Brandi Glanville: ‘I had to write this book, to pay the bills, Eddie’s not doing that’

Do you mind if I kind of disengage on this one? I’m just kind of over it, but I’m covering it because I think it is noteworthy and newsworthy. Brandi Glanville appeared on the Today Show yesterday where she was just on book promotional duties. Brandi refused to answer any questions about Adrienne Maloof, and she kept on script about her book and about Eddie and LeAnn. Willie Geist was the interviewer and I think he did a decent job – not too sympathetic, but he wasn’t out to get her either. He managed a nice balance. Here’s the video and Radar’s coverage below:

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Brandi Glanville is unleashing another round of venom at LeAnn Rimes while promoting her new book and in her latest interview she rips into her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian for not having a job and says she’s been worried about her kids ever since their step mom entered rehab.

The 40-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went on TODAY Tuesday morning and said she was “very angry” when she wrote the book, and slammed LeAnn and Eddie.

The author of Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders told Willie Geist that their relationship deteriorated after Eddie’s wife sought treatment for “anxiety.”

“I don’t know. If someone is checking into rehab clearly there’s some sort of issues going on. I want to make sure that’s not affecting my children,” Brandi said about her two boys, Mason and Jake Cibrian.

“LeAnn went to rehab and I was very concerned for my children, what was going on over at that house. Why that had to happen? And I didn’t get any answers. And I got very angry. You know, it’s my children’s stepmother. So, if she’s checking into rehab for stress and anxiety and says she’s crying every day, I need to know my kids are okay when they’re with them.”

Brandi said she wrote the book because Eddie isn’t helping her out financially with their children.

“That’s all I worry about. With Eddie not working and me having to pay my own bills, this book will help me do that. The fact that, unfortunately, I had to write this book, I have to pay the bills. He’s not doing that for me.”

Eddie released a statement to about his ex-wife, saying: “I certainly wish I handled some of the choices I made four years ago differently, but I have been conscious of the choices I have made since. Although this exploitive book, intended to hurt LeAnn and me, will ultimately only hurt and scar my kids. That deeply saddens and concerns me.”

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I think Eddie’s statement sounds like it was actually written by a PR professional who knows what they’re doing, only I don’t really understand the angle Eddie and LeAnn are playing at this point. Is their angle just “Brandi is wrong to write a book about all of this because it will hurt the boys”? Is that IT? That seems… odd, especially given the past four years of BS from all sides.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Book updates? Anyone? I’m so curious to know if there’s some other good old juicy dirt in it :)

    • apsutter says:

      The saddest part so far is that Brandi talks about spending her first Christmas alone crying while “Leann inappropriate Rimes” was posting photos of Brandi’s still then husband and Brandi’s boys with Leann in the middle with big smiles.

    • Babalon says:

      Let’s just say that those boys are going to absolutely hate Leann. And from what I hear on twitter, he knows this and is miserable.

      It’s a fun read but some of the things that happened are just…nightmarish. I’m not on the fence anymore, that’s for sure.

    • Samigirl says:

      IDK if it’s public news, but you find out that EC gave BG HPV. I found that kind of juicy. I really enjoyed the book. In her acknowledgements, the first person she thanks is EC. It’s kind of a final slam. I enjoyed it thorougly.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Yeah, I was sad to read that. It was incredibly brave of her to reveal that in her book and help take the shame out of it for the many women who have also gone through it. Eddie may have not been her “first” but I would be my life that he gave it to her.

    • mars says:

      I havent got far in the book, but the hpv thing was surprising. the only thing is, unless she was a virgin when they got together, she could have gotten the hpv from anyone and not shown symptoms for years. It is unfortunate that she had to have cancerous cells removed. If i were Leann id be getting papped on the regular and not by the paparazzi.
      One tidbit that Brandi just mentioned so far in the beginning of the book, is that Eddie was not around the first couple of years with the boys. Didnt know this, but Im not surprised. cant wait to finish reading after work.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I read the book, in it’s entirety, last night. There were very few new revelations and she didn’t expound on the things I really wanted to hear about (the Gerry Butler fling, the Kyle and Maloof feuds, her friend Lizzia-although she alludes to their being two parts of a threesome sexcapade, or her wild days as a model). It was pretty much more of the same.

    • Samantha says:

      I’m only about halfway through the book, but it has completely changed my opinion of Brandi. She’s funny and self-deprecating and after reading about her divorce and how little Eddie left her with, I totally get why she wrote it. She’s brutally honest about everything, including her own faults.

  2. brin says:

    I didn’t care for his sanctimonious tone but I love that Brandi held her own. That statement from “Eddie” was a joke, such a hypocrite.

  3. Dawn says:

    I think she is a liar. First she says she used Eddie’s card to pay to tighten it up down there and now she says he isn’t paying the bills. What bills is she referring to because my ex only paid child support? The rest of the “bills” are on me. I don’t buy into her crap for a minute. And what is she going to do once the book tour is over? She is having a real good time at other’s expense and that is never good. Eddie cheated before Leann, Eddie will cheat on Leann and after and that should be revenge enough. And frankly she seems tiresome to me because all she is about is slamming other people. Nothing more.

    • Megan says:

      While I think she said it wrong, I got the impression she was talking about child support and nothing else, although she would be entitled to alimony as well but since he doesn’t work she isn’t getting either.

      Also she did the surgery (which is odd and probably crossed a line) while they were still married but separated and 4 years ago I do believe he was working, plus LeAnne paid the bill and I’d imagine that she has it set up that she doesn’t have any financial obligation to those boys, which is smart and I don’t fault her for.

      Nothing about this says lies to me, it says that Eddie doesn’t work and so he doesn’t have to pay child support and doesn’t so she is making money. Whether this is the best way to do it is a different question. Personally I’m enjoying the excerpts but it could be a bad idea in the long run.

      • Dinah says:

        What puzzles me is this: why isn’t Leann’s income “their”income, i.e., Eddiot’s AND LR’s? As such, why can’t her income (communal property)be subject to child support? Is it some screwy CA law that prevents garnishment? If so, that sucks for the children of the state.

      • Samantha says:

        Dawn, I agree with you 100%. For some reason everyone praises and supports Brandi when she seems just as fake as Leanne and Eddie. Look at her face and her whole attitude. I’m guessing there are a lot of jilted Brandis’ on this site.

      • KAI says:

        It would be pretty screwy if a person was required to pay child support for children born of their current spouses’ other relationship(s). Why should any person be held responsible for the financial upkeep of children that are not theirs?

        That said, when Eddie and LeAnn divorce, he will be required to pay child support from the settlement/spousal support he receives from LeAnn.

      • Dinah says:


        I hear you, but her income became his, as well, when they married. He spends freely, why wouldn’t he want to pay to support his children while they spend 50% of their time with their mother? Is it more important to them that the children should have a skewed view of what their mother can provide versus what father & sugar-bonusmom can? Ultimately, if he is monetarily capable of paying support, then he is morally obligated to do so (even if not legally obligated). And if LR loves the children as she claims to, she should have no qualms about tossing some greenbacks their way so that they may enjoy a comparably comfortable life with their mother as they do with their father & LR. If LR/EC can, and won’t, the end to their means simply hurts the children now, while they punish the mother. That said, I freely admit I don’t live in CA& therefore have no knowledge of child support laws as they relate to community property in a marriage there. Fu#&ed up of LR/EC, no matter how you slice it.

      • KAI says:

        Cibrian certainly should do whatever he can in order to pay his legally required child support and to ensure that his children do not compare homes and feel like they are deprived when they are with their mother. He has proven, however, that he has no morals and no integrity and apparently has already had his support reduced because of his lack of income.

        Rimes should also help to raise those children and provide them with whatever their father cannot afford if she loves them as she says she does. That does not mean that she should be LEGALLY required to support children that are not hers.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I believe there were child support issues.

      • jilly says:

        A lot of men believe that they should not pay child support when the children spend 50% of the time with them. I suspect that that is what happened to Brandi. And with Eddie barely working, she would have a hard time collecting alimony as well. Good for her that she has found ways to earn her own money.

    • apsutter says:

      As far as I can tell at first she was talking about bills when she kicked him outta the house. He pretty much left her high and dry and since he wasn’t making any money wasn’t paying her a dime. And I believe she put the surgery on a credit card as payback. I believe her cause he’s a complete creep. As soon as it was clear that she was done with their marriage he ran right to Leann for her $.

      • ya says:

        He could have blocked the credit charge for the surgery or gone to court to get the money back…. The fact that he didn’t and seemed to ultimately accept the charge for the surgery makes me think that he was paying more bills than what she’s saying.

        Geez I can’t believe I actually care enough about the situation to type this.

      • Prinny says:

        If you look at his IMDB page, he’s barely worked since getting with Leann. I don’t think he cares if he works because the more he works, the more he has to give Brandi. I don’t think anyone can blame her for doing what she has to to secure her future.

      • Birdix says:

        I think you can definitely blame her for how she chooses to earn her money, especially if it ends up hurting her children. She’s not taking the high road here.

    • Redheadwriter says:

      ^^This. Since when is the ex responsible for your bills? Child support – absolutely. But that is there to support your child/ren, not pay the ex-spouse’s bills (other than related to reasonable living expenses in the course of raising your child/ren). This is entitlement and so totally what’s wrong with our world today. Everyone expects a payout. Ridiculous.

      • Anne says:

        Because, at his request she gave up a successful modelling career more than 13 years ago (which she acknowledges she was willing to do for him) so that she would no longer travel and be home for him. She is no longer at an age to make a living as a model so the expectation is that for a reasonable period of time she would require assistance to get back on her feet and find a way to earn a living.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        @Anne – thank you!

        What kind of a horrible person cheats on his wife, gives her an STD and when she is upset by all this, leaves the woman who has had his children and abandoned a career to be with him and them, no time to sort herself out and no financial buffer to work with?

        What he and Leann did to her is awful. Brandi is doing what she has to do. Enough with the high road crap. She is doing what she had to do to support herself and her boys. That’s the only road worth taking.

        Plus – and I speak from experience – her boys will be proud of their mama for standing up for herself.

      • Jessica says:

        Since this is the law, laws that were fought hard for by women and men who recognized the huge financial inequities that were created by one spouse remaining at home to raise the children and another spouse continuing in his or her career. It’s pretty archaic to consider anything otherwise, and it’s insulting to those individuals who fought so hard for women’s rights.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        He was responsible for bills incurred during their marriage. Thats what. Half of those bills are his.

    • gg says:

      This whole thing gets more and more disturbing. And what’s worse, people are gleefully enjoying what is essentially damaging those kids psychologically. They may not show it right now, but wait about three or four years and the damage will show. I know this site is not about positivity, but this is nothing but depressing to me.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        +1, gg.

        I hate commenting here because I don’t want to give these people any more attention but I find it laughable that she is so worried about Leanne’s mental state for “the sake of the boys”, yet she has no problem writing an expose about their father and his wife and her vadge.

        Then again, she is just so “poor” and “struggling”. BITCH PLEASE. Get some effin’ perspective. Go to Africa.. hell, go to the Appalachian region of the USA to see real poverty. In fact, I’m sure the women in Rwanda would love to have vaginal rejuvenation surgery for the parts they’ve had torn up from repeated rape. But keep crying, Brandi, life is just SO hard and expensive when you have to get botox and tit implants.

        She’s a pro at the fame game though I gotta hand it to her-for someone who has really never done anything except for a trashy reality tv show, she sure has a legion of fans.

      • skuddles says:

        ITA gg and OKitten. Oddly enough a comment I made yesterday in this same vein disappeared so I’ll try it again.

        In a recent interview Brandi states something to the effect of how she’ll tell the boys all about what went on with LR and Eddy when they’re older but in the meantime, she’ll protect them with her “whole heart”. That may be… but clearly she is not protecting them with her whole brain. It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out this book is going to hurt her children in some ways. I’m sure their school chums are already talking about all the sordid revelations in Brandi’s book. Humiliating your children is not exactly protecting them.

      • Tara says:

        I assume you mean the boys will be upset that their dad broke his marriage vows, took up with a narcissistic stalker and fought to deny their mother adequate support after she spent years taking care of all of them. Cuz yeah. That *is* traumariffic.

      • Lady D says:

        Jake and Mason saw more of bonus mommy’s ass in their first year together than they saw of her face. Probably not psychologically damaging to them at all. Thank goodness they have a bonus mommy that will protect them.

    • Youre Borrowed says:

      This was at the end of the marriage as they were going thru the divorce. Ed doesnt have a job, doesnt pay child support I assume

    • Jess V says:

      Having read the book,
      She describes the facts, how she felt about it and what she did to turn make the best out of a bad situation. Which she has the right to do. It really wasn’t that slanderous towards Eddie or Leann.

      I hope this book makes enough money so she can comfortably live, provide for kids and that she will keep her promise to never mention it again.

      • Poink517 says:

        I agree with you, JessV. I was expecting a lot worse when I read the book, re: LeAnn and Eddie (esp LeAnn). I think that if she does keep quiet after all the promos for the book, she will look much better. If not, she’s not any better than Eddie and LeAnn are.
        I’m hoping that she does keep quiet. I am rooting for her, and I don’t want to feel bad about it. I hope there is no long term damage for her sons.

    • Bridget says:

      Supposedly when BG & EC were married they lived way beyond their means and racked up a lot of debt. So he’d be responsible both for child support and for his half of the debt they incurred. He moved on to a wealthy new wife, she’s gotta hustle.

    • Ange says:

      To be fair Brandi used Eddie’s credit card number without his permission so while she stole it has nothing to do with him not paying her bills.

  4. Bowers says:

    Dads should help support their offspring.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Sure- but mothers shouldnt rely on that as their sole income. No wamn should ever have to depend on a man for her lifestyle or well-being. Glad to see she figured out a way to bring in her own money…too bad that her career (show and now book and appearances) is based off trashy drama. I feel sorry for people that envy the lifestyle of hers and others like her who make money that way…and dont even get me started on the nasty horse face. None of these people have morals.

      • KK says:

        That’s bullshit though. She was a fulltime mom and married…then all of a sudden he jumps ship and she has nothing? Come on. There should be a time limit on it, yes, but just to abandon your wife and make her fend for herself when she was a stay at home mom for years and got blindsided by this bullshit is not fair.

  5. crab says:

    My copy of this book is being shipped from Amazon as we speak!! I can’t wait to start reading it!! I hope it wipes that ugly smirk right off Leeann’s ugly face and drives her over the edge!! This lowlife piece of crap deserves everything that’s coming her way!

  6. Anne says:

    It seemed to me like she’s playing, “I have to pay my own bills,” as a sympathy move. Is she not aware that most people have to pay their own bills and support themselves? They’re all ridiculous with their privileged problems.

    • Cazzee says:

      I’m guessing that the divorce agreement has her ex-husband paying around $8,000 a month in child support – enough for an upper-middle-class lifestyle, but not the primo dollars rolling in that this woman thinks she deserves.

      Time to earn your own money or marry someone new, sweetheart.

      • anneesezz says:

        That’s really not a lot of money. I get $1500 a month for one child and I live in the Philadelphia suburbs not Beverly Hills.

      • brin says:

        She is earning her own money and doing well now.

      • Joanna says:

        $8000 a month is not a lot of money???!!! are you kidding me? and if that’s just for child support?!! wow, I think I could live off that a month.

        besides, living in Beverly Hills and have tons of plastic surgery is a want, not a need. if she can’t afford, she can always move somewhere cheaper.

      • Anne says:

        Read the book. She was screwed over in the lawyer department, Leann and Eddie used a legal trick to tie up every good divorce lawyer, she ended up using a lawyer that a friend recommended. The same friend who shortly after showed up in the tabloids posing for pictures on vacations with Leann (paid for by Leann) and then selling a story to a tabloid.

        Her alimony (tiny amount) ran out within a couple years of divorce and child support is tied to his income. If you have not notice he does not bother to work now that his has a sugar mama, too busy vacationing. Brandi is doing what she has to do to make a living to support her sons.

      • Susie Q says:

        Umm, Crazzee, she IS making her own money?

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        It’s about the boys being maintained in the same lifestyle they had before. Leann has a ton of money and isn’t above using it to try to sway their affection. So yes. 8,000 is necessary for the boys to have a similar home and enjoy similar activities.
        And she wrote this book four years ago when the child support was much more turbulent. Although Eddie still doesn’t work so…
        8,000 is a ton of money. BUT you have to remember, child support is for the children. She isn’t some horrible scheming lazy thing because she wants what is fair for her boys. They had a crazy wealthy lifestyle before and that shouldn’t take a hit just because their dad can’t keep it in his pants.

      • eileen says:

        You are all slamming someone because someone above “guessed” she was getting $8000 a month in child support. First off-that’s not acurate amount.
        Second-from what I understand: the courts put a stipuation in that dictates if Ed doesn’t have more than one job in every six month period, he pays bargin basement child support. LRs money has no bearing in what Ed pays in child support.
        He got a BIG time attorney and then tied up the remaining good ones while she got a “friend’s” recommendation that turned out went on vacay with LR and Ed.

      • Dani says:

        It is absolutely RIDICULOUS if $8000 a month isn’t enough for her. My husband and I bring in around $7-9 a month depending on the hours we work and we can afford to pay $1500 rent on a 1 bedroom in NYC, groceries without limit, car lease and insurance, all of our bills, still go out on weekends without worry AND still have some left over to save for the child we’re expecting. Brandi is greedy and wants to live like the rest of her friends. Like someone else said, plastic surgery and living in BH is a want not a need.

      • Lulu says:

        Hi Eileen. I always enjoy your informative level headed posts. But I guess I really don’t understand how Eddie & LeAnn could have tied up all the good divorce lawyers in town.? Sounds pretty far fetched to me…

      • KAI says:

        You can have a consultation (sometimes free) with as many lawyers as you like without retaining them. Once the consult is done, the other party is not able to retain them because it would put the lawyer in a ‘conflict of interest’ position. It is a common tactic in divorce.

      • eileen says:

        Brandi explained it in the book. I can’t remember all the details, but there’s something about Conflict of Interest and being the first one to retain an attorney has a BIG impact on which way the case goes in BH.

      • Cirque28 says:

        She doesn’t get $8000 a month in child support.

      • Coco says:

        Reading all these child support figures makes me laugh because for the last two years I’ve received $660(if I’m lucky) for FOUR children thanks to my ex deciding to tie up a child support modification I requested. Consquently, I work my ass off, spend nothing on myself (all of it goes to the kids), drive a 10 year old car, learned how to cut hair to save money, camping is our “vacation” and shop wisely so I can cook all our meals at home (eating out a big luxury). It can be done. However, I don’t live in LA and my income bracket has always been middle class. I absolutely makes me see RED when these men want to be daddy of the year while not spending a dime to actually support them. I think that is the hardest part for me as a single mom…DOTY takes them out to dinner, ice cream, movies, etc. but can’t afford child support. Meanwhile, I can’t afford those things because I actually put a roof over their heads, buy them clothes, feed them everyday, etc. These deadbeat dad losers would buy a puppy and spend more taking care of it than their own children!! Get a J O B Eddie and be a man. If I could write a book about my cheating ex and thought anyone would actually buy it, I’d go buy a ream of paper and a new toner cartridge. *whew..stepping off soapbox*

      • Cazzie says:

        Yes. The $8000/month was just a guess, based on what I have seen of child support orders among the “comfortable” class being around $2500 a month per child.

        “Second-from what I understand: the courts put a stipulation in that dictates if Ed doesn’t have more than one job in every six month period, he pays bargin basement child support. LRs money has no bearing in what Ed pays in child support.”

        Thanks for that information – in Massachusetts, a new spouses’ income gets included in the court’s evaluation of support, a fact that tends to be an unpleasant surprise to second wives.

        If that’s the case, and Eddie is only paying some discount child support, then the ex-wife’s ongoing bitterness is much more understandable.

      • squeakie says:

        she gets minimal child support if Eddie isnt working (which he never is) so she doesnt get $8000 not even close. Leann’s fortune does not affect eddies child support payments

      • eileen says:

        Cazzee: not only that-but the first 6 months the child support went into effect he was paying more but when he didn’t work for 6 months-Brandi had to GIVE a portion back.
        He was given a brand new Porsche, went on vacays every month and then “gave” LR a $85K engagement ring during those first 6 months, but since he didn’t work-Brandi had to give him support BACK.
        Yeah-you can bet sh!t would blow up like the Godfather if that was me.
        I’m in the middle of a divorce right now and I can tell you, stay at home moms get majorly screwed. I get IRATE hearing people telling her to “get a REAL job” Uh I HAVE a “real job” but let me tell you, it doesn’t pay crap. When you take an 8 year hiatus and then try to walk back into the corporate world during one of the worst job crisis’ of our times….you’re in for a BIG surprise! I’m not even close to pulling in what I was in 2000.
        If my husband shacked up a millionaire, quit his job and I had to rely on just my income with child support based on him posing as someone with out a job-I would be in big trouble.

      • Poink517 says:


        Thanks for all your information. All this sh*t just makes me really angry. He can sit on his a*s, living off of LeAnn’s money, not bringing in a dime, and so he doesn’t owe Brandi anything. What a bunch of BS – our legal system needs to fix this, and PRONTO! Why are these lazy sociopaths getting away with this BS?! Poor Mason and Jake, and Brandi.

        I’m so sorry you are going through this too, what a f*cking hell sandwich.

    • hatsumomo says:

      You know who she’s beginning to sound like at this point? Kate Gosselin. Oh god, i remember how that horrid woman went to every news outlet with a tweaked face crying about how Jon was leaving her high and dry. And the thing is, I actually like Brandi. I think she’s a hoot.

    • lem says:

      if you read the book, she got basically bubkiss out of the divorce because absolutely everything was in Eddie’s name and their legal bill stacked up to over a quarter of a million dollars. she had to pay her share of that, plus support her two children when she admittedly had zero job skills. she couldn’t give details, but it seemed like she really didn’t get much out of the divorce, especially since she found out that they had 2nd and 3rd mortgages. i think at this point, she is STILL paying down the debt that she incurred getting back on her feet. I think her point of saying “Eddie’s not paying them” is that, although he promised to always support her, he left her with nothing and she’s had to make ends meet on her own. i read her book yesterday and by no means is she throwing a pity party for herself.

    • LAK says:

      A lie reaches halfway across the world before the truth has it’s pants on – Churchill.

      In this case $8000. No one has said she receives $8000. Someone put it up as speculation for the point they were making and ALL you ladies,bar people who have actually read the book, have taken the figure as gospel and are now bashing Brandi over it.

      She doesn’t receive $8000.

      And as for her making money….that’s exactly what she is doing. You may disapprove of how she’s doing it, but it’s getting her bills paid.

      Question to child support experts: Does she have to pay Eddie child support now she’s earning and he is not?

  7. apsutter says:

    I’m a couple chapters in and I’m enjoying this book. I’m always reading a lot of legitimate literature so it’s nice to turn my brain for a sec and read a light, fluffy trashy girl book lol. She’s very effective at getting her point across in small jabs. Love how self-deprecating and honest she is. Love how she’s exposing what a complete sociopath that Eddie is. As soon as the writing was on the wall that she was done with him he went out of his way to ruin her. Sickening that he could do that to the mother of his children.

  8. Sonia says:

    I am in the third chapter of her book, and I am a fan for life! I do hope she stands by her statement of after the book tour she isn’t going to keep talking about her ex and his wife, I’m tired of them getting attention by being attention whores!

  9. Neekie says:

    It’s a funny book! She has a fan out of me. :)

  10. mommak918 says:

    I read her book and it really made me like Brandi more.
    I think she’s saying, she has her own bills now and her book is a means to take care of herself and kids.

    She didn’t want to be cheated on and was happy being a wife and mom and it was all ruined by Eddie.

    I really enjoyed her book….she’s very open and honest (albeit trashy and explicit) but she never plays victim in the book. She takes a lot of the responsibility herself.

    As a mom to two boys, joined accounts and a husband who likes for us to have a traditional role (I do work but he handles our finances) I think God forbid something happen….
    Bc id be starting over without much to my name, like Brandi.
    Thank God I have a great man and not someone like Eddie.
    She had 13 years invested with him and instead of affair/divorce…it got ugly bc of all the mean girl games LR played.

    She truly takes a lot of blame for the bad….and that’s why I’m commenting. It was refreshing and brutually honest.

    • brin says:

      Well stated…that’s Brandi!

    • Relli says:

      I read your comment earlier this AM and I just had to come back and reply because I agree wholeheartedly.

      Sometimes i read the comment section and see thing say stuff like “she should just move on,” or “she should have known better,” my personal favorite is “how could she think she was in a good marriage, that a lie.”

      I think wow, you have never been married. Its really something to put all your trust in someone else and have that security ripped away and thrown in you face as if it all meant nothing. It would make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself and your life. Personally I am not sure if that something is could just get over.

      Being betrayed is pretty big in my book, messing with my money is unforgivable.

  11. someone says:

    I thought it was a good interview on the Today show’s part. They really drove home the point about how it isn’t helping anyone to put this trash out there. Brandi’s only come back was that she needs to pay her bills, and that came off rather feeble.

    • why? says:

      I hope The Today show rememebers this when Leann does her round of interviews for her album which details her affair with Brandi’s husband. The fact of the matter is that Leann and Eddie are being “protected” by certain media outlets. The questions that these people are willing to ask Brandi are not being asked Leann and Eddie who have been doing these rounds of interviews since 2009. If The Today Show was sincere about this stuff being put out there, then they would have addressed how Leann allowed Brandi’s kids to listen to her album about her affair with Eddie, hhow 1/3 of what’s in the book was already out in the open because Leann fed that personal information to her fans, or Eddie and Leann making out at his son’s soccer game. The interview was biased. Maybe Brandi needs to be like Leann and only allow scripted interviews that suck up to her.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      You are wrong, she came across very strong and likable. Women relate to her.

  12. hatsumomo says:

    Her face is beginning to look bad, like Micheal Jackson during his trial phrase bad. Oh please let her stop whatever she’s doing now before it becomes irreversible!

  13. Mich says:

    The statement seems to be saying ‘yes, I made some mistakes a relatively long time ago but it is time to move forward and put the kids first’. It isn’t a bad statement. It acknowledges the book without opening the door to future engagement on the subject.

    If he isn’t contributing towards the expenses related to raising those kids, however, the statement is pretty hollow.

    • why? says:

      The problem with Eddie’s statement is Leann’s album, the fan website dedicated to that album which contains tons of photos and videos of his kids, and the promotions she plans on doing for that album(including the blog entry where she talks about how Eddie is firing her up to do promotions for the album). He can’t criticize Brandi for this book when Leann is telling people that she allowed his kids to listen to the songs from her album which trash their mother and talk about sleeping with Eddie while he was married to Brandi. Even her own fans were appalled when she bragged on twitter about allowing the boys to listen to Borrowed.

      If Eddie were really willing to move on, why is Leann releasing her album the same month that his son celebrates his birthday? What a great birthday present, right? A album from his stepmother detailing how she sleep with his father who was married to his mother at the time.

      • someone says:

        How exactly does Leann’s album trash Brandi? Saying I fell in love with someone and couldn’t help myself (whether you agree with her or not) is WAYYYYY different than calling someone insane and a tramp and whatever else Brandi has publicly called Leann. Brandi keeps talking about this as her chance to tell her story because Leann had her turn. That Brandi is using her turn to call names and reveal personal ladypart details etc etc shows the kind of person she is. Can you quote one Leann interview where she DIRECTLY says a bad word about Brandi? Just one? And not something that comes from a twitter account that may or may not be Leann using a fake name. Show me one lyric that says “my husband’s ex wife Brandi is insane” or similar.

      • why? says:

        No it’s not different. We have all seen the lyrics to Leann’s songs, DB tweets, and Leann’s tweets about her songs, and she doesn’t just say that she fell in love with another woman’s husband.

        Brandi’s surgery was first revealed by Leann and her fans, not Brandi. One of those fans even made a parody cartoon about it in 2011 and posted it on twitter in addition to going to various sites to spread that information.

        Didn’t Leann use Jimmy Kimmel and Nancy to take digs at Brandi? So then what type of person does that show Leann to be?

        Can we quote one Leann interview where she DIRECTLY says a bad word about Brandi? YES. Why deny that this type of information exists when Leann has given several interviews?

        You have been posting and reading here for quite some time, so you already know that the information exists.

      • why? says:

        Leann Rimes DIRECTLY using interviews to promote her album to trash Brandi:

        Leann’s Leno interview(2012): “After joking to Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night that “I am” insane, Rimes said, “I usually don’t engage, but there comes a time when you’re just like, ‘Screw you.’ ”

        Leann’s interview with Extra(2012): “Unfortunately, one person in this whole situation keeps talking and for some reason people want to believe it’s all true and it’s way not. I think I should’ve been a lot angrier this past week than I was, but I knew how outlandish they were. It was just quite ridiculous.”

        Leann’s interview with TMZ(Dec 2012): ”
        LeAnn continues, “It’s a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone’s sake, this changes.”

        Leann at a one of her concerts(Dec 2012): “Anybody ever been pissed off at some point and you just couldn’t get it out. And if you did, you actually might dig yourself a deeper hole, so you just let the other person dig themselves a hole?”

      • someone says:

        Wow, I asked for one quote where she directly says something negative about Brandi and those are the best you can come up with? When we have Brandi on record saying things about Leann like “she can go fuck herself! Well she has to, because who would want to?” And many more gems, like the insane quote and the laxatives in the purse claim. Show me one quote where Leann calls Brandi a name or tells her to go F herself. Closest I’ve seen is when she called Brandi “vindictive” on the phone tape, and even then vindictive was much nicer than any word Brandi would have used to talk about Leann.

      • claire says:

        “Can you quote one Leann interview where she DIRECTLY says a bad word about Brandi? Just one? And not something that comes from a twitter account that may or may not be Leann using a fake name.”

        Why would anyone use the fake accounts as proof? There’s plenty of trash-talking on Leann’s verified account.

      • Ange says:

        Wasn’t Leann caught on tape calling Brandi a vindictive b*tch?!

    • RHONYC says:

      i think Brandi’s whole campaign to publicly dismantle Le-Haw’s ‘America’s Sweetheart’ image & brand her the ‘WHORE-NEXT-DOOR’ is going swimmingly.

      Le-Haw made it HER full-time job to husband steal & family-jack, now Brandi’s making it HER full-time job to run a hoe’s name in the mud while getting paid handsomely for it.

      take that deadbeat cheaters…
      don’t hate the playa hate the game, son! ;-)


      so, now i hope Bran means what she says and doesn’t give those mopes a syllable more of press after her book tour.

      *scorned women everywhere begin slow clap* :mrgreen:

    • why? says:


      There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the examples that I provided. You are just trying to save face. We have Leann on record telling Brandi to “screw herself”, so what is your point?

      Like I pointed out before you have been posting and reading on this site for quite some time, so you have already seen the examples. Why keep demanding that people show you the examples when you know that they exist based on the fact that you commented on those very same examples in the previous thread?

      Why keep denying that Leann hasn’t said anything nasty about Brandi when there is so much evidence to contradict you? I provided 4 examples of Leann using promotions for her album just to trash Brandi and you complained that those examples weren’t worthy enough. It doesn’t matter what examples are being provided, you are going to keep making excuses for Leann.

  14. NerdMomma says:

    Yeah…I’d feel worse for her financial situation if it wasn’t clearly visible how much $$ she’s spending at the plastic surgeon’s office. Maybe she’d be able to make ends meet easier if she laid off the facial tweaking.

  15. Cass says:

    Eddies ‘statement’ made me laugh … seriously isn’t he forgetting about all his affairs??? Wasn’t that more damaging to his kids? Am glad Brandie is putting it out there, karma is a b&tch ….

  16. Lulu says:

    It’s her schtick. One minute crying that she can’t afford to buy her boys Happy Meals and the next tweeting photos of her new Louboutins. I lost sympathy after that. Yeah, it sucks what happened to her. But all she’s done now is whip it up into a fury for money without any thought to the consequences to her children. You don’t HAVE to say everything you think, you know. It’s a pretty basic social/life skill that she doesn’t seem to have learned.

  17. Mia 4S says:

    Wait how is this idiot not paying support? He’s been on a few series, shouldn’t he be getting residuals? That’s income. Not very much? His wife is supporting him I assume (why else would he be there) but something is screwy here.

  18. Happymom says:

    I’ve always been predisposed to like Brandi because I think Eddie is a horrible person and Leann is insane-but that interview did her no favors.

  19. judyjudy says:

    Again, this story leaves me confused. Brandi is upset because she only sees her boys 50% of the time, but then turns around and says Eddie is dead-beat and not taking care of his children. Whether you like LeAnn or not you can’t deny that those boys aren’t taken care of (financially anyway). And Brandi already bragged about making Eddie pay her $12,000 vag bill so the “he doesnt pay my bills” pity-party isn’t cutting it. I get that she is sad about the divorce but her smear campaign is kind of backfiring, in my opinion.

    Stolen vag surgery, no means yes, I’m so poor. No thanks .

    • Pandora says:

      Her piece of shit husband gave her HPV. She has already had precancerous cells excised and lasered 3 times. Brandi Glanville has a 60% chance of having cervical cancer later in life. She has and will spend much much more than12k on her vagina. He made out like a bandit, literally.

      Men OR women who knowingly pass on a sexually transmitted disease ( and engaging in unprotected sex, then going home to his wife and doing the same implies it was) can be taken to court criminally.

      Potentially he could kill the mother of his children. Anyone else who wants to bitch about HOW she pays her bills can STFU

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        @ pandora.

        I hadn’t thought of it like that. Really good point.

      • Joanna says:

        you can have hpv and not have any symptoms. when they told me i had gotten it, they said men don’t always have symptoms or visible signs of it (i was trying to figure out where i had gotten it).

        doesn’t change fact he’s a dog, just saying you can’t always tell by looking at a penis.

      • Deanne says:

        People always talk about LeAnn’s obvious narcissism but Eddie comes across like a real sociopath. He has no remorse whatsoever about the disgusting way he treated the Mother of his boys. All he cares about is living the good life on LeAnn’s dime. He risked his wife’s life with his promiscuous behaviour and then makes sanctimonious statements about making good choices and not wanting to hurt his children. Like putting their Mother at physical risk isn’t hurting them. As long as they can live in the mansion with Daddy and his new deep pocketed sucker of a new wife, they’ll be fine. Brandi has shown how strong she is, even when faced with what seemed like insurmountable odds, Why people think that she should be happy to live a meagre existence because Eddie never works is beyond me. She’s making a life for herself and her boys and they will appreciate that when they are older. Unlike their Father, she is providing for them herself and not using a wealthy spouse to do it. People seem to forget that Dean got a big fat settlement to keep his mouth shut. It’s easy to take the “high road” when you have 6 million in the bank and can start over in the lap of luxury.

      • eileen says:

        Pandora: THANK YOU!
        And whether Ed KNEW he had it or not doesn’t matter. He got it from CHEATING on his wife. When you knowingly have sex with other women while married you knowingly take big risks on contracting HPV or much worse and putting your spouse in a life or death situation.
        Brandi has had to ungo several laser surguries because of the HPV he gave her and who knows what will come up in the future.

      • Lulu says:

        Actually she doesn’t know for certain that HE gave it to her. She could have had it since her first sexual experience. HPV is very insidious. There is no way to test a man to see if he has it, and the only way to diagnose a woman is to biopsy lesions if and when she develops them. Which can be YEARS from your exposure depending on many factors, including your immune system. I know all this, because I have it too.

      • judyjudy says:

        How did my comment regarding my confusion about the amount of time and care that Eddie gives his children turn into a discussion about STDs and HPV?

        Oh…that’s right, it isn’t about the kids, it’s about this woman’s vagina.

        I think Eddie is a terrible person, I think LeAnn is crazy, and I think Brandi is rightfully hurt. My point is, and has always been, the spin and conflicting stories that Brandi has been sharing have made her look no better than the two she is trying to bring down. I used to feel sorry for her but now I question her credibility and her motives.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Um at least HALF of all sexually active men and women carry HPV. WTF does vaginal rejuvenation have to do with HPV?

        Honestly, I’d rather have people just straight-up admit that they like Brandi instead of coming up with dumb excuses to justify her behavior. It’s her choice to get plastic surgery, but it doesn’t really jive with her “Eddie left me so desolate that I couldn’t pay my $500 grocery bill!”. Come on. Vaginal rejuvenation is ELECTED surgery and it has nothing to do with HPV. Also, was she a virgin before she met Eddie? Because men can carry HPV and show NO signs. Anyway, she took a chance not having him get tested and not using a condom-her responsibility as much as his.

        Please stop acting like this grown-ass woman is not in charge of her own life. She is a victim of an asshole who cheated on her, but people are talking about her as if she is poor, desolate, could die at any point and it’s all Eddie and Leanne’s fault. GET REAL. Throughout history, women have endured much much more than this chick and her champagne problems. I’ll save my sympathy for them, thanks.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Woooah, the risk of cervical cancer developing from HPV is high when you do not get your regular paps and treatments when the abnormal cells show up. If you get treated early enough there is a good chance it will never turn into cancer because the bad cells are destroyed. I get your point, but don’t start a panic and freak out women by throwing around statements like that. This also depends on what strain of HPV one has which is determined through the HPV test docs now give in addition to paps.

    • Jess V says:

      This question has been answered in previous posts.

    • Lucrezia says:

      @TheOriginalKitten, I agree with most of what you said, but I have to point out that condoms don’t fully protect you against HPV – I have it and I’ve always used condoms. It’s a lot easier to catch than other STDs. The only sure way to avoid it would be never go past 2nd base. (And even then there are children born with it because they catch it from their mother during childbirth.)

      There’s also no standard test to check males for HPV, so it’s not like Brandi could’ve found out by demanding Eddie get checked for STD’s.

  20. Ellie66 says:

    I wish all three of them would go away, between Leeann’s bangs and Brandi’s vagina and creepy Eddies cheating they have exhausted me. That’s one big bowl of crazy!

  21. Samigirl says:

    I kind of thought the anchor was a douche (but maybe that’s just because I’m firmly Team Brandi). I think she handled herself very well, and did a good job keeping the focus on the book. Eddie’s statement was well written, but he doesn’t want the kids hurt? If he didn’t want the kids hurt, he would have kept Little Eddie in his pants.

  22. Cam S says:

    This makes no sense, if Eddie didn’t want to hurt his children then he wouldn’t have cheated. Also, it is okay for his 2nd wife to write an album about the affair AND go on umpteen interviews for years discussing “her pain”? What a douche

  23. lucy2 says:

    None of the adults in this situation are doing what’s truly best for their kids. The kids won’t care about growing up fancy in Beverly Hills, but they will care about having parents who act like decent human beings and don’t trash each other in public all day long.

    That said, I would still pick Brandi over Leann any day, and I’m sort of tempted to read this. I don’t blame her for taking the opportunity to do a book deal, but don’t cry poor – she’s on a TV show, and obviously affording plastic surgery and designer clothes. If her ex isn’t paying his child support, take him back to court.

  24. Susie Q says:

    So, Eddie made a conscious choice not to pay child support? He’s a douche. I wonder if he is embarrassed that he has to lick Leanns hiney and pose for all those lovey dovey pics for money?

  25. Rita says:

    Eddie’s PR guy is an idiot for releasing that statement about “reflecting on how I handled things 4 years ago”.

    Eddie, how about cheating on your wife since the day you were married and 5 years ago when your wife was 9 months pregnant while you spent money you didn’t have on your mistresses?

    How about the last 4 years, encouraging and enabling your current wife to use your children and stalk, taunt, bully, copy, and make life miserable for their mother?

    What about refusing to speak to the mother of your children or even give her your phone number?

    Eddie, what happened 4 years ago is that LeAnn exposed your affairs which destroyed your career. Your entire existence is a self serving pleasure ride because you are an arse’s arse. No amount of self reflection is going to change that or the publics opinion of you.

    • lem says:


      I read the book yesterday and really, it becomes so very clear that she bent over backwards to be the wife that he wanted, and he did nothing but hurt her. the stories of his inability to coparent was so disgusting– it showed how much he really hates Brandi for not letting him have his cake and eat it too.

    • MonicaQ says:

      He need to reflect his happy behind all the way back to Daddy-ville. I can’t with him or LeAnne and I ain’t gonna lie, Brandi is a better woman than me because with the stuff she been doing, 99% of the women in my family would’ve started boxing by now.

    • candigirl says:

      Thank You!! Let’s not forget (I haven’t gotten my copy yet so can’t remember details) didn’t Eddie take the truck Brandi’s dad gave them and bring it with the kid’s car seats in it on his cheating trysts with Leann and then to her million dollar estate when he finally left Brandi? Don’t the photos that are all over the internet of Eddie and Scheana vacationing on the boat (while pregnant Brandi sat home) show her dad’s boat? Eddie used his in-laws’ generosity to give vacations and rides to his girlfriends. The more I know about him, the more he comes off as a real down low grifter whose best acting gig is playing husband to a rich wife. A sociopath who just wants money and luxury and pleasure and will use whoever he needs to to get it.

  26. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I just pulled out my iPhone, got on the iBooks store and donated my own 10.99 to the Brandi bills fund. Can’t wait to read it!

  27. Shannon says:

    F*ck Eddie!!! I downloaded the book last night on my nook. He’s such a SCUMBAG!! His statement is a joke. He’s just “saddened” that all of this is coming out and he and Leann look like complete @ssholes. I mean we all knew they were, but this book really solidifies it.

  28. natalina says:

    Good for Brandi. She is a business woman, more power to her. she took a miserable situation and turned it into an opportunity

  29. candigirl says:

    I have watched my parents go through bad stuff as a kid. And it was all over the front page of our local newspaper with photos. It was embarrassing at the time and I hated going through it. When I grew up I didn’t fault them for getting angry or being human in their reaction to the situation that was their fault or even having it all over the news. Guess what? News cycles are short and people go on with life. Your true friends stay friendly and the rest are good riddance. I fault the people who betrayed them and hurt them and ultimately caused the situation that led to it becoming “news.” Evil is evil and even kids figure it out. People are allowed to tell their side of the story when something terrible happens to them.

  30. why? says:

    The next time Eddie makes a statement like that, Brandi needs to ask: So then Leann won’t be releasing that album that details her affair with Eddie, will take down the website that she has dedicated to her album, or won’t be doing any type of promotions for it.

    Why won’t the media call Eddie out on his hypocrisy? Why is he putting rules and restrictions on Brandi that he and Leann don’t abide by? Leann gave a statement to E saying that they don’t think about Brandi and before Brandi’s interview even starts they are giving statements to The Today Show? Imagine all the hate Leann’s mouthpieces would have given Brandi had she contacted E, ET, Leno, Jimmy, and Katie to give a statement before Leann did those interviews.

    Brandi’s pr team needs to put together a montage of all the interviews that Leann and Eddie have done from 2009 to now, staged photo-ops where Leann was dressed or doing something inappropriately, the photos of Eddie walking around with alcohol in his hands, and Leann’s tweets and blogs about Brandi’s kids, and then ask Eddie why wasn’t he deeply saddened or concerned about his kids being scarred by his and Leann’s actions.

    I thought that Leann was going to annouce that she was pregnant, but all she did was get on twitter and annouce that her “sister” had her baby and then went on to tweet about it the entire night. I thought it was Elisa who was pregnant.

  31. Holden says:

    I’m not sure how long they were married, but if its less than 10 years, Brandi has a responsibility to work in the state of California. He should be paying child support though, for sure. Who’s watching the kids while she’s on this book tour smearing their dad?

    • KAI says:

      She does work. She is on a show you may have heard of called “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” She also wrote a book you may have heard about. That too will make her money.

      She shares custody with her former husband and I assume, when he doesn’t have them, they are with her family or frieds while she is doing the promotional tour. Are you going to try to brand her a bad mother for having someone babysit her kids? Reaching a bit aren’t you?

      How exactly does one ‘smear’ an admitted adulterer and liar?

    • ravencurls says:

      Brandi’s Mom is watching the kids while she promotes the book this week. She talked about that on her Twitter.

      A gut feeling tells me Eddie’s “statement” is all about ultimately getting the kids. I think that’s his plan of final attack on Brandi. And sole custody gets Eddie totally off the hook for child support payments to Brandi.

      I believe Brandi and Cibrian were together for 13 years and married for 8 or 9. If the less than 10 years aspect you mentioned is true and is a “responsibility” under California law, then why isn’t Eddie getting off his big bubble ass and working? Isn’t he “responsible” to work to pay for the child support? Or is that “responsibility” only for the woman who was supposed to go away, be quiet and sit in the corner? Why doesn’t Eddie flip some burgers or assemble some tacos to make a little money? This is the same guy who went to court to have his child support payments reduced and then turned around and “bought” an $85,000 engagement ring for LeAnn Rimes. The same guy who’s always on vacation. And, the same guy who, according to LeAnn Rimes, now “owns” a house. Maybe he should have the responsibility to sell that house and get that child support thing on track. And what kind of law does California have that allows this guy to have child support reduced just because he can’t find work as a “star”? (Perhaps women and children need better protection from the State of California.)

      Who really knows about this specific case? Are the financial details of this divorce published?

      Brandi rents a house and it’s pretty modest and somewhat run down as it was photographed for the RHOBH show.

      Brandi could never smear Eddie Cibrian. He’s done a perfect job of that all by himself.

      Brandi resonates with the average person, not only women who’ve been through divorce. Times are tough these days for almost everyone. Yet people are spending money to buy this book. They don’t have to do that — they can glean much of its contents online — but they are. Brandi resonates.

  32. happyhomo says:

    How is it your ex husbands’ job to pay your bills anyway? All he is responsible for is child support.Your husband left you so what,happens every day.Bitch get over it and get a damn job!She ruined TRHOBH for me.It hasn’t been been good since she joined the cast.Fake botoxed skank,I can’t stand her.She makes me glad I’m gay.I don’t blame Eddie I would’ve left her ass too.

    • Apsutter says:

      Eddie didnt leave her, she kicked his lying no good disgusting ass out of her life. And the her not working thing was already answered up thread. She is working now but when they were married he didn’t want her working or traveling so she stayed at home to take care of HIS kids and be a dutiful wife. Your so right…what a whore! *eye rolling so hard I think my eyes might pop out of my head*

      • judyjudy says:

        But upthread you said “he immediately went from his wife to his mistress and kicking the kids and their mom out of the only home they’ve ever known.”

        So which is it? Is it poor Brandi because he kicked her and the kids out of the only home they’ve ever known or Yay Brandi for kicking his lying no good disgusting ass out?

      • eileen says:

        Judy: it’s BOTH. He cheated on her, begged her to work it out and then Brandi found out while they were “working it out” he was working on something else with other women. She kicked him out and asked for a divorce. When she did that, he ran to LR who then proceeded to run around in skimpy bikinis shoveing her thong butt in the kids faces while grabbing Ed’s dong on the beach weeks after Ed left their home.
        Nothing is black and white and if you want to have legitimate arguements READ her side of the story.

      • judyjudy says:

        Oh, I know it’s not all black and white. And I’m truly not looking to have arguments about it. I just find it rather crazy (and entertaining) that one minute the Brandi fans are stomping their feet saying one thing and then a few minutes later stomping their feet saying the exact opposite.

        I have followed this story on Celebitchy since the beginning and this is the only gossip site I visit (other than DListed but that’s just a whole different world over there LOL!) I find the stories and the comments endlessly fascinating. What is most interesting to me is the constant contradictions. For example, the whole vag surgery thing… Brandi really stuck it to him! Revenge!…but isn’t that stealing?….well it wasn’t stealing because her name was also attached to the account…so if her name was on the account couldn’t she have used that money for more useful things?…LeAnn is an ugly horse! Twitter!…or…Eddie’s a deadbeat dad and doesn’t spend time with his children…but isn’t Brandi sad that she only sees them 50% of the time because Eddie has them the other half – that’s not dead-beat…STDs!STDs!

        It’s almost like a crazy game of madlibs.

        I mentioned a while back that this story drives me crazy but I can’t stop watching it! I just wait for a mini-break in my workday to pop over, eat some redvines and try to make sense of it all.

      • eileen says:

        Judy: I get it. That’s why I don’t argue with anyone on here. I know there are women on here who since Day 1 that Brandi’s story hit the mags have not been a fan of hers by any means.
        Also-everything on here can be miscontrued and like the old game of “Chinese Phonebooth” so to speak.
        I’m sure I’m guilty of that as well.

        I don’t agree with everything Brandi does. Some days I’m like “oh girl you did not just say that!” But she shoots from the hip, can be rough around the edges and then extremely endearing as well.
        She loves those two boys more than her own life. I have two kids and I love them with all my being. That’s doesn’t mean every single thing I do is done always for my kids. I have hurt them by saying something I shouldn’t have or when I was in a deep depession, I was barely hanging on.
        We are all flawed and human.
        I don’t think this book is going to hurt her kids and i think she’s a survivor. She took on some nasty abuse from someone who pledged to love her forever. Then he allowed someone else to use her kids to push the knife even deeper.

      • apsutter says:

        Eileen’s right. I think she said that when she knew for sure he was cheating that they were trying to work it out and so they went to counseling but then she found out that he had still been cheating on Leann while he was trying to reconcile with her. The whole thing is a mess and all of it just makes him look like a crazy person.

  33. Latisse says:

    Holy WOW, book already has 96 reviews on Amazon with a 4.78 rating. Which is rare for a fiction book speakless of one about a reality tv personality. Brandi: 1, Leann/Eddie: 0

    • Latisse says:

      It’s also #14 on bestsellers list in Amazon. Whatever those two say, this woman is making out like a BANDIT.

    • Macey says:

      There are a couple low reviews that are clearly LR and her minions. You can click on their past reviews and its all LR stuff. a cpl only signed on to give the book a bad review. I dont think any of them even read the book b/c they just bash BG with the same stuff you read on gossip sites but do not mention anything specific that would be in the book. I knew it wouldnt take more than a day for LR to get her staff on those boards.
      LR’s twitter seems quiet too, Im guessing she’s finishing up BG”s book then will come out full tilt again.

  34. Dani says:

    I really wish they all just went away and for once REALLY put those two boys first. If anyone is going to have issues or be scarred for life, it’s those kids. Shame on Eddie, Leanne and Brandi. If you REALLY cared you would handle your problems privately.

  35. why? says:

    The point is that Eddie and Leann scammed the court systems. Eddie tells the courts that he can’t/couldn’t pay child support or alimony because he doesn’t have a job and then we hear that he is buying an $85,000 engagement ring for Leann, going on back to back lavish vacations to Cabo, Hawaii, and Aspen, buying a mansion with Leann, and according to a recent tweet by Leann was paying rent for 2 years(how was that even possible when he didn’t have a job and couldn’t pay child support?).

  36. Malificent says:

    How about all parties put on their big kid pants and go get real jobs. If the gossip has affected his acting career, he needs to think of another way of making a living. And if she can’t resurrect her “acting” career enough to pay the bills, then maybe she should go back to school or training and acquire marketable skills. Not very sexy working a 9 to 5 job — but it does put a roof over your head.

    • LAK says:

      She was a Model NOT an actor. She’s too old to model now unless she becomes a celebrity model. given her popularity, that may still happen.

      She has a job now. book is extra income on top. specifically she has a job on TV with RHOBH but it’s an annual contract rather than long term employment. She also has a clothing line now. Don’t know how well that is doing.

      Soon she may make enough to retire like her ex-husband and go on neverending vacations like him.

  37. rachel says:

    The following is an honest question, not rhetorical or troll-ey. I am a long time lurker more recent poster and am not familiar with who is and who isn’t a regular. I have never seen so many very slanted anti Brandi comments on a Celebitchy LR post as today. Are they from regulars? I know some new (real) people like me are coming out of the woodwork for this circus. But I am also wondering if some of the remaining LR minions are starting to post anti Brandi stuff here? Or is it just legitimate opinions of some who are sick of the Rah Rah Brandi brigade? No one is an innocent in this matter, for sure. But considering the extent to which she was tortured and provoked before she arguably sunk to their level- its always surprising for me when I hear 100% antiBrandi sentiment. But whatever, its possible others see something I don’t.

    • Relli says:

      Honestly Rachel, it depends on the day.

      I have in the past noticed what you have noticed, and have asked the same question although, it was not received so well by some. I say it depends on the day because it depends on who has time to post. There are a few commenters who solidly always post on the Brandi and HeMan posts but there are always a few new ones who feel very strongly about not liking Brandi and want everyone to get THEIR POINT. Which by my account is fine everyone is entitled to an opinion thats what these boards and RHW are here for anyhow.

      The only ones i really question are the ones with poor grammar, you know those who obviously didn’t get learned to good. I also tend ignore those who seem like they are just looking to fight, you can tell because typically they cannot move on past 1 point topic that they continuously bring up.

      hope that helps!

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      It really does depend on the day. As far as I can tell, today seems to have newer posters who are anti Brandi. I don’t recall them posting with any frequency. However, I only read and post on articles that interest me so perhaps they are active on other threads that I don’t read.

      I don’t recognize them from the Brandi/ Eddie/ Leann posts though.

    • Dirtnap says:

      I noticed the increased volume of anti-Brandi sentiments today as well. People are always entitled to their opinions, and certainly welcome to express them on CB, but I found it interesting that these same posters are drudging up old viewpoints/arguments about Brandi that have been proven false on CB in the past. If they were regulars, they would have known not to bring up certain arguments again, as these have been settled here already by those who visit the site on a frequent basis.

      On a different note, I am interested in what this all means for Eddie’s career. Will Hollywood shun him? Celebrate him? What if LeAnn divorces him? Will his career revive? Or does he even like acting? Will he just live off LeAnn’s money, content to never again have his name in the credits? Golddiggers and social climbers fascinate me; I don’t have their mentality and can’t imagine not wanting to work or contribute to society in some way.

      • rachel says:

        Thanks Relli, Moxy, Dirtnap for smart, thoughtful,and kind responses. I was worried my question would be misread as partisan pot stirring.

      • Dirtnap says:

        That’s nice of you to say, @Rachel. The comments regarding these three people can get pretty heated (on most sites, not just CB). I can understand to an extent why people get so emotionally invested in this story. How many of us have fallen in love with the wrong person? Have been hurt by someone and made to feel like we were to blame for it? Longed after someone that was off-limits? Had to decide whether to take the high road or fight for ourselves? I think this scenario strikes a chord of discomfort in many of us because it either hits too close to home, or we worry that a similar situation might happen to us someday. Or, maybe we just want the “good guy” – whomever that might be – to finally win and for the “bad guy” to be punished, if not in our own lives then in someone else’s. Not to mention, the escapism this all provides is first-rate, and I would be the first to admit that. : )

    • Lupita says:

      I am surprised also on this, I mean this is just my second post here, but I read this page everyday and the felling today is very much against Brandi.

    • Lulu says:

      I think the anti-Brandi sentiment has been slowly growing over the years. What you may be seeing today is a sort of boiling over of opinions now that her book is finally out and all the ‘juicy’ details are available to discuss. Those details seem to be quite polarizing, truth be told. And I am speaking from the perspective of a woman who LOST primary custody of her 4 year-old daughter to a manipulative son-of-a-bitch ex-husband just because he played the game better than me and had better resources than me (including quickly hitching himself to a stay-at-home ‘new mom’ for his precious little girl). I can still remember him telling me how well suited she is for raising children, having ‘successfully’ raised a son already. Think that didn’t make me crazy? But I STILL. Managed. Somehow. To put my daughter first. To not ever try and poison her love for her daddy, or her relationship with her new step-mom. Because I love her more than I love myself.

      OK, I’m going to sit in a corner and rock myself.

      • why? says:

        Based on the numbers on Amazon that can’t be true. If it was people reaching their boiling points, Brandi’s book would be ranked at 37,000 on Amazon(her book is ranked at 16 and this is after The Today Show’s interview-which means that people didn’t fall for The Today Show’s biased behavior towards Brandi) and would not be holding steady in the top 10 for 3 of the minor categories for about two weeks now.

        It’s an attempt to discredit Brandi’s book, like how Leann fed information to US Weekly about Brandi cheating on Eddie while they were married in an attempt to get people not to read the book.

      • Meh says:


        I was so saddened to read your story. I fully understand what you do (not say) for your daughter’s sake, as I did the same with my son. When we split, his dad was a real piece of work, but I kept it about our son. Years later my ex actually thanks me for having been such a good mother to our son.(!)

        I truly hope that things get better for both you and your daughter, you sound like a great mommy!

        Sorry, off topic.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Lulu, I am so sorry that happened to you. Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. If someone tried to take my little boy away, I think I would go mad.

      • Sugar says:

        LuLu bless your heart I went through my own private he’ll years ago with my ex & his new wife & it killed Menotti having my children but like you I kept my pain hidden best I could from my two cherubs & never spoke evil of their father to them. The situation changed when he realized the pain he was causing our children because he wanted to appease the women he
        married. She didn’t want my children she just hated me. The legal end of it was a mess as I could not afford good on going representation. Their father asked them at their dinner table one night where do you want to live? My kids called me and said we get to live with you full time. No attorney no court mediator. That was nearly 20 years ago.
        Even though my children refused to talk to their father through time &
        letting them come to terms they began a relationship with him in their early 20′s. They wanted nothing to do with the woman- anyway he eventually divorced her.
        I know my story is different then yours even Brandi or Eileen but we love love love our children-
        Group hug time:)

      • Sugar says:

        Lulu sorry for all the spelling errors-my iPhone screen-well anyone trying to write a long post on iPhones knows what I mean

      • Lulu says:

        Thank you all. Very sweet. I’m OK most of the time.

  38. peaches mcdooby says:

    ya know….everytime i come across a brandi post i wish i had my own little red button, and when i pushed this button it would make certain people dissappear.. *poof*… she’s gone..quick and painless of coarse….i’m a humanitarian afterall….

    then shortly after brandi would come eddie *poof* then *poof* leann

    *poof* kim k and *poof* kanye

    *poof* justin bieber and *poof* taylor swift

    oh and then a triple ***poof*** to kristen stewart

    then the sky would light up with a rainbow, birds would sing and the flowers bloom…and we could all breathe a big breath of FRESH air.

    smiling i wold skip through the green grass knowing i made the world a much better place for the normal folks on planet earth..

  39. AmyB says:

    I am thinking the same thing as many on this site….everyone criticizes LeAnn and Brandi on all this. Granted a horrid situation all around. LeAnn’s ex is the only one seemingly in all this that emerged in tact, emotionally. What about Eddie for Christs sake…where is he? Why does he not shut his wife down on twitter? How many other celebrities started off as affairs and people forgive them, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie…they did not flaunt it write music about it or talk about 24/7 Shut the f@&k up!!!!!!!

    • Jayna says:

      People to this day talk about Johnny Cash’s great love with June and Natasha and Liam Neeson’s great love affair and marriage, all born out of painful affairs on their spouses and children, (Natasha’s stepchildren). Natasha declared her love for Liam publically, not really worrying about her ex’s feelings. But people moved on because they weren’t on twitter wearing the same clothes, bikins, altering their looks to look like the ex and, most importantly, not posting photos on and on of the stepchildren (June and Johnny’s) from the second they moved in with each other carrying on and rubbing the wife’s face in it. I know there was no twitter, but they wouldn’t have anyway.

      Without LeAnn’s bizarre behavior on twitter taunting Brandi and escalating the interest in this soap opera and strange paid bikini papping ad nauseum with LeAnn SWFing Brandi, no one would care about a book by Brandi. LeAnn did it to herself.

      • Deanne says:

        You are so right. Plenty of celebrities have had relationships start in the form of an affair. For some, it was before the advent of social media the way we have it now and for others, they just kept quiet about it and lived privately. If LeAnn had laid low, not tweeted non-stop about her blissful new love and staged ridiculous PDA filled photo ops, the public would have moved onto the next celeb cheating scandal and forgotten about her and Eddie. Instead, she launched into a bizarre and ruthless campaign to pout salt into Brandi’s wounds. She seemed to think that she could win public favor and have herself and Eddie viewed as some sort of love story for the ages. She has brought on the backlash and she’s paying for it in a big way. I don’t think she’s self aware to get that though. If she had shut the heck up. people would have been much more forgiving and wouldn’t have a clue who Brandi Glanville is.

      • Christin says:

        Had there been the same level of tabloid scrutiny back then, Johnny and June might have gotten backlash. Johnny’s first wife stayed quiet for decades and then (with Johnny’s blessing before his death) wrote a book that claimed June point-blank told her that she would get Johnny. The first wife was painted as a shrew in the Walk the Line movie, so I can’t blame her for wanting to tell her side. Johnny and June did seem to love each other, but the first wife claims that June heavily pursued him while his mind was clouded by drugs.

        In some ways, June probably tried to rewrite history a bit and make theirs the great love story, when it appears he really had two (he wrote many lengthy love letters to his first wife that she included in her book). THAT is what it seems LeAnn has tried to do.

        Imagine waiting more than 40 years to tell your story like Vivian (Johnny’s first wife) did. She waited until June died, got Johnny’s permission, and then she passed away around the time the book was published.

  40. Louise says:

    He’s not allowed to work. Meanne would go spare knowing he was acting with some good looking females as his lead. Most roles end up with kissing.

    You bet your bottom dollar meanne isn’t the slightest perturbed he does nothing & actively encourages it, aswell as curbing as much other hobbies or interests without her as she can!

    Don’t forget, he was working when he met leanne. she knows this.

    She won’t allow it to happen again.

    I bet she’s constantly distracting him with new toys and interests inside the home. Bet he lives like a damn king. He’s a loser. A total loser. I really wish people looked on the outside what they were on the inside, like Shallow Hal! He’d be one ugly mutherf*cker. and holy mother of hell, what would she look like.

  41. lady mary. says:

    eddiot is a cheating spineless man,whoose own comforts are above all his responsiblities ,he saw his milking cow in crazy leann ,who i bet worships him psychotically ,and brandi with all her fake boobs ,new vadge ,is simply a scorned woman whoose whole trust was broken and is simply fighting for what was promised by eddiot that is help her in looking after their kids,come to think abt it ,i am sure its eddiot pulling al the strings behind ,while leann and brandi throttle each other ,gives me the feeling that instagram might really be his ,made just to spite brandi ,using leann as crutch

  42. Heather M says:

    I read her book in an hour, and it made me LOL so many times. I love her. She totally reminds me of me in some ways (one of my best friends who just moved overseas emailed me and asked if I was watching RHOBH b/c I totally reminded her of BG! ), and I totally felt for her.

    I think for anyone who has followed this drama, there was not new dirt that would shock us (I mean, seriously, even if she had said that LR was caught with plans to use her skin as a suit Silence Of The Lambs style I think I would have just been like, “Yup…” and nodded)…. However, it was a very easy and VERY FUNNY read! I am SO HAPPY for her b/c apparently the book is doing really well, and I can see why!

  43. Sam x says:

    He gave her an STD and didn’t even bother to take responsibility for his actions went off to Leann? That’s just really cold. He’s lucky she didn’t go Elin Woods on him with a golf club. Even though the way she is making money is questionable, but she is doing what she has to do to provide for her children, some point down the line the kids will find out what went down between their parents and they can decide for themselves how they feel about daddy dearest. I agree with y’all she needs to quit messing with her face and I hope she sticks to her word after the book tour ends. I downloaded the sample of the book off iBooks, gonna give a read and if I like it, I’ll probably give it a download. x

  44. Cirque28 says:

    I didn’t know if I would buy Drinking and Tweeting or not, but then I thought, “10 bucks and I’ll read it on my phone, why not?”

    It’s a fun read, not a pity party at all. Leslie Bruce really captures Brandi’s sense of humor. The book is hard on Eddie (although not bitter or unfair, I think) and hard on Brandi herself, also.

    What surprised me about the book is–this will seem counterintuitive to anyone who reads gossip headlines–Brandi is pretty darn disinterested in LeAnn Rimes! Of course LeAnn comes up in the narrative, and there are little digs here and there. But IMO the main relevance LeAnn has for Brandi is as wife/stepmother/new friend to Brandi’s ex-friends. However, LeAnn in and of herself, e.g. what makes her tick, what does she think about, where is she coming from/going to? Nothing. There’s a dismissiveness there that you just can’t fake. Which I love. It seems very healthy and forward-looking, although it may be the most upsetting part of this for our poor obsessed LeAnn. I hope LR’s relationship with Eddie is less one-sided than her relationship with his ex-wife!

  45. Mingy says:

    whoa that top pic..those crazy eyes speak volumes.

  46. Baylor says:

    Random note again:

    Eliza IS pregnant. However, I guess LeAnn’s “sister” was too. Wonder if her “sister” and now Eliza having a baby are making LeAnn get all sorts of baby fever. Wonder if she is begging Eddie to let them try for a a baby as we speak. I can’t picture her waiting much longer. Perhaps she will wait till after her album is released and the “promotion” is all done for it. Trust. She will be putting on some serious pressure on Eddie.

  47. tricklady says:

    Can you imagine if Eddie were to get a job? Watching Me Ann on set going bonkers when he had to kiss someone. She would be there morning, noon and night! Sounds DELISH!

  48. Haolebunny says:

    Brandi cracks me up. I just love her. It is Eddie’s responsibility to pay part of her bills and by “her bills” I mean the bills that put a roof over his kid’s heads and the food that they eat. I have a deadbeat dad for the father of my daughter and men like that make me sick. I can’t wait to read Brandi’s book.

  49. why? says:

    Is Leann planting negative stories about herself just so that she can deny them? Again The Gossip Cop released a denial from Leann before the story even hit the internet and other blogs even become aware of it. The Nationl Enquirer per GC is reporting that Leann is getting a $100,000 makeover to keep Eddie happy and has been spending tons of money on lingerie and sex toys. Does this mean we are about to see photos of Leann and Lizzy out shopping?

  50. elceibeno08 says:

    How can Leann be expected to pay HIS child support? If she does Leann is an idiot. Let him go get a job and pay 8,000 dollars a month so the spoiled ex wife and children go on living like royalty.

  51. MsAubra says:

    ” With Eddie not working”

    I detected a bit of shade…I did! :)

  52. shelley says:

    I just finished her book. It is not something I would normally read but a lovely diversion from all the computer tech books I am studying now.
    I really enjoyed it and it is an easy read.
    Brandi is open, honest and self depreciating. She acknowledges that she is far from perfect and had a lot to learn. She is a survivor. Eddie screwed her over on many levels and had a new ‘sugar mama’ to help him out. He left her with nothing, as it sounds like they were living on credit.

    This book is her answer to all of LeAnn’s sob stories about how she couldn’t stay away from her ‘soul mate’. Yes, there are some digs against her in the book but they are not as awful as I thought. Brandi’s story is not unlike many women who had the rug torn out from under them, and then are awakened to the bitter truth. I believe that Eddie and Brandi were deeply in love for a long time but Eddie is a cheater, and thus will likely always be. He got caught and then trapped – Hence, LeAnn will keep him as a kept man for as long as she can and no allow him to work, especially with an attractive leading lady.

    I do hope Brandi makes enough money, lays off the plastic surgery and does STOP talking about this situation further. She has proven she is a survivor and can now move on in a positive direction.

    Don’t knock the book till you’ve read it…

  53. Samantha says:

    Lots of Brandi stans…Yikes

  54. Snowpea says:

    Look we all know we look at the world through our own unique frame of reference, but there’s A LOT of people putting BG down today for her choices AND IT’S REALLY STARTING TO GET MY GOAT!


    I am in the same situation as Brandi except I live a million miles away and my ex wasn’t a D grade TV star who shacked up with a washed up country music star stalker, but everything else is kinda similar.

    My ex hasn’t paid child support in a loooooong time. He moved back home with his mother and works in a cash job to avoid paying child support.

    If you have never been in this situation, how can you possibly judge? The pressure is relentless. I work very long hours and after I pay the rent, food, petrol and school stuff for the kids, we have zero money left over. We never go out to dinner, or on holidays or get new clothes. We shop at the op shop (thrift shop for you Yankees).

    Anyhoo, I know Brandi lives in Beverley HIlls and what I consider to be a paltry income would be different for her, but the situation is the same.

    Apart from anything else, you feel SO MAD that your ex could let your kids down like this.

    If someone offered me a book deal worth a million bucks to spill the beans on my loony ex would I take it?

    Hell yeah!

    I just reckon if you’ve never walked in these shoes, how would you know? She’s just doing what she’s gotta do.

  55. april says:

    I don’t like Brandi period. I would not like her even if she was still married to Eddie and Leann never happened. She is very uncouth and immature. She is 10 years older than Leann so maybe she should start taking the high road in some areas. However, I do think if Brandi needs to pay the bills she is entitled to write the book and for her sake I hope it does well.

    Brandi is definitely a hypocrit in some areas. She is very protective of her sons yet feels ok that she could blow the whistle on Adrienne’s surrogacy which Adrienne was still not ready to discuss yet with her sons. That was definitely a low blow and no wonder Adrienne is furious with her. I would be too.

    Sorry, but I just feel her “unfiltered” mouth is sickening. For the record, I think Leann and Eddie are just as sickening.

    • Iyanla says:

      Brandi is a polarizing figure. Love her or hate her. Eddie and Leann are just hated. I love Brandi’s honesty and I have sympathy for what that dog Eddie put her through. What he did to Brandi is malicious and unconscionable and he will do it to another human being and her name is Leann Rimes. Nobody is perfect and in times of crisis and upheavel,, people do and say uncouth stuff. I am giving her a pass after everything she has been through. I like her.

    • Josephina says:


      Agreed. Classless Brandi is at least 40 years old. On the RHOBH she has been reamed many times for her insensitive character by revealing or speaking SOMEONE ELSE’s truth (or throwing F- bombs left and right). She is usually spitting out fragile information that that has absolutely nothing to do with her. On impulse she airs out dirty crap on people and humiliate anyone within arms reach just so she can feel more at ease in the room. I am glad Faye Resnick let her have it. After all, she’s been hurt and humiliated… so she needs company.

      Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned…or a woman that is stuck with her feelings because she wants the clock to move back in time when “she was happy and everything was perfect before…”

      Again, her ex-husband repeatedly cheated on her and the last affair ended the “happy” marriage. I do feel sorry fot the next guy that seriously dates Brandi.

  56. Ruyana says:

    The two stores I went to to buy Brandi’s book were sold out, so I downloaded it on my Kindle. I’m saving it to read while I’m getting the car serviced tomorrow.

    Honestly, if I never read one word of it I would have bought it anyway just to zing MeAnne whose behavior has been so despicable. Brandi didn’t initiate any of this mess. Eddie and MeAnne did. MeAnne has SWF’d Brandi, mocked and denigrated her all this time.

    As someone who has lived through a similar scenario I can tell you that when the boys are adults they will know who the bad guy was…and they will know it wasn’t their Mother.

  57. Pinky says:

    So the Bronco on EC’s sick & demented “favorite things” cake belonged to Brandi’s father? What a C***! Its bad enough they were in the bed (on top of a cake-who does that?), but then to make it public by tweeting the pic was surely another way to taunt Brandi. Im sure that cake was decorated with hurting Brandi in mind more so than pleasing Eddie with his favorite things.

  58. Pinky says:

    I wonder at which point EC told LR he had HPV, or did she find out the hard way like Brandi did. He probably told her the same thing he told his wife, that he was BORN with it. Now that his ‘issues’ have been exposed he probably won’t be getting any side action. I bet LR has him exactly where she wants him now-who would want that creep after now?

  59. Shannon says:

    Does anyone have an update on the sales figures for the book? I know it was doing REALLY well in presales.

  60. Juicy Lucy says:

    I can’t hate Brandi. She has her faults like each of us but who can’t love someone who is blunt, honest, and will not sugar coat anything? Unless we have walked in her shoes, we cannot judge whether or not she is acting appropriately. Eddie hasn’t had a steady acting job in over a year and lives off LeAnn, who loves to play the fragile victim. I can’t stand either one of them. At least Brandi does what she has to do to pay the bills. I believe that she does have her boys’ best interest and heart. I hope that her book is a success and she is able to find happiness once again.

  61. Simple Red says:

    I’m tired of the three of them but I can’t help reading the comments because some are really interesting and others not so much.

    Just an FYI- from a music insider
    All artists (Singers/Songwriters) write about their personal life or write what someone close to them is experiencing in their music…

    As for Brandi- don’t care for her at all.. I understand the my heart was broken but her husband has been doing this since before LR…
    But sometimes when they both say certain things its like shut up already, that goes for both of them…

    • claire says:

      LOL. It doesn’t take being a music insider to know that artists use personal experience as inspiration. The hypocrisy is the issue. She doesn’t shut up about the affair, but expects others, the hurt ones, to keep their mouths shut. She uses this affair as relevancy for her career, but insinuates it’s the others talking that hurt the children. She doesn’t get to dictate what others do just because she’s a singing star from the 90s.

  62. myview says:

    I have never posted before. I have not read the book nor do I closely follow this war between these 3 people. I am posting for one reason. I am a mom. No amount of money, no amount of hatred for an ex, would ever make me choose to hurt my son. I have heard what these 3 adults say about each other. It is toxic, horrible, rude and those 2 boys will eventually know all about it. It is a disgrace to speak publicly, write a song/book or give interviews trashing a child’s parent. To them I say, shut-up, grow up and always put the kids first! I don’t care who started it, this is emotional abuse to these boys. It is no different than giving them a tiny dose of poison every day. It will accumulate and the effects will be devastating and irreversible.

  63. Jayna says:

    @Christin, regarding your comments about Jonny Cash and June, that June tried to make it a greater love story than it was, I disagree. I agree, the first wife was probably marganalized in the movie. Of course, he loved her greatly in their courtship and marriage, four children. I didn’t know about her book. People can love greatly in their early years and then it fade and as they change they love someone more and are more connected to at that stage. June Carter was Johnny’s greatest love, 35 years, and inseparable.

    Quote from the ex-wife’s and Johnny’s first child, Roseanne Cash, about June and her dad:

    “Rosanne Cash also said June’s great mission and passion in life were lifting up Johnny Cash. If being a wife were a corporation, she said, June would have been the CEO.

    “It was her most treasured role. She began every day by saying, ‘What can I do for you, John?’ Her love filled up every room he was in, lit every path he walked, and her devotion created a sacred, exhilarating place for them to live out their married life.”

    “Rosanne Cash said. “My dad has lost his dearest companion, his musical counterpart, his soulmate and his best friend.”

    When Johnny Cash had been in ill health for a long time and facing his mortality, his body failing (before June unexpectedly died) he made a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt.” Heartbreaking. Trent Reznor was blown away by the video and cover.
    June’s stepdaughter commented in the video below showing the music video and talking about their amazing love. I don’t think I have ever cried watching a music video before Johnny’s Hurt. Most of the music video in the video below.

    Hurt song/and commentary:

    Back to Brandi. LOL

    • Christin says:

      @Jayna – I agree that there was certainly strong love between J&J, and also found “Hurt” very moving, along with Rosanne’s eulogy for June (which you quoted in part). Rosanne is good at taking the higher road, but there is clearly differing viewpoints in their family that surfaced a few years ago. Due to each differing perspective, who knows where reality lands. Now only the kids can give their view, because the main players are gone.

      I think there are several lessons from Johnny’s less public triangle. Lesson one is to keep it less public! Letting go and respecting boundaries (especially with kids) are key. I really hope the current triangle can clear the air, co-parent productively and be civil now, instead of letting things fester for many more years.

      To give disclosure, I have a couple of connections to one of the key parties in the Johnny triangle (through family and geography). I have always tried to be open minded, but there are many contradictions and different perspectives to this day. That is probably what draws me to this current triangle.

  64. CharmingFrock says:

    I suppose California child support law must have just changed to exclude the new wife’s income. When pigs fly. Her ex, by himself isn’t worth much, but add Leanne in the mix…the sky’s the limit.

    • Girlattorney says:

      It didn’t “just” change. I lived in a working class neighborhood (the best I could afford) struggling to pay school tuition for my son and my own student loans, while my deadbeat, trust fund baby, only occasionally employed ex lived with his new, rich wife in Brentwood–house with a pool, the whole bit. I had to pay EVERYTHING because he had a “low” income. My son is 13 now and I think I have received a total of $160 since the divorce 12 years ago. Then I lost my “high income” job and had to move to get a new one, and automatically lost physically custody (technically it’s still joint). My income is now so low (he now has a good job and received a large inheritance) and I have so many more children, that he still technically owes me child support. ha ha ha. I will never see a penny. I am looking at having to sell stuff to pay for my son’s plane tickets for summer and Xmas.

      The law has been like this in California since at least 2005. BTW when we do our child support calculations, we ALWAYS include my new husband’s income (which isn’t a lot) in “my” income. Because we believe that if you marry somebody with a child, you take responsibility for that child. If he had felt differently, I would not have married him.

  65. Cinnamon says:

    I like that Brandi told the TRUTH about the grossness of the affair aftermath. People seem to be thinking its ok for leann to sing about her affair in a lovey dovey way but HEAVEN FORBID Brandi tell of how her family was destroyed by Eddie’s actions and Leann’s craziness following the affair and what she went through emotionally.
    Like I’ve said in previous posts, if you were a mom trying to support your family with no real job skills and someone offered you 100,000k+ to write a memoir, would you really turn it down to make minimum wage at the mall or something in that genre when your only child support is dependent on if your ex husband decides to work that month? no you would’nt. those boys are going to be just fine. Pamela Anderson has two boys, a porn tape, and playboy, AND tommy lee for a dad. Hollywood kids are different category than what you would see in middle america anyway.

    • candigirl says:

      Have you seen the pictures of Pam’s kids? They are sooo clean cut and cute. I think the personal parenting in the home and family, if kids know they are loved trumps media influence. Life is long and kids will go through many hard experiences in life. One of the best things you can give them as a parent, in addition to love and affection, is the model of courageous living. Brandi is standing up for herself and not letting her ex bury her.

  66. Louise says:

    I followed Brandi on twitter for a little while when I first learnt about this which was about a year ago? At first I thought she was clearly the sensible one but then she would write silly things and comments that were inappropriate, I got the feeling she’s not that bright. In the end I despaired and unfollowed.

    But I DO like she’s not willing to crumble and hide away, I do think it’s been very difficult for her and I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your family “stolen” and god forbid having Meann as any part of any of our lives.

    As much as I disagree with the way Meann has and is behaving, I do feel the man in all this is hugely to blame.

    I’ve seen many women completely change personality with a strong, clever man. I have a feeling Eddie is the more intelligent of the 3. If you watch old videos of Meann talking she makes sense and seems almost normal.

    Now she seems like a completely different person. paranoid, upset, angry. Brandi, also angry. I’m convinced he’s happily playing them off against each other, for his own whims and satisfaction. he’s not a healthy person to be around.

    I once knew 2 men. Both were players. I wasn’t involved but watched from the side-lines as I knew some of the women involved as we mixed in the same hobbies.

    the first man caused endless hatred as he left each woman in more despicable circumstances than the next. things like getting fed up with one, not saying why to her face (her actions displeased him as she wasn’t putting him first!) so he started dating the next that asked him, for 3mths seeing both, then texting the 1st to meet him later but meant it for the 2nd. so causing endless disharmony and needless upset. He’d then chase after the 1st, upsetting the 2nd who had to wait for him, the 1st didn’t want him so then he went with the 2nd. A random person in a different country then became the next interest, upsetting both 1st & 2nd etc this guy caused endless heartache over months, and i watched strong women become out of their minds with rage, upset, being ignored, and finally dispersing & wanting nothing to do with him while had another circle of upset going on. (he always blamed the women too saying they were crazy, when they were crazily upset as he lied to them so much, their entire reality was fake, they knew it but couldn’t really prove it always. nothing worse than that imho, the endless thinking & wondering) They were consumed by it, and it was all the could talk about almost. I had more than one tell me they thought they were going crazy, as lover boy had said so and their fears seemed unfounded. It was truly horrid to watch. I’ve also watched him lie as quick as a second. He gave his gold ring to a new gf, and told the old when she asked about it that he’d “thrown it away”. She said she was horrified because she loved the ring, she’d worn it on a necklace when they first met for a month until he bought her one. I said he wouldn’t throw out a ring from his parents! then deceased! true to form the ring was back on his finger after a month.. the endless lying drove them all so mad.

    the 2nd guy, he had a heart. yes he was a player, but he handled it well. He was straight up honest. He told them all he would never settle. some fell in love with him, but they knew the score and it was fine with them. he told everyone they were beautiful and built up their self-worth. I saw some of the begin college courses and completely change jobs to ones they loved due to his encouragement. he never mixed up messages or lied to them. he supported them when needed. he has a huge circle of women who think well of him but also think well of each other as he’s never made them feel inferior or promised fake promises. many of them are good friends. I’ve seen women tell him their plans for fake boobs & him talking them out of it as they’re beautiful as they are. each are fine with the way they look as he’s never made them feel otherwise. one told me she always felt plain but he’s taught her she’s beautiful. now that’s a man, even though he’s a player.

    I know which one eddie is, and it sure isn’t the second! If you want to know what a man is like, don’t look at the smiles to camera, all that fakery. look at his women and how they behave. it’s all there.

  67. heidi says:

    It is #13 today in all categories, #6 in new releases and #2 in three other categories and getting a military parade rating of 5 stars in reviews. Everyone is super amped reading it and asking when her next book will be out.

  68. candigirl says:

    When Leann wrote the “Borrowed” songs she said she wrote them for a “friend.” Whenever I hear the songs I imagine that friend was Scheana Marie Jancan.

  69. jess says:

    BERNIE”S RANT on Twitter, you guys read this, I Could Not Believe It, no wonder she was upset. This is out of control.

  70. Macey says:

    New blind on CDAN thought to be LR, I could totally see her doing this too.

    This B list celebrity who is A++ list in her mind is also very jealous. Extremely jealous. She also freaks out a lot. Anyway, her actor husband was filming a scene with this very very attractive C list celebrity/actress who would be a D lister if not for her husband. Anyway, the scene involved some kissing and not very much clothing and the scene took about an hour longer than anticipated. In that hour, when the celebrity did not hear from her husband she got on a plane and flew halfway across the country and when she got there screamed at him with spit flying from her mouth in front of 30 people and told him that when she called he should answer and that noting was more important than that.

  71. why? says:

    I thought that Leann was going to try to overshadow Brandi’s book by annoucing a pregnancy. I was wrong. 3 days after Brandi’s book release Leann annouces via TMZ that she is going to sue Brandi’s dentist for ruining her teeth and her career. It doesn’t end there. On the same day that Leann is suing Brandi’s dentist, we also learn that book stores won’t carry Brandi’s book. They told her that it’s due to a low demand, but since Leann is going after Brandi’s dentist, Leann probably sent out some legal threats to them as well. Leann is so confident that she won this round that she took to tweeting about Brandi’s son and wrote another passive aggressive blog on her website. Funny how her dental pain and bleeding stopped when she was playing baseball with Eddie and Brandi’s son or was eating those stuffed peppers.

  72. Rajani says:

    Brandi is TRASH! Things happen in life and though I feel sorry for her past “married life”, I do not like her behavior She does NOT speak the truth, She speaks what she “wants” regardless of the truth! She says it is the US of A? Sounds like we ALL lie in the US! Does that mean we can talk and slander anyone we are jealous of? She is CLEARLY jealous of Adriene! IF she has 2 kids to raise and her ex-husband is not paying the bills as she claims, Brandi go get a job! WE ALL do that! We work and do not have time to gossip and lie. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between someone sending a letter through their lawyer so that Brandi would apologze AND someone suing!! And Lisa and Ken, LISTEN for a change.Poor Brandi is not being attacked. She says awful things about everyone! What has that to do with her single woman status? IF someone bad-mouthed me especially something personal, I EXPECT an apology And a written statement to shut the F-UP, Brandi! And Lisa you would too! IF it was anyone else but Brandi.

    • jeanie says:

      totally agree with you! Brandi is a lost cannon, She thinks if she twirls thru Lisa and Ken’s bedroom and throws herself at Ken and Lisa thinks it is cute for whatever reason, then ALL is set right by Lisa and Ken! This seems to be true too as they stand behind her and instead of listening to WHAT she is saying just keep parroting – she is a helpless woman, she is a single woman! yeah Ken? what if she says Lisa is screwing around with jax! huh? You would say – Brandi is a single woman, cant say anything but invite her over to tea parties and hope that Adriene will be attacked. Dont you see, YOU do that! And think it is others not defending you. And Lisa what is wrong if Adrien uses spray tan! Get off your British butt, will ya?

      • jeanie says:

        You nailed it, Jeanie! Brandi needs to go from the show and focus on being the mother she claims she is! Instead of attention on herself, by being on TV, drinking witht he girls and slandering her ex and “friends”, she needs to move away from the limelight and “raise” her children! Maybe Ken will give her job? or Lisa at SUR?

  73. essie says:

    first of all if your husband cheated and you were left dry, it is not only very depressing but devastating… having been dumped for a wealthy woman after cheating you and since your ex and her new missus are moneyed they can conquer each and every social network just to justify what they did… brandi must be a strong woman not to wallow in depression but stand up and survive for her two boys…what brandi is talking about is not that eddie’s not paying the bills but trying to give the best for her children by standing up from devastation and low self esteem brought about by the betrayal of her supposed to be protector for whom she has sacrifice her life and modelling career to build a family with the man she love… many wives being betrayed by their better half can relate to this especially if like brandi they were also left high and dry after the divorce… leeanne is wealthy of course she has the means for the former wife to look bad and her to look good…