Josh Brolin, Michael Fassbender & Benicio del Toro are drinking buddies

I have to apologize for not seeing this yesterday. I mean, I caught sight of the headline – something about Josh Brolin going out drinking with friends – but I didn’t give a crap enough to read the story because I just figured, “What else is new? Brolin is always out partying.” As it turns out though, Broling was partying with my beloved Michael Fassbender! Did you know they were tight? I knew. Because I’m Fass-obsessed. They worked together on Jonah Hex, but I got an inkling into their closer relationship when Josh conducted Fassbender’s Interview Magazine interview last year. They talked a lot about how they met (in Toronto in 2008, just after Fassy became a huge deal because of Hunger) and it was clear that they’re pretty tight. So tight that they go out drinking together, just two single guys out on the prowl…

Josh Brolin – who recently split from Diane Lane after eight years of marriage – stepped out on Friday night with friends Bradley Cooper, Benicio Del Toro and Michael Fassbender.

They stopped by Skybar at the Mondrian Los Angeles, where Fassbender ordered a round of beverages for the group, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Laughing as the night went on, the crew of actors stayed well past closing, the source adds.

“They were in good spirits having fun!” the source says. “It looked like a very relaxed night out.”

[From People]

Fassy, Brolin and Del Toro? You know what? I would watch that movie. I know everyone thinks Brolin is a total d-bag (and you may be right), but I think he’s a really talented actor. Same with Del Toro and of course Fassy. Wouldn’t you watch that movie? As for what ELSE they might have done that night… God knows. I think in that group, Brolin would be the bold guy who would come right up to the girl to get her digits. Del Toro would hang back and play a staring game with the one girl he wanted. And Fassbender… would he be a wingman? Or would he be bold too? Is he the guy who goes after what he wants? Hm… I need to think about this.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Interview Magazine.

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  1. Kaye says:

    I’d be their drinking buddy (and I’d watch that movie.)

  2. Boxy Lady says:

    I love how Kaiser refused to mention Bradley Cooper even though he’s in the article :p

  3. T.Fanty says:

    Eew. I wasn’t on the Fassbender train to begin with, but now I’m quite happy to sit on the platform and wave you ladies off. The next stop, apparently, is Douchetown (pop. 3).

  4. brin says:

    I would call “action!” on that movie set!

  5. Ranunculus says:

    Benicio is a really cool guy. I hope Brolin and Fassbender don’t mistake him for a woman when they are getting all drunk and testy.

  6. Lucretia says:

    This reminds me of why I would hate to be a celebrity. Even a simple night out gets interpreted as douchedom.

    • FassDaActor says:

      All speculation about Fassy. Just because you don’t like him, don’t make up stuff. Man whore, really?? I wonder what that’s about?

      And the smear champaign begins. Friends can’t go out and have a good time?? Josh worked with Fassy on a movie. Dn!!

      • Chris says:

        Also, Brolin and Lane have explained what happened that night when she called the police. They were at a party, drinking (as they do), and Brolin was dancing. Later on he mentioned that he’s not the best dancer and she agreed with him. That hit a nerve (pardon the pun) and he said some not so nice things and she called the police. So, not exemplary behavior–but he did not hit her. As someone who has had an embarrassing and stupid drunken argument with my husband in the past, I can shamefully identify. Of course, bodily harm was not threatened in my case, but I think it is unfair to call the man a batterer if that’s all that happened. And yes, I am a Brolin apologist, because I love his face.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        His nickname is “Everwet”. He is a manwhore.

      • Ms Kay says:

        @ FassDaActor

        My love, I like Fassbender (met him twice and all he’s just lovely and laid back) but the man said himself :

        “Sleeping around? I don’t think it’s a cliché. You’re travelling around a lot and perhaps lonely and you want some kind of connection again. You’re in a position where people treat you differently. Maybe a lot of people are in denial and think that it’s down to their looks and their charm that a lot of women proposition them, but the fact of that matter is they are living with what appears to be an attractive lifestyle. Your opportunities are multiplied again, so there’s more of a buffet of choice.”

        And :

        “I think you just have to keep an eye on things. I’m not immune to anything, but I’m aware of my weaknesses and THE BEAST WITHIN . Like anything, if you feed it enough times, it starts to take control. That thing of being seduced, and you’ve just got to be careful. But that’s no guarantee that I’m not going to go crazy and destroy the sweetshop.”

        So yeah he may not be a player per se but he does sleep around, some rather call it “man-whoring” or whatever close to it but yes he does sleep around.

        And add to that, he’s been sleeping around way before he got famous so it didn’t just happened… ;-)

      • FassDaActor says:

        @Ms Kay

        You posted a quote from an interview “Sleeping around? I don’t think it’s a cliché. You’re travelling around a lot and perhaps lonely and you want some kind of connection again. You’re in a position where people treat you differently. Maybe a lot of people are in denial and think that it’s down to their looks and their charm that a lot of women proposition them, but the fact of that matter is they are living with what appears to be an attractive lifestyle. Your opportunities are multiplied again, so there’s more of a buffet of choice.”

        I think he was speaking in general terms about what fame can do to you. He’s a human being and I’m sure he’s had some fun. But this statement just proves that he’s older and level-headed about it all. if your single, you’re going to have some fun. That’s not the same as being a hoe. Call me when you travel with him 24/7.

  7. i'm french don't kill me says:

    Fassbender parties with Del Toro,Brolin AND Cooper according to NY Post page six

  8. Anguishedcorn says:

    I was sitting here in the pre-awake-child quiet, minding my own business and opened up to see that first picture of Fass just as I was taking a sip of coffee. Nearly choked on it. God, he can wake me up any morning.

  9. EscapedConvent says:

    Mmmm….Fassy looks luscious in these pics. Would there also be a cloud of blue smoke around their table? From the ciggies.

    It’s kind of faded a bit now, but there was a time when I was wild for Benicio. Still have a little soft spot for him.

    • T.Fanty says:

      Ohhhh, yes. I remember those days, too. He was a thing of beauty.

    • j.eyre says:

      I hate to admit it but the thing I crave most from this post are the cigarettes (only because I am still allowed to drink booze).

      I mean yes, I would hit it with Fassy, sure. But he’s not in the top 10.

      Where is IChooseMe? Had she gotten to the Bangporium yet? She promised a report.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Sorry I’m late to the party (as usual). Nope haven’t been to the Bangporium yet. Give me time. Just give me time.

        Fassy, Bradley, Brolin and Del Toro all together just begs for some fan-fiction to be written. Let’s see…

        It was late when J.eyre and ICM strolled into the bar. The girls were arm in arm, feeling carefree and up for anything. J had just whispered something in ICM’s ear which elicited a broad grin when they happened to spy a group of gentleman at a table that looked very, very familiar.

        ICM’s fingers tightened on her friend’s arm as sensing scrutiny, one of the gents looked up and caught her eye. Could it be? Yes. Yes it was. She held her breath a little as he let his gaze roam unhurriedly over them in appraisal. A flicker of the lashes and his eyes lifted to hers once more. ICM felt a shiver of anticipation at the obvious warmth and interest in his eyes. She flashed a smile at him then turned to Miss J and said, “I do believe things are about to get interesting.”

        Miss J can you take it from here? :)

      • j.eyre says:

        Mercy! What happens next?! Oh – curse you E.L. James! If only I could get an early copy of Inner Goddess so i could know how to write out the conclusion of this fabulous tale!

        Hmm… let me chew on it a bit. Maybe doing the dishes will ignite some ideas.

  10. jane's evil twin says:

    I read that he was out with Bradley Cooper too that night.And I hope that by hanging out with B Coop,Del Toro and Brolin that Fassy doesn’t become a womanizing sleazebag.God I hope these guys don’t start their own p–sy patrol like Dicaprio has.And now I read Mel Gibson was with them him?Just no Micheal,don’t.Please be better than that.

    • Lucretia says:

      Mel Gibson wasn’t with them. Another columnist saw a picture of Josh Brolin and BCoop with Gibson nearby–on another occasion, yet!–and simply added Fassy to that group because, why not make stuff up?

      • Me says:

        Yes. And that columnist definitely likes to make stuff up. Especially when it comes to Fassbender. She knows that most people won’t be smart enough to comprehend that what she’s making up and insinuating have nothing to do with the actual truth/facts.

      • FassDaActor says:

        Just like when some celeb column made up some lie about a fan vomiting on Fassy. They lie about every celeb. I’m feeling a Fassy attack coming on. And it’s sad. Everyone he works with says he’s the nicest guy. He’s such an amazing actor and full of life. No one’s a saint but dn. Anything for a juicy story.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      Haha, he already is womanizing sleazebag and has been for a long time.
      His nickname is “Everwet”, because his fassdong is getting a ridiculous amount of p*ssy, even before he got famous.

    • nina says:

      Fassy is already a manwhore…Probably more than B.Coop.

    • Beka says:

      It’s so easy to call Leo a “womanizing sleazebag” because we read about his MO all the time. But you know what I think? Fassy is all like that also. He strikes me as a guy who likes to party and drink with his buddies just like any other single male, don’t even try to treat him as a saint, he is far from being one ;) .

      I see no problem with Leo, Coop, Gerry, Fassy all hanging out together and having a few drinks. They are all single, beautiful and talented. I love them all. They are not like some married guys who act single at clubs SMH!

  11. elceibeno08 says:

    I will take Josh and Fassy please (his hair looks better longer). You can take Benicio though. And yes I would totally watch that movie with them. What a fantasy.

  12. Sara says:

    A bunch of dunks and abusers hanging out together – must be a hoot and a half!

  13. Juicy Lucy says:

    Josh Brolin is in dire need of rehab, not drinking buddies.

  14. Chordy says:

    I feel like I’ve had too much therapy to be into this trio.

  15. Dinah says:

    This. Cannot. End. Well.

    Don’t Fassy and Brolin have some history with unsavory drunken behavior? I seem to recall some assault stuff, somewhere?

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ha ha…what a group. Fassy can take his drunken his ass to my house and leave these boozehounds to muff-troll on their own.

  17. Nanea says:

    Hasseröder Premium Pils, Fassy?


    There are many beers in Germany that are much better!

  18. madpoe says:

    You can change that title to:
    Terrible Trio… oh to be a fly on the wall with those three and booze in the mix.

  19. Gemini08 says:

    I love me some Fassy and he is an Aries- he would go up to a girl he liked with no problem. Aries men are confident and like being the aggressor in relationships.

  20. ichsi says:

    Urgh no. I think Fassy is a very attractive man but if he isn’t an alcoholic (in the making?) I don’t know who is. Then again he’s Irish…

    Brolin is never good news.

  21. Stacia says:

    Brolin is blah… a douchey, surley fellow. But that last pic of Fassbender…the scruffy beard, the curly ginger locks and piercing blue eyes and I can imagine what he smells like…cologne and testosterone. Now that’s a handsome man.

  22. Miss M says:

    Fassie looks hot. He really likes to party, doesn’t he?! What a group of douchetastic friends, my sleazy detector went off… *sigh*