Gisele Bundchen debuts 2-month-old baby Vivian Lake Brady: so adorable!

I keep forgetting that Gisele just gave birth two months ago. It really was two months ago exactly – yesterday. I guess Gisele’s second pregnancy was much more low-key, and Gisele hasn’t been out and about immediately after giving birth, telling us how easy it was for her and how she was back to her pre-baby weight in a week. Anyway, Gisele decided to introduce us to her baby girl Vivian Lake Brady via her Facebook page. Can I just say? I like when celebrities post “baby’s first celebrity photo” on their Facebook or website. I prefer it to the other ways, like hiding the baby neurotically or selling the first photos to a tabloid. I think Facebook baby pics are a happy medium of “being a proud and happy parent” and “acknowledging that people are interested in seeing the baby.”

Anyway, Vivian Lake Brady is a little cutie. She’s a perfect blend of leggy and chubby, right? Those are some LONG legs for a two-month old baby, right? But she’s still got the whole chubby-baby thing too. I bet Vivian is always going to be the tallest kid in her class. I never was… sigh. She’s going to be such a beauty. Gisele posted the photo with the message “Love is everything!!! Happy Friday, much love to all.” Gisele delivered Vivian via another home birth in Boston. And I think the whole Brady family is currently vacationing in Hawaii.

Also: yesterday I told you in the links that Gisele is the new face of Chanel cosmetics. Well, here’s the commercial. It’s pretty!

Photos courtesy of Gisele’s Facebook, WENN.

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  1. mel2 says:

    Viv is a cutie pie and yes those legs will definitely walk the runway one day.

  2. Little Darling says:

    She’s absolutely stunning for a two month old, and she looks older than two months! Long and chubby, I love it! I also love that dress she has on, precious.

    Gah, I LOVE baby posts.

  3. megs283 says:

    Let’s just say that being the tallest kid in class is WAY overrated!!

  4. hoya_chick says:

    Awww she is so big for a 2 month old! I guess that’s what happens when you have a supermodel mom and quarterback dad. She looks like Ben, their older son right? So adorable. I love the name Vivian Lake, I like the Jolie-Pitt spelling better though.

    I saw a photo yesterday of Lily Aldridge (she is married to on of the Kings of Leon brothers) with her daughter and that kid is sooooo cute too! I was like I wanna eat her up. All these models with their little cute babies! Don’t even get me started on Flynn Kerr Bloom. I don’t even want any kids but these babes are just so friggin’ adorable. Gahh.

  5. Ms Kay says:

    Wow Vivian is really big-tall for a two months old baby.

    That said, it really depends on the celebs, even though the public is interested into seeing what the baby looks like, it doesn’t meant the celeb wants to or has to do it i.e. show them, some just want to keep their life private and that’s just it, not that they are neurotic or else. Hell I know non celebs who flaunt their baby pics all over the place and it can be overwhelmingly irritating…

  6. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    She look exactly like her Big Brother Benjamin !! SO CUTE !

  7. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    She is TALL ! My God .. Long Leg ! :) Future Mannequin ? :)

  8. Heebeegeebee says:

    What a sweet, pretty baby!

  9. Jenna says:

    Being the tallest kid in class SUCKED! You always had to stand in the back of the line and the back of the class photos! *sniffles* And being tall in general just sucks. Damn my 5’10 self. :(

    But she’s a cutie!!! Love babies! :D

    • Rachel R says:

      I beg to differ! I hated it as a kid, but as an adult I love my height (6 ft). Long legs mean that short dresses look fab, you can always reach the high items on the shelf, creepy guys are less likely to bother you when you’re tall, too, because you look less vulnerable. The only part that has sucked for me is people assuming that I’m good at sports when I have -zero- sporting ability, ha!

      • Jenna says:

        The only thing I like are the legs and not having to use a ladder for everything. But I still get the creeps, and unfortunately tall yummy men that are 6’3 or taller are far and few here in NYC. lol And I absolutely SUCK at basketball to the point where it’s comical.

    • the original liv says:

      funny, at my school the tallest kids were at the front of the line whenever we had to line up (obviously we were in the back for pictures, otherwise it would just be weird.) growing up, i was always at the front of the line (the furtherest back i ever was was third), but then i stopped growing in 5th grade and stayed 5’6ish ever since. I hated being tall as a kid, but now sometimes I do wish I was taller.

  10. Nev says:

    Cute baby. Nice commercial too. She’s a beautiful woman.

  11. RHONYC says:

    sorry, my heart belongs to H7. 8)

  12. vvvoid says:

    Precious baby.
    Mom’s a great model, perfect for the Chanel campaign.
    But Gisele has the strangest body, look at her tummy in those pregnancy photos. Somehow even her bump wanted to be a rectangle like the rest of her body. It could not give way to round.
    I used to be baffled by her success as a model because I felt like she was too rectangular and masculine in the face, but as I got older I started to realize how stunning she is in her own way and how talented she is as a model.
    Still, that rectangle belly thing creeps me out.

  13. MrsBPitt says:

    My God…that little girl is gonna be seven feet tall!!! What a sweet face!!!

  14. jc126 says:

    Beautiful baby, and already posing!

  15. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Cute baby. I keep trying to figure out the background, though…where are they? On a patio? With a strange white shape behind them?

  16. Dawn says:

    Well what can you say other than that kid was blessed in the gene pool! Very beautiful child.

  17. JL says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute.

    Cute but I too like H7 better, now that little girl (H7) already has a personality to go with the looks.

  18. Gia says:

    She has her mothers eyes. She’s gorgeous. I love babies!! (Which I absolutely didn’t before I had my own)

  19. aud says:

    She looks exactly like her dad. I see a lot of tom in her. And he’s a pretty man so that’s good for her

  20. garvels says:

    Too cute. She is definitely going to be tall…just look at her legs. I can’t believe she is only 2 months old.

  21. Harriet says:

    Tres adorable! And nice that everyone so far has had nice things to say! I think she has been quiet this time because of the backlash which I thought was over the top anyway! But very sweet and genuine!

  22. KellyinSeattle says:

    The dress is too cute! I noticed her long legs right away, too.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t care for Giselle but I want to nomnomnom on that precious baby’s feet.

  24. Cass says:

    I agree with all the positive vibe for Vivian here.

    PopSugar just published pictures of Gisele wearing bikini in Hawaii. Her body looks good and healthy, there is lots of body mass there so that proves she is a normal woman and her pregnancy was real once again. I already can see all the things people will say about her and complaining about their lives. The classic “OMG, I’m fat because I don’t have personal chef and fitness coach”.

  25. Peanut says:

    Damn, Vivian is on my short list of baby girl names.

  26. Aurelia says:

    wonder if the baby will have giselle’s old nose?

    Yes, defo looks like her older brother.

  27. dcypher1 says:

    Future supermodel alert. Too cute.

  28. crtb says:

    Sorry but she looks like a zillion other babies. Nothing special. Just like her mom.

  29. Dana says:

    Why wasn’t the MOY @ NYFW? Or @ Canivale? Is it the nannies’ wk off? I’m sure we’ll get a sermon from condescension mount on the sacrifices of motherhood very very soon. Get your boots people the shit is going to be deep.