Ke$ha’s bizarre, pantless lingerie ensemble in Las Vegas: tragic & unflattering?

I used to be a Ke$ha apologist. I mean, I always thought she was a mess, but she seemed to own it and she seemed to be having fun and doing her own thing. She’s a talented pop songwriter and a great interview… but I’m kind of over her. She’s gone too far in the “look at me!!!” famewhoring and being shocking just for the sake of getting attention. Plus, Ke$ha has sort of remade herself into a sleeker, slimmer pop tart these days – she’s lost weight, got some cheap-looking blonde extensions, and now she shows up pantless at Las Vegas events. What’s the difference between Ke$ha and Christina Aguilera or Raccoon McPantless these days?

Anyway, these are some pics of Ke$ha last night at Pure in Vegas. Pure was celebrating its anniversary and Kesha was the big celebrity invite to the event. And this is how she walked the red carpet… in lingerie and a big flower headpiece. She looks like she’s on drugs. And not just pot. She looks like she’s doing some harder stuff these days. Whatever those tights are… they are not good.

Did you know Kesha is the global ambassador for The Humane Society? She made a statement recently about Europe’s banning of animal-tested products, saying: “To care so deeply about the suffering of animals… demonstrates something beautiful about the human spirit. So that’s why I’m writing this open letter to the global cosmetics industry, because beauty is supposed to symbolize something wonderful and pure and transformational… None of those things are true of animal testing. Animal testing is ugly – period.”

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. allons-y alonso says:

    She looks like she’s never seen a shower or a bath.

  2. Buckwild says:

    She looks like Lady Gaga and Christina. Everyone is morphing into each other, apparently.

  3. Jennifer says:

    She looks like Lady Gag. Not a good thing.

  4. ladybert62 says:

    Gives a new and scarey meaning to the phrase “flower child”!!!

  5. Zigggy says:

    Remember when that guy tweeted that pic of cocaine on the table while recording with Kesha? She parties hard. Man, what a terrible outfit.

  6. heatheradair says:

    she’s looked worse. at least in this case, she’s not spackled with glitter. and the headpiece is creepily “Etsy wedding,” but: she’s done worse.

  7. FassDaActor says:

    Alexis Arquette…too boxy for this ensemble. NO!!

  8. dcypher1 says:

    i agree with her views on animal testing and it should be stopped everywhere all over the world. thats the only thing i can stand behind her with. i dont like her music is crap.

  9. Jayna says:

    I thought it was Lady Gaga.

  10. some bitch says:

    Looks like a less busted version of Gag-gag.

  11. Beka says:

    Just to put the obvious: this woman is a mess!

  12. Mew says:

    She tries so hard being Gaga.

  13. Skins says:

    This chick seems to try way too hard to be cool and edgy.

  14. RN says:

    Ke$ha: sleepin’ in a tub can really mess up ya neck
    Before I leave, I stop to vomit up tequila and glitter
    It seems like I’m spending every morning with my head in the sh*ter
    Got vomit up in my hair (hair)
    But I’m way too sick to care (care)
    Now I’m falling down the stairs
    I-I-I pull myself off the floor (floor)
    And I’m almost out the door (door)
    But my family’s waiting forrr me..

    “Talented songwriter”? We’ll have to agree to disagree. I guess she’s writing what she knows, though.

  15. amanda says:

    Thought this was Courtney Love and was wondering what crazy stuff she was up to now. Not sure how I missed Kesha in the title.

  16. gg says:

    Girlene should just cover up her legs. Not attractive, ever.

  17. chopps says:

    She looks blitzed in these pictures….could just be drunk tho

  18. Nicolette says:

    Glad to hear of her work with the Humane Society, but seriously she needs to bathe.

  19. vvvoid says:

    I’ll bet money she’s on opiates and/or benzos like xanax. The only time my eyes ever looked like that was when I was doing one or both. Opiates mainly. That’s junkie face.

  20. ZigZagZoey says:

    Yeah, she looks pretty wasted!
    She is gross, but she owns it. She just doesn’t bother me as much as most of them.

    I just wish to hell that she would stop telling people what other people tell her she smells like….That kinda makes me sick!

  21. madpoe says:

    Bjork’s swan dress looks good now to me.

  22. Ryan says:

    I’m not a fan of the headpiece, the jacket, or the make-up, but I actually like the bodysuit, tights, and shoes– just not together.

  23. Jenna says:

    Please understand, this might be the result of a massive lack of sleep/energy/brain power due to a ‘simple’ replacement of my stove somehow morphing this week into me standing in a room with no cabinets, no floor, no stove, no sink, no counter…. and everything to replace, repair and re-situate in a week. And I have no place to make coffee. Or sink to get water to simply down dry beans at this point so I may be hallucinating from the paint fumes here…

    But is she rocking a Day of the Dead Vibe to anyone else? On anyone else, I’d go straight to Etsy flower child Rennie wanna be (because I AM a Rennie, and we don’t dress like that.) but with it being Ke$ha – the flowers and the rest of it seem to be more based on the sugar skulls that are so popular.

    Sigh. Can I just stay on here and not go back and face the kitchen? I just tore the last of the backsplash off and found they previous owners didn’t bother to drywall to the floor. They also glittered & superglued random bits of bird skeletons behind the cabinets. It’s nicer here just looking at weird rich people online.

  24. Levosity says:

    She has such an unfortunate, manly shape. :/

  25. Kaitbird says:

    I miss raccoon mcpantless. Whatever happened to her anyway?

  26. Panty Buns says:

    I think her outfit is lovely and very timely. As I’ve been noticing on the runways lately, the underwear as outerwear trend is more in vogue than ever. Whilst it’s true that her outfit is a bit reminiscent of some outfits worn by Madonna and Lady Gaga , who were at the forefront of bringing looks like this more into the public eye, Ke$ha’s outfit is very much attuned to Spring 2013 looks. The floral crown, the vibrant colours, the bustier, and the beautifully patterned lace are consistent with current haute couture. The panties Ke$ha is wearing look similar to, and may in fact be from, a high end designer lingerie collection such as Chantelle or Etam. I think she looks lovely in her lingerie OOTD.