Kristen Stewart has never ‘mentioned anything about Liberty & Rupert’s divorce’

Are you “over” the breathless coverage of Liberty Ross yet? I’m not. But I actually like her from what little I can make out of her personality. She seems surprisingly tough! Anyway, Hollywood Life has been running story after story about Liberty and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, all of it from anonymous sources. I mean… it’s highly likely that all of this is BS. But it’s still fun because Hollywood Life is so Twihard-heavy, so the coverage about Liberty’s divorce always comes back to “how is Kristen Stewart dealing with it?!?”

Liberty Ross filed for divorce from her philandering husband Rupert Sanders on Jan. 25, almost six months after it was revealed that he had cheated on her with his Snow White and the Huntsman leading lady, Kristen Stewart. While Liberty has maintained her distance from Kristen and spurned boyfriend Robert Pattinson, we’ve learned that she feels quite bad for Rob!

When spoke exclusively with a source close to Liberty, we asked whether she had ever reached out to Rob or Kristen. Our insider said, “Absolutely not, why would she? That’s not something I’d expect her to do.”

The friend added, “Rupert brought them into this entire situation and unfortunately she and Robert, the poor little guy, were hurt the most. The entire situation is one she wants behind her and being away from everyone involved would be best for her.”

Meanwhile, a friend of Kristen’s tells EXCLUSIVELY, “She hasn’t mentioned anything about Liberty and Rupert getting divorced. She never ever mentions his name, and her friends know not to bring up his name, especially out of respect for Rob. But I am sure she feels terrible.”

As previously reported, after the cheating scandal, Kristen made a vow to NEVER mention Rupert’s name in front of Rob ever again.

Another friend of Kristen’s revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY, “Kristen doesn’t talk to or talk about Rupert Sanders to anyone. Unless Rob brings up his name for some reason, Kristen would never, ever mention his name. She has moved on. She is really just focused on her number one priority right now, which is Rob.”

[From Hollywood Life]

What’s interesting is that during the Golden Globes after-parties, there was some discussion about how Liberty and Sparkles might have passed by each other at one point, given that they might have been at the same after party at the same time. But no one knows for sure – and then less than two weeks later, Liberty files for divorce? *adjusts tin-foil Twihard hat*

Radar also has a story about Liberty’s state of mind pre-divorce-filing – you can read the whole thing here, but it’s mostly just a rehash of stuff we’ve already discussed. A source tells Radar, “For the sake of her own happiness, she had to finally go through with the divorce… No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t forgive Rupert for cheating on her with Kristen – especially since it was something that caused such public embarrassment. The images of Rupert and Kristen together making out were out there for everyone to see. Liberty just couldn’t get those pictures out of her head. She truly tried everything, even counseling, because she was desperate to make it work for the sake of Skyla and Tennyson. But after months and months of painful soul searching she decided it was in the best interests to end her misery and make a fresh start.”

You know what bugs me though? No one is going to ask Kristen about this! She really got the kid-glove treatment by the media in the wake of her affair with Rupert, and I don’t think her management team would ever put her in the position of actually doing an interview where she was asked specifically, “How does it feel to be Mini-Coopered by a married man and be one of the causes for the end of his marriage?”

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  1. FrenchT says:

    Im surprised she waited 6 months.

  2. Nev says:

    Yeah they need to bring it up to her in interviews.

    • T.C. says:

      I have never seen anyone more protected from the press after an affair like Kristen Stewart. She was treated like the victim and handled with kid gloves.

    • nina2 says:

      I disagree. I think she’s a pretty much an asshole for what she did, but I want to roll my eyes when people act like she needs to be called out when everyone in hollywood is doing a lot worse things, with like goats and underaged prostitues and crap like that. I think Kristen’s been branded a cheater, and she needs to buck up and be humble and work hard so she gets a new brand eventually. But I don’t buy she needs to do some public flailing, it would feel forced and I’d eye roll at the lack of sincerity of it at this point. I hate public confessionals that are strategic.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. She got caught kissing a married man. There is no proof she screwed him, but I’m sure it was a full-fledged affair, but still no proof. It’s nobody’s business really. People saying this will destroy her career. In what world? Look at the Homeland actress. Winning awards, on a hit show. She had an affair with Billy Zane who left his eight-month pregnant live-in girlfriend, the Weeds actress, for her. Natasha Richardson at 28 had an affair with Liam, left her husband and stepchildren and never denied the affair. Not even a blip in their careers.

        In Shirley McLaine’s memoir she talked about lots of affairs onset she had over her career. She had an open marriage, but it is not uncommom at all to have onset affairs. We just don’t know about all the affairs or how many people came together during their respective marriages. We never knew about Tom Hanks and Rita until all these years later when he brought it up. The wife didn’t advertise it.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        I may sound like a broken record, but I don’t think that she is losing movie roles, just because she cheated.

        She’s losing roles because she is a sh*t actress with an attitude, and now that she alienated a HUGE fanbase (that might’ve paid to see her crappy acting….not anymore) no one will want to take a risk on her if she can’t bring in the fans.

        I would say that 90% of her fans saw her movies because she was Bella Swan. She’s just a terrible actress, and needs to learn some professionalism and humility.

        I think she’s going to have to lay low, take some acting classes, get a few indie roles, and, above all, act a little more grateful. I hope she gets better in her work…I’d rather have a Hollywood full of Franco’s and Kstew’s than a Crackhan.

      • lelaina says:

        It’s not about a public flogging. It’s about the ridiculousness of just ignoring the elephant in the room. Rob was pressed on this and he didn’t do anything wrong. But Kristen went through 2 promo tours with NO ONE asking her about it, and instead just kissing her butt as if she wasn’t involved in one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the year. All of this, while gushing over how honest and unmanufactured she is. They acted like she deserved kudos for facing the press, all while it was obvious every question she faced was run through her publicist first.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Agree with Nina2 and Jayna.

        We all know K-Stew was caught in a compromising position with a married man.
        Really–what more do people need to know beyond that?
        Are you looking for specific details?
        Are you looking to hear her side of it? Why would you even care enough to listen?

        Honestly, there are kids that need to be protected as much as possible, there is a woman who was obviously very hurt and damaged by her husband’s actions. I think it’s time to put this to rest and move on for the sake of everyone involved. Stick a fork in it, kids, what’s done is done.

      • Michele says:

        “We all know K-Stew was caught in a compromising position with a married man.
        Really–what more do people need to know beyond that?
        Are you looking for specific details?
        Are you looking to hear her side of it? Why would you even care enough to listen?”

        Exactly. There’s nothing more for anyone directly involved to say. Rupert and Liberty came to a decision to end their marriage for reasons that should only concern them. Kristen and Rob decided to stay together and work on their relationship for reasons that felt right for them. It’s time to put this whole thing to rest and show all of them some respect and allow them some privacy to move on in peace.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Cosign, nina2 and OriginalKitten.
        Time to move along!

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        TheOriginalKitten: Excellent comment, you summed up my thoughts perfectly :) .

      • Izzy says:

        Co-sign, Kitten. All I need to know about KStew, I learned from her actions. Ditto Liberty Ross – she isn’t walking around in tears, or telling a sob story to whomever will listen; she isn’t hiding out. She’s moving on with her life.

        And really, what the he!! could Miss Mini-Cooper say? At this point, no one would buy a repentance act from her, and there’s nothing left for her to say regardless – she still did what she did. (That goes triple for Slimeball Sanders.)

      • Emelu says:

        Oh dear Lord, those poor goats! Does Gloria Allred know? Goats need representation too!

  3. dcypher1 says:

    kstew looks very lindsayish in that one pic of her.

    • Amelia says:

      It’s the ‘make-up free’ spread of some glossy magazine, I forget which one.
      Marion Cotillard looked amazing and that’s all I really remember.
      I really wish someone would grill Kristen over the affair, why the hell does she get a ‘get out of jail free’ card?
      Maybe it’s her career that will be payback for the affair, according to IMDB all she’s got lined up is the SWATH sequel which doesn’t have a date, yet.

  4. Sam says:

    I’m not sure Kristen really deserves to be asked about this. Ultimately, Rupert Sanders destroyed his marriage. Kristen was the woman he chose to cheat with, but the responsibility lies mostly with him. If anybody deserves to have this held over them forever, its Rupert.

    That being said – his dumbness is quite apparant when you compare those pictures. Kristen Stewart and Liberty Ross – there isn’t much of a comparison. It makes me believe even more that cheating has very little to do with attractiveness or appeal.

    • Poink says:

      Thought the same thing when I saw the photos. Kristen is NO match for Liberty in the looks department, that’s for damn sure.

    • Maria says:

      Kristen wasnt some highschool girl that was deceived by an older guy. she had a lot more power in hollywood than he had (and a lot more money) and she knew he was married with children. she knew the wife, she worked with her and she knew the children.
      thats damn low. kristen is in the spotlight and therefore gets paid a lot, so she will haave to deal with it if someone asks.

      • Sam says:

        It’s the responsibility of the MARRIED person to say no. If Kristen Stewart threw herself naked at him, Rupert was still the party with familial obligations and the duty to say NO. Of course, Kristen was also with Rob, but she bears responsibility for breaking up or harming HER relationship, not Rupert’s. It’s not that hard to get.

      • Kate says:

        @Sam – it’s the primary responsibility of the married person. But the party to the cheating has some, too. It’s not a hard concept, is it, to avoid hurting people terribly? Do as you would be done by is the basis of most conventional morality – and most of us would rather someone didn’t sleep with our SO.

        I agree she’s been given far more hate than people who’ve done worse. It doesn’t change that what she did was pretty damn ugly. She also knew the wife and kids, and that’s a major aggravating factor, IMO.

      • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        @Sam It is the responsibility of BOTH, Kristen was in a long-standing committed relationship, saying that only married couples should abstain from cheating is like saying that only cyclists should watch where they’re going when they’re on the road, what Kristen and Rupert did is not right and it will never will be.

        That being said, I really hope that people can move on from this, I don’t think it’s really relevant any more, the worst has happened, Rupert and Liberty’s kids are now children of divorced parents – that is the real tragedy, not Kristen, not Rupert.

        And also, if I were Kristen, my focus would be salvaging my acting career,not Rob, cuz he seems to be doing just fine with his career and other young actresses are actually acting and making a name for themselves. It’s a shame that her personal life eclipses her career to this extent.

      • Sam says:

        Kate: If she knew he had children, that makes her unethical, to me. However, that still does not make her responsible for the demise of Rupert’s marriage. Rupert had the duty to keep his marriage together and be faithful. You’re confusing the concepts of ethical behavior and personal responsibility. There’s also the issue of the power differential between the two parties – they weren’t equals in this relationship (just like Bill and Monica).

        EDIT: Just gotta add that you’re assuming that marriage means no cheating. There is such a thing as an open marriage, where partners are free to stray. You don’t think it is at least possible that Rupert represented himself as having one? I’m not saying he did, but its certainly a responsibility. And not all married couples expect monogamy.

      • Violet says:

        I’m with Maria on this one. Yes, Rupert is the one that made vows but that doesn’t excuse Kristen in any way. She knew he was married — she worked with his wife and had met their young children. Liberty even considered her a friend.

        BOTH Rupert and Kristen should be deeply ashamed of themselves, knowing they hurt so many people — including his kids, whose family got destroyed — just because they had to get their rocks off.

        They weren’t even discreet about their affair, FFS. Having sex in public is beyond stupid, especially for paparazzi magnet Kristen.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        @Sam: she KNEW the children! She took them for ice cream! And she worked with Liberty. You sure seem to want to give her a pass, but I just don’t see much basis for it. Well, ok, I don’t see ANY basis for it. She knew exactly what she was doing and clearly didn’t GAF about anything except what she wanted. You just don’t fsck other people’s husbands.

      • gg says:

        I bet she sure GAF now. I hope she’s learned from her little foray into fantasyland — that it bleeds over into reality, especially when you get caught in flagrante delicto. She’s got her conscience to live with and that is the most painful thing of all. I don’t need to see a public flogging from people who think they have to see blood in order to know that.

      • Sam says:

        @pastyousayyouneverknew: Well first, I never said that only married couples can’t cheat (and also, you seem to forget that not all married couples are monogamous). Kristen’s responsibility is to her own relationship – not Rupert’s. And also, you’re not addressing what responsibility she had to determine what Rupert and Liberty’s relationship actually WAS. Do you know for a fact that Ruper didn’t tell her he was in an open marriage? Or that he was separated? You don’t know, which is exactly the point. Rupert was in the best position to protect his marriage and he failed; thus, the responsibility is his. There’s all this stuff you’re not accounting for.

        @Trustmeonthis: Abd again, I’ll ask: why does it matter that he met his kids and wife? Again, how does that incline her to know the state of his marriage? I keep asking this and nobody here has answered it: how do we know conclusively that there was no deception on Rupert’s part? That’s not giving her a pass, that’s putting responsibility where it belongs – on Rupert.

        Oh, and to your last point – plenty of people do f— with other people’s husbands. They’re called swingers ;)

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        @Sam: LOL. Swingers do it consensually! Nice try!
        If he really was in an open marriage they wouldn’t be divorcing. And if he told her he was in an open marriage, it would have been easy enough for her to check in with Liberty – which would be the ethical thing to do.

        So, let’s assume Rupie the Pitlicker misled KS about how awful his marriage was. She STILL should have insisted he extricate himself before getting involved. If it was A Real Thing, it could have withstood the time it would have taken to do it honestly.

        Also, YOU said this: “Kate: If she knew he had children, that makes her unethical, to me. ”

        So now you are justifying what you called unethical. Oh Hai Kristen!

      • Brown says:

        I was the other woman a few years ago with a man who, while not married, was everything but with his long term girlfriend. I was in love with him, I knew he was dating her… hell, I knew HER…. she came around a good bit. Yes, he is a sociopath. Yes, he deceived about the state of their relationship/his feelings. Yes, he charmed/dickmatized me into a full-blown relationship with him, knowing he was taken and had been with his girlfriend for years. And still, I am equally to blame. I was absolutely, 100% in the wrong, and will forever live with the guilt of it. It’s called personal responsibility. It doesn’t matter how much you want to do something, or whether he tells you he doesn’t really love his wife or that they aren’t doing so great anyway or whatever. If you know he is taken, he should be off limits. If you decide to pursue it anyway, you are equally to blame for the repurcussions.

        It is called personal responsibility, and it is becoming an archaic notion.

        Either party could have said no, both parties knew better and did it anyway, and that’s really all that matters. The rest is just noise.

        For the record: douchebag ended up sleeping with a third party, destroying me completely considering I (stupidly) thought he would NEVER do it to me, and is still with his long-term girlfriend who is still none the wiser when it comes to his wandering dong. Take home lesson: what goes around comes around, and if he will cheat with you, he will cheat ON you.

      • Sam says:

        Trustmeonthis: I only brought up the swingers because you were the one who brought up not fucking with other women’s husbands. As to your point about whether she should have checked – let me ask you – have you checked with every man you’ve ever hooked up with that he was in fact single? Do you do background checks that it’s cool? Nope, me neither. My point isn’t wheher Kristen was stupid – she certainly was. My point is that she is far less cuplable than Rupert, who did the actual betraying. kristen only enabled him with her lady parts.

        Honestly, if I were you, I’d look into some counseling. You sound like you got cheated on and had a bit of a overreaction – they have counseling to help with that now, honey!

      • nina says:

        I’m with Sam here.

        Different strokes for different folks, people. R/K are young little bohemian types with nomadic lifesyles as actors. Rupert and Liberty are from a pretty sophisticated artistic/fashion circles in swinging London folks.

        I think it’s a bit naive to assume their “setups” are as traditional as ours. It doesn’t mean K and rupert didn’t break a rule in their relationships. I’m just saying it’s a bit presumptious to think you know what the rule is. For instance, my sister was engaged to a guy in a moderately successful band. When he was home, they were monogamous. When he toured? Open setup.

        Out of the nature of all four of these people’s careers and the more nomadic, permissive lifestyles that accompany these careers, it’s really hard for any of us to assume we understand what damage was done with this affair exactly. Damage was done for sure, but it may not be what ya’ll are assuming.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        @Sam: Thanks for the diagnosis. I will run right out and sign up.
        As a matter of fact, I had an open relationship for many years, and the women my husband hooked up with DID check in with me. That’s the right way to do it. And I also DID only get with available people. I don’t “hook up” with people I don’t know. It’s not impossible to have sexual ethics.
        Maybe some day you will learn that, Kristen.

    • Bugsrunny says:

      I agree that Rupert destroyed his marriage–he had vows and he broke them. Simple as that. But I don’t think either K or R should be asked about the affair or the divorce in interviews. They’re not selling us their private lives–they owe us no explanation for what they do personally, only what they do professionally.

      • ImmaBFD says:

        So if R and K aren’t selling their private lives what do you have to say for the set up pics in K’s backyard?

      • CTgirl says:

        KS invited the world into this trashy mess, and it is always a trashy mess when one of the parties is married, the moment she made that ill advised public apology. Any questions that she’s asked regarding RS or LR from here on are on her and her handlers.

        Neither RS nor KStew get a free pass on the affair, especially after public apologies. They are equally at fault.

      • lelaina says:

        My weekly update about how their relationship is going and what Kristen’s travel plans are for the holidays or while Rob’s filming…all that tells me they’re most definitely selling their personal lives.

      • Anname says:

        Lelaina, the weekly updates you are getting about their personal lives are from “sources” and “unnamed insiders”. They are not selling their personal lives, but tabloids will still generate fake stories about them.

        “So if R and K aren’t selling their private lives what do you have to say for the set up pics in K’s backyard? ”
        They weren’t staged. They were illegally taken and Popsugar had to take them down. No one else got access to them either. If they were truly staged, we would have seen them in various print magazines – I am sure they were worth alot at that time.

      • lelaina says:

        @Anname Gurl, how are you on a gossip site being this naive? Hint: when Gossip Cop and E! come to the rescue to assure fans that Robsten is Unbroken? That is not coming from some random bystander. That’s coming from their pr teams.

        And funny how those pics, taken on private property, never resulted in a law suit and are still up on many sites. Almost like they had permission to take them…

      • Anname says:

        Lelaina, and I could ask why you are so cynical… opposing views and all that. I believe Rob would be very happy never to have his personal life mentioned at Eonline or People ever again, and would not be a part of feeding them any stories, especially after the chaos of the past few months. And oops, Rob doesn’t have a PR team. His manager does respond to Gossip Cop sometimes, you got me there!
        Simple answer re the photos: Lawsuits are expensive, and draw more attention to the situation. Rob complained about it an interview, “it’s entirely illegal and there is nothing you can do about it”. Fans copied them and you can find them on fansites, so they are still out there – another reason not to pursue a lawsuit. If you really think they were staged, why wouldn’t they get them in People or some other big print magazine, wouldn’t that maximize their exposure?

      • Michele says:

        “KS invited the world into this trashy mess”

        Actually it was USWeekly who first “invited the world into this trashy mess” when they bought the pap pics and published them in their magazine. You could go one step further and say it was the person who tipped off the paps who were following Kristen all over town that whole week leading up to the jackpot pics.

      • CTgirl says:

        @Michele, reality check – you can’t come down on a gossip/celebrity magazine for reporting a juicy story when you’re posting on a gossip site. That’s just a wee bit hypocritical.

        KS and RS were getting down in public and her Mini-Cooper (that the paps recognize). If you don’t want to get caught then don’t be blindingly stupid about where you meet. Once there were photos they each had the choice of not commenting. Instead, both of these idiots made public apologies/statements and invited everyone into the trashy mess.

    • Lucinda says:

      Kinda my thoughts too. She could have said no but ultimately Rupert made the decision to break his vows. He is the one who destroyed the marriage, not Kristen. It could have been any girl really. It just happened to be her because she was dumb enough to say yet. As much as I dislike her, I hate slut shaming even more. If the roles were reversed, we would never consider asking the guy how he felt about breaking up a marriage.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Exactly. “Slut shaming” makes it ALL the fault of the woman. As if poor men really can’t control themselves when their peni$ takes over. While KStew was in a relationship (exact relationship status unknown) Rupert was the married one who said vows. He IS considerably older than her, presumably with more experience under his belt (pun intended!) and as her director had a unique sense of control over her.

      • Tessa says:

        I think generally Rupert’s fault in this goes without saying. People don’t need to analyze it or talk about it, because it’s crystal clear. He’s an ass, he should lose his wife and suffer for being gross and innappropriate with a girl, a very famous one at that, half his age.

        It’s more interesting, and much more grey, to talk about Kristen. The highest paid actress in Hollywood, the Sten in Robsten. I think people are fascinated with WHY she wanted to be involved with this older creepy guy who is less powerful and attractive than her boyfriend, and why she’d put her career at risk this way. Her side of things is just more interesting. A director trying to get in his startlet’s pants isn’t exactly new. The startlet in this case, with everything to lose and seemingly nothing to gain, is far more fascinating.

    • nina says:

      so, there’s nothing wrong with adult women persuing affairs with married men? There’s nothing selfish in that attitude? There’s no wrong doing on that women’s part? Is that what you’re saying? Allow me to disagree

      • nina2 says:

        she didn’t say that at all. she was saying the burden of responsibility for the wrecked home falls more on rupert, simply because he’s the one who made the vows to his wife and children, not Kristen. Kristen broke a womanhood rule for sure, you don’t mess with another woman’s husband. it’s beneath you as an adult woman to do so. But there’s different burdens of responsibility ultimately. If my man ever cheated, I’d lay the blame mostly on him too cause he’s the one who made the promise to me.

      • Sam says:

        Nina, Kristen does bear responsibility – for harming her relationship with ROB. Rupert had the duty towards Liberty to be faithful. If Kristen had come onto him ferociously, he had the duty to say NO. Rupert chose to be guided by his penis and wreck his marriage.

    • Kezia says:

      She was doing an “actors go makeup free shoot” Jesus, give the girl a break!

      • Sam says:

        Kristen always looks bad. She’s an attractice woman who seems to go to great lengths to make herself look “ugly.” She has terrible posture on the red carpet, she has that tendency to look stoned, twist her face up, do all that. Liberty Ross isn’t more attractice because of makeup, its how she carries herself.

    • Nina W says:

      While I don’t think anybody needs to answer to the public about any of this I do feel KStew bears equal responsibility for this indiscretion. I don’t understand why people want to quantify who is more to blame. She betrayed her relationship, publicly humiliated herself and others and contributed to the end of Rupert’s marriage. Change the pronoun and you get my point. They both did it and they both suck.

  5. Annie says:

    Kristen got off incredibly easy. She gets to paint herself as a victim when everyone suffered tremendous consequences except her.

    I doubt she feels bad though. In her mind it’s not her fault, they had problems before, he’s the one who walked out on his wife, etc whatever mistresses say to not feel like the total trash they are.

    I hope that deep down she knows that she wished someone screwed her over but she’s the one who screwed many people over in the end. Why didn’t she back off? She knew Rupert had more to lose. Look at her in the pictures. She’s incredibly thirsty and seductive. She had him wrapped around her finger. In the car she’s the aggressive one, even the papz said it.

    A big part of me thinks that SHE set the whole thing up. Look at her smiling at the pap. Someone gave them the lead, and she seemed pretty pleased to see them there. I would’ve been mortified. Being incredibly reckless in public, on the car everyone knows she drives, no bodyguard, she called him to meet up, giving papz the chance to photograph her TWICE. How could she not have not known this could’ve happened? It was probably a big F U to Summit, Rob, the fans. She was acting out and used a horny old man, and this is what she provoked: a divorce.

    You could tell rupert was crazy about her from the way he shot the movie. How he fought for her to be the lead. He was the perfect partner for this mess.

    • jess says:

      I dont think kristen got off that easy. She got called a trampire and a homewrecker by the media. Her career has taken a hit as well, she only has one movie lined up and its already having problems finding another lead since Ben Afflect dropped out. The only people that let her off easily was (surprisingly) the robsten fans and of course she cant do wrong in the krisbians eyes.

    • Get a clue says:

      I’m not one to defend Kstew, but I don’t believe the paps were “right there” during the mini cooper event. They have zoom lenses that can capture pics from very far away, without anyone knowing they are there. Think of Kate Middleton on her honeymoon. Same thing in this situation.

    • Michele says:

      Kristen got off easy? Seriously? From the end of July when the pics were published, Kristen was viciously slammed in print, radio and tv on a daily basis. She was receiving death threats from crazy Pattinson fans because she hurt their idol. The Twihards were upset because the last installment was due to come out soon and they feared she may have ruined the momentum.

      It got so ugly that people from all walks of life started to notice and express their sympathy for the her and also outrage for the constant, extreme attacks in the media.

      On twitter, celebs started to respond to the ugly attacks Kristen was receiving and they offered support in their tweets. Many were questioning why the extreme hate was directed at only Kristen and not Rupert. Then journalists and writers who were strongly involved in women’s rights issues started to voice their anger at what they thought was an unfair witch hunt focusing on Kristen only and not the married director and father who was twice Kristen’s age.

      The extreme haters and their non-stop tirades and attacks and even death threats against Kristen ultimately backfired. Kristen ended up receiving more support and sympathy, which grew each day, as a result.

      When Kristen finally surfaced to attend TIFF to promote OTR, it was obvious she had lost alot of weight and seemed very quiet but gracious for the overwhelming fan support she received in Toronto. The scandal definitely took a toll on her, both physically and mentally. She even dropped out of her next film which she was to not only act in but produce as well. To say she got off easy and was not affected by it is just ridiculous.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with you Annie although maybe not about KS getting off that easily. Her career seems to be suffering from this. I agree that she doesn’t seem sorry and comes off in interviews as both incredibly self-absorbed and lacking in morals. Her philosophy seems to be that if it feels good it’s right, no matter how many others you hurt following your feelings. Very Hollywood and very immature.

      I also think she on some level wanted to get caught because in an interview well before the minicooperying last summer she explained to the interviewer why she drove a rental car to the interview – KS Said it was because the paps knew her minicooper so well and that she was so easily spotted by them when driving it. So the fact she chose to cheat with a married man in her own very recognizable car when she was so aware of that that she often rents a car to go under the radar for something as innocent as a magazineinterview struck me as very odd behavior on her part. But so much is strange about this whole scandal.

      I don’t think the media should ask her about the cheating but i do think someone should ask her why she made such a strange and melodramatic public apology while always claiming to be so fiercly private. And they should ask if and how she plans to rehabilitate her image or if she was indeed trying to commit careersuicide via minicooperying.

  6. Maria says:

    “Robert, the poor little guy”

    Ouch. thats how he is seen now.

    also im not so sure if kristen and rupert are feeling terrible but im sure the children are.

  7. MoxyLady007 says:

    KS knew the wife of the man she was boning AND she met their children. Her actions in light of that are appalling.

    Before anyone starts in with the whole “everyone cheats thing, brad Pitt the bastion of all that is good and moral did it” just no. Cheating is always wrong.

    And sleeping with a married man when you know his wife and kids is a special kind of entitled selfish and disgusting. THE END.

    But what about Rupert? Wah wah wah. He is a complete piece of shit. He was the one who broke his vows. And KS was the one who didbt care that he had made vows.

    • Annie says:

      I’ll never understand people who believe in absolving the mistress 100%. Both are equally to blame, especially if it’s an actual months long affair. Rupert was crazy about Kristen and you can tell in the way he shot the movie. It wasn’t a one night stand that could’ve involved any slutty girl. look at the affair pictures. They were involved. Feelings were there. She didn’t have to play along. He was breaking his vows with your help. You’re getting into a bed that you shouldn’t be in. You’re helping a man ruin his family. You’re enabling it.

      Nothing absolves her so people need to stop trying to make that happen. People will forever judge these things and you can’t protect her. She has some blame to share and if your significant other had an affair with someone I doubt you would be this understanding and you wouldn’t hate the girl who knew of your existence and didn’t care that this situation would completely devastate you and just did what she wanted.

      • Annie says:

        Yes, everyone who sees the awfulness in this situation is projecting. That must be it. Good job. You’re smart.

      • Erinn says:

        Those are my feeling, exactly Annie. She shouldn’t carry all the blame, but she was 50% of that affair. She could have said no. Especially knowing his family, and working with his wife. It was selfish, and stupid of her. Yes, he broke the vows of his marriage, but she was aware of that as well. She made a conscious decision to carry on with him, and she shouldn’t be given a get out of jail free card. She shouldn’t be burned as a witch either, though.

      • Kezia says:

        Oh snidely inferring I’m stupid, how “smart” of you. Lash out when someone doesn’t agree with your vitriolic pieces every time there’s an article about Kristen. I wonder what happened to you that made you focus such anger at an actress you have presumably never met? I’ve certainly been cheated on and never felt the need to pore over pictures at how “thirsty” and “seductive” some randomer apparently was, I just find it very disconcerting.

      • CTgirl says:

        @Kezia, Wow. Just. Wow. Cheating is disgusting on the part of both parties. Both parties are equally to blame and now two children are being raised in a one parent home. IF RS and LR were having issues, so what. Every relationship has issues, cracks, etc. But to actively cheat on your spouse with someone the wife knows and to actively choose to cheat on your partner with someone when you know their spouse and children do point to a chilling and calculated coldness that can’t really be overlooked.

        KS and RS invited everyone into this crap when they publicly apologized. I’m not sure that either KS or RS can rehabilitate their careers at this point. Time will tell.

      • Ann says:

        Don’t understand how you can tell from some tawdry pictures that “feelings” were supposedly involved. It looks like a basic lust fueled makeout session to me.

        I honestly think Kristen was in some kind of mental breakdown (and I don’t for a second mean this as an excuse). She had given some interviews back then that sounded very off, and it was certainly highly unusual for her to throw caution to the wind and be caught in public that way. Her response afterward, the apology, pulling out of a movie, the weight loss – it strikes me as someone in a downward spiral. I saw something similar in a colleague once, and it was scary.

        Kristen was certainly wrong and contributed to the breakup. But the majority of the fault lies with Sanders. He was the married one, the parent, the older and supposedly more mature one, the person who had a position of authority over her. It’s similar to a teacher and a student. He’s a pig, plain and simple.

      • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        tbh Annie, I feel like you’re a lovely person but I do sometimes think that you feel too passionately about Kristen-related gossip, I’ve read before how you and a few friends met her and she rolled her eyes at you, I get that she was someone you used to adore and she ruined that image of herself in your mind but I do think you need to just come to calm down just a bit, that’s why I’ve reduced the frequency at which I come on this site, cuz it makes these things seem like a huge deal but there’s loads of people in my life that if I ask about ho they feel about Rupert and Kristen, they’d be like “what?”, this isn’t that big of a deal, for Kristen and Liberty and Rupert and the kids, yes, for you, not so much, you don’t have to let it affect you so much. I’m not judging, that’s just how I feel.

  8. boo says:

    You cleary did not follow the press during the summer. If someone got shit about it, it’s Kristen.

    She does not need to be asked anymore. Not her marriage that failed. They should ask those question to Rupert and Liberty.

    I’m sure Liberty will love to talk about it, she seems to love the attention she gets.

    • Olive says:

      Yep, and she’s filing for irreconcilable differences, not adultery, plus he filed at pretty much the same time. But guess that doesn’t fit the gossip narrative. Sadly, I feel I have to put a ‘not a fan of Stewart’ disclaimer on my comment, too. I just like intelligent gossip (oxymoron there) this isn’t. Over it.

      • Tessa says:

        In California, adultery can be filed under irreconcilable differences for public record. Everything under the sun that the court deems irreconcilable can be filed that way. When a marriage has not legitimate reason to end, you can file a no fault, which they didn’t do, so…

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        In California, to file for divorce, there are ONLY two options: irreconcilable differences OR incurable insanity. “Irreconcilable differences” IS “no-fault” divorce; you used to HAVE to allege adultery or mistreatment, and these things would be examined in court to determine whether or not the divorce would be granted. Imagine the awfulness of that.
        Now, with no-fault divorce, all you have to do is ask for a divorce and assert irreconcilable differences and your dirty laundry does not need to be aired in court.
        Sorry, I’m a bit of a stickler for legal accuracy.

    • aims says:

      It almost sounds like you’re blaming Liberty. I don’t think anyone who has been cheated on enjoys the attention. Liberty has nothing to be ashamed of, she didn’t ask for her husband to go cheat on her then get photographed so the whole world can see. If she wants to talk about it, she has every right to do so. She did nothing wrong. Kristen and Rupert did wrong though. Rupert and Kristen should feel guilty.

    • MissA says:

      If Liberty Ross starts talking about this Kristen fans will def go crazy. Something tells me that things she will talk about won’t be about a ‘momentary’ thing. Poor Rob will prolly cry tears of blood if that happens

    • Nina W says:

      I think that’s a pretty mean dig at Liberty, I seriously doubt she wanted her marriage to be mini-coopered by a selfish brat and her inconsiderate husband. If she gets some gigs and face time out of it, I don’t begrudge her that, she’s lost a lot and will, unfortunately, be forever associated with KStew. That has to suck.

  9. aims says:

    If someone brought it to her attention, she would bite her lip, eyes dart around and give a shrug.

    She is partly to blame for the divorce. Rupert was married, and he chose to go outside their marriage. Kristen was very aware that he was married, knew his wife and kids, but chose to be the guilt other half. They are both guilty. Now, for me, it would bother me to know that I hurt someone else in a very personal way.

    I don’t know what kind of marriage Rupert and Liberty had, but clearly she was not cool with him cheating. Kristen and Rupert both caused harm and equally deserve scorn.

  10. Tessa says:

    If Rob and Kristen don’t face this and just pretend it didn’t happen, it’s going to blow up, and it’s not going to be pretty. First hand experience: pushing stuff under the rug NEVER works.

    • Magritt says:

      What Rob has to do with it? He never claimed Kristen as his girlfriend, they could have easily been friends, bang buddies or just co-workers, nothing more. If so, why is he supposed to comment or to judge? Do you expect him to defend himself – I’m not a cuckold, I’m not the poor guy ’cause we never dated? That would be pathetic.

      • Tessa says:

        Yeah, Maggrit, I’m not saying Rob has to do anything publicly, God no. He shouldn’t say or do anything publicly to address this.

        But if you read Kristen’s apology, and were paying attention for the last four years, they were in a relationship, and she cheated on him. I’m not one for conspiracy theories or he’s gay, she’s gay, they are PR nonsense, so I’m not going to get into that. I just think it’s healthy to deal with things rather than pretend they didn’t happen. For Rob’s sake, because I really like the guy, I hope he got the truth and that they aren’t pretending it didn’t happen.

    • Annie says:

      Rob is the one person in this entire mess who does not have to answer to crap! He already answered questions he should not have been asked, while he was promoting the movie he was ever so proud of, and while I question him staying with her and playing along for Twilight promo, flaunting the reconciliation while a marriage was broken, he was a victim here and he has no moral obligation to anyone.

      In the end if he’s answering to someone is to himself and his family maybe. He’s asking all sorts of questions, wondering if this is good for him in the long run. If he has some explaining to do is to himself. What does he have to explain to anyone else?

      Not even Kristen has to answer to things. In the end, what is she going to say? Unless this continues to hurt her career, she might do an interview and share her side of the story but if she does, this would invite Liberty to do the same, and she knows every detail of this thing by now. It won’t be good for Kristen.

      This won’t happen. Best to not open that window.

      • Tessa says:

        I wasn’t saying he has to answer anything, just FACE what happened privately like the article suggests he’s not, and Kristen isn’t either. I was just making a comment on the damn article, which is BS, I know, but it’s probably very possible given how quickly things seemed to patch up between the two.

      • bluhare says:

        Annie, people don’t cheat when a relationship is good. I’m not saying either relationship was in the crapper before this happened, but some needs weren’t being met in both relationships for it to happen. And not necessarily sexual needs, but maybe so. This is not assigning blame or fault, just stating my truth.

        As a wise old sage once told me, “the difference between a faithful marriage and an unfaithful marriage is opportunity”.

      • Ray says:

        This argument that a person cheats only when relationship is lacking something is BS. Its victim blaming mentality. your partner cheated because your relationship was lacking.” Its generally used to make peace with past by both victim and offender.

        If relationship is lacking something then break it first before going to another or sort it out with your partner.

      • Nina W says:

        Sorry Bluhare but I call BS on that excuse. People choose to cheat just as they choose to stay faithful. Relationships are not always perfect but that doesn’t give you a license to stray. No one said fidelity was easy.

  11. marie says:

    I’m sorry but why would Kristen talk about it, and who in the heck would listen to what she has to say anyway?

  12. La Calabaza says:

    Kristen might not be asked about the Mini Cooper gate but might not be casted as well because of it. Her career, post Twilight, seems almost non existent.

  13. Just Me says:

    What’s going on in that picture of Kristen up there? That chair is disgusting, as are the walls behind her. And is that tape on the back of the chair? Seriously. Gross.

  14. Biased says:

    Her articles really is a traffic magnet and it shows. But really, Kid-gloves? She lost 5 projects and was racked over the coals? Rupert also lost a lot of opportunity and his family. They both deserve it but Really it is APPARENT that you really DISLIKE Kstew. We get it. 5 movies gone and almost no career? Tell me if that is Kid glove treatment. This is turning into a witch hunt.

    Also, the reason she probably is being quiet is she wants this to Die Down silently. Its that simple…. Can we stop with This Liberty Ross girl… she is in the news because of KStew and it is apparent that this is strategy.. She waited 6 months….. with paps and all…

    • marie says:

      honest question, cause I really don’t know.. what were the 5 projects?

      • Ladybug says:

        It’s not a witch hunt. It’s consequences.

      • Annie says:

        The projects that were publicized prior to this mess are: Lying in darkness, Cali, SWATH 2 (this so won’t happen, let’s be real), Focus more recently and another rumored untitled thing with Laura Linney, I think. I can’t remember the whole cast but she was going to play a teen again and it was a drama.

        Cali was supposed to film over the summer when her scandal broke so she had to drop out. SWATH and the rest were lined up for this year, but no exact dates were set.

        She never officially signed up for anything, but she was interested in every single project, since she brought them up in a few interviews or her publicist leaked the news to Deadline and Variety, both very important reliable sites, so she was in the running until this happened. Then suddenly no mention ever again.

        One lost role is nothing, but everything she had lined up? That is more than suspiscious. Meanwhile, Rupert signed up to direct a new high profile movie with Universal, so think about fairness.

      • Ann says:

        She didn’t lose 5 movies. She pulled out of one. The rest are all still in development, in very early stages. Just because someone is announced as being attached to a movie, doesn’t mean it will start filming tomorrow. It means that they will start raising money, trying to clear schedules, etc. These other movies may still happen, they’re just not at filming stage yet.

    • aims says:

      I don’t know why I feel so angry about this. I guess the fact that Rupert’s kids are going to now have a broken home gets me mad. Im so sorry that Kristen missed out of five movies, but a broken family seems like a bigger loss.

    • ImmaBFD says:

      So she lost 5 movies…big whoop…she has millions of dollars and can live off that without working for the rest of her life. Providing she doesn’t blow it all on drugs and booze like LiLo….but she will. Why should we feel sorry for someone like her?

    • Nina W says:

      Seriously you’re on Liberty’s case for riding KStew’s coattails? Yeah I can see LR must really be enjoying having to deal with this shitstorm she had nothing to do with. LR has two children and tried to salvage the marriage, it’s not like she had some strategy to resurrect this crap at the 6 month point. Geez.

    • hownowbrowncow says:

      Kristen Stewart is a greasy-haired, talentless idiot with the cognitive equivalence of a five-year-old. Who likes to sleep with married men. And popularized one of the worst storylines of all time, the irretrievable, sophomoric mess that is the “Twilight” series. I’m amazed that anyone could waste an ounce of breath defending her but then again, there are stupid, tasteless people everywhere.

  15. OOOOwl says:

    “You know what bugs me though? No one is going to ask Kristen about this! She really got the kid-glove treatment by the media in the wake of her affair with Rupert…”

    WOW this statement is just gross and ridiculous. No one deserves what happened to ALL involved in this situation. Whether you think it’s justified or not.

    • aims says:

      Sorry, but when you knowing go into an affair you lose your victim role.

      • OOOOwl says:

        I’m not saything that Sanders and Stewart are victims Bc they aren’t.

        But I just don’t agree with all the stone throwing.
        Who are we to say when these two have been punished enough?

      • aims says:

        Because when the shit hit the fan, Kristen released a statement saying,, I love my boyfriend, I love him so much, please don’t leave me! Not word for word quote there, but that was the jist of it. Not once did she say, I’m sorry for all parties that have gotten hurt by OUR actions, WE’VE hurt a lot of people here.She was self serving in her apology. A family got destroyed over this. All she seemed to care about was her boyfriend. Again, she is the one half of the guilty party.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        Actually, she did apologize. Here’s what she said, verbatim: “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

        She apologized and people criticized the apology. Now, you’re criticizing her because you forgot that she actually apologized. How is this not a witch hunt? It’s just gone way too far.

      • aims says:

        It was a self serving apology. Briefly did she say, I’m sorry for the pain this has caused to others. Her main concern was for herself. Her concern was for anything that was connected to her. This isn’t a witch hunt. Rupert is a pig. My support goes to his wife, who didn’t deserve to be in this situation, and to the kids. Boyfriends come and go and Robert will he fine. This relationship isn’t going to last forever and they will move on. But the bigger picture to me is a family broke up because of this. And Rupert needs to crawl under the rock he came from, because he is slime. Kristen needs to cut off the, I don’t give a shit attitude.

  16. A says:

    Lordy. I’m sorry, but KStew has destroyed her career and was definitely not given the kid glove treatment by the press. That was why HuffPost and others ran some slut shaming articles. Will she still get some indie roles? Likely. However, as much as everyone on here hates her, it was apparent that before this incident her career was going to be much more prominent for a while. And yes, would you ask any if the people-Sienna, Jude, Laura Dern, Letterman, etc-this question? She’s not Arnold, talking about it to sell a book. If she was in the media at this moment, promoting a film, it may be a fair question. But she is not, and probably won’t be for a very long time…maybe even a year.

    • Anname says:

      The only one who got direct interview questions about it was Rob. She did not get any tough questions during her On the Road promo. I don’t think she should have, but I don’t think Rob should have either. Bad press is one thing, being put on the spot in an interview is another.

    • Annie says:

      I followed her career since 2006 maybe? I never would’ve predicted this scenario for her, ever. I seriously thought that she’d bag better stuff during Twilight and after. Bad judgement all around. And now this.

      As much as I hate and judge what she did, it’s unbelievable to me that she might lose all opportunities in the immediate future because of her idiocy, but I can’t say I don’t understand why it’s happening. Nobody wants the tabloid attention. I don’t think it’s because of what she did per se but the negative attention she will bring toward any male involved in any project. The BS Affleck headlines are what made him not want to touch Focus with a 10ft pole.

      Maybe a long break is not such a bad idea.

      • Nina W says:

        She’s not a great actress and when you couple that with her damaged public image, it does seem possible this could have a lasting negative effect on her career. But then again she’s young and filthy rich so she doesn’t really need to worry about it. And clearly she has quite a few feverishly devoted fans out there, I think she’ll be okay.

  17. ImmaBFD says:

    California has a 6 month waiting period for divorces. Nearly six months to the day of the pictures being out she files….me thinks she knew about them before the pics came out…AND this affair was a more than a one time thing.

  18. twatty says:

    Kristen got the “kid-glove treatment by the media”? I’m pretty sure she was raked through the coals by the media (and every gossip site such as this one) while very little was said about Rupert. And how does Liberty come off as “pretty tough”? She’s said very little and what little she has said doesn’t differ from the vague soundbites other celebs have given on touchy subjects. This is not a relevant topic to ask Kristen in an interview when she doesn’t even discuss her personal relationships. If she’s not required to do that, why would she be required to talk about this incident? What it boils down to is personal preference and dislike for Kristen Stewart by the writer. The blatant unbiased angle on everything is getting stale.

  19. jess says:

    I read on another site that this isnt the first time Liberty has filed for divorce. Apparently, she filed back in January 2011 but changed her mind. I also heard that Rupert was seen around the Los Feliz area where Kristen lives.

  20. K-rock says:

    She looks like a heroin or crack addict in that pic. Wow! Faces of meth.

  21. DIANE says:

    I finally broke down this weekend and caught the first three Twilight films on tv, and for the life of me, I can’t understand what the big deal is about this girl. She was like a piece of wood in all three films, she seemed slightly bored and uninterested and I kept thinking, well, maybe she’ll wake up in the next film. I kept asking myself, why would either of these guys be interested in this dull girl?

  22. LeeLoo says:

    I would love to see Kristen called out on it in an interview. For all the times she has said she wants to be seen as a serious and mature actress then to insinuate she was a young girl taken advantage of by Rupert is appalling. As I have said several times, if she showed the slightest bit of humility and remorse over her actions then I think we would have forgotten all about this months ago. I really hope she doesn’t continue to hide behind RPatz to avoid this situation. I hope he told her to stay stateside while he’s filming his movie in Australia so he can focus on his own career. Regardless of their relationship status, from a career standpoint those two need to separate themselves from one another.

    I must admit that as far as Liberty is concerned, I’m quite indifferent to her. I do think she used the media to make lemonade out of a very sour lemony situation and I wish her luck in her future endeavors but she’s kinda of a meh person to me. Maybe I would feel different if I had ever been in a similar situation. I just wish she wouldn’t wear fur coats.

    Rupert is the scummiest type of cheater. I’m glad Liberty saw through his b.s. He cheated because he could and he would have cheated again, given the opportunity. Now he wants to whine and cry because Liberty is dumping him. When I read he wanted to split attorney’s fees and deny her spousal support, I knew it was one of those cases where he’s upset that Liberty won’t forgive him and has decided to divorce instead of trying to work it out. I wish idiots like him would think of their actions before they go off and decide to feel up some 22 y/o girl. If someone like my honey who has ADD can curb his impulse control issues, so can a 41 y/o man.

  23. Patricia says:

    I do not think KS should go public talk about this situation, when anonymous people cheat, she just has to give satisfaction to your boyfriend \ husband, and family, dont to be questioned in entrevistas.Acho that just as every woman who cheats, she was fairly convicted, public women not usually go this easy (Claire Danes, Ingrid Bergman), yes men, they are boys, man is like that (sarcasm).
    The only question she has to answer, I think, is because she is an actress, if you can not act?

  24. Mr.Smurf says:

    I would say that she got handled with kid gloves by the legitimite media…..not the gossip sites. Like on yahoo news, all they would do is mention that she cheated on Rob with the director. I haven’t ever seen anything in depth about what happened, except on gossip sites.

    But, whatever. They’re the idiots that decided to have a quickie in the middle of LA, out in broad daylight.

    I still can’t decide if this was the first time Rupert cheated, or if he miscalculated how far the paparazzi would go to follow Kstew.

  25. Runs with Scissors says:

    What Kristen did was horrible and selfish, but the reaction has been predictably over the top.

    If she were a young male actor who slept with his married female director, there’s NO way he would have been crucified and slut shamed the way Kristen has been. Probably would’ve gotten high fives from the press ffs.

    The maniacal frenzy by women to slut shame Kristen seems driven by the utter terror women feel that their man will (or has)cheated on them.

    We allow men to control us, in part, by letting them manipulate our fear. While some men are insecure about being cheated on, for the most part, men aren’t slaves to the fear the way a lot of women are. Look at the differences in plastic surgery rates and beauty treatments of men vs. women. Fear parading as vanity.

    Woman on woman hate almost always has its roots in this fear, this inane competition for male attention and approval. It’s embarrassing to say it, but I think it’s true.

    Ladies should seek the approval of themselves and other ladies (and not just about looks)- who cares what men think of us? Men are free in this regard and it’s benefited them greatly.

    • Tessa says:

      Kristen is also really unlikable to begin with, so the whammy she’s taking has a lot to do with the fact that not only did she sleep with another woman’s husband, but she’s a miserable unlikable person to boot. Two fold.

      • lelaina says:

        Exactly. If someone unlikeable like Alex Pettyfer cheated on someone popular like Jennifer Lawrence, while contributing to breaking up a family, he would be dragged over the coals too. It’s not that Kristen cheated. It’s that cheated on a popular guy who allegedly she was never all that into anyway, so people felt bad for him. And she cheated with a married man whose wife she knew and worked with. That’s just ice cold.

        But even so, the only people to go hard on her were the public. The media wrote one apologista article after another. It just hasn’t helped her rep because people disliked her even before the scandal.

    • Kezia says:

      Preach Running with Scissors!

    • LeeLoo says:

      Nah. Most of us that rag on her never liked her to begin with. Her carrying on with a married man, just gives us another reason not to like her.

    • Nina W says:

      I expect people to behave with consideration for others and I am frequently disappointed. I also expect people to take responsibility for their own actions and deal with the consequences of their screw ups. That being said KS is Bella and many, many people are over-invested in the Twihard fantasy and a lot of this over the top reaction is tied to that. This would have been a blip on the radar if it weren’t for Twilight fans.

  26. Jayna says:

    This didn’t destroy the marriage on its own. It was the icing on the cake that pushed it over the edge. I read the interview she gave before the affair, maybe a year before someone posted. She really brought up how much she gave up to move to America for his career and how he is gone a lot and she is lonely but loves being a mom but misses her career and England. I bet he ignored her a lot, so already issues. Then to see him making a fool of himself over Kristin probably just ended everything.

    If this was an otherwise strong marriage that hit a midlife crisis for him, it might have survived. She’s smart to move on while young.

  27. lelaina says:

    I personally don’t think the affair itself has affected her career. I think it’s that the affair affected her public image which has affected her career. No one in Hollywood cares if you cheat. But they care if people don’t like you. Screenings of BD2 all over the country reported that there was booing when her name came up in the credits. THAT’S the kind of thing a studio exec pays attention to.

    And you know what? That’s fair. Kristen’s image, her salary, her fame, were NOT built on her acting skills. They were built on her relationship and being popular with teenage girls. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    And for what it’s worth, Pattinson will face the same downfall, imo. Already one of his projects has been scrapped. I expect more to follow. After he finishes this film, I would bet he’ll be unemployed for the rest of the year. Again, because his career was not built on his acting skills, but on his popularity and image, both of which he’s torpedoed by looking like a spineless doormat.

    These two are both tainted now. Which could help their relationship at least. Because other than hangers on or wannabes, I can’t see anyone else wanting to deal with the negative attention that would come with dating either of them.

    • bluhare says:

      “No one in Hollywood cares if you cheat. But they care if people don’t like you.”

      Lottery winner!!!!

    • honeybee says:

      Rob signed on for most of the movies listed on his IMDB page after the scandal. So her scandal hasn’t obviously affected his job prospects. His movie QoTD didn’t get scrapped. It may be on hold for financial reasons. That’s the nature of indie movies. You never know until the cameras are rolling. Hopefully it will come to fruition soon enough. Meanwhile he has other projects waiting. It is not like people are unwilling to hire him or work with him unlike Kstew’s plight. He didn’t do anything wrong other than forgive (seemingly) his cheater gf.

      Before the end of this year I hope he will dump her skanky ass. It is better for his career if he firmly shuts the door on that relationship and walks away. As long as they are together this will always be haunting him.

      • lelaina says:

        I’m sure lots of people want to work with both Rob and Kristen. But the people with the money probably don’t. And both of them are a WHOLE lot less appealing now than they were in June (for her) or September (for him). I bet a lot of the people who signed up with Rob when he was on a sympathy high with the public are suddenly finding it harder to line up investors now that most of the public is just rolling their eyes at him.

        Money talks, and both these two damaged their brand BADLY. Kristen’s trying to repair hers by showing everyone Rob forgave her. Maybe Rob thinks Robsten can still help his brand too. Or maybe he’s just that whipped and doesn’t care how his personal life is affecting his career.

    • Crystal says:

      ‘Kristen’s image, her salary, her fame, were NOT built on her acting skills. They were built on her relationship and being popular with teenage girls. Live by the sword, die by the sword.’

      Lord, Jesus. Amen.

      Thank you. I’m so baffled that on this site you can’t go into a Taylor Swift, Blake Lively (lord, Blake Lively) or Anne Hathaway post without people hating on them for ‘playing the game’ yet somehow people forget that ‘playing the game’ is the reason why Kristen is famous. All of the pretentious, hipster girls in the cafeteria finally had someone to look up to when this mouth breather came along.(see the success of Lena Dunham too)

      Her whole anti-hollywood, ‘I hate the media!’ attitude is so put on, she plays the game more than anyone else in the business. This broad built her persona from the Avril Lavigne songbook and yet her fans wanna act brand new. It’s funny to see after a few years how many photoshoots, perfume ads, articles, etc. she’s racked up while still telling people she’s so anti-Hollywood. Her sanctimonious attitude is part of why the backlash against her was so strong. Would the backlash be this big if Blake Lively, Jessica Biel or Ashley Greene were caught out there ? Hell no, people think they f*ck for roles anyway. Kristen was the #authentic #real #anti-hollywood starlet daring her haters to prove her wrong and y’know what? They did.

      Fantasia’s illiterate ass is still on B.E.T and Alicia Keys just had a number one album. Kristen will be fine. The people who hated her are still gonna hate and the ones who liked her still have no taste and wouldn’t know good acting if it came deep fried in a twinkie, so they’ll still like her.

      • lelaina says:

        “Kristen was the #authentic #real #anti-hollywood starlet daring her haters to prove her wrong and y’know what? They did. ”


        People can handle cheaters a lot easier than they can handle hypocrites. I even think if she’d hooked up with Sanders after she was caught, people might be more understanding. It’d be “well, she fell in love, she’s always talked about being honest with your emotions, good for her for not faking it with Rob anymore…” But instead people either have to accept that she fooled around for no reason while being in love with Rob, or that she had feelings for Rupert and is now faking it with Rob to help her career. Neither option gels with the person she claims to be.

    • Ann says:

      Time will tell the effect on Kristen’s career. You’re mistaken about Robert, however. Even with Queen of the Desert on hold (not scrapped), he still has 4 movies he’s filming this year. And the “Desert” movie going on hold had nothing to do with him. While I do agree that he’d have been better off splitting from her or keeping their reunion quiet,it hasn’t affected his film roles as yet. How he does in this slate of movies will be the determinant of how his career proceeds from here.

      • macy says:

        None of the films he’s signed on for have a greenlight. Saying he has a full slate when there isn’t a shooting date for any of his future films is just wishful thinking.

        And you can never be sure exactly why QOTD got pushed back. Since it was likely related to money, it very well could be investors getting cold feet in part because Rob’s not seen as an asset after Cosmopolis flopping and his reputation tanking now.

  28. Sophia says:

    Her career shouldn’t suffer because she screwed a married man. It should suffer because she’s one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. Period.

  29. beth says:

    if Kristen answered any questions about the affair, the haters that are still painfully obsessed with her wouldn’t  be satisfied. If Kristen took 100% blame and said it was all her fault, if Kristen said it was half her fault or none of her fault, it wouldn’t make a difference.  Rob’s fans want justice and justice to them all hinges on Rob dumping Kristen.

    The Robsessed fan base is still consumed by her even though Rob has projects lined up.Just look at them all flock here daily to talk about her instead of him. Just look at how many posts Kristen Stewart gets when celebitchy writes about her and it isn’t primarily her fans posting here. It is the same old Robsessed women who feel the need to defend their Rob. It’s pretty telling when people would rather come here and tell their personal sob story about how “a man did me wrong so I am going to obsess about how Rob and I have this in common”  as opposed to talk about the award season. 

    Notice that celebitchy credits Meg Ryan for not speaking out but expects Kristen Stewart to talk. 

    “The way Ryan words this is odd. She says Quaid cheated on her, but she kind of implies she didn’t really know about it until after the divorce. Maybe that’s why she kept quiet about it for so long. She deserves some credit for keeping her silence about it. She got branded a cheater, but her husband was doing the same thing to her and she didn’t tell the press until eight years later.”

    A better example would be Daniel C and Rachel W. They both cheated on their SO plus she had a child yet no one is asking for clarification. Plenty of people were stunned to see how Rachel was by Darren’s side yet shown vacationing and canoodling with Daniel over the holidays.

    The people that don’t like Kristen now, didn’t like her before. Read the comments about her mannerisms and acting. The affair isn’t the product of the current hatred.

    • Anname says:

      Beth, this “Rob fans hate her” is quite a generalization. There are many people who don’t like Kristen who barely know who Rob is. And there are many Rob fans who either still like her, or simply ignore her altogether.

    • Tessa says:

      When the couple that cheats falls in love and gets married, then what are you going to do? They fell in love. LOVE is the operative word here. Were Rupert and Kristen in love? If they were I would find both of them a lot more sympathetic. Then at least there’s motive beyond being a total selfish asshole.

    • Crystal says:

      WTF are you even on about? Seriously ?

      When has Rob ever had more than 3 and a half fans on Celebitchy? No one was checking for him before the scandal and we still ain’t checking for him now boo. It’s possible to dislike Kristen without being a fan of Rob. Before the scandal Rob posts on here would get 50 comments max. and only about 10 of them would be positive. Who are you tryna fool ? Just stop.

      ‘The Robsessed fan base is still consumed by her even though Rob has projects lined up.Just look at them all flock here daily to talk about her instead of him.’

      So what you’re saying is that Celebitches are obsessed with Rob so they flock here to talk about Kristen instead of him. Did this make sense to you when you wrote it out ?

      ‘Just look at how many posts Kristen Stewart gets when celebitchy writes about her and it isn’t primarily her fans posting here’

      Um, yeah this could be said for LeAnn Rimes, Jennifer Anniston, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Rihanna etc. posts, filled with 100′s of comments and yet not one of them has any fans on this site. Kristen posts won’t be any different. If it hurts you to see Kriten get dragged then I’m sure there are plenty of Krisbian fansites out there just waiting for you…

    • gg says:

      I was under the impression it was more “lovesick teenagers” than “women” who came here to pine and whine about the damn affair (that is OLD NEWS now, hello!).

      You’re right about one thing though – it doesn’t matter what she does; it’s never enough even if she slashed her wrists and bled for them.

      Moving on would be really good …

    • Janet says:

      I can’t stand Stewart because she’s a nasty, obnoxious, arrogant, ungrateful bitch with a lousy attitude. Pattinson has nothing to do with it. Hope that clears that up.

      • kingkayski says:

        Hey freaks and hypocrites,just say you hate Kristen because she’s with Rob plain and simple,and she gets to keep Rob even after the cheating and that irks the shit out of you,then i would respect you more.Don’t give me the BS about her anti hollywood attitude and shit,because most of them actresses have atitude problem more so than the others.I wonder if all of you will still be talking about Liberty if is some other girl he cheated with and not Kristen?

  30. Crystal says:

    I’m usually a fan of Juergen Teller’s work but Kristen looks rank in this photo. My god.

    As for this played out scandal, I’ve gotta hand it to this broad, she has some kind of magical voodoo that makes all her own actions irrelevant, and the people who “judge her” into the bad guys.

    It almost feels like having a negative opinion towards her over this is worse than cheating itself. It’s hilarious to think of all the girls who haven’t hurt anyone with their scandals (like naked photos; Vanessa Hudgens anyone?) who were vilified as sluts. And now we have to feel sorry for this vanilla, no-talent plank of wood? No thanks.

    Her career will be fine…She’s the highest paid actress or some sh*t, Hollywood won’t get rid of her just ’cause she got the box eaten in a mini cooper with her director. And why should they? If they won’t banish her for her terrible acting then they have no standards anyway. Plus Chris Brown is out there with number 1 albums and people invite Mel Gibson to the Golden Globes.

    Kristen doesn’t need to be asked about this. In fact people should just stop interviewing her altogether. She’s never been able to sring a sentence together and reading her quotes makes me feel like English is her second language. Can you imagine how awkward it would be if this was brought up in an interview?

    I do find it funny how fickle most of you are though. Like, have people really started hating on Liberty? Really? I swear Kristen fans are so stupid it’s practically a mental condition. Every single one of them needs to have an everlasting seat with their bad taste and victim complexes. Embarrassing.

      • Crystal says:

        Hey gurl *blows a kiss*
        I’ve missed you boo. How’ve you been ?

        Ugh. I’ve been so busy. Whenever fashion week in September rolls around, I’m ridiculously busy flying around and stuff but 2012 was just insane. I barely had time to breathe. Even after fashion week, the work was still piling up :( Then I was in New York looking at properties to buy. I need my own place in NY because I’m there so much and living hotel to hotel is not the business. (my hubs wants to buy in Tribeca but my heart is set on this amazing place in Park Slope. I’ll wear him down eventually though). Fashion week starts again soon and I’ll be busy again but I don’t think I’ll be as busy as I was in September. I won’t dissapear this time ;)

        How’s life been treating you babe ?
        I come back to CB and Kristen’s still a flop. SMH.

      • marie says:

        I’ve been good, no where near as busy as you though. Got engaged, slowly planning wedding, putting far more effort in finding a joint living space.
        All that sounds exciting, I bet it’s amazing even with all that back and forth. Hopefully you’re racking up the frequent flyer miles.
        Can you believe this is still a thing? The way it’s been going, Robsten will hold out another 6 months before it’s finally broken.

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      I are with EVERYTHING :) except for the part where her career will be fine, Hollywood definitely won’t get rid of her but judging from the way things are looking right now, she will never achieve the same level of success she had with twilight, she WAS the highest paid actress last year but I doubt that will ever happen again as she has no movies lined up for this year, according to imdb anyways and when you look at people like Emma stone and Jennifer Lawrence, it’s easy to see she’s getting left behind, her personal drama is her relevance factor lol x

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      Oh Crystal we have all missed your wisdom on this tired topic for many months! So glad to hear you right on as always!

      I agree TOTALLY with Lelaine too. I say, we put aside her “youthful indiscretion”. We all stop ” slut shaming” her for Ru Perv. As we move forward together, putting the past behind, please let us focus simply on hating her for her terrible acting, pretentious interviews, sullen rudeness, hideous clothing, poor hygiene, and thoroughly undeserved wealth.

  31. Janet says:

    KStew doesn’t give a damn if she helped break up a marriage or not. Look at her dead eyes in that photo. She’s all about herself. She doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone else, Pattinson included.

  32. Chickenlishus says:

    Damn, that chair is awesome! Needs a good dusting, though.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    Kristen looks really rough

  34. aquarius64 says:

    Kristen’s PR team is a joke. It thought all it took is for Rob forgiving her and painting her as a victim and Rupert a as predator it would all go away. Wrong. It didn’t; and it won’t. The divorce is Act II. It’s going to be constantly thrown in Rob and Kristen’s faces one way or another. It’s just a matter of time before a show slams them for this while they’re in the audience. As for Kristen’s career, you bet Universal and other studios are looking at the divorce proceedings and see what comes out. If anything is revealed that makes Kristen look worse (is that possible?) Universal may regret hiring her back for SWATH 2 and the others will conclude she’s a drain for the marketing department (damage control division) and overall box office poison. She won’t be considered a hire for future projects.

    • macy says:

      I’m sure Universal is already annoyed with her after her PR team threw them under the bus to try to win her some sympathy this summer. They had to come forward with a statement denying it and everything. And since then, no one is talking about SWATH2 other than Kristen. I don’t see it ever happening.

  35. Gemini08 says:

    I honestly don’t think that Kristen was THE reason. I think she was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I highly doubt that this is the first time that sleazebag cheated. As for Kristen being treated with kid gloves? Not as much as he has. Kristen has been vilified and yet she wasn’t the one married with kids! Why is no one mentioning that this was a 40 year-old man cheating with a 21 year old GIRL??

    • LeeLoo says:

      When the scandal broke, I felt the same way you did. Dude had no reason to fool around with a 21/22 y/o girl. But at the same time, you get all of these Kristen Stewart interviews says she wants to be seen as a mature actress. She can’t have it both ways.

  36. Alexis says:

    No I don’t think She needs to talk about it. She gave apology at one time , from now on it is better for her to avoid anything that has to do with that topic . If she weren’t apologized then may be she could do some explanation since marraige with children ends and she labled as one of the causes and it actually humilated the ex wife and she also was considered to be in relationship herself.

    Also how many people got asked about a rumored or real current current or past cheat? Not many.
    I mean since I know that situation forexample did they ask JA after she gone all that victmhood for herself and then ended up being involved with the man that wasn’t atleast officially split and went public with him even before the ex moved out? did she ever asked about that? i am just give her example but many never address the topic all together they avoid.

  37. Ryan says:

    I like the comment near the top that suggests Billy Zane cheated on Mary Louise Parker with Claire Danes.

  38. Tig says:

    On a total side note- for all those folks bashing Cosmopolis- did you actually watch it? And given the state of movies in America today- if it’s not guys in capes and tights with CGI out the wazoo- it never comes to a theater outside of major cities. How can fans see a movie if it’s never released? I am glad Beasts of a Southern Wild was re- released bec it played in my city about 5 mins- and this a community of 200,000! I know Cronenberg is traditionally a hard sell, but Cosmopolis was good. It just got consumed by the Rupsten tsunami.

  39. Chelsea's handler says:

    That photo of K-Stew has a 70s porn look about it.

  40. Susy says:

    Enough with hate people! I get it and I completely agree what she did was wrong. However, people don’t seem satisfied with anything she has done. The fact is Rob and Kristian are adults, but they are young. It takes a lot of strength to try to keep their relationship going after what has happened. Only time will tell what will happen with these two. This whole thing has been a cash cow for the tabs they could give a rats ass what what they write about and whose lives they further ruin while sit in a room and make up crazy stories. Yet people actually eat it up and it further adds to their hate. I think she has been raked through the coals enough. So, everyone should move on and do and say something positive today.