Kristen Stewart & Sparkles were shut out of the MTV Movie Award nominations

In case you care, the MTV Movie Award nominations were announced this morning. I wasn’t going to devote a post to them until I actually glanced through the list. Hilariously, Kristen Stewart was SHUT OUT! Breaking Dawn Part II was shut out almost entirely – Taylor Lautner managed to score a “Best Shirtless” nomination, but other than that, no Sparkles and no K-Stew. They didn’t even get nominated for “Best Kiss” which they’ve won a bunch of times. You can see the nominations list here – it’s heavy on Ted, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, etc.

So what does it mean if the core group of Twihards at MTV no longer gives a crap about their golden couple? Well, I think it means that many Twihards have finally (and at long last) outgrown the stupid franchise. I also think it means that MTV was wary of nominating Rob and Kristen after everything that went down last year, and how it’s looking more and more like Rob and Kristen are either completely done or “on a break” while Rob works in Australia.

Kristen still hasn’t gone to visit Rob as far as I know. Kristen has been camped out in LA, occasionally being seen (but only by exclusive photo agencies). Several days ago, Kristen was spotted out with Katy Perry’s assistant Tamra Natisin – go here to see the photos. Then last night Kristen was out with some friends (including Taylor Lautner) in LA too – go here to see those photos. And today Radar reports that Kristen is trying to get a ride on the Schwarzenegger Train – Patrick Schwarzenegger! According to Radar/Star’s sources, Kristen was “making her moves” on 19-year-old Patrick in February and a source says: “She was creeping on Patrick big time… People were saying they should get a room because the energy between them was so hot.” Won’t anyone think of the poor Twihards?!!?

Here are some photos of Kristen last night:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Dani says:

    And next you’ll hear Maria Shriver shutting down these rumors faster than they Swifty ones. Also, does Kristen own any clean clothes that actually compliment her?

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh the Twihards are not over it. You should check them out slamming MTV on twitter. It’s hilarious. I used to enjoy the MTV movie awards but when it became the Twilight awards I gave up. It was a complete snore fest. I’m glad to see that they’ve finally decided to oust that franchise and mix it up a little more. I may even tune in again.

  3. Ailine says:

    I’m sure she really cares. They hate the role anyway.

  4. c'est la vie says:

    Hmmm….best kiss would be awkward.

    And would he be expected to lick her armpit first?

  5. Talie says:

    I know they tried to reinvent the awards starting last year.

    • Another Ann says:

      Yeah, if I remember right, the only awards the Twilight movie was up for last year was best picture and best kiss. MTV tried to make a shift to draw more male viewers, and also to ease out of Twilight, since the franchise was wrapping up this year.

      Their ratings dropped quite a bit, but that trend has been developing for awhile now. MTV is still trying to figure out who they want to be when they grow up, and the audience is totally confused. They stopped being about music ages ago. At the moment, they’re pretty much just a reality tv station. So why would people turn to them for movie news, awards, etc.?

  6. marie says:

    ha ha ha, and the meltdown begins.. I expect to hear of a Twihard MTV award boycott in 3..2..

  7. Lolly says:

    I believe Patrick is Taylor’s man so bogus story. Regarding the awards MTV probably knew they’ll both be a no -show.

  8. T.C. says:

    The Twihards wil be storming MTV HQ today. Run for your lives MTV employees. Run.

  9. BreeinSEA says:

    They should just drop this show and do a reality awards show… mtv…booo you suck.

  10. Melissa says:

    You should have heard everyone on twitter last night. Outraged! It was hilarious! For years the fandom was bragging about Rob and Kristen’s award status at MTV. Last night the fandom went on and on….Rob and Kristen have outgrown MTV, MTV isn’t important, MTV sucks, etc. So MTV was good for the fandom earlier but now it’s not? Bunch of hypocrites.

    MTV was the one that courted Twilight and Summit courted MTV. It was mutually exclusive for both. So many people in the fandom are young, stupid, old, have no idea how the fame game is played. The old ladies who lust after Rob and hate Kristen, embarassing. The Kristen fans who bash everyone when their idol is talked about badly, embarassing. Kristen isn’t being bullied. She is being called out on her behavior. She always acted like she didn’t want to be doing movie pr. Both Rob and Kristen played everything wrong with keeping their relationship secret. I get it but when the time came they both should’ve came out with it.

    Kristen cheating on Rob made me really look at the pressure they both face. So much expectations from the fandom from Twitter. I’m done. I gave them both a pass for behavior but after Kristen cheated on Rob it made me realize how much pressure they are still under and Kristen couldn’t handle it. She definetly reads about herself online. She needs a new pr team, needs to get her shit together. Hopefully she is.

    • Annie says:

      They should be outraged. Nobody cares about the MTV Movie Awards but the twihards. The ratings are solid thanks to them. Feels like MTV didn’t have a choice. Whoever they are pandering to now, will not watch. Like Affleck is going.

    • Liz says:

      I agree with a lot of your points, my personal little crack theory is maybe they asked not to be considered? The best thing for both her and his career is to put as much distance as possible between them and Twilight now. They both want to keep working on different adult projects and Twilight is quite teen.
      I don’t think Taylor Lautner has the same problem of wanting to be linked to the films.
      ETA this was a reply to @melissa

      • Annie says:

        I agree Liz. I posted something along those lines down in the comments. I’d believe they did. How would they accept Best Kiss again after all the drama?

        Still, way to turn your back on the people who gave you nothing but support when everyone else laughed at you.

    • Mixoo says:

      What else do they have to look forward to? The only other awards RPatz and KStew get are Teen Choice and Razzies. I do hear RPatz is trying to make better movies while KStew is unemployed and unemployable. MTV should invite her just so she shows up in a neck brace for sympathy.

  11. originalkay says:

    Too bad, because the last one was actually the best Twilight by far.
    ok, not saying much but still.

  12. CC says:

    MTV awards are a joke. Strike that. MTV is a joke and has been so for a long time, ever since they started piling on the reality TV and negating music. But it’s always fun to see Twihard’s panties in a bunch.

    As I see it, for MTV it’s time for the next franchise to fawn over, being Twihardy is useless when the franchise is over and they know people will move away from it when it completely dries up.

  13. Original A says:

    Meh. The relationship talk for these two is so boring (the tabloids have broken the up/put them together about a million times since he’s been filming). While I still think they are just in an open relationship/just good friends, I do think they don’t want the rumors out there that they have broken up (hence why US Weekly, People, E! still say there together). Plus, he gave a new, short interview to the Daily Mail a week or so ago (here come his stans rushing to say he never does PR lol) where he talks briefly about filming his new movie and that journalist mentions KStew as his girlfriend in the description of RPattz’s life. Also, MTV has actual people who work for them and not crazy fans voting for these awards. I’m not suprised that Sparkles or KStew got the shaft.

  14. NerdMomma says:

    I just have to comment on how cute it is that her friend is being all protective in the crowd. The girl in the red hat. Or maybe that’s an assistant, but either way, she’s a hot chick in a crowd and she’s the one being a protector.

  15. bea says:

    She found a friend to wear hats backwards with!

  16. Zigggy says:

    I just watched that movie yesterday- I knew it would be bad and watched it for the cheese factor, but man, it was sooo bad I couldn’t sit through it- had to keep taking celebitchy breaks ;)

  17. HotPockets says:

    Kstew and Katy Perry’s assistant make a more believable couple than her and Sparkle boy.

  18. Anname says:

    I think Rob and Kristen are relieved they don’t have to show up for the thing. It was nice for the last few years, but I am happy to see Rob move on from Twi stuff.

    I am surprised they weren’t nominated for best kiss though, I assumed MTV would welcome the attention that would bring. The last movie, the cheating scandal… much drama there to be exploited.

  19. Gabby says:

    What a hardcore looking group of people.

  20. Annie says:

    Well, the contract is up. What did they expect? Last DVD is out, sold millions of copies in two days, MTV doesn’t have to kiss ass for ratings anymore, they don’t have a new movie to promote, they don’t have to sit through 2 hours of a bad show, Rob and Kristen don’t have to accept awards from a ceremony that lets Snookie and JWoww in, so they can really start pretending they are serious actors AND they don’t have to play nice for this franchise anymore. They can break up if they want, be assholes to fans and just basically act like Twilight never happened and like Rob wouldn’t be living in a car if he wasn’t cast in the movie.

    I think they might’ve asked MTV to not nominate them because they were done being diplomatic for this fanbase and they just want to move on. This snub seems pretty deliberate. Like someone said, this movie is far better than the previous ones.

    Too bad for the nobodies of the franchise, who love walking this red carpet and jumping onstage. Those guys are in need of a job! And the MTV nominations list is so bizarre. I predict very low ratings. I mean, Argo? Yeah Ben is psyched.

    • dahlia says:

      oh god, the contract talk is just a ridiculous as the shipper-they are married and together forever-talk. Both sides are opposite sides of the same coin–too invested in whether they are real or not.

      • Annie says:

        I mean the Summit and MTV contract.

        I’ve always believed they are a real couple (taking advantage of the franchise too) and MTV and Summit had an agreement for the promotion of the movies. Funny how as soon as Lionsgate took over, the nominations for Twilight ceased. It started last year.

  21. Annie says:

    Oh, and can I just point out how bizarre it is that Rob wears baseball hats backwards sometimes with tacky t-shirts, so now Kristen wears them too all the time so you see how ~connected they are because they are one person, and now all her friends wear them too so they can be just like her? So the entire group dresses the same now.

    Are these people not adults? Why are they all dressing like Urkel’s posse? Those oversized hipster glasses, even her friends wear them now too. You are moving toward your mid-twenties, people! Stop that now!

    The more I see them dressed like assholes the more I think it’s true what George Clooney said: you get stuck in the age in which you became famous. And your dumbass hungry friends will do anything to fit in with you.

  22. B says:

    Her “friends” feel more like her fans. Why are dressed like sloppy twins? So creepy!

  23. Me says:

    I like how this famewhores behave like celebrities hahahaha Kristen Stewart is a loser and need this crap to be relevant in gossip sites. She is embarrassing.

  24. elceibeno says:

    My guess would be that they were shut out of the mtv movie awards because Kristen cheated. The fantasy of Edward and Bella was shuttered by Kristen’s indiscretion. I do not like the way she and that other girl are dressed. And her hair still looks greasy.

  25. Zelda Fitzgerald says:

    If even MTV shut them out it really shows that they’re has-beens.

    The world has moved on from Twilight and nobody cares about this group of losers anymore.

    • Another Ann says:

      You may not like it. But it’s a bit of a stretch to say “the world has moved on” and “nobody cares”. They just had one of the highest selling dvd releases ever. Somebody cares.

    • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

      MTV was over them last year with only a couple of nominations. Now they’re really done.

      DVDs sales. Again, for Twihards. The general public could not care less about Stewart and Pattinson (and Lautner).

      • Another Ann says:

        Sorry, but you can’t get to being among the highest grossing movies and best selling dvds without a good portion of the “general public” having some level of interest. Unless you think there are millions of “Twihards” out there?

        I’m looking at this from a business point of view here. Yes, there are a lot of people who don’t like Twilight and yell loudly about it. But the fact remains that the franchise had a pretty impressive run from beginning to end. There are a lot of other franchises/potential franchises that would kill to get a fraction of the returns Twilight had.

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        But it’s over now. It had its run and people have simply moved on. MTV has moved on.

        Twihards were always its own niche market. Now other franchises (like The Hunger Games) have taken its place. MTV is simply moving on with their demographics. They target 12-24 year olds and among that group Twilight isn’t the biggest thing anymore. Neither are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as celebrities.

        It’s not a coincidence that Jennifer Lawrence has 5 MTV nominations. Yeah, the MTV movie awards don’t mean much in the scheme of things, but Lawrence is what’s hot right now.

        Stewart and Pattinson, not so much.

      • CC says:

        No, another Ann, it just means that the teens spend their allowances in it, and adults, who actually know how hard it is to earn a living refrain from buying every crappy dvd out there, but judgement-impaired (pre)teens don’t.

      • Another Ann says:

        CC, If you were to look at the demographics of that audience, you’d be really surprised. Not just teens. A lot of people in their 20s (many were teens when the first book came out) and even 30s and up. It started as a teen thing, but the audience actually has a pretty wide age span.

      • Macey says:

        @anotherann The first hunger games movie made more money than Twilight. Its the most successful franchise ever bar Harry Potter and Batman. Lionsgate also payed the actors much less so the return is greater. So hunger games is already proving more successful.

      • ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

        Yes, the world is aware of the pathetic Twilight Moms and the weird obsession a lot of middle aged women have with this insipid franchise. You can only imagine what their empty, sex starved lives are like that they latch on to this garbage.

        Another reason MTV doesn’t need to cater to this audience anymore.

  26. Reece says:

    “(but only by exclusive photo agencies)” I see what you did there Kaiser. ;) I know that venue. They could’ve gone out the front and jumped in the car instead of walking through the alley. js

    They don’t need to promote the franchise anymore so…there you go.
    Besides, MTV awards shows started off as the anti-Oscars, Grammys but they’re nothing but 2hr pr shows now. There’s no other reason to show up.

    • Original A says:

      Bullshit that you are familiar with the Troub. The front is Santa Monica Blvd; the alley is where a lot of the acts enter. You just can’t pull up and hop out in 2 seconds.

      • Reece says:

        I debated on whether or not to respond…

        I read Hotel cafe in one of those links. Either way, Hotel Cafe opens their front/back door that opens out directly to Cahuenga then 2 steps to the car, as opposed to walking thru the alley to the parking structure. Which allows for more “opportunity”. The Troub is EASIER because you can pull your car up to the back where the acts enter (where they certainly would and have allowed people hounded by paps to do so) and go directly from door to car. Then drive thru the alley to the street. Again just sayin’

  27. Guest5400 says:

    Thas is a good point,alot of KStew fans haven’t forgiven her for cheating.I was surprised she cheated on him with a man because I have always gotten a lesbo vibe from her.Sorry but she looks every bit like a butch.And i thought she was out on a date with the girl in the photo.Come on yall don’t trip you can’t tell me Kristen doesn’t have a young Jodie Foster vibe going on.

    • @Guest5400 says:

      Kstew goes out of her way to be “bada$$” butch. She wasn’t like this before but she is a copier (wearing filthy t-shirts, baseball cap backwards, running hands through greasy hair)she starts mimicking them.

    • Guest5400 says:

      Can you read Michelle?I guess not because I wrote that she looks and acts like a lesbian and I’m surprised she isn’t.I didn’t say she was.I am so glad you’re here to monitor my comments.*sarcasm*
      And as far as being a bad @ss butch,Angelina Jolie in the late 90′s was a sexy bad@ss butch.KStew just looks like she needs to shower and wash her hair.

      • TG says:

        I just saw your comment. I think she is gay too.

      • muppet_barbershop says:

        Seriously, have y’all seen Angelina in Foxfire? Of course the bad@ssest butch there was her real-life gf Jenny Shimizu… My current working theory is that KStew is genuinely bi, and like many such folks who are famous, doesn’t wanna deal with the misunderstandings and fallout. It’s the mass-media coming-out frontier ~after~ that of being trans, oddly. (This does NOT count the women who’ve made out with their friends when drunk and “come out” after marrying some dude. That’s a separate phenomenon.)

        KStew sounds like she feels sorry for herself al the time, but I think she just has no filter, and converses as though we are all her buddies. I know it is insufferable to most. But she is very young and may well get over it.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    Is there anyone out there who actually thinks she’s attractive? A vote for no , here.

  29. Marianne says:

    Is that Scout Taylor Compton in those photos? Nice to know they are still friends after “The Runaways”.

  30. Jag says:

    I don’t care about Twihard darama. What I want to know is who the female is who is covering her face with her hair so she won’t be recognized?

  31. The Original G says:

    Of course, they’re dropped by MTV. The point of award shows is to promote projects with a future not rehash the fetid dreams of an over-exposed franchise whose fans have aged out of the MTV demographic.

  32. Shira says:

    Their fandom reaction to the “snub” was so creepy… they were like “MTV Movie Awards always chooses fluffy films, all of a sudden they’re choosing Oscar films?!!?”
    IKR, so bad when they hand out awards based on QUALITY.
    Seriously, if Robsten would’ve won Best Kiss again I’d be so fucking pissed, they never give the audience what it wants as it is, and oh yeah – the movies are just not good.

  33. TG says:

    I am believing more and more that Kristen is gay. Also, why can’t she walk into a room without someone holding her hand? I can’t understand why celebs need to be guided around everywhere like children.

  34. Tig says:

    To think that one’s sexual orientation is defined by the fact that she had BFs in her teens/early 20s is a bit naive- there are plenty of women who didn’t “come out” until after marriage and or children- look at Kelly McGillis and Meredith Baxter-Burnie.

    How she chooses to dress – dirty appearing or otherwise- does not determine if she’s gay or not. But having BFs does not preclude her coming out in the future, either.

  35. RedWillow says:

    Look at that girl’s (with the red hat) finger nails…. UGH
    So much dirt.

    They all look filthy – blech.

  36. Jackie says:

    They should have kept Kristen in the Best Kiss category….for Snow White and the Huntsman, with her director Rupert no?

  37. erika says:

    look at her posture, arms….she looks like a 88 yr old irish leprachaun, ready to do a jig for a gold coin!!!

  38. Source says:

    When KStew wasn’t nominated for an Oscar and JLaw was, it was “The Oscars don’t mean anything.” Because surely if KStew had been nominated, they’d be saying the same thing, right?

    Well, in the past, the MTV movie awards meant something…until JLaw was nominated and KStew isn’t.

    Now it’s, “They don’t mean anything” and “They probably voluntarily bowed out of these meaningless awards.”

  39. aquarius64 says:

    I think the cheating scandal and the Razzie wins hurt Twilight for the MTV noms. A Best Kiss nomination would have been awkward. The franchise had its days in the sun but the world have moved on. MTV just saw the writing on the wall and adapted. Hunger Games and the Avengers are the draw; Jennifer Lawrence is the new It Girl. The Oscar win gives her acting cred. Even if Jennifer Lawrence gets hit with a Razzie she has tangible proof she can act. Kristen will always be seen as tabloid fodder.

    I saw the Twi-hard meltdown over the snubs. They need to get over themselves

  40. BuckyBoyd says:

    LOL like DDL or Affleck are going to show up to the MTV awards.

  41. mkyarwood says:

    This seems like a girl club photo.

  42. muppet_barbershop says:

    That woman with her is a trip! Is she a friend or date, or is she her assistant who wants to Be Just Like Her? xD

  43. mememe says:

    She’s an unappreciative brat.