“Miley Cyrus is a twerking unicorn and there are no words” links

Miley Cyrus is a “twerking unicorn”. Is it weird that the thing that bothers me is that she’s not wearing a bra? Because I can tell. [Dlisted]
Everybody hates the Breakfast At Tiffany’s Broadway show. [Evil Beet]
Is this real? This woman should have put her husband’s last name on there. [Jezebel]
Stupid tabloid story of the week: Khloe Kardashian is fooling around with The Game? Ugh, it is not happening. At all. [Reality Tea]
No one is watching The Rachel Zoe Project. Because it sucks now. [CDAN]
Kanye West wants to name his baby North West. LOL. [Starcasm]
David Bowie has what sounds like an awesome retrospective. [OMG Blog]
CNN is “courting” Elisabeth Hasselbeck because of course. [Bitten & Bound]
Kate Upton is probably going to be on the cover of the June issue of Vogue. [Yeeeah]
I’m still waiting on the Mad Men-Game of Thrones mash-up. [The Frisky]
There are no ‘lockdown rehabs’ in New York, so will the Cracken go to jail? [PopBytes]
Robsten cuddlefested when they reunited. [Wonderwall]
Eva Mendes tried on her dog’s shock collar. [Seriously OMG WTF]
Han Solo forever and ever. [Limelife]
Here’s Beyonce’s new ad for H&M. [Life & Style]
Natalie Portman’s new movie Jane Got a Gun is a mess. [The Loop]

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  1. Trillion says:

    If I had her body, I probably wouldn’t wear a bra either. She’s giving us a bit of Yolandi Visser in this video, which I think is cute.

  2. erikarain says:

    A. She’s lost her mind.
    B. She’s actually a lot of fun.
    C. Both?

  3. Ailine says:

    She has a sense of humor. Hilarious! Go Miley!

  4. Kim says:

    I will never understand why it’s bothersome for a gal to go bra-less.

    • Fleurthefrenchy says:

      As a French woman, going bra-less does not seem weird or bothersome to me…. as long as you don’t need one for support (i.e. have bigger boobs). I guess you should also wear one if you’re wearing a see-through top (I hope Liberty Ross is listening!). So in Miley’s case, that’s totally fine with me!

      • Jade says:

        Hahah nothing to do with my nationality but I rarely wear bras cos I’m small sized so I just go around with nippies (nipple stickers). Weather here is damn hot and sticky so yes I do find bras troublesome. I think they are useful for certain clothing, sex and exercise. Other than that I’m happy to go without. Also I hate push up bras.

      • Jenna says:

        I think it’s a twitch a lot of women have because even small boobs will, eventually sag and flap in the wind over time.

        That – and as someone who has had to wear a bra since I was 10 (and went from boy flat to a DD over a summer – as well as hitting over 6 feet – rough summer for my dad.) and had at one point a HHcup (thank heavens I’m down to ‘merely’ a natural 34DDD) there is, I will be completely honest, some real atavistic backbrained jealousy over the gals who can give them a skip. It’s annoying as can be to be digging out the inch wide groove of your own strap out of your shoulder and some barely there gal gets to bop along free flying.

        One day, when I’ve had all the kids I’m going to have naturally, I swear to god I’m going to go down to an Acup. B at the largest. And perhaps I’ll regret saying everyone should bra-up… but for now, just forgive those of us who are pro-bra. Our backs hurt like a son of a gun, it makes us cranky.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        My b cup is pretty forgiving. I go brakess all the time. Miley looks to bewail thin, so I’m sure she is fine in the support department.

    • Erinn says:

      I find it uncomfortable, personally. I have a larger bust… D cup, and it’s just not convenient to go without. I’m more comfortable feeling secure, and I hate nipples showing through clothing.

      • Nessa says:

        @Erinn – same deal here. My size D’s are always supported. It’s a hazard to myself and the people around me if they are not.

      • Kim says:

        I totally get it, if it’s more comfortable for you to wear a bra, that’s totally understandable. Personally, I have really small boobs and it barely makes a difference if I wear one or not, but if I go without and there’s a hint of nip, someone’s got a problem with it, like the original post about Miley. I don’t get when women seem to just have a problem with the very idea of a woman not wearing a bra. Where does that come from? What’s the big deal?? Why can’t we as women just let each other be great?? Can’t a boob just look like a boob?

      • Jade says:

        Yup Erinn you have a point, I forgot to add that too…if I had bigger ones my nippies wouldn’t be enough for sure.

      • Erinn says:

        I should clarify, I hate MY nipples showing through clothing haha. If I had a small chest, I’d totally be going everywhere braless and just wearing pasties or something.

    • megan says:

      I used to have a friend who had small boobs and decided it was OK to not wear a bra. But nipples. In your face all day. People still talk about those things. When I gently suggested to her that she might want to wear a bra (not specifically mentioning the nipples) she snottily said “Dude whatever. I’m hella euro about that shit. I don’t care.” Yeah YOU may be just way too sophisticated and “euro” but your freaking nipples AREN’T.

      • Jade says:

        Dang I would be uncomfortable too. That’s why for me personally I still cover up my nipples…nothing against big boobs but I am thankful for my size and I accept they will still sag. As long as they are healthy and I don’t make ppl uncomfortable, I’m ok. I wish I was tall though haha.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        We had a summer student once at a place I used to work. She never wore a bra, had prominent nipples, and one of them was about two inches higher than the other.

        Incredibly distracting. I had trouble concentrating on anything she said, and I’m a het female.

  5. Arlene says:

    Oh come on, this is just a young one having a blast and a bit of fun. Who cares if she’s wearing a bra or not. She’s completely covered head to toe.

    I’m more irked by Mendes use of a shoock collar for her dog.

  6. marie says:

    what the hell is a twerking unicorn, and why are we being subjected to this?

    I can tell you, years ago my dad tried on his dogs shock collar. At first he thought there was nothing to it, until he yelled loud enough for it to shock him. and then he couldn’t shut up long enough for me to get off his neck. Plus I hate those things and thought he was a DA for buying it, so I might have let it shock him a few extra times. Needless to say, he threw it out shortly after getting it removed. fun memory

    • Arlene says:

      Yeah, I hate them as well. It’s lazy training in my view. Plus it can totally misdirect fear/aggression.

      • ScrewStewrat99 says:

        I don’t like them, but when me and the bf both have work and one of us isn’t home I have to use one on my beagle. All he does is bark when we’re away and it’s not just normal barking. He howls and doesn’t stop.

        We live in an apartment building and have gotten a few complaints because of him so I had to buy one. I’m not really sure he can be trained to not bark when we leave. He has some issues with being alone I think because when one of us gets home he runs around like mad and whines. I feel so bad. He didn’t act this way before we moved to Tn from Fl.:(

  7. Liv says:

    I hate Eva Mendes just because she uses a Shock Collar every day. I guess it’s appropriate in certain situations to use one, but not if you don#t know how to handle it and use it every day instead of working on the bond between yourself and the dog or just because you don’t want to use a fucking leash.

    • Sherry says:

      I don’t get the shock collar either. I have a 9 year old German Shepherd who goes with me almost everywhere. When I see someone coming towards us or in the vicinity and she notices them too, I just say, “Shhh” and she stays calm. She does not pull me and heels by my side while walking.

      I agree with whoever said it was lazy training.

      As for Miley … she’s young, having fun and wants attention. Twerk away!

  8. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I think she’s just having fun. She sure isn’t wearing a bra though. Is it wrong that I want one of those one pieces, would be so comfortable especially with the weather we’ve been having here.. so sign of spring yet.

  9. Eleonor says:

    What the hell is she wearing???

  10. Amelia says:

    This girl seriously needs to find something productive to do with her day.
    Also, I urge anyone who’s going to be around my neck of the woods to go and see David Bowie’s exhibit at the V&A! The previews of it look amazing.

  11. aud says:

    so this is what she does all day

  12. CatCatCat says:

    I am by no means an expert in the art of twerking, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Like, at all.

  13. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    How embarrassing. Reminds me of that TERRIBLE, cringe-worthy video Joe Jonas did a few years back of ‘Single Ladies’ in a leotard. Pretty dreadful. She has really reached a desperate level of craving for any attention not focused on the Liam scandal. So pitiful.

  14. Agnes says:

    Kanye should go with Northby North West. Ha!

  15. Miss Jupitero says:

    I would love to know more about why that director blew off Jane Got Her Gun. I suspect there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

  16. JANE says:

    I want to shake my booty on the Internet…but I am oh so embarrassed…..WAIT!

    I KNOW!


    I am God.

  17. thinkaboutit says:

    So funny. I think she’s cute. She’s a kid, go easy. Adults bashing children is just so weird.

    So now she likes hip-hop? Remember during “Party in the USA” she was like “I didn’t write it, I don’t even know what a Jay-Z song is…”

  18. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Ummmmmmmm. Wow.

    This girl has such a desperate need for attention and goes about it in such strange ways. I don’t mean to sound snarky but I really won’t be surprised when we all start hearing about her mental breakdown and need for serious help.
    If she was just goofing with her friends at home, that’s one thing but to consistently and constantly need to put every aspect of her life online, is sad and bizarre. She needs constant affirmation and I don’t see that as normal.

  19. j.eyre says:

    Is it weird that I more bothered that her gloves are different sizes more than anything?

  20. I Choose Me says:

    She looks like she’s having fun. Can’t hate on a silly dance video. Wish I could stay at home and dance around in a unicorn onesie.

  21. val says:

    So, I think it’s kinda cute, lol.

  22. lori says:

    I know that technically she is an adult, but the vidoe still skeeves me out because she still physically looks like a child to me. Those are my hangups so I guess I should sh!t on her for it. It does give me the same vibe as the Dakota Fanning ads with her having a huge bottle of colgne between her legs, etc etc. Looks like child P0rn even though its not.

  23. Ryan says:

    Yeah, it’s totally cute and fun. I don’t see what the big deal is. I think people forget how young she is just because she’s been famous for a while now. Try to remember back when you were 19, 20 & pretend you had tons of money, fans, and exposure. How the f do you think you would act?
    Oh, and also imagine that you had to act in a way that would fit a Disney, cookie-cutter image while you were a teenager and might not have been able to really be yourself. Talk about identity crisis.

  24. Gossip Garl says:

    y’all lying if you said you neva EVA twerked,when nobody’s watching;Home alone in ur bra&string…TWERK IT MOMMA’S!!

  25. Moi says:

    One would think that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would immediately go work at Fox News.

  26. Schnikes says:

    Seems like a promotional tool for whoever sells these unicorn onesies. Viral marketing at it’s, uh, finest…?

  27. T says:

    I think its funny that people are bashing her…yet here you are taking the time to talk about her. I can’t stand hypocrites. You watch ur bs reality tv shows and somehow this has made everyone in America an expert on everything. Can you dance? Do you ever loosen up? Are you rich and young? I didn’t think so. People have done far worse.

  28. Mingy says:

    yea she did it for attention, like some of u said, but i loved it lol

  29. gigi says:

    I sense a Miley breakdown in 3,2,1…

  30. Thiajoka says:

    If I were Kanye, I’d name it Northby North West.

  31. vvvoid says:

    1. I think the video is cute, whatever.
    2. She really does need to wear a bra. I mean, it’s not that I mind the braless look, I don’t, I’m a d cup and it looks way inappropriate on me but I don’t mind the braless look. BUT, and I say this having seen plenty of friends of mine who are still in their 20s suffer this fate, wearing a bra is a very good way to preserve your rack. I have a friend who is the same size as Miley, thin, and she didn’t wear a bra all throughout high school and probably only started to a couple years ago because she had to, her tits got too saggy, even though they are small. Another one of my friends is the same way, although she’s a b cup not an a cup. Her breasts were SO INCREDIBLY PERKY in high school, the perfect cone shape breasts, and now they are still connicle but too LOW on her chest. Perky breasts tend to be dense, and all that weight running around unsupported WILL cave to gravity within a decade or two.
    I don’t even take my bra off to sleep most of the time, because that’s the worst time to take it off almost. The way I toss and turn, my huge heavy boobs are uncomfortable sans bra unless I’m flat on my back, and the stress placed on the ligaments from tossing and turning, sleeping on the side, just isn’t worth it. There is a reason why women in the 50′s had unbelievably perky boobs. Look at topless models from back then. Their breasts almost took the shape of their bullet bras. I like rounder breasts myself, but seeing photos like that proved to me that they were doing something right. Bras really to shape and form your breasts. Hence why women in tribal societies who don’t wear tops at all have extremely saggy pancake boobs even while still in their teens. GRAVITY.

  32. Happy21 says:

    I think the vid is cute. But I have to wonder what would prossess her to waste her time posting that online? She is most definitely an attention whore that much is certain.

    I am one of those who find not wearing a bra tacky. Especially little boobs that seem all nip and flip and flop around. Her titties are going to hate her for dancing around braless one day. But, hell, she’s got enough money, I’m sure they aren’t the only tatas she’ll have in her life time.

    I have a friend that is probably a C cup and she never used to wear a bra. She’d come over for dinner with her tits floppin’ around and it distracted me. LOL, it distracted my boyfriend too and not in a good way. He thought it kind of gross to be honest.

  33. serena says:

    Is that her? omg..I mean the dance itself is cool but all in all it’s just..ridiculous. LOL a bit funny tho.

  34. J. says:

    I thought the video was hilarious.

  35. Alli says:

    All I know is Sandra Bullock did this dance WAY better in The Proposal. Plus, that had bonus Betty White.

  36. babythestarsshinebrite says:

    She’s desperate AND funny.

  37. Elena says:

    No bra. So what?
    God forbid someone’s not wearing a bra or is wearing shorts!

  38. HH says:

    This would be cute and silly if she wasn’t on social media 24/7. I know she took her “breaks,” but those were short-lived.

  39. anon says:

    Miley reminds me of PINK in her rebel days & takes no crap & lives her way.. NOT BAD.. & the boobs are NOT slapping her cheeks so no issues.. lol

    ON another note if were worried about the boobs what has our world come too when the K Sisters smell each others crotches for family viewing & were worried about twerking.. PLEASE..

    • Asdfg says:

      “ON another note if were worried about the boobs what has our world come too when the K Sisters smell each others crotches for family viewing & were worried about twerking.. PLEASE..”

      Oh god! I read about that the other day! Disgusting! I used to think they had “some” class until I read that article! Ewww!

      I agree with you though, Miley’s having fun “twerking”! If she doesn’t want to wear bras that’s her prerogative, I personally think it looks tacky!

  40. TG says:

    I am laughing at all these braless comments because there are a few women at my work who have giant breasts and even though they wear a bra we can see nearly every inch of them.

  41. Dara says:

    Totally fun and cute…love!!

  42. Teeny says:

    I thought the video was awesome and she looked to be having fun with a great sense of humor. I can’t hate on her, she seems to be enjoying herself. Honestly, she seems like someone who would be fun to hang out with on the weekends.

  43. scarlett says:

    Gosh this girl annoys me. I couldn’t even watch this in it’s entirety.There is something so irritating about her…it’s like she is always seeking attention.

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    I just think it’s amusing that everyone calls her a kid; she’s actually an adult…just sayin

  45. Starllight says:

    I want them to get married now.