Kim Kardashian wore an odd muttonchop dress in LA: terrible or cute?

We’ve seen maxi dresses. We’ve seen mullet dresses. But have we seen sideburn dresses before? I have no idea what the official name for this is – a dress that’s short in the front AND the back but long at the sides. But I like “sideburn dress”. I will also accept “muttonchop dress”. I’m sure I’ve seen variations on sideburn dresses before now, but not quite like this. Never on a pregnant Kim Kardashian wearing flats and an oversized blazer (with rolled sleeves – so Miami Vice) with bangs and a blowout, just going out for ice cream. WTF? This whole ensemble is so bizarre. Quite honestly, when I first saw these pics, I thought Kim was doing some kind magazine photo shoot or something. But no. She just put this outfit together and thought it looked great. Because of course.

Are you guys still in love with her bangs? I think you like them just to spite me! Like, I’m so fervently opposed to bangs that you guys just have a knee-jerk defense of any celebrity’s bangs because you’re nicer than me. While I agree that the bangs soften Kim’s Botox-face (truth!), I still think she looked better without. The dirty little secret about bangs is that more often than not, they make your face look fuller, which isn’t the best idea when you’re gaining weight from a pregnancy, you know?

Also – Kim went to Atlanta for the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Temptation – you can see the photos here. We don’t have access to them, which isn’t that big of a deal. From what I gather, the event was pretty much at Tyler’s mansion, which is kind of weird. Kim has a small part in the film, and she even has a line in the trailer.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Another day, another picture of Kim looking horrible but at least she appears to be doing an ice cream cone so that’s new. Other than that it is just the same old same old.

  2. Len says:

    The colors look good on her…that’s one thing at least. And she looks a tiny bit more comfortable. But man, I’ve never seen anyone so uncomfortable with her pregnancy.

  3. A says:

    She must be hating on Duchess Kate these days.

  4. Gabby says:

    It’s hilarious to see her instagram where everyday she posts an old photo or “throwback” photo of “how skinny she used to be” and not having ANY photos of her pregnant or anything. Kim obviously hates pregnancy and what it’s doing to her body. The comments are hilarious too. Nobody is fooled. Her maternity style isn’t helping matters.

  5. Petee says:

    I agree with you Kaiser.I think she look’s much better without the bang’s.I think she just got them to balance out the big trout mouth she got.

  6. Nicole says:

    I like the dress at the short length but (obvi) not with the chops.

  7. Britt says:

    Dreadful dress, dreadful bangs.

  8. Zelle says:

    If i were her and everyone was making comments about how much weight i was gaining, i would definitely make an assistant go get ice cream and bring it to me. I wouldn’t want to go out and get my picture taken chomping on a huge ice cream cone. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was going about twice a week to get some soft serve and i would purposely go at different times so it wasn’t always the same person working at the counter!

  9. Bourgie says:

    Don’t mind me, I’m only here to find out what a muttonchop dress is. Not a good look really. Carry on!

  10. Daahling says:

    How can someone with access to fashion and money look cheaper than the $3 bin at Rainbow.

  11. GoodCapon says:

    For crying out loud, burn that clothing woman!

  12. dorothy says:

    Where does she get her clothes? They are horrid.

  13. LadyMTL says:

    My goodness, the pregnancy hormones must be messing with her big-time because why else would she wear such a stupid outfit in public? The only nice thing I’ll say is that her flats look cool. Other than that, she looks like she’s about to be swallowed by fabric.

  14. melmel says:

    You would think that with all her money, Kim can find something decent to wear. Shows you that money can not buy you style

  15. elceibeno says:

    Kim’s face is changing. It’s becoming more plastic looking by the month. She used to have a naturally beautiful face a few years ago and now it looks stiff.

  16. HK9 says:

    What is she wearing???? My mom has a nightgown that looks like that, and it only looks like that because it had an unfortunate encounter with a kitchen knife. (Mom is 78 btw….)

  17. OhMyMy says:

    That dress is dragging on the ground. How do you NOT step on it and trip?

    • minime says:

      My question exactly!!! I was already thinking the same at the post of Jessica Simpson with some really long trousers…Maybe it’s my problem, since I’m kinda of clumsy, but I would never wear on purpose something that could make me trip, specially during a pregnancy.

  18. Gemini08 says:

    I think she looks cute here. She looks comfy and relaxed. But this also proves my point in a comment I made on another story comparing KK’s style to Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s: Dresses like this look like a mumu on Kim because she is so curvy.

  19. dagdag says:

    That is really a norse troll.

  20. Syko says:

    At least it’s not as tight as usual, the baby is probably breathing sighs of relief (or just breathing). But those side thingies are just begging to trip her. Not to mention tney look stupid.

  21. bullpin says:

    I know this is wrong but in that first pic..actually all of them, she looks like Vincent from the Beauty and the Beast show…the one with the lady from the Terminator in it.

  22. Mar says:

    She looks like a circus freak

  23. Jm says:

    Am I the only one who thinks her nose looks . . . even smaller? Is it just the lighting, or are those bangs to distract from a little more work on the ol’ schnoz?

  24. Dani says:

    She has a lot of…hair? Weave? What is it even? It just looks so thick and so heavy and unnatural I want to rip it out for her.

  25. palermo says:

    Still not buying she is pregnant …

    • EmC says:

      I don’t buy it either! This family is so gross. I really believe that if she was truly pregnant she (or her mother) would have sold/tweeted a sonogram photo or something. I don’t know about anyone else, but my Facebook feed and Instagram seem to always be filled with baby pics, sonograms, pregnant women measuring their bellies, showers and decorations. With Kim, it’s all old “look at me” pictures. Her image is in the crapper. As with the scam marriage, she’s not above playing games if she thinks it will help her. I believe she isn’t pregnant and is faking until either A)the “miscarriage” and then she will cash in on sympathy or B) she will end up with a baby from a surrogate (Adrienne maloof style).

      Also, the new hair makes me think of my neighbors old English sheep dog.

      • palermo says:

        Right? We all know this heifer would be endlessly posting pictures of her naked body, bigger boobs etc. Her bump size goes up and down daily. Not to mention those blinds that pretty much said she was looking for one of those fake belly prosthetics.

  26. Darcy says:

    The dress is ridiculous looking. She might have pulled it off if the sides were about 6 inches short, and that’s still a might. She should have paired it with a cardigan. The dress is too flowy to go with the structured blazer and it just looks like a mess.

    And how can no one comment on her lips???? I don’t know if that’s just an unfortunate choice in lip color, but it makes her lips look puffy, like she just got injections.

    I’d like to be sympathetic b/c being pregnant I definitely had days where just the thought of getting dressed made me want to cry, and she’s at least making the effort to coordinate her clothes and accessorize; but she consistently dresses awkwardly, even before the pregs, and considers herself this big fashionista.

  27. dcypher1 says:

    thats weirdest and ugliest dress ive ever seen. Its very mumu like.

  28. Karen says:

    I feel like the bigger she gets the bigger her hair is going to get.

  29. EG says:

    In those pictures from the premiere, she is SO wearing a prosthetic bump! Her bump didn’t look like that last week and it doesn’t look like that in these pictures. Craziness.

  30. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I’ve seen other pics of this dress too. These pics are definitely the most flattering. That dress is truly hideous. She looks like she’s wearing a romper and forgot to snap the crotch. Maybe it’s because she wears everything to small and the fabric didn’t drape to the sides as much as it’s supposed to? It’s also too long. I think she’s really confused about fashion. She seems to think that because something is designer or expensive that it’s a good choice. She needs to hire a good stylist. And a tailor.

  31. Agnes says:

    A mess, as usual.

    And why the hell is she flying to Atlanta? Isn’t she supposed to not fly and take it easy for the baby’s sake? After the entire “miscarriage scare”?

  32. yolo112 says:

    !!quick!! someone zoom in really close to the label in pic #1…wonder what size it

    I would rather see her in something neutral and flowy than some of the other crap we’ve seen her poured into that’s black and white. She has only looked good 2 (MAYBE 3) times in the last 5 months.. and to me, that seems like something you have to consciously try to do. *meh*

  33. Jade says:

    She’s really having bad style just to get more press right? Well played Kim well played. Anyway can someone enlighten me on why bangs can make your face fuller? I thought if you have a round face for example bangs distort the roundness hence you’re showing a “smaller face”. Seriously I’m hopeless at this. TIA.

  34. The Original Mia says:

    I do not understand why her stylist insists on trains, peplum, and what not on her clothes. This one isn’t bad, but seriously, why?

    I LOL’d at her attempts to drum up interest in her appearance in Atlanta. No one cared, sweetie. We did find it LOL-worthy that you came to Atlanta and wore that monstrosity with leather pants and it was 75 during the day.

  35. RHONYC says:

    proof positive she reads CB!!!

    she’s finally embracing the moo-moo!!! yay :lol:

  36. chichai says:

    Funny she looks like she is wearing a wig. That girl needs a good deep conditioner.

    The outfit she wore for the premier I thought was pretty. I have the same shape as this trick (minus the obvious butt and boob implants, botox, lip injections…) with a pair of 38 DDDs (really 36 DDDD but try to find that bra) and a good set of hips. She needs to learn that empire waist and a lines work the best for her shape.

    Also if you are going to do a ice cream run, it wouldnt kill you to try to bum it in sweats or just jeans and a nice tee. No need to look like you just got out of your mother’s closet playing dress up.

  37. Elceibeno says:

    At least she’s wearing sensible shoes.

  38. CatJ says:

    In some of the pix, she looks like Buffy St. Marie. (Maybe only my sister Canadian CBers will agree with that reference…)

  39. Shelly says:

    Her face has been looking extra tweaked lately. That bugs me more than this weird dress.

  40. Sachi says:

    WTH is that dress?

    It’s like it was designed to make a bathroom trip easier.

    Also looks like crotch-less panties.

    She should ask Kourtney for advice. Kourtney had great fashion during both of her pregnancies.

    Is she getting her lips done when pregnant? She looks like an anime character.

  41. Hipocricy says:

    Is it me or she doesn’t glow like a pregnant woman ?

    She doesn’t seem to have that glowing, smiling look pregnant women all have, especially with their first baby.

    She is like ‘whatever’ for the pregnancy thing.

    I bet if it was Reggie’s baby, she would be smiling ear to ear all the time, showing her bump proudly.

    She seems too passively and moderatly content with that pregnancy.

  42. lucy says:

    That’s a lot of stringy messy chopped hair on that mouthbreather. Should have gotten the ends cut not bangs!

    What is even she doing there? Waiting for a bus?

  43. erika says:

    omg!!!! she looks like one of the humans from the Planet of the APes 1969 movie!!! WIERD…..her hair looks like drawings of neandrathal women, you know, cuz i doubt they used scissors in the stone age! it’s SOOOOOO God damn LONG. LLLOONNGGGG! the hair in the back of her is almost reaching her bum hole…

    GOD this looks wierd! LOOK!!!!!

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    She and Kayne both always look ridiculous.

  45. Amanda G says:

    She’s looking more and more like her mother. And that is not a compliment.

  46. Janet says:

    The dress would be a thousand times better than what she usually wears if the sides were less than a foot longer. I like the color on her too. What’s up with the scraggley hair?

  47. PinkG says:

    LOL She’s making the same face as Momma June!

  48. lisa says:

    she needs to go into hiding, why is it so hard to dress herself. and this is one of her better outfits.

  49. Miss Burger says:

    For God’s sake, can we just leave Kim alone? There are more interesting people to talk about! Yes, Kim is vapid, vain, and perhaps needs to look at her priorities more carefully, but she is a person with feelings, insecurities, hopes, fears and dreams just like the rest of us. Her money doesn’t make her super human. It just seems the entire media is taking her to task for every little thing she does or doesn’t do. Like I said, let’s just concentrate on more interesting celebs, leave Kim to her own devices, and wish her the best.

  50. Lexi says:

    It’s not a good look, but its the best one that she has had in a long time, if the dress was the same length all the way around it would look better

  51. Eli says:

    OMGosh… She looks just like Lil Kim!!!! You know the African American that is trying desperately to be white?

  52. Mandy says:

    As long as she’s not wearing tight leather, I’ll be alright.

  53. Lulu.T.O. says:

    Good call on bangs (theoretically) making your face look fuller (and shorter) which is why I am forever trying them on me. I also don’t have the biggest eyes, and bangs help that too. But it never works on me! I can’t figure it out. She’s also niftily hiding her unbotoxed brow.

  54. Sugar says:

    The whole package here… I’m talking hair, face, style of dress, length of those side panels, shoes just rally me to forever beg Anna Winthrop to never ever give in to her snobbery snubbing of inviting Kim on to or into any fashion cover or gala. The only thing I like is the color & weight of the fabric-so sad it looks like a victim of LILOs cut & fix alteration shop.

  55. Official Bitch says:

    That is a really heavy lace wig/weave. And it’s gotten heavier/thicker since she’s gotten pregnant.
    Looks like it was made by the same person that made that sandy blonde lace front she rocked for about a week back a couple years. WIG, people.

  56. blick says:

    Just sad. Quite sad. Someone has to try to help this woman.

  57. Nikki says:

    Really? I absolutely love her hair. It’s thick and wild, and I think the bangs are nice.

  58. Madchen says:

    The dress is awful. The hair extensions are good though. I second anyone that’s already wrote that they no longer buy the pregnancy. I think she may have been pregnant but not anymore. Either that or she wears several layers of spanx.