Jennifer Lawrence in sparkly Valentino at the THR Oscar party: lovely or fug?

Bedhead has been doing all of the Jennifer Lawrence fashion posts lately because I think she enjoys Jennifer Lawrence in general, and she wants to root for Jennifer to find her own style voice. I think Jennifer doesn’t care about fashion that much, and she just wears whatever she’s told. Her awards season style has been… well, if I’m being nice, I’ll say “hit or miss”. If I’m being ungenerous, I would say “God awful” or “atrocious”. This isn’t a slam on Jennifer’s talent – she’s enormously talented, and maybe this bad style run has been on purpose, to show the Academy voters that she’s still learning, she’s still finding her voice as a professional. I don’t know. Maybe we’re overanalyzing it.

Anyway, after Jennifer wore that terrible Chloe dress at the Oscar luncheon yesterday, she changed into this sparkly Valentino for The Hollywood Reporter Oscar Nominee party. It’s the length, right? The A-line shirt seems too stiff and too long. Plus, I don’t like this blush-beige color on her. Ugh!

Morena Baccarin in a white party dress – it’s not bad. I think she usually goes too “heavy” for red carpets, so it’s nice to see her in something light.

Naomi Watts in a great outfit – I love how she put this look together. Why can’t Jennifer Lawrence put together this kind of look? She would look amazing.

I can’t find the designer ID for Amy Adams dress – it looks like Elie Saab to me. It’s really pretty on her, but I loathe the shoe choice.

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy. Ugh. It’s doing unflattering things to her mid-section. Jessica has great boobs – why can’t she find a dress that flatters her girls?

Jessica Chastain’s rumored boyfriend and ZDT costar Jason Clarke was there! He does not photograph well, but he looks amazing on-screen.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Not great yet, but getting closer. If only the bottom of the dress had been different, more flowy and less structured, and longer… oh, well. It’s not like she’s an Oscar contend… oh, wait.

    Sigh. I really should get back to studying. I’m procrastinating like crazy, and I don’t even have fabulous-dresses-envy to justify myself with.

  2. Riana says:

    JL looks okay/good here, which means her next appearance will be God-awful.

    Naomi looks stunning, seriously…so perfect.

  3. Dawn says:

    Love that dress on her. It looks way better than anything else she has worn. So young and fresh!

  4. Audrey says:

    Stop with the beige shoes already!

  5. jacq says:

    god this dress does absolutely nothing for jennifer lawrence. it doesnt make her boobs or waist look as good as they actually do.

    • flor says:

      It’s as if Rachel Zoe is downplaying JLaw’s curves because she is embarrassed of having to style a client not thin enough for her.

    • Jenny says:

      She is 22 and dresses like she is 52 and some 50 year olds look better. But I think Weinstein is pushing her too hard and she is just over it and it shows. Bad posture, ratty looking hair, non-caring demeanor. The poor thing needs a break.

      This awards season just seems so long and boring. To much campaigning by so many. I can see why she looks like she does.

  6. Cherry says:

    Who’s that Morena Baccarin character? She’s the spitting image of Ashley Judd!

  7. jules says:

    My first thought when I looked at JL was, “WAH! FAKE HAIR!”

  8. mebee says:

    I gotta go with “fug” on this one. That skirt length is God-awful and her usually killer bustline looks frumpy and unremarkable here. It’s unfortunate, because she’s potentially stunning. But hey we all go down in flames occasionally, right?

  9. Michele says:

    This dress is much better on Jennifer but the length is wrong. It should be a bit shorter to show off her legs. Also the bottom of the dress flares out too much.

    Did she get her lips done? They look fuller and more plump than usual. It looks like they added some extensions to her hair to make it look fuller. Her hair looks really good here. It looked so limp and stringy earlier at the luncheon.

    Love Naomi Watt’s outfit. Amy Adams looks much better here. She actually looked frumpy in that conservative floral dress at the luncheon, which I didn’t think was possible for someone as beautiful as Amy.

  10. Aiobhan says:

    She looks ok for the event she is at. she would have looked better if she brushed her hair and had better posture.

    Jessica looks great in that dress but the shoe choice is all wrong. If you are going to wear such an edgy dress you need an equally edgy heel, or she should have chosen a black shoe.

  11. Junebuggy says:

    JLaw has definitely lost weight…pneumonia diet?

  12. Shira says:

    This wasn’t one of the worst we’ve seen her in in the past few months and that says a lot.

    Also, I wouldn’t call her award season style awful or atrocious, simply because I would sleep, live and die in her CCA black dress, OMG that was pure perfection.
    Her SAG look was quite lovely, she looked so elegant there.

    Don’t like Naomi’s look and don’t want it near Jennifer.
    And Amy looks sensational.

  13. Buckwild says:

    J law’s face looks sultry and sensational! Her eyes really pop with the makeup/coloring here.

    As for the 2nd lady, she has that George Clooney brunette girlfriend (“pretty face easily forgotten”) look

  14. annabelle says:

    I’m such a fan of Jennifer, but I’m finding myself becoming concerned by her general demeanor in this last couple of weeks worth of pics.
    Maybe it’s the illness she’s recovering from, but she is missing a light in her eyes that says, fun and happy to nominated.
    I don’t want the Hollywood machine to chew her up and spit her out, like it is known to do.

    • Shira says:

      I’ve followed her as much as I could for someone living at a different continent, and yesterday she seemed… different.

      I thought she was hilarious as usual on Kimmel and during the SBIFF interviews, but yesterday at the luncheon and then these photos, she just seemed really apathetic.

  15. Stubbylove says:

    Saw ZDT last weekend – Jason Clarke is unbelieveably hot – f*cking hell I’d hit that all. night. long.

  16. katnissfan says:

    jennifer is working with rachel zoe now so am surprised she isnt styled better. i dont think jennifer cares about fashion much but rachel usually gets it right.

  17. thinkaboutit says:

    Jennifer’s weave is just so bad. Who do we need to pay to uprade her style team?? She’s young and gorgeous so it should NOT be this difficult for the pros to make her look amazing each and every time she hits the red carpet!

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Nope, I don’t like the dress or her makeup. She is so pretty and has a great bod but she needs a new stylist.

  19. MG says:

    After I saw Zero Dark Thirty I had to look up who Jason Clarke is. Even with his mini fro in the movie I found him so SEXY! Those eyes!! He’s my new crush and I hope him and JC are together…that’s hot!

  20. Reece says:

    That dress is pretty but not made for her. The girls are being suffocated! The makeup is better than the Oscar lunch but not a good color lipstick on her.
    Morena and Naomi look great.
    Amy and Jessica dresses I do not like at all.

  21. taxi says:

    Jason Clarke was great in “The Brotherhood”.

    Naomi looks great.

    Amy’s dress is good.

    Jennifer is exhausted & needs a few days home in bed to fully recover. Pneumonia takes weeks to get over.

    Why is Morena there? Did they invite tv people too?

  22. elceibeno08 says:

    It is official. Jennifer Lawrence does not look her best in Valentino.

  23. jess says:

    Is it just me or is there a curve in Amy Adam’s midsection? Did she just have a baby or should we put her on bump watch?

  24. Gemini08 says:

    I actually really like Jessica’s Givenchy. As for JLaw. I think she needs to STOP letting people tell her what to wear. She almost always wears things that are too old for her. She is only 22 has a great body- I wish she would take more fashion risks and have fun like KStew (who is the same age) does.