Demi Moore ‘thinks it only fair she be compensated,’ will go after Ashton’s fortune

Last week we heard the news that Demi Moore had filed her own divorce papers against her estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher, and that she was planning on going for spousal support as well as legal fees. Ashton had already filed for divorce from Demi over the holidays, but apparently talks had stalled between their lawyers, prompting Demi to file separately. TMZ had a report claiming that it wasn’t true that negotiations were at an impasse, and that they were moving along but Demi was still determined to stick it to cheating Ashton. TMZ’s story sounded like it came from Ashton’s camp, because their version had Demi as the party with the higher net worth.

Now Radar has a story that sounds like it’s from Demi’s perspective. Their insider acknowledges that Demi’s “finances are solid” but cites her contribution to Ashton’s career during their marriage. I can’t argue with that point, Ashton’s career did benefit quite a bit from Demi’s high profile. I bet she put him in touch with plenty of industry insiders as well. Here’s more:

Demi Moore is planning to hit her cheating estranged hubby, Ashton Kutcher, where it really hurts — by plundering his cold hard cash — and as the couple did not sign a prenup, the highly paid 35-year-old is pretty much at her mercy! is exclusively reporting.

“When they first got together Demi was worth a considerable amount more than Ashton, but obviously that’s changed – drastically!” A source tells Radar. “Ashton is now worth at least $100 million whereas Demi’s not been bringing in the big bucks for years. Ashton has his Two and a Half Men contract, which pays him a cool $20 million a year — and he’s also invested in several very successful internet startups including Skype and Foursquare. Ashton also has a very successful production company and a lucrative endorsement deal with Nikon. Demi doesn’t know the full extent of Ashton’s finances, but trust me, she will before a divorce settlement is finally reached!”

As previously reported, last week Moore formally filed her response to Ashton’s divorce papers, which he filed on December 21 of last year. And, it’s evident from Moore’s response that she wants Kutcher to pay! The 50-year-old is seeking spousal support from the super rich actor and wants him to foot the bill for all of her legal costs.

“Demi’s finances are solid, but she took a back seat during their marriage and allowed Ashton to be the star – and big earner – of the family,” the source says. “Demi believes she provided crucial guidance to Ashton that helped him get to where he is today, and she thinks it is only fair she is compensated for that now they are no longer together. She’s been unhappy with the settlement talks so far because she feels that Ashton doesn’t recognize the impact she had on his life.”

Further spurring on Moore to go after Kutcher’s finances was his extramarital affair and subsequent new relationship with Mila Kunis.

“Demi is still really p*ssed off at Ashton,” a source previously told Radar.

“He humiliated her and then he treated her badly, which she didn’t expect and it really made her mad. She basically wants to hurt him the way he hurt her, and this is the only way she knows how.”

[From Radar Online]

So Demi is going for monetary revenge I guess. I really can’t argue that she didn’t contribute to his career. As I mentioned last week, Ashton had done “The 70s Show,” “Punk’d” and Dude, Where’s My Car? before he met Demi. People paint him as some kind of Internet genius but he seems like more of a doofus who knows how to operate a computer and has a propensity to overshare. I doubt his career would have surpassed Wilmer Valderrama’s if he hadn’t hooked up with Demi, is what I’m saying. He’s not a good actor.

However, it’s not like Demi needs the money at all, she’s not struggling and she’s not some single mom trying to make ends meet. All her daughters are grown and likely not even talking to her. She’s doing this because she’s mad and still hurt. I don’t blame her, but I don’t feel any sympathy for her either.

Demi is shown on 2-11-13 and 1-22-13. Credit: FameFlynet. Ashton is shown on 2-10-13 and 2-12-13. Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. annabelle says:

    I get it, she’s pissed. Fair enough.
    But this isn’t helping her image and it’s not helping her to grow as a person.

    What older woman hooks up with a much younger dude and doesn’t think, at least a little bit, that it’s a situation of borrowed time that will likely end with him banging a chick his own age?

    I wish she would ownership of the circumstances and just show some grace.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      I have a friend with a wife 13 years his senior. They have been married 13 years he adores her and finds her to be the sexiest woman in the world. He’d never step out just for some young strange.

      But I do think you could change “much younger dude” to “Ashton Kutcher”, and “his own age” with “who exists” and have a very accurate statement, there.

      • annabelle says:

        Ha! Touche. I think I’m just a cynic.

      • Layale says:

        Yeah, I am not sure if they had an open marriage as some suggest, or if Ashton stepped out on Demi just because he’s a cad. Hollywood marriages are all so strange. I am just not convinced it was the age difference though.

        I am less cynical regarding this because my hubby is 9.5 years younger than I am. We’ve been together for 9 years and married for 7 of those. We have a son together, and my hubby’s solid.

        I do know it’s not always that way with age difference, but I guess I got lucky. Oh, and so did my grandmother, who in 1945–when it was especially taboo–married a man who was 12 years her junior (she was 35 at the time). They were married for 59 years, until her death at 95 years old!

      • dagdag says:

        I believe age difference could matter when one has lived a life already and the other is just starting.

    • SleepyJane says:

      “….it’s not helping her to grow as a person.”

      I totally agree. That’s my major beef with this situation. I used to be a vengeful person too, at around the ages of 18-23. It’s time for her to grow up.

    • LadyBird83 says:

      I just don’t think she should go after his money. They did not have kids so what’s the point? She had to have known that marrying a younger man had its risks. Like that he would eventually go out looking for young flesh. She would look a lot stronger if she said “fuck you dude, I don’t want you , I don’t want your money”

    • Lauren says:

      Demi does not care about grace, or her image. She scored big when she divorced Bruce Willis, and now she is cashing in with Ashton.
      Demi is ruthless, and does not even care if she embarrasses her daughters.
      Everyone is blaming Ashton, but who else could survive living with her for almost a decade posting their private life on Twitter?
      Cheating and divorce hurts, as many of us know..and most women behave much better than Demi ever has.

    • hazeldazel says:

      it doesn’t matter if what she alleges is true and legally valid. the point is that she used to be considered A+ list and smoking hot (no matter her age) and now everyone thinks she’s pathetic. How is this going to affect her career? It’s definitely going to hurt it. She’s extremely wealthy so it’s not like she needs the money.

      She needs to let this go with dignity and move on. Find some good projects and work. Let the public remember that Ashton was the douche that cheated on her publicly, repeatedly and on their anniversary – and not concentrate on her crazy antics.

  2. lune says:

    Normally I would disagree but he’s a douche who deserves it

  3. lem says:

    I don’t see how her connections and her helping him with his career somehow entitle her to spousal support. She didn’t sacrifice anything by helping him advance his career (if she had, then I would agree she deserves something). This isn’t the type of situation that warrants spousal support. To me this just looks like a desperate woman trying to regain some semblance of dignity, which she has all but destroyed on her own.

    • Erinn says:

      THIS. I came on to say exactly that. It wasn’t as if she put her whole life on hold for him while raising kids and doing all that. The kids were essentially grown when she was with Ashton, and she’s an aging woman in HWOOD. I doubt she was turning down offers to support him. I think they just stopped coming and she is using supporting Ashton as the cop-out to why she’s no longer successful in acting.

    • says:

      Exactly. Also, everyone had forgotten about Demi until she started dating Ashton (the age difference helped her image as the “sexy, forever youthful. woman).

      Wasn’t she nicknamed “Gimme More” at one point?

      • Amber says:

        THIS^ People act like Demi is Meryl Streep or her career was white hot when she met Ashton. Ashton may have been a joke and a B-lister, but Demi was definitely a has-been with aging name recognition. Yeah she was more famous, but not so much to the people who supported and continue to support Kutcher. That is to say, mainly people around my age (early 20s). I wasn’t old enough to watch Striptease lol. GI Jane and Bruce Willis’ ex-wife doesn’t mean much to me. It’s total revisionism to give Demi so much credit for Kutcher’s “career” (whatever it is. I loved Just Married though. But that may be a Brittany Murphy thing.) I saw plenty of people at the time saying Demi was benefiting from the PR too and was being introduced to a younger generation through Ashton.

        I fear this is gonna’ get ugly. I was totally on Demi’s side. But then things started getting weird. The whippets? Why are her daughters rumored to not be speaking to her? If it’s so cut and dry that he cheated and that’s all there is to it, why were her daughters hanging out with him? (And they were hanging out w/ Ashton b/f the nitrous-oxide overdose and the boyfriends, which is what some people cite as the cause of estrangement.) I think there’s more to this and it’s gonna’ play out publically.

      • vixo says:

        Exactly. the marriage was also a benefit for her ” super hot in her forties” image. Her carrer didn’t progress much but she was always in the spotlight for being married to a young hot actor.

        She’s hurt but she doesn’t need this and should move ahead .

      • Sherry says:

        If memory serves me correctly, Demi semi-retired to Idaho to raise her three daughters. She was out of the Hollywood loop for a long time. It was when she started dating Ashton that her name started popping up again as this hot cougar dating this younger guy.

        She has enough money, she just needs to call it a day, get some psychological help and move on.

      • Jennifer says:

        YES!! This is exactly what I was going to post.

    • Dawn says:

      Exactly. Besides if Demi was the scorned wife here I don’t think her daughters would be so mad at her. There is more going on here then Ashton cheating on her. I think they cheated on each other throughout their marriage. No way should she get spousal support. Instead she needs to grow up and act her age and stop looking so damn desperate for attention be it good or bad.

    • Mare says:

      I can’t believe people are saying he is the bigger name?! Love her or hate her, Demi is an icon. No matter your age. Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal… people will watch and know these movies years from now. Any of Ashton’s movies? I highly doubt it.

      • Erinn says:

        She’s WAS an icon. When was the last time this woman produced anything good? Ghost was 1990 (the year I was born), A Few Good Men was 1992, and Indecent Proposal was 1993. There was a time when Demi was a hot actress who could hold her own. But that had long faded before Ashton came around.

      • Esmom says:

        @Erinn you are right on. In fact I remember thinking when Demi first got together with Ashton that she was using him to regain some relevance. As someone said above, this latest story is revisionist history!

      • Lulu says:

        You never stop being an icon. The things that made her an icon will never go away, so to say that she isn’t iconic anymore doesn’t make sense.

        As for what she is doing now, if she is ONLY doing it out of revenge and anger, than that is the wrong reason. Period.

      • Esmom says:

        True. Then I’d amend my comments to say that she never was truly an icon, just a hot commodity for a few years there.

      • Mare says:

        @ Erinn – Yes, she’s not what she used to be in the 1990s but those movies are still known and watched even 20 years later and I’m pretty sure they will be 20 years from now. Ashton’s movies? I don’t thinks so. I’ve never been a fan of Demi but I do consider her much much bigger name than Kutcher.

    • Dutch says:

      This could get real ugly. If she really does claim she set her own career goals aside, Ashton and possibly her own daughters might line up against her to point to her substance abuse and general batsh*t craziness as the real reasons why she didn’t work much during the marriage.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree.
      I also think people consider Ashton to be the character he played on That 70s Show. He didn’t just appear in Punk’d, he PRODUCED it. He does seem to have that entrepreneurial spirit, even if he does get douchey sometimes.

      I think it kind of takes women back a step when they use weak excuses to take a man’s money. Stand strong on your own, Demi. Even if you get his money it won’t make you feel any better (and really, it is obvious she has deep issues and that could have contributed to the divorce). She needs therapy, no matter what her romantic status.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Not a fan of Ashton, but before they were married he had his own production company and a few shows already in circulation. Plus he was already investing in tech start-ups and continues to do so.

      I’m all for alimony if you need it or if it helps for the sake of the kids but she had money in her own right and she also invested in Fashism and a few other tech firms he did, meaning she gained money off those already, no?

      He has an agent, a publicist, etc. He didn’t need Demi. When they got together his star was rising just as fast as hers was fading.

      Why does she need alimony? Make him pay the court fees/lawyer fees and call it a day.

  4. aims says:

    She’s pissed. I really think that this is going to get ugly.

  5. stinkyman says:

    He made a vow and now he must pay. He certainly has enough money because of the series and she carried him during the marriage when all he did was commercials.

  6. Starllight says:

    I think Ashton wanted to get out of the marriage a long time ago but didn’t hae to nerve to tell Demi. So what he did was cheated intentionally to use that as an excuse to get away from Demi. He should have just told her that it is over and that would be more proper instead of cheating. In fairness to Ashton, he was already a rising star when he met Demi. I was surprised that he married her.

  7. marie says:

    to me she’s still coming off as a desperate, vindictive woman. is it Ashton’s fault she signed on to do as shit movie such as “LOL”? as far as her helping make the connections, he still had to secure the jobs himself. she needs to move on..

    I dunno, it pisses me off that I’m defending this dude. fine, give her a portion of the money he made while they were together, but that excludes the 2-1/2 men money..

  8. Penny says:

    Spousal support is a joke, but if they didn’t have a prenup, she’s entitled to half of everything he earned while they were married.

    • dagdag says:

      Exactly, a joke. Spousal support is not meant as a punishment for cheating.

    • NYCGAL says:

      I agree. If it was reversed and he was going after Demi’s money, I think many people would say he’s entitled to it. Double standard. They had NO prenup. Whatever THEY made during the marriage should be split between them equally. She put her fortune on the line when she married him with no prenup. He went along with it willingly since he probably thought he’d never earn the money he did. Now it’s time to split the pot fair and square.

  9. Starllight says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I still like you Demi. You were my favorite movie star before until you did this. Let go and build your career again. We still love you but not like this.

  10. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I agree annabelle, she just looks bad imo and it feels like some kind of desperate move to make the whole process go on longer. I think she’s look a lot better and be healthier overall if she just accepted the divorce with some grace and moved on to new things.

    She has a lot in her life and is still relatively young and attractive. Embroiling yourself in anger and revenge in your divorce just hurts you and keeps you stuck in all the crap, wasting more years of your life instead of moving forward to new things. She should concentrate on getting herself healthy and fixing the relationships with her daughters and let Ashton go. She doesn’t need the money. Plus I know many feels he wouldn’t have the career he has if it wasn’t for her but I disagree. He’s good-looking and likeable and I think he would’ve done okay on his own. I may have taken a bit longer but that might not have been a bad thing. Sometimes hooking up with someone more famous just means no one gives you credit and thinks it’s all nepotism. She needs to move on.

  11. RHONYC says:

    no prenup. no sympathy.

    what a dolt. :roll:

  12. realitycheck says:

    a marriage is a partnership in all respects and his career certainly was helped by this union. I can completely understand that he’s not realizing how much she helped him and helped him make critical connections. Ashton SUCKS on 2 1/2 men and for the life of me can’t understand how he can command that salary and be the highest paid actor on television if it not for the connections he was able to carefully cultivate during the time in their marriage that she most certainly had a hand in. He owes her. no matter how much she has. I don’t side with Demi on too many things but in this instance I do. sorry but men tend to be self absorbed bastards who move on when the going is good.

  13. yolo112 says:

    Her immaturity and bitterness about this makes me dislike her even more, and like Ashton more. She needs to just sign the papers and move on. I personally think that Ashton was in the right place at the right time and knew enough about H-wood to score his own success. Besides, it’s not like Demi was (or has been) super popular for quite some time. If anything, the marriage actually kept HER crazy ass in the spot light for longer. The true fact is that she’s a has been and has been for a long time. I’m embarrassed for her… **smh**

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      You like Ashton more because he hurt his wife by cheating and she wants to hit him in his wallet because that’s the only thing he cares about besides himself… You lost credibility. You’ve defended an a**hat because you dislike the other party. Ugh.

      Fact is Ashton wasn’t popular without Demi. She wasn’t a superstar in front of the camera, but she had the connections he needed and used. He cheated on her for years. He could have left if he was so unhappy, but he still needed to use her until his career was stable.

      Yea Demi is crazy, but he did it all the selfish and wrong way. It’s like she’s just asking for her finders fee and consultation. Pretty legit.

      • yolo112 says:

        I don’t like him MORE because he hurt his wife, I like him more because he hasn’t been acting like a total d.bag about the divorce. I defended Ashton because I like him and I think there’s A LOT more to what happened, especially when you look at how her own daughters reacted to her during this whole s*!t storm. I defended him more because I don’t like Demi. Period. Never have. She’s an over rated actress that needs to grow the hell up and start acting her age and dating men her own age.

        I’m not going to argue with you but I think you are WAYYY off with your assessment of her ties. He WAS popular and building a career of his own. Why do you think she snatched him up?? I think she needed him as much as you claim he needed her.

      • BeachBelle says:

        There’s a huge piece of this story we don’t have. Just saying…..If Ashton was the sole reason for this divorce causing their Mother so much pain and heartache why would Demi’s children still be friends with him and have nothing to do with her?

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        To be clear. I think both of them are kind of terrible in their own ways. I just think Demi is due some kind of restitution for her help in his career plus giving him possibly her last years that she looked great circa charlie’s angels Demi. Sandra B is brought up a lot now. She did take the high road and she’s awesome, but Jesse didn’t have anything. If she sued I wouldn’t think less of her.

        Demi’s kids aren’t the best. They partied with their mother rather than realizing she was having a break down. When it interfered with their lives it then became an issue with them. Here’s a good piece to chew on. Demi and Bruce split. everything was fine. She knows how to move on. Demi and Ashton split and she has a melt down. He did something to her. Also, before her he was nothing. There are missing links here and if he truly wants to move on he’ll offer her a 1 time lump sum and be done.

        Side thought. He gets with blondes, but he dates brunettes. He has a type.

  14. Lb says:

    How exactly did she help his career? It’s a serious (not a sarcastic) question – I can’t remember anything notable he did during the marriage.

    I thought a lot of his money came from Punk’d and being behind the scenes of other shows, which came before the hooked up with Demi. And two and a Half Men came after, right?

    • cr says:

      I don’t think she did, she hasn’t been ‘high profile’ as an actress or producer in a long time:

      Her IMDb profile:


      He didn’t need her for his career, he was doing fine on his own.
      He may be a dbag, but her behavior is not any more mature.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I feel like i’m the only Demi defender here Ugh!

        IMDB is strictly work related. Demi got his into parties where connections were probably made. Eery party he went to isn’t listed there. She also thought she was spending her life with him so she did what she could t help his career along.

        He also made his mark with Twitter. His Twitter account got tv time when he posted pics of Demi. As big or little as any bit is it had an impact. He would not be where he is with having had a relationship with her.

  15. Amanda says:

    I get that she is hurt. But please move on Demi!!!!!

  16. Miss Kiki says:

    This is getting embarrassing now. The damage is done now, just walk away. The thing that’s annoying me most about this situation is that she’s making me defend Ashton.

  17. mar says:

    personally, I think it is her choice.She is entitled to half of what he made, as he is too of her income during the marriage.

    I would walk away , knowing I have my own cash, but she wants to piss him off and drag this out. Its her way of staying in his life.

  18. The Original G says:

    I don’t see this as being about who’s desperate, who’s right, who’s vindictive, etc.

    Marriage is also a legal contract. They both knew what they were getting into. Ashton should of tidied his business, first, if he wanted to avoid this.

  19. lisa says:

    at the time of their separation, their assets were almost equal. her production co continued to make money while she was married to him. are they going to split what each of them made during the marriage? this makes no sense on any level and just makes her look sad.

  20. anonymous fan says:

    CB summed up exactly how I feel about Demi Moore.I am NOT on Team Ashton but I just cannot muster any sympathy for Demi.I know the only reason she is stalling this divorce is so she can look better in the media and look like the poor wounded ex wife.But her behavior has been so awful the last couple of years I can’t feel sorry for her.But like I said I don’t care about Ashton’s feelings so she can drag him in court for years I wouldn’t care.I just wonder if she realizes that soon HE is going to look like the victim and her plan will backfire.

  21. Gemini08 says:

    Seeming like a doofus and BEING a doofus are two different things. IO don’t think Ashton is a doofus at all. If he were he wouldn’t have the massive fortune that he has- and that mostly has come form his business ventures. Not his acting career. As for Demi- I have ZERO sympathy for her. She married a man closer to her kids’ age than her own. Is it really shocking that it didn’t work out. And her crazy behavior reportedly started while she was still with Ashton. Who wants to deal with a 40-something year-old woman with self-esteem and substance abuse issues. I’m not excusing his behavior- he should have just left instead of cheating. But I also get it.

  22. Claudia says:

    I have no problem with this.

  23. Boobaloo says:

    I have a friend who knew Ashton pretty well in college, and apparently he is actually quite smart. So, he might come off as a doofus, but I wouldn’t dismiss his reported internet “genius” so quickly.

  24. WTF says:

    I can’t muster an ounce of sympathy for that douche! He humiliated a woman that he claimed to love. I hope she leaves him penniless under a bridge. If you don’t want to be married, be a man about it and get a divorce. Don’t jump into a hot tub with someone else.

  25. Stormy says:

    I don’t blame her though. If it was a regular Joe and Jane and Joe stepped out on Jane cheating multiple times and on our anniversary to boot yeah I be looking for some monetary compensation. I think everyone keeps screaming at Demi to get over it since she has money why would she go after Ashton’s.

    My thing is though I don’t think Demi should get over it. Her husband cheated on her multiple times. Heck maybe they did have an open marriage agreement (doubtful since I don’t think she be raging like this if that was the case) and he left her and got with a woman that most men find highly sexy (like she used to be viewed by men).

    I think all of her reactions after the fact have made me just feel sorry for her since I am sure she feels as if she was younger, hotter, etc. he wouldn’t have strayed and she wouldn’t be by herself right now dealing with kids who hate her. Frankly I am glad that Bruce Willis took those kids out to the woodshed verbally. They suck.

    Also I say Demi get that money and make him pay.

    • dagdag says:

      puh, very bad for Demi if she can´t get over a man who does not want her.

      • Stormy says:

        I think she is over him but I think she is not over how humiliated and hurt she feels. I mean heck it’s out there that Ashton has moved on, I don’t think she thinks she is getting him back from Mila at this point. I think she is just rightfully ticked off about it, as I would be.

        No they didn’t have children together, but yes I do think that she helped his career to a certain aspect. Most people would not even know who he is outside of Punked. I do think her name probably helped get him cast to certain things since you get Ashton you know Demi is walking the red carpet too (this was back in the day when people still gave a crap about what she was doing). I guess I don’t see the whole Demi didn’t help me with my career thing 100 percent.

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    It’s her way of holding on to him/not letting him go.

  27. dorothy says:

    I agree she should be compensated, however what really turns me off is the constant pity party this woman has had. Coupled with her desire to be younger is pathetic. She obviously has a problem with aging and acts out accordingly. She really just needs a good psychiatrist.

  28. skuddles says:

    I get a strong feeling Demi is only now beginning to accept that their relationship is really, truly over. I think she’s been biding her time this last year hoping he’d change his mind and come back to her. Which is likely why she didn’t file and didn’t make any real comments about the split. I even think the young guys she was supposedly “dating” were merely pawns in her attempts to make Ashton jealous and lure him back. I think what pisses her off the most is not the screwing around (and they were rumored to have an open marriage) – it’s the fact he stopped loving her and has clearly moved on with his life – whereas she remains stuck.

    It must gall her terribly to know Ashton is now in love with a woman who is much like Demi … 25 years ago.

  29. anne_000 says:

    ““Demi’s finances are solid, but she took a back seat during their marriage and allowed Ashton to be the star – and big earner – of the family,” the source says.”

    Oooh okaaay… Cuz she “allowed” him to work, right? If the genders were reversed & the PR ppl came out and said that He “allowed” HER to work and become a success, HE would sound like a major jerk. Also, IF she took a “back seat during their marriage,” it was probably only because she didn’t have as many job offers as he did. Face it. She wasn’t in hot demand even before this marriage. At that time, Ashton was on his way up anyways while her career had just kind of petered out. This source is making it sound like she sacrificed her career for Ashton’s sake. I don’t believe it. It’s not like she had to stay out of show business or else she’d ruin chances of job offers for him. Geez, she needs to drop the martyrdom act.

  30. Jayna says:

    Ashton didn’t need her. He was doing fine. She wasn’t offered any great roles. The roles she got were bad. That’s how much her career was in decline. All the tweeting and bikini poses in the world couldn’t get people to go to the few subpar movies she was in. She is an extremely wealthy woman. This will settle. It’s just hardball tactics by Demi’s attorney. He will cough up some money but not what they are asking. She will never get alimony. Ludicrous.

    I admire the Gabor woman. She refused to take money when leaving her marriages. Very independent woman. Everything Demi once stood for is gone: Strong, independent, confident woman. She turned into a woman with twitter addiction, tweeting bikini pics on the web, and having substance abuse problems. For her own children to be estranged means there’s a lot more going on with Demi that we don’t see. Children just don’t do that who were close and love their mom.

    Demi needs to really look hard at who she wants to be in her fifties and dancing at a party alone with a glazed look in her eyes isn’t boding well for where her head is at.

    • jane's evil twin says:

      I think people that are on team Demi have forgotten how immature she’s acted the last few years.Doing drugs, being estranged from her daughters, and by the time this is over her legal fees will be millions more than any settlement she would get from Ashton.And the worst part is if she had played this better than this scandal could’ve given her a career comeback.But she is too focused on revenge to think clearly.

      • minime says:

        isn’t it incredible that we are all supposed to know that, but the people defending Ashton seem to forget that he should also have known all of that when he decided to marry her, when he was pimping their relationship on the Internet, when he was pimping their relationship on the media, and so on and so on…He knew it and he entered in that relationship because he wanted to. So he gets no excuse for his douchiness.

        Yes, she could walk away gracefully, but if she doesn’t feel like it, he is still the douche in this relationship.

  31. Good_as_Gold says:

    Can’t blame her. She has nothing to lose by it. Her reputation isn’t exactly anything to uphold. He is such a douche, that it’s hard to sympathise. Infact, I would love to see him fleeced *evil laugh*

  32. tory says:

    Didn’t he and Wilmer Valderama own a restaurant together prior to him even meeting Demi? I’m pretty sure they did and he had other real estate-esque projects that indicate he had good head about entrepreneurship. Maybe Demi knew the right people, but Ashton made the decisions and built the business.

    Also, as strange as her behavior is now and the fact that her daughters don’t wish to speak to her tells us that she’s probably been like that for a long time, it was just kept better under wraps when she was with Ashton. It doesn’t excuse the cheating, but maybe he had tried to get out several times and she wouldn’t ‘let’ him so he did something heinous enough to force her to let go or loose face (i.e. cheating on their anniversary). I’m not say he isn’t an arrogant douche, but I don’t think he was that level of douche. That was the action of a desperate douche.

    • vvvoid says:

      Either he was acting in desperation, or this was something they allowed each other to do, and the problem was Sarah Leal went to the media. Rather than tell the world they had a “kinky” marriage, they decided to “weather a cheating scandal”…
      Ashton is not Kelso, he’s not an idiot, he wouldn’t cheat on his anniversary unless it was like you said, a desperate attempt to get out of the marriage, or it was some kind of weird anniversary gift.
      Plus he cheated with some random nobody who had no reason to keep silent, implying he didn’t really care if it got out to the media.
      Sarah Leal seems like a bunny boiler to me, mixed with equal parts famewhore.
      Also, I won’t conclude Ashton is just a douche unless or until he screws Mila over. I like the guy more and more every time Demi does something to disgrace herself and spite him.

  33. Dee Cee says:

    Why she keeps herself hidden from the public most of the time.. this is her normal blackmail but free to do as we please, unless I say not.. pattern in couple relationships.. She gave him time to return and obeyed their vows of understanding.., make nice..nah? I do all you say.. give in all the time..?! Prenuptial is a tool involving unjustified threats to make a gain or cause loss to another unless some hurt feelings are removed or their demands to stay as the innocent one.. are met before we split… It may be defined as coercion flirtation.. or; “This time, I really hate you!” on my side.. Does Your Ex Hate Your foolish Romantic jealousy? Sword and Lazar.. We cut and electromagnetically flamed out too soon! How I survived the breakup.. and Will Never Take You Back!

  34. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think she has a very good argument. Their relationship raised both their profiles, but didn’t do much for either career, IMO.
    She seems mad he’s moved on so easily and this is the only thing she has left to hurt him with. She needs to move on for herself.

  35. Cazzie says:

    Okay, is anyone else baffled by the whole “she filed for divorce a second time” thing? How can both people in a marriage file for divorce???

    My understanding is that since there was only one marriage contract, there can only be one divorce proceeding. And yet she filed again.

    Are there any family law attorneys reading this? Will there be a judicial hearing to determine which divorce case will move forward? What are the criteria for deciding whose divorce filing to adjudicate? Is there any chance the judge will choose to move forward with DM’s divorce filing instead?

    Or are these just expensive games?

  36. CF98 says:

    Ashton may be a douche but I think he’s handled this whole thing far better than Demi has.

    I don’t care if he cheated on her its time to move on. There are many who have been treated like crap and managed to maintain a level of dignity in public.

    Its about time Demi do the same.

  37. Stormy says:

    Can I ask would everyone be acting like Demi needs to move on and get over it if it the situation was reversed?

    I feel as if in all of these situations where I man cheated on a woman we ask the woman to just move along and be done with it already (Demi, Liberty Ross, Brandi Glanville, etc.)

    It’s not just in Hollywood the rest of society does this too. Initially we are sympathetic and then everyone just yells at them to get over it and move on and you look pathetic. Heck she took vows with Ashton, he cheated on her and then left her and is now in another relationship.

    I don’t think he has handled this better than she has, he went and cheated on her and it was out there for the public to see and comment on. Everyone blasted Demi for staying with him and called her a doormat and now that she is not acting like a doormat we say well just get over it. Be done and get some dignity. It’s freaking baffling.

    And no I don’t think her acting like she is young and hot and chasing after dudes is great but what she is doing is acting out due to the situation that he helped create. Heck when I had my breakups I wish I could have said I was all class and dignity.

    • CF98 says:

      Yes if she cheated on Ashton and he was asking for alimony despite not having kids with her etc yes I’d say he needs to move on with his life and get over it.

      I think Ashton is handling it better than Demi because 1) He hasn’t publically trashed her despite how badly she’s behaving she’s given plenty of ammo. 2) He hasn’t had to go to rehab.

      On another note if he were asking for alimony many would also tell him to get over it and find a job and that he’d be a punk for asking for it. Just like Demi is.

      • Stormy says:

        I think it’s good that everyone thinks that they would say the same thing if the situation was reverse, but I am highly doubtful.

        Frankly just because someone doesn’t have kids with me doesn’t mean it hurts me less that you cheated and think you can just skate on with your life. People act like being married and having someone cheat on you is not a big deal as long as children are not involved.

        Heck I applaud her for not slinking off and just signing the divorce papers.

        I don’t think he handled it better, weeks after they were done he was hanging out with another woman already.

        I feel bad for Demi she was with him for 6 years (marriage) and 1-2 years (dating) that is still a long time to be with someone and just say get over it already.

        I do want Demi to stop chasing young guns and be attention grabbing since she is being made fun of constantly and it is giving Ashton ammunition to be like see what I had to deal with and that’s why I cheated.

        He sucks, she’s not that great but I can at least see where she is coming from in requesting alimony.

        And people saying this is why her kids don’t want to deal with them and want to be friends with Ashton, I think though in the environment where they constantly hung out with their dad, and their mom’s new boyfriend then husband and that was the norm I can see why they don’t see what the big deal is. The probably thought everything be the way it always was though Demi and Ashton were no longer together.

      • Moore says:

        I think if he were going after her money we would be even harder on him. It goes against the public beliefs about what men should do.

  38. Meg says:

    ‘it’s not like Demi needs the money at all..’
    not the point! that’s like a rich person’s wallet being stolen and the thief saying ‘you’ve got plenty of money, the $100 in here won’t hurt you at all.’ not the point, she improved his career with her association with him, she should be compensated.

  39. Grace says:

    Ashton married her then cheated. He needs to accept that he has follow the California laws.
    If he didn’t want to pay the price he shouldn’t have played the game. California courts pay the wives of notorious, unaplogetic cheaters one way or the other: with money or by releasing Ashton’s personal business.

  40. Pixie says:

    Okay, I have a few problems with Demi here which I mentioned on the previous post, so I won’t go into loads of detail. I neither love or hate Ashton but I would say he’s coming off better in this situation. I get that Demi’s hurt and wants to make him pay but she needs to realise he’s moved on. The thing that makes me think she’s more hard work than anyone lets on, is the fact that her daughters are estranged from her and seemingly have a good relationship with Ashton. And I’m sure these three girls have a better idea of what went on in that house than we do.
    As a sidenote, I remember seeing the loveliest video on youtube of Ashton and I think it was Tallulah; he was playing the guitar and she was singing. It was so cute!

  41. whybenice says:

    Why do divorces cost so much? Because they’re WORTH IT.

  42. ElizaJane says:

    So if she can ask for a percentage of whatever he made during their marriage, why cant he ask for and receive half of what she made during the same time? Can you do that if there is no prenup? I’m just curious. I know nothing about the divorce law in California!

    • BeachBelle says:

      It’s not just what HE made while they were married. It’s what THEY made while they were married that is divided.

      Seriously, we don’t know what Demi wants do we? From the sound of what she thinks she did for his career and how her career took a back-seat to his she probably thinks she deserves more than just half.

  43. Kristine says:

    My mother is 11 years older than my father and they’re celebrating their 31st anniversary this year. My father til this day says my mom is the love of his life and can’t fathom being without her. That being said… it’s ashton kutcher, what did demi expect?

  44. vvvoid says:

    “She allowed him to be the star”

    The reason Demi got roles at all back in the day was because she was a hot young ingenue, not because she was an especially talented actress. That she is not.
    Now she’s older, and because Hollywood is a cesspit of sexism and ageism, she had little choice but to “take a backseat” to Ashton, career wise, in terms of film. She doesn’t have the acting chops to really appeal to anyone casting a film for anything beyond her looks, which are fading despite her best efforts. She’s a beautiful woman, but the best thing an actress can invest in for their golden years in Hollywood is ACTING TALENT. Instead, she always got by on her looks and sex appeal, and guess what? She isn’t going to beat out the nubile young things that proliferate Hollywood on that front. No matter how many injections she gets a month. That’s what she gets for placing all her self-worth in her appearance.

    Demi is not a victim, in my opinion, of anyone but herself these days. I don’t think the cheating incident is as cut and dry as she’s trying to frame it, if it were, her daughters would not be on Ashton’s side [more or less].

    Also,as is stated in the article, “…she feels Ashton doesn’t realize the impact she had on his life”…
    Exactly. She can’t stand that he was able to leave her and move on. What the article should have said was: “She feels Ashton doesn’t recognize how incredibly irresistible and sexy and unforgettable she is, and that really hurts her ego, and she will seek his attention any way she can, even if it means going after his wallet just so he’ll acknowledge her crazy ass.”

  45. Auj says:

    All that revenge stuff is crap. One should learn from one’s mistakes. That’s the way one needs to run their life. Maturity counts.
    One needs to let go of anger. It only hurts yourself.
    Move on, Demi.

  46. Apsutter says:

    She doesn’t need the money but there is absolutely NO DOUBT that she boosted him to a whole nother level of stardom and majorly helped his career. Marrying her was the reason people thought he wasn’t such a major douche after all(big mistake on our parts). I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out during the proceedings that Demi had been actively hustling and using all her connections to help make his career.

  47. e.non says:

    $20million a year for one actor on one network show. obviously, most aren’t in that wage bracket, but that’s still a sh!tload of money for a stupid comedy show. hell, i’d rather watch roseanne reruns.

    meanwhile, cbs news bureaus are being closed or cut to the bone.

  48. erika says:

    Idiots both of them for not having set a pre-nup to begin with…..idiots.

    they brought all this garbage on themselves w/out the prenups.

    Seriously. who does that and what $$$ movie star does that? Stupid, stupid. If you want to proove you’re so devoted to your marriage, than stick with it. but not signing prenupis is DJ

    • Mean Hannah says:

      yup. They were both irresponsible for not having a pre-nup, especially Demi, because she had minor children. Demi wants more than what she is legally entitled to, which is 50% of marital assets. she wants spousal support by claiming that she earned less than she could have, during their marriage, by taking a backseat, letting and helping him be a star and bigger earner. so she wants acknowledgement and compensation for her sacrifice and her work at home.

  49. anneesezz says:

    Isn’t this the woman that rode Bruce Willis’s coattails to stardom? Now she’s mad Ashton did it to her? Ironic much?

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      In fairness, when she and Willis hooked up all he was famous for was a TV show, Moonlighting. She had a big movie career – Ghost was a massive hit, and that came after her Brat Pack movies. She was huge in the late 80s and early 90s, and though her career did die later, and Willis’ took off with the Die Hard franchise, the fact is she was famous before anyone knew who Bruce was.

      That said, she needs to leave this and keep her dignity. It’s empty money when you have so much already.

  50. Lulu says:

    I see she got her lips plumped up. It’s got to be tough to lose out to someone like Mila.

  51. Pop Will Eat Itself says:

    When this is done and dusted both will still have tens of millions of dollars. I don’t feel sorry for either of them. Sympathy is something I reserve for people who actually need it.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      You’re right. Ashton will still be rich after Demi takes him to the cleaners for ‘cheating’. The question is: is it fair? Listen, would you like to lose half the money you worked hard for whether is 50,000 or 20 million.

      • Pop Will Eat Itself says:

        Let’s just see what the settlement is before we start talking about how fair it is. What’s really surprising is that Demi still hasn’t found someone new to take her mind off Ashton. I know she’s getting on in years but she’s still fairly attractive and very rich.

      • Dutch says:

        You can’t exactly play the scorned wife card when you are catting around with a 19-year-old backup dancer. Once the ink is dry on the divorce however…

      • vvvoid says:


        No it’s not fair.
        I, like you, consider the “cheating” to be questionable. But even if he did cheat outright, unless she had some contract with him that if he cheated, she’d get a bunch of his money, she is not entitled to it.
        You know what she should want back if he did cheat on her? Her pride, not his money. I honestly don’t think the cheating is her problem. She didn’t leave him for his “cheating”…he left her, which is clear from her behavior.
        What eats her up is Mila and what Mila represents: Ashton trying to move on from her toxic drama, especially with a young beautiful rising star who he has a genuine friendship with. Mila is so unlike Demi in so many ways beyond age.
        I know it has to hurt Demi and I’m sure that’s painful but I’d like to think by age 50 she’d know how to buck up and not behave like a spoiled 10 year old who isn’t getting her way.

      • Pop Will Eat Itself says:

        So what if it isn’t fair? A lot of things in life aren’t fair. Is it fair that a modest talent like Ashton is worth as much as he is? Of course not. See it goes both ways. As for Demi I think she was a lot more intelligent and experienced than Ashton when they first met and that through out their realationship she would’ve manipulated him to get things on her terms. So it was probably a major shock when he wised up and left. Now her bitterness is all consuming.

  52. janie says:

    My goodness.. When is enough, enough? She did not help his career nor take a “step back”? She hasn’t worked in years? She acts as though she turned down jobs to help him. No one is beating down her door with scripts. Face the fact those days are over.. Move on!

  53. Suze says:

    It’s ancient gossip but I seem to remember that Demi was a lot more than “financially solid” when she married Ashton. More like stinking filthy rich, one of the richest women in Hollywood – probably in the U.S.

    Even if he made more dough while married to her – which is probably true because I don’t remember her working much recently – it seems ridiculous to try to apply the letter of the law to this divorce and squeeze every penny out of it.

    She’s mad about Mila and she’ going to go after the money.

  54. elceibeno08 says:

    Demi is not being very fair here. She made most of her money before she married Ashton so her fortune is not on the table. Ashton made most of his money while he was married to Demi. So her money is safe ( I still believe she is worth more than Ashton) . Now Ashton has to split his money with her because he cheated, is that it? That logic is not sound. Demi did not bear Ashton a child. Why is she entitled to his money? What about the fact that Demi enjoyed a much younger man for the time they were married? Shouldn’t that count?

  55. anna says:

    Obviously Gimme Moore is thinking only of herself. This war of the roses is going to seriously hurt the girls, who are all just kids, still.

  56. K-rock says:

    Yes! Good for her and YES she should go for it.

  57. shoe addict says:

    This is my take on this: They both garnered media attention when they started dating and subsequently married. They both continued this media attention by “sharing” intimate details of their romance of the century via Twitter and other social media outlets AD NAUSEAM. So they both gained from this relationship. Now that it is over, I find it ironic that a self proclaimed modern independent woman wants to STICK IT to her ex. And on another note, we do not know what REALLY went down in this relationship. Maybe, it was already over when Ashton cheated and it was his way-although cruel-to formally leave. From personal experience, It is difficult to live with a speed addict. Sometimes, you have to leave to save yourself. I did. The fact that Demi’s daughters remain close to Ashton speaks volumes on their respect for him. I doubt very seriously, if Ashton was this cheating dog that he is now portrayed in the media, that Demi’s daughters would remain close to him. Something is not right here-and it’s Demi playing the victim.

  58. d b says:

    This seems like a typical divorce, except that it’s between ludicrously overpaid “actors.” And we wonder why Brad and Angie aren’t rushing…

  59. Kate says:

    She’s pretty dense to do this. She has more money already than she can realistically ever need to spend, so why go after his, when it just makes her look terrible? If she were substantially poorer, or they had kids, then fine. As it is, doesn’t she have crazy millions?

    She would look (and probably feel) better by taking the high road here. It’s the old thing about hate being like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

  60. elceibeno08 says:

    Did Ashton tie Demi to the bed so she couldn’t go out and work in the movies. Did he knock her up so she would stay home and wouldn’t be able to work? I don’t think so. After marrying Ashton Demi chose to stay home and not work.

  61. Michele says:

    Demi, even if you’ve got $1 million left from your fortune, you can live comfortably forever with good investments. I thought she lived in Idaho because she wanted a simpler life? She needs to bow out gracefully.

  62. JFerber says:

    I don’t see why there’s so much ill-will toward Demi and what she will or won’t do to Ashton financially. Maybe she needs to do this to truly get him out of her system and “leave” him on her own terms. Maybe this will be a catharsis for her. It may even bring her peace. Who knows? I’ll be doing no boo-hooing for Ashton. Sometimes “the high road” just doesn’t cut it, you know?

  63. lisa says:

    if they didnt have a pre nup with a cheating clause, i dont know why it matters if he cheated or not when it comes to alimonty for someone as rich as he is

  64. Leek says:

    This is like beating a puppy for chewing up your shoes. You are an adult who bought a puppy and the puppy has to learn through training and experience not to chew on shoes and do its business in the house. Demi is a grade A loser. If she gets Ashton’s money, then she should cut a check to Drew Barrymore for casting her in Charlie’s Angels. That is who brought her back to life so she could score some strange and act a fool for the public to watch.

  65. Deeana says:

    To the person who wrote about “the Gabor woman”: You’ve got to be kidding. What books about Zsa Zsa have you been reading? She most definitely got lots and lots of money when she divorced her many husbands. She even joked about it all the time on the old Johnny Carson show.

    Re: Demi and Ashton

    Very hard to believe there was no prenup. Surely at that point she had much more to lose than he did.

    But, in addition to prenups there is a thing called a post-nuptial agreement. Same as a pre-nup agreement but it is put together and signed after a marriage.

    In the absence of either of the above, the divorce laws of the state determine matters such as spousal support and division of marital assets.

    The lawyers involved try to assist the couple in reaching a “settlement” in which there is mutual agreement about such matters. (Like what happened with Tom and Katie)

    There is usually much bargaining back and forth when the stakes are high. But the bargaining on each side is predicated on “what would happen if this goes into a divorce court”?

    If the couple cannot come to an agreement, then the matters are settled by a judge. Often the divorce itself and division of assets are bifucated, or separated. So the couple can be divorced but there still has not been a division of assets. This is because getting a court date can take several years.

    The majority of divorce cases are settled by agreement of the parties. Very few go to court. But some do.

    I have a very good friend whose husband refused to settle with her. It went to court. She got MORE than 50%.

    It is likely that neither of these two actually knows their own net worth. Or at least they didn’t until after they split up. Due to the filings needed for division of assets they will find out exactly what they’re worth.

    So, anyone here whose lawyer met with them and said “Looks like you’re legally entitled to $5-10 million or so”, who would answer “Oh, that’s okay. Just let it go. I wouldn’t want any posters on the internet thinking I’m being vindictive.”

    Hah! Demi, like any other spouse in the same situation, should go for what is legally hers.

  66. Angie says:

    This is precisely the kind of situation that gives spousal support a bad name. Demi needs to stop.

    Also, in my opinion, as a former fan of Ashton who has definitely become … a non-fan, heh, Demi and Ashton didnt help the others career to any degree; them getting together, from day one, only hurt their images. There was no huge benefit on either side and their relationship has always been to the detriment of their own and the other’s career.

  67. la chica says:

    At the end if the day, more money won’t keep her warm when she’s cold or soothe her fears of aging. Money can’t buy you love and it won’t erase loneliness. Revenge just keeps you bitter.

  68. Nibbi says:

    It bugs me that people are lauding him for “moving on with his life” and “handling himself more gracefully.”

    He’s young and hot and loaded and has a young and hot new girlfriend. He also has a hell of a lot working out for him business-wise. I’d say it might be a bit easier for him to be more “graceful” and not act out and stuff than it is for her, the spurned one, the woman in her fifties clearly struggling with growing older. It’s gotta be worse in Hollywood than in the rest of society for her too; HW is absolutely merciless in using up & tossing aside its female stars as time goes on, while male leads can are golden for ages.

    I also think it sucks that people here are using the fact that she has basically fallen apart in the past few years against her in this matter. People point to her recent emotional difficulties and stuff as “proof” that she is to blame, and a reason she deserves no sympathy and stuff. She’s obviously f*d up, perhaps was a bit fragile before, sure, but the whole being cheated on & left thing can really do a number on one’s nerves and well-being- I’ve been there.

    I don’t think she has much to be proud of at this point, but I’d rather see her lawyering up for a fight for her dignity back (she probably sees it that way) than how she was wasting away to anorexia or whatever or making a fool of herself overdosing on whip-its as ways of coping with her failed relationship.

  69. CF98 says:

    Its not really lauding him as it is he’s not nearly the embarrassment Demi is being right now. For that thank you.

    Regardless its hard for me to pity someone who is asking for spousal support when 1) she didn’t have kids with this man, 2) she has more $$$ than he does.

    It makes a mockery of women who don’t have Demi’s means of support that get screwed in divorce. Excuse me for not having any sympathy for a woman who has it a lot better than most people in this situation for being unwilling to act like an adult in this matter.

    She can hate Ashton all she wants but this little stunt here isn’t making her all that sympathetic if anything it just makes me dislike her more.