Brandi Glanville’s book to get made into a movie? She jokes about pitching it to Lifetime

I was over at Reality Tea and I saw this interesting story about how Brandi Glanville recently tweeted that she was in talks to make her new book, Drinking & Tweeting, into a movie. Of course these would be preliminary talks, and if this deal moves forward it may be several months before it comes to the contract stage, but it sounds like a real possibility. Brandi’s book is doing incredibly well, and is currently number 1 on the eBook nonfiction NY Times bestseller list. This is something I was actually thinking about recently, because this is one of the best most detailed gossip stories to come around in ages. You guys know what happened, and imagine pitching this as a movie plot, it’s genius and it really happened. This is what Brandi tweeted:

Of course we are starting to get Brandi and LeAnn burnout, we’re gossip junkies, but imagine the general population of casual and light gossip-consumers. This would be so interesting to them and they don’t know the whole story. (I mean LeAnn bought the same car, the same shoes on multiple occasions, the same bikini at least twice, jewelry, etc. and she mirrors Brandi’s every move. How many people outside of our gossip bubble know that?)

For the casual gossip consumers reading this, Brandi is referencing the Lifetime movie, Northern Lights, where her then-husband met his mistress, LeAnn Rimes. Although I haven’t read Brandi’s book yet, I heard that she details how her cheating husband, Eddie Cibrian, kept sleeping with her following his affair and begged her to take him back. LeAnn stalked Eddie, Brandi kicked him out, he went running into LeAnn’s copycat twig arms, and the rest is history. I’m telling you, this is a compelling story, all real and documented in the press and on Twitter. I was explaining it to someone recently and I could barely do it justice. You couldn’t make up this drama and now Brandi is cashing in. Yes she’s been pretty tasteless lately (did you see her Oscar dress?!), but that’s who she is and she’s making lemonade. She played nice for a long time too.

So who should play LeAnn in the movie? I’m thinking another singer, like Kellie Pickler. Sure Kellie is super nice, doesn’t look like LeAnn and has no acting skills that we know of, but this is probably going to end up on Lifetime anyway.

Also, why hasn’t LeAnn tried to sue Brandi over this book yet? Do you think that’s coming soon?

Brandi is shown at her book launch in Vegas on 2-22-13. Credit: DJDM/

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  1. Samigirl says:

    We could only hope. I would watch this over and over again. Reading the book for the 4th time! I keep finding little tidbits that I missed!

  2. Little Darling says:

    Celebitchy: no one outside the gossips know how absolutely cray Leann is. I not only have to educate but I also have to prove the SWF photos. Even then people are all, “that sweet little gap toothed chunky country star did what?” Haha. Most people don’t even realize she is still relevant.

  3. heidi says:

    I’m on the 3rd reading. Kaiser you will love it, don’t wait. And she should quickly bring another into print. Simon & Schuster is meeting with her on that front too

  4. Babalon says:

    Just want to say that I forecasted this, and the NYT Bestseller thing a long time ago on my twitter! Yay me!

    LeAnn hasn’t filed a lawsuit because everything is true, so she can’t. LOL @ that, SueAnn.

    Screw Lifetime, though I get the joke. I hope this becomes a silver screen deal. Carrie Underwood should TOTALLY play LeAnn. Poetic justice.

    I hope that this is as successful and profitable for her as it was for the authors behind, Eat Pray Love, Nanny Diaries, The Help and Devil Wears Prada. Maybe she can fund a suit for full custody and get those kids away from Speedbump.

  5. littlestar says:

    Dear gahd I hope so! I don’t care what anyone thinks, I look forward to reading posts about Brandi and Leann. Their feud is so ridiculous, and it seems like only WE can see how childish it is. It’s so trashy and I love it! Lol. I actually think I might even go through withdrawal when we go days without a Brandi/Leann/Eddiot post.

    P.S. Brandi is a beautiful woman. I wish she would lay off with the fillers already. She is looking very un-natural lately.

  6. laprincesita says:

    I actually read her book, it’s funny, well made and very refreshing, I only hope for her that this come true. what Leanne and Eddie do was unthinkable and she deserves her success!

  7. Rita says:

    With a good script writer it would make a very good movie and not just for TV.

    Imagine Brandi being awarded Best Screen Play at next years Oscars while LeAnn serves snacks to Piers Morgan on the after show.

    Brandi will need a top for her acceptance dress though but wouldn’t that be Karma at its best?

  8. Relli says:

    CB you must read it! There is stuff she gets into that provide some background for what we were seeing played in public.

    This was my very first purchase on ibooks and there were passages that were so strong (and memorable)I actually highlighted and bookmarked them. Was it the best written book I have ever read? No, but its very much in the same vein of blog style writing which, makes for a quick read. This style must be very popular lately because a friend of mine just self-published on Amazon and it was a very similar.

    My take away was this: Cruds is sorry excuse for a man. Seriously any grown man whose still has/had his parent manage his money is pathetic.

  9. judyjudy says:

    These are extraordinarily unflattering pictures of Brandi – yikes! What’s wrong with her eye?

    I have no interest in reading her book but I would totally watch the movie. Here’s my casting list:

    LeAnn – Jodi Sweetin
    Eddie – John Lovitz
    Brandi – Edina from Ab Fab

  10. Mela says:

    Oh yes. This would be great! People get cheated on every day, but no one has been so publically SWF’ed like Brandi has. The stalking and SWFing is the juicest part of this saga to me. And Eddie was living a completely double life. Those stories are always so fascinating as well. Brandi is able to laugh about it, but there is a very dark side to what Leann has done to Brandi by trying to replace her.

    I am getting burned out too on them but a movie that really highlights the insanity of the wife #2′s obsession with the ex-wife, and BECOMING her…is fascinating. It’s really bizarre how Leann does this so publically but the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on it. Us gossip girls have been following it and most of us are outraged when we learn the severity of Leann’s SWFing and harrassment of Brandi.

    You know Leann must be very unhappy if she is constantly antagonizing and copying Brandi. It’s like Leann can’t decide if she idolizes Brandi or hates her guts. Leann has this strange obsession with Brandi’s life and imaginary connection to her that transcends their blended family relationship into some strange imaginary world Leann lives in where she is constantly referencing Brandi in nearly all her actions and thoughts. Leann appears to have some major self-loathing issues.

    Hopefully there is a happy, redeeming ending for Brandi, like finding lasting love or huge financial success. That part has yet to be played out.

    • Jane says:

      LeAnn is totally obsessed with Brandi to such a degree that I wonder if she has a secret room behind a closet with hundreds of pictures of Brandi (You know those types you see on CSI shows????). Mrs. McSquinty needs an intervention stat.

      • Mela says:

        Yes I know about these because I had a shrine…to Backstreet Boys when I was 12. Then at 13, I realized Brian would never marry me and I was totally crazy for having a teeny bopper shrine to BSB. Then i started listening to gangsta rap. SMH.

        Leann is a grown woman, with a fully developed brain, whats her excuse for her secret shrine to Brandi??! Because you know she has one. I bet all her bookmarks on her phone are pictures/websites that feature brandi. she is coocoo

      • Sisi says:

        LMAO Mela!!! When I was 13 I had a kind of worship book to the BSB with every single scrap I could get my hands on and I’d write all kinds of delusional things in there and I spend a fortune on those packets of glittery stickers (gotta collect them all)….
        Then I started listening to Dr. Dre.
        Sound familiar, right?

    • kudzuqueen says:

      And that fascinates me as well. We all see it so clearly and somehow no one who interviews her even gives it a mention.

      My husband’s aunt is a very successful psychotherapist in LA. When I saw her over Christmas, I couldn’t help but ask her about the least for her reaction. She was very neutral in her comments (yes she is more mature than I) and said that everyone in LA is very aware of the way Leann carries on, and said it was sad. That’s all I got out of her, so there you go.

  11. InvaderZim says:

    Don’t care about the movie or the book but she has absolutely, zero zip zilch nada no right to ever criticize/mention/mock Leann or anyone else for plastic surgery! Good lord, that first picture! She looks 80!

    • Sophia says:

      couldn’t agree more..she’ll eventually end up with the face that she deserves..and i don’t care how funny she is or how good her book is but she’s trashy and repulsive…that’s how she ended up with eddie who’s as equaly as repulsive and trashy

  12. fabgrrl says:

    I think Brandi herself should play LeAnn in the movie.

  13. lucy2 says:

    Huh. No matter how stick skinny you are, skin tight satin is not your friend.

    I think they’re all nuts and terrible examples for the kids, but the celebrity gossip junkie in me wants to read it.

    Fully expect Leann to try some version of that horrible Oscars dress soon. Probably to “her son’s” soccer game.

  14. Mela says:

    Leann Rimes: Tori Spelling (perfect casting choice,right?!)

    Brandi: Leslie Bibb or Elizabeth Berkley

    Eddie: Mario Lopez or Danny Pino (Cold Case)

  15. GiGi says:

    YES! She can cast Eddie to play himself and then he can turn right around and pay her child support. Sheer genius!

  16. Celeste says:

    Yes, Brandi needs to lay off the fillers. But I’m happy for her success! LeAnn will try something, especially if a movie gets made. Gawd, wouldn’t a movie be awesome!

  17. Anonny says:

    “Sure Kellie is super nice, doesn’t look like LeAnn and has no acting skills that we know of, but this is probably going to end up on Lifetime anyway.”

    Ha! Now that’s funny!

  18. CeCelia says:

    Mario Lopez is perfect for Ediot & Tori Spelling is spot-on for FrankenBrandi LR. I’m sure LR would try her best to get cast as B since she already has the wardrobe, shoes, purses, etc. Maybe B should play herself, since she is so hilarious & would get more money. Molly Sims is a possibility. I would love to see this project take off. The book is awesome!

  19. LAK says:

    They should hire whoever adapted THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA….actually, maybe not. The movie is quite sweet compared to the book, and it took the sting out of the tale.UUUUmmmmmm who to make this?

    Edit: the team behind FATAL ATTRACTION or even SWF. The happy ending would be that no one gets killed.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    Brandi’s looking pretty rough…I agree that Mario Lopez should play Eddie! LeAnn, I’m not sure ….. I’d like to see her play herself.

  21. Jayna says:

    Is anyone seriously buying Brandi’s hoochie mama clothing line?

    I see her book being made into a movie. They can always just buy the rights and use it for inspiraton, you know loosely based on, not LeAnn and Brandi’s names, Eddie’s, etc, to not have to deal with a lawsuit problem.

  22. april says:

    Why does Brandi keep trying to look like Kelly Ripa? The hair and fillers make her look so much like a Kelly wannabe that it’s getting creepy.

  23. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I vote for Taylor Swift to play Leann and Jennifer Aniston to play Brandi. LOL

  24. OrangeBlohan says:

    Lindsay Lohan should play Leann and somebody pretty should play Brandi :) ~

  25. kitkerenina says:

    Sheer Heaven would be their real lives and twitter war antics chronicled in a Vanguard or E Documentary.

  26. cat says:

    Wow Brandi does not look good on these photos. And that dress? It’s way too short for her age and that pooch is not attractive either. Girl needs a better stylist.

  27. isjeh says:

    i’d rather read the book because it is more complete although i think it is tamed because leeann/eddie are both prepared to sue her if brandi will reveal everything… the book is also educational especially for dumped wives that can relate to it. of course taking a cue from brandi, a wife left for another woman, will learn how to stand up and not wallow in pity/depression and instead try to explore/widen her horizon to rebuild her self esteem.

  28. Caroline says:

    I love her but Brandi is starting to look like catlady
    Ease up on the injections oy!