Pippa Middleton introduced Will & Kate to her new rich boyfriend, Nico Jackson

Lost in the hoopla surrounding Duchess Kate’s Great Bikini Photo Flap of 2013 was an interesting little detail about Kate’s sister, poor Pippa Middleton and her ass of lies. I saw on some of the UK sites that not only had Kate and William gone on vacation (again!) with Kate’s entire family, but that Pippa had invited a gentleman friend along for the Mustique vacation as well. Pippa’s love life has been the cause of much consternation over the past year. I feel like Pippa might still be operating as if she’s the little sister of Poor Waity Katy, you know? It’s like Pippa doesn’t understand that she’s now the sister-in-law of the second in line to the throne, and she could actually play hard to get and score a high-quality man. Pippa seems very Uptradey and like she’s still hustling and angling and… well, I just feel for her sometimes. She’s always going to come up short compared to Kate.

So over the past year, Pippa has been hanging out with many wealthy, available men. She’s been swinging around all of Europe basically, even some of the trashier choices. Now the Mail says Pippa has hooked up with a guy named Nico Jackson, who sounds kind of nouveau riche but not that bad:

She has been linked with some of Europe’s most eligible bachelors, including aristocrats and playboys. But now I can reveal that Pippa Middleton has fallen for a man who does not own a grand country estate or have an impeccable pedigree. Instead her new boyfriend, stockbroker Nico Jackson, 35, is the son of a retailer who grew up in the Home Counties and went to grammar school.

Pippa, 29, is so fond of her new beau that she even took him on holiday to Mustique, where he met her pregnant sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, brother James, and parents Michael and Carole.

‘Nico comes from a totally different background from Pippa’s other boyfriends,’ said a friend. ‘But he can run well with the best of them. He is tall, good-looking and has the most amazing piercing blue eyes. He is incredibly charismatic and stands out from the crowd. He is a really good catch. Everyone is after him.’

Nico was brought up in a £200,000 mock Georgian townhouse in Folkestone, Kent, the son of Martyn Jackson, 64, and his second wife Ulrike, a former au pair from Austria. Their relationship caused the end of Martyn’s marriage to first wife Antoinette. Martyn owns a trendy ski and sportswear shop, the Landau Store, in the centre of Folkestone, where he is a familiar figure, campaigning on matters that affect retailers such as parking charges.

A young Nico went to the local Stella Maris Catholic primary school, a staunchly religious school, which focused on ‘caring, sharing, love, trust and respect’. He later passed his 11-plus exam and attended Harvey Grammar School, where he excelled both academically and at sport.

Marcello Cosenza, who Runs an IT company, was at primary and secondary school with Nico and remembers him as ‘a very polite person and good at sport. He was very mellow and easy going, not at all confrontational’.

Another schoolfriend, Steve Cleghorn, an insurance broker, adds: ‘He was a nice guy. He was very good-looking, came from a good family, was hard-working and good at sport. I remember his family going skiing an awful lot.’

After leaving university, Nico won a place on M&C Saatchi’s prestigious ten-week graduate training scheme. But he had a change of heart and switched to a career in the City, working as a stockbroker at Deutsche Bank, which gave him an introduction into elite social circles. For two years he dated Alice Farquhar, the daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, master of the Beaufort Hunt. Alice is the sister of Prince William’s former girlfriend Rose. However, they split last summer.

It is not known where Nico and Pippa met but they were spotted together last September at the opening night of Jake Parkinson-Smith’s nightclub 2&8, in the basement of Morton’s, in London’s Berkeley Square.

Now he has been on holiday with the Royal in-laws, who were said to be charmed by him.

‘Nico is a great guy,’ James told a friend on his return from Mustique. Perhaps Pippa has finally found her perfect match.

[From The Mail]

Just think… if Pippa had played it smarter, she could have been a duchess too. But I think that dream is dead, and now Pippa is just looking for a wealthy, well-connected, reasonably-aged man whom she can stand. I get the feeling that Pippa actually wants to marry someone she’s attracted to as well. Like, she’s not going to be one of those “lay back and think of England” types. Which… good for her. Even though she’s a hot mess, I feel like Pippa is strikingly modern. We’ll see. I don’t see her marrying someone named “Nico” but stranger things have happened.

Here’s a photo of Nico – he’s rather handsome!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. indique says:

    The girl needs a good make-up artist STAT – what she does to her eyes is making a (potentially) pretty girl look downright homely

    • Jazz Fabulous says:

      agree, the eyeliner just doesn’t work on her eyes and make her eyes look smaller. She should maybe put eyeliner on top of her lids instead, to make her eyes look wider and bigger. I don’t think she is ugly–she can be cute sometimes–but she doesn’t photograph well.

  2. s says:

    while I think she’s terribly gauche, I can’t help but feel a little badly for her. Second place here is a rough place indeed. Well, I hope it works out for her and this Nico. It’s nice that they’re both movers and shakers- self-made in comparison with Waity and the Future King!

  3. epiphany says:

    A classic example of how having money doesn’t give someone grace or class.
    Are you listening, Kartrashians?

  4. Banskygirl says:

    Reminds me of James Hewitt. Why the sudden come down in aspirations? Desperate for cash? No doubt vacation w/ a prince is part of netting him.

  5. LAK says:

    Well, at least he is from a similar background. They can either relax together or combine their efforts to go further UP.

    Whether or not this report is true, it is so exhausting to fish from as small and an compromising a pool as she does.

  6. CC says:

    I don’t know why but I have this nagging feeling that guys want her because her sister is married to the future king. And that it gets old fast. And honestly, this Nico guy’s background is actually like hers, it’s her going after titled and old fortunes that’s the aberration. This guy is actually her equal, it just remains to be seen if it’s enough, that family is highly ambitious and uptradey.

  7. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    She’ll be fine and does not appear to be in a hurry to settle down. I like her. She appears to be self-reliant so if she did marry and divorce it wouldn’t ruin her emotionally or financially.

  8. Quinn says:

    Man, she is rough looking. Old beyond her years, for sure.

    • lavender says:

      Yup. Harsh-looking like her sis.

      I love watching interesting and famous women (i.e. Kidman, Jolie, Bullock et al)but this one and her sister , Kate seems to be the most “bland” among the bunch. Well, maybe because I came from Asia, a democratic country where women put so much emphasis on having a career. Heh, or maybe because I wasn’t born rich, also.

  9. GoodCapon says:

    I’m just curious Kaiser – where in the article did it say that he’s rich? Because he works as a stockbroker?

    Moving on… I really don’t like her but I hope this will work out for her. I think a change from the usual aristocratic/country type men she usually chases would do her a lot of good and keep her grounded. I think that’s primarily the reason why she and Alex (who I still regard as the one that got away) broke up: she probably started having grandiose ideas after the wedding. She was chasing after hamburgers while not realizing that she already had a steak back home.

  10. PHD Gossip says:

    Nico looks too try hard in the photo.

  11. MyLittlePony says:

    Wow! This Nico person is good-looking. As to Pippa, I suppose it takes a certain kind of talent to look this cheap and clueless when you have more or less unlimited financial resources, and, on top of everything, keep seeing yourself looking cheap and clueless in pics again and again …

  12. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    I am starting to feel sorry for her as the Lady Edith of the Middletons.

    I’m guessing both she and her family believe she has botched multiple chances for an uptradey marriage. I also note in this regard LAKs comment in a post the other day that Kate constantly speaks in an infantile way about how her entire family and William “look after her”. Who looks after Pip?

    It’s tough to be the family failure however glamorous your lifestyle looks.

    • Sachi says:

      I don’t really regard her as the family failure and I hope nobody in that family “looks after” her the way they are doing with Kate. Kate at this point has been so coddled and spoiled that she comes across as vacant and helpless.

      Everyone praises Kate for winning the ’1st prize’, but is William really a prize? He has treated Kate like a doormat for 9 years and probably still does. William is a control freak and must be a nightmare to live with. Without his title, who would want him? Kate stuck around because no other woman would. Carole most likely told Kate to suck it up and turn a blind eye to William’s shenanigans and flaws and just focus on getting the ring. Kate nowadays is a robot compared to how lively and genuinely happy she was in her Uni days before chasing after William took its toll on her.

      Pippa is probably better off not having Carole’s extreme scheming put on her. She strikes me as more independent and has a mind of her own, and her social climbing seems to be her way of fitting in with the family’s ambitions. She has her own group of wealthy, aristo friends who have been with her since University and I think they truly consider her as a friend and one of them. I don’t like her and I think she’s quite aggressive in chasing after titled men, but she’s the most likable one in her family.

  13. HH says:

    Pippa is by far the most tolerable of all the Middleton clan. Pippa actually has friends of her own. That should be reason number one she has a one-up on her sister. The fact that Kate doesn’t have any friends weirds me out. I treasure quality alone-time and I’m also extremely close with my fam, but I would go nuts without my few close friends.

  14. taxi says:

    Does James ever take friends on family vacays? Why never anything about him?

  15. Madriani's Girl says:

    This is my take on Pippa and I admit I don’t care enough about her to really research her. But my impression is that she is a woman who is desperate to get married because that’s how she was brought up and that she is just as desperate that the man she marries be stinking rich and that everyone know it.

  16. Maria says:

    well I hope this one works for her, but that Alex guy dumped her, and then his parents said that she wasn’t wife material. The media doesn’t leave her alone, and all because she’s Waity’s sister.