LeAnn Rimes in a beige-y dress at a pre-Grammy event: cute or terrible?

Once again, I’m going to ask all of you to stop with the trolling. We can talk and laugh about LeAnn Rimes and this whole budget mess/situation without everybody ganging up on LeAnn or each other. These are new photos of LeAnn last night at a pre-Grammy event for the Music Preservation Project ‘Play It Forward’ Celebration. I can’t find the designer ID for her dress, so I’m sorry about that. I don’t like the dress very much at all… the design doesn’t flatter her figure and that beige-y color doesn’t suit LeAnn’s coloring either. She would look so much better in jewel tones. And I’m sorry, but those shoes look like bandages.

LOL – I just realized that you can completely see through the midsection of the dress – you can see LeAnn’s belly button! That’s so… ugh. I mean, it’s for a pre-Grammy event so it’s not like people were walking around in ball gowns or anything, but this feels like a really trashy style choice. Also: where was Eddie? He didn’t come or he didn’t walk the red carpet with her? Maybe he had to stay home and spend the evening taking down his Instagram account. LOL.

I’m also including two of LeAnn’s Twit-pics from last night. The closeup is tagged “Glamour night!!!!” and the red carpet photo is tagged “Grammy Foundation carpet craziness” only that carpet looked pretty subdued to me. I looked through the red carpet photos too, and LeAnn was seriously the biggest name there, except for maybe Emmylou Harris (whom I love). LeAnn tweeted: “Tonight, “Play It Forward” for the Grammy Foundation kicked serious ass!!! I adore Kenny Wayne Shepherd It felt soooo good to just sang!” To just sang? Epic.

LeAnn has also been tweeting some cryptic stuff, directed at no one and everyone I suppose. Yesterday she tweeted, “To deflect the truth is just plain admission”. Was she saying that to herself or Brandi? LeAnn also retweeted this: “Hurt people hurt people, n she is so hurt that she wants u to feel that pain and its killing her that u are happy. @leannrimes”. SMH. I think my favorite is this though – from today: “’Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.’ John F. Kennedy”. LeAnn is so deep.

Photos courtesy of Try CW/WENN.com.

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  1. NeNe says:

    I hate to admit it, but I think she looks amazing in this dress!! :) )

  2. RHONYC says:

    looks like a Mariah castoff. :-(

  3. karmasabiatch! says:

    Ugh, terrible. ALWAYS terrible.

    Even if she wore there most expensive haute couture imaginable, her inner ugliness/ cray would always shine through and ruin it. That is all.

  4. Post-It's says:

    LOL. I was thinking the same thing about Eddie. We don’t know where he was, but we know he wasn’t Instagraming or Tweeting. So there.

  5. Lady D says:

    Her body looks good in that dress. Dress is totally fug though. Ditto the shoes.

  6. Katie says:

    Well, she doesn’t look emaciated and her boobs don’t look fake here, so it could be worse. I actually don’t even mind the dress, but the bow is a bit much. I mean, compared to LL at amFAR, she looks good.

  7. Erica says:

    Ugly dress, ugly person. For the life of me, I cannot understand why she is still being invited to industry events. She is a Z-list celebrity…if that, and insists on acting like a total a-hole every single day online. Honestly, other than her money, I don’t see what Eddie sees in her.

  8. Relli says:

    That dress is all kinds of wrong and super ugly. It looks like a Project Runway dress team project where one person wanted to do a bandage dress and the other a dance costume.

    Yeah i also caught the “sang,” when i saw the reprint of the tweet on Radar… jeez thats terrible.

  9. Victoria1 says:

    I’ll be nice. Her hair looks nice

  10. needmeds says:

    Hope she’s laid off the ex lax- not a good dress for an “accident”.

  11. GossipG says:

    She just wanted to show us her navel..

  12. Samantha says:

    She looks better, I think. She’s gained a few much-needed pounds.

    • bigt says:

      She looks so much better with the maybe 7 to 10 lb. weight gain. The color is bad the dress is bad… but think the cut suits her without the cutouts and see through. Needs different shoes. Had she done that think she would have looked great.

  13. Janet says:

    If you’re going to draw your eyebrows on shouldn’t they match?

  14. SunnySide says:

    Her hair and makeup have improved.

  15. Prinny says:

    Because her bonus daddy Darrell Brown serves on the board for the Grammy foundation. He was in charge of this event.

  16. Sapphire says:

    Since she’s put on a few pounds, I have to admit she looks better. But the dress is a total mess and the bow is terrible. the shoes look like horse wraps and why are they half an inch too big? Hair- too light. Remind anyone of someone else’s color?

  17. hoya_chick says:

    If the dress had a lining and she had on different shoes this look would work. Her hair doesn’t look terrible and her make up looks good.

    Lol, there is only one photographer taking her photo and she is acting like there are hoards. Get a grip. I doubt she got invited to the actual Grammy awards ceremony. So she is hyping up this appearance. She has tarnished her reputation and no one takes her seriously anymore in the music industry. She is tabloid fodder.

    I am wonder where Eddie was though. This would have been the perfect photo op for them. One last happy photo of them laughing like idiots into each others faces before the book comes out. Look at us, we are so happy and in lovE! Seriously, what’s always so funny?

    Her cryptic tweets are so weak, we all know you want to talk crap but you can’t because all eyes are on you knowing that Brandi’s book is out next week.

    I wouldn’t know how to troll. I only comment here because I see the level of insanity in the comments on twitter and on other sites. At least here, people are smart and funny and not mean (mostly).

    • Izzy says:

      Can someone please clarify trolling for me? I thought it was when someone posts provocative or inflammatory comments on a message board to incite strong reactions from other posters.

      I don’t see that happening here on CB, or did I miss it? I imagine it was happening on that stupid Instagram account, and it’s happening on Twitter, I’m sure and other gossip sites, but I doubt the posters here are responsible. We’re too smart for that, IMO!

  18. JL says:

    Soemthing about that girl jsut screams “Trailer Park” to me in every single picture she takes.

  19. Babalon says:

    “Grammy carpet craziness.” Yeah! Crazy. Admission is the first step.

    She looks nice.

  20. annabelle says:

    Is that?…is that her?…her navel?…strategically framed by by sequence?…

  21. Rita says:

    The fashion is fug to the max. If that is the result of her new stylist, she need another make over. Her hair looks nice, there I said it so don’t accuse me of being a “hater”.

    Fair and balanced commentary, as always.

  22. Stuart Horsely says:

    Fug dress, fug, ill-fitting shoes. Gross. The first commenter had it right.

  23. janie says:

    Well… Is that see thru? I wonder if she got the memo? Dress code be damned, ha! Try as she will, never going to have Brandi’s rockin’ bod!

  24. Helvetica says:

    Cheap-looking dress which looks like something on the clearance aisle of a Nordstram’s Rack Outlet mall store. The bow only makes it more atrocious and DON’T even get me started on those shoes which make the outfit even worse. :/

  25. Susie Q says:

    I saw a commercial last night here in Canada about her going to be on a show about bullying. There were others including that really skinny girl who had been called the ugliest girl in the world and others I can’t remember. She is going to play victim again. And, why is wearing shoes that are too big?

  26. HotPockets says:

    I think Leanne looks good here. I don’t think she is ugly, but her personality ruins any redeeming qualities she could have.

    has anyone seen this pic of Leanne?

    • Lulu says:

      The pic itself is fine, but the implication of it is offensive IMO. I too am a naturally thin chested woman who suffered jibs about my small breasts from my family all my life (all the other women are quite well endowed). At the ripe old age of 45, after I had weaned my daughter, I decided to do something about it. So yeah, I too have what I guess the haters would call a ‘refund gap’. But I don’t care, because I finally feel like I have proportion to my body – feel soft and feminine in a way that I didn’t before. I simply cannot find it in me to hate on any woman for getting breast augmentation, even if their natural breasts are spaced far apart (like mine and Leann’s are). There is nothing the plastic surgeon can do about that.

      Not a personal attack on you HotPockets. :) You didn’t put that pic up or title it. But it gave me the opportunity to address that particular issue that has always bothered me.

    • HotPockets says:

      No, I understand. I am more bothered by how thin she is in the picture. It’s not the surgeons fault when the breasts become spaced like that, it really depends on your anatomy.

  27. Laura says:

    How sad that you have to remind grown women to not be idiots on the Internet.

  28. Shira says:

    Oh LeAnn, you just make it so easy.

  29. MonicaQ says:

    ::chants to self:: Say something nice, say something nice, say something nice…

    Her…hair looks…ok?

    Them shoes ugly as hell though.

    Ok I TRIED!

  30. KJ says:

    She really does look like Falcor though lol. That sh!t trips me out every single time.

  31. Isa says:

    I don’t like the dress or the hair pushed to one SIDS.
    But she looks SO much better at this weight. Normally I think people look better skinnier, but she just didn’t have the body for that.

  32. celeste says:

    This dress would look better on Brandi. She has the slim blody and long legs to show it off.

  33. km says:

    Leann reminds me of this girl I used to know. I tried really hard to be her friend, but got fed up with her crazy one day and told her she was full of shit. All of a sudden she was the biggest victim telling people I’d attacked her and her children. I couldn’t even look in her direction without her badmouthing me to anyone who would listen. Our paths crossed a lot so I would just ignore her. Say hi and go on my way. That made her break down and cry. It was so weird. Finally just to lose the weirdness I just had a ‘heart to heart’ with her. She accepted my apology, never apologized for being a nut job, and I’ve never heard from her again.
    I think she just needed validation and then she went away.
    P.S. One of my long term friends has met crazy girl since then, and only after the crazy girl had pissed my friend off did my friend realize that she knew who the girl was and called to tell me she understood why I was a little freaked out by the CRAZY.

  34. Jayna says:

    Actually, I think she looks great. I like the dress on her, and the cut of the dress flatters her figure. And the color of it is pretty on her. And is certainly cuter than a lot of dresses I see at events for these celebs. She has put on some weight and it is more flattering on her. Glad to see her skin paler again. There seems to be a tad amount of filler in her face. Just from an odd side angle you can catch that stuff. Filler always looks noticeable at an angle. She should go back to her hair just a lttle more blonder. The shoes are just okay, not God awful but not great.

    She was going to sing Summertime, so I wonder how her vocals were. It will be the first time since X-Factor.

    • HotPockets says:

      I agree jayna. The Leanne hatred goes a little far sometimes because beneath the scandal, she isn’t an ugly, nor unattractive and untalented girl. It’s a shame that her affair preceded her talent, but she only has herself to blame for it. I think she should go back to the more platinum blonde hair as well, but until Brandi does it, she won’t.

      • Jayna says:

        Yeah, I agree.

        Re the hair, Brandi has been blonde for a long time, while LeAnn has been on this brown/brown with highlights kick for a while. Brandi is very very blonde right now (which actually I think makes her a little older looking. I like Brandi’s blonde hair with some lowlights in it).

        It wasn’t that affair that hurt her so much. That first year she was invited to lots of things and had some goodwill left in the country music community towards because she had been around since a kid. Plus then with Brandi on a reality show getting drunk and saying F every other word, if LeAnn had ever just lived a quieter life off twitter and not shown her twitter nuttiness and taunting and fighting with Brandi and the bonus boy crap and not been intent on being a bikini papped girl for every gossip site, LeAnn would have moved on rather smoothly after her remarriage, with just the usual amount of remarks on the internet that are common that would die down in time. None of that happened. Her life is a soap opera of her own making and seems to be hell bent on continuing the drama.

      • HotPockets says:

        I would have to agree with your assessment. So many people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry cheat, it doesn’t make it right, Eddie and and Leanne are not the first people who were married and had children that cheated, certainly won’t be the last, but Leanne has made a tabloid platform out of all of it. If she would have never publicly addressed it, had a twitter and engaged in constant public feuds with Brandi, people would have completely forgotten about the whole thing.

        The masses have no attention span, so when something is old news, it falls in the out of sight out of mind theory.

      • Lulu says:

        HotPockets and Jayna, I think you both summed it up really well here.

  35. skilo says:

    The dress is ugly. The shoes are ugly. The earrings are ugly. It’s especially tacky that one of the cutouts exactly frames her belly button.

  36. G says:

    Just my “thoughtful opinion” – Here she is once again with the trashy dress and fug shoes galloping down the red carpet.

  37. Rita says:

    Okay, I just looked at the photo-set on the DM and I have to say the dress is uglier than I thought. Her shoes are 3 sizes to big and that bow makes no sense at all.

    It looks like a fishnet wrapped in shiny duct tape with a bow for…why?

  38. Memphis says:

    Only in Leann’s world is one guy with a camera considered “carpet craziness” LOL .. Where was Ed? I’m guessing he was already inside downing drinks and taking cutsie pics of himself to caption later.

    And that dress! Uhh..She’ll be in the back of Glamour magazine with the black bar over her eyes as a fashion don’t for sure!

  39. dorothy says:

    Have to hand it to her, in light of this past weeks drama, she showed up. I wouldn’t have, due to the humiliation, but she did.

  40. Gia says:

    It’s scarily telling how she has put on weight since being called out on her eating disorder. Sad that her husbands ex had to do something about it as it was affecting the kids, but her husband didn’t seem to give a sh-t that she was essentially harming herself, and let it go on and on and on…

  41. Betty says:

    This actually is not the worst dress I have seen her in. Leann looks much better now that she’s gained some weight. But Eddie only likes skinny girls I wonder how he’s handling that. It’s very odd that they weren’t on the red carpet together especially with Brandi’s book coming out.

  42. Samigirl says:

    Man, nothing says class like a belly button through fishnet!

  43. DreamyK says:

    I was on board with the dress until I saw the bow in the back. And the shoes. Egads.

    I’m wondering how much Xanax she had to pop to keep her cool on that red carpet.

  44. Kjs says:

    People should be allowed to troll if they want. She brought this mess on herself and is so deluded she would never realize people see right thru her transparency without the direct comments people post. She needs to know how people feel, the good and the bad. If no one trolls she will continue being oblivious that her behavior is ok and it’s really not!

    • LeeLoo says:

      If we were talking about a normal human being I would agree with you. However, the best way to punish a person like LeAnn is to ignore her. She has set herself up with this victim mentality which means anytime she is trolled, it allows her to justify continuing to play the victim. She’s desperate for attention, positive or negative. Giving her no attention and ignoring her is the best way to punish her.

    • Mich says:

      CB is a tool for punishing LeAnn Rimes? I can’t speak for all of the community but that certainly isn’t how I view this site. Even the Cracken threads don’t blur the line between step-removed gossip and personal involvement in the story. There is a distinct difference between being derisive and seeking vengeance.

  45. LeeLoo says:

    That dress…is so….GROSS! Who in the hell told LeAnn it was a good idea to wear that atrocity?! Does she seriously dress this trashy just to get a rise out of everyone because that is the only way I can justify her deciding that wearing this dress would be cool.

  46. palermo says:

    I said it before and I say it again, both of these women are just embarassing. No man is worth any of this, especially this jobless loser.

  47. KellyinSeattle says:

    I forget; did she have a wedding to Eddie? I’d be interested to see what she wore to that.

  48. LAK says:

    when i saw those pictures, first thing i noticed is how her hair colour closely matches Brandi’s hair colour from her Book launch.

  49. Rachel() says:

    OMG there’s a bow in the back. All that mess in the front and a meshy looking giant bow in the back… She should steal Brandi’s stylist too.

  50. Apsutter says:

    This is actually much better for her but still trashy. Does it seem like her belly button is really high?

  51. Cali says:

    “Once again, I’m going to ask all of you to stop with the trolling” – LMFAO! Yes, LeAnn posts need not be 300 + posts of arguing sheesh…

    Anywho, her body looks great and healthy and she wears form fitting clothes well. I like this dress on her, I would LOVE to see LeAnn dye her hair dark because I think it would make her more attractive like with Oliva Wild or Emma Stone.

  52. CC says:

    If you gotta pee, you gotta pee. Did she rain Kate Bosworth’s closet or something? Seems beige-y enough for both.

  53. JudyK says:

    What is with the ugly, too-casual shoes that are about 3 sizes too big…ridiculous!

  54. Jazz Fabulous says:

    Leann isn’t bad looking but she is ugly inside. Terrible, terrible, terrible all the way.

  55. Bobby sue says:

    Rehab must have been for her ED.

  56. brin says:

    Michael K. said her dress looked like it was made from leftover Christmas trimming…sounds about right.

  57. Blondie says:

    Leeann has brought all this hate on herself. She could have kept her mouth shut, but she had to taunt Brandi. You just don’t do that. So to me she will always be ugly. I applaud Brandi for being honest and not taking any of Eddie and Leeann’s crap. And because of Leeann, Brandi is now more famous than Leeann. She doesn’t realize she’s bringing all of this on herself. I can’t wait until Eddie spends all of Leeann’s money and leaves her. It really is what she deserves. You get what you give.

  58. Stef says:

    I have to say, I think she looks a million times better in this than she did in that black dress and the boots ensemble she had on about a month ago at the CMA’s I guess? She looked HAGGARD there, here I think she looks pretty okay. The shoes don’t match the dress at all in my opinion though. I don’t particularly find Leann to be a pretty or feminine girl, but I don’t think she looks bad here. Aside from the shoes, she looks “put together”.

  59. emz says:

    Again is she trying to look like Brandi. She needs to get her own style and stop copying her husbands ex wife. I do not watch any of the show(s?) that feature these people, but I totally feel for Brandi. I think Leann is too stalkerish.

  60. Tania says:

    Ok, first off, I do not like her. But I’m glad that she’s looking healthier. And I think maybe people are being overly harsh. I don’t think she looks all that bad.

  61. Luxe says:

    Didn’t she cancel a show this week b/c she had “the flu?”

    I don’t like the dress or the shoes. You could probably make a case for the dress if not for the bow in the back. And shoes that are too big are just as bad as shoes that are too small.

    Her hair does look nice, but they all wear this style.

  62. TBSS says:

    I’ve noticed she’s put on a lot of weight the past couple months, (for HER standards), which makes me fear she is pregnant and has been waiting to announce it when Brandi’s book comes out to try and steal her media thunder. She is starting to look like her mother again and her fingers are plump. She slightly shows a peek at her belly just in case the media “might” pick up on it. Hopefully that is just me being ridiculous and she is just gaining weight from being sedentary monitoring her & Eddie’s Twitter all day. I also think she would not have been able to resist dropping hints on her Twitter. I guess we will all know next week.

  63. RN says:

    “Belly button” and “red carpet” should NEVER be in the same sentence together.

  64. Tazina says:

    What a pretty dress! And the extra weight looks good on her.

  65. The Original Mia says:

    What is this dress?

  66. lola lola says:

    That dress is really cheap looking.

  67. Lulu says:

    She looks good. Not too skinny and sober.

  68. why? says:

    Eddie was probably upset about the IG account she created in his name. Eddie must have been there because Leann wouldn’t have bothered to show up to the event if he refused to attend it with her just like she did when Eddie opted to present at The NAACP Image awards instead of attending the GMCLA event with Leann. Plus when Eddie doesn’t attend these events with her, her manager friend takes Eddie’s place.

    So that is what she has planned for the release of Brandi’s book on Tuesday, she is going pull the “I’m pregnant” card. She already had US Weekly release an article about how she showed off her curves. She wore a sheer dress to generate pregnancy stories and then when that didn’t work cue US Weekly talking about how she has curves.

    Why do the charity events that Leann attends always end up all about Leann?

    Leann’s red carpet look just showcases that Leann is trying way too hard to be like Brandi.

  69. Cirque28 says:

    I actually love the bow in back. I know, I know, but IMO the bow is flirty and fun! Sure, the whole thing is quite a lot of shimmer and glitz but who wants country singers to be haute couture anyway?

    Although no one ever needs a belly button window, not even ice dancers.

  70. Bread and Circuses says:

    There are elements of that dress I really like, but I agree it isn’t flattering as a whole.

  71. TXCinderella says:

    Shoes – cute!
    Dress – okay.
    Her face – blech!

  72. DGO says:

    She looks like she’d been crying in the first picture.

  73. Jennifer12 says:

    Shoes are completely hideous and the dress is awful. Too beige; I think she has become obsessed with showing her figure off. Look, it looks nude! Look, it’s peekaboo! I don’t think most women (including Brandi) should be this blonde because it washes them out. Leann needs a more honey tone and Brandi’s hair was prettier- sorry- when she was married to Eddie. And that bow! It’s not an 80s prom. Leann tends to look best in things like her knee length boots with jeans and leather jacket. Or, even though it was a catastrophe, her look when she sang with Carly. Her hair looked best in the pictures when she was wearing a white dress with cutouts and posing with Eddie from around a year ago. Ai, Leann…. you need a life coach and stylist. It’s not too late.

  74. Christin says:

    So there was a JFK quote on someone’s Twitter earlier today.


    On a story about the Instagram gems yesterday (not today’s story about the removal of said Instagram account), a CB poster referenced the Cuban Missile Crisis and how the Kennedys were scared.

    That post (I think it was by Rita) was time stamped at 6:37 PM. Yesterday.

    The JFK quote appears on Twitter this morning (also referenced by the writer of this story).

    Purely a coincidence, I’m sure. I mean, no celebrity fresh off the red carpet for a pre-Grammy event would look on CB, see that post, then look up Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedys, get a JFK quote. No, couldn’t happen…

  75. Kitkerenina says:

    New game LeAnn. Next time you let a tarantula out, you stay hidden in it’s burrough.

    Stay there a long time.

  76. Penguin says:

    *sigh* say something nice. Her figure looks really good. Don’t really like the dress but @ least it’s flattering & doesn’t make her boobs look like they’re pointing east & west. Good hair & makeup but the shoes are fug.

  77. Tania says:

    I want to add one more thing. I think she is purposely trying to look like Brandi. The thinness, the implants, the hair, tacky outfits and jewelry. Every time I see her, it is in something that I could see Brandi wearing. And let’s face it, she is no fashionista. I just wish Leanne would find herself. And be who she wants to be, instead of the younger version of an ex wife. I wish she would get help.

  78. Simple Red says:

    That’s bad you have to tell grown folks to behave….

    I understand not liking what a person does but to hate them when you don’t them personally, is beyond me…

    Anyways, she gets invited to these events because she is a singer/songwriter!!!!!

    She actually looks nice…

    Have a good one I’m heading to LA for the events. :-)

  79. ravencurls says:

    The dress looks like a tutu in bondage. The shoes are out of left field and noticeably too big. The designer/stylist should be shot.
    But looking at the close-up photo of her face, I find it hard to believe she’s only 30 years old. Whatever youth she had is all gone. She looks older than she is. Where is her hubby? It looks like she’s on her own.

  80. Christin says:

    The dress (with its minimal lining) is something Cher could pull off well – if the bow were removed. As for the shoes, one thing they do is cover most of the foot tattoo message. “The only one that matters” or whatever it says.

  81. Baylor says:

    Can’t help but wonder if the womanwith LeAnn in this picture:


    Is the same one in this picture:
    THat woman was said to be her marathon running “friend.”

    More proof all her friends are paid?

  82. linder loo says:

    Poor ole’ Eddie. Look what you’re stuck with.
    That face is the first thing you see every morning when you open your eyes. Is the money worth it?

  83. Linda says:

    Where was Eddie and where was your wedding ring??? Food for thought.

  84. Annie B says:

    That room she took the close up self pic of her face looks bright. Her pupils are HUGE. Aderall? Booze? Combo?

  85. vvvoid says:

    I’m sure she may be on Xanax or some other benzo, but I’m also sure she NEEDS it. Her anxiety is unbearable, tortuous. If she has Borderline PD or just extreme Cluster B traits as I suspect, her anxiety drives her literally insane. Panic attacks constantly. Probably why she drinks. And it isn’t as simple as prescribing an SSRI [Paxil, for example] for someone personality disordered. Mood disorders like depression respond well, but personality disorders are chiefly the result of flawed outlooks on the self and as a result, the world, whereas mood disorders are the result of chemical imbalances. Prescribing the personality disordered an SSRI often flattens them out too much, way too much, and leads to a whole different set of problems without actually easing much of the original issues. That said, so does prescribing them short acting narcotics like benzodiazepines which they end up abusing and getting hooked on. The best fix is intense therapy, confrontational but constructive therapy that forces a person like LeAnn to recognize and not make excuses for her wrongdoings, flawed outlooks, hypocritical actions and thoughts, in the form of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. AKA the therapy of choice to treat bunny-boiler syndrome [Borderline Personality Disorder]. During therapy, anxiety reducing coping mechanisms are also introduced. She has the money for the proper therapy to treat her apparent disorder. She is at the extreme end of the spectrum for the diagnosis, from my humble vantage point as an outside observer [but it's so apparent in every single thing she does publicly--the obsessive clinging, compulsions, lack of self-identity, complete fear of abandonment, selfishness, anger fueled by insecurity, narcissism, drama addiction, willingness to conform utterly to the idea she wants the object of her affection to have of her, need to be seen as a victim even when she aggresses]. Therapy will be a challenge for both LeAnn and her clinician but it’s the only way. Without it, without agreeing to real therapy and humbling herself to whatever outcome results, Xanax is her only reprieve.
    She unnerves me to no end, but I know how she feels [though never acted quite so outrageously, maybe because I self-medicated with opiates and just chilled while my life went to hell in a different way] I think, and I have sympathy for her because that fear of abandonment [core of every case of BPD] is horrible and intense and instilled in childhood somehow, before we have any chance to reason it away. She is a slave to her fears.
    That said, that’s about as nice a thing I can say about her because she displays characteristics so sociopathic and narcissistic I have many doubts that she can every get enough therapy to be a “genuine” person again. Dean was a rock to her, he likely never made her feel insecure or afraid he’d leave her to any great extent, but her narcissism drove her to “prove” something to herself via Eddie and what she got in the end is a BPD patient’s worst nightmare: a man who validates all your insecurities and constantly has one foot out the door, recognizing the way your fear rules you and using it to cruel advantage. She is far too afraid of taking her fears and resentments out on Eddie, because he might leave her, so she zeroes in on Brandi as the apparent source of all her problems. Part of why she plays the victim so much is that she really feels like she IS the victim, that we don’t understand how fragile her emotions are, that we don’t understand how completely her feelings can overtake her. But I do, and I still don’t give her a pass, just some understanding. SOME.

    • bex says:

      Wow thank you for your insight. It makes a great deal of sense. Thank you for your honesty too.

      • vvvoid says:

        Thanks. I think the reason I have such a strong reaction against LeAnn is I can clearly see how she has taken essentially the same basic set of insecurities and problems that I have and let them steer her to a low I resisted. I had many of the same IMPULSES she has, but I knew better than to act on them for the most part.
        I even had a Dean in the form of my first boyfriend, and I left him even though any woman would be so lucky to have him, because eventually he wasn’t “challenge” enough, even though the truth is I wasn’t ready for a real challenge. See: LeAnn. She was not ready for a womanizing douche like Eddie, he has destabilized her completely and he knows it, he counts on it. She is nearly helpless, so afraid he’ll abandon her. She feels like if she loses him, that makes every insecurity she has about herself law.
        I was the same way in the beginning of almost every relationship, but I would slowly and unconsciously begin leaving first so I could not be left. I don’t see LeAnn doing that with Eddie, she’s totally cornered.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Wow. Excellent post. Thank you.

    • Christin says:

      This does make sense in so many ways.

      When someone has the money to get PROPER treatment (the intensive therapy described in the post above), it’s hard to understand why they won’t and why those around them will not intervene. Look how many famous people (past and present) have been allowed to keep sliding while people around them seemingly go along for the ride, turning a blind eye to the problems that the public can see so clearly. Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the person who has the problem to do something, but we all know about the role of enablers.

      I give famous people slightly less sympathy than non-famous, average citizens for a few reasons. There are more people (including the public at large) to call them out, more money (or ways to generate funds), and time to get things done the right way — if they are willing to do it.

    • Lulu says:

      Wow vvvoid. You’re one canny chick.

    • candigirl says:

      Thank you vvvoid for so clearly and compassionately explaining what is going on here. It really bothers me when so many people who don’t know Leann’s history of years long stalking and passive aggressive threats (gun photos etc.) to Brandi just say to posters here: “get over it” and “you’re reading too much into it” and “give her a break.”
      No, absolutely not.
      Leann has counted on that sympathy and her victim role for years. She bragged openly about it in her trial to sue her father and the recording of her arrogant manipulation lost her the case. Leann has been an arrogant greedy manipulator for much of her life. Her celebrity and her millions have allowed her bad behavior to go unchecked. The best book I have read on people like Leann is called “People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck. He describes Borderline/Narcissistic people and how some of them are incorrigible, untreatable. These people love the evil of the lie (about themselves) more than they love the truth. Hence they forsake being good, kind, happy, for their delusions of grandeur and their manipulation of people. A wonderful book, it stands the test of time and describes Leann very well.

    • candigirl says:

      Another poster on here, Snowpea, described her struggles with her own mother’s BPD in a post last year, and the frightening part of being the child of such a parent. She said something similar to what you are saying and she cautioned people not to fall for the “victim/sympathy” ploy of the BPD person which just allows them to continue to hurt others. It really struck me because I have an in-law relative with BPD and she is always the victim no matter how many people she hurts. And she has hurt almost everyone in our family and done major damage to relationships with her constant lies.

      • candigirl says:

        Kaiser, I think Leann reads this site and some of her recent tweets are obliquely aimed at comments here.
        Also, I think it’s why ‘Eddie’ may have pulled the page down, not because of the comments on Instagram itself but because posters on here were having such a big laugh at it and called Leann out for doing it. She got caught, not just on Instagram by some of those posters but big time by people here.
        (special recognition to Rita for the tricycle image, lol)
        I noticed also that some commenters on the recent Radar stories about Brandi were saying things like “Does Eddie Cibrian work at all anymore?” and the next day a new photo of Eddie and his costar in “Playing Father” went up on Instagram with the date the show airs. So I think Leann reads many of the stories here and elsewhere about this affair/divorce drama and feels the need to prove herself online constantly.

      • Snowpea says:

        Yes it’s true. My mother is a terrifying woman.

        Anyone that’s familiar with BPD knows that there are two types of BPD mothers: smotherers and abandoners. My mum was an abandoner. She took off when I was small and returned years later, after being in absentia for a large part of my childhood. I grew up with my dad who was sane, supportive and caring. Which explains why I’ve turned out ok. If she’d stuck around, I’d be a basket case I’m pretty sure.

        She got really bad when I was about 12, 13. My mother was a smalltime beauty queen when she was young and I resemble her. I am half decent looking. So when I started to develop, I think it threatened her. (She has been married four times BTW…she has never been short of admirers.)

        She was physically violent, emotionally abusive, threw things, held a knives to my throat. Once, she even kicked me out of the car when we were 1000 km from home. I was 15 and had no money, no cards, nothing.

        She is ruthlessly punitive if she feels like she has been slighted in some way but what normal people consider to be a slight and what BPDs consider a slight are vastly different.

        BPD’s are endlessly crafty and cunning. They are so expert at manipulating situations that you start to doubt whether the sky is blue. They never accept responsibility. They warp everything. They are terrifying, fragmented people and you walk on eggshells around them constantly. They have no sense of self. But here’s the catch. They always bounce back after a confrontation, ready to go another round, while everyone else is traumatised and worn out.

        Everyone today is softening on Rimes. I can feel it. They are all going, Oh poor Leann. Everyone’s being so mean to her. Let’s go easy on her.

        Well, peeps, guess what? She’s BANKING on you all thinking that…meanwhile, she’s at home, plotting her next move, cunningly working out her next strategy to wreak revenge and chaos on Ms Glanville for daring to cross her by writing the book.

        They are terrifying people those BPD’s. And me? Well, I see my mother maybe twice a year, and only for a couple of hours. She is still capable of wreaking endless carnage on me :(

      • Lulu says:

        Snowpea! Are you sure we are not sisters?? My mother (although not nearly as horrid) is narcissistic BPD as well. She left my then 4 year-old daughter and I stranded 4 hours from home with no means to get home once. I haven’t seen her since.

        Not as dramatic a story as yours. I can’t believe you still see your mother at all, you are a stronger person than I.

  86. Annie says:

    I actually like the dress, but I’d prefer it on Taylor Swift rather than Leann. Leann just makes everything look slutty.

  87. Deana says:

    I was there. Agree that dress and shoes were all wrong. Eddie was backstage with LeAnn. I saw him. Even though I think he’s a POS, he’s really handsome in person. As much as I don’t like LeAnn, she killed it when she sang Summertime accompanied by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I had no idea she could sing like that. We were stunned. She was amazing. Still think she’s a delusional home wrecker, but she’s not a hack by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Deana says:

      Who are you calling a liar? I was there. I saw him backstage. How dare you. Were you backstage. You have one hell of a nerve. I thought she was really good. Ok, she was no Yolanda Adams, but I only know her from this site, so I thought she’d be awful.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Thanks. I had already read at least two times in articles that Eddie was NOT at the event. Also, I know myself she can’t sing well enough anymore to “kill” any song or make anyone “stunned” or “amazed” so I knew the post was not true.

  88. Macey says:

    I just saw on Brandi’s twitter that LR is now begging Perez Hilton to have coffee with her so she can explain her side of things. Apparently he doesnt like her and made some comments/tweets about her. I dont read him to know what was said but BG tweeted about LR doing the same thing to Giulian Rancic. I’m sure he’d see right thru her BS. I wonder if she makes these ppl sign Non-Disclosure agreements before meeting with them? Chick is srsly loosing it.

  89. Miss atx says:

    I think she’s going to have to pull the pregnant card soon to get the sympathy that she needs. No one wants to hear Leann’s side of the story because most of us have been cheated on at some point and there is no excuse at all for doing that to another woman . If it was true love it could have waited until Brandi and Eddie separated . She’s the kind of girl that wants something only because someone else has it. That explains her copying everything about Brandi.
    She’s putting on weight for a sympathy baby . I don’t know why she keeps posting pictures of her face , she will never be cute enough for that sort of thing. And the picture where she is trying to stick out her non-existing butt is retarded . It would be like me trying to flaunt my b cups by pointing them at the camera and sticking them out in a “look at these ” stare .. Just freaking stop ! She has a flat butt, huge grinch smile , weird falcor eyes and nose .
    I wouldn’t be hating on her so much if she would stop tweeting extreme close ups of her nostrils .

    I think the moment she found out about Brandi’s vag rejuvenation she decided that she wanted one too . Expect a baby to be tearing up her vag so she can talk about her rejuvenation too ! Then she’ll try to convince us that she always wanted a vag rejuvenation before Brandi . The cycle will never end !

  90. Jane says:

    Brace yourselves, people. Leann just got a hair cut. She got “banged” as she so eloquently put it. She is certainly up to something.

  91. Stef says:

    Has anyone seen her new bangs?!?! The picture she posted on twitter?? Sweet Jesus the man who did that to her should have his hair styling certificate revoked and burned!

  92. Mia says:

    I actually kind of like the dress (except for that weird cut out around her navel) and she looks better with some body fat. She needs to stop taking close up shots of her unattractive face . Yuck.

  93. Deana says:

    Why don’t you ask our moderators? I sent them two emails, one of Ediot and one of LeAnn’s dressing room door. That’s the best I could do. I’m sorry if we don’t agree on her performance, but my husband and I were shocked that she could belt like that. Again, calling me out as a liar is uncalled for. I was there with Dionne Warwick’s people backstage. I guess I am just too old to understand this kind of site.

  94. Natalina says:

    shes nothin special, just the “how do i live” songstress and her giant bow

  95. Smurfette says:

    Fugly dress, fugly shoes. She looks awful. Who invites her to these events??
    She will never have Brandi’s figure or looks no matter how hard she tries to copy her. Ediot must be kicking himself. And no one wants to see her navel either.

  96. Jane says:

    My big questions about this ordeal is WHY was she invited to something like this in the first place? She hasn’t had a hit in years, she hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy in years as well and her music isn’t relevant anymore. She’s acting as if she is an A-list singer right up there with legends and instead looking like a cheap Vegas music lounge act.

    • brin says:

      She’s a legend in her own crazy mind.

      • Jane says:

        Yeah, you’re right. Add to that “America’s Sweetheart” as she stated earlier. I’d love to see her perform in front of true divas of the music world who earned their keep (I won’t mention names as to keep it neutral here) and look at their faces as she screeches out songs. It would be epic to see some eye rolls and WTF moments. Leann has said she is a Grammy Award winner a few times, but I think she thinks in her mind she is the ultimate Grammy winner.

  97. Baylor says:

    Wonder LeAnn is getting bangs and will make some other changes very quickly (new car etc) before Brandi’s book comes out, so that she can dismiss the SWFing allegations in interviews when Brand’s book comes out. I can just see her now.. “That’s so ridiculous..I don’t look like her at all…Does Brandi have bangs? LOL” Of course, the media will not know about or bring up the hx of it. People who have not followed this mess will not know either and think Leann is not SWFing.
    Either that or she is pregnant, is getting ready to fake a pregnancy and miscarriage, and/or wants to try to represent a whole new look/persona by suggestion of new management and/or record label.

  98. Nina says:

    This is such an unflattering dress. The diamond shaped detail only accentuates her bloated belly even more. She’s never had a flat stomach for someone whose so “thin”.

  99. ronnie says:

    she looks AMAZING!

    you look beautiful. Please dont loose that weight again. Your boobies look lovely. You look young and radiant.

  100. Theskinny says:

    Oh and now she says she was “going to go to the grammy’s” but decided to stay home with Ed and the boys and veg on the couch. Now would be a good time for Kaiser to break out those pictures of her showing up to the red carpet opening OF A FITNESS CENTER, but not the biggest event in her industry. A month before her new album drops. Yeah. So believable. Clearly she was not invited.

  101. Dirty Martini says:

    She looks nice. I like the dress on her myself. Those shoes however are a fashion-distraction on a good day.

    I have to admit that as much as I enjoy this site,and snark celebrity gossip……the LR/EC/BG threads are vitrolic. And at point some are almost evil. It’s sad that they go that low and that base. We arent talking about child murderers or rapists here .

    And girlfriend can definitey sing and she has a fabulous voice. I hope one day her career as a singer is more relevant than this.

    Sad really.

  102. why? says:

    The closest DB could get Leann to the Grammys this year was a pre-Grammy party where Leann had to walk the red carpet all alone because she made Eddie mad by creating a fake IG account in his name. Leann is trying to save face, telling her fans that she decided not to attend the Grammys this year because she wanted to hang out with Eddie and “his” kids. Hang out or babysit her cheating husband?

    Leann didn’t attend the Grammya 2013 because she wasn’t invited(they were probably embarassed by the circus she made of it in 2010 by making out with Eddie entire the time), but don’t worry she got put on the waiting list for the 2014 Grammys. The Grammys for 2014 haven’t even been annouced anything, and Leann is already on twitter bragging about how she is has a nomination, will be presenting, and performing. Leann won’t have to worry about spending quality time with Eddie and “his” kids next year on Grammy night because Eddie will be creating a new life with someone else in the house that Leann bought him.

  103. why? says:

    While her peers are making headlines for performing at the Grammys and what they wore at the Grammys, Leann is forced to keep herself relevant by paying her mouthpieces to write fluff about her new hair cut. This is what Capitol Records wants Leann to be remembered for? Getting a haircut on the day when she should have been attending the Grammys? The fact that Leann is bombarding the internet with stories about her haircut and not the Grammys just highlights what a hasbeen Leann truly is.

    What is also strange is that today, several media outlets are recycling US Weekly’s story about how Leann has a curvier body. That story came out on Friday so why is it being reposted today as if it’s new news? Because it didn’t get the produced the “Is she or she is not pregnant” reaction Leann was going for. The stories for today do have that element to it now. It’s like Leann is building up to annoucing that she is pregnant tomorrow just to take attention off of Brandi’s book. How predictable.

    • Christin says:

      It does appear that she worked all weekend to try and have something show up on her today. It should be interesting to see what other little tidbits are tossed out this week as Brandi’s book launches. I’m no fan of any of these three so-called adults, but it amazes me how this one cannot step back even for a few days.

      I’m questioning where Eddie has been lately. This is probably giving him way too much credit, but I couldn’t blame him if he refuses to be photographed with her, given the antics of late.

  104. NorthernIL says:

    so not a fan – Team Brandi all the way – but I think she looks very pretty here and much healthier too which really is a relief – but she is definetly copying Brandi’s current hair style (or the one that she is currently showing much of right now on the RHOBH shows right now)- I do worry for her – I think Eddie is just sticking around for a bit here and not stopping her outrageous behaviour because he will be getting a nice bit of chunk change when he decides to hit the road unless Leann wants all their dirty laundry aired in court when he sues her for destroying his life (not that I believe that one iota – but think that is the angle his attorney will use) I can only imagine the things he is photographing and documenting on her right now.