Liberty Ross filed for divorce because she was ‘humiliated’ & ‘just so angry’

Just before Liberty Ross filed for divorce on Friday, Love Magazine released their new photo shoot and interview with her. The Love Mag photo is NSFWyou can see it here if you want. She’s posing without any clothes, so go ahead and clutch your pearls. I think it’s a beautiful image, though – sexy and interesting, and it seems a little bit like “advertising”. As in, what my mom always says about scantily-clad women – “they’re advertising.” In the interview – clearly done before Liberty filed for divorce – she says, “I moved to L.A. with my husband Rupert because I felt it was time for him to have his turn. We both like it there and we were both established in what we did, but it felt like things could only excel for him in film in America. I wanted to have children and change my life in that way too. I’m glad I did it; I don’t have any regrets.” She doesn’t have any regrets… but now she’s moving on. I get that.

So, in the post-divorce-filing analysis, “sources” are coming out to talk about Liberty’s state of mind. A “friend”/source tells Hollywood Life: “Liberty did all she could to try and save the marriage, but in the end she thought it would be best to walk away… They just couldn’t see eye to eye. Of course she is heartbroken, but the trust between them was completely destroyed and Liberty was humiliated. Liberty is a strong woman and will be just fine. Rupert is not taking it well at all. I can only imagine how Kristen feels — that her actions contributed to the break-up of a family.” I would hope that Kristen feels like a trampire. It’s not slut-shaming when someone should actually be ashamed of what they had done. And yes, Rupert is such a sleazy piece of work. Ugh. And here’s Us Weekly’s post-game analysis:

After one of the most trying (and public) years of her life, Liberty Ross is ready to liberate herself from husband Rupert Sanders. As revealed on Friday Jan. 25, the British model, 34, filed for divorce from the director, 41, after ten years of marriage and two kids (Skyla, 7, and Tennyson, 5).

The move (Ross asks for joint custody of the kids, spousal support and attorney’s fees) isn’t exactly shocking: Despite several amicable meet ups with the kids, the twosome had appeared to be mostly estranged ever since Sanders was caught (in exclusive Us Weekly photos) having a midsummer fling with Kristen Stewart, the 22-year-old star of his Hollywood blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman.

“This was a long time coming,” one source tells Us Weekly, explaining that, in the aftermath of the shocking tryst, Sanders “did want to try to repair the relationship and didn’t want a divorce.”

Ross, who picked up her life and career in London to move with her husband to Hollywood a couple years ago, “was more than a little upset,” adds a second insider. “They gave it a shot for the kids, [but] she was just so angry . . .she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t really ever get over it.”

The stunning brunette, who walked in Alexander Wang’s NYC Fashion Show last fall, hinted at changes to come in a confessional video series for the designer. “[This year was] the end of some things and the beginning of something else,” she continued. “Beginnings and endings are always really exciting.”

By contrast, in the wake of her betrayal (and a very public apology) Stewart mended things with her longtime love Robert Pattinsonl; although the British hunk is now filming in Australia, the Twilight costars were most recently spotted together at a private Golden Globes afterparty in Hollywood Jan. 13.

[From Us Weekly]

Sources also note that Liberty seemed to “take over” the parenting responsibilities of her two children, Skyla and Tennyson, and that Rupert didn’t seem to be on her mind at all lately. A few weeks ago – just after the Globes – I even talked about how Liberty had come out to the post-Globes parties, and there were reports that she had already begun to date music executive Jimmy Iovine (who is super-old and really rich). Plus, I really do think that she’s going to go back to modeling and stuff – as she should. She’s strikingly beautiful. Liberty will be fine, y’all.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Green is Good says:

    He’s all yours Kristen! (Eye roll)

  2. Izzy says:

    Good for Liberty. I was really taken aback by how much flack she’s been getting for simply moving her life forward and getting out in public.

    Liberty Ross had a good career which she put on indefinite hold to raise kids and move with her husband in support of his career. In return, she got humiliation and betrayal.

    What she’s doing now isn’t famewh0ring (as a number of people have suggested on other threads), she’s moving on and restarting her career.

    • T.C. says:

      My favorite charge from the apologists is that Liberty is loving all this new attention. I don’t know a single woman who would enjoy having the entire world see pictures of her husband cheating on her. It’s humiliating. It makes you feel undesired. Everywhere you go people pity you and talk behind your back about it. I think Liberty made the choice to go out there, hold her head up and not be a victim. Much better than hiding out at home, holding your head in shame like you are the one who did wrong. I wish cheaters would think about the pain they cause to their loved ones before selfishly going to get their jollies off. It really hurts.

      • bettyrose says:

        I feel like the media only gives the scorned wife two choices: 1. play the wounded doe-eyed victim; 2. be criticized for not trying hard enough to save your marriage.

        Kudos to her for choosing door number 3: Keep your dignity and walk away with your head held high.

      • megsie says:

        +1 T.C.

        Looking around this morning I see that Kristen’s fans have taken the position that Liberty and Rupert’s marriage was over long before Kristen entered the picture. Therefore, the divorce wasn’t her fault. Curious that they would chose the same shitty excuse many married men use when cheating.

      • jamie says:

        @megsie this is why I’m glad Liberty’s side is leaking to the press that no, she IS divorcing him in large part because of the affair. Too many people are trying to act like “oh, it wasn’t even a real marriage when Kristen slept with him”. It obviously was and Liberty and the children have gone through a lot of pain over it.

      • KS says:

        I was shocked how many people were calling Liberty a fame-whore. Really? This women (AND rest of the world) saw 50+ pics of her husband munching out an “actress” in broad daylight. Who in their right mind would want that kind of attention. IMO I think Liberty will be fine. Kstew & Rupert on the other hand have a long road ahead of them. I honestly do not think Kristen will be the Alist actress she could have been before this mess. Rupert is pretty much done as well.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      I don’t get the Liberty hate, either?! Men’s careless treatment of their wives never ceases to astound me. I mean, how do you look at your gorgeous wife, then look at some sewer-skank like Kstew and say, “Yeah!! I need me some of THAT!” Team Liberty.

    • WendyNerd says:

      The reason KStew stans harp on Liberty is because they think if she’s a horrible person, it redeems Kristen in some way. Makes her actions more excusable. “Yes, she hooked up with a married man, but his wife is an evil shrew/skank/nobody/attention whore and Kristen was just providing this poor man solace! And now the evil shrew/skank/nobody/attention whore is profiting off poor Kristen! She doesn’t care about her family or anything! She wants this attention. Kristen practically did her a favor and is suffering for it! Liberty’s not a victim, she’s profiting! Kristen’s the REAL victim!”

      They won’t actually come out and say it, but if they can make it seem like Liberty is evil, in their mind it cushions and downplays what Kristen and Rupert did. Keep in mind, most KStew stans are my age or younger, and at that age, you’re desperate to make anything you like into the BEST and most IRREPROACHABLE thing on Earth. So yeah, they’ll attack Liberty to try and “save” poor Kristen. They refuse to believe that Kristen has done anyone any real harm. You’ll notice that the stans also rarely, if ever, bring up the two kids caught in the middle of this mess.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        WendyNerd- awesome. Most logical explanation I’ve heard for how anyone could throw shade at LR for the MiniCoopering 2012 event. Yikes. The term “Liberty-shaming” doesn’t even sound right!

      • kingkayski says:

        You can really tell by the severity of anger in most of the comments here that most of them were either been dump,divorced ,cuckold,left in the dumps,cheated on and the worst of all been abused and still…..blaming the other woman or women for their husbands or boyfriends infidelity or crime,sad but true.That’s why men in general just smirk or laugh at us women when they cheat because they know they’re gonna be blameless for it,as you can see from most of the comments here.I admire Erin Woods style when it comes to handling her husbands cheating,beat the shit out of him,then take as much money you can get,she don’t have time to blame the other woman,she don’t have time to play games with the instagram or tweets and shit,she don’t have time to play dressed up as catwoman to show the world she still got it,she don’t have time to parade herself with diff men gay or not just to show people that she’s still desirable,she don’t have time to pose naked in some cheap magazine because she knows ,she’s better than all of her husbands combine mistresses.Now that’s a real confident secure woman,who knows her worth,because she knows all that childish games belongs to those bitter woman who can’t accept the fact even if it slapped them on the face that they actually married a two timing sleazebag dirty pig who will shit on their head as soon as they turn their backs for two seconds,it’s always another womans fault for this sad sad woman,i feel sorry for them for they’ll never find peace and happiness until they released themselves from bitterness towards other woman.

      • WendyNerd says:

        kingkayski— Where has Liberty been blaming Kristen? Where? Nowhere. That instagram picture? That account turned out not to be hers, by the way. She was posing in a magazine because SHE’S A MODEL. That’s her job. She’s been posing nude for a while, way before Rupert cheated. I think it’s amazing how you seem to know her motivations for everything— clairvoyance?

        Your response makes no sense. Also, beating someone for cheating on you is domestic violence. That’s never excusable.

        Also, if you think Erin Woods didn’t ever feel bitter or angry, then you’re an idiot.

        You’re just looking for reasons to hate Liberty for the reasons I already stated and it’s hideously obvious.

  3. G says:

    Duh. Of course she’s divorcing him.

    Now maybe Kristen’s Twihard apologists will stop minimizing the consequences of her actions. But I doubt it.

    • Annie says:

      People are already saying it’s not her fault and that affairs don’t break up marriages.
      Some of them are even saying they were separated and Liberty was sleeping around too. It’s just sad how people defend idols through their worst actions.

    • gg says:

      Ignore them. It’s been over for awhile now. Time to move on.

    • Janet says:

      Are you kidding? They’ve been blaming everybody else but that b*tch since the story hit the newsstands.

      Rupert Sanders is to blame because he’s a lecherous predator who took advantage of and manipulated an innocent young girl. :roll:

      Robert Pattinson is to blame because he didn’t meet Lipbite McLewd’s emotional needs.

      Liberty Ross is to blame just because. (Or some such convoluted logic.)

      According to her demented fans, everybody is to blame except for KStew. These people inhabit some kind of separate reality.

  4. Elceibeno says:

    Kristen is officially a home wrecker. You know, don’t call cheating men sleazy. Women don’t understand what is like to be a man. Men have these crazy hormones raging in their blood. Men cannot be totally blamed for cheating. Evolution made them prone to it.

    • Eleonor says:

      And all the men who have never cheated? They are what? Aliens?

    • Silk Spectre says:

      Oh, for the love of God… This is every bit as ridiculous as the other side’s “but she’s just so young, she didn’t know any better” -defense. They’re both responsible for their own actions.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        I am not kidding and I am not trying to funny or facetious. Cheating is wrong! But tell evolution that. Men have a natural predisposition to ‘spread the seed’ mentality. It is very hard to control. Just like drug addiction is hard to control.

      • gg says:

        … which is how you weed out the scumbags from the good guys who KNOW where the line is not to be crossed.

        Evolution, thank you for giving us a choice between idiots and guys we can actually trust.

      • lady X says:

        well there is a whole group of us that do not believe in evolution in that sense at all … I believe in the Lord Jesus and his creation from the beginning of time .. and I believe male and female although very different are held responsible for their actions … we have control over are bodies … there is no science not even God controlling us .. and certainly not the devil … I appreciate your point of view … and i happen to believe that most men will cheat at some point in their lifetimes .. it does not mean women do not … but as you can see from many post women get ran through the coals when they cheat or even when they are cheated on … and men get a free pass because they are men …. I believe the reason she is getting a divorce is what she discovered in marriage therapy …. a lot of skeletons are released in those sessions … and she probably was made aware of other tryst that he had… because any man who would cheat on his wife in broad daylight with the most famous and highest paid actress of today has for sure cheated in the past …
        I hope she moves on and keeps her self esteem intact she is a gorgeous woman and deserves the best

    • mln76 says:

      That is the most pathetic and sexist piece of poo I have read on this site in a while. I hope you are joking.
      Every man is responsible for his own life stop making me defend Kristen because I don’t like her.

      • Michele says:

        “Kristen is officially a home wrecker. You know, don’t call cheating men sleazy. Women don’t understand what is like to be a man. Men have these crazy hormones raging in their blood. Men cannot be totally blamed for cheating. Evolution made them prone to it.”

        No words. smh

    • Chelley says:

      I’m sure you’re a troll but there are people who think this is a valid excuse unfortunately. If “evolution” was the case then why do women cheat? Women have hormones too. Oh that’s right, evolution has nothing to do with it. It’s just an excuse for men to be greedy pigs and not be held responsible for their actions.

      • gogoGorilla says:

        Women cheat because they are looking for superior sperm for their offspring!

        *eye roll*

      • elceibeno08 says:

        Ladies no need to use insulting words. Did I use derogatory terms in my posts? We are just discussing a point. I am not condoning Rupert Sanders for cheating. I just don’t think he cheated with the intention to hurt his wife. He just couldn’t control himself.

      • Janet says:

        @ Elceibeino: if Sanders and the rest of you guys can’t control yourselves, maybe you should all be locked up until you learn how.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @Janet: No need to lock up anyone. Both Kristen and Rupert are paying for not being able to control their carnal, primal desires. Kristen has been slut-shamed and dubbed a trampire. She has lost her good girl status and she might even lose jobs in Hollywood, And Rupert has lost his wife, his marriage and children. He will also might lose work. He is being called a sleazy cheating demon. And of course, the rest of us bloggers here are perfect angels incapable of doing any wrong.

      • gg says:

        Rupert exposes himself as being immature in the extreme if he can’t control himself. As do they all. Smart guys who know between right and wrong and walk the walk don’t do this; they value their wives too much to hurt them this badly.

        elceibeno, if you’re one of those that can’t control yourself, you have only your immaturity to blame, nothing more.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @Gigi: I appreciate your post, because it’s unbiased and not written in a mean tone. We all should be able to control ourselves so we don’t hurt others and ourselves too. And that principle applies to every aspect not just cheating.

    • GiGi says:

      Ugh. I don’t think this person is joking, sadly. He/She responded to a few of my comments last week with much the same tone… gross.

    • Kate says:

      You obviously missed the other part of that theory – that women are programmed to find a nice kind provider type for a spouse, and then to quietly cheat with someone whose genes are more likely to spread rampantly in the next generation: ie an attractive cheater. In which case, step up, Kristen Stewart. (Sanders is about as attractive as a ferret, though.) So sauce is for gander as well as goose, with this unproven and remarkably convenient theory.

      It’s ridiculous to pretend human beings behave this way for any other reason that they can, and they care insufficiently about those around them that they do.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        I didn’t know that theory existed. Of course women have hormones in their blood too, look at Kristen, she cheated on Rob with Rupert. My point is that women and men can both cheat. BUT women somehow seem to be more ‘in control’. Men are the ones more prone to cheat. Science backs me up on this one: Our behavior is deeply rooted in our evolutionary path. Once again, cheating is wrong and I don’t condone it.

      • Kate says:

        Yeah, evolutionary psychology (which is, incidentally, never going to be that scientific, for the simple reason that it’s impossible to prove the theories one way or another) has moved on rather a lot since The Naked Ape popularised that load of male-apologist cobblers in the 1960s. There’s interesting research showing women are sexually attracted to different kinds of men, depending on where they are in their ovulatory cycle. This is regarded as likely to be for the obvious reasons of reproduction, and dovetails neatly with primatologist research indicating widespread, discreet promiscuity amongst females. But I’m yet to hear of a woman earnestly insisting to her husband, “But darling, my ovaries made me do it!”

        I’m also rather baffled by your insistence that men are likelier to cheat than women – who are these men cheating with, if so? One another? Surely a straight man who cheats needs a woman to cheat with? Your theory is rather problematic on that basis, too. Even those who still espouse the selfish gene theory now postulate that women cheat as much, but do it more discreetly, so as to retain the cuckolded mate, and avoid physical punishment. Still sexist to the nth degree, but there you go: the current thinking, even amongst those who still espouse your favourite theory, is that both sexes cheat, but women are more effective at not getting caught, because their risk is greater.

        And then there are numerous issues with the whole “selfish gene as sexuality driver” theory, even on its own terms. One is the widespread prevalence, amongst pretty well all warm-blooded animals, of homosexuality. By definition, not a winner on the reproductive front. The second is the popularity of birth control. If we were really as driven by our procreative urges as you believe, then that would override logic, and we’d not use birth control as effectively and happily as we do. But wait – our own best interests and common sense appear stronger.

        See how that works?

        It’s a cute excuse. But it’s bollocks. Even modern evolutionary psychologists think it’s pretty ridiculous, because it’s so plainly a reflection of the male-dominated expectations of the time the research was being conducted. Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum – scientists are a product of their culture, same as the rest of us – and psychology and anthropology epitomise that, because they don’t lend themselves to double-blind trials, on the whole.

        Cheating hurts people. If someone claims to love someone and cheats on them, and then thinks it wasn’t a choice, but a genetic imperative, then maybe the scientific theory you should be examining is that of psychopathology?

      • Renee says:

        @Kate: your responses were truly made of win.

      • mia girl says:

        @Kate – Yes, yes, yes and yes!
        And yes, I second @Renee… you are full of win.

    • Beatrix says:

      Real nice, “elceibeno08,” – let’s totally forget that we aren’t just mammals. That evolution you speak of has also led to intelligence and consideration for our own kind. That excuse has been around for a while and if it was ever valid, we are well past that as a society, men included.

      Please do your own research and think for yourself before you blindly repeat words a man once uttered to you as an excuse. Awfully sad to live that way.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        I am not excusing anyone for cheating or anything. Rupert is a cheater and I do not blame Liberty for dumping his ass. I hope Rob dumps Kristen too. Jesuschrist, I was just trying to analyze the underlying reason why people (especially men) cheat. None of us here are saints, many times we feel desire for someone other than your boyfriend or husband or wife, but do we go ahead and actually cheat; no we don’t.

      • Janet says:

        Elceibeno: “I am not excusing anyone for cheating”

        Oh yes you are. You just said men aren’t entirely to blame for cheating because evolution programmed them to do it. How fast can you backtrack?

    • Joanna says:

      @ elceibeno

      that spreading the seed theory is such b.s..That was dreamed up by cheating men who wanted an excuse for why they couldn’t keep their weenie in their pants. I hope you’re not a woman, b/c if you are, you must be putting up w that behavior from your man. and if you are, i am so deserve better than that. you deserve a man who will be faithful to you and only you. and there are men like that. but if you buy that b.s. you will end up dating men who cheat.

      p.s. if it’s very hard for men to control their penis due to evolution, then i guess they can’t be blamed for raping a woman, right? after all it’s evolution, their hormones made them forcibly rape a woman. they were only spreading their seed. god, that spreading the seed theory is such b.s. !!! ridiculous!!!

    • Ann says:

      “Men just can’t control themselves” … that is one of the lamest excuses ever. How come men are so unforgiving when their wives/girlfriends can’t control themselves and cheat on them? This evolutionary psychology is bunk and you shouldn’t drag it out whenever it is convenient for men. Generally speaking, men like to not take responsibility for anything and just never seem to be able to “control themselves” when they lie, cheat, rape, murder, rob, etc. Never their fault, is it?

      • elceibeno08 says:

        You just agreed with me. Isn’t obvious that men have a harder time controlling their impulses compared to women? Men are more likely to kill, steal, cheat, lie etc. than women. Prisons are busting at the seams with men who couldn’t control themselves. If cheating was a punishable crime, there couldn’t be enough facilities to put all the male offenders in. That fact doesn’t make it right to do all those awful things, including cheating. If I was a woman and my husband cheated on me I would divorce his ass in a heartbeat.

      • Ann says:

        @ elceibeno08

        I did not agree with you. I think men have a higher rate of mental illness and also have societal pardon in terms of “boys will be boys”. Women who can’t “control” their impulses are punished much harder than men.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        No, it isn’t “obvious” nor is it even true, but justifications like yours allow amoral men to do whatever they want and then cry helpless. Give me a f’ing BREAK!

    • taxi says:

      Controlling “primal desires” isn’t gender specific. Some women have those too. I do agree that women are better at controlling the desire to k*ll a cheating spouse.

    • Micki says:

      If we’re taking it on the animal level-yes, men are prone to change mating partners.Most animals are. BUT are’t we “thinking” species? Isn’t it because we can have long term goals and commitments? Of course the temptations are just behind the corner. For both sexes. I prefer to be informed by my partner it’s over before he runs around and jumps on every temptation.

    • Ann says:

      Ah. So men are the weaker sex, it appears. Since they have no self control and can be so easily manipulated. Best to get them all out of positions of power and government. Since a little ol’ woman can so easily control them.

      • bluhare says:

        Which is sort of why women have been repressed forever.

        If you buy into those evolutionary theories, men were terrified another man would father children that they would then acknowledge as theirs, hence the locking up of women, virgin thing. And women wanted the alpha male to father their children, increasing the odds of good genes.

        Some have even said that the reason women have to cover up in some countries is so they don’t drive men crazy with the sight of their upper lip or something.

        I’m only half kidding. Elcibono (sorry about spelling) isn’t totally off, but itsn’t totally on either.

    • Annie says:

      Men are not animals though! There’s this thing called restraint? Self-control? Conscience?

      But sadly most men feel they’re entitled to do this because society, and women like you have told them it’s ok because it’s their nature. And women, their *property*, can’t behave the same way, so words like “whore” and “slut” came to be. This is why forgiving cheaters is wrong: you set a bad precedent and you normalize bad behavior.

      Cheating and screwing around is never acceptable. People are not animals. Have some restraint!

    • bettyrose says:

      Ah, a good old fashioned boys-will-be-boys defense. But here’s the thing: until the last 1/2 century or so, men made all the laws and dictated all the social norms. Women have only been voting for 100 years. Yet, for some reason, men with their “raging hormones” and “inability to control themselves” have – in nearly every society on earth – created a system that promotes and favors monogamy. Sooo, if men cannot control themselves and desire multiple sexual partners, why haven’t they fought harder to abolish traditional marriage? Kind of gives me the sense that men – for the most part – prefer the emotional security of a monogamous relationship, with a few bad apples thrown in there.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        Ladies: the very same men who established the institution of marriage many times are the ones who are cheating on their wives. Hypocrisy is rampant. Some women out there throw themselves at married men.

      • bluhare says:

        The men promoted monogamy for women, not themselves. Have you seen The Duchess with Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes? She was Diana Spencers great great great great aunt who had to live with her husband’s lover in her own home, yet when she had an affair and got pregnant, had to give up her man and her child to keep her position. The man later became prime minister.

      • megsie says:

        Men promote monogomy to ensure the children they are financially supporting are their own. Before the introduction of paternity tests we knew without doubt who the mother of a child was. Any witness to the birth could vouch. The father had no choice but to trust the word of his wife. And that’s why women have historically been punished for adultery with much greater severity than adulterous men. As long as a man cheated with an unattached woman, he did no harm to the social structure.

    • megsie says:

      hmm The furthest I can go with this is to say that, speaking generally, men seem better able, and maybe even more inclined, to separate sex and emotional involvment. Maybe that makes it easier for them to cheat?

    • Janet says:

      “Men cannot be totally blamed for cheating”? “Evolution made them prone to it”?


      You are responsible for your actions, period. YOU. Y-O-U. Not evolution, not your primal ancestors or anyone else. Blaming wrong behavior on anyone but yourself is as idiotic as saying “The Devil made me do it.”

    • Candee says:

      Oh please ,what a tired stereotype .As humans we have the ability to know right and wrong and control our behavior men included.

    • teehee says:

      I dont htink she is ‘the homewrecker’, because
      Rupert’s marriage is the ‘home’ taht got wrecked, ie, he was the married person whos home and family got wrecked– ie, his cheating is to blame, and it could have been kristen or any other girl or even man, who knows
      My premise for that is the traditional meaining implied with ‘homewrecker’– ie, a family, children is broken up. Kristen wasnt married and they dont have kids. This doesnt alleviate her guilt for partaking in Ruperts wrong, but, I would move the label.

      And if you want to defend men’s “primal urges”, then I will also defend women’s “primal urges” which usually tends toward the favoring of their offspring ie their family, which will usually cause them to highly disfavor a cheating partner and therefore, cast judgement upon him as no longer worthy of keeping.
      So next time you respect your urges, let the woman respect hers, too, and dump your ass without question.

      Additionally, no one has to be a saint in order to call it quits. I may have my weaknesses and bring my own stress and trouble to relationships, but these aspects are NOT comparable to the act of consciously cheating on my partner. My social inhibition, for example, is not nearly the same as sleeping with some other man and ruining my relationship/partners trust/family/childrens perspectives etc. Monkeys, apples: not the same thing!

      It does take two to tango. But most of us are going from the assumption that each partner does what is expceted to make a functioning relationship such as working through issues, building trust and balances, and also curbing their “primal desires”, when need be.

      It may just be -and usually is- something purely individualistic and based on circumstances: a happy couple may not be harassed by any “primal urges” at least not to teh extent to actually act on them, when with their partner. I chalk it up – most often- to dishonesty with one’s self. If I wanted or needed to cheat, I would say so. If I actually go ahead and cheat, I wasnt honest with myself abotu my needs, and then to my partner, and didnt first part ways or make an agreement in which is was ok to see someone else.
      I usually understand it as that weakness plus fear of facing the truth and the consequences it may have; although cheatin of course causes much larger ones– but it carries with it the 5% chance that it will never be discovered and thus the consequences may never occur.
      Ie, a primaly driven, self-unaware coward would “cheat” instead of finding some other solution or ending the relationship ahead of time in order to fulfill thier “urges”.

      But that is just my view point.

    • Hmmm says:

      Bwah! Basically you’re saying that all men are unevolved knuckledraggers! Bwahaha!

  5. aquarius64 says:

    I think Liberty will be okay, but Kristen’s not. This is the new strategy: it’s now being leaked that Kristen is planning to visit Rob while he’s filming in Australia. What a co-winkie-dink. There was speculation about a visit, now with a divorce petition in play it’s “leaked”. Please. Kristen’s afraid what left of her fanbase will dump her if Rob does, and she needs to be there to do pre-emptive damage control if something embarassing and potentially “Robsten”-ending comes out in the divorce proceedings.

    • Eleonor says:

      Of course she is afraid, because she is an unprofessional brat.

    • lindyuk says:

      I just knew that she’d be crawling her way over to Australia…dragging her dirty baggage with her….and I bet when she’s papped she’ll be wearing items of Rob’s clothes…just to make sure we all know who’s her boyfriend in case there was any confusion. Robert is an even bigger fool if he allows this. It completely takes the focus off his new film which should be his priority – not licking his shameful girlfriend’s wounds or should that be arm-pits? I bet Rob’s Director won’t appreciate the negative publicity/speculation either. This girl is just toxic. Anyway good for Liberty….at least she shows she won’t stand for any crap.

      • Annie says:

        Yup! Yet again she will be hijacking the attention from his work and make it all about her.
        But she gets to have ten premieres for her movie and wear see-thru clothes just fine.

        Wake up Robert! Focus on this movie and enjoy it. Don’t think about this crap again. You are allowed a break from her.

      • TG says:

        @lindyuk – I just love your comment about how you just knew she would crawl over to Australia. I am still laughing. I wonder if we will be treated to a shot of her bloated belly in skinny jeans and a cropped shirt.

        Someone called her a poseur and I couldn’t agree more. She reminds me of how I felt as a kid. I thought of myself as this bad*ass tomboy, but I out grew that stage. That really super pervy interview in Vanity Fair (I believe) of K-Stew where her SWATH director was salivating about how she cut herself really, really low on her pelvis and she is smoking a camel while putting on a bandage. If that wasn’t a givaway that she is trying to be some cowboy and he is obsessing about her than I don’t know what is. How Rob can stand dating someone who looks dirty all the time is beyond me. But then again he always looks like garbage too so maybe like attracts like. Can I say how embarrassing that word SWATH sounds. Everytime I hear that acronym I think of how super cheesey all these movies are that she associates with.

    • Michele says:

      ” This is the new strategy: it’s now being leaked that Kristen is planning to visit Rob while he’s filming in Australia. What a co-winkie-dink.”

      But Kristen has always visited Rob on the sets of his films in the past. She usually waits until closer to the end of filming to visit which I’m assuming is so he can get settled into his role without any distractions. She did it for WFE, Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. Rob visited her on OTR and SWATH sets in the same manner. In a recent interview during BD2/OTR promo, Kristen mentioned she was planning an Australian trip “soon”.

      • Anname says:

        I have to agree, if you take it at face value, it’s a girl visting her boyfriend while he works an extended time away. But now there is so much glee in assigning her underhanded motives. Why must there always be some big secret PR plan, that usually makes Rob look like a doofus? I expect she will travel to Australia at some point (he will be there 3 months) and since they are actually still a couple, they will probably want to see each other, strange as it may be!

      • Michele says:

        “Why must there always be some big secret PR plan, that usually makes Rob look like a doofus?”

        Poor Rob. Who needs fans like that who basically are accusing him of being dishonest and playing his fans for fools while he fakes a romance to please studio heads and to make more money off movie ticket and dvd sales! Then they say he’s spineless and a wuss because he forgave Kristen!

        No wonder he refuses to talk about his relationship with Kristen in interviews. He knows his “fans” can’t handle the truth!

      • tavi says:

        Kristen wasn’t a joke and an embarrassment then. She is now. And so is he. If he wants to ever be seen as anything besides the Chris Humphries to her Kim Kardashian, he needs to chill out, tell her to stop sending reassurances to E! every week, and try to disappear under the radar for the next year.

      • Lara says:

        But their situation right now it’s not the same as all those other times. If they were to be photographed together, it’d be the first time in months and the first time since the divorce was announced. Paps will hound them and potentially turn his movie set into a media circus, the exact thing he needs to avoid.

    • tavi says:

      Rob is making such a mistake if he invites this drama and attention into his work. It’s an indie film with a whole crew of Aussie guys who’ve been working with each other for years. I can just imagine the snickering behind his back when his cheating girlfriend shows up on set and the two of them prance around town making sure enough sightings show up on twitter for all the tabloids to pick up on.

      Catering to the Robsten/EdwardBella fanbase is no way to start your career as a legitimate actor. He’s pigeonholing himself badly by playing her pr games.

      • Anname says:

        What if they aren’t playing PR games and just trying to live their lives as they choose? They are a couple and want to see each other, why can’t it be as simple as that.

        By taking her back, Rob seems to have accepted the hit to his professional image already. To most casual fans, her visiting Australia doesn’t make any further difference to his image.

      • Lara says:


        “What if they aren’t playing PR games and just trying to live their lives as they choose?”

        Are you serious? What do think those relationship status updates that came from PEOPLE before BD2 were? And the ones that are now weekly coming from E! from HER team since he left for Australia and that Rob’s allowing?

      • Annie says:

        The more they continue to cater to that fanbase the less chance they have of getting rid of them. And for what? We already know they don’t support them at the box office unless they’re playing Edward and Bella.

    • Ann says:

      Nothing’s been leaked. It’s just idle speculation on the part of gossip sites who have no other news to report on Pattinson or Stewart. Because stories about them generate a lot of hits (you wouldn’t hear so much about them otherwise), when they go missing for awhile, the sites just make stuff up. The news that Liberty filed for divorce just gives them an excuse to start the cycle anew.

      • Lara says:

        The E! story assuring everything’s fine and she’s visiting came out BEFORE the divorce news hit. It WAS her team behind it and it reeked of pre-emptive damage control.

      • nina says:

        that’s my take too. fans are so into their conspiracy theories whether they hate/love kristen or whatever, they don’t realize all the energy they put into it online is why gossip sites make all this shit up. As for lara’s point, uh…that’s what publicists do. They give bullshit responses taht are benign and vague. It’s not a conspiracy of damage control, it’s called doing their job.

      • Ann says:

        Lara, E! makes stuff up and repeats heresay too. Their sources are crap. They’ve reported a bunch of stuff about Robert and Kristen recently that’s been wrong, so I wouldn’t put much stock in what they report.

        They know their audience and play to it, which is why they tend to be kinder to Kristen than a lot of other sites.

    • nina says:

      I don’t think twihards or robbessed or kstans realize how much they “run” the gossip machine. So muich online gossip from sites are simply giving what fans want-bs so they can worship or hate kstew, worry and mother rob, feel good that their conjecture about their relationship is twue love or pr. I mean, does ks’ publicist have to work overtime cause her client is a dumb ass sometimes? yes. but trust me, you fans who obsess over them are causing much more of the “plans” and “strategies” than any publicist ever possibly could. And you guys do it for free!!!


      • Ann says:

        I agree, Nina. If Kristen’s publicist was trying to “save her image”, she’d be aiming a lot higher than reassuring E! that “Robsten” are fine. That really only matters to people that are already her fans. No need to preach to the choir, you know?

      • Anname says:

        Of course, Nina, I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone. That’s why I think it is sort of silly to blame Kristen’s team for leaking all these stories. There is no need, sites will print anything about these 2 because it drives traffic.

        (Oops, Ann, didn’t see your comment saying virtually the same thing!)

  6. Eleonor says:

    Good for her, I would have kicked my boyfriend/husband’s ass if I was that humiliated.

  7. Faye says:

    Good for Liberty for filing for divorce. I get so sick and tired of these high-profile celebs’ and politicians’ wives “standing by their man” at press conferences — it makes me stabby. And although I’m usually only in favor of spousal support in very limited circumstances, this would be one time where it’s warranted. She gave up her career and moved to a different country to support him, so he should support her now.

    Had to laugh at “I can only imagine how Kristen feels” — since she didn’t seem to care very much about the impact of her cheating on her *own* significant other, I doubt she gives a darn about its effect on anyone else’s.

    • aims says:

      I agree.Slut shaming is bad, specially towards women how have done nothing wrong. This is not one of thoae cases. Kristen knowingly got freaky with a married man, was photographed and the whole world saw the skankiness. Rupert hurt his wife and kids in the most public way posible. Liberty should file for divorce, because thats what you do in a situation like this. I don’t know how involved the pos twosome where,but it really doesn’t matter. Lying and cheating is lying and cheating. Can anyone really come back from that? So to sum it up, kristen is trash and now she has to live with the fact that she partly responsable for a break up of a family. Rupert is selfish and now very likely aweekend dad, so I hope that stinky, entitled, bad attitude and horrible actressbwas worth it. Now, Robert take a hint , find your balls and dump her.

      • Faye says:

        Yep. I don’t agree with the “older man seducing poor innocent maiden Kristen” scenario that her fans are putting forward, nor do I co-sign to the “that slut Kristen jumped on a happily married man and stole him away from his wife” narrative.

        They’re both gross cheaters, who clearly cared little for their significant others’ feelings (or they wouldn’t have been doing it in freaking PUBLIC). They both equally ick me out. I’m glad Liberty left Rupert, and think Pattinson should do the same to Kristen.

  8. Sophia says:

    I never got the feeling that she intended to stay with him. She was walking around without her wedding ring and then there were those awkward photos of them hugging, her body language said it all really – he’s repugnant.
    Side note: Kaiser, I completely agree with your stance on the “slut shaming” of Kristen – she chose to do what she did, she’s paying the price for it now. It’s not because she’s a woman, it’s because the person she cheated with was a married father, she was in a long term relationship and to top it off she’s a horrible actress with a personality to boot. I can’t feel sympathy for someone who had everything and yet is stupid enough to throw it all away for a romp in a mini cooper. She made her bed.

    • mln76 says:

      Can we admit that there has been some slut shaming by some people while saying having contempt for Kristen’s behavior isn’t sexist or slut shaming in and of itself?
      I wonder what would have happened if it were Rob who were caught with his pants down with a married man. Would it have been another Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan type drama were the women would have been blamed for homewrecking the Robsten relationship with Rob gaining a rep as a sex symbol for his reckless behavior? who knows.

      • Sophia says:

        I just don’t understand how people view it as slut shaming. The whole movement was set up to defend women who had done nothing contemptible. It’s not the same thing. What Kristen did was wrong. Perhaps it is sexist that the media attention and scorn was focussed around her but she and Robert were a house-hold name thanks to Twilight. In my opinion, it’s because of her fame and not her gender. No one had really even heard of Rupert and Liberty before all of this and suddenly BAM! Stewart just gave people yet another reason to dislike her. Like it or not, she’s partially responsible for the breakdown of a marriage and a family.

      • Kate says:

        Because the extent and the wording of the venom is at times sexist and even misogynist. She did something terrible, but the dismissal of her worth in every way because of one affair has been extreme, and the very gendered and sexualised hatred has been a bit much, sometimes. Other women in Hollywood who’ve done as bad, if not worse, have received a more normal level of disapproval. I’ve not really seen anything like this before, though admittedly I never read the Jolie stuff. But Jolie had prior form, and Pitt left his wife for her. Claire Danes had Billy Crupup leave his heavily pregnant partner for her. This was bad, but it wasn’t the worst scandal ever.

        It isn’t that scorn for what she did is unreasonable. It’s the extent of that scorn, and the very sexist way a lot of it was framed that made me blink a bit.

      • mln76 says:

        I absolutely agree with you that her actions were reprehensible but I still don’t think you addressed the other half of my comment. What would have happened if it were Rob caught with a married woman? I don’t think the same thing. We hold women to different standards and blame them for their actions long after we forgive men in the same situation (Russell Crowe vs Angelina Jolie).
        I made a comment on a different topic a week or so ago that I thought in general the idea of using the phrase ‘slut shaming’ or ‘jezi speak’ in general to shut down a discussion was intellectually immature and I still think that so here we are.
        I think it would be great if we can have a discussion about how what Kristen did was wrong but that there a different sides to the story and nothing is black and white. That adultery isn’t soley on the shoulders of women and sometimes people make bad choices but that doesn’t mean its fair to bash them through eternity. But Kristen makes it easy to bash her because she is generally untalented smug and sullen.

      • jamie says:

        Rob would and has been crucified by Twilight fandom over the most benign of circumstances with other girls. Pics of him sitting next to a girl in a car with 4 other people got him tabloid covers for cheating on Kristen. Have you not seen how crazy and defensive her fans are right now when she is 100% in the wrong and there’s picture proof? Can you not imagine that anger if she was actually the victim? Have you not seen how the media has kissed her butt, NEVER pressed her on this issue, while Rob HAS been asked about it repeatedly? Have you not seen how the media has written defense after defense of Kristen and tried to turn her into the victim and somehow a twisted version of an empowered woman? If you don’t think Rob, publicist-free Rob, wouldn’t have been MASSACRED if he was caught like she was, you haven’t been paying attention.

      • mln76 says:

        @jamie I don’t consider Twihard fandom’s opinion to be valid as they have shown over and over that their grasp on reality is how should I put it minimal. I was speaking about the internet reaction at large.

      • Annie says:

        Slut shaming is when you shame someone who has done nothing wrong. Like a girl wearing a tiny skirt or a girl that has been raped. You’re falsely accusing them of being sluts when they are not. The term is just being thrown around a lot now because some girls don’t want to deal with the consequences and judgement for what they did and want to be at the sane level of people who don’t behave like that. Too bad. Your choices, your consequences. How about we teach that? This younger generation is full of victims but very few responsible individuals.

        If they did something so horrible they should be ashamed. And just because she’s a woman we shouldn’t be ok with it otherwise we’re sexist. That is not my concept of feminism. How about you don’t go around hurting people so nobody will judge you?

        And Rupert is not getting away scot-free. He’s being hated by 100% of commenters everywhere who call him everything in the book. So yeah, both are to blame, both are awful people.

      • jamie says:

        @mln76 I was also speaking of the internet and media at large. You ignored that part of my reply. You see how aggressive Kristen’s team has been. It’s very obvious what would’ve happened if SHE’D been the one cheated on. They would’ve gone after Rob with everything they had. Can you imagine Jodie Foster’s letter of defense if there was something to actually defend? The media has never been on Rob’s side as they are on Kristen’s. Even Ebert was tweeting about how proud he was of her for admitting to cheating. After being caught red handed. This is the butt kissing she’s gotten with being the cheater, I shudder to think of the pity party if she’d been the cheatee.

      • mln76 says:

        @jamie I think the people you are talking about are within the industry and Kristen has a ton of connections and a PR team behind her but at-large the reaction has been that she’s a trampire or whatever.

      • Mi says:

        @min76,jamie made excellent points,Rob is hated by respected media,critics and bloggers.After this scandal broke they were defending Kristen and insulting him saying he can’t act,can’t open the movie,being cuckold,he draggs her down,have no future in the movie industry,being better at selling tabloids than movie tickets etc. and those were reliable critics not tabloids journalists;it’s even worse because tabloids’ people didn’t insult Robert this way.As jamie said Jodie Foster defended Kristen,why now, when Rob is called doormat nobody defends him?Just read comments and bloggers opinion depreciating his female qualities,who inveted this ”tea pouring hands” and ”mothering hips”descriptions?And would those media people insulting Kristen if Robert would have been a cheater?

      • nina says:

        yeah, people are conflating calling kristen out on her seriously shitty behavior and slut shaming. I think in addition to slut shaming, Rob gets a lot of “you’re a pussy for staying” comments too. Both are very sexist in nature, as if Rob’s not man enough to leave. Kristen did something really dishonorable, and I think pegging it as slutty is actually missing the point.

    • Sophia says:

      @mln76 The media uproar would have been just as great if it were Rob who had strayed. Twilight is a huge international franchise and they are the poster-couple. People wouldn’t be insulting Kristen if Robert cheated but people are calling him all sorts on here – wimp, pu$$y…
      And let’s not forget the comments calling Liberty a whore for wearing an outfit that covers almost her entire body.
      Furthermore, I didn’t address the second part of your comment because what I said pretty much covered my whole opinion on the matter and because, frankly, I have better things to do. Of course adultery isn’t squarely on the shoulders of the woman. No one here is saying that, so what exactly are you trying to achieve or do you just get your kicks from starting arguments with strangers over the internet?

      • nina says:

        Yeah, I agree with the double standard too.Rob’s seen as passive and Kristen’s seen as dominant. Kristen cheating further lended itself to that relationship dynamic, making her look more shrewish and him more weak. IF Rob had cheated though, it would have been seen as wrong…BUT it would made him look less soft and passive too, which would have strangely worked in his favor.

  9. GiGi says:

    Gorgeous pic – but the tragedy is that she’s looking a bit KStew in the face there. I think that would be the worse thing – that your spouse cheated with a younger version of you.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    Sanders “didn’t want a divorce”? Then keep your pants zipped!
    Good luck to Liberty and the kids. I doubt that Kristen actually cares very much she seems so self-centered, but I bet Rupert has realized how much his little fling has cost him.

  11. andrea says:

    Liberty looks toned and hot in that Love magazine pic. I don’t see any problems with her moving on romantically LOL. But just watch all the tweener twihards go after her for that photo. But who cares? I think many of them are still too young to understand the difference between nude and smutty anyway. If Liberty’s with Jimmy and Jimmy’s got THAT, well, it’s a win-win for everyone.

  12. mln76 says:

    I really admire Liberty and I do think that Kristen should be grateful that Liberty isn’t about playing the victim. Because as we have seen with the Brandi Granvilles and Jen Anistons out there a woman can market themselves soley as a scorned woman and profit off of it indefinitely.
    Liberty could have trotted out the kids and looked solemn and heartbroken for a good year or two and given countless interviews about how she’s coping and all and her betrayal yadda yadda but she actually does seem to be focusing on being happy and her kids. Good for her.
    Oh and I love that picture.

  13. WhatAJoke says:

    Well, this is sad. I don’t deny Rupert Sanders brought his own marital demise, however, he had a co-conspirator who could had said no and kept her legs together. I give no sympathy to the adults who failed their faithful counterparts. I pray for Liberty and hope Pattinson truly is honoring contracts and not being blind to poor character thinking he can change that in KS. My heart bleeds for two kids and the lost of their safe feeling worlds, of no longer waking up seeing both parents home daily. KStew and RS selfish choice has forever changed their lives. You just can’t help but wonder, why couldn’t Sanders just have approached his wife and discussed the breaking of their relationship and given them a chance to repair and change the broken areas, instead of falling in bed with a 22 year old that’s lacking any respect for herself and his two children. You know if you look at KStew you can see the similarities between her and Liberty. I imagine whatever attracted RS to KStew was the very characteristics he was drawn to in a young Liberty. Imagine the Sanders endured all the hard years trying to reach success for each other and one girl destroyed the golden moment of life. Not saying RS didn’t have a choice, he did and chose wrong.

    • Kate says:

      Honestly, there may not have been any broken areas. Some people just have affairs because they can. It doesn’t mean they’re unhappy in their marriage, they’re just greedy and selfish and want everything they want.

      • Lauren says:

        I live in boring suburbia, and affairs are very common.
        These are highly educated-successful and often snooty folks that put on a `happy family` facade at school & sport functions.
        I can tell if something is amiss..because the children act out. They know their family is a phoney, pretentious lie. It is exhausting for kids-teens to play along with their parents demands.
        Liberty is doing what is best for her family, BUT why she feels it is appropriate to advertise her bolt-ons is beyond me. The children have been tortured enough already, stop humiliating them!

      • Lulu says:

        Being greedy and selfish in a marriage is what makes a broken area.

        Liberty should be neither condemned nor applauded. She has responded in a very human way to a very human situation. Rupert is the one who broke the marriage vows and bears the burden of guilt, but he was willing to stay and work it out. Now the children will pay the ultimate price and Liberty should understand her part in that.

  14. gg says:

    Good for her. Now, she needs to veneer the middle 8 to match the bunny teeth.

  15. teehee says:

    You know what?
    I would choose to never be ‘humiliated’ for what someone else has done wrong.
    Why humiliated? What, is it supposed to make some reflection onto me that “I couldnt keep him in the sack” or someone nonsensical patriarchal crap like that?
    It owuld imply that I failed as a partner, when in reality, he failed as a man who promised to be faithful (should he have done so).
    If he cheats, *HE* should be humiliated.

    • only1shmoo says:

      Very good point there, ‘teehee’; it doesn’t seem fair that the person who was betrayed should feel humiliated, but that is often the case. Women in particular seem to carry the burden of feeling inadequate or incapable of keeping their S.O.’s attention when in fact, their partner may just be an insensitive, selfish roamer. I can’t imagine that K.S. was any hotter than L.R., she was just a side of ‘strange’.

    • Nicole says:

      Yes, very well stated, but I don’t think it is correct to view this corrosive idea as patriarchal because it is equally applied to men. For example, how often have we been told that Rob was humiliated by Kristen, which is equally outrageous? He was embarrassed by the unwanted publicity certainly, but the only person Kristen humiliated was herself.

    • c'est la vie says:

      IMO, they were all “humiliated” by those stupid public apologies that dragged their respective partners into the mess in the first place. Otherwise, I agree with you.

      I guess they never heard of the phrase “never complain and never explain.”

      That was such a bad pr job.

      It’s nice to see that she ‘s well out of it and doing well.

    • Danziger says:

      I don’t think so. A partnership demands equal input of both sides, and while a cheating side is scum, the wronged side must ask themselves, before declaring themselves as a saint: what went wrong in our mutual relationship? Not “what did I do wrong” but “what did -we- do wrong”.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Not really – not with that kind of evidence.

        Marriage or partnerships aren’t always a two way street. Sometimes one partner can be horrible, abusive to live with. No one has to put up with that. And no one knows what their relationships were like before this.

        Hence, the begging apologies that their publicists came up with.

        They knew they had been caught and couldn’t deny it.

        This is in no way Liberty Ross’s “fault”. Lay the ugly blame where it should lie. Not with her.
        But with Stewart and Sanders.

    • Aud says:

      You make a compelling point, but it doesn’t explain the emotional response. The humiliation is a response to the self: the sense of feeling stupid, self directed anger and so on. Women are conditioned the way they are and regardless of the logic, the conditioning of women means that the response of humiliation is what it is and in some way the actions of an unfaithful spouse are an attack on the ego of the spouse that is cheated on.
      Women are taught to compare each other, to judge, to base success on their accumulated assets (physical, romantic and financial). There is no official sisterhood, so women are open to the scrutiny of their peers -more so than men, who are patted on the back or positively reinforced whenever they bag younger women.
      The sense of humiliation is elicited by the act, i.e. his infidelity and, due to his status, the public attention, it’s not something that occurs in the cheated on partner immediately, not well after or after much intellectualisation. Something (cheating, exposure, etc) draws the sense of public shame (ie a sense of a loss of honour/integrity in the relationship and one’s personal choice of partner) and distress (psychological, etc) which is what humiliation is.
      No matter how anyone tries to intellectualise it, the emotion is visceral, beyond the influence of logic. Yes, he should be the one who is humiliated, but he won’t be because society is structured to reward him and scrutinise and categorise women (Liberty and Kristen).
      I’m glad that Liberty isn’t a member of the ‘stand by your man’ club of women, but this is obvious. She is English, not American (as most celebrity/famous wives who look the other way of late, are).

      • c'est la vie says:

        I don’t know about that, not that affairs are anything new anywhere, especially in Hollywood.

        But Sanders hasn’t come out of this smelling like roses because…

        He and Stewart thoroughly trashed themselves and their reputations. That was one ugly, slimy incident. That Us Weekly happened to catch on camera. And people are still talking about it.

        So no, I don’t think people – even in Hollywood – are going to forget this anytime soon.

        And this was no fun little incident if you think about it. It was ugly, selfish and abusive. Incredibly stupid and insensitive. Done in a complete f@ck you manner in public. In LA. Smart move.

        And people in LA do have long memories, you know…
        And in America we kick men to the curb too. Just FYI.

      • Adeli says:

        Aud and c’est la vie: both stellar comments. The public manner in which this was done is, IMO, the most vile part of this whole incident. Of course millions of people do this sort of thing all the time, but they don’t expect to be caught by the paparazzi while doing so. However, both Kristen and Rupert were well aware of the very real possibility that they might be seen, driving around LA in broad daylight in Kristen’s car, a car that was very well known to the paps. The level of disrespect toward their respective partners was astounding!

      • teehee says:

        Good additional points. I of course was going on the assumption that I would have done my share to be a good partner and was expceting/believing the same in return. This whole topic is riddled with nasty cultural double standards biases and sexist notions…. as for anything else its better to just read all the good insights already covered here :P

  16. Goga says:

    “And for your information foxes are not very nice” lol

  17. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Man! Looking at that photo, I wonder why Rupert found Kristen more interesting than Liberty.
    Anyway, Congratulations, Kristen. He’s all yours now. I’m pretty sure she has begun sexting him by now. It’s bootycall time baby. lol! Booooo to you both.

  18. Gracie says:

    I just don’t care no matter how hard I try to feign it. Affairs are so passé nowadays. I’m a love child, so it’d take a lot for me to be interested in an affair. It would take a famed politician caught with a transgendered dominatrix to interest me.

  19. Kate says:

    I’m glad she’s divorcing him. She’s behaved with a lot of grace, I think, and refused to allow the humilation to break her. She’s too good for him. Didn’t they get together when she was only a teenager, too, and he’s 10 years older? I’m always suspicious of those relationships, because they start with one side holding all the cards.

  20. Tig says:

    For those posters who think there is nothing amiss with KS going to Aus ( if true-hope it’s not) now- are you joking? No one could be that clueless- such a “visit” only makes Rob look like more of a doormat – bec it’s clear that she once again needs him to shore up her image, and putting herself first.

    If she keeps her butt anywhere but Aus, then I may start thinking she does care about him some little bit, and doesn’t want to cover him with all the crap that’s coming her way.

    • Perplexed says:

      ITA that such a trip would be very telling of each one’s character and motivation, as well as of the talent (or lack of) of her PR team.

    • Anname says:

      See, I think you must be joking, and find your theory to be “clueless”. They are a couple, he is gone for 3 months. She has the time and the means to visit him, wouldn’t you visit your significant other if you were in a similar situation? There doesn’t always have to be some big secret plan. Should she stay home just in case some people might read into it and think she is trying to play some game? Why is it “telling” of her character that she chooses to visit her boyfriend? He has taken her back, wouldn’t it make sense he would want to see her too?

      I guess the difference in opinion comes down to whether or not you believe they are/were a legitimate couple. Those who believe they are playing some PR scheme will think this is just a continuation of that (and exactly when will that end?). For those who believe they are actually the real deal, it actually makes sense that they would want to see each other. Do you go for the simple answer, or the convoluted million-excuse conspiracy theory?

      • jamie says:

        I wouldn’t have cheated on my significant other with a married father of two, so questions of “what would you do?” don’t really apply here. It’s pretty priceless to NOW paint her as the loyal gf.

        If she shows up and all we ever see of her is a couple of twitter sightings, your point could have merit. But my guess is she’ll make sure she’s papped going there and her publicist will leak all the details to E! and People. And that is NOT about her relationship. That’s about her public image and will just show where her priorities really are. Someone who actually cared about mending her relationship and protecting her betrayed boyfriend would never have continually used him as an image rehabilitator as Kristen has. They might realize that keeping their trash away from his movie project should trump their need to arrange a photo op in time for Valentines’ Day.

      • Anname says:

        There is the difference, I don’t think she is leaking stories and using him. I don’t particularly like her (the sullen thing is annoying), but I am willing to believe she is trying her best to do right by him after the h_ll she put him through this summer. I hope that, anyway.

        And after following Rob for the last few years, a Valentine’s Day photo op is the LAST thing I would ever see him participating in. He has been very consistent in his hate for that sort of thing.

      • Aud says:

        For someone who whines about fame and who, at every opportunity, gives paparazzi the one finger salute, she sure as hell made it pretty easy to be photographed in the arms of a married man while she was engaged in a relationship with her ‘significant’ other.

        Kristen is a game player. She knows that paparazzi will follow her everywhere and she knows how to maximise her publicity, like all actresses.

        I’d wager that Pattinson calls all the shots in the relationship now and I also think that he isn’t in a position to be a beggar, which puts Kristen on the spot. She has to jump through hoops and when this type of power shift occurs, the relationship fizzles out shortly after.

      • mln76 says:

        Honestly this is silliness, it really doesn’t matter if you think they are possibly a fake couple or not (I happen to think they are) the timing of this visit isn’t coincidental.
        And yes if there is an article in People and/or Us Weekly it would be put there by Kristen’s team further proof of how much she does in fact care what the public thinks of her.
        WHY do you think these people pay their publicists a percentage of their salary to knit them scarves?

      • Perplexed says:

        Anname, for what it’s worth, I don’t believe they were purely PR or that there ever was a conspiracy. I think they were the real deal. If they still are, and if I was KS, I’d give my BF, and my career, some breathing room, and aim for longer-term, more solid gains (vs shorter, more tenuous ones which she seems to have been pursuing lately).
        Jamie, agree with much of what you wrote yesterday and today.
        And on Liberty’s choice, I have no doubt it was not an easy one, given the age of her children. Best of luck to her and family.

    • Michele says:

      In regards to Kristen visiting Rob in Australia, does Rob not have a say in what HE wants? What if HE wants her there? She has visited his sets in the past and some of the cast have said lovely things about her visits…Christina Ricci from Bel Ami set and Reese Witherspoon from WFE set all referred to her as Rob’s girlfriend AND complimented her when she came for set visits.

      Rob will do whatever he wishes concerning Kristen and if he wants Kristen to visit him in Australia, no amount of fan complaints, whining or even silly “fan” petitions to keep her away will change his mind. It never has in the past.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    This should all come full circle with Robert dumping Kristen in Australia and hooking up with Liberty. At 34, she isn’t that much older than him. And she is lovely and British, I think they would make a good match.

  22. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    I wonder if LR is vegan, she looks as pale as Eckhart Tolle·

  23. Annie says:

    ” hope that Kristen feels like a trampire. It’s not slut-shaming when someone should actually be ashamed of what they had done”

    This! I’m so sick and tired of the way “slut shaming” is thrown around so casually these days. It’s nothing but victimization and not wanting to own up to what you did. You can’t just do something horrible like contributing to the break up of a marriage, hurt so many people and cause trouble and then expect to be understood and not judged. Really? People are going to do whatever the hell they want now and we have to respect that? This is one of those things that people will judge the crap out of ’til the end of time, no matter how modern and feminist you want to be. Kristen should be ashamed. She did help wreck a marriage, she disrespected someone else’s family and relationship, she meddled where she shouldn’t have. But mistresses never regret a thing and they never care about the wife either. I’ve seen this a lot. I hope she at least cares about the children who will grow up so differently now in great part because of this affair that she didn’t have to agree to be part of.

    Let’s see how this plays out for her now, publicly. If she thought this was going away she was wrong. This will never go away now.

    • mln76 says:

      You had me until
      ‘But mistresses never regret a thing and they never care about the wife either.’

      That kind of language is just a bit sexist and puts the blame soley on the woman. If we continually put things in black and white terms then we will never get to the root problems of infidelity on both sides. Mostly in women it’s poor self esteem and not believing they are worth having a man in their lives full time also selfishness and niavete.

      • Annie says:

        Oh whatever! If yoy don’t want to be judged, shamed and have fingers pointing at you, don’t give people a reason. You can’t have it both ways.
        Women who screw married men never care unless it personally hurts them because “they are not the ones who broke the vows.” They are not the ones feeling lied to and betrayed.

        I bet anything Rupert does feel regret but Kristen not because “she’s not the married one.”

  24. La Calabaza says:

    God! If I had her body, naked will be my casual wear. Good for her for moving on!

      • hatsumomo says:

        Really?! I’ve been looking through the comments to find anyone’s opinion on Liberty Ross’s pictorial and you ladies are the only ones commenting on it! But I dont feel the same way. Im sorry, I just think her body is WAAAAAYYY too skinny. When you are next to skin stretched over bones skinny, it aint so pretty. She looks as if she’s suffering from muscular dystrophy! Look at her arms! I know she’s a model and they gotta be super skinny for their work, but I just think its a bit much, like she’s compensating for her “advanced” age in the industry.

  25. megsie says:

    “Rupert is not taking it well at all.”

    hmmm He must regret the damage done to his professional image, yes. I wouldn’t be too sure he’s crying into his pillow about anything else though. Neither he nor Kristen have appeared particularly remorseful to my eye.

    Interesting ‘source’ comments. Makes you wonder which side leaked them

  26. alex says:

    Here are the facts. Liberty and Rupert were both unfaithful throughout their marriage. Rob has slept with MANY other women since dating Kristen.

    NO one in the foursome is innocent. Liberty is not the poor stay at home mom, she has long partied with her bestie Kate Moss. And Rupert is a creep.

    • megsie says:

      Is that so? Can you provide names or is this idle speculation?

      • macy says:

        lol, don’t bother. It’s an obvious Kristen stan who will villainize everyone else to try to make her look less vile.

      • alex says:

        Regarding Liberty and Rupert, my cousin has been living in London for 15 years and has been high up in the modeling world for a long time. Both the affairs and partying is well known there. I am not saying Liberty is a bad mother or that Rupert is typically a stand up guy (he is a tool). But Liberty has not been chained to the house just taking care of the kids.

        Regarding Rob, my friend worked as a stylist assistant on the Remember Me set. Rob and Emily de Ravin were having an affair. She said they were both nice, but not exactly indiscreet. Emily and her husband briefly split after the filming ended.

        While I cant confirm other affairs, there have been blinds, rumors and sightings about rob and many women for years. And a LA writer was banned from the bar at Chateau Marmont for posting that Rob and a woman, not kristen, were getting very cozy there.

      • megsie says:

        I know she can’t provide names :) That’s why I asked.

        This new fan fuelled rumor about Liberty’s cheating and prior separation is appalling. Shame on them.

      • megsie says:

        Alex, I can’t speak to Rob’s possible past history as I know little about him. I would suspect any Kristen fan who suggested he has been unfaithul though. I would suspect their motives.

        As for Liberty being tied down to the home, she’s never to my knowledge claimed to be. She never entirely stopped modeling. In her own words, she “semi-retired.” I have never once heard of her having an affair. In fact, he utter adoration of Rupert was well known.

      • Anname says:

        You know, we hear this make up/hair assistant story on EVERY movie Rob works on. Just last week it was a hickey seen by a make up assistant in Australia. Isn’t this getting a little less and less believable everytime now?

        None of us know Rob, but by all creditable accounts, he is a good guy who treats others well. Stories like yours are so annoying, throwing shade at a guy who probably doesn’t deserve it.

    • bluhare says:

      Finally a voice of reason. Liberty got the best pr out of this, and she’s used it well.

      Gotta say, though, Rob was adorable in his Daily Show interview right after the news broke, admitting he was too cheap to hire publicists when he was advised to, and regretting it now. I never thought much of him before, but he was really cute.

      I had a friend in London who always mentioned a friend named Liberty. We’re out of touch right now, but I wish we weren’t so I could ask her if it’s the same one. My friend was in fashion.

      • LAK says:

        Kate Moss circle are notorious for their partner swopping(in old school speak-swinging), drugs and orgies.

        If Liberty was/is in the inner Kate Moss circle, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that she was unfaithful. It’s practically a badge of honour in that circle.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: That, I don’t know. She never mentioned Sadie Frost or any of those people who’ve been linked to Kate and three/four/fivesomes.

        That being said, Liberty and Rupert were together for a long time, and that can produce boredom and ennui (is that the correct word?). The grass can look really green and well groomed over there on the other side of the fence!

        Not condoning cheating before I get jumped on.

    • Mi says:

      So why those women didn’t say anything when the scandal broke?If lovers/mistresses of politicians could admit the affair,so why those possible bunch of Robert’s lovers were so quiet?Funny,because he wasn’t even papped alone since autumn 2009 with any woman beside his mother,sisters,agent or manager(blonde woman),Shanon-ex girlfriend of A.Garfield,S.Riley’s wife Lara.He even wasn’t papped with Kristen walking down the street and holding hands.

      • Bijlee says:

        their own career would be at stake. Plus that doesn’t look pretty in the public eye.

      • LAK says:

        We are British. our famewhore ways are more discreet than that. We may enjoy the scandal, but you would be run out of town pretty swiftly with no hope of making any money – see john Terry’s mistress. At best you present yourself as some kind of repentant nun whilst regretfully telling the details of your encounter!!! And only because you were outed. never voluntarily in the manner of tiger woods mistresses or Ashton Kutcher one night stand.

  27. Tig says:

    In response to above about “what if Rob wants her there?” blah, blah- how about this response from her-” I miss you too, but if I come now, you know what will happen – and for your sake I am holding off”- see? It’s called putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. It’s what most folks who love or at least care for each other do.

    Of course the other sad option is that Rob wants her there in order to keep her away from RS- that’s really to sad to contemplate.

    • Lara says:

      “Of course the other sad option is that Rob wants her there in order to keep her away from RS- that’s really to sad to contemplate.”

      Yeah, I wonder the same. And if upon hearing the divorce news, that was the first thing he thought about? That’d be so telling.

      I do think Kristen and Rupert are still in contact with each other at least.

    • Anname says:

      Tig, look at their history. They have never been a couple to bend their actions for the sake of public opinion. If they were swayed by public opinion they would have not been so private about the whole thing – fans wanted more. Especially Rob – going back to when he chopped off his hair in 2008 and the Twi fans lost their minds. It doesn’t really fit what we know of him, to think that he would be happy for her not to come for the sake of public opinion.

      And I do not buy this insistence that her going to Australia will hurt him professionally – it has already been reported that they have reconciled. Anyone interested already has an opinion on that.

  28. paranormalgirl says:

    My view of this whole mess is this:

    1. Rupert Sanders wrecked his own home.
    2. Since Kristen Stewart knew he was married when they had their “momentary indiscretion” (insert eyeroll)she aided and abetted in the breaking of said home.
    3. Liberty Ross did nothing wrong other than to be married to a man who couldn’t keep his parts from wandering.
    4. Liberty got some good publicity out of this, which she certainly should have since she handled herself like an adult and which she can use to re-start the career she put aside for the penis she married.
    5. Men cheat for a variety of reasons and not all men cheat for the same reasons.

  29. Ali says:

    Wow. This must be the first couple to break up without any info on who THEY are. 100 comments on another couple.

  30. KS says:

    I almost feel sorry for Kristen Stewart. She had everything in the world & still chose to be someones Mistress. Money can’t buy you class I guess.

  31. Jaded says:

    Both Sanders and Stewart are living and working in a pretty immoral/amoral atmosphere. The movie business in Hollyweird can taint people to the point where they lose their moral compasses. Everyone is running around on their spouses, hitting on every sexually attractive young woman or man, it’s really a cesspool. I think both of them got caught up in it – not because evolution tells men to spread their seed as widely as possible or women to find a bit on the side even though they have a secure relationship. It’s the atmosphere of power, sleaze and carnality that enticed them over to the bad side.

  32. Jean says:

    So much for the PR scenario. That, at least, can be put to bed. There are a lot of men that don’t cheat simply because they are truly in love with their woman. Rob may be one of those men. He must be truly in love with Kristen to put up with all of this bullsh.t. There ar couples that love each other without the need to cheat.

  33. skylla says:

    I always love how these threads with the “scorned wifes” and the “sluts” and the “cheating d-bag” get all hot and bothered.

    Cheating happens and guess what: life goes on.

    Btw: if people wouldn’t be so invested in the lifes of strangers there would be no humiliation because nobody actually cares.

    • c'est la vie says:

      Somebody at Us Weekly must care.

      Those photos – are just so damn trashy.
      I do love the added touch of the mini-cooper.

      And what appears to be Rob’s hat. On Stewart’s head. Good disguise there.

      Ick. I’ve got to stay off this thread, my eyes are beginning to burn.

    • c'est la vie says:


      Of course not. It wouldn’t have mattered if the pics had ended up in People or another tabloid instead.

      Maybe I should have been more clear – they care deeply all right, like the pap who took those pics.

      They care deeply about money. Stewart and Sanders provided them with tabloid gold – pure trash to be mass marketed.

      And of course I’m not going to pay for that. Not when you can find it anywhere. Take a look at the Daily Mirror online for example. Or maybe not.

      Yeah, I was just being a little bit sarcastic.

      Get me out of this thread already! Let me know when Pattinson drops Stewart…

  34. Just Me says:

    I just want to clarify my slutshaming comment in the last thread, since it’s playing such a big role in this thread. When I say “slutshaming” I’m talking about state of dress. Kristen Stewart AND Liberty Ross (and countless other women) wear sheer, see through clothing on red carpets. My point was, that the very people who trip on Liberty for her Halloween costume are some of the same people who were the first to cry “slut shaming” when news of the affair first broke. It’s ironic they were calling Liberty a slut for nothing more than her clothing, while simultaneously defending Kristen’s cheating behavior (and conveniently forgetting her regular choice of clothing). No, I’m not about to judge someone on their state of dress.

    As for the cheating, I’ve kept my opinions to myself. However, I will say that my own hubby already knows that if he ever gets caught, he’d better put himself into Witness Protection. His accomplice might want to take an extended vacation, too. I damn sure won’t be as graceful as Liberty.

  35. Holden says:

    Right on, good for her. No one should have to stay with someone who violates their marriage. I’m embarrassed for Robert Pattinson still being with that POS.

  36. j.eyre says:

    @Kaiser – or anyone – that blue suit – does anyone have a designer or know where I can find it?

  37. d says:

    I’d like to think that in the future, both women will be embarrassed for having associated themselves with Saunders in the first place. I can’t understand the attraction. He looks gross to me.
    I thought it was known, sort of, that Rob has always slept around. And that Kirsten was ok with it. Because she did too? Some kind of blind reveal or something. I think if there’s any regret on anyone’s part here, it’s that things got revealed. Otherwise, sleeping around in Hwood is par for the course. As someone said, it’s not exactly a hotbed of … proper living there.
    Zowie on Libery’s pic.

  38. crissa says:

    Thank God for women like Liberty, after that whole stand by your man routine that Hillary Clinton pulled, I thought I would never see a married, cheated woman leaving her man. Good for her!

    • Anname says:

      That is such a simplistic viewpoint – relationships, marriages, families, things are not always that black and white. Dimebox in the comment below left after her husband cheated, and it was right for her, that’s great. But don’t insult those who stay and try again, NEITHER decision is easy, and occasionally it may be worth it.

      • crissa says:

        Anname, perhaps Liberty Ross had the same thoughts when she decided to put her career aside, have 2 kids and totally support her husband. She stayed and tried, because relationships are not ‘black and white’.
        I am not insulting anyone, except for those people that instead of reading the lines, are focusing on reading between the lines.
        I advice the people that do stay in difficult marriages to speak up and explain exactly why they did it and how it turned out, what the costs and benefits were, not to play the insulted card.

  39. Dimebox says:

    I had been married 10 years and had a two year old when I discovered my husband was having an affair with a fellow attorney at his law firm. It turned out that it had been on- going for some time, and others knew, but I did not. I was devastated and felt like my life was a lie, and filed for divorce the next day. He begged me to “let him get it out of his system” and then he would come back. I told him that he had lost that privilege. So Rupert definitely reminds me of my ex…having fun but then wants to come home. Good for Liberty! She deserves better, and I did too. I got lucky, and am happily married now. From the looks of that gorgeous photo of Liberty, she will have many options. And I respect her and think that she will make good choices. She has certainly kept her dignity. As for Rupert…he’ll be known as the fool caught on camera going down on KS in broad daylight.

  40. Ms Kay says:


    Breaking Divorce Dawn Part II.

    And the saga continues….

  41. WendyNerd says:

    I don’t think the reason so much of the attention was on Kristen was because she’s a girl, but because she was just way more famous. When Sandra Bullock got cheated on, the majority of the attention was on Jesse James rather than the girl he cheated with (not saying she didn’t get attention— she did, but most of the focus was on James because people knew who he was). When Charlie Sheen got busted with hookers, he got shit for cheating on Denise Richards and almost all of the attention was on him. And the Mel Gibson stuff? Forget about it!

    The most famous half of the adulterous couple is going to get more scorn. That’s just how it works.

    It also doesn’t help that Stewart was pretty unlikable to begin with— talking shit about other actors, her teachers, and even her fans. People were just waiting for something like the mini-coopering to happen. Something embarrassing or bad to happen that would confirm their dislike for her.

    The reason we’re still talking about this is because the people who disliked Kristen before the mini-coopering were expecting her to at least show some humility and for some manner of negative consequence for her actions. But no. She seems barely touched by this. She’s just as foul-mouthed, lip-bite-y, arrogant, uncouth, and crass as ever, still has her sparkly relationship, and still is in movies. Her career seems to be slowing down, but that’s more due to Twilight ending than a direct result of the scandal. And it kind of pisses people off because a lot of people disliked her to begin with.

  42. beth says:

    @MEGSIE hey there! I see you are asking for sources, which I find hilarious. Tell me, what is your source for Jules S and her partner living together/affair? I suggest you stick to playing Liberty Ross insider. It suits you so much better.

    Stay pressed Pattinson fans. The best is yet to come, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Just remember that you can just like Rob as an actor! ;)

    • Mi says:

      That’s the point;I’m interested in his career (I’m waiting for The Rover now),so I don’t want that premiere of his next movie would be ruined because of his girlfriend’s actions,like it was in case of Cosmopolis.Instead of talking about his movie and the role he has played,he was forced to answer the question about his private life and the scandal he didn’t create.

      • lindyuk says:

        I agree with you 100%. What I also found particularly galling was her behaviour at his Cannes premiere. She turned all the focus on herself in that red thigh split dress. That’s all the papers could focus on the day after. Of course the Robsten brigade just thought it was her dressing extra special for Rob’s big night…not a chance…it had to be all about her. God knows what his more classy/conservatively dressed co-stars thought of it all. The focus should have been on THEM and she took it away. I loathe her. If she had really cared about Rob wouldn’t you think she’d have tried to meld into the background and let him have his moment… I want to see Rob working his backside off after nearly two years of following this piece of rubbish round the globe – like her lackey and finally getting his career back on track after Twilight. The last thing he needs is a visit from her to his film set. If that happens I may just throw this computer through the window LOL!!

  43. Crystal says:

    Ugh some of y’all need to open up a new tab and google ‘slut-shaming’ because it’s being thrown around way too casually in this post. Just call it misogyny and be done with it. When has Lip Biter McGee ever faced ‘slut-shaming’?…she’s had some nasty sexist remarks thrown at her but she hasn’t been slut shamed at all. Seriously. Did y’all get the definition of ‘slut-shaming’ off One Direction fans on Tumblr ??

    I’m really happy for Liberty (especially because she gave up her career for that buck-toothed, ‘A Bug’s Life’ looking motherf*cker Ruprick) and I wish her the best.

    As for K-Stew fans…I mean, I want to be surprised that they’re dissing Liberty but I’m not. Her fanbase is full of fools. Every last one of them is an idiot (the scandal was proof of that) and tbh anyone who thinks that K-Stew can act shouldn’t be giving their opinions on anything anyway. They need to have a stadium of seats. (Though I have to say, it’s real cute to see all the old school Kristen fans come back and defend her honour now that the scandal is over. Y’all went into hiding when she got caught out there but now you’re all back on here acting brand new as if the folks on CB haven’t hated her since that beginning of time. That’s real cute. People on here couldn’t stand her ass before she cheated and she’s still not liked now. You can learn to accept it or you can take your ass to a fansite)

  44. essie says:

    i think people who have been cheated on will understand what liberty has been going through. i believe she has forgiven rupert but not enough to stay with the marriage after his betrayal which humiliated and embarassed her around the world. at least she agreed to try counselling before deciding finally on filing for divorce.

  45. april says:

    I’ve been cheated on and I did not blame the other woman. I figured the guy I was with liked her better so so be it. I wasn’t angry at him either.

    I don’t understand this whole blaming game. Anyone who has been cheated on needs to see what role they played and avoid the victim role. I believe you have some type of vibe going on that attracted the cheating.

    I am glad that Liberty Ross realized her own worthiness and is divorcing her husband.

    Bottom line, I think it takes two to make or break a relationship and cheating is just a symptom of whatever problems there are.

  46. aquarius64 says:

    I look at the nude picture of Liberty and I see a woman out for revenge against the husband & co-worker who betrayed her. (YES, Kristen is equally responsible.) Liberty is telling the world, “Look at me. I am healthy, well-put-together, and beautiful. (Everyone’s opinion differs of course.) My soon-to-be louse of a spouse publicly humiliates me with a “woman” with a hygiene-challenged image and needs a glam squad to have a miminal knowledge of fashion and look half-way presentable in public.” Liberty wants to show she is a sensual woman who can do nudity tastefully (again subjective) while Kristen has to do border line porn in films to be seen as sexy.

    This divorce may get nasty. Rupert and Kristen better watch their back. I think Liberty wants them to pay and she’ll do it to make sure nothing gets traced to her.

  47. Maritza says:

    If she couldn’t find it in her heart to forgive him then I don’t think she truly loved him enough. It’s best for both of them to move on with their lives. I hope they each find their true love.