Radar: Demi Moore thinks that if she had Ashton’s baby he wouldn’t have cheated

Yesterday we heard that Demi Moore is planning to go for the jugular in her divorce with Ashton Kutcher. She’s filed divorce papers separately, and is firmly set on latching on to a nice chunk of Ashton’s fortune – if the reports are accurate, and I believe they are. Some may argue, and this is said to be Demi’s opinion, that she boosted his career to a level he would not have attained without the publicity and fame that came from marrying her. Others say that Demi is a very wealthy woman in her own right and should not be asking for things like spousal support and her lawyer’s fees paid. She may not be making as much as Ashton at this point, but does she really need the money or is she out for revenge?

Radar has a follow-up that may reveal the heartache and longing behind Demi’s divorce fight. She’s said to have tried to conceive a baby with Ashton for years, but it just wasn’t working for her and she still wonders what would have happened if it did. Demi started dating Ashton in 2003 when she was already 40 with three daughters. According to Radar, Demi believes that if only she would have been able to have another baby, Ashton wouldn’t have cheated on her. I hope this isn’t true.

Would a baby have saved Demi Moore and her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher‘s ill-fated marriage?

The heartbroken 50-year-old Ghost star believes so, and she’s telling close friends that if she’d been able to have a baby with the 35-year-old Two and a Half Men actor they would still be together, a source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Demi tried for YEARS to get pregnant with Ashton,” the source says.

“She was in her early 40s when they first got together, and she put her body through hell trying to have his baby.”

Demi, already a mother to daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis, desperately wanted to fulfill her much younger husband’s wish for his own biological children, the source says.

“Ashton wanted a child from day one, and Demi knew he would make an amazing father after seeing how great he was with her girls,” the source says. “Sadly though, time wasn’t on Demi’s side, and she was never able to fulfill his baby wish.”

The actress now believes that the tragic situation is what led to their eventual breakup, the source says.

“Demi believes in her heart that if they had had a child together, there wouldn’t be a divorce going on right now,” the source says. “She thinks if there had been a baby at home Ashton wouldn’t have been out partying with friends, and he wouldn’t have had the chance to cheat on her.”

[From Radar Online]

We’ve seen how Demi isn’t able to let go, and how she’s behaved like a high school girl trying to make the guy who dumped her jealous. She seems perfectly capable of this line of faulty reasoning. I still hope she doesn’t really believe that a band aid baby would have solved everything. Cheaters are going to cheat, and putting an innocent child in the middle of everything would only have hurt the kid and made it worse. Of course Demi should let go and stop wondering about this guy. She has the whole world at her feet, but all she’s doing is focusing on how her youth and young lover are gone without realizing how truly great she has it. She got rid of Ashton doucheface Kutcher. That’s something to celebrate, not mourn.

File photos of Demi and Ashton credit: FameFlynet

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  1. QQ says:

    She needs a gaggle of girlfriends that will tell her ; Girl, STOP

    This is beyond pitiful

    • BB says:

      Either RadarOnline is making this story up, which would be easy for a tabloid. However, Demi has always seemed fragile, she needs to move on.

      • Dutch says:

        Something about this story stinks like yesterday’s fish. Demi spent a lot of money sculpting her body to look 20 at 40, I’m not so sure she would be keen to potentially undo that by having a baby. The lack of detail is suspicious too. Did she take fertility treatments? Was a surrogate considered? Adoption? Or did they just have a lot of sex and hope for the best?

      • ol cranky says:

        I could see her floating this story out there to make him look like a cad and further martyr herself. What she doesn’t understand is that, even if it were true, it makes her look even more pathetic you should bring a child into a stable relationship, not expect the child to make your relationship stable

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      Yeah, I think this just makes her look pathetic. I think she defined (and valued) herself as the “woman with young hot husband” and without him she can’t be that. And if the baby thing is true, its probably for the best that she couldn’t have one.

      • lulu says:

        Why is Demi/Debbie saying this now, back when she was married, all she kept saying was she didn’t want to have kids for a few years. All these Hollywood middle-aged women believe that they’re not like normal women, they think they can have kids at 50 or more, look at Aniston, saying “someday” she might have kids, who are these women fooling, they’re way past childbearing years, whether they want to believe it or not.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      It’s cringe-worthy to watch this woman.

      Kids should NEVER be used as a BAND-AID for a broken marriage. Kids should be a by-product of a loving, healthy union.

      This woman needs intensive psychotherapy.

    • Mia says:

      Yep. Totally agree. And Demi is so gorgeous she can find another Ashton ( because let’s face it, he’s not that exceptional) in a minute.

  2. RHONYC says:

    i feel at this point she needs to head to Italy for like a year or two years and get lost in a sea of Italian d*ck.

    fastest way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else’s…well…….D*CK!

    jussayin. :roll:

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Why Italy? Are Italian men better than other nationalities in sex?

    • RHONYC says:

      guys cool out. that was the 1st thing that came to my head…
      it’s not about race. :roll:

      Demi. just. needs. D*CK. period.

      hells bells, she can borrow Bruce’s Caribbean villa (or small island?) & get lost in some Dexter St. Jock Caribbean d*ck for all i care.

      she should forget Ashenhaller…
      if i had her money, i’d be on a yacht soaking my sorrows with cocktails & my loins with a carousel of hot studs.

      i think she hasn’t properly gotten her head banged against a headboard and that’ll be the only way to ‘knock’ that man right outta her head.


    • Jazz Fabulous says:

      I’d love to get lost in a bed of d*cks in a country somewhere in Latin America… I wish I have Demi’s money, damnit.

    • Quincy says:

      While random sex (in an exotic locale, to boot) might sound appealing, what this poor woman needs at her age — what most of Hollywood needs at any age — is hot monogamous sex with a partner who can offer long-term companionship and unconditional fidelity/loyalty. When you selflessly love and support a partner through good and bad, your emotional intimacy deepens and physical intimacy improves. Demi may have had this with Bruce, but with Ashton she seemed desperate to keep her marriage alive rather than working together to make their marriage thrive. (See what I did there?)

      Of course, the best place to start is to learn to love herself. Demi needs to embrace her age and focus on the wisdom it can bring her. She can look at her two marriages as failures or see them as stepping stones to higher self-love and eventually a lasting relationship with a mutual level of commitment. and, yes, hot sex. (I can speak from personal experience because our marriage is all about accepting ourselves and each other as we are — and the level of intimacy in and out of the sheets just gets better every year. And we’re going on two decades!)

  3. dcypher1 says:

    babies dont stop men from cheating. if ur mans a cheater hes a cheater children or not. shes as delusional as a lohan.

  4. YuYa says:

    Cheaters cheat, you can’t prevent it. I wish she would understand that and get her dignity back. She’s best rid of him.

  5. yolo112 says:

    **eye roll**

    Enough of the bashing on Ashton. She is proving time and time again that she not right in the head.

  6. emmie_a says:

    I think Demi has been off her rocker for waaay longer than we thought. I have a feeling Ashton stayed with her longer than he would have because he didn’t want to hurt her or cause a breakdown. So no way would a baby have helped this marriage. Trying to fix a rocky marriage with a baby is all sorts of wrong.

  7. annabelle says:

    She’s probably bump stalking poor Mila.

    • Jane says:

      I really feel for this woman. She has absolutely no dignity left and it is so very sad. Maybe she did better after Bruce cheated because of the children and in her mind, they helped her through that break-up. Now she is alone and just can’t seem to cope.

      The more these rumors and things come to light, maybe Ashton ran. Her behavior does not excuse the cheating, but this woman seems a bit too clingy and needy with very little self respect.

      She should hold her head up high, kick him to the curb, stop with the silly proceedings and move the hell on with her life. She needs to get some and dignity and learn to love herself and stop worrying about why he doesn’t.

      • Gemini08 says:

        There is no indication that Bruce cheated and that’s why they split up. Their breakup was pretty mature and amicable. I don’t feel sorry for her. I have a really hard time feeling sorry for a woman who is nearly 50 and has the Emotional IQ of a 5 year-old. She has imploded her relationship with her kids (who are no longer speaking ) and for what?? Because he cheated on her? Sorry- no dice. Be an adult! Everyone has crap happen to them. Move on and stop acting like a crazy teenager.

  8. marie says:

    yes, because a baby will fix everything.. seriously, WTF?!?

    • Lauren says:

      Innocent babies do not fix anything..they are very stressful blessings that should not be brought into a troubled relationship. I understand Demi is embarrassed & her ego is crushed, but Ashton moved on long ago. The last few years Ashton seemed so bored & disinterested in Demi. He may have a baby with Mila, but he will tire of her too. Mila looks at Ashton adoringly, just like Demi did 10 years ago…its history repeating itself.

  9. Anna says:

    In some of the pictures they look happy and this is all too sad in its way. I too wish she would just leave this situation quietly, with her dignity in tact. You have a much greater chance getting a man “back” (if that is what you want) by playing it cool and low key in these things, anyway

  10. BeachBelle says:

    So one baby would have saved her marriage to Ashton, but three daughters didn’t keep her married to Bruce Willis? Really?

    I guess Demi thinks she should also be paid by Ashton, because she tried to have his baby. This woman is sick. This isn’t going to end well for her if something doesn’t happen to get her straighten out soon.

  11. Dee Cee says:

    Long time ago; on two occasions, in the isolation of another state where you can raise your kids away from hollywood nonsense, em.. Ex-nanny and housekeeper kept hostage when they tried to quit the Willis household,.. because they had sick relatives they wanted to return home and tend to.. Demi had a hissy-fit meltdown, said she was offended by their lack of gratitude and this disloyalty made her very, very ill.. She called Bruce from set, offered them much money and perks, threatened them with lawsuits for breaking contracts on short notice, I will not endorse you ever.. fearing for their lives while being held and refused a taxi, permission to leave.. told off and threatened.. the workers called police, the trouble was a short blurb in the news, then those domestic problem incidents disappeared, soon covered up, Bruce moved on with his unwed life;.. leaving her to manage her life and the children.. because she couldn’t ‘cope’ with raising her own kids.. do without her booze and drugs, movie making, publicity jaunts and dieting, over-exercising and micro-managing every breathing moment to stay independent of boring wife and mommy duty and free to act young and carefree.. Of course she wanted a young guy to deal with her kids..

    • Troubadour says:

      Add Demi Moore to the list of celebs who are bat-s*** crazy and come from a abusive/crazy home including Chris Brown and Lindsey Lohan.

      Seriously people if you are a part of such a home in any way get HELP please! In your moment of clarity please make it a point to get help.

      Otherwise the ripples of such incredible disfunction resonate painfully through the generations which come after you. And the rest of us get wonderful “gifts” like Chris Brown, Lindsey Lohan and Demi Moore. I have to think that counseling when they were teens or after the suicides in the home of Moore and Brown would have made a world of difference and they might not be such broken people. So parents get it for them at least if not for yourself.

      Now I’ll step off the soapbox.

      • vvvoid says:


        Agreed. I work for an organization that does interventions and gets people into rehab, both for addiction and behavioral modification.

        Every single person we treat, pretty much, comes from a sea of dysfunction in their family. Much of the time we have to do interventions on additional family members to even possibly treat our primary client. The other day we did an intervention on 6 family members, all currently in treatment.

        It is a contagion.

  12. kingkayski says:

    I never thought i’ ll say this to another woman like me,but i thank god Demis womb is dead and cannot procreate anymore.Those 3 girls were lucky they turn out the way they did because of their father Bruce,i’m 100% it’s not because of their mom.Demi lives and breath of being young,she’s too delutional to accept her real age and appearance,she’ll do just about anything to fight it.She doesn’t know how lucky she was to dodge the bullet when Asston leaves her,she’s free now to do whatever she wants with her own money and reconnects w/her kids.Instead to thrived to be better she thrived to be pathetic.

  13. Birdix says:

    weellll, I can see how she (or a tabloid) could get to this conclusion…. he left me because I’m so much older. but what does that matter? I don’t look older. But I can’t have children (or at least it’s much more difficult to). So THAT’s why he left me. And there could possibly be a kernel of truth in it, that Ashton was hitting his mid-30s and his own clock was ticking to have children of his own, so that led to dissatisfaction.
    Or it could be any of a hundred other things…

  14. dorothy says:

    OMG, is she STILL dissecting the break up? What’s wrong with this woman? Pitiful is right.

  15. Merritt says:

    If children prevented cheating Tiger and Elin would still be together.

  16. puffy says:

    I hate to say it but Ashton looks SO HANDSOME in all of these photos. He’s a douche, but an incredibly good-looking one. Poor Demi, what is going on in her head? This is embarrassing.

  17. Bowers says:

    Because no one with children ever cheats, right?

  18. elceibeno08 says:

    Statistics and common sense prove over and over that men will cheat regardless of having children at home or not. Even the most beautiful women in the world have been cheated on. Marc Anthony cheated on his beautiful wife Dayanara Torreswith Jennifer Lopez. Dayanara gave him two children and she was Miss Universe. So men will cheat period.

  19. Onyx XV says:

    Is there no limit to pathetic Demi’s ignorance & stupidity? I guess not.

  20. Hipocricy says:

    OMG, this woman is so pitifull in her desire to stay young…it’s obsession.

    She will probably get into a massive breakdown once one of her daughters becomes a mum as she won’t be able to face the fact to become a grand mum.

    And she will need daily sessions to a shrink once Ashton and his girl expect their first child together.

    She needs to get a grip ASAP !! All of her daughters are young WOMEN already and potential mums to be.

  21. aud says:

    She needs to let go. Take her fortune and walk away and stop dwelling on the past

    she’s getting more pathetic with every story

  22. jane's evil twin says:

    Oh Demi, if we all say we are on your side and feel sorry for you for being hurt by this cheating jerk will you let this go then?She is putting out every story she can so that we all know what a terrible person Ashton Kutcher really is.But we do know, and still feel like you married him knowing that is the risks you take when you get married. Oh well.Atleast maybe Ashton will think before he cheats on his next wife.

  23. Dawn says:

    Poor Demi I don’t think she can become any more delusional than this. I bet everyone who knows her wishes she would just shut her mouth when it comes to Ashton. She is old enough and experienced enough to know that a baby never solves relationship issues. No wonder her daughters are so upset with her, she just can’t be quiet and grown up.

  24. Starllight says:

    It’s the age factor that did it, not the absence of kids.

    • candigirl says:

      I kind of agree, I think Ashton needed a mommy (seasoned professional Hollywood woman) to help him navigate and attain the star status he’s always wanted. So he went into this marriage lying to himself and her, so did she. It was a business arrangement that they made personal. He was also flattered by the attention of a star who kissed his ass and played sexy wife. She was flattered by the attention of a young guy. I think their domestic situation worked for a while and then he got what he wanted professionally and was bored. Instead of handling it in a healthy way, he cheated, publicly embarrassed the family more than once with waitresses and destroyed the marriage (not to mention exposed her to STDs.) He is an arrogant selfish jerk and deserves to pay for it, IMO, even if just for exposing her to multiple times of unprotected sex with strangers. Ashton, honey, it’s just business. Demi is renegotiating your contractual obligations, as any powerful Hollywood boss would do. And I agree, he’ll cheat on Mila too, it’s his thing.

      • jane's evil twin says:

        I’m sorry candigirl but I don’t believe it was that complicated.Maybe they were in love 10 years ago,got married and then grew apart.The way millions of people do every year.I don’t know if it had to be some big conspiracy on Ashton’s part.Maybe he really did love her and now just doesn’t.We don’t know what Demi is like in real life at home so to make it seem like she was a total saint just to make him the bad guy wouldn’t be fair.A saint wouldn’t do drugs with her kids at home.

      • vvvoid says:

        @Jane’s evil twin:

        Thank you. I agree.
        And I think Ashton gave it a better shot than would most guys his age in Hollywood.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        candi girl aren’t you being too harsh on Ashton.? If he cheated so much on Demi how come he never knocked up a girl?

    • Hipocricy says:

      When you are a divorcee with children, it’s always wiser to marry someone who is in the same place with his own journey…a divorced man with children. Age matter less than being at the same place in life, having already lived your youth and meeting someone at the same place for a second time around.

      I don’t have sympathy for either one of them but i am more against her. She married a man in his twenty and brought her children in the package. He became husband and father figure of three overnight at twenty something, putting aside his own natural journey to maturity, not living his own youth.

      It is a risk when you marry someone who is not at the same place journey wise and if the blame is on both, i blame Demi more because she was 40, had already lived her life as a young married woman who produced kids, hence should have known better and be wiser….It would have been better to dating him as long as it works but never marry him until he actually had a chance to live his youth just like she lived hers.

      That’s why a 55 years old woman tying the knowt with a 40 years old man has more chance to work than if she married him 15 years earlier, while she was 40 and him 25.

      you change and mature a lot between the age of 25 and 35….your life decisions can drastically change. While betwwen 50 and 40 you don’t change that much. That’s probably what happeed with Ashton.

      • vvvoid says:


        Thank you! You put it so well.

        I actually do have some sympathy for Ashton though, mainly because I always felt he really cared about Demi and her kids, and him “cheating” [or whatever really happened there] didn’t change my mind about that. He took on quite a lot at a young age and didn’t handle it perfectly but I do believe he tried to, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of guys in Hollywood, even guys much older than Ashton.

        Demi strikes me as the type who wants what she wants when she wants it, so I doubt she took the big picture of his age and maturity into account despite the chorus of voices that I’m sure were chiming in to warn her to really think about what she was doing.

        Demi’s maturity is stunted, so Ashton probably outgrew her mentally if not chronologically.

      • Becky1 says:

        I agree, but I think that if this is true and Ashton was so determined to have a biological child than he shouldn’t have married Demi in the first place. She was in her early 40′s when they married, right? He had to have known that she might not be able to get pregnant. She should have known better, too. I’m 40 and if I were single I would not marry a significantly younger man who feels it’s imperative to have biological kids.

      • Ange says:

        What a lot of rubbish! You’re acting as if Ashton had no say in this, no agency of his own. He wasn’t 12, he was an adult and also able to make his own judgment call about who he married. Even though Demi be crazy it’s absolutely wrong to say she was somehow snatching him from the youth he deserved. Guys his age marry all the time, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re marrying someone your own age or older, sometimes your path diverges. Ageist junk.

  25. HappyMom says:

    The only thing this would have helped her with is getting a bigger divorce settlement. She really needs some serious counseling- what a mess.

  26. Green is Good says:

    At this rate, Asston and Mila will have to take out a restraining order against Dumi.

  27. madpoe says:

    someone remind me, did she do this to Bruce when they divorce?

  28. candigirl says:

    I would love to see Demi come out of this with millions of Ashton’s money, use it to buy a luxury yacht, staffed with all young studly sailors and cruise the Mediterranean partying. She could name the ship something funny too hmm… PYT, Monkey Business, My Mistress, So Long Heartache, etc.

  29. vvvoid says:

    Ok so wait…did Bruce Willis cheat on Demi too?

  30. Diane says:

    Does anyone else notice both Bruce and Ashton are now with women who look kind of similar to Demi? Mila and Emma, google it.

  31. Gemini08 says:

    This twisted bit of logic just proves how psychologically and emotionally immature Demi truly is. Not that recent behavior hadn’t already shown this.

    • BeachBelle says:

      I really feel for Demi’s friends and famiy. I know they have said and done everything they know to do to help her with little to no results. This woman is just unstable and unwilling to help herself. I am more and more convinced her children and Ashton all had to get away from her for their own well-being.

      • Gemini08 says:

        Yup. I think her issues were probably going on for quite some time before they split. And how much should her family have to put up with before they basically wash their hands and save themselves. It’s pretty telling that her kids have stopped speaking to her as well.

  32. vvvoid says:

    I can see why Demi might feel like if she had been able to have his children, he may not have left her. It’s sad but understandable, that’s a hard thing to overcome in a marriage if one spouse wants their own children and the other spouse isn’t able to make that happen. Maybe that did have a part to play in all of this.

    But I think Demi’s insanity had a larger part to play. I think Ashton really did try to do right by her for a long time, under exceptionally stressful circumstances [her insanity, drug addiction, age difference, 3 daughters closer to his age, etc]. I don’t think he’s a douche. And if it’s true that Bruce cheated, I don’t get why he is considered less of a douche for it than Ashton. Bruce had 3 children with Demi.

  33. skuddles says:

    Well Demi, look at it this way, that’s one less child who won’t speak to you, right?

    I could see her thinking a baby would have fixed the marriage… and this aligns with my theory that she is only now coming to terms with the fact Ashton is really gone, as in gone for good. In terms of grieving, it looks like she’s somewhere in the anger and bargaining stage – she still has a long ways to go before she reaches acceptance and hope.

  34. Nicolette says:

    A baby wouldn’t have stopped him. Do kids ever stop a cheater? I hope she can move on and not become the next Jen Aniston.

    • Becky1 says:

      I know Jennifer Aniston has had her problems moving on, but in her defense the actual monetary part of the divorce from Brad was handled pretty discretely from what I remember. She seems to be much more together than Demi Moore…I think Demi has some serious mental health and substance abuse issues.

  35. lisa says:

    considering she has been 50 forever, no

    if she had not alienated her children, maybe one would tell her to remember that she is a rich successful woman and not be so pathetic

    i dont think he cheated because of her age. i think he got tired of her because she is not a functioning adult. huffing bitch please. that’s what teenagers who work at the dairy queen do at work for a quick high. on someone with grown children, that is so pathetic.

  36. Jayna says:

    Demi was more of a partier than Ashton.

  37. CaramelKiss says:

    She needs a V8 kind of bop on the head. Girl please.

  38. LadyL says:

    Baby wouldn’t have saved or solidified the marriage but she probably thinks it would have guaranteed her CHECKS for 21 years…,

  39. Bobbie says:

    Yeah, she’s way pathetic and sad, but I still feel for her. She was obviously totally in love with Ashton (or at least the idea of having a hot young husband) and she was just devastated when he left her. He didn’t care though- he was over her- and now he’s with a way prettier, way cooler, way more solid person and they seem really in love. I feel for her. I just do- not saying any of what she’s done is right and obviously Ashton had his reasons for falling out of love with her, but it’s still a crappy place to be.

  40. Suze says:

    You married the wrong guy, Demi.

    Baby or no, he would have eventually cheated.

  41. It is ridiculous to think that Ashton would not have wandered away. Demi needs to take cougar lessons from Madonna or Sharon Stone. Women her age can play with younger men but when the man has a family, he doesn’t want the mother of his children to be old enough to be his mother too. The needs to be younger so that he appears the leader of the family even if he’s not.

  42. reg says:

    Sorry Demi, arranging threesomes was a bad was idea and the real reason your marriage failed, he skipped over to that Kunis, and is doing threesomes with her,
    Demi’s problem was getting involved with this emotionally immature quack in the first place.

    • anonymous fan says:

      +100 I always believed that she was arranging those threesomes or atleast embraced an “open marriage”.But I thought I was the only one who saw that.Just saying you can’t be surprised when your threesomes become twosomes,without you.

  43. Janet says:

    If she really believes that, she’s dumber than a box of rocks.

  44. sdgirl says:

    That her own kids are estranged from her and still talk to Ashton speak volumes to me. I think she’s crazy and a Narcissistic beeyotch who cannot cope with the fact that Ashton left her. Cannot stand her. I also believe the rumors that they had threesomes and had a very open marriage.

  45. Kate (newer one) says:

    Babies don’t stop cheaters from cheating… but it’s normal for people to want kids. IDK. I definitely buy that one of the reasons Brad Pitt walked was that Aniston wasn’t on the same page over babies, and as someone who really, really wanted kids myself, I actually understand that.

    If he really wanted to be a father, and isn’t very smart, when he first married her he might have assumed that a woman who looked so great for her age and had 3 kids already wouldn’t have too many problems, maybe with some AR, in having a 4th. And when it never happened, and he got older and so did she, and she became less appealing in other ways, he really had nothing to keep him.

    Band aid babies don’t work. But one born at the start of a marriage can keep people working on it a few years down the line. Personally, given the issues would have happened anyway and the reality is Demi is never someone who was going to face old age with any sort of acceptance, I agree that it’s just as well no kid arrived. But I don’t think you can say the lack didn’t fuel his desire to leave, and be with someone his own age or younger. Wanting to be a dad is a pretty normal human emotion, and when you’ve also fallen out of love, it must be an enticing option to move on to pastures new, which can probably offer that.

  46. Carolyn says:

    Wow. Demi’s desperate for PR to put out stupid articles like this.

    For someone who built her image on kick-ass powerful women’s roles something is really off-kilter in her personal life. She still has a lot of issues. Hope she finally works herself out.

    PS joining the chorus- she should be celebrating being free of Ashton. He didn’t want to be married to her, wanted to be with someone with more in common. That’s OK. Silly to stay together.

  47. Maritza says:

    If Mila were to get pregnant Demi would really go crazy. I really think Ashton is a nice guy, why else would her daughters get along with him so well and why would she want him back if this weren’t true.

    • vvvoid says:

      Thank you!
      The things I have heard about him from people who knew him suggest he really is a decent human being. I don’t know what happened with the cheating thing, I think they had an open marriage personally, but maybe not. Either way I, like you, don’t think her daughters would stay close with him if he wasn’t a good guy.

      • MisJes says:

        I agree with both your comments. Despite what mistakes were made on both sides in this marriage, I think he is fundamentally a good guy.

        I remember reading in an article somewhere a while back a story about how Ashton was given a bunch of swag from a gifting suite at a party, including a brand new laptop. He gave it all to the driver who picked him up from the party.

      • vvvoid says:

        I swear he doomed himself by playing Kelso. Everyone thinks he’s a witless jerk, even still, lol. But I really don’t think so. Sarah Leal was in poor taste whether or not he had permission, but who am I to judge? I’ve had one night stands with male Sarah Leal types, too. And when I was younger and more maladjusted, I definitely cheated with one of those types just to, in my mind, pry my emotions away from a pretty toxic and abusive relationship. I’m not proud of that but I am not some hopeless, forever-cheater because of it.
        When the Sarah Leal story came out, I was disappointed with Ashton, but I thought it was fishy how Demi handled it. I have always felt like there was more to the story than we know.
        And given her recent behavior, I don’t at all believe she was the one who called it quits. I think Ashton did, and I think he had good reason to and that it was a very tough decision for him.

  48. Lee says:

    Would not have made any difference….that relationship was doomed from the start.

  49. Bella says:

    what a nut case!wait til she finds out that Mila is prego!!!!!!

  50. yoyo says:

    Beyond the obvious nonsense: babies have NEVER fixed a shaky relationship. Ever. And when all your kids hate you maybe you should take a step back, maybe you are just not mother material. But beyond all that:

    Am I missing something? Does she live on a planet where 45-50 year old women get pregnant at the drop of a hat? What universe do these hollywood people live in? I know they think they can buy or make kids at any price but uhm… at that age it is NOT a given but an exception. Even with fertility drugs!

    • Smaug says:

      This is true. It’s another aspect of the youth obsessed film industry. Demi Moore, for all her plastic surgery etc, could only attain a part of youth- looks. Fertility, the ultimate symbol of being young, was out of her reach. Sad.

  51. Ginger says:

    Demi needs to straighten up on her own two legs and hold her head up high. Leave douche face in her dust (and he really is a d bag don’t give him much credit…we see a lot of celebs in Vegas and my hairdresser tells me everything!) she should not give him the time of day and move on IMO. Bonus points if she takes up with a MATURE man who adores her. Living well is the best revenge.

  52. A says:

    When I look at these pics it reminds me of a time when Ashton used to be hot. Über hot.
    He hasn’t aged well.

  53. juju says:

    Demi, please stop !! move on, all this what if !! stop looking desperate its not a good look !! I cant stand a weak women, and that’s exactly how your acting !!

  54. Barrett says:

    Donor egg is an option celebs do not admit too; so it was a possibility to at least conceive a kid for him just w someone else’s egg but she holds the pregnancy. My gym instructor did it in late 30′s. . If it really was major issue.

  55. april says:

    It looks like I’m the only one, but I do have compassion for her. I just think if you are a woman 15 years older than your spouse you are asking for serious trouble.

    Actually I read you shouldn’t be more than 5 years younger or older, otherwise the odds are stacked against you. And, if you are a woman much older than the man the heartbreak will be wrenching when it ends because it will be harder for you to find a man.

    • Kim says:

      Unfortunately, this is so true. Women, in our society, are worthless garbage to most men as soon as they hit their 30′s. They’re old, used up, etc. (whatever words their balding, impotent, pudgy and equally undesirable male counterparts tell themselves to keep their self-delusion running strong. I feel terribly for her and would like to give her a big hug. She sure seems like she needs some good friends around her. And it might help if her daughters would stand behind her on this as well, instead of being chummy with the guy who publicly humiliated and threw their mom away like garbage.

  56. janie says:

    Grow up & take responsibility for ur crazy behavior.

  57. elise says:

    my next breakup, I want CB to be my best friend. this is the greatest “get over him, girl” advice I’ve heard in a long time.

  58. kristiner says:

    I truly believe that Demi had a miscarriage early on. I remember pictures of them walking with a baby bag. Demi had put on noticeable weight. Not the weight gain from fertility drugs but a legit pregnancy.

    It was around spring or summer 2005. She was out of the spotlight for awhile then her face was bigger and she definitely looked filled out. Then it was gone. I felt she kept it secret due to Kabbalah and her age.

  59. Grace says:

    Poor Demi is super confused. Ashton is a cheater. He cheated on Demi and is now is rumored to be cheating on Mila. She should be grateful she dodged a bullet.
    Mila will be the one stupid enough to have his kid and then freak out when he leaves her for a hot blonde.

  60. la chica says:

    I get her point. I think that if they had had a baby, they would still be together. Perhaps unsatifyingly so, but Ashton would have done the right thing and stick around and raise his child. He clearly is a good father when her own daughters sided with him after the split. That said, Demi needs to lick her wounds and move on. Any woman dating a much younger man knows deep in her heart that the possibility is great that he will leave her one day. Been there. Experienced that. But you pivk yourself up and move on. Clinging is so unhealthy.

  61. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    She needs to get help and get over it. She is in the position in which millions of women have found themselves over the centuries, tossed aside for a younger model. Embrace it, learn from it and stop defining yourself and your life according to the man in your bed. She is in the privileged position of having the resources to reinvent herself (and I don’t mean going under the knife again) – she needs to stop wallowing in self-pity. Last word … if Demi and Ashton had had a baby she would be alone with the baby now, simple as that.

    • vvvoid says:

      I don’t believe Ashton would have left his own child to her care.
      He’d either have stuck around, because like someone up there said, he is the type who’d do the right thing on that front, or he would have custody. Demi would likely not be fit for custody at this point.

  62. Kim says:

    I think it’s true that by marrying Demi Moore, he made a good move in terms of his career. He was nowhere near as popular as he is now. I also think that since we don’t know what Demi’s particular financial situation is currently, it’s unfair to say whether she has a right to ask for spousal support. Maybe she doesn’t have very much and isn’t making very much. Maybe she feels like he used her stardom to propel his own and is therefore entitled to support. Maybe she’s being vindictive. Maybe he’s just a total asshole and deserves to be screwed with, regardless of the reasoning. Whatever the case, I’m 100% on team Demi and wish her the best. Hope she gets her priorities straight.

  63. Spring Season says:

    Demi only wishes she had a child by Ashton so she can milk him for child and spousal support. She knows she has a slim chance in hell of getting a big payoff like she did with Bruce due to no children and her own are adults. Demi needs to grow up and be a woman. I knew trouble was in her made up paradise when a married, almost 50 year old woman post bikini pics of herself on Twitter. It was like she was trying to prove to Ashton that she is hotter than some of the young 20 or 30 something girls.

    I always viewed Ashton as the more mature one in that relationship and Demi seemed to be the immature one trying to keep it hot for the young stud she lurd to her cave. I think Ashton got tired and called it quits. Him and Mila seem more suited for each other plus they have known each other for years. Therefore, I believe their relationship is more than a fling.