Demi Moore wants spousal support, Ashton to pay legal fees: fair or ridic?

A couple of days ago, we heard that Demi Moore was frustrated that talks had stalled with Ashton in their divorce negotiations, and that Demi was planning on filing her own divorce papers. This would be over two months after Ashton filed over the holidays late last year. Apparently Demi felt that Ashton wasn’t being fair with her in the financial settlement and she wanted a larger cut of his earnings during their six year marriage.

TMZ has a follow-up with details of Demi’s demands, and it sounds straight from Ashton’s camp. (Which is understandable since the last story we heard was probably leaked by her people.) According to TMZ, Demi wants spousal support from Ashton and a she also wants him to foot the bill for all her legal fees. They report that she is worth more than Ashton, though, and has millions socked away. Ashton is the highest paid actor on television, so I’m not sure I believe that Demi is worth more and has more saved. It’s all incredibly relative when we’re talking about such sick amounts of wealth though, isn’t it? Here’s more:

Demi Moore has filed legal docs responding to Ashton Kutcher’s divorce petition … and get this — she wants spousal support and she’s worth WAAAAY more than him.

Sources connected with Demi tell TMZ … “She’s got money up the wazoo” and has untold millions more than Ashton. He’s not asking her for spousal support, so it’s surprising she’s going for it.

What’s more … she wants Ashton to pay HER attorney’s fees.

Although there are reports that settlement negotiations have broken down, we’re told it’s not true — both sides are negotiating and they expect a quick resolution.

It’s almost out of the question Ashton will have to pay Demi spousal support — a judge certainly would never order it.

One thing they both agree on — they both checked the box citing irreconcilable differences.

[From TMZ]

I’m of two minds about this story. The first is that Demi should STFU, grant Ashton the divorce and go on her way. You get the impression that she’s doing this because she’s pissed that he cheated on her and so quickly moved on to another serious, high-profile relationship. A lot of outlets are pointing out that the date of separation she cites in her divorce papers is after he cheated with that Sara Leal chick. (And told her he was separated.) She wants to make him pay, I get that, but if she doesn’t need the money what’s the point except to be vindictive?

Just to play devil’s advocate though, a lot of women get screwed in divorce settlements. Sometimes they played pivotal roles in boosting their husband’s careers and supporting them at home and they’re treated like their contributions were worthless. (I’m thinking of Steve Harvey’s wife in particular, she was left with almost nothing after all she did for him.) Consider this: would Ashton be as famous and popular as he is if he hadn’t married Demi? He was the dude from “Punk’d” and Dude Where’s My Car when he met her. Really though this is Demi Moore we’re talking about. She has enough money to never work another day in her life. She wants to make Ashton as miserable as she’s made herself.

Demi is shown out in Hollywood on 1-21-13. Ashton is shown on 2-28-13 at a Laker’s game. Credit:

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  1. Rhea says:

    “She wants to make Ashton as miserable as she’s made herself”

    —-> Well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

  2. marie says:

    legal fees I say yes, but she doesn’t need spousal support-I think she just wants to make sure he thinks of her at least once a month, which sounds kind of pathetic.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly, marie.

      I get Celebitchy’s point about the *woman behind the man* but I’m not 100% convinced that Ashton’s fame can be wholly credited to Demi (although I’m sure it helped the visibility of his celeb profile).

      I would urge her for HERSELF–her self-respect, her dignity, her pride–to MOVE ON. This just makes her look pathetic, bitter and angry. If she simply walked away with her head held high, it would do so much to improve her post-divorce image.

    • spinner says:

      I think she is going after him in the only way that would really hurt him. His wallet. That’s all she’s got.

    • renata says:

      Actually, I disagree. Their “union” has helped his career, while at the same time her own career is on the downswing. Why shouldn’t she receive something under those circumstances? Besides, the marriage ended following his fooling around — he brought this upon himself, why shouldn’t she receive compensation? She’s not the earner she used to be, he’s hitting his stride and leaving her as that’s happening — that’s EXACTLY when a partner gets $$$ in a divorce settlement. Sorry, but I think you have it all wrong.

      • marie says:

        didn’t he get the contract for 2-1/2 Men after they ended? (if so, he owes her nothing from that) how many jobs did he actually get during the marriage? to me this makes her seem vindictive and unable to let go. She has all the money she will ever need, she doesn’t need his support, AT ALL. to me, it just comes across as another way she can still get to him..

      • T.C. says:


        His marriage to Demi helped his career then he goes and cheats on her. He is a bigger trampire than Kristen Stewart will ever be.

      • Erinn says:

        But at the same time, her downswing is an unfortunate thing to do with Hollywood. It wasn’t a case of her giving up her career to support his. It was a case of her aging and being up for less and less roles. I don’t think he should have to pay for anything that’s so natural in hwood.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh come her career is in the toilet because of Ashton? You’re reaching here.

        Her career is on the down-swing for many reasons, one of which is the sick way HWood treats older actresses, who often get put out to pasture once they are no longer the Hot Young Thing, another reason is that she was an extremely mediocre actress to start with. She had a few notable moments in her film career but let’s not pretend that she’s Meryl Streep.

        Demi shares the responsibility with Ashton for her personal life eclipsing her professional life-she got a LOT of press and free PR for marrying a younger actor.

        She has money, she doesn’t NEED his cash. It’s just undignified-let Ashton be Mila’s headache now and just MOVE ON.

        I really hate that sour grapes bullshit.

        She should have stayed in Idaho IMO.

      • a321 says:

        in this instance it is likely a combination of both factors. it is so mind blowing to me how these older hollyweird ladies absolutly refuse to age gracefully! if they were dignified about aging it would be a nonissue. it manifests as anarexoia so frequently as a way to attempt to gain control. OT but the plastic surgery “real housewives” lol arejust the same. they need to step outside of themselves & really assess what they are doing to their bodies/faces. bolt on’s are so freakin 80′s. wth? it reminds me of a poison or skid row video. aye aye aye…

      • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

        I’m sorry but yes their union did advance his career ten fold. As for her, it gave her more of a youthful appeal. Granted she is not the greatest actress but she is an icon of sorts.

        Yes she is being vindictive. And yes, it must sting that he seems happy with Mila a woman he co-starred with as lovers. And if I am right Demi and Ashton were at least dating while he was That 70s. Yikes. That must smart. Too much my nerves. I can not blame her for being hurt but she does need to let him go.

        You can be a bitter bitch as a private citizen but not as A-lister. It is wrong but…Plus he is making more $$$$ I assume. It is what it is. He should pay to end the drama b/c if he does not then he want’s this pettiness to continue as well.

      • Pandy says:

        He never would have had the exposure he has today if not for hooking up with Demi. Not a chance – he’s not a great actor. Dunno about the support but I say the person who filed for divorce should pay the legal bills – pay to play, baby.

      • Veruca says:

        @TOTiff –

        Hey girl! Long time, no chat! (I’ve been home schooling the boy and don’t have time to pop on as much.)

        Where’s the troupe these days? Hope all is well! :D

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Forst off, I think that Demi is looking so bad in this situation. She really should have taken a Sandra Bullock turn and remained above this.
        Her neediness and desperation are painful. Have some self respect and move on. He isn’t worth destroying what is left of her reputation. ITA with Okitten, let him be someone else’s problem.

        Hey Veruca! ;) I haven’t been around much lately. I just moved to NYC after being in Miami. Still waiting for my luggage actually.

    • j.eyre says:

      Celebitchy may have a point about her having helped his career – I don’t know much about their careers or financials but it sounds feasible.

      To your point, being the daughter/sister of family lawyers, I know that they say many times, when a partner seeks spousal support when it is not totally necessary, it is their last vestige to cling to a spouse they don’t want to lose. so I think you are on to something

      • goddesslove says:

        So what if she is being vindictive. He hurt her !old pu**y or not. It’s so sad to hear other women bash her as if has never happened too them. I notice a lot of people are harder on the mega beautiful like Demi, Halle , Kim K and the likes. OMG they are so crazy… guess bitter bitches are everywhere. For 50 the bitch looks amazing. Demi go get you a nice looking rich older gentlemen and really make these haters jealous. Plus you never know how Ash will feel if you actually became happy. I think we all know he’s gonna cheat on Mila too. Cheaters don’t change!

    • Sue says:

      He is not going to think of her once a month, his money manager will when he writes the check……

    • Nina W says:

      I’m curious why everyone thinks Demi helped his career so much. As I recall he was on two successful shows without her involvement and making movies as well. Unless she was producing his projects I don’t really see that his relationship with her was a great benefit to his already successful career. In fact many people were weirded out by him getting with a cougar. I really don’t see any of that as boosting his career significantly.

  3. Pixie says:

    Oh for God’s sake Demi GROW UP. I have no respect for this pathetic woman. Yes, Ashton cheated on her I am NOT condoning that but her behaviour recently and estrangement from her daughters has made me wonder if she really was the easiest person to be married to. This is a vindictive move. She needs to gather up the shred of dignity she has left and move on.

    • Veruca says:

      *Dusts off soapbox. Steps on. Clears throat.*

      After 20+ years of Demi, this is my take:

      When she and Bruce broke up, he didn’t stay around because he was hung up on her or they were some kind of progressive family, he stuck because he didn’t trust her with his children. He only got on with his life when he knew the girls were protected.

      When she and Ashton got together… I mean, c’mon — think about it. Here’s a twenty-nothing guy dating a super-movie star. You think he wasn’t blinded by the hype for awhile? Then the blinders come off and instead of being the perfect woman, she’s insecure, vain, and mentally unstable. For all we know, she told him to cheat. I truly wouldn’t put it past her. There’s been rumors for ages that she’s into kink.

      I’m seriously not trying to defend Ashton, but he’s a guy. I’ve known guys who’ve done that shit at that age, and they weren’t dating one of the most famous women on the planet. His actions aren’t so shocking.

      Hers, on the other hand, are pathetic. I truly think she suffers from some form of NPD, but since I’m not a professional, that’s just a guess. It’s just hard not to believe she’s the problem based on the way she acts and the way her children are reacting to it. Either way, she needs to get a grip.

      *Ends rant. Puts soapbox back on shelf.*

      (And why does everyone seem to forget he was pretty famous from The 70s Show?)

      • Sherry says:

        I’m with you! It’s also very telling that after the split, Demi’s daughters have continued to have a close relationship with Ashton. If the tabloids are to be believed, they basically have at the very least, a very strained relationship with their own mother.

        She’s got loads of money. She won’t even miss the attorney’s fees. They should both just say, “You keep yours, I’ll keep mine and we’ll call it a day.”

        Besides, there are many, many blind items out there dating all the way back to when she was with Bruce that hint she likes to dip in the lady pond and enjoyed threesomes. If true, IMO, that’s what got her so angry. Ashton strayed, only this time, she wasn’t invited to the party.

      • jwoolman says:

        I had only a vague idea of who she was before the tabloids reported the separation etc. but knew Ashton well long before that from his role on That 70s Show. I doubt she was the real push for his career. More likely, she was an obstacle with her abnormal need to keep him with her so much as her trophy, he might have gone further if he hadn’t been tied to her. I’ve always thought the “cheating” was just a way to let her save face and be seen as a victim when actually her crazy behavior was something he couldn’t handle anymore, he showed all the signs (still does) of someone who still cares for her but is trying not to be her enabler- just like her daughters. Ashton grew up, that’s all, and saw that it wasn’t good for either of them to stay together, she had to fix herself and he couldn’t do it for her. The fact that her daughters are still friendly with him is evidence of that – they know what really happened. They know mom isn’t his “victim”. And they have taken a lot of flack because they’re trying not to be enablers, too.

      • Bijlee says:

        THIS. So much. This has largely been my impression with Demi as well. Which is why I’ve never understood ALL the hepate thrown Ashton’s way. Does he deserve some of it? But some of the hate seems weirdly blown out of proportion. Anyways here’s hoping Demi finds some sort of comfort or therapy. It’s not fun to see people off the rails.

      • vvvoid says:


        I absolutely feel like it’s highly likely Demi told Ashton he could screw around, maybe sincerely, maybe as a test, but it was on their anniversary and I just don’t buy that he or anyone is that stupid. Ashton, in fact, has proven himself not to be a real life Kelso. He’s clever. He can be obnoxious, but no way would he be dumb enough to cheat on his anniversary unless it was some agreement they had, like a “present” or something. Why wouldn’t they be together for their anniversary? Why would he think that was the night he’d get away with cheating? Fishy.

        I also think Bruce stays close because he worries about the stability of his ex-wife, the mother of his children. I think he made a point of becoming close with Ashton for this reason, to help maintain and create a healthy environment for his kids and to give Ashton pointers, so he could share the load of keeping Demi from a meltdown.
        I also feel like her living in Idaho was supposed to keep her on the right path, either her idea [likely not] or something those around her suggested.
        Ashton deserves some credit for the years of his young life he spent being an active and supportive husband and step-father, I really believe it shows character. He isn’t perfect but I really get the feeling he tried for a while for the right reasons.
        Demi demanding spousal support is a blatantly vindictive and petty maneuver. It shows how immature and bitter she is, she is no Mrs. Steve Harvey. She married a boytoy to feed her obviously relentless vanity, got lucky because he was capable of trying to be more than that, and the marriage failed for a multitude of reasons, many of which likely originated between Demi’s two ears, not just this suspiciously timed Sarah Leal fling.
        Now Ashton, having done the gentlemanly thing of waiting for her to file first until it was just irrational to wait to file himself any longer, is coupled with Mila Kunis, a girl who has many of the things Demi flagrantly angles for in terms of media image: youth, popularity, public sympathy/support, and she pulls a stunt like this.
        SO OBVIOUS.
        I’d be much more tolerant of Demi if she seemed like a tolerable person, I was never a huge Ashton fan, but she’s polarized the issue for me and what seems like most of the public with her behavior. Bad move, Demi. Check yourself. Check yourself IN, preferably.
        She reeks of someone who needs rehab. I’ve been there and can sense my own kind. Personality disordered addict. But really, really, really deep in denial, deeper than I was, hence my intense reaction.

      • Pixie says:

        @ Veruca agreed, especially your bit about Bruce!

      • Lexi says:

        Just chiming in to agree re the 3some rumors that have swirled around these 2 from the get-go. I bet Demi thought she could control the sitch & hang on to him that way. Lame. Fail. I really don’t get the level of AK dislike often seen here. YMMV

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        She had the money and the connections he didn’t. Yes he was on that 70′s show and punk’d, but that was small potatoes from what he has now and seriously. Topher was the star of T70′sS and is the rest of the cast didn’t join scientology they didn’t get substantial work. I’m talking about the younger kids anyways. Not the adults in the show.

        We all know a woman who got alimony when she didn’t need it or got more than she should have got. This is wrong imo, but super common. It’s really up to the courts and they could grant it.
        Sure she needs to move on, but who here hasn’t been hurt by a guy and wanted to make him suffer like you did.

        She should get a lump settlement instead of alimony imo. He would not had a decent career if being with her and knowing her connections didn’t give him a boost. And all while he was cheating on her.

    • Cali says:

      Pixie, you GOT it! I couldn’t agree more. Let GO already pitiful Demi.

  4. Erinn says:

    I think they should just part with their own money, and maybe for cheating he could pay her legal bills. I don’t think she deserves spousal support when she’s already loaded, and quite honestly, it makes her look vindictive.

    I’m really not sure that we can attribute his career to simply Demi. I think he had some friends in higher places besides her, and really just lucked out with two and a half men.

    • Dutch says:

      Ok, but how can you claim cheating when this was supposedly an open marriage. I think if either side pushes too hard some embarrassing private photos or videos might make their way to the public eye.

    • Rachel says:

      When they got together, I was far more familiar with Ashton Kutcher than Demi Moore. I honestly don’t think his fame is a result of her. It seems like he was already at an upwards trajectory.

      Furthermore, if their relationship impacted his fame at all, I doubt it was her, but the age difference – that was the only thing that was newsworthy.

      • lady X says:

        Whether you were aware of it or not she was hollywood royalty when he was still in High School… he was doing the show Punk’d when they started dating … there union for sure helped his career ..

        She has been acting since she was a kid and was a part of the 80′s brat back .. that is how she got into drugs the first time around … she has been acting and was HUGE long before he ever was in Hollywood … anyone who pays attention to hollywood knows that

        I think she had no business marrying anyone that much younger than her.. as Guys tend to look for younger women the older they get …
        She should not get spousal support and should just move on

        But to say she did not impact his career is insane

        He started getting movie roles and endorsements only after they were an item .. and that is a fact

      • lrm says:

        wow, i guess I am old, b/c Demi Moore is virtually iconic….that pregnant nude cover on VF, in HER day, was huge and out of the box move….
        Her roles: A few good men, indecent proposal, etc. were lauded as iconic female roles.
        And, she produced the austin power films [at least the first one, maybe more]….
        And that is in addition to the Brat Pack movies: St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night….Let’s not forget ‘Ghost’ with patrick swayze-and of course, her early role on General Hospital is how she became known to many of us….

        So, yea, all of these people saying they knew ashton much more than Demi: When they got together, Demi was largely on hiatus, had produced austin powers and into producing behind the scenes….and she had lived in ID to raise her kids, for a long time…..
        BUT, she was still high profile,borderline A list; Ashton was a celebrity du jour at that time, known for punked, etc.
        Had this been ten years earlier, pre internet and cell phone days, punked would have been an MTV type show with a much smaller audience.

        He hitched himself onto that A list movie star celeb train, for sure he benefitted!!!!

        I cannot believe people are acting like he did not, or maybe Demi scored career points from HIM?????

        I’m sure he met more industry folks through Demi, than he had already.
        I think Ashton would have been successful anyway; he is driven and wanted a career in entertainment.
        But, Demi did assist him, for sure.

        They ‘as a team’ garnered more attention, than they would have individually. In that way, they helped each other.
        And, sadly, yes to everything said about Demi’s mental health, vanity, etc.
        I don’t hate Ashton, and I actually like some of his movies…..

      • Pandy says:

        Demi was huge back in the day. Ashton has never achieved her level of fame. Please don’t use That 70s Show as a barometer of his fame. She appeared in a movie with Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise when all of them were at height of fame. Ashton was on a tv show geared to teenagers.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Reportedly she has more money than him, is going after his money fair?

      • Toot says:

        Who knows if she has more money or not and I don’t care, but Ashton cheated in a very public and embarrassing way, so I understand being a little vindictive.

        Demi doesn’t really have a career too much anymore anyway and people are already talking shit about her, so she probably doesn’t care how it might make her look.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What does being vindictive do for a person though? I mean really? It doesn’t change anything and it’s not exactly a healthy way to work out your problems. In fact, Demi will be doing more harm to herself by dragging out the legal process, stressing herself and her family, all the while making it look as if she’s not over Ashton. I just think investing all this time and energy into getting back at someone is just generally unhealthy for one’s mind and body. Demi needs to learn to let go of anger and move on.

      • Toot says:

        @ TheOriginalKitten

        You’re right, and I’m usually the first to say whatever and move on, but I’m not mad at Demi for trying to hit Ashton where it would hurt him most. It probably takes very little effort for what her lawyers are doing and she might have grounds to win. So, go for it Demi.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah good point about her lawyers doing all the work, it’s not like she’s going to get dragged to a courtroom.

        I don’t know….I guess it’s just a personal stance of mine because I’m not a vengeful person. Then again, I’ve never been cheated on (to my knowledge).
        I just hope she can move on after this mess, for her own sake.

  5. aims says:

    This divorce could get ugly.

  6. Mary says:

    Why do people keep giving Demi credit for Ashton’s career? Yeah, he was only in a few movies before he met her, but that does’t mean that he wouldn’t have had the career he had without her. And he did get a bunch of publicity after he married her, but it was the ridicule kind of publicity where everyone was making fun of him for marrying Demi.
    Also, I don’t think Demi should get spousal support. They didn’t have any kids together and she can make it by herself. Oh wait, would her not getting spousal support mean she couldn’t wash her hair in Evian anymore–that would be a shame *eye roll*

    • elceibeno08 says:

      You’re right. Ashton was already a rising star when they met and married. She did not give up her career to help his or anything. Actually her career had already peaked when they got married. No kids. She is just making a fool of her herself. Demi is acting like the typical scorned soon-to-be ex-wife.

      • Lizzie K says:

        Yep, she was coming off a looong hiatus spent in Idaho or some place, and dating him did a whole lot to raise HER profile. Not sure she did much with it …. all I remember is Charlie’s Angels, which I think she did before they became an item. But he wasn’t doing top drawer work either, while they were together. He just lucked out when Charlie Sheen had his Tiger Blood meltdown. Not sure Demi had much to do with it.

    • Bridget says:

      He was already on the downslope hen he met her – at that point he was the douche from Punked. Her being with him helped his profile A LOT.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        You mean SHE was already on the downslope career wise. He was a young good looking actor with a promising career. Implying that his career got a boost because he married Demi is an insult to Ashton.

      • vvvoid says:

        Yeah, no, Ashton’s career status didn’t clearly benefit from marrying Demi.
        He got made fun of, took himself “off the market”, looked like a weirdo to a lot of people, and then work slowed down a lot more than it supposedly “already” had when he married her.
        It IS an insult to Ashton to attribute his success to her career.
        He didn’t just marry her and book it and soak up the publicity, he stuck around, tried to become part of the family and make this awkward age situation a non-issue for her girls, who still seem to adore him, which pretty much indicates they don’t think he did mommy wrong. Either they know he didn’t “cheat” in the sense of sleeping with that girl sans permission, or they weighed the balance of the relationship and felt Ashton did more good than harm.

      • lrm says:

        She was NOT on any downslope…she produced the austin power films and was sitting pretty doing production stuff….raising her kids, mostly in idaho for a decade or so….
        she was ‘lower profile’ publicly speaking-meaning not papped and seen everywhere; but she is iconic for many reasons….
        Ashton was celeb du jour with punked. That is not a rising star role….
        Not saying he would not have maintained a career without her; i think he was driven regardless. But to say she was on the downward slope and needed him in that way? Ridiculous….lol.

  7. elceibeno08 says:

    I agree 100%. Demi has lost almost all of her dignity after her marriage crumbled. She has lots of money of her own and she is doing it to get even with Ashton. That lady should just get divorced and get on with her life.

  8. lori says:

    Is demi really still rich? From all bathing in Evian and mainlining red bull……she’s probably broke by now.

    • lrm says:

      Yes, she is ‘still rich’. She produced the auston powers films-she made a smart choice on those-she n ever needs to work again. Plus, she did quite well in her film hey day-a few good men, indecent proposal, GI Jane—she starred alongside many of the huge hitters-nicholsen, cruise, redford, etc.

  9. Annie says:

    Get that money Demi, tbh.

    What was his contribution to the marriage? Cheating all the time? Cheating on her on their anniversary with a 20 year old that sold her story to a tabloid?

    Demi gave him status. Before her there were nothing but C-list movies with nobodies. She’s more than entitled to that money. Have you not seen The First Wives Club?

    • Blue says:

      How on earth is she entitled to the spousal support? They were married for 6 years, have no kids and by no means is she going to be poor after the divorce. I really don’t think she should get that much credit for his career. If she has more money than him I would hope a judge would just grant the divorce and send them on their way with their own money. She’s really thinks she can clean up like she did with Bruce.

    • Toot says:

      Try this again. Maybe my language was too “colorful” before. LOL

      Anyway, I agree! Get the money Demi, forget Ashton. :)

    • Jenny says:

      First wives club was mainly about women who had sacrificed their careers to support their husbands and were left with nothing. That bears no resemblance to this scenario.

      I think they should both leave with what they came in with. Is anyone really acting like millions is not enough to survive on??? Sheesh.

  10. JL says:

    He cheated, so let hijm pay for the uncontested, everyone keep their own stuff divorce and be done with it.

    Dragging it out, demanding money makes Demi look more desperate and pitiful. There is no ‘spousal support’ that can compensate for the damage she’s causing herself and her career these days,

  11. Blue says:

    Demi needs to stop. She is coming of even more pathetic than she already was. She needs to pay her own legal fees, she doesn’t need the spousal support, so right now she just looks like a damn fool who can’t let go.

    I thought Steve Harvey’s ex wife got a decent settlement and that’s why she stopped her book tour, interviews and all that, because it came out that she was lying about how much she really got? She probably should have gotten more but she wasn’t broke I don’t think.
    Am I wrong on that?

  12. swack says:

    I don’t know why she wants to stay tied to Ashton for the rest of her life (or until she marries again). She has more than enough money to live on and should just move on.

  13. Dutch says:

    Ashton better check to make sure he doesn’t have the same divorce lawyer as Brendan Fraser or he could end up skee-rewed.

  14. Dawn says:

    Nope this is crazy. Ashton should not have to pay her spousal support at all. There are no children involved and they should both walk away with what they brought to the marriage. If they bought a house together than split that 50-50 but that’s it. I have lost all respect for her because she just can’t face the fact that she is 50 and move on with her life. Grow up Demi, the rest of us have and you can do it too.

  15. TriedTru says:

    Demi needs to show some level of self-respect and this action does nothing to help her image or her emotional/mental health. She is a woman with the means and ability to support herself. Spousal support was intended to ensure that when a divorce is granted, the party that earns less (or none in some cases) would still be able to sustain their lodging, food and necessities. In truth, it is a bit antiquated as we move towards more gender neutrality in earning but it is still viable when one party makes significantly more than the other.

    My point is that she not only does not need the money but she is also abusing the system and giving sposual support a bad reputation.

  16. my .02 says:

    So everyone remind me again why Demi, who was cheated on by a dog, is told to “just give him the divorce and move on” but that Brandi chick is told to give *her* cheating ex hell and get everything she can?

    The double standard is mind-boggling. If a woman is entitled to a share of her husband’s assets, it shouldn’t matter if she has her own money. She was more famous than he was when they met, and just because they both have money doesn’t mean she isn’t entitled to a part of what he made during their marriage.

    I wonder if it’s because she’s older than him and people resent her having married him in the first place and think she doesn’t “deserve” part of that “poor young man’s money.” Also, I don’t see as much judgy-judgy of him flaunting his new relationship with his younger woman and trying to short-changer her on her settlement – it’s all “her” fault.


    • Toot says:

      Exactly! I don’t like Brandi, but I don’t have any problem with her going after Eddie’s money(even though he’s broke now, lol) and I don’t have a problem with Demi doing it too.

    • TriedTru says:

      You make a good point, “If a woman is entitled to a share of her husband’s assets, it shouldn’t matter if she has her own money.” Perhaps it just feels unjustified as her lifestyle does not change or become unsustainable as a result of their divorce.

    • Blue says:

      Brandi was left with pretty much nothing. Her husband wasn’t pulling big money. The little career he had went down the toilet and she was left to support her 2 young sons on not much. She isn’t going after his money, because he has none, he even asked that his child support payments be reduce. Also I don’t think she got spousal support, just money for the kids. She is hustling and doing what she can for a check.
      Demi on the other hand had a long career and millions already, she divorced Bruce and got even more money and grown children who don’t live with her. I think people are struggling with understanding why she feels the need to have even more of money. Demi doesn’t have a career anymore but she has more money than most people will see in a life time, so it seems really petty. She isn’t starting over with nothing, after giving up a career to help her husband realize his dream. Her career has been over because she left Hollywood and Hollywood doens’t have room for women over 40 apparently.

    • Jenny says:

      Then by the same token why wouldn’t he be entitled to spousal support?? She has more money than he does.

    • anne_000 says:

      I thought one of the reasons for spousal support was to keep the wife in a life-style in which she was accustomed to during the marriage. So Ashton giving or not giving a multi-millionairess more millions would hardly change her life nor affect her life-style, imo. Anyhoo, it seems obvious to me that Demi isn’t asking for spousal support because she ‘needs’ it. She just ‘wants’ it so that the negotiations would prolong this divorce which is now a game to her imo. I think that whatever settlement Ashton offered would have paid off any “cheating tax.” As for Brandi, when her marriage broke up, she didn’t get spousal support (iirc it was mentioned in the episode that took place at the Moroccan restaurant) & didn’t she say in her book that she was basically living on other ppl’s couches until she could get back on her feet. She pays her own rent & other expenses. And since Eddie doesn’t work regularly & they have joint custody, she can’t get much or even anything at times from him in child support anyways. There was a point where SHE had to refund HIM child support because of how low his earnings were. And unlike Demi, Brandi didn’t prolong the divorce as much as possible just to hurt Eddie. She didn’t have the luxury of time & money to do so, unlike Demi who can keep this up for years just because she feels like it. Brandi moved on so she could focus on her own life & her kids, not Eddie. Demi doesn’t seem to want to move on with her life without Ashton in it in some way. Not healthy.

    • original kay says:

      Your post is thought provoking.

      I am team Brandi (get all you can) and Team get over it Demi, so I thought about why I thought this way.

      For me, it’s the kids. Brandi had young kids, and they were pretty much taken over by Leann, and it was shoved in Brandi’s face.
      So it’s not the cheating that makes me Team Brandi, it’s the fallout, the kids, the conduct unbecoming since the cheating.
      She got a totally raw deal.

      Demi was maybe cheated on, but there are no kids, no reason for her to hang onto this man any longer, nor any need for him to be in her life. Time to move on, find your self worth and let him go.

      As for spousal support, if she intended to donate the money to women whose husbands leave them high and dry with nothing, then maybe I would think her claim is justified.

      Legally she may be entitled to money. For her own sense of self worth, she needs to get on with her life and make amends with her kids.

      ETA- I don’t see him flaunting anything. He goes to work, walks his dog. He hardly is rubbing this in her face. He’s getting on with his life. Leann could take a few lessons from him.

      • Iyanla says:

        I am Team Brandi and Team GTF Over it Demi for the same reason, kids and the financial position they were in when they were in the marriage.

        Ashton and Demi had no children and Demi’s child rearing years were long behind her when they married. Also, she was a millionare before she entered the marriage and is still a millionare today. I don’t see her losing her financial position in life from her divorce to Ashton. Brandi has two children to support 50% of the time and Eddie should help put a roof over his kids head and food on the table when they are with their mother. Just because he chose to be with them only 50% of the time and leave them with Brandi the other 50% of the time doesn’t absolve him of his duty to provide food and shelter for them 100% of the time.

        Additionally, Brandi was a stay at home mother who made no income. Eddie is a loser for screwing her over in the divorce. If he screws Brandi over financially, shit rolls down hill, and it screws over his own children in the end the too. Hopefully, her recent surge in popularity will provide her a nice nest egg.

        Demi continues to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and the same-if not more career opportunities as when they entered into their marriage. She needs to let Ashton go and quit hanging on to him. The spousal support claim is ridiculous. She doesn’t need it, and I’d be shocked if she deserves it legally. She’s just being greedy and vindictive and pathetic and it is not a good look woman.

  17. Lizzie K says:

    Well, it could be just standard lawyer negotiating stuff. Both sides stake out extreme positions, and then they negotiate to the middle.

    Whatever, though, the optics are terrible for Demi.

  18. my .02 says:

    Also, this is probably part of her lawyer’s strategy – start out bargaining for way more than you actually wanted (spousal support, fees) and then end up where you originally wanted (a fair split of marital assets).

    The marital assets things should work out to where each one gets half – figuring out who made what and then divvying it up. Whoever comes out needing to pay should pay. Spousal support is hardly necessary for either party, and I really doubt it would be granted anyway (and they probably know that).

    It’s probably just like they’ve said – Ashton was being a cheap bastard and she went for the splashy counter-sue to get his attention. Then again, she should just give up on her fair share of marital assets to “keep her self-resepct,” right? What kind of sexist BS is that? You’d never see someone saying that to a man in a divorce case. Please.

  19. Viv says:

    Am I the only one who remembers that he was in That 70s Show for years and years and years? It wasn’t like he was an unknown catalog model. He got MTV because of that. Demi was known to have something like $300 million after her divorce from Bruce.
    He’s not my cup of tea but I think they had issues waaaay before he cheated on Demi. She seems high maintenance. I’d be pissed as hell if I had to give her more money. He’s unlucky his big $ break came just as he was ending his marriage.

  20. Thiajoka says:

    If he can just hold out on settling for about 15 years, he could just put her in a nursing home and pay the monthly fee as settlement.

    Yeah, bad, I know. But I’m actually older than Demi, so I’m going to excuse myself for making this awful joke.

  21. haha says:

    Demi was a happy healthy person until she met Ashton. He used her and her contacts to make it in show business, lived off her money and fame. He was a lousy husband who cheated and lied, he needs to give back more than he took. Indeed Demi take him to the cleaners.

    • Jenny says:

      Until 2 1/2 men what did he do? I don’t really remember any movies he was in during their marriage that one could say he got through her contacts. They both enjoyed the same bump in publicity due to their marriage.

      I think Demi’s crazy could be just as much due to her aging. Wasn’t it reported before they got together that she had gotten herself $100,000 worth of plastic surgery? Insecurity+even older=even crazier??

      • Dredz says:

        I agree. The movie Dude, where’s my car was a cult hit and that was before Demi. In fact, his major works were before they got married. I only recall Demi making some mediocre movies during marriage, not the caliber she used to make prior to her Idaho move. @ and 1/2 Men was AFTER their divorce… So, I don’t think he gained a lot career-wise while he was with her.

      • Gemini08 says:

        Jenny he was on a successful series for over 7 years and during that time he created a Production company and invested in TONS of companies. He has made well over 100 million just on his investments alone. When he and Demi got together she hadn’t made a film in over 10 years.

      • Jenny says:

        I know he had done projects before they got together and he was quite well known; just saying I think it’s silly to say he benefitted from her industry contacts. Neither of them did much acting while they were together. I saw them more on red carpets than in the theaters.

      • Dutch says:

        At the end of his run on “That 70s Show” he was making about $250k an episode. “Dude Where’s My Car” made $46 million (domestic) off a $13 million budget. “The Butterfly Effect” made almost $58 million (domestic) on a $13 million budget. Like him or not, he was a bona fide star when he and Demi got together.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Ummm…wrong. Demi had already been to rehab in the early eighties. So she has always had a substance abuse problem. She simply managed it better and was clean for a long time. You can’t blame another person for the choices and mistakes YOU made. Demi is a grown woman with grown children. There are TONS of other ways she could have coped with their split other than going off the rails. Even her KIDS see this- which is why they aren’t currently speaking to her.

      • Lynn says:

        I agree with you Gemini08. Sadly I am old enough to remember Demi which she was a young star in St. Elmo’s Fire, etc. Her problems with drugs and alcohol were well documented at the time. We don’t have all the facts. We don’t know if she also cheated as rumored or if he finally got frustrated dealing with her because of her drug taking behaviors, starving herself to remain young looking, etc. To me the most telling thing is the fact that her children have remained close to Ashton. I think it is time for them to both move on and for them each to leave with what they.

      • Carolyn says:

        Totally agree. Demi has hustled her way to get to where she is. She has also had a lot of substance abuse problems over the years. She didn’t have to do whipits with one of her daughters.

    • Lexi says:

      Not true at all. She had well-documented mental/emotional/substance abuse/body dysmorphic problems when Ashton was still in grade school. The move to Idaho was meant to give her a healthier life (boning her bodyguard/manny if I recall old People mags). She has never been healthy & probably not truly happy either. As others have pointed out above, the open marriage & her kids & ex-spouse’s relationship with Ashton pre & post split tell the tale.

  22. anoneemouse says:

    Demi played this out all wrong. I think she would have had more public sympathy if she had filed for divorce immediately after Ashton cheated. She’s looked nothing more than pathetic in how she has handled this whole situation.

  23. Iyanla says:

    She is being vindictive. She must make Ashton’s skin crawl at this point.

    Can you imagine being married to someone like Demi? Anyone would get sick of her nuttiness eventually. I don’t blame Ashton for wanting out. (I’m thinking worse than being married to Leann Rimes). Cheating is wrong but maybe she made it difficult for him to leave-sounds like the marriage was pretty much over by then anyways.

    I have been with an addict/alcoholic/psycho and getting away from him was the most difficult thing ever. My feelings were gone long before I left but I was constantly guilt tripped and manipulated into staying. One day you wake up and realize its time to live your life for yourself. He just would NOT let go and I felt so much guilt leaving him considering all his problems but I wasn’t going to be able to save him, he had to save himself. Those types of addictive personalities can become obsessive stalker types too. I read a blind that screamed Demi, that she is stalking her ex so much her friends have taken her out of the country and taken her phone away.

    I see so much of this in Demi and Ashton’s relationship.

    Demi, he wants nothing to do with you. Let him go. Don’t drag him down with you.

  24. KellyinSeattle says:

    She should focus on getting a new movie role….something nice: she has beautiful hair.

  25. Kcarp says:

    I heard from a couple of places that Ashton’s money isn’t from TV but he invested in some companies really cheap and made out huge. I do not believe Demi is worth more at all even if she has say 20 million from what I have heard he is in the 100 million range.

    Oh the problems of the rich. I swear if my husband ever cheats I am so going after all his hundreds.

  26. EscapedConvent says:

    I can understand a hurt-feelings fee. it wasn’t very nice of him to step out on her so publicly, on their anniversary. Owwww. That would hurt.

  27. serena says:

    I’m team Demi on this, he needs to pay for what he did and I’m sure he has way more money than her -and surely she got tons of money on her own-.

  28. Amanda says:

    Unless Demi has a medical condition where she is unable to work, which she very well might, I don’t think Ashton should have to pay spousal support.

  29. Alana Fajina says:

    I would take him for everything he’s effing got! He cheated on Her. When people are this rich, in my opinion, the only way to hit them where it hurts is through their wallet. Also, I don’t think it matters that she has her own money, he broke his vows and I think he should be held accountable for that. He’s a DOUCHE. He cheated on her, and then moved on so quickly And Publicly with someone else. He deserves her wrath.

    I do agree that he wouldn’t be where he is today if he hadn’t married her, so she is certainly owed something and he should Know That.

    • Nina W says:

      That’s just not how divorce works. The court isn’t deciding who is right and who is wrong, they are merely dissolving the legal bond between two people. As much as people want to assign blame in a divorce we can never know who is at fault and the court isn’t there to decide.

  30. Gemini08 says:

    Sorry there’s no devil’s advocate role here. She is worth over $100 million on her own and they had no children together. She doesn’t need spousal support- period.

  31. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    People may think Demi and other wronged wives have a moral right to compensation for the adultery, but they have no legal right. California like most states adopted no fault divorce laws which means no matter how badly a scum sucking, lying, cheating no good man behaves, there is no legal right to be compensated for it as there used to be with fault based divorces. This is one reason so many ordinary women get financially screwed by divorce. California is however a community property state which means absent a prenup or the existence of separate property in one spouses name only each is entitled to half of the marital assets and earnings during the marriage of the other spouse. The goal in most divorce cases everywhere is not to assign blame but to equitably split assets and ensure children are supported.

  32. skuddles says:

    Spousal support, really?? She doesn’t need or deserve his money IMO, but it’s not about money, it’s about trying to hurt him. It’s also about clinging to him long after the divorce. Spousal support would allow her to remain connected to him in some fashion. And in a very warped way, it allows her to remain his “spouse”. Demi’s so not over him, not by a long shot. Just sad and transparent. At least that’s my take on it.

  33. Ali says:

    Give me a break! Demi does not need the money. Her divorce from Bruce Willis netted her tens of millions of dollars. So, unless she spent it all on plastic surgery I’m sure she’ll be just fine. Her career was in the toilet long before Ashton came into her life. Her choice of film roles hardly made her the go to dramatic actress. Yes, of course Hollywood is unkind to the aging woman, but I don’t think that’s Ashton’s doing. In fact, her cameo in the Charlie’s Angels sequel was hailed as some kind of second coming. If you hate Ashton hate him, but let’s not revise history to make Demi look the penniless victim of Ashton’s evil machinations.

  34. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Spousal support, no. But legal fees & a lump sum, yes. He was banging another chick on their anniversary. That ain’t right.

  35. babyturnsblue says:

    No kids.
    She has her own money.
    She is capable of making her own money.

    Demi, go talk to Oprah, get a book deal, or make some shitty movie and move on guuuuurl.

  36. Jane's evil twin says:

    I have a theory,as Demi and I are both spiteful beeyotches I know why she’s really asking for spousal support.She does not want or need Ashton’s money. She is just trying to stall the divorce as long as possible so Ashton will look bad in the media,have to pay more expensive legal fees, and can’t marry Mila Kunis or move on with his life.She’s angry,jealous and is doing the same thing a poor unfamous woman would do in this situation.
    I hope she doesn’t go too far she is starting to act like those women that end up on “Snapped”.

  37. nnrvus says:

    Demi should have listened to James Blunt, “I saw the end before it began”….. goodbye my lover.
    He owes you nothing, but you owe him for the life lesson.
    Btw he hardly needed her for his career.

  38. janie says:

    Why can’t she just act her age? Leave with her dignity in tact? This woman is so pathetic..

  39. fabgrrl says:

    I think him paying for all the legal fees is fair. It seems obvious that he was the one who wanted to end the marriage, so he should pay the termination fee. But beyond that, put on your big girl panties, Demi, and let it go.

  40. Lia says:

    Technically, she’s old enough to be his mother. I’m surprised that his need to be with women his own age didn’t surface sooner. I’m guessing as her daughters grew up, he realized that he had more in common with them than with Demi. He may have used her to further his career, but she also used him to try to put the brakes on her own aging. They should part ways and take their own incomes with them.

  41. Kelly says:

    It’s funny. I actually like both of them though.

  42. Marie says:

    It’s all relative. They are both very wealthy but if it goes to court legal division of property will be decided by a judge based on the facts as presented by both sides. Judges are rarely, if ever, interested in drama. I think she’s entitled to whatever a judge decides is legally fair and ditto for Ashton. Period. In terms of image they helped each other’s careers in different ways. Let the court decide and MOVE ON.

  43. Jane's evil twin says:

    It is hard to take sides when their acting like pretty big d-bags.She is running around partying in Miami in minidresses and doing drugs with her kids at home and he has always been an ass.How did she ever fall for him in the first place I’ll never know.
    Let it go Demi so he can be Mila’s problem not yours.

  44. Trudie says:

    Women who want alimony are pathetic. If women truly want equality, then they need to stop taking money from men.

    Also, Demi & Ashton were only married for six years, and did not have any children together. Its not like she gave up her career to raise his kids. Why is she wanting spousal support?

    • lady X says:

      Trudie dear that is a bit extreme … Some women do deserve and should receive spousal support…

      In the case of Mel Gibson and Robin … They were married 30 years and had 7 kids… she was with him before he was a mega hollywood actress and probably put many of her wants and needs on hold so he could chase his dream … and hollywood success never comes over night … so in cases like that she deserves every dime … it has nothing to do with equality … Men and Women were never designed to be the same … that does not mean one is above and the other beneath .. just not the same .. we serve different roles in this world period

  45. skuddles says:

    I also think Demi is going for spousal support to gall Mila – a monthly (or yearly?) reminder that Ashton was MARRIED to Demi before Mila came along. It’s a proprietary thing.

    As for whether or not Demi helped Ashton’s career… yeah, probably. She was a big (well bigger) star when they first met. But she never gave up her career for him and she’s worked a fair bit during their marriage, so I don’t think he should have to compensate her in that way. But I bet he’ll agree to pay her legal fees just to end the misery already.

  46. Starlight says:

    It wouldn’t look too bad if they were of the same age. But Demi is way older than him and for her to be doing this does not look good at all.

  47. Miss M says:

    Meanwhile, Mila has plans to go to Brazil next year during the world cup, wonder who she is going with…

  48. Hakura says:

    This is not necessarily about these two, just more of a general Q: Why can’t celebs just end their marriages before they start screwing someone else? I mean, really.

  49. Lily25 says:

    I think people are forgetting or unaware the circumstances of when they met. Demi was away from Hollywood for 5-7 years. She was starting her comeback. Ashton was on two top shows, Punked and That 70’s show. I think both shows just ended when he met Demi. Basically he was the bigger star of the two. They were both helped by the relationship but I think Demi more than Ashton.

    A lot of reports have Demi worth over $100 million and Ashton $30 million+. He’s been working steadily in movies but 2-1/2 Men was his big break and that happened a couple of years ago. I have a hard time believing that a judge will give Demi spousal support when she doesn’t need it.

  50. Trudie says:

    I could never be with a man so much younger than me. The age difference was 15 years? That is too much.

    • mimi says:

      That is hardly an issue when the man is older than the female, so I can’t stand it when women even treat this as an issue.

      If 15 years is fine for an age difference when the guy is older, then its fine when the woman is older.

      • Hipocricy says:

        Wether we like it or not we are not equal gender wise.

        It’s more an issue when the woman is older because children are a deal breaker and sometimes that desire to become a father is revealed later.

        Unfortunately we, women have a shorter biological clock and can have a very limited number of kids…men can start it all over again even at 60 years of age and give their younger wife children…and the perception that they don’t miss something paramount to their youth.

        They have an older husband but still are young mum and can live their youth through the children they raise. Also i find men, including old men less clingy…a younger wife will still have more freedom to see girlfriends, have activities alone that are age related than the other way around.

        A younger man with an older woman loses much more in terms of youth and freedom to live his youth. He assists an older woman who is aging, who can be more clingy and feel more insecure as she ages and has no compensation in terms of valuable role attached to his youth…like a child. All of his youth is put aside.

        Hence older wise women will date younger men after younger men but never marry them (eg : Sharon Stone, Madonna).

        That’s why this type of relationship is less prevalent than the other way around and that’s why when it’s over, most of the time you will see the young man doing more activities related to his youth, activities he was deprived before…you will see him dating some young chick his generation and soon becoming pregnant…Basicly, you will see him catching up what he has been missing : HIS YOUTH..

  51. lady X says:

    I will say this … it is very easy for all of us to tell her to just move on … but we do not know what went on in this marriage …
    it is a FACT that she was an A-LIST hollywood actress long before he was ever even a known person in hollywood…
    It is a FACT that their marriage helped his career .. anyone who says otherwise is BLIND … That 70′s show was geared towards a very young audience and so was his show Punk’d … if you do your homework he did not get big movie roles or big endorsements until after they began dating and got married
    She has been acting since her teens and was a part of the 80′s brat pack actors group …that is how she got strung out on dope the first time

    We have no idea what roles she might have turned down or how much she might have down played herself to feed his ego (that every man has) .. When you are 25 years old dating an actress old enough to be your mother who makes tons more than you and is drop dead gorgeous at almost 50 .. your ego will need major stroking ….

    I would probably walk away to .. that is because I know my worth .. but none of us (I assume) have been publicly humiliated on this large of a scale .. so we really do not know what we would do

    I feel bad for her … if she was my girlfriend I would have told her from the gate … “You can have fun with him but do not EVER marry him ”
    That was a disaster waiting to happen … he was bound to cheat the minute he started getting more roles and making more money … i believe he got what he wanted and left …

    i just hope she soon learns her worth and walks away with some dignity for her daughters

    • Nina W says:

      Ashton was successful before he hooked up with Demi. His modeling career was well established and undoubtably led to his Canon endorsement. His most famous TV work, That 70′s Show and Punked and his two most popular movies, Dude Where’s My Car and the Butterfly Effect predate his involvement with Demi. Point out one great project she garnered for him because I don’t see it. It’s sad their marriage failed but I don’t think it influenced either career.

      • lady X says:

        OK he has been with Demi Moore since 2003 … they married in 2005.. The only work he did before then was “That 70′s Show” (which was canceled by then) and “Dude Where my Car ” He did not get the other big movie roles and endorsements till after them dating … that is a fact look it up … Most people who watched the tv show were a young audience … Demi was Hollywood Royalty and had been for years no matter if she had not worked or not …
        I am not saying he was not some what successful.. but to pretend like he was a Rob Patterson or Justin Bieber before he met her is INSANE … I NEVER watched one episode of “That 70′s show ” So i only knew him from Punk’d … and he came of as a silly and immature young kid … he was not taken seriously as an actor UNTIL he got with her … period … I do not care how you spin it .. it got WAY more roles and way more money

        Before he married her :
        That 70′s show from 1998-2006
        Dude Where’s my car 2000
        He did Calvin Klein Ads in Paris and Milan

        After he began dating Demi Moore:
        Just Married :2003
        Guess Who 2005
        Cheaper by the Dozen 2003 ( might have filmed before)
        People’s Sexiest man Alive 2006 ( which we all know is PR Bought)
        Alot like love
        Bobby 2005
        Open Season 2006
        The Guardian
        What happens in Vegas
        Spread 2008
        Personal Effects 2009
        Valentine’s Day and Killers 2010
        No Strings attached and New Years eve 2011

        he also executive produced an bunch of TV shows … all after 2003
        Was he doing good for himself at his age YES … Did she give him a boost career wise YES .. to say otherwise is to be blind
        Just like Katie Holmes had Dawson’s Creek and a few movies before Tom Cruise.. but he for sure helped her career … especially PR wise…

        Put it this way … my Mother and Grandma had NO IDEA who Ashton Kutcher was until he began dating Demi… I guarantee you .. most older people never knew who he was before her … She was the bigger star
        I do not agree at all with how she is handling this … but to say she did not contribute to some of his success is a LIE

      • LAK says:

        how naive. You are saying getting with an A lister can’t boost a c/d lister? tell that to Jen Aniston and many other low grade actresses whose careers where enhanced infront of and behind the scenes by their association with the A list. Whatever access/money Ashton had prior to getting with Demi, it was nothing like the kind of access she had. Whilst everyone was thinking she quit Hollywood for Idaho, she quietly produced those AUSTIN POWERS films as an example. The Kind of access she had was a godsend to Ashton. Luckily, he is super smart and was able to use it to his advantage and made shed loads of money. people took him more seriously than before when only the MTV crowd knew who he was. That includes investors and the like.

      • lady X says:

        Thank you @LAK … I knew you would shed some “common sense” light on the matter …

  52. Lucy2 says:

    I think they helped raise each other’s profile and don’t owe each other anything, but I can see why she wants him to pay, if he cheated and was the one to end it. But it would make her seem stronger if she’d just move on and not want a thing from him.

  53. Sugar says:

    Demi go back to Hailey ID & find yourself again. Hollywood isn’t going anywhere & won’t miss you. Who knows you might meet a really nice man & have normal. What am I saying-never mind as you were.

  54. Sugar says:

    Demi go back to Hailey ID & find yourself again. Hollywood isn’t going anywhere & won’t miss you. Who knows you might meet a really nice man & have normal. What am I saying-never mind as you were-carry on

  55. kibbles says:

    I’m torn on this. Ashton is a huge douchebag who used Demi to remain in the headlines and cheated on her while they were married. A cheater deserves to be punished in divorce proceedings most of the time. That being said, Demi has been a walking disaster for several years now. She looked like a big enough fool when she married Ashton. In the last several years, she has been partying like a 20-year-old with a severe eating disorder rather than the responsible middle-aged mother that her children need right now. Punishing Ashton, be it well deserved, isn’t worth it in Demi’s case. She has enough money to last several lifetimes. Her main concern right now should be her children and fixing her public image. Dragging this fight with Ashton will only make her look worse. She needs to drop this and walk away with the little dignity she has left. Not only that, putting Ashton behind her would be extremely beneficial to her health and emotional well being. I hope she gets the help she needs to overcome her depression, eating disorder, and addictions.

  56. LadyBird83 says:

    Sorry I don’t think he deserves any of it.

  57. mimi says:

    She is entitled to every cent becuase he made this money while they were married, so she was his partner and half of what he earned is hers.

    In their case, that is more than fair, as she basically helped him establish himself when no one gave him any credit, made him much more famous just by association, and by showing up with him, and he spoke aout her and their reltionship in interview which helped him to solidify his new status.

    Demi didn’t need these interviews, it was only going to benefit him.

    She would have deserved all that money just for the fact that she stood by him and supported him and was marrie dto him.

    I’m not even talking about his unbelievable betrayal.

    The fact that she has earned money in the past has nothing to do with any of that.

    She could have spent the years she wasted on him with a decent guy and build a home with him.

    I am really surprised that people don’t see how plain and obvious what would have been the right way to go (if I were him).

    • ker says:

      Ashton was red hot with the 70s show and a lot of movies, if you look at his IMDB profile, a lot of them were done or filmed before he married Demi.

      Demi hadn’t been in a movie since 1997 G.I. Jane which tanked.

      Marrying her did nothing for him

  58. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Those pants are small enough to fit George Clooney – never understood the appeal of this style.

  59. vvvoid says:

    I really don’t understand why people have a hate-on for Ashton. It’s pretty obvious Demi was into…sharing him…I really, really doubt a savvy person like Ashton would choose their ANNIVERSARY to step out on his neurotic, clingy wife unless there was more to this story.

    Seriously, I have heard, from people who knew him back in his hometown, that Ashton is a legitimately good person. That always stuck with me. He isn’t a saint I’m sure, but my god, so many people in Hollywood deserving of more ire than Ashton Kutcher. Punk’d was funny. There I said it. Brilliant idea, he exposed so many over-inflated egos on that show, and did so intentionally. Respect.

  60. la chica says:

    The judge should order Ashton to give her exactly one dollar. Not a penny more.

  61. Starlight says:

    I wish this will be over soon so that Ashton and Mila can go on with their lives.

  62. dovie says:

    From what I understand of California divorce law:
    They are both entitled to half the assets acquired during the span of the marriage.
    If she can prove they lived off his money or that she contributed a lower amount of money to the relationship, it is possible he would have to pay spousal support – but only for the same length of time the marriage lasted since it was under 10 years.
    It doesn’t matter who did what to cause the divorce. The judge can’t use that as a basis for awarding money as Cali is a no-fault state.
    It will all come down to who made money during the marriage, who didn’t, and if there was a prenup.

  63. Nikki says:

    Demi Moore made a crap-ton of money back in the day for Showgirls, GI Jane, Indecent Proposal, etc. etc. I’d believe she’s worth just as much as Ashton, and possibly more. A lot of people don’t understand just how much money you can make with a good financial management firm, like MSSB.

  64. Felicia says:

    Normally I’m very sympathetic to the spouse that got cheated on and an advocate of said spouse getting all they can from the cheater. And yes, Ashton does strike me as a douche. However, I can’t help thinking Demi is a trainwreck nutjob. I’ve followed her career for a long time and I’ve always thought there was something a little unstable about her. (I like the theory someone above has that Bruce stuck around because he was concerned about his daughters’ well being, not because he wanted to be part of some progressive family.) So I think it’s really in DEMI’S best interest to settle this divorce as quickly as possible and move on with her life.

  65. Mouse says:

    She’s making it very hard to sympathize with her, which is really annoying me.

  66. juju says: