Janet Jackson has been secretly married to Wissam Al-Mana for months

These are some photos of Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana at the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan on the 23rd. Janet and Wissam, her Qatari lover of several years, are frequent guests of fashion shows in Paris and Milan, so it was nice to see them out and supporting Cavalli. But an interesting thing happened: just days after their first coupled-up appearance in months comes word that Janet and Wissam were actually “secretly married” for months! Back in December, sources claimed that they were engaged and planning a lavish wedding, but it looks like they went low-key:

Janet Jackson is a master of deception! The “Rhythm Nation” singer, 46, denied reports she recently wed Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana, 37 — because according to Jackson, they’ve been secretly married for months.

“The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private and beautiful ceremony,” the couple told Entertainment Tonight in a statement on Monday, Feb. 25. “Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy.”

Us Weekly broke the news of the pair’s engagement in December 2012. Jackson hasn’t worn her ring publicly, a source explained, because “she’s afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!”

This is the third marriage for Jackson, who split from longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri in 2009. She was previously wed to James DeBarge and Rene Elizondo. Similarly, Jackson attempted to keep those relationships hidden from the public.

A Jackson source recently revealed the multiplatinum star is eager to start a family with Al Mana, whom she began dating in the summer of 2010. “She wants kids,” the source told Us. “If she can’t have them, she will adopt.”

[From Us Weekly]

Aw. I kind of like that. I like that they were so private and that they managed to keep it a secret for months – although that’s nothing new, Janet has always been able to keep a secret, sometimes for years. She’s super-private. So it’s interesting that she even bothered to confirm the news with such a personal statement, and I like that their wedding gifts were charitable contributions. Incidentally, am I the only one who finds Wissam to be rather hot? Hm. Anyway, congrats to Janet and Wissam!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    They make a nice looking couple….congrats to them!

    • BB says:

      Janet’s foundation is not the right shade looking at these pictures. Congrats to her. I believe the sources who claimed Janet was having a $20 million dollar wedding was Star Magazine/Radar Online that should have been a red flag that the story was false.

      • chrissy says:

        Actually, its probably the flash. My skin tone is similar to Janet’s and I found out the hard way that the flash messed up my coloring and made it look like I was trying to bleach my face. Someone said once that makeup with spf tends to do it more often than not. Idk if thats true and I dont wear heavy make up often enough to know.

  2. elceibeno says:

    Who cares what he looks like when he’s that rich! Money makes makes up for his shortcomings, whichever they are.

  3. Maddie says:

    >> Incidentally, am I the only one who finds Wissam to be rather hot? <<

    No. Absolutely not. He IS smoking hot.

    Well done, Janet!

  4. LAK says:

    I am sure it’s true lurve, 3rd time being the charm and all that, but cynical me can’t help but wonder if this particular knot was tied after the MJ billions were cut off after that kidnapping stunt gone wrong….

    • the original bellaluna says:

      ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! ;)

    • bluecalling says:

      um no. this should prove that she was not after anything. considering how private she and Michael was, you can understand her complete indignation at a 14 year old airing out their family laundry on twitter and she had every right to tell her NOT to do that. i don’t understand what part of that people do not understand. she left her vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean i believe to do that. do you think that is what she WANTED to do? do you ever see her with her family other than her mom? ever? when would she had had time to plot? on the plane ride home while it was already happening?

      ok then.

      • LAK says:

        You think plotting can only be done in person???!!! Have you never heard of the telephone/emails/skyping etc, even on planes? This wasn’t a flyby night plot. It took time to plan. perhaps years. One of the brothers said they started making plans as soon as the contents of the will were read out and they were all cut off. That was years ahead of the plot.

        Additionally, she was present at the tailgaiting and attempted kidnapping of the kids, not to mention the Katherine hostage video, and she signed THAT letter.

        Pretty good reason to believe that she isn’t as flush as we all think and she was very much a part of the plot. I, and many people were surprised at her participation because like you said, she seemed to be the reasonable AND flush Jackson who would never, ever side with her siblings in any MJ dealings.

        It doesn’t matter now. She’s got access to THESE billions, so she’s not as desperate for MJ’s billions, essentially de-fanged as it were.

  5. Ms Kay says:

    Uh.. No he ain’t hot he looks like he’s ill! Anyway he’s a billionaire so it makes up for it and is an upgrade from egomaniac ratface Dupri.

    Congrats I guess….

  6. Toot says:

    Janet hit the trifecta. Decent looking guy, younger than her, and richer than her.

    Well done Janet! Congratulations!

  7. Blue says:

    I think he’s attractive. I totally would.

  8. wow says:

    I think she deserves happiness after being in such a hellish family. The fact that she’s been married and never even made a statement- speaks volumes of her integrity for wanting privacy.

    Unlike every single so called ‘private’ person. That’s something to give her points on.

  9. spugzbunny says:

    Why is one of her eyes so much bigger than the other? I can’t stop looking! It’s like hypnotoad! Eep!

  10. skuddles says:

    Well hopefully her being married to a rich guy means she won’t try to steal MJ’s children’s inheritance again.

  11. Ellie66 says:

    His bank account is hot, isn’t he really rich? Well good for her I wonder if she will move to England like Lisa Marie Presley. Get away from her crazy family like Jermaine he changed his name to Jacksun.

    • Cherry says:

      I don’t think Jermaine is a good example of a Jackson kid trying to get away from the crazy family. He’ll never let you forget he’s Michael Jackson’s brother and still tries to milk his memory for all it’s worth. Books, tv-programs, another tour… He knows all too well that nobody would be interested in him if it weren’t for his family.

  12. L says:

    Another secret marriage? Didn’t she learn that lesson from the first two times? Sorry but cynical me thinks it has to do with getting cut off from Michael’s kids money. I hope I’m proven wrong.

  13. Gene Parmesan says:

    For all the celebrities crying out they can’t have privacy and bla bla this shows that you can indeed have privacy if you earnestly want it. Just my two cents.
    Get that billionaire Qatari money janet!!!! You deserve happiness.

  14. truthful says:


    she deserves a nice understanding man, good for her!!! and he is a billionaire..not bad at all.

    he has a sexy mysterious vibe

  15. RHONYC says:

    Janet definitely has a type. hubby # 3 looks like the cousin of hubbies 1 & 2.

    the major difference of course is that the others were broke & this hubby could buy small island nations from his iPhone if he wanted.

    congrats. ;-)

  16. Nev says:

    Congrats Janet!!!!

    all the best!!!!

    can I get a new album please?!!!!!

  17. realitycheck says:

    so crazy, I know him. he’s a super guy and for sure will treat her like a queen. they are good for each other.

  18. TXCinderella says:

    Isn’t this her third “secret” marriage? Why all the secrecy? I’ve always thought she was a beautiful woman, and she seems sweet. I hope this one works out for her.

  19. G says:

    ….someone who want kids badly has them before she’s 46.

  20. apsutter says:

    No surprise here. Janet has always valued her privacy and was secretly married for years. I always found it interesting that Michael couldn’t seem to avoid the attention but Janet was really good at it.

  21. Shannon says:

    Janet is the queen of secret marriages. This is no surprise.
    Good for her for marrying this guy. He’s filthy rich and decent looking. I’ve always loved Janet and I’m happy for her.

  22. FingerBinger says:

    I like that she is private and doesn’t really discuss her relationships. She’s been in the public eye for a while and it’s nice to see a celebrity wanting to keep some things private, unlike Kim K and Kanye. I like her ‘Poetic Justice’ braids too.

  23. Helvetica says:

    Janet is so stealthy. I love that you never hear anything about her relationships. Anyone who can get married (several times) and have no one know about it is cool in my book.

    Nobody knew was married to her last ex–until she filed for divorce…9 years later. That is insane.

    This man is fine. And a billionaire? Get it, Janet. They seem private/cool so I hope it works out for them.