Justin Theroux goes leather-clad twinsies with his little brother Sebastian: LOL?

These photos have given me a major giggle fit. Justin Theroux was pap’d yesterday in New York City with his younger brother Sebastian. I didn’t know Justin had a little brother, so this is nice to know in general. But… LOL. OMG. Maybe they didn’t know they were going to be pap’d? Is that why they’re both dressed up as the leather-clad dude from the Village People? It’s ridiculous enough when Justin does it and he’s alone (or with Jennifer Aniston) – I mean, Justin comes close to pulling off the whole “I’m a mysterious, leather-clad hipster with a motorcycle, y’all” thing, but put him with his similarly dressed brother, and it just seems like matchy-matchy boyfriends, right?

I’m trying to see if I can find out anything about Sebastian. Like how he got so fabulous and if those Theroux eyebrows are totally hereditary! Sebastian was born in 1989, which would make him 23 or 24 right now. That’s a big age difference between Sebastian and Justin – Justin is 41 years old right now. That’s all I can discover. Please send me a tweet or email if you know more about Sebastian! I’d love to know what he does. My guess is… writer/actor/artist/photojournalist/waiter. Or “man purse designer/ironic professional bowler”.

Also: UK tabloids claim that Jennifer Aniston and Justin’s wedding will be in Hawaii, and that the whole thing will go down “within weeks”.

Jennifer Aniston is getting ready to tie the knot with fiance Justin Theroux, with the wedding slating to be in “weeks,” according to insiders. The couple are reported to be getting married shortly after wrapping her current movie project in Connecticut this week, with those close to the actress, who became engaged last summer, expecting a wedding imminently.

The couple, who got together two years ago, are reportedly finalising details for the big day, but are desperate to keep it a secret, so as to avoid the type of media circus caused by Jen’s first marriage to Brad Pitt.

“Jen is going to great lengths to keep the wedding details a secret so it does not become a huge media circus like her wedding to Brad,” a source told The Sun. “Just a few dozen of their closest family and friends will be there. But news is beginning to leak that the date is just a few weeks away now.”

The location, which is still unknown, is likely to be away from Hollywood in an attempt to protect the couple’s privacy.

“Jen would have liked to have done it at home in Los Angeles but it looks like that would be too difficult to keep quiet,” the insider revealed, “she doesn’t want to get married with photographers buzzing around her head in helicopters.”

The most likely location is reportedly Hawaii, with the couple both fans of the island paradise.

“Justin just adores Hawaii. It’s his favourite place in the world and he has a little house on the island of Kauai. His cottage is too small to host the wedding and Jen thinks it has too many memories of his old flames anyway.”

They explained: “But they both love the island and the idea of a laid back Hawaii wedding in the sunshine. The have looked at some expensive villas including one where they enjoyed a romantic holiday in 2011.”

It’s sure to be a celeb packed wedding wherever it is. Jen is known to be close to comedian Chelsea Handler, former Friends co-star Courteney Cox and the couple recently holidayed with Emily Blunt in Mexico. Jen’s Along Came Polly co-star Ben Stiller is reportedly being lined up as best man, the friend claimed especially as he has a home in Hawaii.

They added: “Ben Stiller, a big buddy of Justin’s, has a house over there too so that could be a surprise option.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

I had no idea that Justin owned property in Hawaii! That’s amazing. I would date a man JUST because he owned a home in Hawaii (looking at you, Barack Obama). Well, I think a Hawaii wedding sounds nice. It seems very trendy, but Hawaii is gorgeous and their guests would be able to enjoy themselves beyond the actual wedding, you know?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    His bro is a total hottie!

  2. Lucy says:

    Well it looks like little brother got all the good looks in the family

  3. The Original G says:

    He always looks so much more “himself” when he’s walking around in NYC. doing his thing.

  4. ds says:

    I could totally go for the younger one.

  5. spinner says:

    I think they both look hot. They both have on biker gear, so they were probably out riding. You can definitely tell they are related as they have the same dark coloring & physical build.

    • Murz says:

      I agree, I don’t see how some are saying the little brother is cuter, they look the same to me, except Justin looks older/heavier.. (because he is)…
      But, look at older pictures of Justin same basic look as little brother is sporting now!… IMO

  6. marie says:

    while he is dressed like a dork (I mean who matches their gloves to their shoes, coincidence?), I think Justin’s brother is cuter than him..

  7. T.Fanty says:

    “man purse designer/ironic professional bowler” – hahahahaha! I used to date *that* guy.

    (I would also like to add that I would date Barack Obama just because he’s Barack Obama. The house in Hawaii would just be an added bonus)

  8. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    Yaaa .. this little bro is cute !

  9. Minx2 says:

    Men with short legs should never wear skinny jeans.

  10. ojulia123 says:

    Oh, Sebastian…you are a beautiful man.

  11. SleepyJane says:

    They look like hipster chippendales. Any minute now, they’re going to bring out the boombox and rip those leather jackets right off.

  12. jm says:

    why do both guy’s jackets look too small and too short at the arms/waist. Is that how it’s supposed to be or is it as ridiculous as it seems?

  13. Kaboom says:

    Guess who got papped on the way to the gay bar.

  14. Suze says:

    Individually they would be a bit pretentious but fine. Photographed together, you’re right, it’s hysterical!

  15. GoodCapon says:

    His younger brother is cuter but that’s not really saying a lot.

  16. sirsnarksalot says:

    OMG Justin’s hair plugs are so obvious, they’re practically waving hello. Once seen it can’t be unseen. Ugh. Fake metro-sexual biker gang. “Let’s take our Ducati’s up the coast and get mani-pedis, bro!”

  17. janie says:

    Oh my! What a good lookin’ guy! Justin looks a whole lot better sans his g’friend!

  18. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    @Kaiser, who wrote: “I had no idea that Justin owned property in Hawaii! That’s amazing.”

    Why not? Heidi Bivens talked about traveling to Hawaii with Justin the Winter he and Jen-Jen met on the set of “Wanderlust” on a travel Blog. Remember? Here’s the link to Heidi’s interview/article about vacationing in Hawaii with ‘her man’ Justin Theroux in the May 16, 2011 edition of the “Great Escapes” Blog:


    And in case anyone has forgotten, May 16, 2011 was about the time Jennifer Aniston announced at a dinner party with friends (and to the world) that Justin Theroux was the new man in her life.

    (Please don’t delete this. Thanks. :) )

  19. Nanz01 says:

    “Men [redacted] should never wear skinny jeans.”

    There. I fixed it for you.

  20. backwards says:

    Those are motorbike gloves so the outfits are not that weird I guess. Still funny.

  21. astrid says:

    justin’s uncle paul theroux lives in hawaii, so maybe thats why justin spends a lot of time there?

  22. turningviolet says:

    It’s a known fact that cousin Louis is the best looking of the Theroux clan. Little brother here looks like a boy band member, the sort that my 12 year old daughter would squeal over.

  23. heyu says:

    Justin’s parents are divorced , they now both remarried to other people. Seb is from his father second marriage.

    Justin is the only bio child between his parents,his parents adpoted two kids before they had justin.

    Most of the therouxs seems to live in cape cod..a lot of them hv vacation houses there or live there

  24. LadyMTL says:

    “Ironic professional bowler” hahahahahaha. I think those are the funniest 3 words I’ve read in a long time.

  25. truthful says:

    I think they both look cool, Jenn just kinda ruins the vibe when she is around.

    Justin has his own lil thing going on.

    his lil brother is cute, wonder who he is dating..

  26. heyu says:

    The theroux family sure love to recycle certain names lol.

    Louis middle name is Sebastian, while justin’s middle name is paul(probably after his uncle), I think another of justin’s brother Is called alexander(also after another uncle who is a novelist )

  27. Runs with Scissors says:

    Bwwahahahaha! Those pictures are priceless! They even have matching gloves and boots, lol.

    Looks like the little one is trying his best to do a “model face” and look fierce for the paps.

    Snarksalot: “Let’s take our Ducati’s up the coast and get mani-pedis, bro!” ha!

  28. heyu says:

    Btw found this old pic of them at an event( well before seb decided he wanted to start dressing like his older brother) lol


  29. Sugar says:

    The Twilight Zone episode “Black Leather Jackets” 2013

  30. Hipocricy says:

    Little brother could pass as his son. He is cute.

  31. Dinah says:

    Hmm. I’d do either one. Or both. Just saying.

  32. Faye says:

    Hipster twins . . .activate!

  33. Violet says:

    Considering the big age gap — after all, Justin is old enough to be his brother’s dad — it’s nice that they’re hanging out together.

    That said, I could not stop laughing when I saw the pics. I can totally imagine these two in 20 years, wearing the exact same matching hipster outfits.

    The only thing missing is Uncle Terry.

  34. Pedge says:

    They look like a couple of douches.

  35. NeoCleo says:

    They can’t have done this on purpose and yet, it looks so deliberate.

    How . . . unusual.

  36. skuddles says:

    They look more like father and son then brothers. But in any case, they’re both too old to be doing the matchy match thing.

  37. The Original Mia says:

    Grown men in skinny jeans. Not attractive at all.

  38. serena says:

    LOL they really seems like boyfriends, so hilarious!

  39. Gemini08 says:

    This made me laugh so hard! So he apparently likes to play twinsies with girl girl AND his brother. For some reason this only strengthens the douche-vibes I get from him.

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow, they have the same exact build. Which really isn’t a good thing.

  41. Barbara says:

    This is way out there, but could he possibly be his son, not a brother??

    • Untrue says:

      Dont let your hate make you be ridiculous. That is his brother. Justin has 2 older adopted siblings named Christian and Elizabeth. Sebastian and Jean-Claude (I think its either that or Jean-Paul) are his step brothers from his father’s side. He also has an even younger sister,

      Justin doesn’t have any children of his own.

      • Blue says:

        Why is she a hater just because she suggested a man in his 40s, could be the father of an early 20s guy? Calm the f down.
        Now if Justin has an even younger half-sister, and she is in any way pretty, she can absolutely COUNT ON not being embraced or set-up in situations where she can be pap’d in the media – Chinnifer won’t stand for that…she’s too much the insecure narcissistic jealous type. Btw, I am a hater. See the difference? lol

  42. vale says:

    Sebastian used to ride my school bus! We were really young and in Rome, Italy, where they lived for a little while, and he was super sweet. They also have, if I remember, an even younger brother and a little sister. They were sweet, and he would talk about his brother the actor in NYC- I think it was around the time he was on Sex and the City the first time, but yea, nobody really knew him. He looks way different!

  43. blonde on the dock says:

    Both good looking!

  44. sunnyinseattle says:

    Guess I am alone here. I see no hotness in either of them. I get a greasy hair creepy man feeling from them both. Uck.

  45. LOL says:

    The younger brother is hot and more Jen’s style Justin looks like a bear and that is not a compliment.

  46. Mac says:

    It’s a good thing that Justin had his shades prepared in case the paps surprised him.

    Probably just bringing the lad to his tailor to be fitted for a tux.

  47. OhMyGawh says:

    Definitely LOL worthy. However both guys look hot. I never found Justin that attractive until the beard! He wears it well.

  48. Leslie says:

    I’ve never found Justin Theroux the least bit attractive. He’s such a tiny guy and on top of that, he wears tight black everything and looks like he has shoe polish in his slicked back hair. Maybe underneath all that fake biker facade he’s a very nice person.

  49. madpoe says:

    Wannabe wolverine and baby wolverine.

    Oh wherefore art thou Hugh Jackman!

  50. valleymiss says:

    Why all the cheap shots about how they’re both wearing leather? I’m fairly certain, based on Sebastian’s gloves, that they’d been riding motorcycles. When riding, wearing a heavy leather jacket is pretty much a safety requirement. I dated a guy who rode and he wore one because he’d been in an accident. He told me, “If you take a fall off the bike, anything heavy that you can put between you and the road is a good idea.”

    Sorry, but I’m a Justin apologist. I think he’s beyond hot. And while we’re on his case about taking Heidi to Hawaii right before hooking up with Jen…let’s remember that Brad/Jen took the same kind of trip right before (like days before) announcing their split. Remember? Brad was wearing a shirt that said “trash” on it? Yes, Heidi was blindsided…just like Laura Dern was when Billy Bob (who she lived with/owned a house with) left to make a movie, hooked up with Angelina, and was never involved with Laura again.

    Sh*t happens. Either way, Justin and Sebastian are FINE.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Valleymiss, who wrote: “And while we’re on his case about taking Heidi to Hawaii right before hooking up with Jen…let’s remember that Brad/Jen took the same kind of trip right before (like days before) announcing their split. Remember? Brad was wearing a shirt that said “trash” on it? Yes, Heidi was blindsided…just like Laura Dern was when Billy Bob (who she lived with/owned a house with) left to make a movie, hooked up with Angelina, and was never involved with Laura again.”

      I can see that your math needs work. It’s sad of you to try and parallel how Brad ended his relationship with Jen to how Justin ended his relationship with Heidi. My point? Well, since you brought it up …

      ‘Everyone’ should know by now (if they don’t, they’re permanently adrift on that river called Denial) that Jen ‘did not’ find out about Brad and Angie through the Tabloids. Brad ‘told’ Jen about his feelings for Angie before they separated in January 2005 (probably on that ‘trip’ you mentioned), then he respectfully waited until ‘after’ Jen filed for divorce in March 2005 before he got together with Angie. It was the ‘public’ who assumed Jen didn’t know a thing about Angie and was therefore ‘blindsided’ by those April 2005 photos of Brad and Angie in Africa. And Jen went along with the public’s shocked outrage, even though Brad (as Courtney Cox confirmed in Jen’s 2005 “Vanity Fair” interview) had been completely honest with her ‘before’ they separated.

      Heidi Bivens ‘did’ find out about Justin and Jen via the Tabloids and was completely blindsided. Jen and Justin had been seen around New York City together in March and April, enough so that reporters began asking Heidi’s ‘mother’ if Justin and Jen were a couple. Heidi’s Mom even asked Justin about his relationship with Jen and she said in an interview that Justin assured her that he and Jen were only friends who were conducting meetings about an upcoming film project. And we all know how that played out.

      There was no honesty from Justin … or Jen, for that matter. Even though she moved to NYC to make her conquest easier.

      It was clear from the photos of Justin and Heidi out at a Broadway premiere at the end of April (which, incidentally, mysteriously hit the Internet after ‘Sources close to Justin’ claimed his relationship with Heidi had been over for some time and was ‘on again, off again’ at best) that she had absolutely no idea Justin had gotten together with Jen. Heidi’s Travel Blog vacation report from May 2011 is a sad testament that she thought they were still a couple.

      So no … There is no way you could possibly compare Justin and Heidi’s breakup to Brad and Jen’s breakup.

      And by the way, do you know how Laura Dern and Billy Bob Thornton got together? He was ‘married’ with kids, and Laura still went after him. Do you know how Laura Dern got together with her recent ex-husband? He was ‘married’ and his wife was pregnant with is child during the same time Laura Dern was pregnant with his child. So why are you holding her up as a victim?

      • valleymiss says:

        As I can see you’ve got a LOT invested in this, I will tread lightly. ;-)

        I didn’t mean to imply that Jen didn’t find out about Brangelina until that trip. But…funny how he had told her months ago about Angelina, and he was planning on leaving, and he still went on a trip with her (and she knew and also went). I doubt it’s because they couldn’t afford to eat the cost of the flight and hotel. ;-) sometimes couples still do things like take trips, etc, when they’re in the midst of splitting up. How do we know that Heidi was blindsided? Because that’s what she told people. Doesn’t make it the truth. And people aren’t always honest with their parents about their relationships, so why would Heidi’s mom be the authority on their relationship status?

        Jen could have told people she was blindsided by Brad leaving…but she told the truth instead. I never got the impression from the Vanity Fair interview that Jen had no idea Brad was leaving. To me, the article mainly focused on how tacky she thought his behavior was, after he left.

        Yes, Brad DID do the right thing in talking to Jen, but we don’t know that Justin didn’t do the right thing in talking to Heidi.

        I love Jen, but Brad is WAY better off with Angie. Even I can see that. Is it *possible* that Justin is better off with Jen? How do we know Heidi was not whiny or clingy like many of you say Jen is? We don’t. And I hate the idea that ppl say Justin is famewhoring or golddigging. He doesn’t need $. Sure, he’s not Jen Aniston rich, but he owns a home in Hawaii. He already comes from family $. This is not a person who was starving before meeting Jen.

      • Kim says:

        Vallymiss Aniston claimed she was blindsided “I was shocked The world was shocked” Courtney told the truth Aniston lied in VF interview.

      • The Original G says:

        Speaking for The World, I was not that shocked.

  51. someone says:

    Sebastian looks like he’d make a great cast member of Downton Abbey. Can’t you see it – put him in a WW 1 military uniform? I think it is the hair…

  52. G says:

    I wonder why they didn’t vacation in the privacy of his home in Kaui instead of Cabo for New Years?

  53. TG says:

    Sebastion looks cute in that prep school kind I am going to kill my girlfriend just because I want to kind of way. Okay, I have seen to many prep school movies. As for Justin, he just looks dirty and gross to me. The hipster thing is totally lost on me. All I see is someone who desperately needs a bath and a shave.

  54. Madriani's Girl says:

    Oh stop it! They look ridiculous and I can’t stand Justin’s skinny, short legs. Blech. Not hot.

  55. Anna says:

    Justin has a John-Travolta-Gone-Amok-With-the-Sharpie-like widow’s peak, that I think is a designer widow’s peak, if you ask me.

    Widow’s tweak. Or something

  56. DAFFY says:

    I bet you . he will never marry jen

  57. French Reader says:

    Everyone else in his family has degrees from Oxbridge or an Ivy, poor Justin only has black leather jackets. Don’t try to take that away from him.

  58. Mr.Smurf says:

    Little brother is hot!!!!!
    I have never appreciated being legal until this minute.

  59. Sara says:

    Can anyone id what jacket the little brother is wearing? Thanks!

  60. kellbell says:

    seb just finished school at the university of virginia in charlottesville va in may

  61. carol says:

    am I the only one who thinks Justin is just kind of lame?

  62. e.non says:

    looks like a middle-aged man with his twink boyfriend.

  63. Ginger says:

    I’m biased but my hubs looks hotter in his motorcycle leathers

  64. Mandy says:

    Heehee!! I saw these pics earlier today and was hoping you would cover this. Too d@mn funny.

  65. norm says:

    I think he’s a great for her. He must be intelligent, also educated.

    She’s not as eccentric as he is which could become a bore for him eventually. Very smart people need challeging partners. I’m hoping this isn’t a phase only for him and that she is enough for him.

    Brad, I think, got bored because she wasn’t his equal.It’s frustrating after a while to be with someone different, but one never knows. Wish them both luck. She deserves it, and yes his brother is handsome, but so is Justin. He reminds me of a scholar type of guy and will become more so as he ages.

    I also get the feeling that Brad and Anjie may never get married since Anjie is a female Justin and sometimes these types are always searching for more equality. It’s weird that Justin seems to be more matched to Anjie then Jen and Brad a better matched with an artist, although I love the Brangelina family.We are all just passing through life so if something doesn’t work, so be it. It’s still better then never taking a risk. Wish them all well.

  66. Katie says:

    Is it just me or is it weird he’s always by himself when he roams the city? You never see Jennifer with him out and about! Totally weird! Like, where is she? I’ve seen many pictures of JT by himself roaming the city and JA is like, in hiding! No where to be found! Where the hell is she? o_O

  67. Lexi says:

    Funny looking, lol, wonder if they did it on purpose

  68. Shy says:

    Justin is too old to dress up like that. It’s not like he is some old biker. They do look cool on their bike and leather dress even if they are 55 years old.

    But Justin is just a boy-toy next to 40-something rich celebrity. Nothing more. Now he doesn’t have even career as supporting actor. Like he was before. He has no movies lined up after Wanderlust.. He probably thinks that those small roles are beneath him now. Because of his “status”. Like he shows up at Oscar with his “sugar mama”. And no one is giving him normal roles.

    So he just lives on Aniston’s money. She probably pays for all their trips, hotels and restaurants. Justin is 42. He looks ridiculous when he dresses up like 25 years old.

  69. crazycatlady says:

    I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that they were just actually riding motorcycles, and that’s why they’re dressed that way. Anyway…They’re both hotties in my book. I’m a sucker for bad boys, or semi- quasi-bad boys. I don’t mind the skinny jeans on them. Though yes, I wish skinny-legged men would go to the gym and pump a few of those leg machine thingys to make them a little less skinny.