Jennifer Aniston still ‘obsessed’ with Brad, she’s allegedly back in therapy

Before you completely dismiss this Star Magazine story out of hand and begin yelling “Jennifer Aniston is OVER Brad Pitt she doesn’t think about him at all and her fiancé is hotter than Brad and Justin is better in bed and I know because she always compares them JUSTJEN 4 EVA” just stop for a second. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their engagement the very same weekend that paparazzi were flocking to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s French chateau because there were significant rumors of a secret French wedding. That happened on the very same weekend. My hypothesis – that Jennifer still cares very much about what Brad & Angelina are up to, even if she “cares” about them only to try to steal their thunder – has been proven several times over. Which means there’s probably a grain of truth to this Star story:

“All these years later, I’m still not over Brad,” Jennifer Aniston confided to a close pal recently, amid news that Brad is having yet another child with Angelina Jolie. So in preparation for her own imminent nuptials to Justin Theroux, Jen’s turned to one-on-one therapy in a last-ditch attempt to rid herself of an obsession that’s not threatening to stand in the way of her long-term happiness.

While Jen’s preoccupation with Brad made sense when she was in and out of failed relationships, she’s committed to Justin now and still thinks about Brad on a daily basis, says our insider.

“From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept – love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it,” the source adds.

Jennifer is so consumed by thoughts of Brad that she recently enlisted Courteney Cox to spy on him by way of their mutual friend David Fincher.

“Jen’s always encouraging Courteney to set up dinner dates with David so she can pump him for updates,” says the source. “She tells Courteney she’s only interested in knowing what Brad and Angie’s wedding plans are so that they don’t conflict with her own. But Courteney knows her interest runs deeper.”

Meanwhile, “Justin would hit the roof if he knew how much Jen still pines over him… she’s beginning to think it could wreck their relationship, so she’s gone back into one-on-one counseling – she really wants to dig the old skeletons out of her closet so she can be emotionally unburdened before she walks down the aisle with Justin.”

“Jen realizes that it’s high time she let go of her unhealthy attachment to Brad… he has obviously moved on with his life – and the truth is, Jen’s very, very happy with Justin too. But Brad is like some kind of a ghost who constantly haunts her.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Now, do I think Jen is so crazy-obsessed that she’s basically using third parties to stalk her ex-husband? Eh. I think she probably just checks online to see what Brad and Angelina are up to. She keeps an eye on their schedule so that if Angelina has a movie to promote, Jen can ice up her nips and go for a walk in front of the paparazzi. If Brad has a premiere, Jennifer makes sure she has a project to promote too. And on and on. As for Jen being in therapy – she was in therapy for years and years during her marriage to Brad. And then her therapist died right around the time of Brad and Jen’s divorce. So I guess she found a new therapist.

Hilariously, The Enquirer also has a JustJen story this week, only this story sounds like it came out of Jessica Simpson’s fart-soaked diary. Literally. The Enquirer claims Jennifer recently put Justin on a “strict diet of legumes – lentils, beans and soy beans” because they’re trying for a baby. And the diet has made Justin super-farty, so Jennifer “temporarily evicted him from the bedroom.” Because he’s a sleep farter. Poor Justin! For the love of God, just stop eating beans for dinner!

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  1. Britt says:

    I still don’t like her engagement ring. I don’t care how big that diamond is, there isn’t one nice thing about it. (And I really love diamonds.)

  2. Bowers says:

    She’s over him; he’s not that exceptional.

    • notpretentious says:

      I agree with you, but I can also see it being hard to get over him. He seems like a perfectly lovable goofball! But it has been 8 YEARS!

      • cherylk says:

        She needs to get over it. He said he was “totally underwhelmed by her” and found her a complete bore and was suffering in the marriage. Who wants to be with an uneducated superficial bimbo addicted to tanning and Mexico trips with no substance.

    • Lucy says:

      I agree, I think they are all “over” each other and there’s no romantic feelings involved, but my take is that they play the media to steal attention from one another…and let’s face it the love triangle between them is one of the things that made them/continues to make them all such hugeee tabloid staples. No one wants to read about how happy they all are, the drama is what keeps them in the publics interest and they all know it.

    • Stacey says:

      Agree! The Star Magazine article is one thing. The rest is, oh brotherrrr.

    • Babalon says:

      An ex doesnt need to be exceptional to grieve the loss of a marriage. It’s like a death.

      Whatever the case, if any of this is true she’s allowed to feel her feelings and good for her for trying to ‘clean’ those up before her new ceremony. I’m not a fan of Aniston’s but good for her.

      • dj says:

        Well said Babalon! It sucks that her therapist died and then in the middle of her divorce. That’s a lot to grieve right there (2 things ending). I would not be surprised she still has to work through those issues — not unusual.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I really don’t recall reading about Aniston’s therapist dying midway through her divorce. So could you tell me if he passed away ‘before’ or ‘after’ she got together with Vince Vaughn? Because their relationship also started midway through her divorce.

    • ff says:

      If he is not that exceptional than why are HER fans still not over it almost a decade later. One visit to creepy FF shows this.

      If he was so terrible like they claim then they would still not be wishing for them to get back together (many still do! Scary).

      He has been in this business forever and is still one of the most talked about celebs in the world. People still go crazy for him on the red carpet.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @FF …

        It’s the same at the ‘Ian Halperin’ Board. These fans are truly delusional. They’re still waiting for Brad to ‘come to his senses’ and dump Angie so he can ‘return home’ to Jen.

      • Cameron says:

        Yes it’s so funny, all her boyfriends are compared to Brad, not the previous boyfriend. Yet, George Clooney’s girls are never compared to his first wife (maybe it’s a gender thing). I recall people comparing Stacey to Elisabetta and Elisabetta to his piece prior to her.

      • Tiffany says:

        I don’t think you can blame a person for what their fans are doing. There are a lot of silly people out there, and a celeb has no control over people they don’t even know!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Tiffany, who wrote: “I don’t think you can blame a person for what their fans are doing. There are a lot of silly people out there, and a celeb has no control over people they don’t even know!”

        How in the world did you get us ‘blaming a person for what their fans are doing’ from posts strictly about Jen’s ‘fans.’ Not one of us three posters said Jen was to blame for her delusional fans … we simply talked about her delusional fans. Unless you see something in the three posts above you that I don’t? If so, please point it out. Thanks.

    • Lauren says:

      I was over Brad after Legends of the Fall. He is a good man, but the way he cheated on Jen-his wife-still disturbs me. I think Angie & Brad are very compatible with six children, and Jen should move on. I refuse to take sides..if this is true..Jen-stop wasting your damn time. Obsessing over someone that does not want you is painful & wasteful.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Lauren, who wrote: ” He is a good man, but the way he cheated on Jen-his wife-still disturbs me. I think Angie & Brad are very compatible with six children, and Jen should move on. I refuse to take sides..”

        But you already ‘have’ chosen sides because you don’t really know that Brad ‘did’ cheat on Jen. You’re assuming he did cheat based on your sympathy for her.

      • Lana says:

        Brad didn’t cheat on Jen, that was proven ages ago. Jen chose her career over her marriage to Brad, that is what happened. The way Jen had an affair with Justin on the set of Wanderlust and and cheated with him and homewrecked and broke him Heidi Bivens relationship still disturbs me.

    • Juliette says:

      My son saw a billboard of his perfume ad and cried “Oh! is that Hanna Montana’s Dad?”

  3. whatthehell456 says:

    *sitting back with a bag of popcorn*

    This oughtta be good…..

  4. Ms Kay says:

    Good grief… Perhaps Brad or Saint Angie Jo send her “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on their wedding day…

    On a more serious note, I don’t believe it, she seems quite fine with her life, only the media still stirring that overcooked stew…

    • Stephie says:

      Oh, for the love of gawd! You know, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the man I married at age 21, but do I want to be with him? No! That is why I divorced him…


      It must be a really slow news week. The tabloids keep stirring the pot with this NON story. Aniston could care less what Jolie/Pitt are doing. How do I know this, you ask… The same way most of you think she could give a rats patootie what they do!!


      Let it GO!

  5. Lolly says:

    That fart story is the best thing about this post. How do hipsters fart? Must be ironically?lmao

  6. Lem says:

    I’m waiting for her to get over that hideous purse (that half of you fancy)

  7. Caroline says:

    I am no fan of the Brange but Jen lost me too a long time ago, with her aching insecurity on display. But this just stretches credulity.

    She may be 10 kinds of weirdo but this is off-the-reservation, lock-me-up kind of obsession and if she were still like this, there’s no way she could have any semblance of a relationship with her new fiancé.

    Seems unlikely, and completely fabricated (shocker!).

  8. Janet says:


  9. Cleveland Girl says:

    This whole story is so ridiculous from the torn T shirt to the farting that I am embarrassed to have even read it. Seriously, could anything be more boring as Jen Aniston???

  10. Solange says:

    Oh come on. Leave her alone. She moved on. Brad moved on. Some people should move on as well. This is so non-story.

  11. Hoya_chick says:

    Lol the only good thing about these ridiculous stories are the comments they generate! I can’t wait to see all of them later. Also LOL at icing up her nipples! You are crazy and I love it.

  12. Sue says:

    Sorry think Star was having a slow news week. The first line got me she told a close friend, I’m thinking unless her close friend is a total traitor she didn’t repeat this….. On a second note BP looks like a girl on male hormones with his extensions. Yuck!

  13. Cinnamon says:

    re: baby diet

    i thought soy was bad for guys in the baby making department?

    “A Swiss review of available studies published in the April 2010 issue of the “International Journal of Andrology” reported that, although studies are few and evidence inconclusive at this time, high soy intake could affect sperm production and fertility.”

  14. Cinderella says:

    If anything, she’s probably getting counseled for trust issues because of Brad..not because she’s obsessing over him. Better to address this before her next marriage.

  15. Cecada says:

    Actually I believe this. I can totally believe that she’s THAT mental.

  16. mln76 says:

    I think she is just obsessed with the publicity associated with him and the attention she’s garnered by being a victim. Besides that I hope for her sake she’s over it.

  17. s says:

    Oh my god, “only this story sounds like it came out of Jessica Simpson’s fart-soaked diary.”

    I have never read anything quite like that before.

  18. good_as_gold says:

    Surely it’s easy enough to get over somebody who looks like a malnourished, homeless hobo?

    • Anna says:

      Thank you. I was wondering who would say it first.

      NEVER found him attractive. Too vapid when he was younger (I thought) and too Hobo today. When I see the 7 mil-man Chanel photo of him, he looks like a proletarian Cro-Magnon man

      And is he wearing a wig? What are these long, glowing russet locks?

  19. ramona says:

    Her engagement ring looks like it was purchased out of the bargain basket at Claire’s Boutique. I’m sure it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but diamonds that big just look tacky and fake to me. Ick.

  20. Lisa says:

    “ice her nips and go for a walk”Ha, brilliant!

  21. Roo says:

    Hasn’t she been in therapy for 20-plus years? Yikes!

  22. Penny says:

    Jennifer Aniston was nowhere to be found the entire time Angelina Jolie was promoting ITLOBAH. Like, she wasn’t papped even once for six weeks last winter. Wouldn’t that have been the perfect time to try to “steal Angelina’s thunder,” if she’s so conniving?

    • mln76 says:

      Yes but then she had to go direct a Lifetime movie I mean maybe it was a coincidence but it didn’t feel like one and there are other strange coincidences.

      • prez says:

        Considering, Five wasn’t Aniston’s first directing job, pretty sure it was just a coincidence. She did a short in 2006 – room 10 starring robin wright, kris kristofferson. And calling a project like FIVE which was a network broadcast, where she was also one of the producers AND had 4 other directors an entire ploy to coincide with Jolie’s directorial debut is a bit much.

        Would Aniston and Jolie’s projects have to a be a year apart for it to be NOT a coincidence for you? given that Aniston was more busy project wise last year (and doesn’t keep yammering about retiring) I’d say, by your logic, the attention stealing was the other way round?

      • mln76 says:

        I think there are a lot of other ‘coincidences’ not concerning work.
        Handler trashing Angelina right after vacationing with Aniston.
        The announcement of Norman’s death after Cannes
        The engagement announcement .
        The deuling pap photos during eachother’s projects(Brange definitely is guilty of the same).
        There are more but those just come off the top of my head.
        Again I don’t think it’s necessarily emotional for her I just think it’s a publicity game.

  23. DenG says:

    When Aniston won an award (Emmy? Golden Globe?) years ago, she was interviewed and said to Brad on camera “You hold me together, literally.” Maybe she’s the unstable one.

  24. MrsBPitt says:

    hmmm…I don’t believe the fart story…cause he always looks like he thinks his farts don’t stink!

    • alc says:

      Ha, that’s funny! There’s just something about this guy I just don’t trust. Maybe it’s his skeevy looking eyes or the attitude that he’s found his gravy train and he’s going with it to the end of the line. Poor Jennifer, she just never seems to get it right.

    • Rhea says:

      I don’t believe it either but I still think this made up story is disgustingly funny. :D I am bored already with the secret phone calls at midnight and Brad running away in tears from Angie The Villain, well you know…the usual story.

  25. Maritza says:

    Star always publishes lies. As for Justin’s problem, there is a thing called Beano.

  26. hey u says:

    I see some tabs are still trying to milk any last ridiculous drop from the already dead triangle lol.. Guess they are late and didn’t get the memo no one believes those stories anymore.

    And any that believe this story , is likely delusional, loves all the triangle shit (even though I bet they are d same people that complain about it) or is some odd brad pitt fan that really thinks its god gifts to mankind and no woman can get over him even 8 years later *rollseyes*.

    Well I guess it still gets hits on some websites. When they have such stories .. But people need to let it burn and stay buried.. They are better juicy stories in d gossip world now than this triangle

  27. Kim says:

    I don’t believe this story but I think her friends like Handler and now Justine Bateman on Howard Stern need to stop commenting on Brad dumping her for Angelina.It makes Aniston look pathetic after eight years

  28. lisa2 says:

    How does Justin feel about these stories. To me it is almost a dig at him. I really doubt anyone is thinking about the other. Brad has a full life and the one he wants. Jennifer is engaged so there you go.

  29. MrsBPitt says:

    First of all, there is no way JA could steal Brad and Angie’s thunder…if you put put both couples in each corner of a room and filled it with paps…which couple do you think the paps would run too? Jen and Justin or Brad and Angie…mmmmm…EXACTLY!

  30. bettyrose says:

    She’s made an entire career out of being Brad’s dumpee. Of course she’s obsessed. It’s her job.

  31. Dinah says:

    Something smells about that fart story.
    (excuse me)
    Why would a man eat lots of phytoESTROGENS????

    Wouldn’t you want to have more testosterone if you’re trying to conceive?


  32. janie says:

    Who cares about this old, paranoid hag? Get married already or don’t get married? Have a baby, don’t have baby…. WHO CARES????!

  33. Mac says:

    The old T-shirt momento box is straight out of an episode from Friends.

    Jenn already has the ways and means to find out whatever she wants about whomever she wants whenever she wants and doesn’t need to rely on Courteney Cox.

    She obviously believes in the benefits of therapy and has probably been attending sessions on a regular basis for the past 20+ years.

    If the soybeans and lentils aren’t working they may want to consider Bull Shark testosterone injections.

  34. Josephina says:

    I was just about to call BS on this article until…

    I just heard Howard Stern’s interview with Jason Bateman, one of Aniston’s besties, that aired YESTERDAY. On the 7th minute of the very long interview and BEFORE any mention of his upcoming movie identity theft, Howard Stern steers the conversation toward temptation with co-stars (How very un-authentic.) Stern reminded Bateman that he at one time said that Aniston was his dream mate. Of course, Bateman got his mop out and quickly cleaned that mess up.

    But Stern was after something. He kept probing, talking about Aniston… and Whaddya know? Brad Pitt’s name comes up! Coattail moment: Stern asks about Brad Pitt/Aniston and then … because he could not resist, he says:

    “I have not met Angelina Jolie, but I think that any man would make a huge mistake to leave Jennifer Aniston.”

    So…Aniston has been with how many men SINCE BP? Mistake to leave Aniston? Many men have left her, Vince Vaughn, John Meyer (twice), Paul Sculfor, Gerard Butler, Sport F*ck guy, etc. Are you going to scold ALL of the men who leave her?

    Her FRIENDS’ focus is what her focus is– Brad Pitt. Aniston is STILL speaking through her friends. NINE YEARS LATER and she is still not over her power couple status she had with Brad.

    Yeah, she needs to STAY in therapy. Poor Justin, he is overshadowed by a ghost named Brad Pitt.

    • mln76 says:

      She should issue a fatwa on her ‘Friends’ speaking about him. It makes her look downright batty.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I miss Howard SO much. Best interviewer of all time. He has a knack for probing and getting celebs to admit shit that they would NEVER say to effin Access Hollywood, for instance.

      I hate the way that they paint Aniston as pathetic (typical sexism) but if I were a dude, I would chose Jolie over Aniston in a heartbeat and I think most guys I know would say the same. But I guess with that statement, I’m just feeding into the dumb fabricated “girl fight”.

      Jolie is just incredibly interesting and beautiful, that was my only point.

    • prez says:

      are you regular listener of Stern’s interviews? the fact that her friends (and there are SO many) go to bat for her so often and publicly tells me that there is a quality to her that people are attracted to, and given these people are in Hollywood where it’s all ME ME ME, it’s remarkable. just my opinion

      • ff says:

        She does not have SO many friends.
        I can only think of Handler and Bateman as people that have “gone to bat for her”. They are nobody special.

        I think what is shows is that she is so insecure and pathetic these people feel the need to defend her because she seems so needy for validation.

        I do not think she would be nice to live with. A real piece of work that needs constant compliments.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Prez, who wrote: “the fact that her friends (and there are SO many) go to bat for her so often and publicly tells me that there is a quality to her that people are attracted to, and given these people are in Hollywood where it’s all ME ME ME, it’s remarkable. just my opinion”

        It tells me that she’s still whining to her friends about a ten-year old emotional scar. If she wasn’t still consumed with it, her friends wouldn’t be either.

      • prez says:

        stern brought up Pitt. not the other way around. And didn’t Pitt himself talk about it in parade and then on lauer? Or what about when damon brought it up in one of his (very recent) interviews?

        no one is whining -it’s a topic of conversation because it’s STILL being talked about…

        bateman, handler, ellen, cox, OPS, fallon, rudd, sandler, etc, etc many have gone to bat for her or always go out of their way to say something personable about her versus the general platitudes… i’m talking about going to bat for her in general (and not just about her divorce). So yeah – i think that is indicative of her having certain qualities that are rare – especially in hollywood.

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Sorry, but that’s ridiculous.

        Bateman’s been her co-star and he’s known to be a very nice guy, what’s he going to say? “Yeah, well who WOULDN’T leave Jen if they could have Jolie? Duh.”

        Of course not, he was put on the spot and responded like anyone polite would.

        And it does show that she keeps whining to people about it, otherwise, the question, almost a decade later, simply wouldn’t come up to a random 3rd party interviewee. She’s pathetic.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        I agree with prez. She has tons of friends in Hollywood and that says something. Some people love to demonize her and act like she’s the WORST PERSON EVAR but she’s clearly quite popular.

        There has to be something appealing about her for so many people to extol her virtues so loudly. Like Ellen. How on earth could a terrible person be besties with Ellen?

        EDIT: And it bears repeating, STERN brought up Brad Pitt. It was not a subject that was fresh in Bateman’s mind because Aniston had been “whining” about it. I think he was just being polite and said the kindest thing he could think of.

    • Veronica says:

      Thank you! Someone finally talking some sense. the story is true. Lets stop saying “shes over it” just because we ourselves cant empathise with a situation in which a rational mature adult would pine for that long. We would never be that stupid so “she’s over it”. I don’t think she’s over it one bit , she’s alarming even herself at how happiness with The Fart isn’t doing the trick. I think she’s been hiding the obsession for years and convinces everyone she’s sooo over it, why can’t the media let it go, bla bla.

      Lets observe some facts!

      She didn’t give a crap about architecture during their marriage , but arranges herself to get on the cover of brads favourite magazine – architectural digest- which she used to make fun of him about because she was so disinterested in it. he reads it religiously every month and is his favourite mag. Why would her fucking fans read a minor publication, architectural digest? Brad saw right through it and thought She did it to get his attention. This was mid 2010!!!!! Only a couple of years ago!. You can be happy with somebody and still have baggage- she’s human after all. I agree, the power couple status thing is very caught up In her feelings/attachment to him and angie.

      She hasn’t let go of their marriage or the ego blow of jolie (what does she have that I don’t, what did I do wrong). She’s obsessed with him, what could have been, and is crazy jealous of angie and their relationship. Not just that but sometimes you want to get some power back from a situation you so badly lost in. The obsession is in getting that power back. It’s called immaturity!

      I remember reading blind about gwen Paltrow going into “post natal” which was really because she was depressed about brad Pitt and how he’s the best–a better catch than chris Martin in every way because he was like her dad, and she doesn’t know what she got herself into when she married him. He was there to soothe her over the death of her dad and that pain but hes not her ideal. Chris couldn’t get her out if it and feels he can’t live up to brad which is why he gets so angry and explodes when the media ask about brad Pitt (he’s even gotten violent and lashed out at the mention of brads name!!). Why so sensitive chris? he even has brought up brad himself in interviews and said living up to him is what drives him to be successful!!!! (ouch).! She regrets their relationship falling apart because brad cheated in the 90s- but now she’s ok with cheating and accepts it as a Hollywood reality (and she has an open marriage), and pines for brad. Crazy right? .

      Brads obviously got it going on!!
      Sometimes you will always love somebody who just embodies all your hopes and dreams, rather than it being real.Hollywood isn’t real life its a fishbowl. It’s like living in Facebook!! Shell never get over it.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Veronica, who wrote: “She regrets their relationship falling apart because brad cheated in the 90s- but now she’s ok with cheating and accepts it as a Hollywood reality (and she has an open marriage), and pines for brad. Crazy right? .”

        Your post was SO very well said, but wasn’t it Gwen who cheated on Brad? It was her confession of it that killed their relationship. Then she jumped on a plane to New York and crashed at Winona Ryder’s place (who was probably still dating Matt Damon at the time). I don’t know if this was before, after, or during the time Gwen was boning Ben Affleck, but I always suspected ‘Ben’ was the guy she was doing when Brad called her on it and they broke up.

        I can still remember a picture of Gwyneth and Winona out in the city the weekend she and Brad broke up. They were all giggles and cocktails at a nightclub.

      • Lana says:

        Gwyneth cheated on Brad, not the other way around. Gwyn even admitted it. Its why their engagement broke up. Brad has never cheated.

      • be_kind says:

        I just have to say to Emma and others below, WHERE do people get this “she admitted to cheating on him”??? For heaven’s sake, that is not what happened. She admitted in a primetime interview she was “the architect of her own misery.” That does NOT mean she cheated. She did a lot of other things wrong, mostly talking when she shouldn’t about their relationship, and being clingy. It must have been bad, like her own insecurity was destroying the relationship. Why do people get it so twisted? Seriously, it’s not rhetorical. WHY? I have read it so many times she said she cheated, and she did not!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Be_Kind, who wrote: “I just have to say to Emma and others below, WHERE do people get this “she admitted to cheating on him”??? For heaven’s sake, that is not what happened. She admitted in a primetime interview she was “the architect of her own misery.” That does NOT mean she cheated. She did a lot of other things wrong, mostly talking when she shouldn’t about their relationship, and being clingy.”

        Uhmmm … are you talking about Gwyneth Paltrow? Because ‘we’ are. Gwyneth Paltrow ‘has’ admitted to cheating on Brad during their relationship. She said she was young and immature.

        We’re not talking about Jen cheating on Brad. Heidi Bivens is who Jen cheated on with Justin.

      • be_kind says:

        @Emma, yes, I am talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. Sorry! Should have specified. That is who we were talking about. I would still love it if someone could tell my why they think that.

  35. Ade says:

    Oh for the love!!! I clicked on this link and didn’t even read this story. Just had to comment. Let me guess though. It goes something like “Jen is so obsessed with Brad Pitt, she just can’t let him go.” She has friends spying on him and it’s straining the engagement and pissing Justin off.”

    Seriously, like Brad Pitt is a catch? He hasn’t been hot for years. He is a dirty, scruffy pot head who still looks even more miserable than he used to. I don’t think 20 million kids and living with St. Angelina quite lives up to the hype because he looks bored all the time. I just watched that horrible movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina and she looks so pulled and tucked that I no longer thought she was attractive. She really screwed herself up trying to live up to the “most beautiful woman” image. She tried way to hard in that movie. I miss the edgy Angelina who didn’t give a crap and actually made decent movies.

    In contrast I see Jennifer finally at peace with Justin. They both always looked relaxed and like they are in love and having fun. So enough with the love triangle. Geez

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I don’t think Brad looks bored…content, maybe tired…after all he is almost 50 years old, travels constantly, works constantly, has six kids, charity work, etc. I respect Brad for not getting a bunch of plastic surgery and for looking his age…we allcome on here and bash celebs who looked tweeked and plastic and then bash them when they look their age…I’m not saying that JA is pining after BP…but I think she does miss the power couple status they had…she is all about her career…and what normal person doesn’t wonder about their ex, and if that ex is in the news constantly with his gorgeous fiance, and they are two of the biggest stars in the world, and its constantly in your face…I don’t think I would have handled it half as well as JA…and as for AJ not looking good in The Tourist, well, that may be your opinion, but while I did not care for the movie and thought Depp looked bad, I thought AJ looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her…again, my opinion…

    • Jule3434 says:

      Millions of people still think Brad is a catch.
      He is a very handsome man in my and many people’s opinion. He looks like a very hands on father and is very attentive to AJ.

      He does not look bored at all. He finally is doing things with his life rather than tan in Mexico and talk about hair.

      How can one be bored with six kids, making great awards worthy films, a furniture line, traveling the world and living with the very interesting Angelina who actually has some substance.

      I think Justin is the bored one. How long can he stand tanning in Mexico and her insecurity?

    • Lana says:

      On the contrary, did you see the pics of Justin and Jen in Cabo? They looked ill at ease with each other and miserable. In one of them Jen has her hands on her hips and like pointing at Justin and looks to be in mid-argument like she is berating him. Her body language was extremely hostile to Justin. Touble already and they aren’t even married. I doubt they will make it to the altar. With Brad and Angie, Brad seems truly in love with Ang still and their body language shows that they still have passion for each other. And Brad LOVES his children. I doubt Jen has that same happiness. Her and Justin seem so bored and ill at ease that I often wonder if their relationship is real and not for some Hollywood thing. I’m serious. I don’t believe Justin and Jen are really together. Their body language is too hostile and bored. They’re miserable.

  36. HotPockets says:

    Let’s be honest with ourselves, who doesn’t wonder what their ex is up to? The guy I was in love with before my husband, we haven’t spoken in YEARS, and I don’t have any romantic feelings towards him anymore, but I do occasionally check up on him. I do have feelings about him, not in a I want you back or anything, but I will probably always have conflicted feelings for the guy.

    Jen and Brad were married, they were clearly both in love with each other at one point, things changed and people moved on. I think to an extent, there will always be feelings and I think that is normal, celebrity or not.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The other day I surfed my ex’s FB page. Granted it was the first time in a few years but I did feel creepy about it afterwards.

      I think it’s normal to be curious, but I also think that it’s important to draw the destinction between “checking in” after a few years and obsessively googling or stalking on a daily basis.

      • Mira says:

        When things didn’t work out with my first boyfriend, I thought that was it for me. That I would never be able to love someone the way I loved him. He moved on in a lightening speed. He got married and very recently he had a baby boy, I’m told by common friends. I convinced myself that no one would be able to take his place. I was 22 when we broke-up and I lived in that pathetic place for the next 3-4 years. My friends were very patient but they were very frank in their feedback. After about 3 years I got over the shit because it just got too boring. Point is people change when they want to change. It has to come within themselves. It’s very easy to get into pathological behavior. I won’t be surprised if this is true of Jen considering her personal life imploded in public. This is all about self-worth and knowing when enough is enough. It’s about getting over conflicted feelings and that happens when we are able to take a position – yes or no. Now what’s over for is over. Respect, memories remain but that’s it.

      • HotPockets says:

        Ya Kitten, I always feel weird and stalkerish when I snoop, but I don’t do it often. Social media exists and is popular because we all love to snoop and stalk each other within reason.

        Even a site like celebitchy, we are living vicariously through some of these celebs to a degree, whether we would like to admit it or not.

        I guess my point is that of course Jen still harbors feelings for Brad,it’s what happens when you’re invested in someone emotionally, and sometimes time doesn’t change that, it might change your feelings, but it doesn’t replace the emotions you once had for that person.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Mira, who wrote: “I won’t be surprised if this is true of Jen considering her personal life imploded in public.”

        But that’s just it … her personal life *didn’t* implode in public. The ‘public’ didn’t find out about any of this until a whole month after Jen filed for divorce, when Brad joined Angie and Maddox in Africa at the end of April 2005. So Jen’s personal life imploded in private.

    • Janet says:

      Who doesn’t wonder what their ex is up to? I don’t. The day we split up I felt like I’d been liberated from purgatory.

  37. Runs with Scissors says:

    Didn’t she say she still keeps old voice mail recordings of Brad’s voice? Shivers.

  38. tabasco says:

    that top pic is precious. the white bow-top dress that was on at least 3 girls at every 90s prom, her drunk tongue-out face, the Tussaud’s wax figure that is now Justin Theroux. it’s a treasure.

    as for the story, all i get from these two is the urge to call up Heidi Bivens. i can’t (=totally can) believe aniston was dumb enough to place her bets with another damn cheater. i hope Heidi’s found herself a proper MAN who shops someplace other than Urban Outfitters and values a long-term connection with someone over some hollywood bullsh*t.

  39. Madriani's Girl says:

    This is my take on that whole “source/close friend” crap. By the time they’ve been in the public eye for 2 months, these people know whom they can trust and whom they can’t. NO way they confide in just anyone and when they do confide in someone, they KNOW that person won’t blab. If there actually is a “source/close friend” who blabs then it’s because the celebrity is an a$$hole and no one likes him/her, i.e., Lohan or Jolie. I never, ever buy what “sources/close friends” say about Aniston because if even half of these so-called friends exist, she can’t trust anyone for any reason. I call bull on this one and in fact, I wouldn’t put it past Jolie’s camp to have out it put there. No way in hell she told someone she’s not over Derp Boy. No way.

    • Rhea says:

      Hmmmm….If you (like you said) never, ever buy what “sources/close friends” say about Aniston because if even half of these so-called friends exist, she can’t trust anyone for any reason—-don’t you think by that logic the same should goes for Jolie, too?

      I am not a fan of Aniston but I am not foolish enough to easily believe any no name sources from a gossip about Jolie, Aniston or any other celebrities.

      Just out of curiosity how do you know for sure no one likes Jolie? She’s in the business longer than Lohan, more successful than Lohan, so it’s safe to assume that she also knows which people she can truly trust not to blab about her and only using her—otherwise she wouldn’t last this long in the business. One of the problem with Lohan is that she choose to surround herself with people who only want to take advantage of her without really caring about her well being. Just saying.

    • Janet says:

      “Jolie’s camp” ignores Aniston, as does Jolie. For all the notice they ever pay her, Aniston might as well not exist.

  40. G says:

    The crazy thing, is that after a decade or so, tabloids cannot even find ANYTHING else interesting in this woman’s life to switch the narrative to?

  41. Lizzie K says:

    All of the stories about Jennifer Anniston are boring. I don’t know if she is personally boring, but all of the stories about her are boring.

    If she is planting these stories about herself pining after Brad Pitt, she is a fool, because it does NOT make her more sympathetic, or even more interesting.

    If the tabs are manufacturing these stories, they need to work up a new schtick, because these stories are BORING.

    I am not a partisan in the Eternal Triangle, and I don’t care whether any or all of them ever get together or split or whatever. I just hate seeing these boring stories!!!

    I know I shouldn’t even comment, because I’m just feeding the beast, so I’ll shut back up now.

  42. Jule3434 says:

    The fact her very good friend Jason Bateman is acting like BP made a mistake says something about how Jen probably always talks about him! Don’t forget Handlers rants about AJ and saying BP belongs to Jen!

    “I have not met Angelina Jolie, but I think any man would make a huge mistake to leave Jennifer Aniston.” — Jason Bateman

    • Josephina says:

      This!! I only quoted one sentence. Unfortunately he said it wasn’t fair how the media villified her. So…he felt the need to defend something that happened 9 years ago…on the air…and this was a bigger priority than talking about his upcoming movie.

      Folks, do you now see the problem? Bateman and Handler still feel the need to use the media to protect their friend. Um,… protect her from what exactly?

      AND this interview took place WHILE she is engaged to marry someone else? Pffft.

      This is no better than NINE YEARS AGO when she gave that ridiculous Vanity Fair August 2005 interview as she was DATING Vince Vaughn. In that interview she talks about Brad and cries, too.

      Jennifer Aniston’s neurosis runs deep. For those than can identify with disturbing behavior, I pray that you heal and move on from being dumped.

      • prez says:

        Josephine – it was a one hour interview and he talked about MANY MANY things. Did you listen to the rest of it? STERN brought up Pitt. Bateman brought up Theroux and general media focus on Aniston. So how is it that Bateman brought up something from 9 years ago.

        What is your take on Pitt’s Parade interview or when he was asked about it by Lauer?

      • Josephina says:


        My take on the Parade interview was that Brad wanted to explain who he was at the beginning of his career, how it lulled, and then how it picked up again. He was going through his timeline, and referenced his marriage to pintail a certain time in his life where he was very unproductive, unsatisfied and unhappy with himself.

        He was married to Aniston but she was not the love of his life. It happens. My take was that Aniston was a rebound from Gwyneth Patrow who cheated on him. I remember he was never gungho about marrying Aniston, they had been dating a long time, so marriage seemed like the next step. People were really happy for Aniston: top TV comedic actress marries super gorgeous male film star! [It seemed like a fairytale, because it was.]

        That was very clear to most of us, but there existed a minivan majority that felt Brad would repent, “come to his senses” and return the “queen” back to her super Golden Couple status. In that interview, he stated that the “Golden Couple” was fake, that he no longer wanted to pretend that his marriage was something that it wasn’t.

        Brad’s comments about Aniston were pretty decent until after the 2005 Vanity Fair article. After that he described his marriage as a “dead end” for him. Ouch. (That means he is finished.)

      • Kerri says:

        Who cares who brought up BP. The fact is that Bateman felt the need to say what a mistake Brad made almost a decade ago!

        He is basically saying Brad did the worse thing ever. So he must have Jen always whining and bashing BP and telling Bateman it was such a mistake.

        When Brad looks at AJ and their 6 kids and the amazing life and family they have you know he is glad he made the decision he did. He sure does not think it was a mistake.

      • Josephina says:


        That Batemen went into an explanation about Aniston is my point. It was unnecessary.

        I was not aware that he had a dog in this non-existent fight until this interview took place. He could have said “Oh, that’s such a non-issue, Howie. Moving on…”

        OR he could have said “Since you brought up my girl, did you know that…?” and bring something funny up or make a joke. Or maybe talk about Justin’s funniest moments or their last fun date out together.

        Or he could have said nothing at all and appear puzzled as to why he was being asked a stupid question.

      • prez says:

        Josephina – that is apologist talk. As usual the guy gets excused out of the bad behaviour. You won’t see the way 2005 played out the way it did on Pitt’s side, clearly.

        - he’s the first one to publicly open his mouth about the divorce

        - the interview he gave was complete BS because of what transpired barely 3 months later. so if anything, VF article at least held some honesty

        - even you can’t be so naive to think his hanging out on the beaches in Namibia was just quinky dinks, and NOTHING was going on

        - he’s mentioned Aniston more than a couple of times in interviews so it’s not one sided. Conveniently any time he has to promote something.

        If you are going to rail against her for some VF article 8 months after her split, than at least acknowledge that Pitt made it worse by how he handled things … after all HE introduced the 3rd party to make this a triangle before the quickie divorce was even finalized. and Jolie hasn’t been shy about talking about Aniston and Pitt’s marriage or how they met up in interviews either…

        So I don’t understand why you think this is all Aniston’s fault?

        And this bateman coulda woulda shoulda- you should dish out that advice when Damon opens his mouth, or Mr Pitt himself… right?

      • Janet says:

        @Prez: What in the world are you smoking?

        Show me one interview — just one — where Jolie has EVER commented on the Pitt-Aniston marriage.

        The ONE time she is on record as talking about Aniston at all was in a 2007 Vogue interview when she was asked if she would ever want to have a sit-down with Aniston. Her response was, “That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

        Jolie feels free to talk about her relationship with Pitt and there is no reason why she should not. But she never brings Aniston into it.

        And you completely missed the point when you said it was Stern who brought Pitt into the discussion. After eight years, why would he feel it was necessary to mention Pitt at all, unless he suspected Aniston is still smarting over the divorce?

      • cs says:

        I really don’t understand her friends. I don’t care if HS brought up the subject. Jason Bateman should know better.. He’s a father and Angelina is the mother of Brad’s children. At least have some respect for his children. The children, that in less than 5 years three of them will be teenagers.
        I still don’t know what the mistake is. He didn’t have children with her, she hasn’t done anything different in her life (still vacationing in Mexico), same hairstyle/look. She still has no children, so it can’t be she’s a great mother, No big Charity (There’s been no press that she’s spearheaded some big charity that helps poor, low-income children) , No award nominated performance (box-office rom-com flops), She’s still high-maintenance (she bought her Boy-toy new hair, spray tan, a Benz, and a new $23 Mil mansion). So Please tell me what mistake did Brad make in leaving her.

        Ita, she must still talk about Brad amongst her friends.

        Charlie Day said it all” she was shocked that I didn’t know she was once married to Brad Pitt”. He said this last year, not 8 years ago. The “I keep voice messages of my husband” not ex-husband a year after Brad and Angelina had the twins. Strange..

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Prez, who wrote: “- even you can’t be so naive to think his hanging out on the beaches in Namibia was just quinky dinks, and NOTHING was going on”

        The point is that Brad didn’t ‘hang out on the beach in Namibia’ until a month after Jen filed for Divorce.

        And Jen ‘also’ introduced a third party in the mix before the Aniston-Pitt ‘quicky’ divorce was final. That third party’s name was Vince Vaughn.

    • ColdRock says:

      perz, JAniston was nasty about Brad in her piece, Brad wasn’t in his so they can’t compare.

      • ColdRock says:

        I mean Brad didn’t cry on cue the second the VF interviewer entered the room. He didn’t apportion blame like JAniston did. He didn’t suggest he was only 2% to blame or make out that he is so important that “the WORLD was shocked!”? Brad didn’t use his interview to throw JAniston under the bus, as she did with him, and turn all the facts around to make him look like the victim instead of the instigator. JAniston’s interview was all malice, spite and lies. Brads wasn’t.

  43. Jule3434 says:

    Another quote. She just could not believe someone would dare not know who she used to be married to! Shows she stills brings him up in conversations.

    “”As for Jen’s personal life, Charlie admits he knows absolutely nothing! “I didn’t even know she was married to Brad Pitt,” Day admits. “She couldn’t believe that I didn’t know. But I had no idea, for real. And I frankly don’t care.””

  44. Bree says:

    Maybe she should not have cried to Vanity Fair and create her image of the poor, scorned women. She has only herself to blame for still being tied to him!

    She even said she still keeps his old phone messages! Creepy. She brought up his kids names in a GQ interview. How can she name off their kids names so quickly if she is not reading up on them?

    • prez says:

      What is your take on Pitt’s interview with GQ just a few months previous to the VF article (YES – HE was the FIRST to talk about the divorce)? You don’t think its shady how he behaved compared to what he said in the interview?

      • Kerri says:

        He behaved just fine to me. People are mad that he dared move on before her. He left and never looked back once.
        He knew exactly what he wanted and did wait to be seen in public with AJ until they filed for divorce.

        He did not go around making out with AJ in front of the paps.

  45. ff says:

    She still has her friends defending her almost a decade later! She obviously still talks about him to them.

    I have not met Angelina Jolie, but I think any man would make a huge mistake to leave Jennifer Aniston.” — Jason Bateman

    Why doesn’t he get with Jen then? He hasn’t lived with her to see the true her that has made multiple men leave her and never look back. Justin is now financially dependent on her, he has not worked for over 2 years now.

  46. floretta50 says:

    Story sounds rediculous but I believe it. There is no way that a person can immediately do the same thing your ex and his new mistress is doing, like attending an event, dressing a certain way,doing certain things. You have to have spies in your ex’s camp which takes time and planning. The only thing that JA have been unable to copy so far is having a baby and hearing about her ex’s seventh must have done her in.

  47. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, her hands look terrible.

  48. Tiffany says:

    I have to ask, what weekend are the tabloids saying that the Pitt-Jolie’s AREN’T getting married or having more children? I highly doubt that JA plans her engagements around them.

    I think Aniston has moved on, but the tabloids just will not get over it. It was the juiciest gossip, and there hasn’t been a celeb gossip story that big and dramatic for 10 years. I understand why they cling, but it is time to MOVE ON!

  49. Thea says:

    I knew it was Bull shi* when they said she pulled out love letters he wrote. He isnt that deep. I believe they are all way over each other and the media keeps this shi* going. He needs to marry the mother of his children already. I think he treated Jen like shi* and I think he does Angelina. Man up already. And before the haters attack I will not respond so have at it.

    • ff says:

      I think he is deep enough to write love letters.

      JA was even creep enough to say she kept is old phone messages.

      Angelina is a strong, interesting, intelligent woman. She does not seem the type at all to put up with a man that treats her bad! Plus the way she looks at him is pure love and respect.

      • prez says:

        i agree it’s media generated. But just looking at ff’s comment makes me think it has legs because of the fans on both sides.

        what is so creepy about old phone messages? you don’t have a box of keepsakes?

      • Kerri says:

        It is extremely creepy to have old phone messages of a man that left you almost a decade ago , has 6 kids with someone else and has said how bored with life he was while with you. If you are over the guy you erase those messages, especially when he moved on so happily and quickly.

        I can just see her listening to them with Handler while bashing AJ.

    • Tiffany says:

      “I believe they are all way over each other and the media keeps this shi* going.”

      I completely agree.

    • ColdRock says:

      I think the facts show that it was Brad who was treated like sh*t by Jennifer, not the other way around. Jennifer treated Brad like sh*t and turned her back on her vows just to break into hollywood. I can’t wait for Justin to give her a taste of her own medicine and treat her like sh.. just like she did to Brad and to Heidi.

  50. Thea says:

    I knew it was Bull shi* when they said she pulled out love letters he wrote. He isnt that deep. I believe they are all way over each other and the media keeps this shi* going. He needs to marry the mother of his children already. I think he treated Jen like shi* and I think he does Angelina. Man up already.

  51. judyjudy says:

    She should totally write a tell-all about her vagina and how Brad ruined it. She deserves to be refreshing and get her truth out there.

    • Josephina says:


      I doubt it was used often. After all, Brad got another woman pregnant twice and is STILL with her.

      She could spend her time talking about the days on Friends and getting high with Brad on the couch watching the Sopranos, or watching him waste himself away smoking weed in front of her due to his boredom.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I got your reference, and I loved it :D

    • Hipocricy says:

      The only guy who ruined “it” is Mayer and his freakish, nasty, scatolo tendencies…I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he does write a tell all book about Aniston’s and his golden showers…

      The fact that she had to advertise him as being the best man she ever had after he proudly talked about his nasty scatolo habits while saying once again that& he only date stupid women still makes me want to puke.

      What kind of a woman will take the self proclaimed Ninja’s golden showers twice in a row and ruin her “it” TWICE ? Not the dumb Minka Kelly. Not the not so bright Jessica Simpson. Not the stupid Jennifer Love Hewitt…but the oldet (supposedly more mature) girlfriend he ever had, the one he dumped on a street conference… PATHETIC HAIRHEAD JENNIFER ANISTON !

  52. Hipocricy says:

    Well she still listen to old recorded messages of her exes (which is creepy and obssesive)…Hell she even admitted it by saying that she is still listenning old messages of her husband…forgetting it was her ex husband…

    You know what they say about slipping some words…a subconsious thing that reveals much more that it should….

    I don’t think she is still in love with him, but i still beleive she is still grieving that time when she was Miss Pitt and all the reverence and attention and adavantage it gives her, when she was on top of the world both professionally wise and personally wise…she was the queen back then and half of the Golden Couple.

  53. Debbie says:

    As someone that only likes brad Pitt in this triangle (and that is only because of George colony and Matt Damon honestly) I don’t believe this. I just really don’t think these three people pay attention to each other. Their publicists might but the actual three people involved have moved on with their lives, so if anyone cares its brad, Angelina and jen’s various publicists because this “feud” is good for all involved. Don’t forget neither woman can open a movie, so this does help them. However, I honestly don’t believe they as people are involved in it in any way shape or form.

    • Josephina says:

      Wha….? Neither woman can OPEN a movie???


      The Tourist
      Kung Fu Panda (1 & 2)
      The Changeling
      Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
      Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life
      Original Sin

      Angie CAN open a movie on her name alone. Aniston CANNOT.

      When was the last time you went to see a movie where she was the star of the movie, not just a part of an ensemble or oveshadowed by a big, successful comedic male star (Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Adam Sanlder, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Gerard Butler)?

      And no, these two actresses are NOT equally yoked.

      • Debbie says:

        Ok Kung fu panda was not her movie, and several of those you listed where considered flops. Angie opens action movies and that is it! Like I said I’m not a fan of either so I have no need for one to be better but changeling flopped as have all her recent non action non ensemble cartoons.

      • Roo says:

        At least she does open action films best but does Jenny open any comedies?

      • Monica says:

        @Debbie Changeling made $113mil in what universe is that a flop. Her last non action movie the tourist made $275mil, how is that a flop.

      • Megan says:

        compared to what she makes its a flop Debbie is right return on investment she doesn’t make a real sizable profit aka its considered a flop in non action. By the way I read this in an article written by a hollywood reporter, not something Debbie or I made up. They were comparing the actresses and how this stupid scandal does help them, obviously Jen more so then Angie but it still helps Angie too.

        Personally I don’t care about either, I think Angie is a great actress, and I enjoyed Jennifer on early friends but I am so over both of these thanks to this stupid triangle mess and I think their fans are all pathetic nut jobs who seem to be way to obsessed with their personal lives, when I don’t believe for a second that ANY OF THEM actually care.

      • Heigl says:

        So Angelina’s movies are always bombing but Disney still gave her a $200m budget movie? Too funny. Now can you imagine anyone forking out that kind of money for an Aniston movie LOL.

    • manly says:

      set down….you dont know what is a flop.

    • Janet says:

      You really need to do your homework before you call Jolie’s movies flops. The numbers are public record. Look them up.

    • Hipocricy says:

      No offence but after Mr and Mrs Smith, Jolie is the one who opens movies that are hits more than Pitt let alone Aniston…and this consistently during the last 5 years.

      Jolie is the one that has the mega star aura and take all the lights with or without Pitt.

      Jolie has had like 60 % of hits, 6 movies out of 9 are hits, all of them after 2007 whereas Pitt has had 55%, 6 movies out of 11 are hits, yet with worldwide box office on average lesser than Jolie’s….

      He also hasn’t been as consistent as Jolie since he goes from hits to non hits year in, year out.

      Jolie flops have been A might Heart, Beawolf and The Good Shephard. And for all that is worth, Changeling was the biggest Oscar nominated hit in the drama genre the year it was out. So she can open drama even more than the likes of Kate Winslet who is the queen of the genre and had two drama flicks nominated that year (The Reader & Revolutionarry Road) with the extra push in the box office and Di Caprio as an equal drawer as soon as she got that Oscar, yet wasn’t able to beat Changeling at the box office, on both the domestic and the foreign markets…

  54. Katherine says:

    Jennifer never seemed all that into Brad when she was married to him so I doubt this obsession is about lingering love. I didn’t follow these people back then but her regular dissing of her husband was something that stood out to me.

    I’m sure she thought it was cute in some high school way but it wasn’t and that kind of passive-aggressive behavior toward your spouse/partner is almost always destructive.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Exactly! I honestly was not surprised in the least when they split up. I remember watching Diane Sawyer interview Brad and all the other guys from Ocean’s Twelve when they were promoting it and Brad actually started CRYING when Diane asked him about if he wanted kids and where he saw himself in five years. If that’s not a sign of trouble I don’t know what is. And that was LONG before Angelina came into the picture.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think she is passive aggressive in how she deals with everything. It is never her. Others talk she sits back. She has made many comments about Brad/Angie but of course she had a right to because she and Brad split.

      well time is the teller of all things. Look at the lives and choices. I think everyone has or is getting what they deserve.

  55. Amory says:

    I don’t think she’s obsessed with him, I think she can’t get past that anyone would leave her. Otherwise, I don’t think her friends would need to say things like what Bateman said, or what Chelsea Handler constantly says. The snide remarks tell me that she and her friends have issues — they’re the ones keeping this thing alive.

    • Josephina says:

      Well is she mourning over John Meyer too? I mean… he left her twice.

      I mean she was quoted as saying that relationship with John was very emotional.

      After he dumped her the first time and they reunnited later, she said to the press “That man willnever do THAT again!” And then he dumped her again 3-4 months later.

      She was almost engaged to Vince Vaughn but no thoughts about him, huh?

      We have to go waaayy back in time (1998) to the one man that tolerated her the most— Brad Pitt. My point is you shouldn’t have to go back that far to talk about love when it is pretty clear that she was consistently dating up until she hooked up with Justin.

    • Rena says:

      Armory I agree with you 100%. She and her “protectors” demonstrate how needy she was and is. Yes they talk about Brad, C-lister Bateman who has been her co-star in 4 flops and skeezy foul mouthed CH have both admitted they have never meet Jolie yet they are both quick to try to denigrate a woman who is completely unknown to them.

      Do I think this Star crap is credible, no! But this woman and her circle will never stop missing being around one of the few truly worldwide A+ listers left, Brad Pitt. That is just what is.

      What strange insincere people. They cannot move on. John Mayer was right about Anniston wanting to be living in the 1990′s rather than in the present.

      • Gemini08 says:

        CH is the worst by far. And a hypocrite to boot. Someone who writes a book in which she brags about being a slut (and in which she admits to sleeping with married men) can’t turn around and call another woman the c word or a whore. I think that Jen has her buddies do her dirty work for her in the press. And the fact that seven years later her friends still feel the need to talk about Angelina shows just how obsessed and “not over it” Jen really is. I mean, whose friends still talk about your ex’s new love unless you yourself are talking about them?

  56. valleymiss says:

    I want your guys’ opinion on something from the article. This isn’t really a question about Jen, but about all women in general I suppose:

    What do you think about holding on to old love letters, etc, from an ex? I think there are 2 schools of thought. One is that when you’re 80 years old, you can look back over your life and remember your relationships with fondness or sadness or whatever…the point being, that it’s your life and your past and your story. The other school of thought is that when a relationship ends, you need to get rid of those things in order to make a clean break and move on. What do you Celebitches think?

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t believe in it at all. Whatever doesn’t stay in my memory is gone and I’m fine with it. I love that I’m a woman that when it is over it is over. I don’t for the most part live in the past. I like my life today. Love my boyfriend, and everything that came before is what came before. I move forward not back. I don’t look back a lot. Try not to have regrets because you can do nothing about them.

      I think holding on to things from an ex is like holding on to them. The brain is a beautiful thing. It holds memories we need and pushes other out.

      Move on. You can’t do that with one your feet in the past.

    • Mr.Smurf says:

      I don’t think it’s wrong to keep them, the letters I mean (keeping voice recordings of an ex sounds a little creepy). But when I say keep, I mean keep them away, like in storage. Otherwise you look desperate.

      Another thing, the only time I would ever talk about keeping an ex’s love letters (especially as a celebrity) would be if the ex died (and he wasn’t a total douchebag), or if it’s been YEARS, and you’re ninety years old and an icon.

      • Trashaddict says:

        ITA. Not that I have old love letters to keep since I wasn’t that lucky then in the romance department, but my mom told me to keep old papers, anything I felt good about so I could take them out for a boost sometimes. She was right, and I miss her. But I wouldn’t keep them in reach of the hubby or kids.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      I used to keep all of my old letters etc, but once I married my husband I got rid of all of that past stuff and now only keep what my husband gives me. I don’t see the point of hanging onto the past.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I agree. The only reason someone would hold onto past love tokens (letters, gifts, clothing, etc.) is if they’re still holding on to deep emotional feelings for the man/woman in their past. Just my opinion, but doesn’t it really say their current lover, S.O., husband/wife isn’t the true love of their life?

  57. Holden says:

    Valleymiss, if you’re holding on to things from a prior relationship, you aren’t fully committed to a future one. Unless its herpes. I’m selling this story though, she’s over Brad.

  58. valleymiss says:

    Also, if JustJen goes south (and I hope it doesn’t cuz DAMN he’s hot), I hope Jen calls up Tate Donovan. He married a yoga instructor a few years back, but they recently split up. I have heard that Jen cheated on Tate with Brad, but I’m hoping they could let bygones be bygones…since now Jen knows what it’s like to be cheated on.

  59. Gemini08 says:

    I totally think she is still obsessed with Brand AND Angelina. The fact that she has been playing the victim card for the past seven years clearly demonstrates that. But I also think she is a total publicity whore who leaks stories to the press to keep the “woman done wrong” image alive and kicking. She has gotten a LOT of mileage off of that over the years. Even her engagement to Justin was tinged with “Jen has FINALLY found love!”

  60. lisa2 says:

    Regarding Howard and others like him.. they know that they most likely won’t get Brad or Angie in for an interview. So like Leno, David, Kimmel, Conan, even Jon Stewart.. if they get any guest on the show that have any connection to Brad or Angie they ask them something or try to bring them up. It happens time and time and time and time. I see it all the time when other celebs are interviewed. When they attend awards functions, When they work together..

    Difference is Brad and Angie’s friends don’t talk about them. I recall when Angie was working on SALT and there were stories in the tabloids, the Producer said he wanted to go screaming saying how untrue the stories were. That they would print something that he knew was a fact, and Angie told him not to worry about it because she and Brad didn’t.

    I don’t know if Jennifer is whining to her friends about Brad and the 8 years ago split. I do wonder why a divorce that happened so many years ago is still the MILE MARKER of her life. NO she is not responsible for what her friends say, but there are many celebs that don’t let their friend talk for them. Jennifer has done this in the past so yes it is logical to assume that there is something her friends are picking up on. All of these are grown people. And Jennifer is no special or different from all the other women that have been divorced. The thing is why is it that she needs her friends to yammer for years how Brad left. She has a new man. Why are they not saying how great her life is with Justin. I mean I love Brad, but I don’t think he or any man is that unforgettable. And if his moving on is a topic after 8 years.. Well If I was Jennifer I would tell my friends to STFU and don’t mention him or Angie at all. Ever.

    • prez says:

      For the stern bateman interview – ANISTON was brought up actually. And pretty sure Jolie showed up on Stewart? And didn’t Pitt go on ellen, AND Oprah, and did a bit for Kimmel? Not to mention all the morning segments they do. And correct me if I’m wrong, when Lauer interviewed Pitt, the main soundbite was about the perceived slight against Aniston. The triangle is the MOST gossipy part for all these actors… forget baby birthdays, engagements, the triangle is the A-story. Always. You have to acknowledge that, right?

      • lisa2 says:

        I know they both have done Stewart. My point about him and the others were that they ask other guest about Brad/Angie when they can.

        And yes I agree. I for one don’t like any mention of either when they are being interviewed. I want Brad and Angie to talk about their life/careers/family in interviews. I don’t want Aniston mentioned or alluded to. Thing is in Brad’s Parade interview, which was a great one. He never said her name. The interviewer inserted her name. That is what happens all the time. Angie never talks about Aniston nor alludes to her ever.

  61. skuddles says:

    I can see her still obsessing on BP all these years later. Some people just can’t deal with being dumped and left behind. Their anger and pain continues to grow and fester in their minds until it becomes a full fledged obsession. It’s also a way for them to avoid accepting any responsibility for the failed relationship. They perceive themselves as innocent of all wrongdoing and blame the failure entirely on the one who dumped them.

    Aniston is never going to get over Brad entirely IMO.

  62. Lop says:

    I think “prez” is Aniston herself or at least a BFF. Way too obsessed with defending her and completely ignoring that Bateman is the one who said Brad made a mistake. Basically saying all 6 kids are a mistake, his life with AJ is a mistake.

  63. bELLA says:

    I dont see her marrying her latest of many many many,no kids either.I think she is very odd and men see that and leave.

  64. Would Vincent Cassel Wear This? says:

    @Kaiser: Jennifer Aniston is OVER Brad Pitt she doesn’t think about him at all and her fiancé is hotter than Brad and Justin is better in bed and I know because she always compares them. JUSTJEN 4 EVA!

  65. Leah says:

    Her breakup with that gigolo is going to be epic. It wont even surprise me if she is now paying him to stay because if he leaves her now, she will become a laughing stock again but this time worse.

  66. Juliann says:

    This story is B.S. What proved that to me was the line, “she still pulls out one of his ratty T shirts because it still has his smell on it”….Brad Pitt is notorious in HW circles for his horrible body oder. Smelling a ratty old T shirt of Brad Pitt’s would make one puke rather than make one estatic.

    • Rena says:

      That’s an old wives tale re Pitt always smelling 100% of the time, LOL. I think I read somewhere he said he was up for a part after he got to LA early on and in acting classes and tried to be “real” for a part by not bathing for a few days. This was many years ago you know. Guess if repeated enough you can make yourself believe any old lie.

      I know someone who has been to several Pitt film premieres as they work in studio publicity and they say Pitt smells divine, their words not mine(an exquisite expensive Tom Ford odor detected from Pitt).

      I will take their personal observations over your know nothingness.

      Jen was in therapy before Pitt, during Pitt, and after Pitt, always. Now that is a fact.

  67. Bobby the K says:

    There’s something you can get for gas-producing foods called ‘Beano’. You may have to go to a health food store for it. And it works.

  68. Kitkerenina says:

    Sorry Jen, mere mortals cannot obtain let alone duplicate the love/fame highs a Brad Pitt type can produce. And ye of so little tolerence. (translation, you were/are just another boring good girl.) But at least you got a taste!

  69. Janet says:

    If there is any truth to this story at all, Justin needs to run as fast and as far as he can. But he probably doesn’t want to lose his sugar momma — at least until he finds a younger and prettier one.

  70. Anon says:

    Does anyone seriously think Brad Pitt would still be with Jennifer Aniston if Nicole Kidman starred in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’?
    One doesn’t call a marriage a “dead-end”, if it is a happy, content and progressive one. …as Pitt called his.
    Jen declared her undying love for Pitt when she was with Mayer (she wonders why they leave?), had her acting coach watching/commenting on the fake Shiloh twitter account on the family’s whereabouts…yeah, Jen needs MORE therapy.

  71. Anna says:

    Jennifer seems more and more like those vapid, shallow and annoying girls I went to school with who were only interested in guys and nothing else except themselves. I would sit stupefied while they droned on and one.

  72. blonde on the dock says:

    So many people on here with the “inside scoop”!

  73. peace says:

    am not a fan of either three involved in the bermuda triangle and i dont believe this and if i have to then i also believe brad pitt who cheated on angie with bambi, angie who cheated on brad with strippers at hotels, the twins down syndrome, angie fake humanitarians and all these articles are from STAR MAG.

    as for the writer you are just being unfair, is the same way brad and angie google jen and justin. jen is over brad and brad is over jen no matter how you spin it. we have all seen jen so happy and in love with justin. tell me when star has been right about celebs and only idiots believe in all their articles and i bet if star article was the other way round you would have defended brad but we all know how bitter and jealous he was in his parade interview and couldnt see jen happy which goes to show he isnt even over jen yet if he can still talk about that old marriage.

  74. Meg says:

    HOW has this woman stayed on the A list for so long? her show is off the air, she’s not with a famous person, why is she this famous still?

  75. Persnickety says:

    Team Jen all the way. Apparently I need to find out what FF is and go there.

    You can’t find a picture of BP with JA in which he’s not smiling broadly. Conversely he never smiles in pictures with Jolie. To me, he looks like a man who lives in deep regret. Speaking of Justin Bateman, Brad: “I’ve made a huge mistake” (a frequent refrain from Arrested Dev).

    I think Jolie seems unhinged and insufferably sanctimonious. And my god, the consumption. You can’t see a picture of her with her kids that doesn’t involve a mound of packaging and landfill. How about holding a book instead of another bag of new toys for the pap walk?

    I feel terribly unkind posting this. I wish all the drama would stop for the sake of the “child army” (Michael K). There is no way to fix what was broken and we ALL need to move on. Choose health.

    • Janet says:

      FF is Female First, a British website. The people who post on that website are clinically certifiable. They think Jolie is the devil incarnate. Among the crazier lies they have told about her is that she is the head of a child prostitution racket and she is scheming for total world domination. They also believe Brad is only with Angie because she worked roots on him but one day he will see the light, take the white kids, run back to Jennifer and live happily ever after.

      Check it out. You might like it.

    • manly says:

      lol….remember….jolie can write a book.Maniston???? holding STAR MAGAZINE.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Persnickety, who wrote: “Apparently I need to find out what FF is and go there.”

      You’d probably like the Ian Halperin website too (it’s under a different name … just Google ‘Ian Halperin’ and you’ll find a link). The fans there think Angelina Jolie started the rumor that Jen doesn’t want kids back in 2002 in a campaign to get Brad and break up poor innocent ‘all natural beauty’ Jen’s happy home.

    • Dana says:

      How can anyone be Team Jen after the way she homewrecked heidi Biven’s relationship and stole her man? Jen is a homewrecker who doesn’t care who she hurts. Jen is missing a sensitivity chip and you can even see in the photos how miserable Brad was when he was with her, however contrast that to photos of him with Angelina its obvious how much in love he is still with Ang. He had no chemistry with Jennifer. Jennifer wronged him and hurt him. Team Brad Pitt and Team Heidi Bivens and Team may Jennifer Aniston get all the pain she deserves. I cannot wait for Justin to cheat ON her like he did with her. She deserves everything coming her way for what she did to Brad and to Heidi. If you are team Jen then your morals are truly warped. Aniston is trash.

    • Cece says:

      Um, doesn’t sound like you’ve moved on at all. Sounds like you think a lot about and speculate a lot about other people’s lives.

      Brad and Angelina never discuss Jennifer with the exception of an interview a couple years ago where Brad said nothing but nice things; Jennifer has insulted both of them in interviews and mentioned their kids. I have no idea what went on with anyone, but at least two of them have taken the high road and moved on.

  76. Joe says:

    Actually loons on justjared always promote femalefirst and i got to know it through them, that sites is so popular right now. It all over twitter and it EXPOSES BRANDgelina to the core. You won’t feel the same way when you read one topic about them.

    Btw I want to response to this woman about brad’s parade interview. No matter how you spin it it was obvious brad was jealous and bitter and he couldn’t have done than with a perfect timing. Jen didn’t waste her time to comment on that nonsense but the world and those havent miss any sensitivity chip spoke on all behalf with all the negative articles and comments towards him the COWARD man retracted his comment within 24hrs but nobody believed he was misunderstood

    • manly says:

      bwahahahaha…..nah!! brad’s happy with his children and baby it or not.

    • Janet says:

      What would Brad be jealous of? After watching his ex getting dumped and re-dumped after he unloaded her, he must have been wondering how he could have been so dumb as to marry her in the first place.

    • Dana says:

      Only a gullible person would beleive all the lies on AnistonLoon FF. They expose nothing but how unstable they are. They make the fair, balanced and reasonable Jenfans cringe. Only Jenloons would think FF was believable or outs anything other than serious mental instability of the posters. Anistonloons are very sick and deranged people. Just like their idol. I guess it would take a sociopathic and psychopathic deranged lunatic to think anything said by the deranged inpatients at FF had any merit. Lunatics always think each other is sane. You and your fellow loony inmates need serious help.

  77. paige says:

    Anything said on this site or Just Jared can not compare to the horrible things said on Female First.

  78. dread pirate cuervo says:

    What makes me think this story is cut from whole cloth is the repetition of “one on one therapy.” As if a celebrity would go to group counseling? (Not counting AA/NA; that has a different purpose.)

  79. bohemia says:

    They’re doing it for the fans. Its all about entertaining us. Duh

  80. Shannon says:

    If this is even slightly true, she needs to stop being dishonest with Justin. It’s not fair to him. I was in a similar situation once, and as much as it sucked to say goodbye to the guy I was dating, I had to admit to him and myself that I was still hung up on my ex and there was no chance of something growing between us with that issue still there.

  81. paige says:

    The people at FF are sick. They don’t expose anything about brad and angelina. They are just a group of mentally sick people without lives. They have dedicated 8 years of posting strange made up stories about them. How does anyone dedicate 8 years to bashing someone? Those people need help. They classify you as a loon if you don’t agree with their craziness.

  82. Twez says:

    >>”She keeps an eye on their schedule so that if Angelina has a movie to promote, Jen can ice up her nips and go for a walk in front of the paparazzi.”<<

    I literally LOL'd.

  83. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Holy Botox they both look shiny and wasted.

  84. lisa2 says:

    I say again. Justin should be a bit annoyed. I mean all this talk about the woman he loves… still being attached to her ex.. Funny to me actually.

    but I have always wondered that if Jennifer had gotten married and had kids not long after the split would this be a story at all. Would people care. I mean there are other women that have actually had real reason to suffer yet they are not the subject of pity. But if she had moved on first. Had marriage or even a long term relationship. What would the narrative be. I thing quite different.

  85. teddy says:

    I simply can’t wait for “The Breakup”"
    she has asked for everything that comes her way…………..
    by being who she is……..

  86. jk says:

    I feel for all 4 of these people. Jens fans seem to think she is supposed to have kids for some damn reason. She doesnt want them, SHe wants to be able to go whenever and whereever. It doesnt make her less of a woman, I give her credit for not having kids. The mistake that cost her her marriage was the fact she kept telling Brad she was going to have them and toward the end she said she didt want them or something on that line and she got what she wanted but the marriage was over, The way she has treated her mother is an example of how shallow her love goes for anyone and how it is all about Jen. Brad and Aj screwed up and fell in love while he was still married.He got a divorce and now they have 6 going on 7 kids together and seem to be pretty happy and maybe they were meant to be toether. I wish them well and happy for brad he found someone who wants his children. The press has to keep this crap up for some reason and I dont think for a minute that Jen is still in therapy over BP I call it BS. I dont think Brad and AJ care when she gets married and neither does Jen, except tghey odnt want the marriage to go on the same day and can’t balme them LOL..If DXebbie Ryenolds and Liz TAylor got over this fiasco so can Jen. There were children involved in that deal and Debbie and Liz became friends again years later. People fall in and out of love everyday ittt can happen to any one of is part of life people change,

    • mimi says:

      You have no idea if she doesn’t want children.

      She might as well be trying for a child, and the stress of people like you and judgement and vanity to claim to have known what another woman wants regarding children is unbelievable.

      I hope no woman who is trying to conceive and doesn’t have children yet, is reading your post.

      I hope she has found love and will be able to experience motherhood.

      By now it is clear that Brad has moved on to his new life. I hope they are all happy and inlove and give their children a warm and stable and a loving home.

      • Janet says:

        No one can say for sure if she wants them or not, but if she wanted them in all probability she would have had one by now; or, if she is unable to have a child, she would have adopted one.

        I have noticed that her fans get very defensive at the mere suggestion that she doesn’t want children. Why is that? This is not the 19th century and women are not defined by motherhood any more. It’s perfectly acceptable for a woman not to want a child.

  87. tricklady says:

    Im sure what ever feelings Jennifer had for Brad Pitt flew out the window when she saw his Chanel commercial. My question is did he see it?

    • Bored says:

      I agree, that was creepy!

      I think Jen is over Brad, she seems like the kind of person that needs validation from others so that might explain why she is always in therapy and it might also explain why she continues to make/have a news story of her own around the same time as Brad and Angelina.

      She’s made a career out of it so far so why not continue to remain relevant? Justin probably doesn’t care because it keeps his name in the headlines as well.

  88. essie says:

    jennifer is over brad for quite sometime because if she’s not, she will not be involve with any guy and instead stalk her former husband…if she undergo therapy it only means that she never want to feel ill towards anybody who inflicted her pain for that matter..she is lovable and caring that is why she has friends…if her friend chelsea keep on trashing ang it is not jen’s fault… do you think chelsea is stupid enough to allow herself to be used by any of her friends to trash anybody? i wish jennifer and justin all the luck and happiness