Has Liberty Ross split from Rupert Sanders & is she already dating someone else?

I’ve been wanting to use these Liberty Ross photos all week! I’m glad I finally have an excuse. Liberty was the InStyle And Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party on Sunday night, and she oddly posed with Thandie Newton on the red carpet – are they friends? Weird. I think Liberty looks really good here, and it followed her appearance at the Alberta Ferretti party over the weekend too – so Liberty was going solo to two high-profile Golden Globes Weekend events? What does that mean?!!? Does it mean that Liberty and her Lip-Biter-humping husband Rupert Sanders are over, just like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are OVER?! OMG. Well, Page Six says Liberty is still exploring her (Dong) Options.

Liberty Ross seems to be distancing herself from her director husband, Rupert Sanders, following his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart — and is spending time with music mogul Jimmy Iovine. Sources exclusively tell us the British-born model has become “close to Jimmy,” the head of Interscope-Geffen and co-owner of the phenomenally successful Beats by Dr. Dre franchise.

One source tells Page Six, “They were recently introduced by a mutual friend in Los Angeles. It’s early days, and there’s no indication anything has happened, but there is a lot of attraction between them.”

Iovine and Ross are believed to have shared a number of meetings in recent weeks, and were spotted hanging out together at the Golden Globes after-parties Sunday night.

Another source tells us, “She’s been through a lot with Rupert, but Liberty’s main concern has always been her children. She’ll do what is best for them.”

“Snow White and the Huntsman” director Sanders was caught in a steamy clinch with Stewart in LA last July. The scandal led to a brief split, followed by a reconciliation between Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Ross, who played Stewart’s mother in the movie, has largely remained silent about the affair.

Friends previously told us Ross and Sanders, who have a daughter, Skyla, 7, and a son, Tennyson, 5, have been having marriage counseling, and he has been asking for forgiveness.

In a recent video for fashion designer Alexander Wang, Liberty said: “We’re all on journeys, we’re all given lessons. Sometimes when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it and move forward as graciously as possible. This year marked the end of some things and the beginning of something else. Beginnings and endings are always really exciting.”

Reps for Ross and Iovine, who split with his former model wife, Vicki Iovine, in 2009, didn’t get back to us last night.

[From Page Six]

For some reason, I had the idea that “Jimmy Iovine” was some old, Harvey-Weinstein-looking dude, but he’s not – I’ve included a photo of him below. He looks like… well, he looks like a middle-aged dude trying to look 33… wait, let me look it up. HOLY CRAP HE’S 59 YEARS OLD. Damn, he looks really good for his age. So… it could be WAY worse. And if he really is a “mogul” (he is), than it’s probably a good catch for Liberty. Chica has options. And it’s good that she’s reminding Rupert that she’s got options too.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Tanner/WENN.com.

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  1. Riana says:

    Wow she looks stunning there, a little bronzer looks good on her.

  2. Nina W says:

    59?!?! He must be living right, he looks amazing.

  3. The Original Mia says:

    Damn, she looks good. Love a well-tailored tux on a woman.

    Thandie is my girl crush. Amazing skin.

    59? Damn. Looking better than her ex-hubby does.

  4. marie says:

    she looks really good here and I think she is friends with Thandie-she looks good too!

  5. RN says:

    She also has the option to be without a partner. It seems like so many people are afraid to be alone and spring from person to person. It’s okay to not date and help your kids adjust to what’s sure to be a confusing and scary time.

  6. Jess says:

    She looks so gorgeous in these shots. Mattifying her skin and putting a little color on her face really does wonders for her.

  7. Vicky says:

    For some odd reason, I’m so proud of her for not taking her cheating husband back and walking away. Most women in her position wouldn’t even blink an eye before taking Rupert back.

    Now if she eventually decides to go back to him, that’s fine. At least, she stood up for herself and stepped away for a while.

  8. Annie says:

    “the head of Interscope-Geffen and co-owner.”

    GET. IT. Seriously, dump the loser director. If it hurts women when men cheat with someone younger, it completely destroys men if women dump them for someone more succesful and rich. And Liberty seems to enjoy a lavish life, so go for it. Don’t stay together for the kids. They will follow your patern of unhealthy relationships. Better to set the example having something good even if it is with someone else.
    I’d never forgive a cheater, especially after an actual affair. Met so many of them seriously never stop through out the marriage. There’s always more.

    If this is true, this needs to be a wake up call for Robert.

  9. Alexandra says:

    For a moment there, reading the title and seeing the first pic made me think Liberty replaced her cheating hubby with a woman.

  10. Diana says:

    She’s rocking that outfit, that’s all I have to say.

  11. booboocita says:

    Jimmy Iovine is/was Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ longtime producer. Given Tom’s age, I thought he (Jimmy) was a lot older, and that he’d retired long ago. (And yes, I know I’m dating myself with a Tom Petty reference.) Now that I’ve read his Wikipedia entry, all I can say is: Liberty, don’t let this one get away! And keep it on lock — don’t let any wanderin’ biscuits get near!

    • Screw Stewrat 99 says:

      Tom Petty is awesome. He is my moms and aunts obsession. Whenever he goes on tour and comes to Florida they follow him and see every show. I went a couple years ago and that man still rocks out. I loves Tom Petty!! He ain’t that old!:)

  12. MonicaQ says:

    “Tennyson” takes me back to College. “Charge of the Light Brigade” indeed. I like odd but pronounceable at a glance names like that. (Or it could be that I’m a history nerd, whatever).

    I said it before and I’ll say it again–if she takes Mr. Sanders back, she’s a better woman than I because my first instinct would’ve been Angela-Basset-Waiting-To-Exhale all of his stuff. Which would’ve been a bad idea but it would’ve been the first thing I thought of.

    I am also glad she’s keeping all of this low key–unlike a few other people (read: Brandi and LeAnn). Just seems like she wants to move on with her life which is great.

  13. andrea says:

    Werk. I love that she’s out there looking good and not caring about the haters who somehow made her the bad guy in her (soon to be ex?) husband’s affair. Jimmy’s a million dollar upgrade.

  14. gg says:

    a) 59 is not old enough to look like you’re 75; b) He usually doesn’t look like this – check him out in AI. Maybe he’s gotten some facial surgery but this is just a case of wearing a skullcap trying to look like a hipster.

    That said, I love Jimmy.

  15. Melissa says:

    The fashion magazines are behind Liberty Ross. All summer I would read little paragraphs or 3-4 sentences just talking about her. All were on her side. The Balenciaga campaign for Kristen was a disaster with the cheating scandal. The ads were terrible. I think Rupert has been cheating on Liberty before and this time she took a stand. AT counseling I’m sure everything has come out.

  16. erin says:

    at least we know she definitely has her head up her ass naming her children Skyla and Tennyson…GROSS

    • Em says:

      My nephew’s name is Tennyson, thanks.

    • LAK says:

      Is it surprising that she would give her kids those names given her own name, and those of her siblings? One of her brothers is called Atticus. Skyla and Tennyson aren’t offensive at all, considering.

    • booger says:

      What’s wrong with Skyla? I know a few people with that name?

    • Trek Girl says:

      What is it with you people and names? It seems that if anyone dares to name their child something other than Brian, John, James, or Emily, Elizabeth, and Emma, there’s a problem; you guys just assume that the parent is stuck up, stupid, or weird.
      There are many, many names out there, people. It’s ok if someone chooses a name that’s not on the top 100 baby names list. It’s ok if someone chooses a name that you haven’t heard of. It doesn’t mean the child will suffer when they get to school or start working, nor does it mean that the parents are selfish.
      Just a suggestion: if a name as simple as Tennyson seems weird to you, you should start Googling the meaning of names. Seriously, every time you come across a name that offends you, type “meaning” and then the name into the search engine. You’ll start to learn more about the world around you — it will be a good thing.
      Erin, I suggest you search for the meaning of Tennyson first.

  17. Viv says:

    I am confused. Isn’t Thandie Newton tiny and Liberty a former top model? Wouldn’t she be much taller than Thandie? They look as if they are the same height.

    • LAK says:

      I guess you didn’t notice the height disparity at the SWATH premiere where she was standing next to Lily Cole and Charlize Theron. All former models but the other 2 are general models meaning runway and editorial. Liberty is an editorial model. Thre is no height restriction with editorial.

      Kate Moss is also short for runway model requirements. I doubt she would have been allowed on a runway if she wasn’t a supermodel to start with. In her pre-supermodel days, she only worked editorial too.

      Storm, their agency, looks out for exquisite cheekbones over height. They are surprisingly successful given their niche of short models.

      • Viv says:

        Thanks for the that. Haven’t seen the pic from SWATH. I have booked models from STORM before but thought even Storm draws the line at girls under 170cm? Isn’t Thandie 5″4?

      • LAK says:

        It’s the only agency i know that doesn’t turn down girls based on height alone, whatever the brochure says. Perhaps it was the Kate Moss lesson learnt. They have many models on their books who are shorter than the industry standard but who are exquisite.

        I have to say though that i am as surprised as you that Liberty is as short as Thandie who i consider to be extremely short by any standards.

  18. Runs with Scissors says:

    I’d be happy for her if she didn’t bug so much. I think it was the skin-tight Halloween costume she wore for the paps to take two little kids out.

  19. Dirtnap says:

    Jimmy Iovine is rich enough to keep this girl in jeweled crosses for the rest of her life. Claim that hot 59 year-old piece, Liberty!

  20. N-Bear says:

    He’s got a little Ben Kingsley in him… I do love a little ben Kingsley.

  21. Prim&Proper says:

    I think the softening of her hairstyle
    has really worked, she looks marvellous.

  22. dee dee says:

    are you all insaine it is amazing how people forget so easily that several years ago shewas calught having an affair with on of the producers on a ovie her husband was doing and the guy was friends with rupert and they had kids then so don’t feel sorry for her she didn’t care about the kids then when she was screwing around

  23. megsie says:

    It’s interesting how much more palatable Liberty is in the eyes of the general public when she distances herself from Rupert.

    Jimmy Iovine is a true charmer. Sharp as a tack and extrememly talented. But the last thing Liberty needs is another father figure romantic partner. That said, it must be nice to spend a little time with a man who makes you feel attractive and desirable. Rupert certainly wasn’t doing that for her.

    Having one serious relationship from the age of 18 … well, sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing.

    • LAK says:

      I am never surprised by relationship break ups if the relationships are long, but were started when either one or both were pre-25yrs old.

      We develop and change so much emotionally that it’s amazing if the relationship survives the upheaval.

      Statistically she’s done very well, but given her age when they started, unsurprising that they are breaking up now.

      • megsie says:

        Yes. Meeting an older man at 17, falling in love at 18, living together by 19 – it’s natural that such a young girl would look up to her partner, even idolize a bit. Liberty said at one of the premieres that Rupert was “like (my) right leg.” And she’s always said he was her first love. I don’t think she ever entirely moved past that starry eyed 18 year old girl sort of love. Maybe she’s finally seeing him in a more realistic light? A very painful awakening I’m sure.

        fwiw I do believe Rupert loved her, but marriage and fatherhood was something he never entirely embraced. If he can’t manage to be a good husband, I do hope he can find it within himself to step up to the plate and be a good dad.

  24. Hubbahun says:

    BLEURGH. That is all when it comes to LIberty Ross (no, I’m not Kristen haha!) I just don’t get the love for her, she’s such a simpering fame-whorey victim. Jimmy Iovine though, HELLO! I would hit that and no mistake!

  25. Dreamyk says:

    I seem to be the odd one out here, but old men dressing like young guys? It’s weird. I laugh at guys like that all the time. They look ridiculous and so try hard.

    He has the beanie on because he has hair loss, not because it’s some cool fashion statement.

    I live in SoCal and the streets are littered with 50+ people who dress like they are still 19yrs old. It actually accents their age more.

  26. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Good for her.

  27. peta says:

    Iovine would be an icon for the ages even if all he ever did in life was engineer Born to Run and Lennon’s “Rock and Roll” album. An absolute genius in ontemporary music. Go for it Liberty!

  28. Kosmos says:

    Liberty handled the whole thing very maturely and she is so cool considering everything. I’m sure her husband has very good qualities, all in all, but he is the reason she moved out to LA in order to support his career. I’ve read that they’ve had their share of troubles together, and then this…well, for me, that would be enough to say goodbye Rupert forever, and stay single for a while then move on to someone you can trust.

  29. ParisPucker says:

    They’re both hot. Love Thandie! She looks so elegant here…and that dress is fabu too.

  30. Jayna says:

    I never faulted her for going back to her husband. Having children makes all the difference. Their little faces and the fear in their eyes. Heartbreaking. If you have a spouse willing to do the work and there is still some love left, you should at least trying counseling.

    I always wondered more because I read that interview she gave before the incident about how he was gone all the time and she was from England and felt lonely here and gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom, which was fulfilling but could be isolating in a strange country. It seemed like she was sacrificing a lot to be here in LA for his career and he wasn’t that present of a spouse. So if she leaves now, I’m sure it’s for a combination of reasons, the affair the icing on the cake.

    She looks great in that photo. I doubt the story is true about some new romance. I have always loved Thandie.

  31. essie says:

    nah… i doubt she’s gotten involve with another guy after what rupert did…i think liberty will end her marriage first.. if ever, she would have started divorce proceedings by now

  32. muppet_barbershop says:

    Ooooh! Jimmy Iovine is really a catch, if you’re a straight woman who’s into older industry types. I hope this is true. I want her to get a “catch.”