Liberty Ross files from divorce from Rupert Sanders six months after his affair

July 24th and July 25th 2012 was when the Twihard World turned upside down. It began late on July 24th… Us Weekly had a cover story (with photo evidence) about Kristen Stewart’s affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, and Us Weekly was going to drop the story the next day. Kristen’s PR people issued a statement to People Magazine confirming the affair. Then on the 25th, Wednesday, all hell broke loose when Us Weekly’s detailed report about the affair was released, and Rupert Sanders and Kristen both released separate (but oddly similar-sounding) statements admitting the “momentary indiscretion” and begging their partners to forgive them.

Skip ahead exactly SIX MONTHS. Robert Pattinson seemed to forgive Kristen after several weeks apart, although (to me) they still don’t seem that strong, and if they’re not over right now, I suspect they will be within the next few months. And Liberty Ross and Rupert tried to work it out too, seemingly trying marriage counseling. Still, Liberty was reportedly consulting with a divorce lawyer, perhaps exploring her options and enjoying the speculation about her possible future without Rupert. Well, Liberty decided to go for it.

Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from her cheating hubby Rupert Sanders … TMZ has learned.

Ross just filed her paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court. She’s asking for joint custody of their 2 children — ages 5 and 7.

Ross, who is repped by disso-queen Laura Wasser, is also asking for spousal support, as well as attorney’s fees.

Sanders, who is repped by Lance Spiegel, also filed his response to the divorce petition. He’s also requesting joint custody. He is not asking for spousal support. As for attorney’s fees, he wants to share the costs with Liberty.

Sanders famously cheated on Ross … with Kristen Stewart, whom he was directing in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

As we first reported … Ross and Sanders went to a shrink a number of times trying to work out their problems, but it was not meant to be.

[From TMZ]

Now, I don’t think this is going to be “epic” in the sense that a lot of dirt is going to come out about Rupert or about his affair with Kristen, although I have always believed that both Rupert and Kristen were lying their asses off about just how intense and sexual their affair was. Like, Kristen wouldn’t even say that Rupert’s P was ever in the trampire V. So, from a gossip standpoint, I think this is as good as it’s going to get. Of course, it will be fun to see how Liberty re-brands herself post-Rupert. I think that’s what she’s been doing for the past six months – trying to figure out her next steps, seeing what opportunities were out there. She’s going to be doing more fashion stuff and she’ll be dating some high-profile men, I’m sure. Anyway, I’m happy for her. I’m glad that she dumped Rupert for good, and I think it’s smart that she left the impression that she spent some time trying to work through it.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Launicaangelina says:

    I still can’t stand Liberty Ross but it seems she’s making the best move for her and her family. At least she gave counseling a shot. Publicly, it appears to be a thoughtful decision.

    I also agree that Rob and Kristen won’t last much longer.

    • Annie says:

      I feel like Rob has been waiting for this to happen to make a decision. If this doesn’t spell out to him the extent of the affair, nothing will.
      And it’s damn sad that he has no self-respect.

    • c'est la vie says:

      I can stand Liberty Ross – it’s about f’ing time! I was waiting to see who was going to do this first and yes, it’s a smart emotional choice and pr move! Finally!

      Glad to see something good come out of this mess.

    • Sarah says:

      Kristen is also at fault. Why she had to go off and mess around with a married man in a “public” place is anyone’s guess. She is supposed to be really intelligent and mature and know better than to mess with a married man and she did it anyway. She also has the most wonderful guy in the world (Rob) and she publicly humiliates him with this old director. How stupid can you get? I will never understand her motives or what she thought she would get out of this affair. She is lucky that R forgave her for her terrible mistake. Whether Liberty and Rupert were already having problems before this doesn’t matter, K should have said NO to the guy. Didn’t she experience divorce recently in her own family and understand how painful it is? She is still to blame for ruining a family whether she wants to accept it or not.

  2. KS says:

    Kristen is just a dirty girl you get your stress out off against the side of a road. Liberty is sophisticated sexy women you fall in love with. Only older men will find Kristen hot, anyone under 40 thinks she is repulsive.

    • Skipper says:

      Yeah, that slutty Halloween costume is super classy

      • Annie says:

        Can we stop calling women sluts for the way they dress? She wasn’t the one having sex in a car with a married guy. Is Anne Hathaway a slut too?

        At least direct your slut shaming to those who deserve it through their horrible actions. Not someone who wears a HALLOWEEN costume.

      • kingkayski says:

        You should see her new naked picture,it’s more classy!

      • StephanieMarie85 says:

        YEAH!! SPANDEX?!?! OMG!! Oh the hoemanity! It’s not like women (and men!) all over the continent wear spandex to public areas-such as gyms, tracks, sidewalks!!

        I’m not saying I would wear a spandex catsuit(if I had Liberty’s bod, I sure would) or that it’s the most appropriate thing to wear when surrounded by children BUT it could be worse…Farrrrr worse

      • Susi says:

        Seriously? Okay, I’m pretty sure most women who have been cheated on with a younger woman will at some point go out, wearing their “hottest” outfit in an effort to feel confident about their own appearance and sexuality at some point. Just because LR is a beautiful model, it doesn’t mean that she didn’t feel like crap when her husband cheated on her with a young starlet. So she’s doing the classic “Look, I’m still hot” move in this outfit and GOOD ON HER for doing it. Whatever she needs to feel better and heal and move on. I think that is still in the realm of classy.

      • andrea says:

        LOL I really don’t see how that costume is slutty. She’s covered from neck to toe! It’s a face and few inches tight of being a burka, as far as I’m concerned. She’s worn more revealing clothing than that (check the first pic). I wish people would stop nitpicking on this woman just so they can find some warped excuse to say she deserved what Rupert did to her with Kristen. Whatever was going on between husband and wife, Rupert’s still a douche for what he did and Kristen was his very willing accomplice.

    • Just Me says:

      +1 StephanieMarie85

      It’s ironic to me that the same group of people who cried about the slutshaming of Kristen Stewart are now slutshaming Liberty Ross over a Halloween costume.

      • Cece says:

        + 1000. I don’t get the hate for the woman who was the victim.

      • LAK says:

        Oddly, the people who are in a lather over her halloween costume fail to notice her premiere dress is see-through. You can clearly see her black bra and knickers.

        I guess since she wasn’t on the gossip radar, no one thought THAT was an issue even though it was broad daylight. The girl has always dressed in a way that shows off her body.

      • teehee says:

        Ha! LOL It goes both ways because its based on an objectification of women. Women can’t do right – they’re either failing at being a saint or failing at being a slut- or rather both at the same time and neither is right- she is supposed to live for herself but thats still not fully defined and therefore not accepted or understood in our society

      • the original bellaluna says:

        LAK – I noticed that straight away, and I’m not even slut-shaming anyone! ;)

      • Just Me says:

        changed my mind. plz delete this. can’t figure out how. thanks :)

      • Angel says:

        teehee says:
        January 26, 2013 at 1:42 pm
        Ha! LOL It goes both ways because its based on an objectification of women. Women can’t do right – they’re either failing at being a saint or failing at being a slut- or rather both at the same time and neither is right- she is supposed to live for herself but thats still not fully defined and therefore not accepted or understood in our society.

        Perfectly stated teehee. Original Sin, we just can’t shake it.

      • Kate says:

        Yeah, I noticed that. And to be honest, my first thought was that she managed the completely sheer look and then K-Stew tried it twice and looked pretty awful.

        I don’t remotely hate her, and I think the slut-shaming’s been disproportionate and unsavoury. But it is pretty weird that she went for this sheer dress thing, too. It isn’t that common, is it?

      • LAK says:

        @Kate – i think it was a thing for all of them because Ktew and Charlize also wore see-through dresses for the premiere.

        I think only Charlize pulled it off.

        @Bella – i am not slut shaming anyone either, but it is an interesting observation. This girl has been in plain site for a long time, she writes a fashion blog for which means she’s been on many a red carpet/pap target for some time after she retired the modelling career.

        Since her husband’s affair moved her from the fashion blogs to the gossip ones, she’s now a famewhore who may possibly also be a slut based on pictorials [as opposed to actions!].

      • Sandy says:

        Not to me. Her entire fandom is full if hypocrites. Not surprising since she’s a pretty big hypocrite herself.

      • Just Me says:

        LAK – YES! THIS!!!! I really, really, really resent the idea that someone is a “slut” or “trashy” or whatever simply based on what they’re wearing. I stopped reading one of the last Liberty threads b/c of the overwhelming misogynistic response (from other women)! It’s a primitive, patriarchal attitude that’s way past it’s expiration date. It makes me really sad to see women talk this way.

        As for Liberty, I can’t even imagine. First your husband cheats on you and then you’re made out to be some sort of whore by the legions of Kristen Stewart/Robsten fans? No, she’s handled this with nothing but grace. I wish nothing but the very best for her.

        Also, just FTR, I’ve never slutshamed anyone. To include Kristen Stewart.

    • LeeLoo says:

      If we’re going to slam Kristen Stewart for the affair, let’s slam her for the fact she’s constantly lied to the media about how far it went and was willing to get involved with a man who married with 2 small children. But I see no reason to call her a slut.

      People do make mistakes and I was very hesitant to get involved in the conversations involving KStew when news of the affair first broke. But I do think a lot of her actions since have proven she is not sorry she did it, she is sorry she got caught. I think referring to any woman for any reason as “dirty” or “slutty” really reinforces misogynistic ideals. Kristen may have made a mistake but instead of owning it all we hear from her is lies and excuses which is why I can’t respect her. Between her shoddy acting, terrible fashion choices and what comes off as entitled bratty behavior during media interviews, I think we have enough to be critical of without having to resort to shaming her sexuality.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Oh, please. She’s not a dirty girl. She’s a young girl who did something stupid and who hopefully learned a lesson from this. This desire to vilify this girl is just silly to me. What she did was wrong absolutely. But she was a 21 year-old girl and he was a 40 year-old married man. She isn’t the first girl to be seduced by and older man and she won;’t be the last.

    • littlestar says:

      I actually thought Liberty Ross looked sexy in her Halloween costume. It may be tight (she has an amazing body btw, I’d show it off too), but she’s showing NO skin at all. Sexy but tasteful.

    • nina says:

      Wow, apparently guys aren’t the only ones who have virgin-whore complexes. Seriously, your comment is amazing to hear out of a woman’s mouth in 2013.

      Kristen’s an idiot for what she did, no doubt. But characterizing the situation like you have basically illustrates what’s wrong with our culture in terms of how we view women and their limited roles as either whore or a virgin mother.

      And I can’t believe others are judging Liberty at the same time for her halloween costume. I feel like I”m in a time warp.

  3. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    By the end of the year, he and KStew will be together.

    Also, on these Twihard posts, there are many references to Kristin’s “team” of handlers/advisors/image consultants. Is this really true? Cause she sure does not seem like she listens to one word of their advice. Maybe she should save her money.

    • debs says:

      I really wonder that too. I thought Rupert and Kristen looked very into each other and she gushed over him in a way she never did with Rob. Had they not gotten caught and caused this scandal, I think he may have quietly gotten divorced and they would’ve hooked up after the last Twilight when (had things gone normally) the attention on her would be much less.

    • LeeLoo says:

      I think you are right. Especially since she and Rob seem very close to done. I would not be surprised at all if she and Sanders took their relationship to a whole new level once his divorce becomes final.

      • Lauren says:

        The mini munching affair is just a glimpse of what was truly transpiring. Liberty tried to make it work..but her hubby is disgusting. Their children will be able to go online and see the mini-coop pics of their father & KS forever. KStew is not worth wrecking your family. I LOVE Robert, forgiving & classy. However, Robert deserves so much better.

    • mln76 says:

      This is what I think too. Out of the four the only one who will be truly damaged by this will be Rob. Liberty has shown herself to be a tough cookie. I think he in effect fell on his sword under pressure from the promotion team to reunite with K-Stew but whatever their real relationship (i think fake or over sold for PR) for the sake of his career it should have ended when those photos came out. Now people will believe he is either a wimp, or a closet case, or some combination of both.

    • LAK says:

      You should change your name to mystic meg because that is going to happen. It’s so predictable.

    • Liv says:

      Oh my, I never thought of that! But it really might happen.

      I wonder how Kristen feels, now knowing that she ruined a marriage. I know, I know, it’s also Sanders fault, but I feel like he’s a jerk anyway, but before this whole mess I wouldn’t have thought of Kristen Stewart as a total manipulative and egoistical bitch.

  4. debs says:

    This really makes Rob look like even more of a wuss. Liberty has 2 kids and was with this guy since she was a teenager, and SHE was brave enough to leave.

    I guess this just killed a lot of conspiracy theories about how the whole affair was staged as PR for Breaking Dawn, huh?

    • FreeSpiritedGirl says:

      I guess Rob is taking it slow. He don’t want a repeat of Kristen wearing his stuff to win him back. I read somewhere she went hysterical when she met Rob at a meeting arranged by the Summit. She cried in front of him like a crazy.

    • keats says:

      Sadly no. You can never prove a conspiracy theorist wrong. They will say the marriage was already failing and they staged it for some kind of reason, and then make fun of you for being so blind.

    • Annie says:

      I doubt things have been perfect between Rob and Kristen. This might just be the kick in the butt he needs, but if it’s not? What a sad man he is.

    • Kimbob says:

      @debs, I’d just like to say you just made an EXCELLENT POINT about Pattinson’s “wuss factor.” Seriously, if a woman w/two children can muster up the courage to leave her cheating husband, surely Pattinson can leave Stewart. Oh well, huh? Yeah, this doesn’t make his move in taking back Kristen look very good at all.

      • judyjudy says:

        I don’t know…a man stepping out on his wife and children is entirely different from a young woman having a fling behind her boyfriends back. It’s a lot easier to forgive indiscretions in a young, possibly open, relationship. Marriage vows seal the deal, dating means “let’s have fun and see what happens”.

        I don’t think Sparkles is a wuss for taking her back. Shoot, I’m sure he’s had indiscretions of his own.

      • LAK says:

        I fail to see how or why Robert is pitted against Liberty and judged harshly as though their fates are twinned and or they made a pact to make similar decisions.

        Relationships have been known to survive affairs.

        What will make Rob look weak is if Kirsten dumps him despite cheating on him and taking her back. He needs to be the dumper.

        For the record, based on her relationship pattern, I do think their relationship is over. She’s always lined up a new relationship before she breaks off the old one. There is always some to/fro before she finally commits to the new relationship. In that sense, I do believe that Kirsten and Rupert should come as no surprise in the near future.

        On the other side, Liberty has given interviews to UK magazines for YEARS discussing the difficulties and sacrifices of marriage and how she had to move to LA for the marriage. I would say, shaky marriage+affair(s) = divorce. I have to say, THIS wasn’t a surprise.

      • Michele says:

        “On the other side, Liberty has given interviews to UK magazines for YEARS discussing the difficulties and sacrifices of marriage and how she had to move to LA for the marriage. I would say, shaky marriage+affair(s) = divorce. I have to say, THIS wasn’t a surprise.”

        I’m not surprised either. I hear she has a new boyfriend already who is very rich and connected in the music industry. She might be wanting to come out now in public as a couple with the new guy in her life.

    • nina says:

      ROb’s not a wuss for staying with someone who cheats with him. That’s life, some people stay, some people don’t. A man is judged much more harshly and like a pussy if he stays, while women are often given more room for forgiveness. Most would have let Liberty go back to her husband without much judgement, but Rob will not be given the same leeway simply because he has a penis.

      That’s a sad double standard.

  5. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Claps for Liberty. I really admire those women who dump their cheater husbands/boyfriends. I wish all the best to her.

    I have a question, why do people cheat? If they’re not happy or satisfied with their partners, why don’t they just divorce them and then go date other people? Why cheat?

    • Kimbob says:

      @FreeSpiritedGirl, I’m also going to give credit where credit is due for Liberty. Good for her!

      Now, as an afterthought, Liberty is not one of my fave people…just not crazy about her…but again, I HAVE to give her her due credit. Kudos to ANY WOMAN who decides to be brave & leave a philandering husband.

      My thoughts on philanderers are pretty much the same as guys who physically abuse women. If they do it ONCE, they’re very much apt to do it AGAIN! Trust, to me, is broken & I would have a very hard time trusting that person again.

    • Rachel R says:

      I used to wonder this, and then I read a study that said that the majority of cheaters aren’t unhappy in their primary relationship. They engaged in the affair for a multitude of reasons, but being unhappy usually isn’t one of them. You can be very much in love with your partner and still cheat on them. Crazy, right???

      • megsie says:

        Strange but true imo. It’s a generalization but still a fairly good rule of thumb that men cheat for fun, for a little ‘strange’ or an ego boost, while women cheat for attention and emotional fulfilment. Wealthy successful men, and Rupert is obviously one, tend to believe they can have their cake (beautiful wife, kids, happy home) and eat it too (fun piece on the side) They seem to feel it’s their due.

    • Annie says:

      Cheating is emotional abuse. Some people make mistakes while others use it to control relationships, test boundries, hurt their partners on purpose because they know they will never leave, etc.

      I think that the reasons why someone cheats can be different depending on each person, but it’s never a good reason other than entitlement, selfishness and lack of respect and true love for your partner. If you forgive them you obviously love them more than they loved you when they walked out on you. That’s the sad truth.

      Kristen knew Rob was crazy about her. She knew he would never leave her. So she didn’t care. She did not care for one minute. She went ahead and did something that hurt him badly. And people call that love.

    • Janet says:

      They cheat because it’s fun and they can get away with it.

      • c'est la vie says:

        In this case, not so much. Repeat after me – mini cooper plus boad daylight nuzzling in front of a pap is a bad, bad idea.

        I wonder if it’s fun for them now.

      • Carolyn says:

        it won’t be fun for Rupert working out a financial/asset split. Wonder if it was all worth it.

        I would suggest a lot of cheating men a) don’t think they would get caught (the mini-coopering happened in front of the paps there goes that argument)
        b) think their partner will take them back
        c) don’t think through the consequences of their actions

        What did Rupert think was going to happen?

        More importantly, are Kristen & Rob contracted to still “be together”

      • nina says:

        unless k/r are mutually bearding for one another, I don’t really get how people think them being together is needed this late in the game. The argument that they need to stay together for dvd sales is absurd. Twilight’s grossed the same amount for the last four movies, ditto with the dvd sales. The fanbase is substantial and loyal, and nonfans are just not interested so it’s never gotten a bump or a dip eitehr way. So to think people are being stuck together when box office history strongly supports the fact their whatevership doesn’t affect sales ultimately is nutsy.

  6. Amelia says:

    Well there’s a surprise.
    Although I think it’s been a long time coming, Liberty has been getting papped left, right and centre lately. It seems like the past 6 months have been a lesson in how to prepare for a rebranding after being cheated on.
    Roll on the next Twipocalypse.

  7. CTgirl says:

    Another nail in the coffin of KS’s short and inglorious career. If RS and LR has stayed together there was a chance for KS to get out of this without having long term damage to her career. She can’t seem to overcome her angsty, surly, twitchy, Trampire nature. I guess this is the authentic and real KS.

  8. Roma says:

    If this news doesn’t expose Kristen Stewart as the liar and cheat that she is, and will remain, I don’t know what does.

    People don’t make the kind of apologies she and Sanders did without sex being involved, and a woman does not leave her husband with two young children over petting or mere kissing.

    Any suggestion that Stewart was abused or didn’t have sex is PR trotted out to keep her deluded fans happy.

    Stewart was clearly in a sexually intimate, consensual relationship with Sanders. This idea that she was lured or compelled into cheating is an insult to the millions of truly abused children who really don’™t have a choice.

    Stewart’s deception, entitlement and total lack of integrity, are not only completely at odds with every interview she gives, but also the principles Pattinson says he lives by.

    In time, he may realize the extent of the compromise he has made.

    If those pictures hadn’€™t come out in July, Stewart sand Sanders would still be lying to their partners and dealing a fatal blow to a family with two children at stake. So if there’s any pity going around, save it for them.

    When will people realize Stewart and Sanders, but mainly Stewart, since the story came from her camp, not only insulted their partners’ trust with their lies – but also their intelligence?

    • Perplexed says:

      I now wonder how soon KS will take off for Adelaide.

    • Annie says:

      Of course there was sex, and what’s worse, there was intimacy and closeness. Those public apologies were desperate as hell, and I would’ve loved nothing more than for Rob to have the balls to move on. But she has those balls in a jar somewhere.

      I always thought if they ever broke up it would because she’s dump him for someone rlse like she did to Michael Angarano. Never though she would stoop to this level.

    • ray says:

      Her level of lies is something on a high level. How she goes about being anti-makeup and all.
      I saw close pics of her.. really freckled and little rinkle on forhead. She certainly wears makeup most of the time. not that its bad but why lie. Makes me think either she is a little disturbed in head or utterly morally depraved.

    • LeeLoo says:

      See that’s the thing. If Kristen handled it with a simple “I screwed up” and didn’t lie to the media and showed an ounce of humility then I think 90% of us would have moved on. I think the worst part about it is that she hasn’t shown any humility and has lied time and time again about what’s happened. It is further proof she is only sorry she got caught. If you compound that with the facts of what got her into this mess in the first place and the fact that a family was ruined due to her actions.

      The other part that gets my goat is that I am of the opinion KStew’s PR team and those around her bullied Rob into reconciling. While I have never 100% bought the idea that this was a PR relationship, I do think that their reconciliation is a PR stunt that Kristen’s team manipulated him or pressured him into. Yes, Rob could have said no but I get the feeling he wasn’t given a lot of room to breathe and was still in denial about what went down. Who can blame him?

      • Sandy says:

        He was in an impossible situation. I don’t blame him for the decision he made, he didn’t really have another option for many reasons. They aren’t in the throes of the Twilight experience anymore and whatever debt he may have felt he owed her has been sufficiently repaid. No matter how horrible a person was to you, it is difficult to see a person you love being raked over the coals. Ironically, the backlash she received just made him feel sorry for her and want to protect her. Her lack of remorse is so off-putting and not something she could afford, since most people outside of the Twilight lunatics didn’t like her. Everything about how she handled this was very poor. Sometimes love isn’t enough. Time will tell.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Oh no doubt. Like I have said several times before: it is 100% up to Rob how he chooses to handle this situation. Whatever his reasons are for taking KS back are his business. But on one end we get all these photos of her wearing his clothes, stories of her mom convincing him to forgive her, her PR team immediately saying that he’s forgiven her and all is well. Some of the stories may not be true but it does seem like there was a lot of pressure on her end to convince him to reconcile. If that is the case, and it may not be, then I think it was terrible move on her team to put the pressure on him like that.

    • Mel says:


      RAY, Why are you attacking Roma because she edited her comment? We all do it and that’s what the edit function is for.If you weren’t so damn eager to jump all over her (even after she DIDN’T attack you), you would have responded to the right comment at the right time.

      I wish Liberty all the best. She can hold her head high. Kristen and Sanders should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Tessa says:

    Are Kristen’s stans still sure that it was just one little innocent kiss?

    Marriage wrecked. Children now in a broken home. Yes, this is Rupert’s fault, of course, but damn Kristen didn’t help.

    Rob looks like the biggest fool of all though, in this entire thing. He comes off the worst. Go figure.

  10. lesson learned says:

    In a twisted way what is happening to Kristen is a great lesson for girls to learn. You help a old perv get his thrills & you end up getting all the backlash. I seriously think this has definitely ruined Kristen’s career & image. She was being give everything so easily. I don’t think she is a good actress at all but still had time to learn her craft. But she was so cocky & took credit for everything. I hope atleast now women have more self respect for themselves than to become just another notch in a guys bed post.

    • Annie says:

      I’ve been saying this all along. Society treats women worse for the same mistakes. It’s just not worth it. Those who advice girls to be free, sleep around, be “badass” etc are giving them really bad advice. The judgement and allienation of society it’s not worth it.

      Now with this divorce Kristen is now officially branded as a homewrecker. 5 projects gone in six months. At this point only her crazy fans think she’s great.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        Just to say also, that I agree that men do get away with a lot more stuff than women, especially when it comes to sex and the like.

        But as my mom tells me, now that I am eighteen I have to think about how people view each other, especially women. If we see a woman walking down the street in a dress that shows off all her goods, then people will talk. They will say that she’s a tramp, whore, etc. Whether or not she is doesn’t matter. A good example is Ice T’s wife Coco

        I think what we should teach our young people is that what you wear will get you a reaction and you will be judged. For good or for bad. If you wear a miniskirt, or a guy wears pants hanging down to his knees, you will not be thought of as very intelligent, even if you are.

        So I think that’s what’s missing from us young people today. We don’t really think, as a whole. We do what we want, because we are special and they’ll just have to accept us. That’s a problem for boys and girls today, everything has to be catered to them.

    • Mr.Smurf says:

      I don’t think her career is ruined because she cheated, albeit with a married father and alienating some of her fan base. Many, many people have cheated.

      It’s the fact that she just has a downright nasty attitude, when it comes to her “craft” and her image. Kristen Stewart reminds me of my bratty little sister, who thinks she is right about everything, that the whole world is out to get her.

      Because of this scandal (and the fifty pictures of her and Sanders that I laughed over), she’s given all of the producers reason enough not to hire her. They were willing to hire her because she was Bella Swan, now that it’s over and a lot of her fanbase isn’t happy with her, who’s going to want to hire her?

      The simple fact is, she isn’t a good actress. That trumps everything. She just can’t act. I very rarely notice mannerisms that actors use to show emotion, but with Stewart I notice EVERY SINGLE TIME she rolls her eyes or bites her lip. Calling her lip biter is not an exaggeration. She does it every single movie she’s in.

      Also, not only did she cheat, it wasn’t for love. This isn’t Angelina and Bad, or Tom and Rita…she essentially threw away a four year relationship for some kind of cheap thrill….”I want something to fuck me over..” Ring any bells?

      In a nutshell, she probably wasn’t very well liked by many people in the industry, especially with her going to many red carpets not dressed properly (see through Ermad dress?), looking like she doesn’t want to be there, complaining about other actors who can actually do their job (like cry on cue…that’s boring and not “real” in her world), and just an all around arrogant poseur.

      People put up with her for these few years because she had Twilight, and they had to suck up to her.

      If you ask me, she needs to learn some humility fast, especially on camera, before she scares away the rest of her fans. If I was her, I’d be bending over backwards to sign autographs with my fans, and other things like that. Not get all pissy when an interviewer asks me if me and my Sparkly boyfriend are together and say “Funny you mention that, keep ‘em guessing I always say”.

      This being said, she’s entertaining for a teenager like me, who is always relieved to see that I’m not as big a brat as I think I am sometimes.

      • TG says:

        Wow @Mr. Smurf – You bring up some very good points and if you really are a teenager, I am impressed that you are able to grasp so much that is going on in this scenario. I have been wondering though about the end of her career thing due to her affair with a married director. Because I have been thinking about all the really bad things some celebs have done (Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Demi Moore (Demi’s is just plain embarrassing) and their careers seem fine and not hurt by all the nonesense that gets written about them. I am starting to think that the only celebs whose career ever ends prematurely are the ones where the hollywood players (directors, producers, and other powerful people) decide that they don’t like you and then you don’t get work, etc. and your career ends. I mean by all accounts Jusitn Timberlake is one of the biggest douches on the planet, not to mention a horrible actor yet that a*sshole has Jay-Z doing an album with him and helping him promote it so all his antics hasn’t seemed to hurt him since the Insiders are still willing to work with him, same goes for Halle Berry and I just saw Demi Moore on Jimmy Kimmel.

        The other important thing to remember is that K-Stew never needs to work again so even if her career is over (which I would be happy if it was) she can enjoy a luxurious retirement smoking whatever she wants all day long.

      • Janet says:

        Props to your mama. Sounds like she did a very good job raising you.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        To TG and Janet:

        I know that she could quite all together and just spend her days doing whatever, but I don’t think she will.

        To me, she’s the cleaner, less disgusting version of Lindsey Lohan. I think that she wants to be famous, not a good actor. For someone who is famous for saying how much they hate fame, she certainly does a lot of non-acting related jobs.

        That being said, I don’t think she’s really a famewhore…she’s a poseur. She wants to be the ORIGIONAL, she wants to be seen as hardcore, and doesn’t care what people think. I think she wants to be know for being hardcore, than being a good, dependable, reliable actor.

        As for Halle’s, Demi’s, and Tom’s careers not really being affected (which I think they have to an extent, not as bad as KS’s), they are already established and have paid their dues.
        Kristen seems to forget that in the real world, she is kind of like the person underneath the manager at Burger King.

        Yeah, she’s more visible than the other workers, she gets paid more, but she still is UNDER the manager. Meaning she needs to not screw this up.

        I mean if you were a producer or a director, would you really want to hire someone who openly mocks other actors for being able to do their job and not act like they’re curing cancer? I wouldn’t. She seriously needs to realize that she is one in a million, that there are millions of girls who are much more talented and would take her place in an instant.

        I know that’s what her issues are going to be, regarding her future in Hollywood. When my mom was watching Snow White and the Huntsman, we talked about it. The first thing my mom said was that why weren’t people going after the director who was older and married…why was she getting all the backlash?

        I told her it was because the guy isn’t that well known, and he doesn’t have a (long standing..years long)reputation for being unprofessional and a douche(that we know of).

        Kristen on the other hand is not even a good actress, very smug and arrogant towards other, more experienced, and talented actors and actresses, and is very unprofessional.

        In a nutshell, I told my mom that it was because of her attitude…now that Twilight is over and she alienated a huge fanbase, many producers and directors aren’t going to want to take a risk hiring her. She isn’t talented, she’s making bad pr moves with how she handled the affair blowback (now she’s playing nice, wearing see through dresses), and the producers don’t want to take that chance.

        She needs to lay low, take more than a few acting classes, maybe take some college courses as well. She absolutely drives me crazy, because as someone who is five years younger (I turned 18 in December), I hate to think that she is our future.

        I am a reasonably intelligent girl, but she makes me look like a genius. Do you know how I’d run my image? For one, whenever I would do an interview, I’d make sure I have all the questions before, so I won’t look like an idiot when answering them. I’d show up on a red carpet wearing something that is age appropriate (but probably more conservative in generally, because I don’t like showing off skin..I wear jeans, tshirt, and a sweatshirt almost every day to school) and in touch with my personal style (she should wear lower heels or flats with her gowns, and wear NICE matching tennis shoes with her shorter dresses, if she has to)
        , and actually look like I want to be there (which shouldn’t be too hard because you’re getting PAID to be there).

        That’s what I hate about her..she looks miserable almost all the time. I could see if it was once in a while, whenever she was just having a bad day, but it’s constant. It would be better if she didn’t show up at all.

        If I was in her position, I would go all Daniel Day Lewis on everyone. I’d be out of LA so fast, everyone’s heads would spin.

        Actually I’m lying, I’d leave just to go to Ireland and stalk DDL. I wonder how many relationships he’s left (I know he was pretty bad when he was younger) because the person wanted to be papped with him? Crazy people..if I had a shot at DDL, or Joaquin, or the Hardy dong, or anyone else like that I’d keep my mouth shut so tight…I’d be denying the kid was his even if there was a DNA test and he was on my arm. I’m just sayin’.

        Anyway sorry for a really long post, as you can see I’ve been doing nothing but checking up on this thread all day, seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere.
        Post away, ladies!

      • LeeLoo says:

        Mr Smurf if you are a teen then maybe the world isn’t as doomed as I think it is.

        One thing to remember though is that Kristen’s mom is a popular screenwriter/script doctor/director/producer in Hollywood. Her dad is a camera tech who is known for helping get those difficult shots. My theory for a long time has been that KStew wanted a Hollywood career and her mom called in every last favor, bribe and probably made some unsavory deals to make that happen. My point is, her parents earned their lucrative Hollywood careers and are very friendly with studio execs. Whether the story itself is true, I’ve always thought gossip mags have a pretty good sense of the topic celebrity’s personality and Kristen has always come off as someone who expects everything to be given to her whether or not she has actually earned it. This girl has never had to actually earn anything in life. If she wants something, she expects to get it. If person A won’t give it to her she will work her way through the alphabet until someone gives her what she wants. What an empty and meaningless way to live.

      • Sandy says:

        This is a reply to this post and to the post below that I can’t respond to. Your parents did a very good job raising you and I think it’s cute that you are so knowledgeable about the Hollywood game. Its good to know that a mature, articulate 18 year-old can see whats happening. There are so many factors involved in the demise of her career, it’s not even funny. Most of it comes down to youth, arrogance and plain entitlement. She was able to get away with it for a long time because of Twilight but that is no longer the case. If there was one person who could not afford a cheating scandal with her older, married director with two small kids, it was her. You marked her correctly as a poseur. For someone that claims to live her life honestly and genuinely and to not play the Hollywood game, she sure had no problem sleeping with her married director. Thats not very honest and a total cliche. The other people who have survived scandal have proven talent and are known for their talent first. She was a divisive figure back when she had a large twilight-related fanbase, now she has alienated a large part of those people. On the Road was publicized and billed as her movie even though she plays a minor part in it and it completely bombed. She did publicity for that movie at a time when she really needed to be keeping herself out of the papers. Then she makes comments congratulating herself for her ability to be a good judge of character. Is that what a person says after doing what she did? She employs a PR team but they are no good to you if you don’t let them do their job. I’m starting to think she is just not smart. I think she will have a future in acting, but it won’t be what she was envisioning earlier this year. I also don’t think it’s out of the question that she resume her relationship with Sanders. What they had would have had to have been intense and all-consuming to risk exposure acting like they did. Again, not smart. Studios and producers don’t care what you do as long as you show up to work and are discreet with your more unscrupulous activities. This is the second time she’s been photographed doing something “unsavory”. At the worst possible time. Smoking pot on your front step the day your movie comes out – just dumb. So you have a girl who hasn’t proven she can act her way through a movie as a lead character, is a tabloid magnet and has a reputation of being difficult with directors (unless she is sleeping with them obviously). She looks miserable on the red carpet and views being prepared for interviews as being fake. Claims to not want attention yet wears hideous, revealing outfits that arent even fitted appropriately so she can be in all the headlines the next day. sometimes, when you do something wrong and hurt other people you have to take your lumps. She doesnt want to do that. She is too much trouble and there are better actresses out there. I think her career as she knew it is done. She was striving for A-list and i dont see it. It takes more than ambition, it takes smarts. For many reasons, but chiefly because she is her own worst enemy. There is not an A-list actor out there that would sign up for this nonsense. I’m not too worried about Sparkles. I get the sense if his acting career fizzled out he’d be happy playing guitars and drinking beer.

      • LAK says:

        Mr Smurf – i wish i were still as idealist as you are.

        I come on CB to snark because i am tired of the BS.

        Sadly, in the real world of Hollywood, bad behaviour is not enough to stop a career dead if the box office is still working. look at all the badly behaving people from Elizabeth Taylor [took her best friend's husband, dumped him for a married man....all during super conservative times] through to [porn loving prostitute hiring druggie] Charlie Sheen. Heck, a child rape conviction hasn’t stopped Roman Polanski. ditto Woody Allen marrying his own step child. Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy being caught with prostitutes etc. The list is long and endless of people who have done reprehensible things, but if the industry sticks by them, usually because they still bring in money, no amount of tabloid gossip is going to kill their career. I wish talent was enough to sustain a career but there are many unemployed actors or even modestly employed ones who are super talented or despite their good work don’t achieve the results that is predicted for their BO and so they fade away.

        Further, indies are rated differently so what looks like a failure to the audience, actually isn’t depending on the overall financials and or whether they are aiming for a crowd pleaser [those pesky blockbusers] or Art house [things like COSMOPOLIS].

        So far, Ktew’s efforts haven’t flopped, and both her franchises [i am including SWATH here] have pulled in the numbers whilst her Indies have broken even.

        In terms of professionalism, no one who has worked with her has a bad word to say about her meaning industry is still on her side.

        This isn’t Lilo.

        Kstew’s career is fine. for now.

      • Mr.Smurf says:


        My whole point was is that she is a terrible actress…at best she is an average performer. She should be worried about her career. With people like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence beside her, it’s obvious who’s good and who isn’t.

        Because she is a mediocre actress, who just alienated a huge fan base…there was a twilight fan who put a video up on youtube CRYING about Stewart’s cheating…she should be worried about whether or not she’s going to be getting good jobs, in the future. I have no doubt that she will be getting jobs, but probably not the high profile ones, unless she steps up her game and learns some humility and self depreciation.

        IF I was a producer thinking about hiring her, I’d learn two things: one, she can’t act to save her life and two, she has this nasty habit of throwing people who aren’t “real” under the bus whenever she feels like it…i.e. she isn’t someone I feel would add to the movie.

        I don’t know who her people are, but they should be fired. All they helped her do was ruin her image even more….which wasn’t good in the first place. Anyone who reads gossip, besides the die hard twilight fans know that she’s a snot. She reminds me of so many little girls at my school, it’s not even funny.

        I may be wrong in thinking that she won’t have a big career after this. I acknowledge that. But she’s going to have to get some acting classes, some humility and awareness, and some hard, hard lessons before I feel that will happen.
        She could pull a Sienna Miller on us all. I hope so. I don’t actively hate her, I just wish that she would grow up like so many people her age have to do, and realize what an amazing opportunity she has in her disposal.

    • LeeLoo says:

      LAK, Hollywood will turn a blind eye to what people do IF said person has talent. Polanski is a famous director who directed some critically acclaimed movies and people want to work with him due to his artistic brilliance despite the fact he raped a 13 y/o girl. RDJ was a f***ing mess in the 90s but even at his lowest points, no one could deny he was an amazing actor even when he was high as a kite.

      Kristen Stewart does not have the talent to back up her bad behavior. I mean how many times have you seen memes regarding her acting range? Her acting has been ridiculed for quite some time. It would be one thing if she were trying to improve her acting but her attitude, her affair and On the Road’s dismal performance make me agree with Mr. Smurf.

      • LAK says:

        Leeloo @ Mr Smurff – I have no opinion on Kirsten’s talent as i have only seen her in TWILIGHT [1&2], so i will take your word and judgement of her talent.

        With regards my point, talent is ONLY a very small fraction of the equation. If it was just about talent, People like Jessica Biel and Eva Mendez would never get a look in, and Jessica Chastain would never have struggled for all those years. Marisa Tomei would never have faded away.

        It’s about the industry standing behind you and supporting you no matter what scrapes you get in, box office helping in that opinion and having a good PR agent.

        For the examples i have given,

        1. Elizabeth Taylor is retrospectively regarded as a talented actress, but her career was dead in the water after the combined Fisher/Burton scandals. If you read up on those two scandals, ET was vilified everywhere from Hollywood to the Vatican. Only her near death from one of her many illnesses saved her career as the public mood switched from scandal to sympathy. There is a strain of thought THAT particular incident of illness was PR exaggerated to save her career.

        2. Woody Allen -In the aftermath of the scandal, he couldn’t get his films financed in USA. Why do you think he switched to setting them Abroad? That’s part of the financing structure, and even so he had to lie low for several years.

        3. Polanski – was saved by heavy lobbying from Jack Nicholson and his cronies, who continue to lobby for him today to have the conviction quashed. enlisting the victim to speak up for him so the public isn’t as scandalised as it used to be. Ditto RDJ who was backed by Sean Penn and Mel Gibson, both at the height of their powers during RDJ’s worst years. And why Mel Gibson hasn’t quite been run out of town. Give it a few years and Mel will be back on top. These 3 people are classic examples of industry standing behind a person no matter what scrapes they get into.

        4. Charlie Sheen – despite the drugs, and i honestly don’t think he was as drugged out crazy as he appeared to be, is sitting on the most incredible TV deal. Companies were paying to attach themselves to the crazy train while it was happening – his current TV deal is a direct result of that.

        5. let’s not forget Arnold Swarzzenegger [sp] That child scandal should have made his comeback a non starter, but he is a BO pleaser, so he gets his comeback. i am sure we don’t need to discuss any talent he may have.

        I think in terms of her PR, it was right that KStew capitulated as publicly as she did. If she had gone into hiding rather than do press for ON THE ROAD, that would have put her in the unprofessional category and THAT is deemed more unforgiveable than the actual scandal in Hollywood terms.

        I also think it is right for her to maintain the PR constructed image of her as a surly relunctant star because the opposite would have been so false given her usual image.

        In terms of her overall career, only time will tell if she makes it to super A list. Franchise fans don’t always translate into overall movie fans. They may just be fans of the concept and want to see it realised.

        I tend to operate a wait and see policy for all these genre franchise actors post their franchises. Ditto any unknown actor who becomes an overnight success based on one film. It usually takes a few yrs for the dust to settle.

      • LeeLoo says:


        The thing about it is that all of the people you mentioned have talent and are considered brilliant. I personally can’t stand Woody Allen’s humor or his movies but people LOVE him. Charlie Sheen is considered hilarious by many (and his dad being Martin Sheen probably is a huge help). You never hear a single scandalous thing about Eva Mendes or Jessica Biel two B-list actresses at best because both know darn well to keep their noses clean if they still want to be considered for jobs by studio execs. Neither of them are PR disasters.

        All I am saying is that KStew does not have the talent nor enough successful movies to back up her poor behavior and PR disasters. She doesn’t have the likebility icon status Elizabeth Taylor had. Even the icons had to pay penance for their actions. ET and Richard Burton’s flames began to die out in the 70s. Allen’s films don’t rake in as much as they used to. Anger Management is failing for Charlie. With Kristen there is more than just making out with a dude in a mini-coop. There’s a string of failed movies, bad fashion choices and surly attitude with the public. The mini-coop is just icing on the cake for ending her career.

  11. Vivian says:

    Ummm… Glad for Liberty to move on and get rid of the lousy husband. Blame the man for stepping out of his marriage! K.stew is an idiot and while she contributed to the end of this marriage; I can’t stand ppl. placing all the blame on her. Also who cares what deeds were done by R and K; they cheated all the same…enough of this kiss or sex debate.

    • Melissa says:

      I think Rupert had cheated on his wife before but Kristen was the final straw. Liberty has the fashion people in her corner. If you read the fashion blog and magazines, everyone likes her. Attitude really makes a difference. Kristen has alot of rebranding to do.

    • Annie says:

      Can we not take away a woman’s responsibility in things like these please? She’s just as awful because she knew he was married, she knew he had kids, she didn’t have to indulge, she didn’t have to play along. She’s not completely blameless here. She helped him cheat on the woman who had invited her to her home. A man who she worked with.

      And yes, she wrecked a home because it wasn’t just a one night stand here. Rupert was totally enamoured with her and you can tell by the way he shot the movie and her scenes. When it’s an actual affair carried out for months, yes, you are at fault if they divorce because it’s not like he was going to have an affair of the same magnitude with anyone else. He was in love with you and you let it happen. This would not have happened if she had said no.

      Yeah he maybe cheats around but an actual affair like this? Doubtful. He seemed really into her.

    • mln76 says:

      I agree with you except (and I am surprised that no one brought it up) she was friendly with Liberty and that is just a whole other level of crappy behavior which she is responsible for.

      • Janet says:

        mln, thanks for bringing that up. Cheating on her boyfriend with a married guy was bad enough; shanking his wife in the back by feigning friendship and then boning her husband was inexcusable. She’s a treacherous bitch. I almost wish Lilberty had filed for divorce in Britain where there is no no-fault; she could have divorced him there for adultery and named the trampire as the co-respondent. But I think she wants to get this done with as little hurt to the children as possible.

        And get this: now Sanders wants to SPLIT THE F*CKING LEGAL FEES?!!? I hope she takes his ass to the cleaners and wipes him out. Old Chinese proverb says don’t get mad, get EVERYTHING!

    • LeeLoo says:

      I do agree that Rupert deserves to take the blame for his actions. But Kristen knowingly carried on with a man who had a wife and 2 kids at home. I did some stupid and crazy things as a teen and young adult but there was never an age where I would have felt okay being intimate with a man who I knew was married. It is Rupert’s fault he lost Liberty for initating an affair with KStew but KStew could have easily rejected his advances. From the pictures they showed she was an obvious willing participant. Throw the shade equally.

  12. jamie says:

    I’ll always think KStew’s people handled this exactly wrong. Assuring people over and over again that she and Rob are stronger than ever and so happy is not going to endear her to the public when the woman whose husband she hooked up with is filing for divorce.

    A BD2 promo tour with Kristen seeming a little unsure and humble, with uncertainty if she and Rob had patched things up, would’ve done much more for her public image. Instead, from the minute she showed her face in public, we were being told Rob had already taken her back and the affair was no big. The public doesn’t like feeling like people haven’t had consequences for their actions. And I think it’s a big reason why people still just don’t like her. Her team has made her look like she had an affair for no good reason (because Rob is her soulmate and their love is PERFECT) and that she didn’t even have to fight to save her relationship. That’s not a satisfying narrative for anyone but a Twihard. To everyone else, it just makes her look like an unfeeling wench.

    • Lara says:

      MTE. And they keep doing it wrong. Issuing a “All is fine” statement via E! just before this news hit & reassuring shippers that Kristen is heading to Australia soon? This only proves Kristen is still in contact with Rupert and hence why they knew beforehand.

    • Tessa says:

      So very well said. My thoughts exactly. Kristen never suffered, and a woman lost her husband and her family is broken. Kristen’s walking around HALF NAKED, cooing and fawning over Rob, her publicist telling anyone who will listen how hot and desperate they are for each other, and we’re supposed to be endeared to Kristen by this? She gets her man back, no question, and the wife of the man she slept with is suffering? Only idiots who have very shallow feelings would see the stunt Rob and Kristen are pulling as endearing. It’s gross and inappropriate.
      Rob and Kristen and all of the people in their circle are assholes.

    • Annie says:

      Yup! Dangling the reunion with endless press releases to E! just to appease a fan base and sell movie tickets while this woman is struggling through couples therapy? Tactless and shameless. This is hurting Kristen the most. The entire thing this was handled is why she’s losing jobs.

      Now please Kristen, call the paps, fly to Australia and show the world (while wearing his clothes) that this divorce filing doesn’t phase you guys, you’re stronger than even and you’re visiting him because he’s not considering leaving you just because one marriage is wrecked.

      The utter lack of shame here is astounding. Makes me not like Rob anymore because he is playing along.

      • kay says:

        You don’t get it do you. Nobody cares about Rupert and Liberty. These people are strangers. Do you feel sorry for strangers who got divorced. No you wouldn’t, you would say “what a shame” but you wouldn’t give it a second thought. Kristen and Rob’s fans care about them as a couple. They want the couple to survive inspite of the scandal. Now that maybe delusional,but this has been R and K bread and butter audience so they cater to these people

    • Jenny says:

      So true. Well put. Her team seems incompetent to say the least and KS isn’t bright enough to help herself through this mess she created.

    • c'est la vie says:

      I just can’t wait for the whole mini coopering mess (along with graphic pics, thank you very much Us Weekly for burning those into my unwilling brain) to end. Finis.

      It looks like it’s finally on it’s way.

      Thank God.

      It’ll still take me months to forget pics of a messy KStew with dirty bare feet sitting on her front porch smoking a bowl (pure class and a very smart move), screaming at her personal trainer (she looks lovely) and rubbing up and down against Sanders like he’s a catnip post. Again in her dirty sweats. The sooner the paps lose interest the better for me. She’s classless.

  13. Rita says:

    Holy cryptic cave Kaiser, you just blew my mind with “Vampire Vadge”. Never thought about that. The images are….kink to the max.

  14. jess says:

    I doubt Kristen was the only one he ever cheated with, Im sure there were more. As for Liberty, there is something about her I dont like. I think she is enjoying all the attention she has gotton over the past 6 months. I USED to like Kristen but I cant take anything she says or does seriously anymore. I always liked her and Rob together but now Im wondering if she got back with him to save her image or that she really loves him.

    I dont think Rob is a pussy for taking her back. I think he really loves her and wants to make things work. I think it will be really interesting to see if Kristen and Rob break up now that Rupert is single.

    • Cece says:

      You “think” she likes the attention??? That’s your reason for disliking her? First of all, there is no evidence that she welcomed the attention, and she was already a public figure. And even if she did like the attention, cutting her a fricking break. She’s been battered by these two, the husband who was supposed to love her and the woman who called her a friend and spent time with her children. Maybe she was enjoying the attention and the sympathy — she sure as hell deserved it and more.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      I can’t think of a woman alive who would enjoy attention attached to her husband sleeping with a much younger woman, as she herself is in her 30s, and in a career that makes that age geriatric. It’s utterly humiliating. She’s held her head up and refused to be victimised, but let’s not kid ourselves – she’s been made to look a fool, her kids are now from a broken home, and her husband betrayed her in the most public of ways.

      I have no idea what she’s like, but I can’t dislike someone who has been put in that position. I admire the style she’s demonstrated in handling it.

  15. booboocita says:

    Years ago, I watched Paul Bettany on Leno say that he had no movie projects at the time, and his wife Jennifer Connelly was filming a movie in South Africa, so after the interview, he was getting on a plane with his kids to Johannesburg, where he was going to be “set bitch.” Leno laughed and asked what that was, and Paul (so very, very attractive) said that the set bitch was someone who was married to or dating one of the actors on set, but had no relationship to the movie being filmed other than that, and basically just hung around, keeping the actor company. Depending on how hard Stewart wants to keep Pattinson, I figure she’ll be set bitch for a few months at least, or not at all. Aside from Snow White 2, I don’t think she has anything going on, so at least she’ll have plenty of time to do so.

    Good for Liberty. Without knowing anything about her career or future plans, she seems to carry herself with dignity and discretion, at least in public. And I admire a woman who doesn’t insist on hashing out her marital problems through her kids. She hasn’t been all over the tabloids with little confessionals; she keeps it quiet. She gave it the ol’ college try with counseling, and now she’s moving forward. Good luck to her, I say.

  16. Lilly says:

    Liberty is stunning and strong! Thank goodness she is leaving his ass. Rob should follow in her footsteps and dump the trash on the corner. Rupert and kristen deserve each other! Two cheaters!

  17. Tig says:

    I really believe there is just a bit more dirt to drop- a kind of kiss off gift from Liberty or a pal who leaks to US mag or a website.

    I am glad Rob is in Oz- and if KS is on a plane, if he had a brain in his head, he will tell her- don’t care where you go, but don’t come here. He should be done with saving her sorry self.

    And wouldn’t be great if she is papped with RS- at that point, I think she would lose to Janelle (the nutso Teen Mon) in a popularity contest

  18. Maria says:

    That just comes out to diminish Kstews chances for an Oscar!

    oh wait…

    Twihards will spin it their way anyway. Im glad she had the balls to divorce him finally. good for her. also teaches her children a lesson about trust and other peoples feelings.
    take note robert.

  19. Lara says:

    Well, this makes Rob look really bad. When the married woman, mother of 2 knows better and moves on but the unmarried, young guy stays, it only shows just how f’ed up the guy must be. The longer he stays, the more his career and image will suffer too. And if he thinks that photo ops in Australia showing everything is fine between them is the way to go from here, he’s more stupid that I thought.

  20. LeeLoo says:

    If all the photos from the past 6 months mean anything, I think it is safe to say that Rob is just not that into Kristen anymore. As immature as it sounds, I seriously believe that one of the reasons Rob took Kristen back is because he intends screw Kristen over by sleeping with as many women as possible. I don’t think he’s as much of a wuss as people think. It’s pretty obvious that he and Kstew are over, just not offically. Rob’s career will skyrocket and hopefully Kristen will be a has-been.
    Let’s face it, Kristin is a spoiled, lying brat. Her producer mom bought her Hollywood career for her. However, I don’t believe she should be the one getting dumped on and shouldering all of the blame for the affair. It takes two to tango when it comes to having sex. I really think the shade needs to be thrown equally at both parties.

    But I do believe this is the correct decision for Liberty Ross to be making. I think it is admirable that she gave herself 6 months to figure out this mess and I admire her optimism throughout the entire ordeal.

    • Mi says:

      I don’t think that Robert cheating on her in the past,because cheating men don’t forgive when women cheats and for sure not taking unfaithful woman back;they just move to another and another woman.IMO he’s just in love with her and he wants to be in relationship with her no matter what.I think it’s because of some kind of safety,or sex he loves and Kristen agrees to make,or food(she’s a very good cook)or he thinks she is the only person that understands him.Who knows.

      • Sarah says:

        I think you’re right. Rob may have all this success but he does not have a normal life right now and he has no one other than Kristen to share it. Think about it, how can he really start a new relationship or even trust that the new person he dates will not spill his secrets, use him for his fame, or hurt him worse than K has? We alway think famous actors have it made but they have no privacy and their life is not easy because everyone is watching what they do. I feel bad for R. He doesn’t deserve any of the ridicule he gets because of K.

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Mi I think you slightly misconstrued what I was say. I also was barely awake when I wrote this so I also wasn’t writing clearly.

        I meant that I could see Rob cheating on Kristen while he’s filming his new movie in Oz or dumping Kristen for a new up and coming Aussie actress and he would do in such a way to teach Kristen a lesson. It sounds quite immature from my point of view but neither KStew or RPatz strike me as mature human beings, especially as both are child actors and I tend to think the majority of child/teen actors are never equipped to deal things in an emotionally mature fashion.

        @Sarah I do agree that if Rob and Kristen stay together it will be for the reasons you have stated and that is exactly why Rob took her back. I don’t tend to judge people who decide to forgive a cheating partner. I may give my opinion that it is a bad plan but I don’t think Rob is a wuss for taking Kristen back, whatever his reasons are. I like to think he made a thoughtful decision and he had his reasons for making that decision (or Twilight producers paid him a boatload of money to suck it up, not sure which). But either way, no one is ever weak for forgiving someone who seriously violated their trust. No one is a bad person for leaving their partner either. I can’t judge either way, I think anyone in that situation can be brave. As a celebrity, Rob has a lot on his plate. Finding someone who is going to love him for who he is and not for his money or celebrity status is going to be a long road and it may not be a road he wants to go down again. I do think most gossip has grains of truth and from the overall tones of the stories and photos we’ve seen, I tend to believe Rob is having a very hard time trusting her and that their relationship is over.

    • Anname says:

      So not being a wuss means taking revenge? That is such a childish idea – you hurt me so I am going to hurt you worse. Yuck.

      To me not being a wuss means someone who is going to do what HE chooses, not what he thinks others expect him to do, even if it is the harder choice.

      • mary says:

        lol, I can’t with you people who try to act like staying with a cheater is an act of bravery. Would you be applauding Liberty for her “courage” if she stayed with Rupert?

        Face it, staying with Kristen and not having to reevaluate his living arrangements, pet ownership, dividing friends, taking a chance that the next girl he dates won’t sell him out to the tabs, THAT’S the easy choice. Because he’s too big of a coward to take a chance and move on.

      • Anname says:

        Mary, do you think Rob has had it easy staying with her? He knows what everyone is saying, he knows the hit his image is taking. I think it would have been far easier for him to split with her. But he didn’t. I don’t know how you can’t see that takes a bit of fearlessness.

        Re cheating spouses, neither decision is easy, staying or leaving. There is not a right or wrong, and each situation is so individual, you can’t really make blanket statements like one is better than the other.

      • mary says:

        As you shippers like to point out, his public image isn’t his real life. So do I think it’s easier for him to deal with 20 seconds of paparazzi harassment every couple months and a bunch of bloggers making fun of him than to leave a 4 year relationship, decide if he should stay in L.A., cut off contact with a ton of their friends, figure out who keeps their dogs, and risk the dating scene full of women just waiting to sell him out? Yes, I do think he made the easier choice, the complacent choice, the lazy choice.

        I have no doubt he thinks this will all die down and he can continue on with his low key life and not have to put himself out there with new people and experiences. We’ll see if he’s right. I see a fast fade away for both him and Kristen as they’ve become a novelty act like the Kardashians as opposed to actual actors.

      • Anname says:

        Shipper, really?? Anytime I see these stupid fandom faction references, it immediately discredits you. So if I don’t rant about how much I hate Kristen, and call her ugly names, I must be a “shipper”? It’s idiotic.

        Rob’s image is taking a big hit, which definitely affects his career, it’s not 20 seconds of his day. Call him a wuss all you want, I think he is following his own path, and I respect it.

      • Roma says:

        “Anytime I see these stupid fandom faction references, it immediately discredits you. So if I don’t rant about how much I hate Kristen, and call her ugly names, I must be a “shipper”? It’s idiotic.”

        Couldn’t agree more with you on this Anname. It IS possible to have an opinion about Kristen – or any other topic – without being a fan, and feeling as if everything has to be black or white.

        Glad I’ve got company.

      • mary says:

        If you’re rooting on a couple mired in infidelity and spinning it to be “brave” or romantic? You’re a shipper. And a deluded one at that. Own it because you’re not fooling anyone.

      • Tina says:

        For chrissakes Mary, will you stop all that nutty “shipper” talk and repeat this very slowly.

        Not everyone is 12 years old. We are not all fans who need, or want, to invest in two strangers love-lives.

        But we can do is have an opinion without belonging to some sort of cultish world full of labels.

      • Janet says:

        I can’t keep up with these fandom labels. WTF is a shipper?

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Anname I never said he was a wuss or that taking revenge would be a proper course of action. Quite honestly, I think Rob would be a cool guy to just chill with even if he wasn’t famous. But I also think he lives in that bubble a lot of teen idols live in and he’s not the most mature human being. He just seems low key. At the same time, I do think Rob needs to make the best decision for him and the way stories of Kristen and Rob have gone which may or may not be true, I do think there is some truth that he is having difficulty trusting her and that things between the two are ending. Sorry if that breaks your Twilight loving heart, but that is my opinion based on info that may or may not be true.

      • Anname says:

        Yay Roma and Tina, glad to hear others agree on the stupidity of the fandom wars!

        Leeloo, I don’t have a “Twilight loving heart”. I am a fan of Rob’s and enjoy Twilight for the high-cheese factor, but that’s as far as it goes.

        I don’t have a vested interest in whether or not they stay together, and agree they probably have major issues with trust. My point has always been that if Rob does choose to stay with her, I don’t think he is wussy or weak for doing so. I hope, for his sake, she figured out what was wrong or why she acted out like that.

        Posters like Annie and her sort make my teeth hurt when they basically accuse Rob of being barely functional and even in an ??abusive?? relationship. He has navigated 4 yrs of rabid fandom hysteria (remember the Bieber-esque craziness of 2009) and sudden fame, I think he will handle this in his own way just fine.

      • Roma says:


        Again, I completely agree.

        With every single point you made.

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Anname After I posted that, I read that you were not a Twilight fan so my apologies. Nor do I have any vested interest in Rob or Kristen’s relationship. Right now, I have strep throat and can’t work this evening so I am quite bored and just looking to talk since I can’t talk in real life due to my throat being messed up. Please understand that we are in many ways on the same page and I agree that revenge romance sounds childish but Rob strikes me as passive aggressive enough to do such a thing. I’ve also been throwing shade at Kristen long before her dalliance with Rupert because she’s a terrible actress and I feel strongly that her career was given to her on a silver platter due to her parents connections. I throw a lot of shade at 2nd gen celebs or anyone who hasn’t earned their way into the spotlight. Sometimes, I don’t always post my thoughts or opinions in a way that makes sense, you can thank my ADD for that. I’m sure the strep isn’t helping. And yes some posters can be annoying but hey everyone has an opinion, right?

        I do think for being 25 or however old Rob is that he will only get better and that there is a serious actor under there. I don’t pretend that I know Rob but you can tell alot about celebrities and who they are by how they utilize the media and handle the media scrutiny. The way his whole relationship with KStew has been conducted, makes me me think he isn’t the most mature actor out there for his age range. I understand wanting privacy and not wanting his personal life on display but both of them acted like this was high school where the girl and boy keep the relationship a secret from all the whole school, parents, friends, etc (their friends in this scenario being the media). He made the choice to act, so one of the consequences of said choice is that if he gets to a certain level then his life may be on display. By taking on the adversarial role he has with the media about his personal life has been counter-productive and his stubbornness on the issue indicates a lack of maturity.

        The point I am trying to make is even if KStew and Rob are already broken up and/or if Rob dumped Kristen for someone else while in Australia and we both know darn well the media would say “Rob Got Revenge on Kristen.” As childish and immature as it sounds, part of me hopes it goes down that way so Kristen can have an idea of the pain and suffering she caused with her “indiscretion.” However, I would never judge Rob as a wuss for staying with her nor would I judge him for leaving. It IS his choice to make and I don’t know what has or potentially will factor into his decision to stay or go. If he does stay, I just hope he feels he made the right decision and history won’t repeat itself. I don’t like Kristen Stewart in the very least. I think her actions since the affair have proven she is more sorry she got caught than she is over actually having done it. I do think Rob could do better than Kristen but it all boils down to what Rob needs to make Rob happy. Only Rob can make those decisions for himself and if being with Kristen makes him happy, so be it.

      • Anname says:

        Thanks Roma, I am usually in the minority opinion here so it is nice to read comments like yours!

        Lee loo, sounds like we do have many similar opinions. But I disagree with your thought that hiding their relationship was immature though. I think it was a conscious choice to keep it separate from Edward and Bella, and to keep it from being used/sold as a marketing tool. They weren’t “hiding it” by 2011ish, but just refusing to talk about it, and avoiding papps. It wasn’t a secret, just not up for public consumption. He made a point in some interview that his private life is only open to the media if he allows it, and he tries not to allow it because it is not for sale. He understands that fans want to know, but that doesn’t mean he has to respond. His solution is to use humor to deflect, charm to evade, and to make up odd stories instead.

        I think rob has an awareness that he isn’t the most mature guy around, but in superficial ways, not character traits. I don’t see a vindictive streak in him. He seems concerned about Kristen enough not to cause her to be hurt. He could have thrown her to the wolves (no Twilight pun intended!) during Cosmopolis promo, but he acted with dignity and class. Lack of maturity doesn’t necessarily mean lack of kindness/class.

        Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon!

      • LeeLoo says:

        I agree with you Anname and I get that his public life isn’t for sale. Especially with the Twilight premise, I think any mature human who isn’t a Twihard can understand why they made the choice that they did. However, for Rob’s career to flourish, he’s going to have to understand that there will be an interest in his personal life and that people will make speculations whether they are true or not or whether he wants it or not. I don’t think anyone can knock him for wanting his privacy and being careful about what he shares but the almost adversarial position he has with media about it is counter-productive to what he says he wants. Throwing a bone here and there to give people a glimpse into his life would go a lot farther than just clamming up. Look at the people who get unanimous love in Hollywood: RDJ, Hugh Jackman, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt. They don’t have to share all the details of their life but when they do share they are honest and they know to give the media that extra tidbit from time to time that will grab everyone’s attention. Also, the gossip rags tend to go easy on them for that exact reason. I mean yeah Brad and Angie still get a lot of flack but at this point it is pretty obvious what’s bs and what isn’t.

        Upon giving it further thought, I guess it is safe to say Rob is probably no more or less mature than most in his age range and media scrutiny watching him be a normal mid 20s adult is probably not the wisest so no one can blame him for being very careful of his actions in public. I also won’t disagree that he has been a classy and thoughtful but like I said I mainly hope that if he chooses to leave KS, he breaks up with her in a way that she learns a big lesson in humility and that she should treat everyone as she would want to be treated. It doesn’t have to be in the way I described but just in a way that would hopefully make her think about her actions in the future.

    • nina says:

      I don’t think photos or interviews tell us anything. Public figures only let us see what they want us to. I have no clue how committed r/k are to eachother, and I don’t think anyone else in the public does either.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Nor do I pretend that I am right in my assessment based on pictures. I look at the body language and give my personal opinion what the body language says. le I personally am certain of my own opinion that in no way indicates that I am correct. Even if they are only showing the public a certain side, I really believe that you can learn about reading people by looking at body language. It doesn’t mean I am right by any means.

  21. Lolitalola says:

    If I was KStew and knew I was partially responsible for wrecking a home, I would be mortified.
    But wait, she won’t because you need a heart and a sense of empathy for that. And she doesn’t have any.

    As if it was even possible to hate her more than that #trampire

    • Annie says:

      If she cares about this it’s only because Robert might recollect his balls, wise up and leave her.

      She only cares about her failing career, her image and her It Boy Arm Candy. She won’t blame herself for the consequences of her actions. She will tell herself: “They had issues before me. They were not as strong as Rob and I. She really doesn’t love him. I’m not the one broke the vows. It’s not my fault.”

      I really doubt she feels bad beyond hurting Rob. I doubt she cares about Liberty or the kids. The kids!! Who will grow up very differently now. Who have listened to the fights. Who have seen their mom cry and their dad grovel. Whose home has been broken. Whose childhood has been ruined. Divorce messes kids up. People never admit to that.

      Way to go Rupert and Kristen. You guys are fantastic people and karma has not began to stretch its legs yet. Be ready.

    • loma says:

      Agreed X 1000000000

      I wouldnt be able to show my face either.

      Dislike Liberty but glad she’s leaving. She should ditch the fur. Looks horrible and shows she has her own cruel side. Fur-wearers are their own worst kind.

    • nina says:

      you have such a strong sense of who she is. It’s odd. I think she’s a dumb girl who’s ignorant in a lot of ways, but I really can’t read her heart and mind from sitting on my ass over here in my bedroom. I’m no edward cullen that’s for sure.

  22. bluhare says:

    Wow. I’m going to get it for this, but I can tell you that marriages can survive an affair. Yes, it’s a huge breach of trust and really really difficult, but it can be done. Case in point: me.

    So according to you all, I’m a wuss and should have kicked him to the curb. Nope, there was too much good still in it to throw it away so quickly. We worked on it, and came out better.

    • C says:

      You were not publicly humiliated in front of the world though were you? Did your husband/wife? cheat on you with a famous actress? It’s a bit different then your normal affair were talking about here. The stress and strain caused by it being so big and public makes it even harder than it already is

    • j.eyre says:

      I have known three women and one man who all stayed with their spouses after an affair. Two of the relationships were damaged and never quite recovered but the other two were repaired and went on as any other relationship.

      Some girlfriends were discussing a “what if” scenario if their husbands cheated and they were adamant about how they would kick them to the curb and how much they would extract in revenge. They asked me and I told them honestly “I have no idea what I would do but there is every possibility I would forgive him.” I am far from a doormat and if I could not forgive him I would not stay with him. But I cannot imagine my life without my husband and therefore cannot presume to know what I would do if he betrayed me like this. Of course I, like most others (including the aforementioned girlfriends) don’t think we will ever have this problem but who knows?

      So no, bluhare, I think you should have done exactly what you did – that which was best for your well-being. It is hard to face public scrutiny after this. My neighbor was shamed for staying with her husband after his affair.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Blu if you are happy with the decision and sincerely believe your hubby learned his lesson then I think you should be applauded for making a decision that you knew would bring harsh judgement.

      • bluhare says:

        LeeLoo: I can tell from reading people’s responses here that a lot of them have not been married for any length of time. It’s totally different than having a boyfriend/girlfriend and breaking up. In my case, my husband went from being a “happy guy” to wanting a divorce in three weeks. I knew it wouldn’t last, and it didn’t.

        BUT, I threw him out, and went to counseling. Learnt to cook (I hate cooking), and took a couple of classes. It actually turned out to be one of the best things ever.

        My husband, however, is not a serial cheater. A lot are, and I bet this wasn’t the first time for Sanders. When you’ve been with someone for a long time, inertia sets in, and you’re just the same old thing. Liberty Ross has made lemonade out of lemons on this one, as she’s revitalized her career. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went from wanting to save her marriage to realizing there’s more out there than she thought in these six months, even though she does seem a bit opportunistic to me.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Hey Blu!

        As I’m sure you know, I’ll gladly admit to being one of those people. I’m getting married this year but I honestly couldn’t tell you how I would react if I were in that scenario. Whether someone is in a long-term relationship or married, I won’t judge anyone for making the decision to stay or go. A lot of factors go into whatever decision is made and no one has the right to tell you or anyone else how to make that decision or judge you harshly for making a decision someone disagrees with. The only story I gave to go off of is my fiancee’s dad. He cheated on my mentally unstable fiancee’s mom with the woman who is now his current wife. While my honey disagrees with the choices his father made, he understands the why and forgave him for doing so. Plus he and his wife are very happy together. It is not a decision that I would ever feel should be made lightly and I am happy that you realized this.

        It sounds like you made a thoughtful and educated decision and you also had a series of conditions your husband needed to meet in order for you to feel comfortable with your decision. The best part is, you used the time away from your husband to better yourself. So I can’t see why anyone would knock you for making the choice to forgive.

        *Applauds Bluhare*

      • bluhare says:

        LeeLoo: Thank you very much for that lovely post. I appreciate it very much.

        And I also wish you nothing but happiness in your marriage. Just remember this. 90% of conflict resolution is acknowledging the other person’s point of view. That’s the best thing I took out of counseling. Whether you agree with their point of view or not, acknowledge their right to have it.

        Off my soapbox now. Thanks again!

    • nina says:

      yeah, seriously, the implications of some of these posts are a bit disturbing. Hopefully people are just acting out online cause they don’t like Stewart and so this is just fun for them to vent, but I seriously hope all the pussifying of Robert for not leaving and the whore/virgin judgements aren’t too serious because that kinda of thinking is archaic.

  23. elceibeno08 says:

    I still believe the producers of the Twilight franchise ‘begged’ (I don’t want to say PAID) Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson to wait until after the last movie of the series be released to avoid a major disaster at the box office. Now that the movie has been released all over the world Liberty has announced that she is divorcing her husband. Good for her! Cheating is wrong and no one can defend it or condone it. I cannot say the same for Robert Pattinson. He should have noticed that his girlfriend had lost the ‘sparkle’ in her feelings for him. Kristen’s interest in Rob dwindled and as soon as a good looking, red-blooded man ignited her fire she went for it. Rob, dump Kristen, she cheated on you and she doesn’t feel the same for you as she did three years ago.

    • Migdalia says:

      Nah I don’t think it goes that deep and why would Liberty give two sh**s about helping out Kristen’s movie. If I were her I wouldn’t and the Twilight people would have serious balls to even approach her with such a request.

      Twilight fans were already set in stone to see the movie if only for Rob Pattinson. I still don’t believe anything was staged to save a movie that didn’t need to be “saved”.

      Rob is a romantic, and Kristen might have been his first love and serious relationship. A lot of people give their one time cheating spouses another chance, but the trust factor is already damaged so it almost never works out.

      Liberty Ross has a family with this guy who she has been with for an über long time. She also wanted to try with therapy, and letting time go by.

      So yeah I can’t fault Liberty or Robert for trying. Their both human…one is a young man in his 20′s who took a break from her and the other is a mother who was most likely thinking about the kids.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        Migdalia, I do see you point and it is logical. I just wonder why both Rob and Liberty did not dump their partners right after them getting caught. Financially, it would not make a difference for Liberty would it? how come she chose to divorce him now 6 months after the fact?
        We’ll se if Rob dumps Kristen in the very near future. They don’t have a future together. My God, she cheated on him. I don’t buy it that she never had sex with Rupert. What man can live with a woman who would open her legs for another man? Rob and Kristen did have invested interests in the Twilight franchise so I do believe they were ‘asked’ to fake their relationship for the sake of their last movie success at the box office. I do know twihards would see the movie anyway but why take a chance?

      • LeeLoo says:

        Divorce just doesn’t work that way. In CA, you have to be separated for 6 months before you can file for divorce. Many times, when couples enter counseling, it is to resolve any underlying issues and to make peace with ending the marriage so things don’t get nasty. From the sound of the divorce papers it sounds like the main bone now is spousal support and legal fees.

        Ending a long term relationship can be hard, especially when there’s been a breach of trust. You want to believe that this person didn’t betray you and for some it takes a long time to get to the point where they can just accept the fact that this person has indeed betrayed them. To make it to the step of what their next move is can take even longer.

    • mln76 says:

      I think It’s very possible there was some kind of cushioning of promo bonus for Rob or divorce settlement for Liberty…but I doubt that Robsten was ever that setrious. Its going to get very clear to Twihards that it was a PR relationship.

  24. Learned One says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Rob is gay (which is beyond fine) and that KStew is his beard (and she is straight)? I wonder if she simply was horny and zeroed in on the WAAAAY wrong guy? No justification for humping a married guy, but at 22 years old, you know NOTHING and have no conception of marriage & til death do you part.

    Oh – and Rupert is still slime.

    I like Liberty’s look – my one dislike is her smug smile while wearing the cat suit…irritates me for some reason.

    • jess says:

      I dont think Rob is gay. Rob has said from the very beginning that he was a huge fan of Kristens and said she was “the best actress of their generation” and I think that she liked the fact that he worshiped the ground she walked on. If you watch some of the interviews with Rupert he kind of sucked up to Kristen as well. I think she likes someone to boost her ego. When they were promoting SWATH in Austrailia Kristen came back with “Had 2 be U” written on her hand. Rob wasnt with her so Rupert had to have written it.

    • Zoid says:

      This excuse is bull and I’m sick of people using it. (The oh she’s so young she has no idea what marriage stands for part). I’m 21, I have friends married or enaged, with long term boyfriends, who are no confused at the concept that rubbing on someone else’s dick involves CHEATING, and it’s wrong. Let’s blame her morals not her age please. I’m 21, and I find it very insulting that some older people think we are so stupid that we can understand the concept of marriage. Sorry for the rant.

      • Annie says:

        I also hate the high and mighty: “I’m not the one who took those wedding vows.” Wow. I mean how we baby these women into thinking they are not to blame and it’s ok we all make mistakes is the reason why they do these things: they don’t care about the consequences or who they end up hurting.
        Like it or not you are to blame too and age is no excuse.

        I have sadly met many women who have meddled with married men and they are not sorry. Not one of them is. This is why I have such a low opinion on every single one of these skanks. They don’t care at all.

      • LAK says:

        @Annie – please go and find some therapy to deal with the person who obviously cheated on you because this is alot of projection.

        And absolutely the person who took the vows is a bigger shit for breaking them.

        look at it this way, a married man using the services of a prostitute is just as culpable as a man who seeks pleasure in a woman he met at a bar or work place who isn’t a prostitute.

        In the latter scenerio, you are saying the woman in the bar/work place is a skunk but in the earlier scenerio, the prostitute is absolved?

        common thread is the married man chose to cheat. end of.

      • megsie says:

        Disclaimer: I have never to my knowledge been cheated on.

        Also included in those vows is the famous, “what God hath joined together let no man put asunder.” ie Keep your nose out of someone elses marriage. Had Kristen been unaware of Rupert’s marital standing, then she would be free from any and all culpability. She was aware. By her own admission she had dinner at the Sanders’ home. She stood 5 ft from his children on the swath set. Besties w/ Liberty? Hardly. But she knew Liberty, she was in her home, and by many accounts, including Rupert’s, they were friendly. Whether she invited Rupert to step out of the marriage or she was invited in is irrelevant. She made her choice and she does bear some responsibility here.

    • mary says:

      The purpose of a beard is to help a gay man’s public image. So that might have been plausible pre-scandal, but now Kristen does nothing but hurt Rob’s image. The absolute best PR move for Rob would be an out of nowhere announcement from People that it’s over. Clinging to her like this is a PR nightmare, so I do think it’s legit. Sad and pathetic, but legit.

    • mln76 says:

      Honestly I don’t think he is gay…I believe the rumors he was screwing around with other women. I think he was just better at not getting caught. I think you are right that Robsten was probably fake though.

    • LAK says:

      I don’t understand where this ‘robert is gay’ thing came from. Oh wait, everybody in Hollywood is gay and or bearding!!!!SMH.

      No one mentions his 2yr relationship with the actress who played ‘cho’ in the HARRY POTTER series who is Harry’s first crush and potential love interest before Cedric (Rob’s character) becomes her BF. That relationship was apparently quite intense, so Kirsten isn’t his first love as the twihards believe. And if he were gay, it would have come out already in England because we are more open about our gay actors than Los Angeles.

      • another nina says:

        Cho? Really? I thought twihardian community attributed to him a 2 yr relationship with a swim suit model Nina something, there were many pic with her and Tom Sturridge.

      • LAK says:

        @another nina – I stay away from twicrazy world. I know afew people who worked on the HP set, and Robert and ‘Cho’ (can’t remember her name, can’t be bothered to google) absolutely dated.

        On a different note, twihards are crazy. Since when is hanging out with tom = dating Robert? Do they never think that Tom himself may be dating these people? Or that they are friends in general?

      • cherry21 says:

        @LAK,Kristen is not hes first love robert first love was this girl i think she’s a model i read that she was robert neighbor and he fell in love with her and they lived together and were together for 3 or 4 yrs so they had a serois relationship just googled robert pattinson ex-girlfriend and you will see a blonde with him and theres even pics of tom robert best friend and they look that they were close and i read that robert was 17 yrs old when he meet her.So kristen is not the only girl he had a serous relationship with.

      • LAK says:

        @Cherry21 – Go back and read my post.

      • LAK says:

        One more thing, Cherry21, Robert has said he didn’t move out of his parents’ home until AFTER the HARRY POTTER job long after he was 18yrs old.

        He moved to USA for twilight at 20-21. He has gone on record to say he shared a flat in London with several people for 2-3yrs. When he moved to USA he was on his agent’s couch.

        i don’t know where you read that he was living with someone [specifically] at 17yrs old or for 4yrs.

        He got his first acting job at 18yrs old [VANITY FAIR, though his scenes were cut].

        What or who he was seeing prior to his entry into showbiz is none of my business. ditto who he is seeing now.

        This twicrazy world is full of fan projection.

      • Annie says:

        LAK stop making up lies to back your idiotic comments. Rob NEVER dated katie leung, especially not for two years. Stop making crap up, he was already dating his gf before Kristen, Nina when HP4 came out.

        And not that is any of your business but I haven’t been cheated on. I’m not into a-holes amd I have self-respect. But I’ve definitely met plenty of skanky women who date/screw married men and show zero remorse thanks to people like you who cuddle them and make them think they are not at fault because they are not the married ones. So sad how some people don’t have moral compasses and go around hurting people to feel like someone wants them (even if it’s only for a desperate screw).

        Perhaps you’ve been the other woman and feel the need to protect fellow hoes but get this: you deserve everything you get. No sympathy at all. If kristen doesn’t like this drama too bad.

      • bluhare says:


        You say Rob never dated the Cho person. Do you have a link to back that up?

        Second, you have plenty to say about LAK. Any links to back those assertions up too?

        Sign me,
        Just Wondering

    • Janet says:

      Are you effing kidding me? At 22 you have no conception of marriage? At 22 everybody knows you don’t screw someone else’s spouse. Hell, I knew that at ten and a half.

  25. Anname says:

    Wow, lots of KS anger here. I don’t like her much, but some of the accusations here are brutal. I think she acted incredibly selfishly and lost her mind for a while, but I am hoping (for Rob’s sake) that she learned a very hard lesson and grew up a bit since then. She was so thin and gaunt when she showed up at the end of the summer, I don’t think she took it lightly. And I certainly don’t think she would continue to hurt him by staying in contact with Rupert.

    And contrary to popular opinion here, I think Rob is quite brave to continue to stay with her, in the face of so many calling him spineless, etc. To me it shows how much he does love her and wants to give it another chance, regardless of the consequences to his image. So I will give her the benefit of the doubt, based on his actions. I don’t have to like her to be respectful of their relationship. I hate that this is back in the news, and that Rob has to deal with all the hatefulness yet again. It’s ugly.

    • Roma says:

      It’s back in the news because actions have consequences.

      Children, a family, lives were betrayed.

      It’s not about hating Kristen, because believe me I have defended her right to make a mistake in the past.

      It’s about NOT compounding that mistake with lies.

      What I will not forgive is Kristen taking the benefit of the doubt many of us gave her, and running with it.

      She allowed her camp – who she employs and controls – not the other way around — to run with these false strategies:

      1: That she was a child who was lured into a relationship, almost against her will.

      2: That she didn’t have sex with Sanders.

      3: That she actually thought she had a shot at awards this year, and should still be patted on the back after what she has done.

      And let’s not forget, Stewart ruined her boyfriend’s promotion during Cosmopolis. Sure it got a boost opening weekend, but the story became about her not the man she supposedly “respects” so much.

      One only has to look at the way she behaved during the Cosmopolis premiere at Cannes to see that, for Kristen, everything revolves around her.

      And throughout all of that, there’s Kristen still giving interviews talking about her boyfriend’s armpits, how ‘beat’ she is, how excited she is to be back on SWATH 2, posing for endless fashion shoots and peddling her Florabotanica scent, while making baiting comments about how she’s just going to live her life exactly as she pleases.

      My thoughts are with Skylar and Tennyson, their mother, and to some extent, Pattinson.

      The real victims of Sanders and Stewart.

      • Anname says:

        Roma, just a few comments:

        1. I think 99% of those stories are tabloid fiction, not prompted by any team. Unnamed sources are often fictional, as we all know.
        2. Her career continues, just as Rob’s does. If the studio wants to put her name in awards contention, that shouldn’t be cancelled because of a relationship scandal. That seems rather harsh, and a “blame the hussy” punitive thing. It gets her in the press for professional reasons instead of personal, which is better for ALL involved anyway.
        3. I agree that it sucks Rob got the brunt of the press questions about the scandal, because his promo was first. But you can’t separate this out as a separate thing Kristen planned to do to him, it’s just part of the consequences.
        4. All those interviews you mentioned happened in the spring/early summer. Again I say, I hope she learned from it all and doesn’t flake out again.
        5. Cosmopolis at Cannes? I am not sure how she turned that into her thing. I thought it was a great night for them both. Rob looked quite happy!

      • Roma says:

        Hi Anname,

        I think a lot of the stories out there are fiction too, if not most of them.

        But the main story, the origin story is a reality. Kristen and Sanders were intimate, and it is now extracting a very serious toll on other people’s lives.

        The fact that Rob and Kristen have got back together is their stuff and nothing to do with anyone else, but it doesn’t change the damage.

        Yes, Kristen didn’t plan the fallout during Cosmopolis’ promotion. But, for me, her behavior at Cannes was about her not Rob and is part of the same self-centered issue.

        Also, some of the interviews Kristen gave that I referred to, did occur after July/12.

        Regarding your point about Rob looking happy etc – then and now – good for him. In my heart of hearts though, I think Kristen is his blind spot.

      • Anname says:

        I agree, he definitely has a blind spot for her. I hope she has realized the damage she caused, and learned from it.

      • Annie says:

        ALL OF THIS, ROMA. All of this.

        The way she handled it to make herself the victim yet she is just not sorry at all. “Look we’re still together! I don’t care what you think about me, look all the sexy dresses I’m wearing and please nominate me for an Oscar eventhough I’m not that different than maryLou!”

        I dislike Robert because he’s playing along.

      • Laura says:


        The ‘They didn’t have sex’ story was pushed into the narrative by Kristen Stewart’s camp via GossipCop – who openly state that they talk to celebrity PR teams – as well as a number of other outlets.

        It absolutely was used as a get-out clause, and it was a blatant lie.

    • pepper says:

      ” I hate that this is back in the news, and that Rob has to deal with all the hatefulness yet again. It’s ugly. ”

      I guess that’s the price he paid for taking her back. As long as he is with that skank this will never go away. Every time they get papped together her cheating will be thrown in his face like the LAX episode. Hope Rob realizes (if he hasn’t) that love alone is not enough for a relationship to flourish especially when he has been humiliated like this. If he dumps her now and hopefully moves on with someone else (after a while) who actually respects him his image will be more than fine. Of course his movies need to do well too.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      The only one thing that I think Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders really are sorry about is GETTING CAUGHT.

    • Lara says:

      “And I certainly don’t think she would continue to hurt him by staying in contact with Rupert.”

      And yet she continues to INSULT him by talking about the suit of armor she keeps in her house (which is said she shares with Rob) and how excited she is to make SWATH2.

      “To me it shows how much he does love her ”

      I cannot with this. HE didn’t cheat, HE isn’t the one who should be proving his love cause it was never in question. SHE is the one who should be doing that and she still WON’T. She still can’t even give him a compliment as an actor while promoting a movie after the affair, when asked if they’re still together she says “Keep them guessing” as if it was all a game. She can’t prove she loves him cause she doesn’t and if Rob won’t end this relationship, she will when she finds his replacement. Maybe it’ll be Rupert, since he’ll be single again soon enough.

      • Anname says:

        Lara, I. Am not saying in any way that rob needs to prove his love, not at all. I am making an assumption based on his actions. He didn’t bash her, he is still with her….he is not doing it to prove some point to me or anyone else, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to figure out why.

        Re the suit of armor thing, I cringed when she said that too. If things like this bother Rob enough, the relationship obviously won’t survive. It seems like they would have covered this type of stuff when they reconciled, so who knows. But I don’t believe she is setting out to deliberately insult or hurt him.

  26. Annie says:

    I don’t know but I think that Rob is in an abusive relationship with Kristen. I was talking to a guy friend who is currently in an abusive relationship with some awful girl and all his guy friends were like LEAVE HER!! It was eye opening to me. They share a lot in common: he’s a doormat, she’s obnoxious and arrogant, she demeans him in public, embarrasses him, denies him affection in public and cheats on him. The cheating is never a mistake and it’s a powerful tool; it’s the way she hurts him and controls him “See how easy I can leave you? Do you like this?” so he forgives her every time because he’s terrified to be without her and puts all the blame to himself “If I’m better she won’t do this again”. She constantly puts him down and we’ve seen how Kristen has done this to him, flipping him off, telling him to STFU on press conferences, rolling her eyes at him. That’s humiliating. She’s never been affectionate in public.

    People who abuse others in relationships use cheating as a tool to hurt and take control. Cheating is never just a mistake! Take note. It’s a way to test the relationship and the boundries. Seeing how Rob just won’t leave and how we know he’s so insecure and crazy about her just shows me she is in control and that’s just not a healthy relationship. Sadly some people think that is the love they deserve so they like to be treated like crap. Healthy people bore them.

    She’s probably been an angel since this embarrassing thing came to light, but it’s part of the cycle: abuse, tears, I’m leaving you this time, please no I can change, amazing make up sex, happy for ten minutes and then repeat.

    Any self-respecting man would’ve left her ages ago. But Rob thinks he loves her, so he’ll put up with more of this for a while. This divorce should be enough of a hint for him to understand the extent of this affair.

    • LAK says:

      On the one hand, what a horrendous situation your friend is in, but on the other you are projecting onto people you don’t know, who play a role in public that isn’t necessarily who they are in reality.

      Kirsten being surly in public is more to do with her discomfort at being so much in the public eye. Ditto Rob. The rest is twihard fanfiction and projection.

      People who have been around them at industry events don’t report a relationship like your friend. Infact, they are said to be quite mutually affectionate.

      • A says:

        @LAK. Agree. Surly in no way equals abuse, and is kind of offensive to real abuse victims. Even if she is “surly” in private, being moody or bitchy to a partner doesn’t mean you are abusive.

        The hyperbole in this thread is amazing…Seriously, someone objected to the word homewrecker and somehow that got twisted into them supposedly claiming KStew had no fault in this mess. No, it’s just saying homewrecker is an archaic, sexist, and not even accurate term. KStew is ultimately responsible for wrecking whatever relationship she “may” have had with RPattz and the consequences on her career, and Sanders is ultimately responsible for wrecking his own marriage and the consequences on his career.

        It is so over the top in concern to both Stewart and Sanders. Screwing someone young enough to be your kid and who was 10 or 11 when you got married is pervy and more scummy than the usual cheater, but it doesn’t make him a chester the molester. Screwing a married man is selfish and stupid, but it doesn’t mean you are going to screw every man you come across in the future…which people on here seem to imply a lot about her…or that you should never be able to find a relationship/happiness in the future when several years have passed. There are plenty of people in Hollywood who have cheated and have seemingly learned their lesson. Also, the narrative that she set out to seduce this guy is a bit laughable. In the real world, most late teenagers-early 20s women don’t set out to seduce old men unless they want money. More likely, he fed her some lines and stroked her ego and she was easily seduced. Of course she’s still culpable and 50% guilty of cheating, but it seems like it’s not enough that she’s a not so nice person who made some fucked up choices…it has to be blown up and exaggerated, to the point that people think KStew set out to ensnare this guy, has no remorse, is abusive, was bffs with Liberty Ross, etc.

      • LeeLoo says:

        I do agree with you projection is bad. But all we have to go off of is public persona. So while I do find it very unlikely that Kristen and Rob’s relationship is toxic and abusive, but Annie brings up a very good point about men being abused by women. Annie brought to light a very real subject. For all we actually know of the two in private there could be a grain of truth to her statement.

        Personally, I just think KStew is a spoiled brat who will get attention where she can get it and wants the money and fame of a Hollywood career but doesn’t want to actually work for it. Plus, KStew was raised in Hollywood so I tend to believe she grew up with the notion that it’s okay to treat people like crap if it means getting what she wants. I also think Kristen would be a bit more of a famewhore if it weren’t for Rob and the fact he probably laid down the ground rules that if she wanted to be with him he did not want any public intrusion on their personal lives or their relationship.

      • LAK says:

        @A – 100% applauding you right now.

        @Leeloo – Annie brought up a point but it isn’t the reality or even fantasy of Kirsten/Robert’s relationship.

        Simply assuming that Kirsten is surly in public [whilst being swapped by paps and or on Red carpets] = she’s an abuser, is pure fanfic projection.

        A good example of why fanfic projection based on public persona shouldn’t be taken seriously, is Heidi Klum/Seal. Based upon what has since come out after the divorce, would you have believed it simply by looking at their public personas?

      • Annie says:

        Kristen is a very toxic and manipulative person. This entire media circus she orchestrated to make herself look good and her movie succeed is enough evidence. Why you keep defending her eventhough there’s more evidence of her being awful than her being good is beyond me. But birds of a feather I guess…

        Any idea the fans have of her being awesome is nothing but wishful thinking and fantasies because time and time again she has proven to be a horrible person (even to THEM) who still needs a lot of growing up to do.

        You don’t go screwing a guy in public knowing you’re being followed all the time and give papz the time to snap away TWICE when you supposedly love your bf and know this will humiliate him when his movie is about to come out. You think she didn’t know the risks? Please. She inflicted emotional pain on purpose and then played victim and THAT is emotional abuse.

  27. j.eyre says:

    Do we have a designer ID on Liberty’s black tuxedo in that second photo?

  28. janie says:

    Good for Liberty!! Let’s hope Pattison follows suit. Things will never be the same for he & Kristen. We all agree, she will dump Rob…. I’d rather see him be the one that walks away.

  29. Tig says:

    I hope he has already dumped her, or at least said- “stew in your own juice for awhile”. Sometimes I think it’s that situation where you just act contrary- like I know I should get out, and everyone and their dog says I should get out, but I am staying- dumb but true.

  30. Jennifer says:

    Liberty did what Rob couldn’t. I hope one day he finds the strength.

    I agree with a lot of the comments here.

  31. judyjudy says:

    I’m too old for this thread.
    There’s a lot more to marriage and relationships than sexual intercourse.

    • another nina says:

      judy — Thanks for the voice of reason! I was afraid I was the only one feeling couple of lives older than many posters…

      • Rebbie says:

        @Judyjudy and anothernina

        I have to ask. What are you both doing here if you’re so much older and (your implied tone) better than everyone else?

        As well as the less mature ones (and hey, all are welcome on a public board right?), there are quite a few voices of reason on here. They have taken the time to leave comments of substance, not make ageist comments.

        I’m 39 by the way.

        My take on this story is that this whole mess was reprehensible.

        One can only imagine how hard it must have been to be Liberty and watch as Kisten was feted the world over throughout Breaking Dawn Part 2 and On The Road’s promotion, as if she hadn’t ripped a hole in a family’s life.

        And get this, in one press conference in Japan Kristen actually had the gall to offer advice to young girls on how to live.

        I kid you not.

        Part 1:

        Part 2:

      • another nina says:

        @ Rebbie

        At the time when judy and I posted our comments, there were way too many unreasonable comments. More thoughtful comments started appeared later, which I could not check due to time difference — (Europe.) My comment was not ageist — in all seriousness – how is it even possible to be couple of lives older???:)
        I’m younger than you, and was married and divorced and re-married. And have seen gazillion of affairs between married men and young girls in their early 20s (I work in finance – wall street and related, 12+ years in the US, the rest in Europe, both Western and Eastern.) Anyway, as far as I know the majority of marriages survived those challenges.
        In other words, it takes much more for a marriage to fall apart than a short term affair with a younger actress. And I believe that Liberty respects herself and knows her own “price” — if nothing else, she is smart, young, rich and successful, so I don’t think she felt desperate. Anyway, my take is that silly Kristen did not break up this marriage, she was just a last drop…

        Plus, in the world of entertainment relationships between actresses and directors very often include flirting and affairs, etc – it’s a creative process, in a way director needs to “love” his muse…
        Bottom line, life is long, you keep getting experiences along the way, meeting people. I don’t think marrying someone equals joining a monastery – that puritan concept prevailing in the US is very fake and looks like is mostly maintained to preserve mental peace of housewives.

      • Rebbie says:

        Hi judyjudy, anotherNina,

        There are lots of interesting points in your reply and thank you for clarifying how you feel.

        I guess I kinda of feel like older women can be inclusive of younger ones by engaging rather than seeing ourselves as separate. This is how we all learn.

  32. Sandy says:

    I would not be surprised if Kristen Stewart resumes a relationship with Sanders now that he is divorcing Liberty. I have always thought that she was just buying time so that she could find her way back to him in a way that her fans will accept. at this point i am hoping for it, i think they deserve each other. Liars I can deal with, hypocrites I cannot. This woman goes on and on about how great of a judge of character she is and how honest and genuinely he lives her life but then he allows her publicist to spin the story that she was the victim of a manipulative older man and that their dalliance was only momentary. Pictures do not lie. She was passionately reciprocating his advances and he was kissing down her chest. You cannot explain that away. The no sex lie further proves that she is not only deceitful but thinks that people will believe anything she says no matter how nonsensical. Now all her stans are spouting lies about a legal separation that never happened in 2011 in order to justify their idol. They learn from the best. Good luck to Liberty Ross. She deserves better than him and a lying starlet who she befriended and then screwed her husband behind her back. I don’t think Stewart and Pattinson last another month.

    • A says:

      Again, this hyperbole is what makes me roll my eyes. Stewart isn’t a very good person and acted like a selfish, stupid, moron. However, she wasn’t bffs with Liberty Ross or even friends. No way is she going to get with this Sanders guy again….That would be the end of her career, even a C list indie film career.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      I doubt it very much Kristen will ever reignite an affair with Rupert. And it is not because they both wouldn’t like it. It is because of all the cheater-shaming Kristen had to endure after she and Rupert were exposed. Liberty I think knew she was not going to keep Rupert. She seems like a strong woman and she wasn’t going to stay because of their children.

  33. CocoBelly says:

    Good for Liberty!

    Now, c’mon Rob, you can do it….

  34. Janet says:

    In California you have to wait six months after the separation to file for divorce. Liberty must have been counting the minutes until she could file the papers. It’s been exactly six months since the affair hit the tabloids.

    Liberty is the only one who comes out of this mess smelling good. KStew is a conscienceless slut, Pattinson is a ball-less wimp, and Sanders is just one more cheating creep who thought he could have it both ways. Liberty is well shut of him.

  35. Maryann says:

    Good for her. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner but apparantly she tried to work things out. I can only imagine how hard it is to have to deal with something like this. Once your partner cheats on you, how can you trust them again? A relationship can’t last if there’s no trust.
    I don’t think this should ruin Kristen’s career (I don’t think she should have a career in acting in the first place but that’s a different topic), but I think her reputation deserves to be tained MORE, and I say that because really, the girl wasn’t well liked before this scandal. I can’t name that many people who like her.

  36. Reece says:

    Good for her!
    I’m going to try and make this the last thing I say about this whole thing.(at least til Rob gets a clue)

  37. Lulu says:

    I’m sorry they felt they couldn’t work things out. The children will pay the highest price.

    It was obvious to me that Kristen suffered in the aftermath of mini-cooper gate for the simple reason that she became pin thin during the time that she and Rob were separated.

    Both parties made mistakes, publicly apologized and asked for forgiveness. I have to give them kudos for that. Which one of us hasn’t made mistakes? As for what comes next, I really don’t care, but I highly doubt it is all attributable to some convoluted highly complicated conspiracy theory. As Occam’s razor states; among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.

  38. Kelly says:

    I really don’t get why anyone cares about Liberty Ross. And that fur coat she is wearing is disgusting.

  39. Mr.Smurf says:

    Has anyone seen this? It’s “Kristen Stewart” explaining the affair, just came across it today:

  40. aquarius64 says:

    I wonder what made Liberty pull the trigger this time? Evidence that Kristen and Rupert DID have sex, perhaps? Can you imagine the fallout if that came out in court (or TMZ get a hold of the court docs and publish them). Or worse – a sex tape? If Rupert and Kristen were stupid enough to fool around on a public street in broad daylight, I believe they would be dumb enough to record a hook-up. Rob will be officially branded a fool for believing the no-sex claim and taking Kristen back. As for Kristen – it won’t be the lie it will be the cover up; selling a lie to save her career. Even if Rob claims he knew, he’ll be slammed for helping to sell a lie to protect Breaking Dawn 2′s box office (and preserve his cut of the box office pie).

    • A says:

      Please. Of course they had sex, and of course Liberty and Pattinson knew (although I still think Pattinson didn’t really care that much, because I don’t think he and Stewart were ever in a monogamous, serious relationship to begin with). One of the film people I follow flat up said that the studio told Stewart that she had to make a public apology and with that wording to assuage some of the twi-hards, and it’s a journalist who doesn’t bullshit. I highly doubt she would have given that sort of apology if there hadn’t been a lot of pressure from the studio… My guess is that this was the final straw in a long line of affairs/cheating, and Liberty pulled the plug. It’s scummy enough to cheat, but there’s an extra layer of scumminess when the partner is young enough to be your kid and was still in middle school when you got married. That was probably the last line.

      If there was a sex tape/more photos, it would have came out by now. You usually have to wait a period of time to divorce in CA, and I think that’s why she waited six months. Honestly, I think most people are over this mess or just don’t care…that they are over Twilight, over Pattinson, over Stewart, and this whole ugly thing. The only people who care on the occasional blog and some of the hard core stans… Stars come and go in Hollywood, and the public has moved on to freaking out about Garfield, Stone, and The Hunger Games…and soon Divergent. Stewart can salvage a C list indie career, as there are plenty of others who have done far worse and have survived, but she’s never going to recover and make it back to the A/B list. That’s usually for the lucky ones or the uber talented (Claire Danes, Russell Crowe, RDJ, Josh Brolin, Laura Dern, etc.) Who knows about Pattinson, but I don’t think making a low budget, indie dystopian Western in Australia with no A list names was the smartest choice despite the director and Guy Pearce (I love Guy, but dude isn’t known for raking in the bucks). Apparently, Cronenberg said no one is actually signed on for his next film either…so who knows if that is actually going to come to fruit, especially since he’s been trying for 15 years to get that film made. I think Pattinson will be more okay than Stewart, but it’s all up in the air. I think the studios care 20 percent about the tabloids, but 80 percent that neither one has had a true hit outside of the Twilight franchise before the scandal and even after the scandal, when he was single and everybody was feeling sorry for him. As Kaiser said, it’s more about if you can get butts in the seat. Plus, it’s not like either one is a critical darling, which would at least off set the whole not being money makers thing. Hollywood and the studios have seen this type of scandal before, and there is much worse stuff that goes on that never comes to light. I just don’t think anyone (Hollywood establishment, that is) cares that much about either one to make that sort of judgment about them being fools or to slam them for playing along for BD2. The serious industry people care more about Oscar Isaac (who is about to blow up and become huge), Garfield, Lawrence, Elle Fanning, Saorise Ronan, Hedlund, etc.

      • Janet says:

        I dunno about more tapes… KStew and her agent capitulated very quickly after US Weekly published those photos. No denials at all. I think US is sitting on a lot more damaging photos, maybe some videos as well, and told KStew you’d better come clean on these or we’ll publish the rest, which will make what we’ve published so far look like a Sunday school picnic. Trust me, there’s more out there.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Pattinson was publicly humiliated and the whole thing did overshadow Cosmopolis – which got a pretty decent review in The New Yorker btw. I’m a Cronenberg fan, so I’ll probably end up seeing it. Too bad about the scandal that was attached to it.

        Otherwise, I agree with your take on what might happen to their respective careers. Your take seems more than likely. And all the drama will fade away.

        Sooner or later. I hope sooner rather later.

    • megsie says:

      Rupert’s behavior is shameful but I don’t think even he would try to convince Liberty there was no sex. Maybe intially, but it certainly came to light soon after.

      imo The counseling sessions did them in. A lot came to light there and it convinced Liberty that he wasn’t the man she thought him to be and she was better off without him. A painful awakening I’m sure. I just hope he finds a way to do right by those kids. Can’t say I have much hope though.

  41. lucy2 says:

    I wonder if the counseling was part of their arbitration or something. I don’t get the impression she ever planned on taking him back, but who knows. Good luck to her and their kids.

    I expect Sparkles will be stepping out the door pretty soon too, now that all the promotional stuff for those vampire movies is done. Next time he has something big on the horizon, his PR team will probably announce a breakup for more media coverage. I think their whole reconciliation was for PR.

  42. Tiffany says:

    Didn’t Kristen cheat on her longtime boyfriend Michael with Rob. I read that Rob persued her, hard knowing that bit of information. They were together for about the some amount of time that her and Rob were together before she fooled around with Sanders. This shows a pattern and through all of the Twilight crap that bit of information was whitewashed.

    • Kristen the Cheater says:

      Agreed. The only reason they are making Kristen into a 10 year old “abuse victim” of the big ole meany Sanders is because Rupert is gross. If it was someone super famous or good looking, let’s say Ryan Gosling they would have been singing a different tune. Kristen is one of those sad human beings who doesn’t realize how lucky she really is. People like her are always walking around with a chip on their shoulder being unhappy & ungrateful. She might not cheat on Robert now but she already failed the test of an honest girlfriend in a committed relationship.

    • A says:

      No, the narrative was that she dumped him and Rob dumped Nikki so that they could hook up…not cheating, but not exactly a clean break either. Think one of his friends was on record saying she dumped the guy too but didn’t say or imply that cheating was involved. Plus, girl was like 18 or 19…it’s not too uncommon for relationships to end at that age. The director who got fired, Catherine Hardwick, said that she warned Rob not to pursue KStew because she was underage when the first movie was filming. That said, Nikki Reed has said some really kind things about KStew (how much she like Snow White, how she was excited to see On the Road, KStew played a vampire well blah blah blah) and posed for some photos with her at the after party of some event after the scandal, so I’m not really sure I buy any of that. She made some general statement once about how she wasn’t bffs with everyone on set and that fame changes things because everyone becomes really busy with their own thing, and people kind of took it as a dig on Stewart.

      Meh. Like I’ve said, I don’t even think she and Pattinson were monogamous or together in the first place. I think he was really into her at one point, but it got spun into this fairytale “Bella and Edward” thing by the studio PR people and that she fucked it up by making the terrible choice of sleeping with a married man.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I’ve never bought the sanitized version that both KStew & Sparkles broke off their relationships first & then hooked up. I’ve always believed they were fooling around, it got out, and KS broke it off with Michael. Here comes Sanders and the same thing happens. Coincidence or a pattern of behavior? I saw it’s a pattern for KS.

  43. Ms Kay says:

    RUH-OH!!!! Sh*t got real, Liberty is ON!!!

    Breaking Divorce Dawn Part I

    Stay tuned!

  44. Aud says:

    That picture of him and Kristen, they’re like twins. Dressed alike. That’s what people who are in the initial throes of relationships (even if secret) do.
    In saying that, I also think Kristen and Rob should really save their money and look into long term investment, even careers behind the scenes. They really aren’t taken seriously as actors and have succumbed to the curse of the serialised novel. No actors from Harry Potter are really taken seriously now. Emma Watson plays bit roles, Rupert Grint (the most talented of the three) hasn’t done much and Mr Harry Potter himself has recently appeared in a b-grade horror film from the revitalised (if that’s what you call it) Hammer Films.
    They’ve all made nice nest eggs so they’re lucky, but they’d have to hold their breath before they had a critically acclaimed ‘breakout’ role, either that, or find a director who is obsessed with them in order to refashion them into a creative vehicle. As for Kristen, she chose the wrong director to have a fling with.
    The only reason that Kristen and Pattinson ‘got together’ after the affair was related to promotional activities that the actors are contractually obligated to do. Once this entire Twilight franchise dies (thankfully), they’ll officially separate.

    As for the argument about Sanders being ‘old’ and all that, this is nothing. Hollywood is accustomed to this sort of thing and it goes way back. Charlie Chaplin had a thing for under aged girls (when he was well into adulthood). His last wife was more than thirty years younger than him. One of his first wives he groomed from childhood was 15/16 when married. So Sanders is rather conventional compared to Chaplin.
    Hollywood is ‘that’ place. A modern sodom and gomorrah, and I don’t mean to say that with a religious tone. It’s just the best way I can describe it. It has always had a torrid undercurrent and a demi-monde of perverts, ‘party girls’ in various guises and (sexual) predators.

  45. G says:

    Duh? Of course she’s divorcing him. Anyone over 12 saw it coming.

    Only the immature twiihard apologists for Kristen minimize how she and Sanders shit on Liberty and Rob. Unfortunately actions have consequences.

  46. Miss you Enclave24 says:

    I love her fur coat

  47. Lana says:

    I have some sort of mixed feelings about this whole thing. First of all I do think Rupert is the one that deserves most of the shade, he is old, was married and is the father of 2 little kids. So he knew (and should have always kept in mind) all the pain it would cause to the ones he loves (I mean the kids, not Liberty) if it became public. So, shame on him. Now about Liberty, I know exactly how she must have felt, and I do think she carried herself with grace most of the time (and that is not going to change because of a catwoman costume) she hasn’t come out trashing him, she did try to work it out, because to her, her family is that important. But it was just too difficult, I mean she worked with both of them on that movie, I’m sure she must have at least felt something wasn’t right, and on top of that the photos of them togheter? yikes, poor woman. About KS, I do feel she was more invested in Rupert, than he was in her… So, stupid, and selfish, because she knew he was married and did it anyway. And I assume she felt guilty or tried to convince the wolrd, RP and herself that she does love him. But everytime I see them I get the vibe that she sees him more as a dear friend, than the great breathtaking love of her life. She seems comfortable around him, but there’s no infatuation on her part. On to RP, I think he cares for her, and was blindsided by it, hence his reaction. Still, if he stays I don’t think that’s a reason to call him stupid, maybe he really wants to believe nothing else happened (it did, because, well, come on), and I do believe that one time cheaters can change, plus I have a feeling that KS would rather break up with him for good than to ever cheat on him again (not out of pure love, but because that, or getting back togheter with RS, would really be the end of her career). So who knows how long is she going to keep trying to convince everyone and herself that she truly is in love, maybe one day she’ll end up believing it, or hoy long is RP going to stay or if his heart will truly heal. I’m sure Liberty will be fine. And if RP and KS do break up, I do think she is that stupid as to get back togheter with Rupert, but I don’t think they’ll let us know. So I’ll just sit and eat some pop corn while the drama unfolds.

    • Trek Girl says:

      I do not understand how you could possibly assume so much about Kristen and Rob’s relationship, feelings, and interactions
      What are you looking at and/or reading that is giving you these impressions about Kristen and Rob?

      • Mel says:

        Over 50% of all communication in human beings and relationships is non-verbal. Gestures, facial expressions, conduct and the overall “dynamic” of a moment counts for much more than PR statements.

        Also, many of the people posting here have been following this story in detail for a long time. We have read interviews, heard and watched Robert and Kristen talk in their own words, and most importantly, we have eyes and the ability to discern.

        That’s how some of us have are able to have intelligent insights. Plus, most people here can relate to their own relationship dramas and as a result understand the steps they progress along.

        If you’re saying that you are not personally able to “read” relationships, fair enough. But don’t assume others can’t.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @Mel: I understand following the story and being able to see how people feel based on their body language and interactions, but a lot of what is in Lana’s post, and the posts of many others, is pure conjecture. I’m sure many of your insights and the insights of others are true, but It’s just silly to think that you know that much about their feelings. Your comment about how some of readers here can draw on their own experiences in relarionships, well, that’s true, but at some point it becomes projection. Lana, you and a few of the other readers here can project, assume, and basically write all of the fan fiction that you want — have fun with that — I’ll be more than happy to come by every once in a while and enjoy the stories all of you craft.

      • Mel says:


        You’re the one that keeps coming here, so you must enjoy it as much as the rest of us.

        So who’s the fan sweet cheeks?

    • Stuart Horseley says:

      Ha! How old are you, Lana? Twelve? Rupert is old, is he, at 41? Please.

      • G says:

        Lana, of course Rob is stupid for staying with her. She betrayed his trust, then cut his nuts off in public. Her cheating and (and her subsequent “Cheating Edition” of People) cast a shadow on Cosmopolis as well the new Twilight.

        She’s a personal and business relationship killer with limited talent. THAT is what will kill her career not her stint as the Mini-Cooper Lolita.

  48. Chelsea's handler says:

    It’s funny how this thing has turned out. First everybody hated Kristen, Kirsten, whatever and Rupert for being cheaters but now a lot people also hate Rob for being weak and Liberty for wearing that Halloween costume. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

  49. KS says:

    I truly believe this cheating drama could have been salvaged & dealt with in a typical Hollywood manner if Kristen’s PR team was stronger. I think at the beginning Kstew became way too cocky & assumed everything would be dandy once Robert took her back. She either doesn’t listen to Ruth or her team isn’t right to manage her career. At this point I really think they need to stop relying so much on “ROBSTEN’S UNBROKEN” & really separate her as an individual. At the time Kstew needed Robert to take her back to preserve the “Edward loves Bella” Twihard dream. But now she should stop wearing his clothes, hats, jewelry etc. Normally there is nothing wrong with a gf doing these things but Kristen needs to get her credibility back without constantly being tagged as “roberts gf”.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree completely.

      Kristen has a reputation for being a difficult uncooperative client to work with but it could also be that Ruth and the rest of her team sucks. Ruth used to work for Lindsay Lohan until she couldn’t afford a publicist any longer right? Not the most impressive resume for a publicist I think.

      • bluhare says:

        Are you kidding? Surviving Lindsay Lohan intact should be a badge of honour!!

      • Michele says:

        “Kristen has a reputation for being a difficult uncooperative client to work with…”

        That’s not true at all. Every person who has worked with her from fellow actors to directors to producers have nothing but positive things to say about their experiences working with her. Some of them have gone on to recommend her to other filmmakers for their films, like Sean Penn and Emile Hirsch. Kristen may be alot of things, but unprofessional and hard to work with and difficult to get along with are not descriptions used to describe her on set behavior by her peers.

        She also has the fashion designers, hair and makeup people and stylists raving about how much they love working with her. She is very well liked and admired in the film and fashion industries.

    • Lara says:

      I’m waiting for Ruth to realize this scandal is NEVER going away unless they break up and to tell Kristen to dump him. I have no doubt in my mind she’ll do it in a heartbeat.

  50. aquarius64 says:

    Kristen’s career is hanging on by a thread now. All she has is the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman (which Rupert was not a re-hire) and Focus (which Ben Affleck left). Both jobs have be tainted by her “momentary indiscretion”, one way or another. If anyone besides the gossip press is watching the divorce proceedings closely it would be the studio heads, especially Universal. If anything comes out that will damage Kristen’s image even more, Universal may regret bringing her back for SWATH 2 and other studio execs would think she’s box office poison; therefore not to be considered for upcoming movies.

    @Janet – when I talk about more damaging evidence, I’m talking about what LIBERTY may have stumbled across, such as dirty pics of KS on his phone, or a sex tape Rupert and Kristen made (directed by Rupert) that he kept to get his jollies once in a while. Just a thought.

  51. Stuart Horseley says:

    The body language between Liberty and Rupert tells me “not in love.” But I think this pic was taken after the scandal broke; I’m not sure. Either way, can we drop it? Jesus H. Christ.

  52. Hubbahun says:

    Good. Then perhaps she will go away. Hurrah!

  53. La Calabaza says:

    This is one of Celebitchy craziest post. Commenters have gone nuts. I cannot stop laughing.

    Kristen and that Rupert guy suck. Period. Liberty did the right thing by filing a divorce. Second parts are never good, my mom’s advice.

    As for Kristen, check out her IMDB page: an announced movie with no releasing date and a supposed “lie down in darkness” project in development. Karma is a bitch!

  54. mimi says:

    Why do you think it’s “smart that she left the impression that she spent some time trying to work through it”?

  55. aquarius64 says:

    It’s 6:46 EST….do you know where Kristen is?

    A couple of weeks ago she was papped everywhere. Now that this divorce news has come out there have been no statements or sightings of her. Could it be she’s at an undisclosed location, similiar to the days when the Mini-Cooper pictures went public? I imagine she’s with her PR team coming up with a strategy to deal with this news. They must be aware that Kristen is getting some, equal and all of the blame for the Ross/Sanders marriage going south. And recent stories of she and Rob calling it quits add fuel to the fire. All previous statements that all is well in Robsten-land have been negated by this divorce petition. Recent pictures of Rob having a good time Down Under don’t help either. The PR team is going to be earning its collective salaries for the next few weeks.

  56. essie says:

    if rob will dump kristen, everybody will expect her to again hook up with rupert who at soonest possible time will be free after liberty decided to divorce him and now it will no longer be a mistake, isn’t it?

  57. Roma says:

    And now Jennifer Lawrence scoops the SAG award and officially becomes THE young actress people respect, like, and aspire to be.

    So long Stewart.

    And to think Pattinson actually fell for Kristen’s “Oh I’m so intense and non-Hollywood act.”

    Jen’s the real class deal. Hollywood knows it and is letting everyone else know it.

    All that hyperbole about highest paid actress rested on Twilight’s success not Kristen’s.

    And yeah, in case you hadn’t noticed, I am enjoying 2013 immensely so far.

  58. WendyNerd says:

    We keep talking about Kristen— my question is, what about Rupert? I know he’s not directing the Snow White sequel– but how else has his career been affected?

    Also, I think Mr. Smurf hit the nail on the head.