Kris Jenner on rumors of her divorce: ‘not in a million bazillion years’

Kris Jenner was a guest co-host on The View yesterday, (video is here) where she addressed the ongoing rumors that she’s about to divorce her husband of over 20 years, Bruce Jenner. According to Kris, none of that is true, and she wants to stage a photo op to show that they’re doing fine. Yes some staged photos will make all those tabloids stop reporting that she and her husband hate each other. They haven’t gone to an event together or been spotted out together in months, but all they have to do is call the paps and everyone will shrug and think they’re fine.

On if she’s getting a divorce
No we are not getting divorced. Not in a million bazillion years.

I want to do a photo shoot and send the magazine like really great photos and say “the next time you just make up a story, use this photo, this is the one I like.” They’re crazy.

On if Kim is under stress during her pregnancy
That one’s actually true, you know Kim has been going through this divorce. For 71 days they were married and it’s been months and months of trying to do that [divorce]. So she has been under a lot of stress because of it, and so the doctors just told her… the stress is going to be a big problem if she doesn’t be careful.

On an annulment for Kim vs. a divorce
I don’t think she would mind getting an annulment, but in order legally to get an annulment you have to prove fraud. She was in love and she got married.

I don’t really see the point because she got married for the right reasons at the time, and he’s a great guy. He always seemed very nice and I just wish that everybody would move on.

On getting her own talk show
I am, I’m excited about it… I need some pointers, you guys are going to have to give me some advice… We had our first big network meeting over at Fox on Friday and it was literally a dream come true.

[From The View, video on]

Note how Kris talked way more about her daughter’s divorce, and her daughter’s estranged husband (I mean that’s what he is) than she did her own husband. She didn’t say anything positive about Bruce or mention that she’s been with him for so long and they still love each other, she just said they’re never getting a divorce and they’re going to stage a photo op to prove it. That’s what matters in this woman’s world – appearances.

I’m just disappointed that the new In Touch cover article hadn’t come out prior to The View being taped. I would have loved for Kris to have to address how she allegedly abused her kids in the 90s and is a narcissist and a neglectful mom. She just could have staged a photo op hugging up on her daughters to disprove all that. That’s pretty much how she does everything.

Kris Jenner is shown hugging up on Kylie and Kendall yesterday, 2-6-13, at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection in NY. Credit: Andres Otero/

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  1. The Wizz says:

    That dress aint to good on her – middle aged spread and all.

  2. lettylynton says:

    She may be crazy; but she made some beautiful daughters!

  3. neelyo says:

    I think that’s a misquote. Her real answer was ‘only for a million bazillion dollars’.

  4. JenD says:

    So having a staged photo now counts as “proof” they aren’t getting divorced? Huh.

  5. Anastasia says:


  6. dorothy says:

    Well if Kris said it, it must be true.

  7. jwoolman says:

    Notice that she says Kris H is a great guy. She’s figured out that people aren’t buying the Kardashian spin ever since the wedding, trying to paint him as a monster who drove poor innocent Kimmie to divorce. Mama Ten Percent participated in the fakeroonie scenes they shot long after Kim filed for divorce, making him sound like such a heartache for little Kimmie. That hasn’t gone over well, so now Mama is trying another approach. Spin, spin, spin — she must be constantly dizzy.

  8. dcypher1 says:

    I think kris tried to fix her botched nose job. It looks better now. But still looks weird but better.

  9. Cathy says:

    Lordy, that dress looks crappy on her. She doesn’t have the body type to wear a tight fitting dress like that. Ewwww

  10. ihatekim says:

    why do these minor girls; continually dress provacatively- look at the low cut on the tall one.
    If they’re kids then make sure they act and dress like kids.- werent they complaining that the paparazzi si following them? BRUCE step up and dont let them put sexy pictures on Instagram and watch how much cleaevage is shwoing for goodness sakes-0 They r 25 or 17 years old.
    talk about follwing in slutty sister Kims foot steps – before you know it they will be getting peed on and doing porno sex tapes- whats left????

  11. Tulip says:

    I wore awful things at 17, so I can’t snark on the girls’ dresses. But their mother needs to back off on their PR.

  12. Dee Cee says:

    Truth.. non of us will live that long call her a liar.. short term soon, he’s just a figurehead support cast member.. she didn’t deny..

  13. Dani says:

    Wait so now the marriage was 71 days as opposed to 72? Can they get their stories straight please!!

  14. yolo says:

    …the 2nd picture…with Kris throwing her head back in laughter… *eye roll*

  15. Green Is Good says:

    Pimp Mama Kris wouldn’t divorce Bruce, because she’d have to pay HIM alimony! ROFL!

  16. erika says:

    omg…..Children of the Corn HELLO!…is that not the FREAKIEST picture? People, are you seeing this? OMg!

    The girls look like…they’ve had a labotamy performed by mrs. jenner herself! OMG! they look like wax figure, perfect, lil grown up dolls

    “Yes Manager Kardashian Jenner. Work it. Earn it. Flaunt it.”