“Kim Kardashian wants to leave reality TV & star in her own sitcom” links

Kim Kardashian wants her own sitcom: “I definitely do see myself branching off and maybe doing a sitcom or something other than reality.” [Reality Tea]
Eva Longoria’s origami dress is… not good. [Yeeeah]
Florence Welch has started a new jewelry line. [ICYDK]
House of Cards sounds like a scary realistic show. [Starcasm]
Kelly Brook looks amazing! Haters to the left. [IDLYITW]
YES, I was in love with Eddie Vedder when I was 13 too. [The Frisky]
Chris Brown & Rihanna ignored Karrueche Tran at the club. [Bossip]
Look at this dog’s crazy human face!?! [Gawker]
Is Denise Richards scary-skinny? [Bitten & Bound]
“Finger trap handbags” seem like a dumb idea. [OMG Blog]
Gov. Chris Christie was on The Late Show last night. [Seriously OMG WTF]
LOL, throwing shade on Beyonce’s nose job. [CityRag]
Old photos of bearded Michael Fassbender. [INFDaily]
Running into Katy Perry & John Mayer… ugh. [PopBytes]
Harry Styles gives out pizzas to the homeless. [Limelife]
LeAnn Rimes is canceling events after Brandi’s book dropped. [Life & Style]
Anne Hathaway is giving me Michael Jackson vibes. [Hollywood Rag]
Nora Ephron’s widower speaks about her legacy. [The Loop]

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  1. Winnie says:

    I am loving house of cards. We got free Netflix month just to watch it. They have the whole season up already and since Friday we have watched 7 episodes.

  2. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Is there some way we can get the whole Lardassian Klan to leave planet earth; maybe a one way ticket to the center of our sun – assuming our sun would want them.

  3. Dawn says:

    Well that is funny but since she can’t act I can’t imagine who would want to watch it.

  4. KellyinSeattle says:

    Just what we need; another stupid sitcom. I can barely stand to turn on the TV anymore. Hopefully Kayne and her family won’t be co-starring. Nah, she wants it to be all about her There will have to be some heavy laugh tracks because she’s not funny..I can’t imagine wearing spiked heels while I was pregnant!
    LeAnn cancelling engagements?! Wow, I can hardly believe it! rolling eyes…who wants to see Brandi and LeAnn fight it out in a boxing match? Nah, it’s too fun to watch just the way it is

  5. Trollontheloose says:

    She can barely “act” on her scripted “reality tv” show let alone a sitcom. And what will be the difference? And let me tel you that in real life her butt is massive and so uneven. Very weird. Without the whole spandex or two her body looks disproportioned. Don’t get me started with her face: all I saw was a blank stare and lots of spiders around the eyes ..

  6. Lisa says:

    She’s delusional. Her time has to be up soon.

  7. erika says:

    step aside lindsay lohan there’s a new delusional girl in town!

    she IS her own sitcom she just doesn’t know it (ie: we laugh at her week afer week here on CB!)

    omg…kim k is SO full of herself! this is a woman who has a limited vocabulary consisting of ‘oh my god, that’s so cute, literally, bible it?’

    she thinks she’s the new sofia vergara – she is so dead pan, and she speaks with that california ‘whine’, slow, squeaky pitched, drawl “like…Kourtneeeeeee, sheeee juuuuust doesn’t…..Khloeeeee and I went to get our eggs testeddddddd, soooo cute, literally.”

  8. Relli says:

    LOL oh Dim! I have seen your “acting” in that new Tyler Perry movie preview that was circulating not that long ago, I wouldn’t quit your day job.

    That leANn link was hysterical. That Holly lady must have A LOT of time on her hands thats like the 4th website I frequent have seen her on in the last few months. Her signature kills me every time!

  9. dorothy says:

    Of course she does. With talent like she has she can do anything. ~ sarcasm ~

  10. PinkG says:

    It’s nice to see she is taking motherhood seriously. Fame before baby, got it.

  11. melca blue says:

    Yes, I’m still in love with Eddie Vedder at 33 y/o.

  12. G says:

    I can’t imagine how a person with no discernable sense of humor, thinks she should be on a sitcom?

  13. KellyinSeattle says:

    p.s. I would kiss Helen Mirren , too

  14. Lolly says:

    A sitcom? She’s funny alright just unintentionally so

  15. blonde on the dock says:

    OMG her ass is gross. She shouldnt be wearing tights.

  16. JL says:

    I respect Kimye’s thoughts on this. YES, definitely a sitcom. Give the poor child as normal a life as possible and a make beleive sitcom would be infinitely better than real life.

    You know, a mom that thinks kids are 1st priority, a daddy that is moms husband b/c she’s npot married to someone else, a grandma that would blush at the thought of a sex tape, a grandpa with actual wrinkles, Aunts and Uncles with real jobs and (my favorite) aunt Khloe and uncle Lamar with tons of beautiful little kids…. it’s all possible in sitcom land.

    Wow I really wish Khloe nd Lamar were having the baby!

  17. Syko says:

    It occurs to me that her recent fashion choices make her look like someone you’d see on the People of Walmart website.

  18. Mario says:

    Do the world a favor Kim and just leave and take your sleazy scumbag family with you.

  19. j.eyre says:

    Are there any other claustrophobes that are having trouble even looking at the finger-trap purse?

  20. T.Fanty says:

    Is House of Cards any good? I liked the English series.

    I’m just reaching the end of Doctor Who on netflix, and can’t decide whether to start Being Human or House of Cards.

  21. annaloo. says:


    Bitch, the only “Sit” you get is a SIT DOWN

    We all have to have dreams, but we should also know when we’re being delusional.

  22. MsMileHigh says:

    It always cracks me up when KK does that “I am not noticing all the paparazzi taking pictures of me. Look at me, just looking past them with a serious look on my face. I am pretending not to see them.” face like in the first picture.

    And she looks horrible with nude lipstick and horrible in leggings as pants.

    AND… she has no talents that do not involve letting someone put things inside of her. So I think a sitcom is a poor choice of career moves.

  23. aud says:

    Um I’ve seen one episode of her “reality” show (it came on after something else and I was too lazy to change it. I know, big mistake)

    Anyways, one episode of her staged drama told me that she really really can’t act. She’s not getting any roles

  24. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Those pics of Fassy are so hot. However, I had to block out his Yankees cap with my hand.

    He’s from Ireland-he doesn’t know better so I forgive him.

  25. Dee Cee says:

    Him.. his bey-bey will bring back “Dirty Jobs..”

  26. LittleMissy says:

    is she wearing a diaper??? WTF??? her butt is so dispropotionate to the rest of her body!

  27. lucy2 says:

    I hate when people think they can do anything and will be handed everything just because they are famous. Go away!

    I will probably watch House of Cards, but I’m REALLY waiting for Arrested Development on Netflix!

  28. Dhavynia says:

    She should do a great service to society and quit altogether

  29. mar says:

    I can’t wait to see her deformed butt injections take on life of their own during this pregnancy. It should be interesting.

  30. fritanga says:

    Gee, I’d watch a sitcom starring a talentless famewhore who can’t act, has no personality and built her “career” on a sex video, being the buddy of another talentless famewhore and being “attached” to a possibly crazy, possibly closeted hip-hop “artist.”

    But hey! Maybe CBS or the “new” NBC will give Kardashian a shot – if not in a sitcom, then maybe in her own police procedural!

  31. palermo says:

    Please … Both she and Kourtney talk so slowly that they seem mentally challenged; Khloe talks the baby talk; None of them have any talent or comedic ability. Will they ever go away and let the really talented people get a chance

  32. lucy2 says:

    Side note – anyone else see the story about Chris Brown’s prosecutor wanting him to redo his community service because there was not sufficient evidence he completed it. The reports were “sloppy at best, fraudulent at worst”.

  33. MediaMaven says:

    She really needs to get a three-way mirror in her house – and not the funhouse mirror that she’s used to looking into. “Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the dumpiest ass of all?”

  34. shewolf says:

    I wonder what Kelly Brook does for exercise. She is healthy and plump but perfectly toned. Its amazing.

  35. Str8Shooter says:

    I thought she was already IN her own sitcom??

  36. El says:

    LMAO I was in love with Eddie Vedder when I was 13 too! I used to sit in the dark and listen to Black and cry because I couldn’t be with him, lol.

  37. Deana says:

    I hope LeAnn doesn’t pull out of the Grammy Museum’s show on Thursday at the Saban Theater. I bought tickets so I could see the shecray in person. She best not cancel. I will be pissed.

  38. Debsa says:

    Just because you are in porno, doesn’t mean you are an actress…

  39. Anne says:

    Hmmm and I’d like to be the Queen of England. Next!

  40. misstrishm says:

    OMG isn’t Black by Pearl Jam the best song ever. Maybe to me that is. I’ve always loved Eddie Vedder too.

  41. Me Not You says:

    She already has a sitcom – it’s called her life.

  42. Jag says:

    Denise does look skinny, but toned. She just needs some covering to her muscles, imo.

    Beyonce’s nose looks horrible! She was such a beautiful woman. Why do some celebrities go too far when they were perfect as they were? She can’t go back now without a full reconstruction, if they can even do that at all.

    Those purses are ridiculous. What happens if someone tries to snatch it? Ugh!

  43. Joanna says:

    Denise is too skinny! when you can see the ligaments,that’s too skinny.