LeAnn Rimes is not pregnant, her rep disputes Star Mag’s preggo claims

Star Magazine has a story this week which is already getting a lot of play, and the issue isn’t even out yet. Apparently, LeAnn Rimes is pregnant and Star Magazine knows this because she’s gained some noticeable weight, she stopped drinking (according to friends), and she stopped dyeing her hair. Unfortunately for all of us, we can’t get all excited/schadenfreude-y about this because LeAnn’s rep has gone around denying it to everybody who will listen:

LeAnn Rimes has denied reports she is pregnant. Rumours had surfaced that the country star is expecting her first child with husband Eddie Cibrian.

But a representative for the singer told Mail Online: ‘LeAnn is not pregnant.’

A source had claimed to Star magazine: ‘LeAnn is staying coy, but her friends say she’s beyond excited to be having a baby.’

The publication alleged that LeAnn learned shortly before the holidays that she had a little one on the way.

‘That’s why she didn’t have a single margarita in Cabo over Christmas and New Year’s,’ the source claimed. ‘Normally she can’t get enough!’

The star has come under much criticism for her too-thin figure in the past but has been cutting a far healthier shape of late.

And the insider said of LeAnn’s newly healthy figure: ‘LeAnn has stopped bleaching her hair, and is relaxing her diet to gain weight the way a pregnant woman is supposed to. She hasn’t always taken the best care of her health, and she’s determined to get it right. She’s wanted Eddie’s baby ever since they got together.’

However on Sunday LeAnn was off to dye her locks and tweeted: ‘Hair color, then bang trim and dinner w/ the hubs. It’s gonna be a warm evening, so a patio w/ yummy food we must find.’

The 30-year-old’s husband already has two sons, from his first marriage to Brandi Glanville, and the insider has claimed that he does not want a girl.

‘He knows how badly he’s already treated the women in his life,’ the source alleged. ‘It would drive him crazy trying to take care of a girl.’

[From The Mail]

Gossip Cop also got a comment from LeAnn’s rep, who told them: “LeAnn is not pregnant, as I told Star Magazine but they chose to ignore it.” And Eddie’s rep also commented, saying that the story “is not true.” Too bad. Also: I hope that if and when LeAnn does get knocked up, she does have a girl because OMG that will be amazing.

So… take off your party hats and take down the streamers. LeAnn is not knocked up, and I really don’t think she would have ordered her rep to GO HARD against the rumors if she was just going to have to admit a pregnancy in a month, you know? So I believe that she just gained some weight and it doesn’t equal baby. But here’s the question I always have about the way celebrities deny some stories and let other stories sit around, gaining traction – why did LeAnn feel so strongly about letting everyone know she wasn’t knocked up, while her rep couldn’t be bothered to comment on that story about the Instagram account which belonged to “Eddie”?

Photos courtesy of “Eddie’s” Instagram (now defunct) and WENN.

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  1. dorothy says:

    Thank god. This is one that doesn’t need to reproduce.

  2. brin says:

    It is interesting that Leann’s rep denied it so quickly, maybe it was her new rep’s idea or Ed’s.

  3. smartyparty says:

    Can you even imagine how messed up her daughter would be? I really truly hope she never gives birth, especially to a girl.

  4. Macey says:

    oh I posted the Blind Gossip on the other thread but here is it again, all guesses for the blind are LR and Ediot..

    Either this celebrity couple either needs to work on their communication skills or they are mixing things up in a lab.

    Allow us to explain. She wants to be pregnant. She wants it badly. She can’t wait to have kids with him. Specifically, she wants a girl (She has enough blue in her life, and wants a little pink to balance it out). She has been buying pregnancy tests and looking at cute girlie baby clothes and telling friends that she’s had several false alarms, but no luck just yet.

    Umm… did her SO forget to tell her something? He may have “forgotten” to tell her that she may be doing a lot of guessing and planning and worrying for nothing. Why? Because he got a vasectomy after his last marriage!

    Of course, there are other possibilities. He may have had the procedure reversed. Or, he may have put a little some some in the bank before the snip snip, and they are now tapping into that reserve in order to procreate. Or, they are relying on donor sperm.

    We’ll know soon enough, because she is undergoing fertility treatments right now (even though she is not old), and “plans” on announcing a pregnancy before the summer starts.

  5. Joanna says:

    I betcha million bucks eddie boy’s had a snip snip done on the down low. otherwise she would def be preggo by now. either that or she’s not capable of having kids.

  6. crab says:

    God they’re such a couple of douche bags!

  7. Cam S says:

    I figure she just cut out the laxatives and she bloated up a little. Plus, it is exhausting trying to diet down to where she was. Her body/bone structure is not naturally that thin (unlike Brandi’s who is like 5ft 10in). I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep that heroin chic look up forever, especially when you like to exercise (gotta have energy). There is a timeline on twitter of Leann’s “transformation”. Her SWF’ing is so obvious

  8. fabgrrl says:

    Oh, I’m sure a pregnancy will be coming sooner or later. Sigh.

  9. Little Darling says:

    I don’t even think it would be funny if she does actually get pregnant. I’d have serious concerns for this child for a number of reasons. First being she is clearly pretty incapable of caring for another human being (beyond getting nekkid and “giving” sex whenever it’s wanted and taking Instagram photos), she doesn’t understand her body yet, and then when she and Eddie break up…she has NO stability in her life, none whatsoever. Not in family, not in friends…I mean seriously. I’d be worried for a child that wound up being hers alone, we all know Eddie isn’t great with care for the kids be already has.

    It’s a bad science experiment in a beeker about to bust!

  10. candigirl says:

    Haha Kaiser, those “Eddie” Instagram shots never get old. They just scream: “Look at me, I am Leann, I will not be ignored, Dan!”
    Hahahq. Also, the lines people gave her for each of these photos was priceless, like: “It looks like the laxatives are kicking in” and the gem: “So you broke up your family to snack on Costco cheese platters?” LMAO!

  11. Dee Cee says:

    She doesn’t dare gain another ounce, eat and sleep properly or give Eddie a chance excuse.. I was lonely, thought about you dear, just a freaky thing.. to cheat on her while she is breeding and wan..

  12. judyjudy says:

    I hope she has a girl and names it Brandi.

  13. Memphis says:

    Nah, she’s not pregnant she just needed the rumors to swirl to try and draw attention away from Brandi’s book and interviews and the fact that our resident “Why?” was right when she said Liz is with them on vacation for threesome fun times (and yes I threw up a little in my mouth as I wrote that)…

    She’s just been binging on cupcakes in her closet while crying and clutching Brandi’s book (which she insist she didn’t read but her “rep” apparently did LOL) so her ass is getting bigger.

  14. KellyinSeattle says:

    I always assumed she didn’t want to get pregnant simply because she didn’t want to gain weight, and since Eddie only likes “skinny girls”….if she has a baby, the tweeting pics will be 24/7.

  15. Samigirl says:

    I know someone mentioned her psoriasis (sp?), so wouldn’t she have to go off her meds if she wanted to get knocked up? I don’t see that happening here.

  16. Byte Me says:

    Isn’t the point of this (well planted) story suppose to take the focus off Brandy and her book?

  17. truthful says:

    I read some where that he had a vasectomy or something..

    also read that Leanne does not know and she is taking fertility drugs to make it happen…it also said to watch for her to gain weight due to the drugs.. ALLEDGLY

  18. Gemini08 says:

    I think Eddie would lose his shit if LeAnn got pregnant! I don’t think he wants that AT ALL- lol!

  19. Christin says:

    So I guess those Monday meetings with the publicist result in these silly stories being planted by week’s end. We can probably expect more as the album release date approaches.

    Even though I think this is just more of “look at ME/US, talk about ME/US”, the claims that hubby does not want a baby girl are tacky and insensitive. A baby is a blessing that some folks would dearly love to have, and gender SHOULD NOT MATTER.

  20. why? says:

    Star didn’t notice anything. Leann planted the story. You can always tell when these stories are from Leann because Gossip Cop denies the story before anyone even knows it exists. Another indication that it came from Leann, people predicted that she would use the pregnancy card to overshadow Brandi’s book.

    Star ignores the fact that Leann was on a wave runner with Eddie in January. Posted a blog about how she was having drinks with Eddie to celebrate the house they bought in December, on twitter talking about how her “biologic” meds for psorasis kept her flare free for 10 years days before Gossip Cop got word of Star’s article, and has been tweeting about the teeth surgeries that she had in January. If Star had just written this article on their own, they would have mentioned one of these things. How did they know that Leann and Eddie were at the OB-GYN? There were no photos from AKM-GSI or KM press group.

    Plus Radaronline released another tidbit about how Bravo is pursuing Leann for RHOBH. The dead giveaway that this too came from Leann is when the source says that Leann turned down Bravo because she has a flourishing music career. Did we miss something? The two songs she released in December are getting less than 34 plays on the radio/week(on the radio airplay charts for country music the song ranked at #60 received 34 airplays) and are not in the top 100 country songs on Itunes. So how is her career flourishing?

  21. Baylor says:

    You know that if LeAnn got pregnant she would search like crazy for pictures of Brandi pregnant and try to SWF those. If it’s a boy she might tey to copy the boys nursery. Go to the same obgyn and classes, etc. Same them for a baby shower, etc….