Mama June, gay-rights advocate, attended the GLAAD Awards: awesome?

Here are some photos from Saturday night’s GLAAD Media Awards. Mama June (from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) was there! Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was nominated for a GLAAD award because the family is incredibly pro-gay. Mama June’s brother (I think?) is gay and both Mama June and Honey Boo Boo Chile have made a number of pro-gay rights and pro-tolerance statements. Considering they live in the heart of Georgia, it’s a big deal! So it’s cool that Mama June came out and celebrated with her gay fans. She wore this tiered black dress which is… not good. But she’s showing off her weight loss, which is impressive.

Madonna was there to present an award to Anderson Cooper. Madge wore this Boy-Scout-esque costume. I guess it’s supposed to be about the Boy Scouts deciding whether or not to allow gay leaders and members, maybe?

And here’s Anderson, looking hot.

I don’t want to startle anyone, but this is what Dan Stevens (Cousin Matthew on Downton Abbey) looks like now. He lost weight and dyed his hair brown. And gained a dirt-lip. I’m sure it’s for a role or something, but he looks so gross.

Snooki and J-Woww look terrible. What happened to Snooki, for the love of God? Weight loss and new veneers?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Madonna looks like a smacked ass

  2. Winnie says:

    uhm, are we not going to talk about the anderson/madonna kiss at this event? ehhh, probably too early for that anyway. still cringing

  3. GiGi says:

    You know, I’m old enough to remember Madonna in her hayday (barely ;) – But I just do not get her. I don’t find her entertaining or talented or original. She’s just old and stale.

    I think (and I can’t believe I know this) that Mama June’s brother is openly gay and living with HIV. I’ve watched the show a handful of times and have been impressed with how much time the family spends together, without technology, etc.

  4. Cirque28 says:

    Snooki is… confusing my eyes right now. Did she borrow her teeth and shoes? Or what?

  5. SmokeyBlues says:

    She has not lost an ounce from that double chin, how is that possible? Also, it’s wonderful that this family supports gay rights but, if you watch the show, they aren’t very nice to Uncle Poodle. They all pick on him. What’s up with that?

  6. Apsutter says:

    Snooks looks AWFUL!!!! Those veneers are the worst I’ve ever seen and her face is too skinny now. It’s weird how one set of horrible veneers make her face look totally different. Maybe Leann was on to something lol

  7. Lakemom says:

    Actually, I believe it’s Sugar Bear’s brother who is gay.

  8. Kim says:

    Anderson thanked his partner,Ben.First time he has publicly mentioned him.They should have let Kathy Griffin present him his award.His speech was beautiful while Madonna’s twice as long and filled with profanity.

  9. Nibbi says:

    I’m still sort of amazed that the Honey boo boo family ends up being so… likeable.

    I dig Madonna’s Boy Scout outfit. I dig her dig at them.

    Boo for Dan Stevens… he needs to be blonde, it’s just a waste otherwise ‘cuz not many men can do bright blonde like that. He’s def better without the wobbly jawline tho. Dark-haired, he looks a bit like Jonathon Rhys Meyers.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Re: HBB’s family being likable. So true. When they first came on the scene, many of us found them appalling. OMG! The end of western civilization! But they surprised us. I read Uncle Poodle’s story on HuffPo and was so moved and so happy that the family loves and accepts him. Nice to get that little lesson in not judging a book by its rednecky cover. :)

  10. Gracie says:

    No,it’s not that shocking. Most of my grandmother and grandfathers family is from the South, they’re not concerned about other people’s sexuality. They just want the ones they love to be happy, whether its heterosexual, homosexual,bisexual,pansexuals, transsexual, etc… It’s my aunts and uncles, born during the baby boom, who actually surprise me with their hate and insensitivity. My uncle actually punched my younger male cousin for wanting to dress up as a princess and for playing with Barbie’s. ugh.

    • j.eyre says:

      Gracie? Our Gracie? We’ve been looking for you. Hope you are well.

    • Rio says:

      Gracie, my family is the same way! We’re all Southern for…well, basically as long back as someone COULD be Southern, lol, and weirdly it IS the ‘younger’ generation (not necessarily in my family, but in general) that has seems to have a problem with ‘alternative lifestyles’.

      It is funny, though, what the “older generation” do/did consider shocking. My (older, I’m the baby of the cousins) cousin came out as gay in the late ’80s, in Kentucky. My grandmother, a proper ‘church lady’ supported him 100%, wouldn’t let a bad word be said against him, and nursed his boyfriend as he was dying of AIDS (my cousin was not infected). During the brief period when San Francisco allowed gay marriage, my cousin and his boyfriend got hitched (still together and happily living in Tennessee) and my grandmother’s only disappointment was that she couldn’t help organize a big ‘do’.

      Meanwhile, me? At 15 I dyed my hair green, wore blue John Lennon sunglasses and started reading Hunter S. Thompson. My grandmother wouldn’t even walk next to me in the bookstore! :P

  11. moon says:

    it’s actually her brother in law (sugar bear’s brother) not hers. i’ve watched the show a couple of times, and mama june comes across as a lot smarter than people give her credit for.

    as for that chin….i’m guessing it’s hard for the skin to retract even if she lost weight in that area. nothing short of a face lift will get rid of that sagging

  12. Ellie66 says:

    Mama June looks better than then Snooki and J-Wow they look like melted Bratz dolls. Madonna just needs to stop! She looks ridiculous! Anderson looks great.

  13. Kim says:

    Madonna was wearing Rocco’s boy scouts uniform she told Access Hollywood

  14. serena says:

    I just hope mama june gets rid of that awful double chin -no offense-

  15. bagladey says:

    Mama June looks AWESOME! And I like her dress. Whoever dressed her did a great job.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, I thought she looked really good in these pics, too. Her dress suits her. I like Mama June, would be happy to have her family move in next door. Would consider moving myself if the Kardashians lost their fortune and came here, though. And if Lindsay Lohan moved into the neighborhood – I’d borrow the money to install a security system all round my tiny house…. I’d be afraid she’d steal the cats for a fur stole and anything else not nailed down, and would fear for my life crossing the street if she owned a car. But Honey Boo Boo’s clan would be just fine.

  16. Cody says:

    If Mama June would loose more weight, she would look real good.

  17. dagdag says:

    On Mama June – the right makeup and hairstyle can really do wonders.

  18. Eleonor says:

    I can’t believe I am writing this, but between Snooki, JWOWOw,and Madonna, I will take Mama June any day. She is the only one who looks real.

  19. Zigggy says:

    Mama June looks cute, but Snooki & Jwoww- gross. Like they need to be dipped in turpentine or something.

  20. oliveo says:

    God, Madonna is so irrelevant now it’s kinda sad. And good for Mama June– we all know she could be doing much worse things with her 15 minutes.

    • Jayna says:

      But not to the gay community that grew up with her, and this was an LGBT event. Anderson loves her. Andy Cohen calls her their queen. And the pop sites I am on, which is mostly gays for pop stars, most loved what she did and every post was positive or raving about her and loving the cheeky Boy Scout callout. It meant something to them from reading all the posts. Anything she did this tour that was gay actvism related in an in-your-face way her gay pop fans, who have been with her for the long haul and many younger gay fans, appreciate. So I just look at it that way, and that probably the majority there appreciated that she came to the event and what she did in her typical Madonna ball-buster way, even if other segments of the population just see her as irrelevant, which she is in many ways compared to when she was younger.

  21. Dawn says:

    Good for June. Looks like she was having a whale of a time!

  22. workdog says:

    I respect that Mama June had the foresight to set up trusts for her girls with the money the show is making. She’s more interested in their well being and security than so many other “reality” momagers. She seems to have the family’s best interests at heart.

    She looks good, real; the family comes across as loving and real. Not all the best choices but they seem to hit more than not on a human and love level.

    Madonna? Just no. Snooki looks ill and JWwow looks like a wax figurine. What a contrast.


  23. Muprhy says:

    I don’t think there’s too many other ensembles MamaJune could have worn to look better. I like the dress and I like her.

  24. CatJ says:

    I saw Snooki on Ellen, and she told her she had her teeth done “so that she would look good for her baby son. ”
    Sheesh, that face could scare the baby!!!

  25. Izzy says:

    My kneejerk reaction when Honey Boo Boo came on the scene was horror. But as time has passed I’ve actually grown to respect this family somewhat. They’ve kept their priorities straight.

    And yeah, it is AWESOME that Mama June went to the GLAAD awards. June and her family may be redneck, but it’s nice to see that they support the rainbow…

  26. j.eyre says:

    The only people I know on this post are Madonna and Anderson Cooper.

    But I have an idea of who the Honey Boo Boo clan are and, you know, good on them. I had no opinion of them prior but they have moved into the favorable category now.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Me neither-never seen the Honey Boo Boo show. I can say that I don’t hate them as much as I hate most reality TV stars. That’s as much as I can muster.

      • j.eyre says:

        Hey OKitt – I thought of you on Saturday. We went to the Getty Center because they have Johannes Vemeer’s Lady in Blue Reading a Letter. What is your favorite area of art, I have been meaning to ask?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh man..that must have been AMAZING to see in person. Such an iconic painting.

        I like a little bit of everything but my favorite is abstract expressionism and really anything from the Modern era, Post-WWII—cubism, Bauhaus, futurism and all that junk.

        It’s hard for me to name a favorite artist (much like trying to name my favorite band-too many) but if I HAD to pick, probably Wassily Kandinsky. Do a google image search and you’ll see how bomb he is ;)

      • j.eyre says:

        Oh sister – I saw the Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim my last trip to NYC. I was forever converted. I had no idea how his art had progressed through his life. It is funny you mention him (and honestly, I just got giddy) because some time ago I was going to ask you this but decided it was too obtuse:

        In one of the Guggenheim’s side rooms, there was a small painting Kandinsky did that was just a blue square. It was a gradation, ever so slight, of the most mesmerizing blue I had ever seen. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? I looked through the books in the gift shop but it wasn’t in there. And I don’t have the name and cannot get anywhere close to it on the internet. I was sure a reproduction would lose the allure this canvas held for me but I cannot forget it and have since tried to find it. I feel like I would be able to remember the feeling I had when I saw it even with a print.

        I was strictly Impressionists until I met my husband who studied art. He explained a world to me I had long ignored.

  27. Lisa says:

    omg, Snooki’s posture is TERRIBLE.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like Mama June but hate it that she’s making a “sign” with her fingers, and doing the duck lips….and her jewelry..I won’t go there.

  29. Not until I saw these pics did I come to terms with Matthew’s death on Downton. But since Stevens looks so drastically different now I finally realized that he’s not coming back :(

  30. GeeMoney says:

    Mama June may be 300 pounds, but she cleans up really nice.

  31. LeeLoo says:

    Every time I read something involving Mama June Shannon, I gain more and more respect for her. Is she perfect? No. In reality, I think her imperfections are due to a lack of education but I think she always means well. If the family were taught about nutrition and other things, I think she would utilize that knowledge. I sincerely believe she is doing the reality show so she can give her kids a better life rather than for her own greedy motives. She’s had her own troubles and her own issues but I don’t see her unnecessarily exploiting anyone and for all of her ignorance, I think she loves her family. Everyone will remember in the end how you treat people more than what you did on your reality show. Mama June and her family have always treated everyone with respect and still have retained their humility. I hope that doesn’t change for her and her family.

    I still want Anderson to be my best friend and for us to go on a Eddie Bauer shopping spree and a bunch of crazy adventures together.

  32. Amanda G says:

    I normally am not pro-plastic surgery, but if that lady decided to take care of her double chin, I wouldn’t judge her one bit.

    Madonna looks like she stepped out of 1985.

  33. TheTruthHurts says:

    LeAnn Rimes in 10 years.

  34. Fue McCormick says:

    You’re all going to think I’m dipping into the moonshine, here … but I’m actually surprised at how Mama June looks with make-up. If she lost 200 lbs she’d look good …

  35. Maritza says:

    Mama June needs to lose at least 75 more pounds and get her teeth fixed and a nice haircut. She would actually look pretty.

  36. Ruth Dunbar says:

    My boss is back at work this week after being out a few weeks with pneumonia. He was in the hospital for a week, and spent a few of those days in ICU. Not good.

    Right now he looks exactly like Dan Stevens does here. Goodbye Matthew Crawley. Goodbye forever.

  37. Jules says:

    “both Mama June and Honey Boo Boo Chile have made a number of pro-gay rights and pro-tolerance statements. Considering they live in the heart of Georgia, it’s a big deal!”

    I doubt it’s a big deal except to the obvious bigots who like to stereotype southerners as anti-gay and racist while feeling so ‘above it all’. Maybe it’s time to come to terms with your own prejudices and projections.

    • Jules says:

      Also would like to mention that I walked through *New York* with a relative who was intentionally bumped into and called ‘f*ggot’ no less than 10 times out on the street for no apparent reason (all by different people too). Never seen this happen anywhere else I’ve been.

  38. Rio says:

    Holy crap…y’all, I know she’s been in the public eye for a long time (pop culture wise, at least), but I truly had no idea that Snooki was THAT LITTLE. I’ve never seen her in anything but magazines, and all the Jersey Shore promo pics have half the people kneeling, so there wasn’t anything for scale.

    I’m blown away. She looks like a Photoshop. Seriously, like someone just scaled her down as a joke.

  39. lisa says:

    every single female in the pics in this article is just a mess

  40. Mhmm says:

    Ummm Matthew (Dan Stevens) could NEVER look “gross”, mustache or not :p