one person, and I’m sure she’s at least savvy enough to know that.

    • booboocita says:

      Precisely. If there’s any truth to this report, Stewart is feeling professional jealousy — nothing personal, in other words. Frankly, I would, too. She and JLawrence are close in age, and they’re both a couple of the most visible actresses in their age bracket, and they’re probably reading for many of the same roles. It makes sense that they’d feel a bit competitive. And with Lawrence getting so much critical acclaim, and Stewart known best at this point for a finished franchise and a wanderin’ biscuit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stewart was feeling a bit of stress.

      But jealousy of Aniston and Perry? Aniston is almost two decades older, and Perry is a singer, not an actress. Lumping them all together is just random.

    • c'est la vie says:

      I don’t think that she’s savvy about anything – her self destructive and unstable behavior have definitely damaged her image and her career. Permanently.

      She’s a self sabotaging, self aggrandizing, self absorbed and clueless idiot. But it’s Hollywood – so what do you expect?

  3. marie says:

    umm her acting is the reason her career has taken a nose dive, people have figured out she stinks. (literally and figuratively)

    and as much as I find the first sentence funny, Jennifer Aniston is not a rival. I will agree with her that I don’t think Katy Perry is hot, I think she’s one spackel away from a circus clown.

  4. alons-y alonso says:

    I call shenanigans. For some reason I don’t think KStew would hate other actresses in such a way. This sounds more like a ScarJo trait IMO

  5. Saracen says:

    Most ridiculous story ever. I’m surprised they didn’t throw Rob in to spice it up. Like “Rob has such a crush on Jennifer Lawrence he gets tongue tied when her name gets mentioned or something” *eyeroll & they even threw in Aniston! Kristen’s the new Angelina(without the gross lips)

  6. Rhea says:

    If only they stop the story until the part where she’s jealous with Lawrence, the story would be at least more believable.

  7. jinni says:

    I love how the accompanying pictures of each of the “rivals” look like they are reacting to the story. JenL looks like she’s about to laugh, JenA is looking like WTF, and Katy looks like she can’t even be bothered.

  8. Camille says:

    I HAVE never really rated KRISTEN STEWARD as an actress. I can’t understand why KRISTEN manages to hog the headlines every time with very little effort. She’s not that talented as an actress, not is she the most beautiful. I believe if it wasn’t for her ROMANCE with PATINSON, KRISTEN would NOT be this famous these days at all.

  9. Amelia says:

    Kristen strikes me as the kind of person who hates anyone and everyone who hasn’t read Jack Kerouac, doesn’t smoke a pack a day and actually dares to bathe.
    But that’s just my opinion ^^

    • flor says:

      OMG. BWAHAHHAA This is seems real but I remember reading that Carey Mulligan LOVED Kristen and said how much fun it was being around her so I think KStew just does not like being in public but in closed doors she is a funny dork.

      • Michele says:

        It’s the Enquirer so I’m not believing one word of it. Dakota Fanning just mentioned at Sundance that Kristen is her best friend. If Kristen was such a horrible person, she wouldn’t have famous friends like Dakota and Carey speak so highly of her to the press.

        As for this Jennifer Lawrence claim, Kristen hung out with Jennifer when the two actresses had films at TIFF and has said very nice things about her in the press. Jennifer also said nice things about Kristen. Kristen is also very close with Katy Perry. She hung out with her at Coachella, Katy’s recent birthday party where Kristen showed up with Rob’s close friend Marcus Foster and was even papped having a ciggie break with Rob and other friends while hanging out outside a studio where Katy was inside rehearsing something.

        I call this story a complete made up fake.

      • flor says:

        Totally agree with you. I don’t know why people dislike KStew so much for her personality. She is shy and sometimes says stupid stuff but people are so harsh on her. Specially, after knowing that such high respected girls like Dakota and Carey love her.

      • eileen says:

        Flor: I hate to ask this, but can I enquire how old you are?

      • flor says:

        I am 21, why? I’m sorry if my english looks like a first grader. I am from Argentina and we speak spanish here. Sorry!
        EDIT: Oh, never mind. I know you asked for my “BWAHAHAHA” comment. I suppose I spend too much time on TUmblr!

      • eileen says:

        No not at all. I just know that most women from 30-up see what a surly and entiteld person Kristen can be. I’m a mom in my late 30s and when I see what a sh!tty attitude and immature demenor she has, it grates on me. She befriended the woman and kids whose dad/husband she was screwing and walks around flipping off cameras. I see no acting talent to even balance this. When I see women defending her-I’m just always curious what the age range is.

        I truly don’t mean it to be an insult-its just as you get older you see people differently. Respect, humility and a good attitude will get you much further in life than being a spolied entitled brat. Especially when your craft is up for public consumption.

      • another nina says:

        Very nicely put, Eileen.Bravo!

      • flor says:

        @Eileen Wow yeah, very well put indeed. I totally agree with you that it’s why I said below that Kristen gets even more shit because of her personality. I said that had any other young actress done that, people would have made excuses for them and let it pass because they are “likeable”. I agree that KStew personality does not make her any favours but I compare her to Angelina and both of them are women who shouldn’t be making millions yet, Angelina is and we know how big she is.

    • FassDaActor says:

      Jack Kerouac…lol

      You funny :)

  10. Jordan says:

    Yeah, I could see Stewart being jealous of Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is an excellent actress consistently receiving critical praise since The Burning Plain through Silver Linings Playbook. The Aniston, Perry claims seem bogus, though.

  11. Agnes says:

    she’s spot- on re Aniston.

    • OhDear says:

      I’m not a fan of hers, but agreed.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. Typical Enquirer b.s.

      She and JLaw have said very nice things about each other and hung out together at TIFF.

      I really don’t think Kristen cares about either Angelina or Jennifer Aniston, tbh. They’re in a different generation, going for totally different roles. Jen is all about the rom coms, which I don’t think Kristen cares about.

      The Katy Perry one is funny. They’ve actually been known to hang out as they have mutual friends. They also share a publicist.

      I think if Kristen Stewart was all pressed about being on the “hottest” list, she wouldn’t be dressing in jeans, old t’s, Chucks and backwards baseball caps all the time. Just sayin’.

  12. La Calabaza says:

    Has Kristen any upcoming projects? ….I rest my case.

  13. Faye says:

    This article cracks me up. It touches on two cornerstones of the nutty celeb fanbases — Twilight *and* Jennifer Aniston vs. Angelina!

    Personally, while I suspect that Kristen might despise and look down on both Aniston and Lawrence because they’re just not to her standards of “coolness” and “art” and “realness,” she’d probably never actually explode at them or even talk to them. She’d think it was beneath her.

    • Michele says:

      Actually, Kristen hung out with Jennifer and Emma Watson at TIFF back in September and has said very nice things about Jennifer to the press recently. Jennifer also said nice things about Kristen. Either Jennifer or Kristen even admitted that Jennifer once emailed Kristen when the press started their ridiculous jealousy claims between the two actresses. Kristen told Jennifer not to worry about it and jokingly welcomed her to the bullshit that comes with starring in a popular franchise.

      So everyone can stop their rubbernecking and move along. There is no Jennifer Lawrence/Kristen Stewart jealousy drama unfolding. As for the Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry claims…I suspect they are just random mentions to attract even more hits.

      Emma Watson recently said there is no real life drama between any of the franchise actresses [her, Jennifer and Kristen] when asked about it during a recent red carpet appearance for “Perks…”

      • aquarius64 says:

        TIFF was at the height of the cheating scandal. Kristen needed to be seen keeping company with actresses with good reputations to be viewed as less of a monster. And she has taken shots at Jolie too. Face it, her “momentary indiscretion” has sustained long term damage to Kristen’s reputation. She’s now perceived as one who will go after a woman’s boyfriend or husband without remorse while humiliating her boyfriend for kicks. It’s going to be a long time before the “trampire” stamp is completely removed.

  14. Gracie says:

    Don’t worry Kristen, just like Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston, I hate you as well.

  15. yellowlala says:

    I don’t think she cares about anything that much…I think she’s in her own little emo self glorifying no personality world. She goes along with what the tell her to do, but I doubt she gives a rats ass, its written all over her face incessantly

  16. Annie says:

    That’s a random group of people! Lmao.

    To be honest, I don’t trust her famewhore friends and they WOULD sell stories to tabloids. They have called her a snake on Instagram and post sh*t stirring pictures. Maybe she just talked about them like we all do and they sold a story around it. I don’t put it past them.

    I would also believe she’s worried about her career. She did lose like 5 projects after her little scandal, and there is a reason why Ben Affleck dropped the project with her. He wants nothing to do with tabloids. This is when women should think twice what they do. The world is unfair to us. We pay more for one mistake.

    • booboocita says:

      “We pay more for one mistake.” So very, VERY true. I don’t think much of Stewart, as an actress or a person (sorry, cheating, even on a boyfriend and not a husband, is a dealbreaker for me), but for crying out loud, does she have to pay for one well-publicized mistake with her entire career?

    • Michele says:

      Ben Affleck dropped out of Focus because he couldn’t commit to the 2-3 month overseas film schedule that would have been required while trying to meet writing deadlines for another film project he’s currently working on. Ben’s plate is quite full at the moment. He expressed his disappointment for having to drop out of Focus and praised Kristen’s involvement in the film.

      Sorry, but Ben set the record straight in his own words in a recent interview when asked about it. There is no drama surrounding his decision to drop out of Focus like some would love to have others believe.

      • mia girl says:

        Michele. While those may very well be the reasons why Affleck ultimately dropped out of the film, are you really that naive to believe he would admit to the tabloid theory Annie and others have suggested?

        Do you actually think when asked he would say, “You know, KStew is tabloid bait right now and I’ve gotta stay out of those waters for a while. Plus, my wife has been on my ass about agreeing to be in ths film with her, so I’ve just got to drop out.”

      • Michele says:

        Mia, where is your proof Ben dropped out because he didn’t want tabloid drama?

      • mia girl says:

        Michele – that’s the point. It can’t be proven because he would never admit it.

        Personally, I’m not trying to prove anything. Just making a point about your emphatic rejection of the possibility based on what Affleck did say.

      • Michele says:

        So, in other words, you’re saying that Ben Affleck is a big liar? When he was asked about it, he could have used the old standby comment, “I had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts.” But he didn’t. He elaborated and sounded genuinely sorry he had to drop out and also praised Kristen.

        Since Ben was cast way before Kristen, if he had any reservations about her, I doubt the studio would have cast her to begin with. I’m a Kristen fan but even I will admit that Ben holds much more weight in Hollywood…especially now with Argo winning awards left and right. The studio would have never hired her if Ben felt so strongly against her being cast as his costar.

        If hiring Kristen meant losing Ben, she would not have been hired or even considered.

      • Annie says:

        Michele – it’s not like Ben is going to open up and embarass Kristen and say something like “You know what? Last time my life was on the tabloids my career was almost ruined. I just got the respect of the industry again, and my wife has forgiven me for Blake Lively, so I’m not going to risk everything for some random ass project with some girl who needs better judgement.” And I’m sure she’s been told this is the reason.

        The minute this project was announced there were stories on the tabloids and I’m sure Jennifer was not having it because based on the things that Ben and Kristen have done, what wife would. Of course he’s going to be diplomatic, but why didn’t he know his plate was full before saying yes? Now all of a sudden is “Wait, I just checked my calendar. It’s not going to work.” PLEASE.

        Sorry, but this situation is why Kristen has nothing lined up. She wanted somebody to screw her over, well here it is. You ruined your career and now him and his wife are papped all the time. Congrats. You made that happen.
        We’ll have to wait at least two years to see her again in a movie. That’s forever in Hollywood. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence work non-stop. New girls are coming in, like the star of Divergent (idk her name).

        Hollywood moves fast. I’d be very worried too.

      • another nina says:

        Michele — firstly, I doubt you seriously believe that Ben, a major player in a multi-billion industry lacks professional manners and should spit out all the dirty kitchen instead of coming up with an acceptable excuse? Have you never rejected an invitation using time conflict as an excuse? It’s been done by any polite adult, so please let’s skip all this “big lie” rhetoric.
        Secondly, I assume Focus is Kristen’s major project right now, she is gonna produce it, it’s a small indie movie — do you really feel like Ben with his big-ass Oscars is gonna fight for it with a young girl? I would believe that he tentatively agreed to this project initially, then realized that it does not help his image-boosting efforts and dropped out using a regular professional excuse…
        We are adults, they are adults, they send messages, we read between the lines — isn’t that a point of celebitching???

      • Michele says:

        It’s not unheard of for actors to become attached to projects only to step down from them due to scheduling conflicts that pop up after the fact. It happens all the time in Hollywood. I suspect Ben is being offered everything under the sun these days since his massive success with Argo. What’s not to believe in Ben’s statement that he had to drop out of Focus to meet a writing deadline he is facing with another project.

        Ben has been all over the place promoting Argo and accepting various industry awards for it. When he signed on for Focus, I’m sure he had no idea his life was about to get even more hectic and time consuming with Argo’s success. Argo is nominated for some Oscars. Ben’s been very busy lately campaigning. I’m sure this writing project he speaks of is suffering as a result.

        I believe him and his reason for leaving Focus. I have no reason not to.

        Don’t forget, Ben was hired BEFORE Kristen. If he didn’t want her attached to Focus as his costar, she would never have been hired. Ben Affleck has way more Hollywood clout than Kristen.

    • flor says:

      “We pay more for one mistake” only if you are seen as a despicable person like KStew. I’m sure that if Emma Stone, JLaw or Emma Watson are caught on something like that, it would be just a “misunderstanding”.

      • booboocita says:

        Ummmm, disagree, sorry. I think it’s possible for young single women to move past a single, major mistake (like cheating or something on a par with cheating, not minor messes like fashion choices) IF the young single woman in question is hugely talented and places every single step precisely and carefully ever after — and even then, she’ll never be free of her mistake. Claire Danes has won Golden Globes and Emmys for “Homeland” and “Temple Grandin,” and yet the old Billy Crudup mess (he left a pregnant Mary Louise Parker for Claire) crops up every time some mag does a profile of her. It took a very long time for Jane Fonda to recover from the “Hanoi Jane” fiasco, and in some circles, she still hasn’t. Both Fonda and Danes are far more talented than Stewart, and their reputations recovered largely because their acting chops are undeniable (and because their agents/reps were sufficiently savvy to steer them properly). Stewart isn’t in their league.

        Hasn’t RPattinson been alleged to have messed around with other Twilight costars — Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene, to be specific? Why does he get a pass? Leo DiCaprio basically screws his way through the Victoria’s Secret model lineup and still gets to star in blockbusters; if a young female star did something similar, she’d be branded a whore and box office poison. Let’s face it: women DO get the short end of the stick when it comes to forgiveness for mistakes.

      • Mi says:

        I don’t think that those actresses would ever do that so publicly,they have their partners or split with them(Jen is single now)like normal people.Kristen is bashing for her hypocrisy,she was hiding her relationship with Robert to the point of ridicule and telling that who she is dating is sacre for her,then she made out with old,married guy,who does that?Beside if she would have left Rob,it would be like,ok,she fell in love and moved to another man,but no,she wanted to be with Robert,because she loved him and at the same time she wanted cheap thrills with old guy.And@booboocita,if Rob and Nikki had an affair,so what’s the problem?They were single back in 2008 and they didn’t hurt anyone.

      • Annie says:

        Flor – sorry but anyone who does what Kristen did faces the same allienation and judgement. We are far from being treated as equals and if you willingly go around and cheat, screw a married guy, sleep around, etc you should know the consequences. Society will treat you like sh*t, and is it worth it? I don’t think so. People can be as free as they want to be but nothing in this life is consequence free. Especially for girls. This is why you should always think twice and respect yourself. The fun is not worth the treatment of society. I’m sure now she looks back at those romantic bridge pics with Rupert and the romp in his car and sees the consequences of that and she agrees – it’s not worth it.

        This is when having principals and morals come in handy. You don’t go around hurting people and risking everything for some meaningless sex. It’s never that easy!

        She could’ve had all her fun if she was single and looked for other singles. But no. Hook up with a married man, cheat on your bf. ANYONE who does this looks bad. Not just Kristen Stewart.

        Take this as a lesson. It’s not worth it.

      • flor says:

        I agree with all of you, ladies. I just think that Kristen, no matter what, gets it more difficult because of her personality. Angelina was never TRULY criticised by the general public and, even though there are people who DO criticise her, the media still glamourises the love triangle yet she keeps getting $20 million (bad) roles and people around the world love her and Brad.
        And, let’s be honest, people still defend JLaw for all the things she’s said. I like her but really, people love her so much they would go so far as to blame the director if Jenn does what Kristen did.
        I think what she did was the perfect excuse for everyone to rationally hate her.

      • Just Me says:

        “Angelina was never TRULY criticised by the general public…”

        Ummm…what rock have you been living under? Are you KIDDING me? Have you ever stepped into a Brangelina thread? JFC, they make you Twihards look like Saints–which is REALLY saying something! Girl, just stop already. Enough. Kristen Stewart does not need you, or the Twihard Army, to defend her.

  17. Talie says:

    I bet Kristen could’ve got an On The Road nomination if she had Jennifer’s personality.

  18. Jordan says:

    @La Calabaza: Exactly (LOL!).

  19. Miss You Enclave24 says:

    I have a feeling that if Kristen doesnt luck upon a good script and morph into a better actor she’s going to fade into Twilight oblivion.

  20. V4Real says:

    I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    • A says:

      Eh, JenLaw has said very nice things about KStew to the press in a recent profile on KStew in USA Today. Maybe in private, but I doubt Jen would agree to give a few quotes if she felt that strongly. Never got why we cheer on the idea of women hating women.

      • V4Real says:

        Not cheering it on just saying maybe they feel the same way or don’t even care. JLaw may have said nice things bout Kris in interviews but that was before this info came out; we don’t know how she feels now. Then again this could just all be fabricated.

  21. ramona says:

    I feel like this article was written by flipping through a copy of OK! blindfolded and stabbing a pin into random names.

  22. divine3021 says:

    I love me some Kristen Stewart. For all d talentless people who is criticizing, she’s gonna be around for a long time so dont hold your breath if you think she’s gonna disappear from hollywood anytime soon!

  23. dcypher1 says:

    Maybe if she wss as mature as jlaw she would have a better career at this point. Jlaw play the hollywood game better. She dosent party, she works hard. Shes nice to everyone she meets for press and red carpets and acts like shes really excited to be there even if she dosent feel like it. Unlike kstew who just rolls her eyes and looks like she bored and dosent want to be there and answer stupid quetions. Kstew ur an actress act like ur happy to be at that red carpet. Like jlaw does.

  24. liz says:

    Kristen Steward is a mediocre franchise star still struggling to have a big breakout role in the indie circuit. This she needs if she is ever going to get nominated for the premium awards.

  25. Jay Elle says:

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is that pretty at all. Her make up looks horrible most of the time.

  26. A says:

    Doubt it. Jennifer gave some very kind quotes about Kristen to USA Today after they did a profile of Kristen last month or so, and I think Kristen must be grateful for that because she knows her situation is precarious. Maybe a tinge of envy, because that would be normal, but probably nothing more. Honestly, I think this she hates other actresses is bullshit because of her emotional wrecks comment. I’ve read far worse from other actors and actresses about people who method act. Same with the makeup thing…didn’t see that as a dig at anyone, just the pretentious ramblings about her feelings as a whole. Again, I’ve heard other actors/actresses say similar things…Hell, Emma Watson made fun of actresses who design and then did it herself. I think they were just general comments, not great but not terrible, that got blown up because KStew is the worst person in the world on here. KStew has a lot of problems, but she never struck me as a catty mean girl type. Also, if KStew had any sense she’d take a supporting role in an indie…girl has friends in Hollywood, and the fact that a major studio cast her as a lead for a project that went to hell means she can probably at least snag some sort of indie supporting role. That said, I think she might be holding out for something “bigger” which is dumb. Or she came to her senses and realized that she needed to lay low for several months because she was way overexposed.

    • Ann says:

      I think you’re right that she is deliberately laying low. Last year she was promoting Snow White, Breaking Dawn and On the Road, plus her Balenciaga deal, and then had the scandal on top of it. She was in the press constantly and was totally overexposed. It’s smart to stay out of the limelight for awhile.

  27. Ashling says:

    How many other 22 year olds have voice some of the same opinions? I watched Welcome to the Riley’s yesterday for James Gandolfini. Good Lord it was a twitch fest. It matched the character she was playing. I guess if she didn’t do the same thing in real life, it would seem like a good performance.

  28. NeNe says:

    Oh, please. Kristen ain’t all that…. I personally think she is a pretty awful actress. I saw the first movie of Twilight, and I thought she was just blah in it… Hopefully, fingers crossed, her 15 minutes are finally over.

    However, I do agree with her comments about Jennifer Aniston.

  29. lower-case deb says:

    Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, and… Katy Perry?

    shouldn’t it be Jennifer Lopez (or even Jennifer Garner)?

    Jlo for having a ride on Bad Boy Ben Bawdy Brougham. while Jennifer Garner should be “hated” because she stopped her (meaning K. Stewart) from tapping that married !ss.

    *i’m so going to hell for this.

  30. bettyrose says:

    I’m biased because I lived Winters Bone as a book b4 the movie and I was thrilled that they cast an actress that fit the role but now I’m a huge JLaw fan.

  31. I like Kristen and I think she´s got alot of potential.She looks adorable in this picture,by the way.She´going through rough times now but this is about to change.I don´t think she should demean herself.Things will be on her favor.The fact that Robert is worried about her means he cares for her. I think he shoud be by her side and give her support.She´s feeling lost,unloved and unwanted.

  32. Katie says:

    Admittedly I just read the headline because I find her angstiness really trying, but basically she hates anyone with talent and personality. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  33. Roma says:

    Even though I have very little time for Kristen, I kinda don’t believe this story, it just feels manufactured.It’s also sad that outlets think female readers will enjoy this angle, but we only have ourselves to blame right?

    Look at the way we behave towards each other.

  34. Meg says:

    jennifer anniston is talented, in friends she showed comedic timing-she doesn’t pick many roles that showcase her talent, its easier for her publicist to do all the work and put her in the tabloids instead of aniston working toward a good performance.
    katy perry has acne, but who deson’t ? many adult women do. she has a heatlhy looking beautiful body, not much talent, but katy is pretty.
    kristen is criticizing aniston for not being talented? i have yet to see talent from kristen!

  35. Amory says:

    I can see her not liking Katy Perry, because isn’t Katy a friend of Rob’s?? And I think lots of young, insecure women can find it hard to accept the female friend of a boyfriend. I can even see her disliking Jennifer Lawrence as a contemporary who has outshined her. But Jennifer Aniston? How is that woman even on her radar??

    There may be a few small grains of truth, but this just seems like a way to bash Aniston and Kristen at the same time. I despise both as the untalented hacks they are, but that doesn’t make the story true. Amusing, but not true.

  36. Fred says:

    Kristen Stewart is right about Jennifer Aniston as an actress, and having listened and read a number of Aniston interviews, she seems pretty boring.

  37. erika says:

    god Kaiser, what is celebitchy trying to do to me today? suffer a heart attack with another diss’ story?

    well, Kristin, i hate you too. c’mon girl, you did all the Twilight s***t and let a pervy director munch on ya like a PBnJ sandwich.

    enuff said.

  38. OhMyGawh says:

    This is such an odd story.

  39. Kosmos says:

    Sorry, Kristen, but I’m afraid Jennifer Lawrence is taking your limelight away because of her acting chops and her maturity, and, like it or not, Jennifer Aniston has long been a favorite, having invested natural talent & years into her acting career. You just don’t have that much talent, my dear, but you seemed already much too awestruck with yourself to notice. All things come to an end, and in the end, only the most talented individuals will prevail.

  40. skuddles says:

    Excellent point about Aniston… but I have a hard time believing KS would give Aniston a second thought.

  41. aquarius64 says:

    Off topic – Kristen has bigger problems: Liberty Ross has just filed for divorce from Rupert Sanders, according to TMZ. People are going to lay the blame at Kristen’s feet. She and her team have their work cut out for them.

  42. Emma says:

    I think she seems like someone seething with jealousy about Jennifer Lawrence and every other successful actress. She seems like an angry, bitter and sad little girl.

  43. Carolyn says:

    Poor K-Stew. No-one’s interested in her anymore so she bad-mouths other celebs to get PR? Zzzzz

    PS I though Jennifer (sorry, can’t call her J-Law) was a fabulous Katniss.

  44. Tig says:

    Not too surprised re Liberty’s divorce- I only hope she is filing due to a deep deliberative process and not bec KS and Rperv are back in contact- which wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    In light of this- I think Rob would go- off to outback, and sayonara KS- you have earned everything headed your way!

  45. Mellie Khunt says:

    Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress.

  46. Shira says:

    If she’s gonna hate on everyone who has more talent than her that list will be damn long.

    And JLaw didn’t come from nowhere. She made some serious, meaningful movies. Kristen did (or more likely ruined) Twilight.

  47. Gemini08 says:

    I don’t believe this story. KStew just did an interview where she talked about how awesome she thinks Jennifer Lawrence is. I think people just like to paint her a mean girl. I honestly don;t think she is one. I think she just doesn’t give a $hit what people think about her. Which I love actually. As for Katy Perry…what’s to like? Has anyone ever heard her speak? She’s a moron.

  48. KS says:

    Oh my that chin! She needs to stop with the “bad a$$” smug pose. Her lips look even thinner & makes her jaw look wider.

  49. Riri says:

    I can see why Kristen Stewart would be jealous of Jen Lawrence.
    Kristen was silly enough to think that if she would take her clothes and do a racy flick, than someone would think she is a better actress (and “brave”).

    No one cares, other than some guys who would like to encourage more women to take their off their bra and think that that would bring them more respect and awards.
    and then comes Jen Lawrance and doesn’t need to be this child actress who tried to be in the business for ages, and she does the only thing that really matters which is deliver good performances and there you go- Kristen is annoyed at how you can not play the PR game, not be involved in some Hollywood romance, not get naked and do a racy film, and still succeed both by gaining the audience to like you as well as the critics.

    I do think Kristen is pretty, but her body is hardly hour-glass figure or sexy, so of course she could be jealous of Katy Perry.
    Katy is not pretty and puts on too much makeup, but her body rocks.

    The Jen Aniston part is odd and sounds like something from her PR team that is supposed to make us think she is somehow the new Angelina.

  50. muppet_barbershop says:

    The Men’s Health top 100 thing is way too random. That sort of thing is too mainstream for her to give credence to, even internally. If you’re right, K., and her being “different” is an elaborate ruse, it’s still not feasible. Can you imagine her in a checkout line getting ticked off that she doesn’t see her own face? I can’t, regardless of why she wouldn’t: your slightly sour version or my excessively rose-colored one.

  51. girlnbayou says:

    Love J. Law. WintersBone was awesome. Shr is supremely talented. Just watch that movie.

  52. Janet says:

    Much as I can’t stand Aniston, I had to laugh at the idea of her giving a tin fart at what Lipbite McLewd thinks about her. I doubt she’s losing a lot of sleep over it.

  53. Lili says:

    She drops me very badly and her twilight saga also and now gets to Jennifer Aniston hate more to Kristen

  54. Kim says:

    I have a pretty solid theory on why Kristen barely made it onto the hottest list. It has something to do with the fact that she never washes her hair and always looks as though her vagina would smell bad. Cause I’m pretty sure that’s what happens when you don’t shower. All kinds of ew.