LeAnn Rimes wore black vinyl short-shorts to her stepson’s game: trashy?

Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on Saturday in LA, going into Jake’s baseball (or T-ball?) game. Mason was also in attendance. I don’t think Brandi Glanville was at the game, just because there were no photos of her and I’m guessing that LeAnn called the paps especially for this “Happy Bonus Mom” photo-op. And what a photo-op! LeAnn wore a completely nonsensical outfit of a long-sleeved, bedazzled sweater, some really fug high-heeled booties and PVC (pleather/shiny fake leather) short-shorts. Those shorts leave nothing to the imagination, and I really don’t understand how they are A) appropriate for a child’s baseball game, B) comfortable and C) NOT sweaty and gross.

Hilariously, The Mail noted that LeAnn had a “somewhat puffy visage” and she “appeared fuller around the cheek and eye area and it was visible even more so when she smiled.” For what it’s worth, I don’t think she looks any more puffy or squinty than she normally looks.

Here are some photos of LeAnn’s “favorite room” which she posted on her Twitter, of course. Getting past the narcissism of declaring her trophy room her “favorite room” I would love to discuss her interior design style. I actually don’t hate it, although I think LeAnn has decorated her new mansion like she’s just decorating for herself, without any thought to how those white chairs are going to hold up with two growing stepsons knocking around the place.

And then there’s this – she posted this photo with the message “Brought all our favorite Brits home to our living room!!” The pillows are kitschy, but that sofa is FUG.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    Trashy doesn’t cover it, and neither do those gross shorts. I feel sorry that the boys have to be around that mess.
    And yes, that couch is fug.

  2. bea says:

    Someone described the shorts perfectly as looking like used to be owned by a “a go-go dancer at a goth gay-bar”

  3. Elly says:

    her puffy visage looks like an allergic reaction.

  4. Meow Mix says:

    What do you mean those shorts don’t look appropriate?!? They look like a trash bag…

  5. poppy says:

    less of a shirt and you have a hooker circa 1982.

  6. JenD says:

    The whole outfit is atrocious. And re the white chairs in her trophy room: I doubt she lets those boys in that room at all.

  7. Lizzie K says:

    Jeez, the photo taken from the back looks like she’s about to pick that SUV up and hurl it at somebody!

  8. GiGi says:

    You know, she could take a lesson from the myriad other celebs who call the paps and NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA with a a big ol’ grin on her face (I think that’s a grin, at least).

    ETA – She’s not doing it in these photos, but if you look at a larger set (maybe on Just Jared?) there are about 20 of them where she’s smiling right at the paps… or pap.

    • Cam S says:

      Thank you! She just can’t resist looking directly into the camera and grinning that goofy smile. She adores the attention. But if you think about it, it’s probably the only attention she gets. Ed walks a mile ahead or behind her, she is constantly on Twitter (what about SFSC the fans PAID $ for?), even tweets during “romantic moments”. Face it, Ed ignores her.

    • SouthernGal says:

      That’s because she is always excited to get some attention. At home she is ignored. In the music world she is ignored. Brandi ignores her now and it seems like her paid for pals are ignoring her as well.

      What a sad life….

  9. & says:

    She looks like she gained some much needed weight.

  10. TXCinderella says:

    If I were her stepson I would be so embarassed. Would it have been so hard to put on a pair of jeans? Everyone else is wearing long sleeves and/or long pants so it must have been chilly. So inappropriate to wear to a function that has children.

  11. Aileen says:

    Not a fan of beige rooms. Not enough imagination, but it looks calm. Brandi’s son is adorable.

  12. NerdMomma says:

    I think she is the picture of elegance. This past weekend I wore a similar outfit to my son’s soccer game, but I added fishnets and my sweatshirt had an arrow pointing down at my crotch, just to be really clear. Also, I had rhinestones on my butt that spelled out “EASY.” None of the other moms would stand anywhere near me. They must have been jealous haters.

  13. Dorothy says:

    You have to feel sorry fie her stepson. I can just hear him , “please don’t look at my stepmom , I know she looks like a hooker. Don’t beat me up”.

  14. apsutter says:

    Those shorts and shoes together at a kids game?! Really, that’s her casual wear? Yuck. Her house is as bland as her face is.

  15. Vicki says:

    Good grief, I have underpants that cover more than those shorts do.

  16. Sisi says:

    the face shape is just different because her bangs.
    I have a long face, if my hair frames my face without bangs, it looks longer and thinner because my forehead is visible. If I have bangs the forehead is gone and my face is framed less, so more of my cheeks can be seen, so I have a rounder face.
    Her face has looked like this since the haircut.

    btw. she looks ridiculous in those tiny shorts combined with a warm wintery sweater.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Anything that Leann Rimes has done and done since she hooked up with Eddie has usually been trashy. What’s new?

  18. Sweet love says:

    I’m curious as to what the other families think when this trash walks up. I am sure they whisper about her when she walks by. She is so hideous looking and looks butch with that face. She is an embarrassment to the kids and poor Eddie Rimes he should be embarrassed.

    • eileen says:

      LOL Last time when they were at practice all the moms held Brandi’s book up to their faces when Leann showed up. She ended up spending the entire practice in the dugout “assisting the coach.” I guess she decided to show them this time around! :D

      • Kate says:

        That actually makes me feel bad for Leann. They need to keep this crap out of the children’s activities. Stooping to Leann’s level is just petty and unnecessary. She’s digging her own grave just fine.

      • eileen says:

        I can’t even come close to feeling bad for her. If someone’s step-parent on my son’s t-ball team called the paps and announced to everyone on the planet when my kids game was, I’d be furious. It’s dangerous and attracts crazed fans, the curious, tons of pap and makes the event all about her rather than let my kids enjoy their game.

      • Zombie Shortcake says:

        OMG! Did that really happen? How do you know?

      • eileen says:

        It for SURE happened. One of the moms on the team tweeted about it. She tries to ride the fence between being friends with Brandi and Leann because her son is best friends with B’s son. But I can imagine Leann wasn’t thrilled with her telling the Twitter world what all the moms did! lol
        Of course when the lady said Leann ended up in the dugout the entire practice, Leann had to tweet that she was “helping the coaches.” Uh huh.

      • Kate says:

        @ Eileen

        But how does that stunt make it any less dangerous? Especially if you’re dealing with someone who is unstable, as Leann seems to be? Wouldn’t that tick her off more and, say, make her show up to the next game in pleather shorts with the paparazzi surely in tow? It’s a tough situation. If it were my child on the team and I felt that there was true danger because of her tweeting, I would temporarily take my child off of the team and then speak to the league about Rimes’ actions and the publicity she intentionally brings to situations where there should be no publicity. Perhaps they have already done this and perhaps it didn’t help, but I feel like there have to be more avenues. It’s absolutely wrong what she does, and I don’t condone it, but sinking to the level of a crazy person is just going to make her dig her heels in more. That’s just how crazy people work.

      • claire says:

        I think one thing we’ve all learned is that no one tells Leann no. She does what she wants, no matter who she hurts. She’d probably sue them if they tried to get her to stop turning the games into a circus.

      • Susie (1 of 3) says:

        Aren’t they a little old to be doing the “mean girls” in junior high thing?

      • eileen says:

        “Mean girling” someone who gets financial gain from THEIR kids games, wears inappropriate attire and makes out with her husband on the field…um nooo. You can’t mean girl the Queen of all Mean Girls.

      • DGO says:

        The other Moms are fed up with LeAnn showing up with the paps at their kids’ events. The children as well as parents’ license plates are showing up on blogs and gossip sites. It’s not a safe environment. They don’t like it and wanted to send LeAnn a message.

      • Christin says:

        Are the paps getting signed releases from any other persons being photographed? There are multiple vehicle license plate numbers showing in this latest round of pap photos (see other sites for more images), plus at least one other child’s face is clearly visible. These are private citizens not reaping any benefit from these photos. Of course, if the other parents complain to the celebrity couple, they will likely claim innocence (as if the paps just follow them).

  19. Sarcasmo says:

    Oh WOW. I mean….oh, WOW. Those shorts look like something I wore to track meets in high school. And that is NOT a compliment!

    And WTF with the “booties”?!? Wear them with jeans; wear them with jeggings (Christ Almighty, I can’t believe I just typed that word!!!!) but do NOT wear them with ass-shorts! I mean, does this even need to be said?

    Colour me floored right now. And don’t even get me started on her face. (Because WTF??????)

  20. thinkaboutit says:

    Her eyes look painfully puffy. Allergic reaction or reading the internets and crying all night?

  21. Justpassingby says:

    She definitely just had larger breast implants put in.
    And her fat face is probably just as a results of having her huge dental veneers replaced with smaller ones…

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t think she has bigger implants. I think it is just that she is a thick girl. Broad shoulders and wide rib cage. Wearing that sweatshirt just gives the appearance of her boobs looking bigger. I unfortunately am built like her on the top, but with large, natural breast, and when I wear something like that I look huge on top so I”m careful about how I dress. I do agree about the shorter veneers. I think her mouth looks so very weird now. I also think she she lacks common sense. Anyone wearing those plastic shorts and boots with a long sleeve sweater to a tots ball game really needs to think about having someone else dress her in the mornings. Those poor boys!

    • Prinny says:

      ITA! I think she looked so much better with her old veneers. They were big but they made her nose look smaller. I also think she’s had fillers or cheek implants and too much Botox.

  22. Maria says:

    She looks healthy and that’s great but those shorts are not a good look.

  23. Jayna says:

    Dear Lord, she makes Britney Spears look like a great dresser around town. Those shorts are all kinds of funny, shiny gym shorts, and then those shoes matched with them at a kids’ game of all places, but fugly anywhere.

    The fillers in your face are not your frend, LeAnn. You look like my aunt. She is 60. You’re copying Brandi with her fillers. There’s a problem. She looks odd and older, too, just with a prettier face.

  24. Jezi says:

    These games are not about her stepsons. If it were then she 1)wouldn’t call paps and 2) wouldn’t wear such an obvious attention seeking outfit. This is all about Leann. She’s got such an exhausting personality that I’m sure boys will begin to resent her sooner than we would think.

    • brin says:

      Hey Jez…I’m not on twitter but I do check in and I am very happy for you!!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Can Brandi drop a simple, blunt comment here and there about her sons having the paps at all their games due to their stepmonster’s phone calls as to their whereabouts?

      • eileen says:

        LR also announces it on Twitter. The night before the game she said she had to get up early for the boy’s t-ball game. The paps know to watch her twitter feed so they can know where to find her. Its dangerous-it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out which fields to find them. What if some insane fan tries to hurt one of the kids? She tweeted her ADDRESS one time while showing off her photo on the cover of a magazine and also tweeted a picture with the name of the boys school on it.
        She has ZERO mothering skills. Its scary as hell.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Eileen, is there NO legal recourse? Doesn’t anyone know what she’s doing? Seriously, she’s a stepmother, not a mother, calling attention to children’s games. Pedophiles must love her, God forbid. She’s all but painting a neon arrow as to their whereabouts; almost like she WANTS a crazed fan to get them. Sick, scary ‘woman’. And I hope Eddie gets pubic lice for letting this evil woman endanger his sons.

      • claire says:

        Jennifer, I don’t think she practices that discretion. She’s brought some of the fans that were bullying Brandi around the kids. She makes comments to other fans about getting together the boys and their kids. She doesn’t think much like a mom in those regards.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I know she hasn’t any, but this is beyond the beyonds. She is seriously endangering those children; I am beginning to believe that in addition to wanting attention and money for the photos, she is (subconsciously?) putting the kids in danger. Maybe because Eddie does not want any more children, she wants to be rid of the ones he has so she can become pregnant. I can see her tiny little mind working that way. Or perhaps it’s to hurt Brandi. Either way, no one is this stupid, to not know that she is putting the kids in danger: “Look! They’re over here every Sunday!” And I guess Eddie just doesn’t care. Couldn’t Brandi take legal action?

    • Debbie says:

      I think it’s such a shame. If my child was playing at one of these games I would feel like it had turned into a circus with the paps there and Leann trotting around like some kind of show horse in her get-ups. I wonder if there is any way they can keep the paps away from there. Maybe the moms need to all sign a petition to keep Leann away. Why can’t a ball game just be about ball game? Poor boys!

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      Exhausting personality… Yes, this.

  25. Quinn says:

    Stunned that someone saw those shorts and said “just what I’ve been looking for!”. Amazing.

  26. Cinnamon says:

    her interior decorating is cheap. like the outfit she is wearing. gross.

  27. elceibeno says:

    Yes it is trashy and indecent.

  28. Sapphire says:

    There looks to be a bulge in those shorts. Just wondering if she’s packing….

  29. Samigirl says:

    Highly inappropriate. I wouldn’t wear those in public, EVER, let alone a CHILD’S game. She is trash.

    I will say something nice. She has great legs.

  30. Redheadwriter says:

    So, finally pregnant or just new bolt-ons?

  31. Annie says:

    Her face matches her heart: UGL-AY.

    Look at that face.

  32. Celeste says:

    I guess that she hasn’t got a full-length mirror in the new house. There could be no other explanation for this outfit. Oh wait, it’s probably clothing from England. She’s all about England right now because they didn’t boo her off the stage there.
    This outfit belongs in the trash next to her spitfire album.

  33. Jennifer12 says:

    Every time I see Eddie Rimes (someone referred to him as that upthread and it’s perfect), all I can think is how he whores his innocent sons out for cash while trying to destroy their mother, whom he cheated on and gave a disease to. There is no pit deep enough in hell for that POS. As for Leann, could they not just 5150 her already? The outfit is embarrassing and hideous, but what do you expect from someone who acted as though she belonged at the boys’ games and events from day one, dry humping their sperm donor- sorry, their dad- in front of them and all their friends in booty shorts or tight jeans? What do you expect from someone who calls the paps and all but draws a neon arrow as to their whereabouts? She is truly the most disgusting excuse for a human being on the planet. And I strongly believe that as the boys get older, her lack of interest will show. She’s going to be 31- not young anymore, and has never been a great beauty. Lovely voice being ruined with addictions. What’s left except to whore out photos of someone else’s kids?

  34. Zooyork says:

    How can Leon not be embarassed for herself. Who purposefully wants to look like a hooker at a children’s event? I would love to know what the other people at the games think and how they react to her. I imagine she is shunned.

    Also, her legs and ass look like that of a man.

    One other thing: I notice that she is so insecure that she always has to specifiy “us, our(s), we’re, we”. For example, when discussing the pillows brought back from England, she says “WE brought back OUR favourite brits”, as if it was the whole family or at least her and her precious husband in on it together.
    Yeah, right. I don’t think these guys give a rats a** about decorative cushions.
    Why can’t she ever admit to doing anything independently and say “I brought back my favourite souvenirs” or something.
    Oh- I know the answer- she’s so deliberate and calulating and self-concious that she’s terrified of ever saying just “I” because she doesn’t want to give the impression that there is any chink in the armor of the truest, greatest love bond that ever existed.

    It makes her so pathetic.

  35. decorative item says:

    How does one find a pair of shorts like that?
    T.J. Yeast infection perhaps?

  36. truthful says:

    lord, that pic with her legs cocked to get the shorts out of her butt is hilarious!!

  37. Zooyork says:

    Question, has she spent the entire 3-ish years she has been with eddie recovering from plastic surgeries?
    How fun that must be!

  38. Cam S says:

    “Look at ME, LOOK AT ME everybody!!!! Wow, the paps are here for ME yet again because I’m a huge star that sells out stadiums (ah-hem, casinos and zoos)”.

    I said on twitter that I think she has put on the lbs to imitate her muscular friend Lizzy (the red headed muppet). Ed must be enamored with Liz lately. Just my theory.

  39. Sugar says:

    that sweater is cute-I would rather wear it to an autumn football game with jeans but that’s me.
    I have tried to give LeLe the benefit of letting her prove to me through the Internet as I don’t know her personally that she isn’t that self centered special snowflakie look at ME. But then she works this nightmare ensemble at a child’s sport event on an early Saturday morning…does she listen to anyone?!?!?
    Could or would KH gently pull her aside and with all the peace and calm she can muster tell her “um girl no just no.”
    LeAnn is deserving the MeAnn name & Eddie damn you for not putting your foot down & letting her walk out the door dressed like that with your children. I truly believe ther is a method to your madness at this point.

  40. Silly me says:

    The boots are cute and stylish. The shirt is cute. She would have looked good in jeans. She is actually looking better than she used to. Verging on pretty.

  41. SouthernGal says:

    WTF is she wearing? I swear this attention seeking whore will do anything to keep herself relevant. What sense does it make to wear a got damn sweater with plastic shorts and suede shoes? She is just nauseating and pathetic to the core. And don’t get me started on her face. LeAnn should stay away from the botox (Brandi as well) because those fillers don’t help that unfortunate face AT ALL.

    Now here is something else I noticed…since that laxative incident with Mason and Brandi calling her out…notice how she is papping the kids with candy and sugary drinks. So damn predictable. I wish this chic and her HPV infested hubby go far away forever.

    Also I read somewhere she will be in Toronto with him for a month while he films a movie. What no trust WeWe?

  42. Debra says:

    I can’t say much abt what she’s wearing that hasn’t already been said but,

    one of the news sites headlines read ‘Leann rimes tweets pic of statuette filled trophy room’ and I just glanced at the picture, but looking closer all I can say is where is the statuette filled room?

    for someone who likes to harp on how she’s been in showbiz for nearly 20 years, and that she was ‘America’s Sweetheart’ (yeah, right!) that room looks pitiful

    I looked it up on one site (don’t hate, I’m bored) and they list only about 14 major awards (she’s probably won some that no one ever heard of) so I compared hers to Carrie Underwood on the same site and she’s won over 50 major awards in just 7 or 8 years..

    I bet Leann looked like she was sucking lemons the whole time she was in England knowing she was just an opening act for Carrie

    • Christin says:

      Not just Carrie, but Darius Rucker and Tim McGraw. All three have current hits, and were clearly the headline acts.

      If Norma Desmond were a singer, she would probably have a similar trophy room with her few awards from long ago – and be telling anyone who would listen how messed up the current music industry is for ignoring a true STAR. (Sorry, but I watched that classic movie the other evening and was envisioning who our modern day Normas might be.)

  43. DeltaJuliet says:

    I don’t see the issue. I plan on wearing almost the exact same thing to Little League Opening Weekend in a couple of weeks. Of course, I’m in Maine so I’ll be freezing but at least I’ll look HAWT.

  44. why? says:

    Leann hooked Eddie up with a new job (she tweeted that she will be in Toronto off and on for 4 weeks to “support ” Eddie) and then threw him a Brazilian BBQ on Sat. So Eddie sold out his kids for a new job and a party.

    Leann keeps tweeting that Brandi is lying, but if everything that Brandi says is a lie why are the kids being papped with candy every time they are with Eddie and Leann?

    The house looks like it was decorated to fit the needs of a bachelor, with no consideration of Leann in mind. The awards are to remind Eddie not to forget that Leann is his cash cow.

  45. why? says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Leann’s decision to wear the plastic shorts with high heeled boots and a 78 sweater was based on all the attention Brandi received for her Oscar red carpet dress. Leann has to have everything that Brandi has. If Brandi gets negative reviews for a fashion decision, then Leann has to have the same.

    I don’t understand Eddie and Leann’s hypocrisy and double standards or why Eddie and Leann are being allowed to continue this behavior with the kids at their sporting events. Eddie has a problem with his kids being filmed less than 15 min on RHOBH yet he spends more than 15 min allowing the paps to take these photos of him with these kids. He knows that Leann hangs out with certain blog owners and tweets to the people who write these stories about them, so why is he smiling in these photos? Did they do 2 parking lot walks because in the photos from GG and DM there is a child with them. At first I thought it was the before and after photos, but it just looks like they took 2 sets of photos. One with the little boy and one without him.

    Will we be seeing another staged baseball game photo-op of them at the game on Sunday? Leann didn’t tweet anything about being at his game on Sunday, so it will be interesting to see if the internet is slammed with even more photos at the child’s sporting events.

  46. Deanne says:

    I don’t understand why people are shocked by this ensemble. It’s LeAnn in her purest form. First of all, it isn’t about the kids. They are just the little props that Eddie brought into the relationship and that he lets LeAnn use at will. It’s only about LeAnn in every situation. This is a woman who wore a see through dress, with no bra, to her step-son’s birthday at Chucky Cheese. You could see her nipples clearly. She grabs her husband’s weenie in front of the kids and does spread eagle jumps, in a miniscule bikini, while knowing that she’s being photographed. Vinyl underpants at a baseball field full of kindergarten kids, is nothing for a narcissistic, nut job like LeAnn. Eddie obviously doesn’t care about her at all. No man who loved his wife would let her leave the house looking like that. He looks old, tired and over it. I bet he’s really looking forward to having LeAnn “support” him while he’s in Toronto. Not.

  47. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I like her Buddha collections (these ones and the ones in her old Nashville place)

  48. Itsa Reallyme says:

    I would like to see the little boys with something healthy to eat once in awhile. I have no problem with kids getting treats. Not at all. It seems like every time I see her with them, they’re carrying candy and soda though.

    • Debbie says:

      Me too! Just posted about a comment about the same thing. I’m cool with occasional treats — a friend is one of those “no sugar ever” for her kid people and it’s WEIRD — but for someone so concerned about what people think of her, it’s an odd thing to allow in front of cameras.

  49. Happy21 says:

    Good LORD!

    What is with her freakin’ face? She has for sure put on a few much needed pounds but there is no way in hell that her face is the result of that!

    And that outfit, that outfit is so bad I don’t even know what to say…

  50. VanillaDeeLite says:

    Brandi would have rocked those shorts, with her crazy awesome legs.

  51. Rita says:

    Her album that was supposed to drop next week has hit the ground like a soggy cow pattie. Apparently her record company has cancelled or at least delayed its release. Pre-order sales must have been embarrassing low and photo-ops like this are as much to blame as her terrible music.

    Plastic shorts with a thong??? Smells like teen spirit.

    • claire says:

      Wasn’t it supposed to come out last week in the UK? Did that not happen? Noticed fans are asking her about the pre-sales and she’s ignoring them. That must really burn them to see her only answer complimentary tweets but ignore all questions about the album. When will these fans learn? LOL.

    • Deanne says:

      You’re right. Pre-sales must have been terrible. It’s sitting at #18,360 on Amazon. Doesn’t exactly indicate that the masses are chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. Even Barrell Clown has shut up about it. I wonder what’s happening? Curb is promoting a lot of other new releases but there is nada about Lele at all. Her diehards still think it’s being released on the 9th. They’re beside themselves and in complete denial about it. What lie will she tell if they shelve the album?

      • Rita says:

        I think Curb records knows its just another bomb and they don’t want to be in the lime light when it explodes at the same time LeAnn is suing a Special Needs teacher with 6 children. This lawsuit is going to be the talk, loud and clear.

  52. why? says:

    It’s interesting that she is having problems with the UK release of her album considering that the internet was slammed with back to back articles from Leann’s mouthpieces about how she had a successful tour in London last week. So just as many people pointed out all the positive articles about her London concert/standing ovation for Borrowed and how much London loved her was just hype that Leann paid for. Sorta like how she pays Eddie in the form of women, alcohol, and jobs just so that she can set up these “happy family” /”devoted bonus mom” staged photo-ops with his kids at their events.

  53. KellyinSeattle says:

    She got those cheap-looking shorts at Lover’s Package…oh, wait, no, those are too cheap to have come from there. Even if she dressed well, it wouldn’t have mattered; she’s just an unlikable person.

  54. Holden says:

    It looks like she lost a game of randomly grab three items from your closet and then you have to wear them.

  55. Green Is Good says:

    This is truly embarrassing, but it’s comic fodder for us Celebitchez to snark on. Team Goth gay-boy shorts.

  56. Melissa says:

    If I had that face, I’d do everything I could to draw attention away from it, too.

  57. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Where the hell is the Harper Valley PTA when you actually need them?

  58. Grace says:

    Those poor kids are gong to catch hell from their classmates for all of this madness.
    LeAnn is headed for a huge breakdown and Brandi needs to stop talking on TV long enough to recognize this.
    Her face is strange looking. Is it me or does it look like Eddie and the boys are laughing *at* LeAnn in the last picture?
    They look like “LeAnn is bringing the crazy again today. Let’s see what happens.”
    Eddie is loving that bank account for sure.

  59. Just Sayin says:

    This is her window, women like her do not age well. She is already started to look 20 years older than she is… and starting to look like her mom. Ha!

    • Lauren says:

      Leann has a most unfortunate face, maybe that is why she is always wearing hooker ensembles as a distraction. She just becomes more dispicable with each passing day. Eddie seems so bored with LeAnn. He must be in it for the money-when was the last time Eddie worked?

  60. DarlaAnna says:

    OMG, I love you people. You never fail to make me laugh with your spot-on comments. I have to agree, LeAnn is just NASTY. What I don’t understand is Eddie not wanting the boys to film with Brandi, but will allow them to be photographed with LeAnn looking like a broke-down hooker.

    • iyanla says:

      Right! He is so tit for tat, so vindictive!!!

      I gotta give Brandi props, she has not tweeted anything negative about Leann in weeks. Don’t take the bait!!

      Leann has been passive agressive as usual, sending peace and patience to other step moms who bitch to her about “bio” moms like Brandi and what not.

      As for Brandi speaking about Leann having no boundries in interviews, that is about as close to “no comment” anyone could give about Leann.

    • Hakura says:

      @DarlaAnna – This is my favorite place to come read. The stories are well written, but I really love the little ‘community’ here =) All kinds of different age groups & lifestyles, & there usually aren’t many idiots stalking about to make stupid statements just to stir something up. (My main problem with other gossip sites.)

  61. iyanla says:

    Eddie ignores her and walks ahead of her in every picture. Probably because she smells. She looks like she smells of fake tanner, bad breath,and throw up.

    As said by everyone, her outfit is highly inappropriate for being around children. COVER UP. Kids don’t like seeing women like that. She is so vulgar around those kids.

  62. Maxybabe says:

    This was done purely and simply to try and irritate the other mothers at the game. In a pathetic attempt to “redress” the balance for when they held up Brandi’s book in front of her the last time. Mothers who stick together, support each other and PROTECT their children. Unlike this pathetic attempt at show-ponying, which is quite frankly dangerous given the amount of paps that are alerted to their whereabouts. Disgraceful way to behave and a total lack of respect (once again) to B AND to those lovely children. Shame on you E & L.

  63. Joney Says says:

    Leanne looks healthy & she has great legs. Not too long ago there were countless articles saying she was too thin. Now that’s she’s put some weight on & looks healthy, her face is ‘puffy’; she can’t win. By the way, Leanne is not the only one who has the paps on speed dial.
    She looks fine, no different from any other star going to a game. In fact she looks more covered up than most stars. The only problem is that the shorts are pvc which is unforgiving fabric for any garment ;if she was wearing denim shorts it wouldn’t be a problem since the weather is hot…. her butt isn’t showing. A fuss about nothing here. She seems to be a good step mother and the kids seem to love her!!

    • Jayna says:

      The weight looks good on her. The face has fillers in it. You can always tell them at odd angles. Brandi gets them too much and is looking worse for it, but LeAnn is too obsessed to realize that and is now getting fillers.

    • Deanne says:

      LeAnn’s not really much of a “star” anymore. The outfit is extremely inappropriate to wear to watch a kid in kindergarten play baseball. Besides, she shouldn’t be attending the game as a “star”. That makes it all about her. She should be attending to support the kid, not to pap herself and the kids out. If she wore that sweater with jeans or regular shorts and tennis shoes or flip flops, she’s blend right in. Instead she wore VINYL shorts and high healed boots. That is attention seeking and not good step-parent behavior. She looks much healthier at this weight. Better she look slightly bloated in the face than completely emaciated in the body.

    • why? says:

      If it’s hot why does Eddie have on two shirts and everyone else pictured in the background either has on jeans or a jacket?

      There are several problems with her shorts, not just one. Those shorts don’t cover her behind. If she bent over, it does expose her behind. She has shown up to those kids games wearing very short denim shorts(bending over to the point where you could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear) and it was inappropriate then as well.

      Just because the boys love Leann it doesn’t give her the right to show up to their games looking like hooker or inviting her pap friends to tag along with them. If she was being a good stepmother, then these photos wouldn’t even exist. How were they able to attend the baseball games last year without being papped once?

    • SouthernGal says:

      Most “real” celebrities avoid the paps like the plague. She calls them when the kids have a game (don’t you find that dangerous??). As a mother, she is putting those kids in danger of obsessed fans or pedophiles every single time she posts about their games. One would think their “real mother” would do that same but Brandi does whatever is necessary to protect her kids. LeAnn makes every event about her. Look at me…see I do give the kids sugar. Look at me….see I am a loving stepmom. Look at me…my husband does loves me. So pathetic!!!!

    • Cam S says:

      Hilarious when you wrote “star” in reference to Leann. Babe, not even Cher (who is a REAL star btw) would wear this get up to a ball game. And SHE could get away with it!

  64. Kiddo says:

    Second to last photo: WTF is going on there? Is she trying to release a wedgie? The shorts look like Glad heavy duty garbage bags. But old out of control Brit Brit might have liked the style.

  65. OrangeOprah says:

    Ugly person, inside and out!

  66. TheTruthHurts says:

    If she wore flat sneakers with that outfit, she maaaay have been able to pass it off without looking like a whore. Instead, her whorrible fashion sense and attention seeking personality told her to wear the horrible boots instead. It was 8am and not even hot at that time of day, confirmed by the fact that Eddie was all bundled up and she wore a sweater on top. She is really going over the edge.

    Also, who’s the guy sitting in the backyard of the second house picture that looks like he’s smoking a bong? Probably not, but that was my first thought.

  67. why? says:

    Leann is upset because her staged “happy family” photo-op on Sat backfired. She is tweeting about haters, yes the woman who is suing Brandi’s dentist and tweets and blogs about Brandi’s kids just to taunt their mother, is tweeting about haters. All of this could have been avoided had Leann not invited AKM-GSI and Splashnews to the child’s game.

    • brin says:

      She’s probably upset cause she has a firecrotch from those shorts.

    • imp says:

      heck yeah on that note. I just finished Brandi’s book, I got a feeling “Le” will be going for a low key ish look now(I’m assuming this is low key for her) since Brandi wonderfully points out how she gets insanely dolled up for no damn reason other than, oh yeah, PAPS! All she needs to do to get the shitstorm calmed would be to tone it down, be RESPECTFUL. Instead she just wants to be Brandi. so sad.

  68. Stacia says:

    Those type of shorts makes your
    ‘hoo-haa’ sweat alot. Bad choice esp. with kids playing about.

  69. littlestar says:

    Her home seems like an eclectic mishmash of three different styles. It’s actually pretty nice looking. I don’t understand why people can’t have white couches just because they have kids. Teach the kids not to be messy on the couches maybe?

    • SouthernGal says:

      I actually have an all white room in my home. My kids are 9, 10 and 15. If taught at an early age there shouldn’t be any issues.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree. My sister-in-law has dark couches and they are all covered in white out from her youngest child. Maybe a white couch would have worked in her situation lol! Her children aren’t taught to take care of their things though :( .

    • Theskinny says:

      I don’t understand why people can’t have kid friendly furniture. I grew up with a mother and aunt who were deep into design. Everything in our house was so G.D. “precious” it was a misery living there. My house is chic and casual and more than that feels like HOME to my children. They don’t have to walk on eggshells and the colors are forgiving. That living room says ME ME ME. Not “family”

  70. skuddles says:

    That outfit is just gross.

  71. Victoria1 says:

    I can’t wait for her excuse “oh it was my bonus mom laundry day outfit”. I just can’t… If you’re gonna call the paps at least try to look good. Something nice: she looks better with weight

  72. mae says:

    Attention seeker always and forever! If she has a baby it’s all over. First she’ll loose her sex appeal according to Eddie,just like Brandy did. She is in a spot where her karma is creeping closer.

  73. Debbie says:

    I don’t hate the couch. It fits with what appears (from the tiny corner of the room that appears in the picture) to be an “old southwestern” theme. It’s the pillows that fug it up.

    Why is Jake always drinking a soda in these baseball game photo-ops? I mean, I love my soda, but I’m 46 years old and I get to make my own horrible choices. You’d think Bonus Mom would be a little more conscientious about what her Bonus Boy is putting in his growing body, at least in front of the cameras. Or … is that why Jake digs Bonus Mom? Because she gives him treats?

    • DGO says:

      Brandi called Bogus Mom out on the laxative incident, and said that there is no sugar in Le’s house. Since then, Horsey Girl’s gone the other extreme of shoving candy down the children’s throats at every game. It’s not about what’s good for the kids, it’s about the has-been’s image.

  74. Jane says:

    Personally, I would love to be at one of those games, have the entire group of parents from Jake’s ball team go up to her, give her a hassle for bringing the paps and looking like a slut at the games. Then they should tell her to GTFO of there. She doesn’t belong. She is not there to cheer on Jake, she is there to cause a scene.

  75. Dimebox says:

    I have 3 sons who all played Little League. Thank heaven none of their memories of those days will be of a stepmother preening for the cameras, while she tries to revive a declining career. It’s amazing how much power Little League umpires have. I once saw one stop a game until a father who had yelled curses from the stands left. (In a second grade game, and he had been warned repeatedly.) I’d love to hear of an Ump giving LeAnn a warning about creating unsafe conditions for players before or after games. It would not be legally enforcible, but sometimes peer pressure is a wonderful thing. Her outfit alone should rate a foul.😊

  76. Jessica says:

    I just can’t with this woman. PS What the hell has happened to her face?

  77. NinaS says:

    Her fashion and interior “design” choices speak of her uneducated background. She tries so hard to be relevant and fashionable, but she’s just a country bumpkin with no taste, no sense of herself, and a longing to be admired (which backfires because most people cannot stand her). This would be sad if she wasn’t so vile and transparent in her passive aggressive behavior and her constantly posting pictures of herself.

  78. Mags says:

    Does LR ever let Eddie have alone time with his sons? What’s wrong with him just taking them to their games? She’s so insecure she can’t even let him have that. He looks so miserable. I hope the big mansion was worth it, Ed!

    • Juicy Lucy says:

      Heaven forbid, LeAnn can’t give Eddie any space for fear he will cheat on her. If Eddie was seen spending time with his sons without LeAnn, the paps would start a rumor that their marriage is in trouble and LeAnn is all about cultivating the image of being a perfect family. If Brandi was at that game, I wonder what she thought of LeAnn’s attire.

  79. janie says:

    I have to wonder how hard u have to work to always be “on”? She trys so much to make people think they are blissfully happy. It’s sad.

  80. Marybel says:

    Kid #1 is walking ahead of her whistling like he doesn’t know her.

  81. Susi says:

    This outfit is foul but it would actually make a lot more sense if she was wearing cons or vans or something similar with it. Then it would just be ultra casual. The addition of the healed boots makes it an “outfit” and just so much more horrible.

  82. Hakura says:

    I’m late on this one, so it’s all been said. I’ll just say: She looks like she just happened by on her way to an afternoon shift at a low-class strip joint.

    This generally is NOT a good thing.

  83. EJ says:

    In what reality was this outfit a good idea at a kids’ soccer game? Oh, right, her reality…

  84. Cirque28 says:

    The fillers are giving her face such an unfortunate porcine look.

    Say something nice… I like the sweater. I would wear it with jeans and casual boots. Like a normal person.

    • Sugar says:

      I would wear that sweater with jeans. I wasted a minute of my day at work wondering if we will ever see her wear it again. I hope so because it is too cute of a sweater to be banished forever because she got it wrong the
      first time. However those shorts are doomed.

  85. NinaS says:

    Oh and the shorts and hooves make her legs look like shapeless logs.

  86. Kosmos says:

    Okay, first let me say I am kind of surprised by the sheer number of commenters on this little item. My take on this is geez, you’re all right…this wasn’t the best chosen outfit, her shorts looks inappropriate for the activity she’s attending, but it’s not the end of the world. She got nice legs, she can certainly pull of shorts, so what’s the big deal. I would also say NO, she doesn’t look trashy at all, which is a good thing. It’s just shorts, folks….

  87. lindy loo says:

    She is so unfortunate looking.
    Nice of her to call the paps to “surprise” her and Ediot at the game.
    I wonder if she has any idea of how much she is being made fun of?

  88. msjen# says:

    cute figure but quite a strange face!

  89. Carol Burnheimer says:

    First of all, I wasn’t surprised it was idiot Rimes. She seems to have lost any fashion sense she may have had. (stressing MAY) Eddie wanted a slutty whore and he got one. Second it was not an appropriate outfit for a children’s event. And whoever said Brandi doesn’t have to dig up stuff on her to write was absolutely correct. Rimes does herself in! Third I think she is back on the bottle and you can TOTALLY tell it was a photo op that she sat up. She’s facing the camera in a couple of shots. Get over yourself whore!

  90. anneesezz says:

    Come on Ladies, who hasn’t grabbed a pair of pleather Daisey Duke’s off the floor from the night before to go watch your daughter’s slow pitch baseball game on a Saturday morning?

  91. Helvetica says:

    That outfit is stupid.

    She has definitely done something to her face. It looks very strange. If she keeps it up she will look like the Joker in a few years’ time.

  92. Deanne says:

    I’ve noticed that the boys are constantly ill when they leave their Father’s house. I wonder if LeAnn doesn’t understand the importance of safe food handling and it is bringing on these vomiting episodes. LeAnn didn’t cook while married to Dean, but of course, has been trying to cook for Eddie since she knows that Brandi is a fabulous cook. The other option is that in trying to prove that she lets the kids have candy, she’s letting them gorge on junk food and it’s making them sick. She has poor judgment in every other aspect of her “mothering”, I wouldn’t think that food would be different.

    • Theskinny says:

      Leann constantly tweeted injuries and illness both before she married Ed and after. IMO she acts like someone who has Munchhausen syndrom. Funny how people call her out on ALWAYS BEING SICK or injured and NOW the boys are ill every time they leave her house. Look up Munchhausen by proxy. Mmm hmm. They are always sick, they are always exploited. She is gunning for something to happen to those kids, imo. It seems like she cannot contain her rage so she is acting out in bizarre and evil ways. Did you think Brandi would get away with writing about this special special snowflake and making her LOOK BAD? No.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I completely agree. She is gunning for those kids, and all her sugar coated (literally and figuratively)warbling about them is crap. She tells people where they go to school, she lets fans she meets on Twitter hang out with them, she tells people where and when their games are, she had Jake on a bike he couldn’t ride on a public street with no helmet, she paps them nonstop. She is just scary. I used to think she wanted to co-opt them, but now I think that with all the backlash she’s gotten, and them getting older and not cutey-baby-interesting, she wants them gone (whether she realizes it or not) so that Eddie will have a baby with her. And the only thing Eddie wants is money and endless vacations and no responsibility. He only takes those boys half the time to hurt Brandi. If he cared about them, he wouldn’t whore them out, or let Leann endanger them, or try to hurt their mother. I hope he is completely miserable.

      • Deanne says:

        I hadn’t considered Munchausen syndrome before, but it does make you think. She is always claiming to be terribly ill and I find it bizarre that those kids are always throwing up after they leave her care. Add that to the kid learning to ride a bike without a helmet, leaving drugs around for kids to find and you’ve got the recipe for disaster. Who knows what goes on that isn’t tweeted about or reported by Brandi? This is off topic, but I totally agree with you about having a house and furniture that can be lived in. My Aunt wanted her house to be “cold, quiet and immaculate”. Her exact words. The house was all white, freezing cold and was more of an interior design showcase, than a home. My cousins couldn’t have pets or friends over and we all hated visiting because we were terrified we’d spill something on the precious furniture or break one of her priceless antiques.

      • Theskinny says:

        Yes!! Who exposes their step kids (or ANY CHILD in ones care) to random strangers they only know from the internet?? THIS freak. Her fans are a crazy breed of “special” as it is. One guy buys her used bikini bottoms and she interacts with him all the time. COMPLETELY creepy. It’s like she doesn’t understand what APPROPRIATE actually IS? Totally bizarre for someone in her position, who is probably exposed to weirdo’s constantly. Ugh..I feel for your cousin Deanne. Sounds like we had the same aunt. lol

  93. why? says:

    Leann is playing the victim again. She attributes the tension between her and Brandi as the result of Brandi being dishonest. Seriously? What exactly did Leann learn in rehab? Is Leann truly one to talk about honesty when she is falsely suing a teacher and Brandi’s dentist, threw Carly Rose under the bus, gave how many interiews saying she was in rehab for 30 days, had DB use Eddie’s email account to send Brandi nasty emails, sent US Weekly a false story about Brandi cheating on Eddie, tells her fans personal information about Brandi, makes plans on twitter for her fans to meet Brandi’s kids, and parades Brandi’s kids before the paps?

    She can’t understand why Brandi has every right to call her out on her inappropriate behavior. Today she got on twitter to whine about how Brandi calls her out for doing inappropriate things and then asks her and Eddie for help. Leann thinks that she can do whatever she wants and that Brandi is supposed to just sit back and take it. Funny how the media never sees these nasty tweets of Leann towards Brandi and always want to make it look like it’s Brandi who is attacking Leann.

    Then she goes on to tweet with a complete stranger how it’s a good thing that it might rain on Sunday because there isn’t going to be a game on Easter Sunday. Why would she do something like this after whining about how tension is because Brandi is being dishonest?

    • Ming says:

      The tweet said something passive aggressive like, first I do everything wrong now it’s can you help.
      THIS is why people still keep on hating on leann, cause she tweets passive aggressively, then continues on with strangers…then whines in every media outlet that she is the one being bullied. Bullfreakingshit.

    • BeachBelle says:

      Also, today someone tweeted her and told her they read about the shorts she wore to the game and the negative comments. LeAnn tweeted back: “Hope the world gets use to it cause it IS LA and warm weather does call for something other than jeans.”

      Of course was trying make everyone think it was warm on Sunday is why she wore the shorts. I don’t guess she realized everyone saw what her “hubby” had on which was a long sleeved flannel shirt and jeans. Who wears flannel in warm weather? No doubt she has read the many negative comments made about her outfit, and she is not happy. She’s up to something. Count on it.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Really? LiaR saying Brandi is dishonest??!! Everything that comes out of LiaR’s mouth and fingers are lies. She wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her smack dab in the face.

    • why? says:

      Just when you think that Leann couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, she does. Leann’s twitter tantrum yesterday had do with Brandi’s father being sick. What is wrong with Leann? Is she that desperate for attention?

      Brandi wasn’t asking Leann to help with the kids. She was asking Eddie. Why is Leann always interferring when Brandi and Eddie try to parent their kids together and without her?

      Secondly where is Leann’s compassion for Brandi during this difficult time? Leann is on twitter today patting herself on the back for being an advocate for marriage equality, yet she won’t show any compassion for Brandi as she tries to deal with her father’s illness? It was very insensitive and inappropriate what Leann tweeted yesterday. Why isn’t anyone calling her out on this? Leann could have sent Brandi flowers, but instead she jumps on twitter feeding them lies and thus encouraging them to attack Brandi. Eddie needs to put his foot down, Leann crossed the line big time.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Leann does not have compassion for anyone except herself and Eddie doesn’t put his foot down because it doesn’t benefit him. Leann would be happy if Brandi disappeared off the earth and I believe she’d like the boys to follow.

  94. why? says:

    Another instance of Leann being inappropriate, she moved the date of her album release in the UK to 4/15. 4/15 is Brandi’s son’s birthday. I’m not even surprised, I figured that was her goal in the first place. And then Leann just can’t understand why Brandi calls her out for being inappropriate and crossing boundaries.