Regis Philbin’s disabled son is broke (update: comments from Regis’ son)

Talk show host Regis Philbin has a disabled son, Danny, who is unemployed and trying to make ends meet by selling handcrafts. Danny is from Regis’ first marriage. He was born with a spinal cord defect and grew up at Angel View Crippled Children’s Foundation in California. He is now wheelchair bound after undergoing a double amputation made necessary by his condition. Regis also has daughter Amy with his first wife, and daughters Joanna and Jennifer with his second wife, Joy.

Danny Philbin has a college degree from California State University and used to hold a position at the Pentagon. He has been out of work for three years now and is struggling to get by in Cathedral City, California. Danny’s wife spoke to the National Enquirer, and said that her husband is too proud to ask his wealthy dad for help at all, even though they’re so broke they have to resort to borrowing money for groceries.

“Our finances have gotten so bad we had to file for debt consolidation, and we barely have enough money to eat. Sometimes we have to borrow money from friends to buy food!” Judy [Philbin] told The Enquirer.

“To make ends meet, Danny has taken odd jobs. He worked for a while at a bookstore and more recently, he’s been working 12-hour days making decorated light switch covers to sell at weekend craft fairs.

“But at this point, we don’t even have enough money to pay the $70 fee for a booth at a craft fair!”

Judy is appealing to her famous father-in-law through The Enquirer because she says: “Danny is too afraid to ask his father for help.”

In our Dec. 15 issue, we reported the disabled 43-year-old was selling craft items to help pay medical bills, while his wife was doing in-home health care in Cathedral City, Calif.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 5, 2008]

What’s more is that like many families their debt problems were worsened when Judy lost her job and her health insurance, resulting in high medical expenses.

Judy says her husband is “hurting emotionally, but he just won’t open up to his father.” She also says he’s in a lot of pain and his condition is getting worse.

We don’t know their situation beyond this brief story so it doesn’t seem fair to judge Regis for not supporting his son. It’s possible that Regis has no idea that his son is broke without health insurance. From what Judy is saying, Danny is just too stubborn and proud to ask for Regis’ help at all. Family relationships are complicated and maybe Regis and Danny had a falling out at some point and don’t speak. There’s probably much more going on than we’re hearing and it’s possible Regis loaned Danny money in the past and there are hard feelings. It’s sounds like Danny and his wife are really struggling though and maybe Regis will try to help them after this story gets out.

The latest National Enquirer, with Marc Anthony’s supposed reunion with his ex-wife on the cover, has photos of Danny and his wife.

Update: Regis’ son has commented on this article, below. While we cannot verify that it is the same person, the IP address does come from the same area that the National Enquirer says he lives and the content of the comments make them seem genuine. He says we do not know his situation at all and that it is unfair to pass judgment. A lot of people are facing hard times and we hope this works out ok for him.

Regis Philbin is shown at the Academy Awards on 2/22/08. Credit: PRPhotos

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  1. boomchakaboom says:

    As a parent it’s inconceivable to think of your child, no matter what age he/she is or what kind of stormy relationship there may be, going through such difficult times as described above and not helping in any way possible. It’s just not right to not help anyone if you can, and especially your own child.

    My parents and I often clashed over just about everything and our relationship was usually a disaster in every sense of the word. BUT when true hardship hit me and my life literally blew up in pieces (which happened way too often, frankly), they were always there for me. They were the one constant I could always count on to bail my dumb ass out of whatever predicament I was in. They taught me what being a parent was really about. It’s about love. Love without question or strings attached.

    Regis should, and surely will, knock himself out getting aid to his son. He’s certainly able financially, and it would definitely be the right thing to do on every level. If not, then Regis will go down on my shit list forever.

  2. Leandra says:

    It would be unthinkable for me to allow my son to suffer like this. Is Regis so out of touch with his son that he can’t see for himself how dire his situation is? Come on, Regis, throw your disabled, out of work son a lifeline.

  3. Kerri says:

    This whole story reeks of bull. So if he has a degree and previously worked for the Pentagon, what kind of disability is holding him back from getting a job in the same field? Apparently he has use of his hands if he is making light switch covers. Just because parts of your body don’t work correctly doesn’t mean your mind doesn’t work. (I highly doubt he played soccer professionally for the Pentagon, you know?) And if you knew that your husband was too embarrassed to ask his father for help, would you further the problem by going to the National Enquirer to talk about it? And who is to say that Regis hasn’t offered help only to be rebuffed? I mean, if he was too “embarrassed” to ask, don’t you think he would politely decline when offered money from wealthy Dad? Too many plot holes. Two thumbs down, Enquirer.

  4. Baholicious says:

    Not that I usually give much weight to a lot of what he says, but Howard Stern’s had Regis on his shit list for a long time. According to him, Regis has pretty much ignored his son’s existence in general. So here’s Philbin on one hand and on the other (surprisingly to some I would guess) is Jerry Springer, who is a very devoted father to his disabled daughter.

  5. Kristen says:

    Doesn’t anyone else find it ridiculous that the wife went to the Enquirer, of all places? I mean, if her husband is so proud that he won’t ask his dad for help, do you really think he’d be happier with her going to the tabloids? Sheesh.

  6. Donna says:

    since when is the national enquirer or howard stern considered credible sources? i will wait to form my opinion.

  7. Baholicious says:

    @Donna, that’s why I lead my comment with that ‘disclaimer’ re: Stern. However, he was pretty adamant about it though and emotionally upset. He’d seen Philbin interact with his son apparently. I think there’s mention of it in his book ‘Private Parts’ and I should go back and check to see. If it’s published there, it’s true or he would’ve been sued for libel years ago. And too, Philbin would count on ‘who the hell pays attention to Howard Stern anyway?’ but a lot of people do. Just sayin.’

  8. Mrs.Ezc says:

    It makes me ill to think of how much money these “celebrities” make while there are hard working “college” educated people making next to nothing … this country is so backwards! Regis needs to take care of his kids … his son shouldn’t even have to ask!! As a father he should just do it!!

    • Nicholas says:

      This comment about a persons own wealth is very revealing to me. Some football players make far more money then most doctors. But millions of fans around the country and the world support that sport with their hard earned dollars. So the players are a contributing factor and they of course share in the enormous profits. I hope you can wrap your mind around the concept of “you reap what you sow”.

  9. Lore says:

    If a person doesn’t actively love and care for his children of any age how can he love anyone at all?

  10. yadira says:

    Regis is getting older and it’s not like he can take the money with him when he passes so might as well put it to good use.

  11. prissa says:

    I’m with Kristen, couldn’t she have… oh I don’t know – maybe picked up the phone or wrote a letter to Regis? Unless, he is really a prick and going national is the only way to pressure him into helping…

  12. Rosanna says:

    @ Kristen: she probably did it because she was being paid for that interview.

    On the specific issue of supporting your disabled parent/son: it depends on the kind of person s/he is. Now, I am disabled myself – so I don’t have prejudices against disabled people – *however* some are professional whiners and blame all their shortcomings on others.

  13. Bodhi says:

    What exactly is a “college” educated person? I mean, I went to college & got a degree & I consider myself college educated, not “college” educated.

    By this account, Danny has a degree & worked at the Pentagon, so I’ve not really sure what the point was anyway

  14. Jojo says:

    Too proud to go to his father for help, yet he doesn’t seem to have any problem pandering to the media!!

  15. NotBlonde says:

    As Celebitchy says, there seems to be a lot more to this story than meets the eye. There are tons of reasons why a parent could be estranged from their child, it isn’t all that uncommon. And disabled people can be jackasses too. Them being disabled doesn’t float a magic fairy wand of goodness over them and make them good people. I’ve known really cool, very nice disabled people and others who are just pricks.

    So, I would go with Celebitchy in saying that it would be best to stay out of this mess as it is really no one’s business but theirs and no one knows exactly why Regis is ignoring his son.

  16. cara says:

    this is sorta old news. regis’s son was on the howard stern show about 15 yers ago saying that reg didn’t help him out at all, and howard called him out on it, regis – that is. so i’m buying it.

    ps i just saw baholicious’s comment

  17. Baholicious says:

    @Bodhi: Not sure about the “college” (in quotations like it’s a fly-by-night operation, which happens) thing. In Canada we make a very clear distinction between ‘college’ and ‘university.’ The former here refers to a community college which is essentially more practical-based education. Colleges offer diplomas and universities offer degrees. My experience has been that when Americans refer to ‘college’ they usually mean university.

  18. Mae Wilson says:

    This is old news for sure. His son went public many years ago, basically blackmailing his father for some more money. I guess he and his wife went through that stash and now they’re looking for more.

    There isn’t a kinder more charitable person than Regis. He has donated so much to great causes as well as his time. It’s very hard to believe that he turned his back on his disabled son. Why did his son lose his job? All of a sudden, his wife is talking to the National Enquirer about being broke? Sounds very fishy to me.

  19. Leandra says:

    I think if the son and his wife burn through the money, then Regis could give them only so much per month and once they go through that then too bad. What’s a few thousand a month to Regis? Surely he could afford that. He’s not obligated to have contact with them but throwing them a bone of modest proportions would help them out at least.

  20. NotBlonde says:

    If I had kids who were adults and kept asking me for money, I’d wonder what the hell was wrong. Why did he lose his job at the Pentagon? Why can’t he get a similar job with the government?

    I wouldn’t give my kids money that they just blew through every month and then came back with their hands out for more.

    Of course we don’t know what the situation is exactly…but that’s just my thoughts.

  21. Shay says:

    Regis is a prick? Even though they admit he may not even know Danny is in trouble? He’s too stubborn to ask for help but doesn’t have enough pride to take money from a smut mag? The guy is an adult and he has no excuse if he didn’t ask Regis for help before trying to throw dirt at him.

  22. guest says:

    as much money as regis has, his son and his family should be set for life.

  23. Bobby the K says:

    Really, I question the wisdom of going to a tabloid, or any media for that matter.

    And so far we have heard exactly one side of the story, so i’m happy to wait for more.

    It’s funny that Regis and Letterman are such good friends, because i think Letterman and Stern are friends as well..

  24. dovesgate says:

    I’d want to know why the son lost his job with the government. It is hard to lose your job with any government agency unless you’ve screwed up very badly.

    Regardless, there is still a point up to which many parents will help and while some don’t ever have a limit even when when they should, it sounds like Regis has passed his point. If I were famous and a child of mine went to the tabloids instead of me, there is no way I’d help. Tell everyone I’m a bad guy? Fine, thats what I’ll be.

  25. HallieB says:

    The son is disabled. There have been stories floating around for years that Regis had little to do with his older kids. One story a couple of years ago was that the son was very sick and lost his job due to this and the question was asked why Regis did not help him. One might ask why his son grew up in a home rather than with a parent. Regis has plenty of money, he could have set up a trust to help with the son’s expenses as many parents of disabled children do.

  26. Dan Philbin says:

    So many of you are so completely far off on this. None of you know the mechanics of this article or the situation and you probably never will because nobody wants to upset their pal Regis. He is mean. Especially about helping members of his divorced family. I know from vast experience, Shay. You know from a tabloid. I am not too proud. I am too afraid. I am not a jackass; I did nothing wrong and left government because my mother broker hip in the Katrina mess and we both needed the drier climate, I left the Pentagon on my own accord but with great regret, and I miss my job. You folks think Judy went to the tabloid because she was proud of being able to do so? Those tabloid people have my number on speed dial and they use it. I never came close to cooperating until it had to be done for my mental health, such is my father. None of you know Judy, either. We needed the groceries – bottom line. How difficult to fathom in these times. Everyone has covered his butt for years, to include members of his first family, to include me. Dad doesn’t care what these tabloids write, let them write what they want, they are going to anyway. It’s tomorrow’s fish and chips paper. Thank you folks who were kind about our situation. Dovesgate, if you were I, you would not want to endure my father’s tirades. My dad is not a bad guy, I know him, you do not. This is a weird situation. The tabloids have gone after him before – the man could not care less about anybody but himself.

  27. Dan Philbin says:

    Notblonde. Really? You are right about one thing, you don’t know everything behind this stuff. I use any income I have to pay bills – I have run on hard times. Why the hate?

  28. NotBlonde says:

    “Dan Philbin”: I don’t hate “you” or anything, I’m just saying that that is what I would do if that particular situation presented itself.

    That’s just me. I’m not saying everyone should do it or it is the right thing to do. Just my opinion.

  29. Celebitchy says:

    Dan Philbin’s IP address checks out – it’s from the same area the National Enquirer says he lives and I believe it’s the same person. I’m sorry you’re going through all that Dan and hope that it works out ok.

  30. Dan Philbin says:


    I will ponder your opinion about what you read here. Again, you know nothing about this situation. All this speculation about why I left government is sensationalism at best. Again, your opinion is based on ignorance – oh, I forgot this is America.

  31. Dan Philbin says:

    You guys don’t get it. My dad just signed multi-million contracts. He doesn’t dole out cash, he’s a father, not a bank. Look, I am his only son but I am from the first marriage. I have severe disability, but I use what I have to do what I can – and I always try – especially when I am a little low on funds. I am nobody’s charity case. We of the first family don’t matter all that much to him, as long as nobody complains. There’s a family value for ya’.

  32. Jag says:

    @Dan ~ Since you have such a disability, have you considered applying for Social Security Disability payments? You can still work some, and then at least your groceries would be paid. (You don’t seem the type to also apply for food stamps.) There is also SSI, or Supplemental Security Income – if my memory serves me – and that gives additional money. At least if you had those things, you wouldn’t have to be borrowing money from your friends to feed your family. There’s no shame in applying for money that you rightfully deserve, and when you’re back on your feet, you can have them stop the payments. My mother was able to receive the SS very quickly when she had to stop working, due to cancer.

    As for your father, I still think he could help you out financially a bit.

    Good luck and God bless…

  33. Darren says:

    If I was Regis, I’d offer to pay to relocate Dan to an inexpensive area of the country (I hear California’s cost of living is just too high). Then I’d set up a trust fund to pay Dan’s rent, utilities, groceries, etc., managed by someone within a bank with experience managing trust funds, so Regis will feel confidant his money is being well spent. This doesn’t have to cost more that $2,000 a month to set Dan up to live a decent life. I live on less than that, then again, I live in a large city in an inexpensive area of the country. Problem solved, no more complaining from Dan and his wife.

  34. Rosanna says:

    Dan you are right: we definitely don’t know the situation, and I’m sorry for the situation you’re presently in. However, we can’t form a fair opinion without hearing both sides of the argument. Believing you without hearing his side would be just like believing him without hearing your side. What are we supposed to do? It’s just a blog! If you want your side to be heard by more people, give an interview. Your dad maybe couldn’t care less but venting out publicly will help you and your mental health. I hope you find a solution to your situation asap.

  35. Dan Philbin says:

    Darren: “complaining”? I am asking my father for some extra help, I will never do it again. There, do all the Regis fans feel better? I refuse to go SSI, I will not become an economic slave to the US Govt. I don’t care what my father does to me anymore. I have evolved in my thinging toward him while reading these responses. None of you have any idea of the history behind my father’s miserly behavior.

  36. Celebitchy says:

    There is no shame on going on disability or SSI. I was very sick a few years ago and was considering it, and it is a viable option for many people. I would consider it if I was you. You have paid into the system with your taxes and would not be taking advantage in any way. It is set up for people who need it.

    Please take these responses with a grain of salt. People talk smack on blogs and you need to see it for what it is. We are all armchair critics and have no idea what is going on. You should not have to defend yourself or the article in the NE and you are right that no one knows except you, your family and close friends. Other people’s opinions should not matter that much in this situation. I understand that it can be annoying when people pass judgment based on a few words taken out of context. Take what you will out of it and leave the obnoxious comments behind.

  37. Jinxy says:

    Good luck to you and your family Dan. I am so sorry for your hardship but frankly if my mother had been hurt after Katrina I would have moved to help if I had a job to go to, to be able to sustain both my mother and my family. It sounds like your situation was very complicated at the time. It’s hard to imagine any father, never mind one with such a vast amount of wealth not just offering to help you, just because you are his son – and one would assume he loves you and cares about your well being. For that I am sorry for you. Regis is supposed to be a good Catholic, and certainly isn’t acting like one. I truly hope that you are able to find a way out of this. You may want to, if you are able to try to apply for work at the local VA. I know you are ill, you got a bad break, well a couple of them, a bum spinal cord and a bad father. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Reach out to your church, your community, not to beg but to assist you in getting back on your feet. Depression is the real killer when you have financial problems. A pox on your father.

  38. Leslie says:

    I know an individual who lives on $700 a month social security, lives alone, and will do so until the day she dies. She collected this amount in disability until she turned 59 (or thereabouts), and it converted to Social Security.

    She lives in an apartment in a small town and the rent is $200 a month. The other $500 goes to electric and food. So it doesn’t take much to survive if you find the right location. With low income, your medical will be paid by the government.

    Dave Ramsey, the famous financial specialist who has his own talk show, books and seminars about saving money, advocates living on beans and rice. Recently another couple tested living on $1 a day spent on food. Living lean can be done. Others are doing it, for years upon years. What are you willing to do to survive Dan? Change your thinking and watch your life flourish. Become a survivor. I hope your father helps you and your family, because financially he can, but I hope he does so in a savy and frugal way, so that the money to you will continue for the rest of your life. You just need enough to survive, it can be done, I see it everyday. God Bless.

  39. NotBlonde says:

    Look Dan, I wasn’t trying to be a jackass with my comment. I was expressing my opinion about a situation I didn’t know all the facts about. Every person on this blog does this by commenting on any story written on this blog. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings because I certainly hadn’t meant any harm.

  40. winyan says:

    I think Regis should help his son and wife out. He can afford to help him in his time of need. Sounds like his son is too proud to ask for his Dad’s help. Come on Joy, let Regis help his son.

  41. HallieB says:

    I will say it again, Regis is an extremely wealthy man and could have easily set up a trust for his son so that he had adequate funds to live on and pay for health care needs. I work with caring parents and know that the most common action these parents take who are of modest means is to set up a trust for their loved disabled kids. This is what loving people commonly do. Some of you talking about disability and SSI are not very aware of the real facts. In the state I live in the average payment is less than $700/month. Try living on that and paying for utilities, rent, food, clothes, transportation, and all else.

  42. Whitey Fisk says:

    Regardless of the current situation, the part of CB’s article that’s concerning is that the son, “grew up at Angel View Crippled Children’s Foundation in California.” What does that mean? That he went to school there or actually lived there? Even 40 years ago, Regis would have been able to afford in-home care…

  43. mollination says:

    What I ws wondering was, If Dan was so disabled that he had to live in a children’s home and not with his family, how was he well enough to get married and have a job/degree? Methinks the 2 are mutually exclusive and that you would have to be one and not the other.

  44. brick195969 says:

    This man has a spinal cord defect, that means from birth he has been dealing with a bad hand from life, Regis you should be ashamed, you son achieved a job at the Pentagon, most people can’t spell Pentagon let alone get a job there. If you were not aware of your son’s troubles you are now. Help him or immediately return your “lovable curmudgeon” status at the front desk. You could have him on millionaire password and let him win , that would be nice, the clue is compassion, the answer is “father” .

  45. Dan Philbin says:

    cb, why is your answer always “call the government”? I worked for the Government, do you think me daft enough to rely on them? I don’t need welfare or your backwards opinion.

  46. Dan Philbin says:

    Mollination: The answer is, really, I’m a superhero. I’m not sure how it happened, they just handed me this Masters’ degree and didn’t recognize all that you picked up. Wow. You’ve got a gift. I’m disabled so I cannot have a degree? Are you really asking this? Get this Mollination to a library STAT! I really am stupendous and wonderful, that’s how I did all these mutually exclusive things. Multitasking, you ignornant douchebag! Legs are a sell-out!

  47. Dan Philbin says:


    My attempts at giving an interview were all mysteriously blocked. Has that ever happened to you? No one returned my call; they cover each other’s asses, come ‘on. Catch on. Can’t somebody recognize the media machine that we have created!

  48. Joe says:

    He had a government job and quit working??? How stupid was that. However, if his disability got worst and he could no longer work, he is getting disability benefits from the US government.. So what are they spending their money on? Disability benefits come with health insurance (unless you’re stupid and turn health ins. down) and because he is disabled he is also elegible for Medicare. In other words all his medical bills are paid for. (disabled gov. retiree)

  49. dovesgate says:

    Dan, I have first hand experience with a father who is a first class jerk with alot of money. Not the kind of money Regis has, but still does pretty well for himself.

    I’m also the sole “byproduct” from a relationship prior to his marriage, and sister to 3 boys from that marriage. I know about being left behind while your father pretty much ignores your existance for years.

    I also see how my oldest little brother got married and had 3 children by the time he was 23 and relies on Dad to bail him out every time he gets into a financial hardship. My youngest brother is the same way minus the wife and kids. I certainly don’t get those perks handed to me.

    Surely there is something else you can do, even your wife working at McDonalds (hey, its better than minimum wage most places I’ve been in) or you going on Social Security. I don’t understand why you would try to embarrass your father in the tabloids rather than do anything else to keep you and your family afloat.
    Does the Enquirer really pay that well?

    There is nothing wrong with getting government assistance, especially with the way the economy is. If you can swallow your pride and go to the tabloids, whats different in getting Social Security or disability or food stamps?

  50. Dan Philbin says:

    You called my leaving the fedewral Government job “stupid.” Yes, great benefits, I miss it all. But my mother was ill, I had to get her to a warmer climate. Hurricane Katrina almost took her down, she was seriously injured. Government assistance – everyone wants the GOVERNMENT to “fix it.” We are in trouble because we didn’t go to my father, because he can be ugly about parting with any of his money. I just can’t handle his hostility anymre and I will not. I cannot. This is not about pride. It is about being verbally and emotionally abused when I ask for help. You really don’t know all that is goning on – it sucks. Thank you for taking the time to write.

  51. Hellary says:

    Howard Stern used to rip on Regis for ignoring his disabled son, and I think he was right. Go away, Regis.

  52. Michelle S. says:

    It is dusgusting that Regis would do that to his son. I dont care if they dont talk, but to deny him any money for food medical etc…is beyond my imagination.

    Regis you cannopt take your damn money to the grave. Joyce is also involved in keeping the kid poor, she is also to blame. Sick lady!.

    Regis your not helping your son with the money you have makes me ill.

    Make sure they build a purse in your coffin when you pass away to carry the money with you.

    I have to go trow up. You are a sick piece of crap Regis


  53. Darlene says:

    I know Regis personally back when he could chase women. He would talk to me about his son like he was a loser. He will never give him money, just watch. He loves his money more.

  54. Rulesygirl says:

    I personally after reading this will NEVER ever ever want to watch Regis Philbin Again. I don’t care how much he despises his son. HE has so much money, and his son has no legs and they have to even think about calling the Enquirer.
    HE obviously hates his first wife and his son took the first wifes side (hence his moving to take good care of her) and regis wants him to rot for doing that.
    and i think regis should rot forever and ever. please everyone, let’s not watch his show. some men hate their first wives so much and the children if they don’t “take their side” they just hate them too. so sorry, keep telling the media about your father so you can get groceries, until his new wife (who obviously is disgusting too) or kelly ripa or someone is normal and sends you money.

  55. melissa says:

    I cant believe That that guy is really his son, and I cant believe u guys think it is! If a family member is posting about a famous person in their family they dont announce it. and I think if that guy really is his son then he might have just screwed himself because why would regis or anymore help him now after they sold their story to a tabloid and hes posting messages talking about a private family matter to strangers.

  56. JoAnne G Howard says:


  57. vdantev says:

    Hey, why don’t you stretch your fat greasy finger across that keyboard and click off that caps lock key?

  58. Lanie Leigh says:

    After reading all the comments, I know that I have a very good chance of getting flamed for this comment. I know how hard it is to ask for money and also how hard it is to continue to ask for money after you’ve been turned down. We need to face reality, most of the people of our country are not generous people who will help someone out, even their own children. Yes, I know that millions of people do exist in this country that will do that, but so many more exist that won’t. That’s just how our economy has made us.

    I think it was very brave for the Philbins to ask for money, especially when there is a chance that they will be ignored. But seriously, the flame wars should stop. Nothing comes out of calling people names just because you don’t understand the situation that they are in. But, Mr. Philbin, you are also fueling the fire. While the people on here really shouldn’t leave comments like they do, you shouldn’t be answering them like you are. Things like all of the comments I’ve read make me sad because this is the nature of the people of our country. This is how people react to sad situations. They assume the worse and then insult the people in the situations based on their own assumptions.

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    ~Lanie Leigh

  59. susan says:

    This story does sound a little fishy, however, the only children Regis ever talks about are his two daughters with Joy. I didn’t even know he had a third daughter, and barely knew he had a son. So, obviously his relationship with his first two children is not great.

  60. Dan Philbin says:

    I am fueling the fire? And that would be my articulation, honesty is getting in the way of your “vision”. I’ll make you a deal, go back 43 years, take out half your spine, cut off your legs, while your at it, go for the head. I have already been threatened to stop by my step-mother. She might cut off my hands!

  61. Dan Philbin says:

    melissa: did you go to a special accelerated educational facility, becuase the depth of your knowledge is gripping. Guess what, forget his “help.” Screwed myself? Out of what? Remember, I don’t exist! Read a book, have a sandwich, and leave me alone.

  62. CB Rawks says:

    “Them being disabled doesn’t float a magic fairy wand of goodness over them and make them good people. I’ve known really cool, very nice disabled people and others who are just pricks.”

    Damn well said, NotBlonde. I have seen that, too.

  63. alexander says:

    I not a fan of Regis, nor do I have any animosity. I’ve caught his show and he’s done a good job and he has been successful in work. But, as a person who has seen parents whom the public loves, but are much different to live with. I can understand the situation. I don’t agree with his DIL’s involvement with enquirer, but can see her frustrations. This would have been much better handled privately like her husband wanted. Personally I wouldn’t go to my father for anything. I have thought worked and become a success despite major trauma and natural disaster. MY old Man, I asked not for money, but for a reference for his grandson for a college scholarship application. He called two weeks after the deadline, said he didn’t know why I asked him or what he could do. He prefer not to get involved.
    So despite not asking for money, just a reference he refused. So people just because someone looks nice and social on the outside, they often have their issues with their own family.

  64. KTar says:

    If your disabled & can’t work you should be on ssi. I find it extremely hard to believe that going to a tabloid was your wife’s last resort! Come on.. there are ton’s of people on public assistance ie. food stamps, low cost housing, help with electric,water & telephone bills. Why not seek out that kind of help? Your too proud to ask your father, but not too proud to allow your wife to go to a tabloid.. Comeon! Be real.Disabled or not, your father owes nothing to you, your an adult.

  65. Fran W. says:

    Dan, You have had to listen to a lot of people say some bad stuff, also some not so bad. You have also said some hurtful things. I am disabled as well. I live on SSI $424. a month! That does not even pay my mortgage of $700. If not for my only son, I would be homeless. I take offence at your calling SSI welfare. I’ll soon be 60 years old. I worked for many years and paid into the system, incase I would need it. I thank God and the government for the little bit I get. Without that my son would be hard straped to pay all my bills.
    Dan, I am so very sorry for your problems, and have already started praying for you and your family. I wish all Gods Blessings for you. But you need to make your mind healthy yourself. You can say OH, poor me! Or
    “That which does not kill me only makes me stronger.”
    Again, Dan, God Bless you.

  66. Anna says:

    I believe the story that Regis is not the friendly, caring guy he pretends to be. However, I am having a very hard time believing that the commentor “Dan Philbin” is in fact the actual son. IP address location is certainly not enough to confirm such a claim. Also, the style of writing does not seem to be that of a college graduate, much less an employee of the Pentagon.

  67. Peggy says:

    It is not about money. It is about family. If we do not help each other than what kind of people are we. Regis, you need to wake up and realize you have made mistakes in your life too. You have the ability to help other people, why not your family.

  68. NurseLinda says:

    Based on some of the comments, Dan has inherited his father’s acerbic tone. It is unfortunate that Regis is a lousy father, but Dan is grown. Regis doesn’t legally owe him a thing, and it’s obvious that there is a side to this relationship that we don’t know. Nor is it any of our business. You can’t heal a relationship by trying to force or embarass the other party by taking it to the public. Man up, Dan, and forget about getting any handouts from Daddy. I am in a wheelchair, too, and it is hard. Life is hard, but nobody owes you anything. You have to make your own way and get over the fact that your dad, who has never put your needs first in the past, isn’t going to start now. Forgive him and then forget him, it is very cathartic. And start using your head and handling what little money you have better. Accept the help that IS available to you.

  69. I read this a couple days ago & at first I was shocked. I don’t watch the Regis show and personally I don’t know him or his son. But no one here does including Dan. It’s heartbreaking when ever anyone has a disability, disease, anger management problem, attitude or is a meiser when they defy their loved ones. But from what I read this isn’t a father son relationship either. That’s what is really sad. Second what I see this as is explotation and public black mail. How can someone be too proud to go for SSI or disability but not to exploit their own father. I think that speaks for itself. This story is full of a lot of anger & self pity and isn’t going to benefit anyone. And Maybe Regis helped get the job at the Pentagon and had some relationship at that time because it was the last time Regis spoke of his son with grave concern…and maybe he ignored dad’s advice when he said how will you help your mom with out income? And if you quit don’t come crying to me. So who really knows. There are always 2 sides to every story. I’d like to feel for Dan but from his own comments he doesn’t care about anyone but himself either and from his actions as well.(Explotation & humiliation of anyone is wrong when they have earned their own reputation over years of their own hard work & Dan’s choice of action screams out, I don’t care about anyone but me too.) So maybe rather than blame your father or the rest of us, for your bad choices now and in the past & useing some rescue story of your mother as an excuse of why you are now suffering worse than she was is because in reality you couldn’t help her by quiting your employment but could have if you had brought her to where you were employed. Sorry, that story makes no sense. You can take personnel leave and go back to employment in a crisis. Maybe if Dan would make an honest effort to love his father, accept him as he is, start making healthier choices and drop the attitude, he’d discover he wouldn’t have to wine to the tabloids or hide behind his wife as, oh well, she did it. I bet they both laughed all the way to the bank with the check.

  70. anonymoushere says:

    Dan: You have my sympathy. Your father gives money to charity … well, charity starts at home. He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars…. Why he could not establish a trust fund for you and yours is beyond belief. Even a modest one so that you and your family would be taken care of — and, as far as SSI – I understand – why should you resort to SSI when your family could take care of you — Save that government money for people who don’t have any family resources…I know many wealthy – middle class families that provide for their disabled adult children (as well as their non-disabled children). And the “first-family” syndrome where the father ignores the children of the “first” family is typical….If nothing else, I hope Regis suffers from this exposure. Personally, I will never watch him or his show again….

  71. satnitefever says:

    Unbelievable how many people take the word of the Enquirer and someone, who knows who he really is, as the truth.

  72. lily says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why Regis’s son grew up in a home rather than at home. It doesn’t appear that he was so disabled he couldn’t have been raised with his family. I think that is perhaps the most tragic part of this story….

  73. Jeff says:

    I know from first hand knowledge Danny’s story is TRUE. I would spend hours with Danny and other kids at the Angel View Crippled Children’s Home in Desert Hot Springs, California back in the 70′s. I can not stand to watch or hear Regis Philbin without thinking of that little boy who would hold my hand because his father wouldn’t come to see him.

    Danny be strong!

  74. dovesgate says:

    onlymyopinion has got it right yanno. There was no point in quitting his job to move his mom, the government allows transfers to other climates, hes supposedly “too proud” to ask Dad for a handout but has no problem blackmailing him through a tabloid? Give me a freakin’ break.

  75. Anne says:

    This does no surprise me in the least. I’ve always gotten a vibe of Philbin. How does a father not know that his son is in dire straights? This is awful.

  76. Dan Philbin says:

    I have never heard of this fairy wand thing, can I get one via the internet, or go to the mall. If it makes some of you feel better to take shots at me, bring it. You more of my life than I? Tell me some more, set this money-grubbing cripple straight. You, my smart man, have a way with the language – so impressive.

  77. Dan Philbin says:

    Nurselinda you are one of the kindest people I have ever not known. I should be a good boy and keep my mouth shut. I asked for help. Oh, have you ever asked my father for help? It’s exciting. Thanks so much for checking in, lay off the Verced.

  78. Dan Philbin says:

    Notblonde: “Can’t shake the Devil’s hand and say, you’re only kidding.” You hurt me. Live with it, Regis does.

  79. Dan Philbin says:

    Anne: Dad has wanted to know very little about his first family since he walked in 1968.

  80. Dan Philbin says:

    Ktar: Thank you for your opinion. You are right, I should rely on the taxpayers. The Government will save me!

  81. Dan Philbin says:

    God, so many of you are so blinded, or something. You have no clue. You are whacking me and my wife around for asking for very little help? Dovesgate, you think those kinds of moves are easy? You are still just ignorant. I don’t write as one would were one to go to college or work for the govt. None of you know anything about what happened to my mother. Wow. I don’t think I have read so much BS since leaving the Pentagon. Keep it coming. I like to see so much support for my dad. Go, dad!

  82. CB Rawks says:

    Less and less believable.

  83. former employee says:

    I don’t know Dan, but I have had the misfortune of working with the evil little troll as he was known within our company. I had heard the tales about his son and how he pretty much ignored their existance. Would make me ill when I would hear him extoll the wonderous achievements of his daughters with Joy. Regis is a nasty little man and NOTHING like his on screen persona. Don’t know if this Dan guy is legit, but I have no doubt the story is. I feel badly for Dan and his situation.

  84. Dan Philbin says:

    Former employee: I assure you, I am the legit.

  85. Kimberly says:

    I can only imagine that back in the day when Regis was struggling and working towards success times were different, things that were not pleasant or easy to understand were ignored or hidden. people were being led to believe that June and Ward Cleaver were the norm and life was just a series of lessons learned. The painful or shameful things in life were not often addressed in private and never in public. The people on television were meant to be inspirations and seemed to live the ideal existances. Having a family member or child that was less than perfect would detract from the maketability of a performer, so those things were routinely ommitted or distanced, thats what agents took care of, that was the way things were. time passes and with a busy public life and more and more committments a man who has never really been close enough or around enough to become a father would cease to be one, except to the little one that longed for the love and strength of a daddy. it seems to me like he was left behind in another world where he could probably see his father on television more than he had ever seen him in real life, a child could never understand that. the fact that Dan seems to have overcome all the obstacles he faced from early on is a miracle. He is just like the rest of us working to make ends meet and life better. I think that Joy and Regis could easily give him the same amount of money that they have spent on their daughters wardrobes and grooming all these years and he could live a much more comfortable, enjoyable rest of his life in fact they could make the rest of his life the best of his life if they wanted to. life is a never ending struggle for most and a never ending fairytale for the foremost . good luck Dan and Judy

  86. tarra bollman says:

    We dont know the whole story but I have watched Regis for years and he seems like a good person. I must admit though that though he often talks about his girls with Joy (JJ and Joanna) he never really speaks of his other kids. That must be painful. I did see him with Danny once, and they seemed happy together. If the son has been unable to work for 3 yrs (and he really has a very difficult disability, I have seen that) then why wouldnt any parent be aware and be doing things all along? Regis and Joy are mega millionaires and live a very priviledged life.

  87. JUJUBABE says:

    Greed the series! How much is enough in this world? I have yet to see a u haul hooked up to a casket. NO one is taking anything with them!! Why do rich people wait until they are dead to show love. Give it away now asshole.

  88. puggyqueen says:

    i hope it is you. I had not heard about your plight. I am so sorry.I wonder about some of the people here, how mean can you get? Why would you lie? How very sad that your wife felt she had to go to the tabs it breaks my heart.

    2nd families are often forgotten. Look at Jerry Lewis cooing about his daughter while his rotten treatment of his sons was legendary. It seems customary in Hollywood, sadly. Charitable public acts do not excuse private penury. I imagine that Regis will part with his money only when he dies. The beneficiaries will probably burn through it without a thought.

    I too am disabled, not as profoundly as you are but enough. Unfortunately, i have learned that no one helps, ever. Having just buried my mother who died from Alzheimers, i found everyone has an excuse why they can’t help, have no money or time. If anyone here doubts the ability for cruelty in people, just scroll back and read some of these posts.

    I know pride can be a problem and getting SSi , especially in the Coachella Valley is tough, you might consider it for the benefit of your wife, bless her. It isn’t much but still. As to answer another dumb post
    Cat City is a pretty cheap place to live for California.
    Please hang in there , you are in my prayers

  89. Maria says:

    Wow. I am so sorry to read all this. I am even sorrier that Dan has to defend himself!
    I knew “Reeg” and was often fighting him off. Nevermind that now.
    He NEVER had any cash, NEVER tipped ( ask anyone at Notre Dame or his fav chinese resturant ) He did not speak of his son and now has turned his back.
    I dont blame his wife for going to the tabloid. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    I think a big issue is he is not like most of us reading/writing here. He has more money then…his best friend Trump! Those are the circles he runs in! So, parting with a few should not be all that difficult but to him, its like taking his last dollar!
    So REEG, I got news for you….You can’t take it with you! As hard as you may try, you can’t!
    So now that you are too old to chase women put your $ to good use. I am sure ND will understand if they don’t get as much because you want to help your own flesh and blood.
    Do the right thing. If you even know what the right thing is? Help your son.

  90. Jag says:

    I just want to clarify yet again that Social Security Disability is YOUR money, from the taxes paid as YOU worked. CB is correct.

    Food stamps, on the other hand, are a complete hand-out, unless they’re paid for by things like state taxes. Still necessary, in some cases.

    I don’t remember where SSI comes from, so won’t speak to that.

    So, Dan, to say that you won’t rely on the taxpayers is incorrect, considering you worked at least for the Pentagon – and most likely paid your taxes, as did your employer. That money is rightfully yours. It’s your choice whether you apply for it or not.

    HallieB. ~ I know that SS disability/SSI don’t pay much, but at least it’s something. (And the article mentioned Dan having to ask friends for grocery money.) I know about SSD because my mother received it for a couple of years before she died of metastatic breast cancer. It didn’t replace her fulltime income, but it did help pay some of the bills, and it was very worth her applying for at the time.

    Considering Dan’s disability, and that he has a work history, I thought it would be a good way to have at least a little stable income for now.

    Seeing what has been written since I last posted, I’ll save my further comments for those who have a more open mind about things, and less of an abrasive demeanor. It’s futile to try to change your mind, Dan, so I won’t try.

  91. joe says:

    Dear “Dan”,

    To validate your story, please go to the nearest TV studio, or better yet, have one come to you, and give an interview regarding your present situation. That would put to rest all claims regarding this “story”.

    It is obvious that “privacy” is not an issue here, so just do it and stop wasting your time.

  92. Dan Philbin says:

    jag, hallie.

    No, thank you. You guys have no idea what is behind all of this, so just lay-off the “call the Government” stuff.

  93. Dan Philbin says:

    Joe: I need not validate my situation to you or anyone else. In fact, this Enquierer thing grew out of an article in my local paper about wheelchair inaccessibility where I was trying to get employed by an “Equal Opportunity Employer.” The Enquirer got hold of the story, called us, and we told the truth. My father helps me, but it hurts me to ask him for more when Ineed it, Joe. I cannot handle his demeanor when asking for some extra help. We asked not out of “want,” but “need.” Think of me what you will; my wife and I have to have, at least, our medications. Oh, neither the TV stations, or anyone else, wants to piss Regis off. They haven’t called me and I will not put more strain on the relationship btwn me and my father. He does and has done plenty for me, all I asked for was some extra help. Once. Drink a glass of cold water, or something, dude.

  94. joe says:


    As I suspected, you are one of the following:

    a. Fraud
    b. Moron
    c. Loser
    d. All of the above

    Correct answer: D

  95. Dan Philbin says:


    I’m touched. Such accolades. Boy do you have me figured out.

    Thanks, again, man.

  96. Shay says:

    @Dan Philbin

    Wow I walked away from this one and never looked back till today. Sweety it still stands that you went to a smut mag. Don’t get mad at me I didn’t do it you did. I see you make excuses about doing a story for the local paper but then as a side the Enquirer called you. Well you talked to them right? Then you say your dad has helped you but you don’t want to ask for more. Well that’s what I meant by “too stubborn to ask for help”. I didn’t say anything else about aid from anyone else. Well dear instead of throwing stones at people on this blog maybe you should air out your issues with the Enquirer I didn’t write your story.

  97. Soothsayer Jr. says:

    C’mon, Regis! Is THAT your final answer? I don’t think so. If Regis would give a little TLC to his disabled son, I’m sure he could work things out. I have a lot of sympathy for disabled persons who have a lot of pride. Too much pride can be a bad thing, however.

    My advice would be for his son to swallow his pride and ask dear ole dad for some financial assistance. There are plenty of people out there right now who are in a similar situation. Time are hard, but they’d be even harder if you didn’t have a net to catch you while you fall. Be grateful for having a celebrity father and milk it for all you can.

  98. Peggy R. says:

    From personal experiences, I have learned the following:

    1) Pubic personalities are often just that. I remember a fellow who was the host of a local TV childrens’ show, so good with the little kiddies, talked about his own family in glowing terms. My admiration for him was shattered when he made advances to me in a local coffee shop, later learned he was about the biggest womanizer in town.

    2) Learned first hand about first famiies. My ex, whom I had always believed to be a loving father, turned his back on our young adult daughter when he remarried. It has been so hard, watching her pain.

    3. Rejected people have a lot of pent-up anger. I think, considering the level of Dan’s disabiity, and the trauma of rejection, even worse, public rejection, he has done remarkably well.

    Best wishes to you, Dan.

  99. sherri alan says:

    dan, looks like all the time you spend on this blog arguing with people you could go find something better to do like make money so you can eat!!!

  100. nancyjones says:

    I would like to point out two facts. First regarding the “Dan is an adult/ Regis owes him nothing” arguement; if I am invited to a wedding, I can in theory show up without a gift bc I am an invited guest and I owe nothing to my hosts. However I would never DREAM of doing such a thing bc it is NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO. You have choices in life and if you want to be a class act, you do more than just “what you owe others”. For all his wealth, Regis like many rich people, has no class to speak of. Secondly, I feel that under the circumstances, Dan and Judy are correct for talking to a tabloid. People should know what kind of person Regis really is. If he wants to yap in the media about Joy and his 2 other kids like he is Father of the Year, I have no problem with Dan exposing the flip side, nor would I ever have the nerve to condemn someone who has experienced such hurt. I wish: Dan the best of luck and cannot figure out why anyone would watch decrepit Regis and that yapping anorexic Kelly anyway. They are entertainment for the truly vapid and bland.

  101. Lisa says:

    All you have to do is take one look at Regis on tv and you can see the evil trying to get out over that fake smile. He is like one of those yippy dogs you want to kick across the room. He annoys the sh*t out of me on that damn show of his and his plastic wife needs run over to bring her down a notch. “Baby Joy” makes me want to barf.

    Be well, Dan. I wish you and your wife the best in the New Year.

  102. Dan Philbin says:

    Lisa – thank you. All will be well. Happy New Year!

  103. Dan Philbin says:

    Lisa – thank you. All will be well. Happy New Year!

  104. Dan Philbin says:

    Sherri alan: I don’t spend my days blogging, I am working to get some money together to … why am I justifying myself to you? I am on here blogging to counter-fire people like you! How ’bout you give me a freaking job.

  105. Deana says:

    Parents should help their children if/when they are in dire straits, regardless of any conflict between them. This is even more true when one’s child is disabled. You would have to be an extremely cruel hearted person to deny your child in this manner. It’s unthinkable that someone with Regis Philbin’s finances would allow their son to suffer this way.

  106. Gail says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am so sorry to read of your plight. Even though you say your father has helped you in the past, the fact that you are in such dire straights and he is denying you assistance when he has money to burn is unconcionable to me.
    I am now a grandmother, but was a single working mother of 4 all of whom are now adults. I have always had to work still, there have been one or two instances where they needed a “leg-up” and it never occured to me not to offer it to them whenever possible.
    Adding to your scenerio is the fact that your father evidently tuened his back on you and your sister, at least emotionally, in favor of his “new life.” Another unconscionable act by my standards. And the fact that you were raised in a institution, regardless of how well equipped it might have been adds even more to the story. No institution can be a substitue for a home and loving parents (parent). Certainly Regis could have afforded the best caretakers for you.
    I am struck particulrly by the contrast between your treatment and the way John Travolta took care of his, sadly, recently deceased son, who evidenly had some serious problems, many of which we are still unaware, (and always will be). He was very protective, yet close and loving throughout his life.
    I can not imagine anything that Regis could do or say that would make his position in regard to you (and your sister as well) understandable and acceptable in my mind.
    I have never been a particular fan but he will eternally be on my list of most disrespected persons from here on out.
    I wish there was some way I could offer you some real assistance, but I’m afraid that whatever meager financial help I might be able to provide (I’m now retired mysself) would soon be absorbed however I would be willing to do so to some minor degree if you think it would be of any help.
    I would like to meet you someday and hear your entire story since evidentally it has not all been told.
    I AM NOT a writer or “spy” for your father, just a concerned person who sympathizes with your plight. I have no ulterior motives…just compassion and also a certain amount of anger and disgust at your father’s behavior, now and in the past. I am sorry your life has been filled with so many struggles.

  107. SR says:

    Dan’s story is true. It seems like ignorance is rampant here. Amazing that celebrities seem to have more credibility just because they are ON TV. Some education might help. Either way, unless you know the circumstances or details, it would be best for all the celebrity loving couch potatoes to find a better source of knowledge. Leave the boob tube for a day, learn something that may educate your sensibilities. Better yet, get a life! Oh yes, I hope you don’t have any offspring, because my condolences to them.

  108. Jersey Counselor says:

    I have always known that I am lucky to have two incredibly generous and kind parents, but I feel all the more lucky after reading this blog. My parents did not hesitate to help me when I moved cross country to go to graduate school and when I moved back East to get my first job. They helped me buy my first home and they helped me keep it after I changed jobs when my daughter was born. Now that I am a parent I know that I will do the same for my daughter, even if it means that I give up certain things that I want to ensure that her life is easier. My parents have nothing close to the income/savings of a celebrity and I know they have gone without so that I could follow my dreams. My mom stayed home until I was a sophomore in high school so that I would not be a latch key kid. My Dad worked hard for thirty + years. Despite the fact that I am extremely close to my parents, however, I know how difficult it is to admit when you need help and ask for money as an adult. I have to admit I find it a bit counterintuitive that a person who finds it hard to ask a parent for money would share this information with a country full of gossipy people through a tabloid, however I suppose desperation leads people to act in peculiar ways. Mostly, after reading this site, I continue to be astounded by the judgmental and thoughtless words of those who seem so insightful about others yet so blind when considering themselves.

  109. vdantev says:

    It seems like ignorance is rampant here. Amazing that celebrities seem to have more credibility just because they are ON TV.Leave the boob tube for a day, learn something that may educate your sensibilities. Better yet, get a life! Oh yes, I hope you don’t have any offspring, because my condolences to them.

    If you’re so damned enlightened, then WTF are you doing on a gossip site?


  110. mollination says:

    Whoa, was I totally misunderstood!! I was saying, if you were able to get a degree then I think you were a capable enough person to keep around. I’m saying your dad SHOULDN’T have put you in a children’s home. Damn Dan, on the defense much?

  111. SR says:

    “If you’re so damned enlightened, then WTF are you doing on a gossip site?


    vdantev: To laugh at losers like you… Jagoff is it?

  112. Me2 says:

    CB, just because someone’s IP is in the area does not make them legit. Not only could some poser in the region log on and post (creating a conveniently-named email address), but hackers can route their IPs through just about anyplace they like.

    I don’t believe for a second this guy is Regis’ son, because if he is, spending his days in a pissing match with a bunch of strangers is downright moronic, not the hallmark of someone with a master’s degree (and no money for Internet access).

  113. Mimi says:

    To understand Dan better read article below:

    U. S. Department of Defense
    American Forces Press Service
    News Article 12/4/2002
    “Being a Double Amputee Hasn’t Slowed Dan Philbin Down”.

    Mimi in
    New Orleans

  114. TERI says:

    MOST OF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GETTING MEDICARE. I was on it for 8 years due to a bladder disease. It takes two years to get it; if you cant cobra in to old insurance you are out of luck; it also does not pay for many meds. So for those of you who think its the coward’s way out try losing everything to a disease that is not studied enough because of lack of funding.

  115. Ian and Alice from DC says:

    Dan, we have been trying to find you for years, now. You were one of Ian’s dearest friends and he misses you so much. Ian’s been going nuts to try to find you after you left the Pentagon. Please touch base with us.

    Thanks Dan; you are greatest person and reading any of this negative stuff is killing me- I hope we can finally find you and re-connect via this website. xoxo Alice

  116. Dee from Indianapolis says:

    Dan, I remember you from Angel View. You were about 10 if I remember correctly and you could make that wheelchair fly. My husband and I brought frog puppets to the hospital – all the kids were terrific. You had a wonderful sense of humor and could get yourself on top of the pool table in seconds.
    I pray you will get the help you need and the public will stay out of your business.

  117. dennis says:

    i stumbled on this site while googling for something else opinion is that you people who are so serious about all this need to get an effing life!!!

  118. MBCRC says:

    For what it is worth, my husband and I quit “helping” our adult kids years ago. They always had a story as why they were short on funds. We found out most of our kids and their spouces make more money than we did, they just happened to like illegal drugs, having parties, going on expensive vacations. We had all our children and their spuoces over for cake and coffee. We told them we were not long from retirement and they would have to find another way to make their bill payments as we were no longer giving out money, don’t ask because the answer will be no.They have never asked again and it has been over 10 years. They toned their lifestyle down a bit, maybe found someone else to ask for money. We don’t feel one bit guilty. Only one child out of 5 got angry and called us names, blamed us for their problems to start with. That child and her family have not come to any holiday gatherings, answered our calls or called us. We hear they need money for college for their oldest child. They will find a way as we did, second jobs, buying less, etc. Since we have heard they need money are we expected to hand over a check?

  119. christine says:

    who cares about the alleged money problems or Danny’s wife, what about the fact that Danny tried to commit suicide? Isn’t that the underlying factor?

  120. paule says:

    Does Regis even know that people exist outside of the upper East side and LA. Every time he has someone on who is not so left or right coasted he seems genuinely amazed that they even have TV out there.

    Is it me or foes anyone else find the pairing of Regis / KellyKAthy a little creepy. She just wants to talk about her husband’s amazing penis and he just wants to go home and down Metamucil.

    F’em both!

  121. Frank Randall says:

    The guts, wit and fire are still there. Good to know that. Miss you, you old miscreant.

  122. Itsjustme says:

    Just saw this story for the first time. Just one thing. I’ve been watching the Regis’s show for as long as I can remember. He has talked about his cats, Wife Joy, two daughters, weddings, and now his grandson. First grandchild as far as I remember. Looking back I don’t ever remember him mentioning a son or other daughter from a first marriage. I have two step children and talk about them and too them. Looks to me like his lack of accknowlegment is a big clue here. Everyone I ask never knew he had other kids. He has even talked about his son-in-law being a writer on a show. Big Clue.

  123. I am speechless to read this and if indeed this is true then Regids Philbin and Joy Philbin are monstors. I am so sick to my stomach to even see this. Shame on you shame on the reality that a stranger in need I would give more to. I dont have the wealth they have as a star couple shame on you.God does not like ugly. you are ugly

  124. bjorn says:

    Philbin is a piece of crap who spews crap out of his toothless decrepit mouth every time he says something he will be sued for trash talk with that wrestling maniac kelly bitch ripa. What trash you people adulate.

  125. Pat Magill says:

    if Dan put the light switches on ebay or Craig’s list, I bet a million people would buy them!

  126. Dean says:

    A lot of celebs aren`t the nice people they seem to be in public.

  127. We usually don’t publish in Blogs but your blog forced me personally to, amazing perform.. gorgeous …

  128. Anna says:

    To the person who said Regis never talked about his son on his show, that’s not true. He had spoken of his son Danny many times. Also when Danny lived in Wash.DC he visited him. In his book he writes how much he admires his son. I don’t believe for one minute Regis would not support his son. Regis made a career decision yrs ago to never respond to trash pagers like the Enquirer. How much you all seem to love a story that says something bad about a beloved celebrity. Totally untrue!!

  129. Pat Mor says:

    If Regis doesn’t know that his son is diabled. which I find truly hard to believe, he sure does now. I don’t care what kind of disputes a family may have with another family member Danny is his son and should be helped out by his father that has way to much money in the first place. How rediculous is this whole story?

  130. Joe D says:

    I just read this for the first time – I guess its almost 2 years since it first started- Well Dan has Regis come through for you? I’ll bet he hasn’t.He seems like a pompous old fart to me.

  131. Christine Owens says:

    In 1974 my son was in Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles for about 2 weeks for evaluation. Regis Philbin would come to vist his darling son, Danny, while we were there. I spoke to Danny a few times. He was so very bright, but also very angry. My soul was touched by him and I never forgot him. The cute little red headed boy in the wheelchair, whose lower body was obviously mal-formed, but whose mind, and spirit were so far beyond his age. I always wondered and cared about him. I lost my son in 2005, but still think of Danny. Danny, I love you!

  132. herp says:

    Absolutely love the Philbin troll in the comments. Successful troll is successful, jeesh. Come on, who would honestly fall for that?

  133. cole Taylor says:

    I simply can’t believe some of these comments about surviving while your very sick , one person says change your mind set. WTF are you people saying. If your so sick you don’t even feel like getting out of bed. How can someone change there mindset while in this situation. I thought reggis was a decent guy myself until i found out about how he treats his older kids. Why did Dan have to grow up in that foundation?. Why was he not with his family?. Regis is worth millions and millions. Why can’t he reach out to his disabled son. Truthfully, i have lost respect for this old man. There should have been trust funds created for all his children. NOt with just the ones with his wife’s children he has right now. What a piece of work that regis is. Just another form of how the rich forget there kids , its not like Dan is a bumb. I can’t believe that Regis is like this .

  134. Ashwariya wat a Loser Ur not in this show.OMG this is d Best Fashion show in ages.I really pity u,you cannot Love anybody tats d truth.U missed out Salman Khan,poor u.

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  136. Nancy says:

    The son cannot talk to the father but the daughter-in-law can drag it to the media? Something seems very wrong here. What, she get paid for this story?