Halle Berry won’t move to France with Olivier until Nahla turns 18 years old

It’s been months and months since there was any kind of douche-eruption from Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. Surprised? I am. I guess their last controversy/mess was the fist-fight on Thanksgiving, which took a few months to sort out, and which I personally think Gabriel came out looking better because once again his custodial rights were maintained and strengthened. The Thanksgiving fight came just a week after a judge ruled that Halle and her lover Olivier Martinez could not move to France with Nahla Aubry, because that move would effectively end Gabriel’s joint custody of Nahla. For months I’ve been waiting for Halle’s next legal salvo, some new argument for why she should be able to take Nahla to France. But as this new Halle interview seems to indicate… Halle is no longer in a rush to move to France. Shocking!

Halle Berry will move to France when her daughter turns 18. The Cloud Atlas actress is keen to start a new life in Europe with her fiancé Olivier Martinez but her former partner, Gabriel Aubry, has bitterly contested her plans to take their little girl, Nahla, now five, with them.

Halle is ready to delay her dream until the youngster is old enough to make her own decision on where she wants to live. The Oscar winner said: ‘It probably won’t be until my daughter is 18 and off to college. When Nahla turns 18, she’ll be legally able to make her own decisions about where she wants to be and I think that then, when she’s off on her own, we’ll move there. It’s where I want to end my days, that’s for sure.’

As for motherhood, Halle says: ‘It’s something I’m learning about every day. I’m not perfect by any means – there’s no such thing as a perfect mother and I’m not striving to be one. I just strive to be the best I can be on any day in any given situation.’

While Halle loves France, she won’t be learning to speak French until she lives there as Olivier thinks it will be too much for her to take on at the moment.

In an interview with HELLO! magazine, she said: ‘I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there. Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do. He thinks I’ll have an easier time when we’re living there and immersed in the culture – if we ever get to go that is.’

[From The Mail]

That is the weirdest explanation for not learning French. Obviously, I understand the whole “immersion technique makes it easier to learn a language” thing, but to not even try to learn any French? When your fiancé is French and you want to move to France? That’s weird, right? And who else rolled their eyes at the thought of Halle and Olivier still being together 13 years from now? HA!! As for Halle letting go of the dream to move Nahla to Paris… sure. We’ll see.

In the same interview (I think), Halle also discusses therapy. Did you know that she’s been in therapy since she was 10 years old? I didn’t know that, but it didn’t surprise me. Halle said:

“I’ve done therapy on an as-needed basis since I was probably ten years old… My father was an alcoholic and a very abusive one, and my mother knew the value of providing me with the outlet of an unbiased person to talk to, so I’ve done that all my life when times get stressful. It really helps me deal with stuff… I try really hard not to take my problems out on others and, in order to do that, I tend to mask the bad stuff or deal with it internally – you know, keep my chin up, put on a brave face and just keep going. If I do have a problem, I handle it so well that most other people don’t even know about it.”

[Via Metro]

Um, who is she kidding? When she has a problem, everybody knows about it!! Because she tells media outlets. I think she probably considers that part of her therapy too. That’s not a knock on talk therapy – talk therapy is an invaluable tool for many, many people. I just think Halle is particularly full of it.

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  1. lisa says:

    yes, i’m sure you will still be together then. bless.

  2. Hannah says:

    “Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do.” UGH! Such baloney. One of the hardest things you could possibly do. Sure. It will be much easier to pick up a new langugage when you’re 59 and in a country where you can’t understand anyone. It would be stupid to try and know a bit of the language before you settle there…
    But she won’t move there anyway because they will split up before to long.

    • another nina says:

      Guess, Oliver does not see her moving there with him or not.

    • truthSF says:

      What an idiot. Why would you not taking the opportunity to learn a language before moving to said country where everyone speaks that language.

      Why wouldn’t your fiance, who you are planning to marry and live with in his country, wants you to stall on learning that country’s capital language in preparation of moving to said country permanently?

      She’s basically confirming that she wanted to move to France just to keep Nahla away from her daddy.

      • lulu1 says:

        Why would you do what your fianee tells you to do anyway? I wouldn’t marry a condescending idiot who tells me what I am and am not capable of at any age! Who does he think he is to have a valid opinion – is he a trained teacher or respected linguist.

        I mean this is like Halle saying “I think I’ll learn French” and him saying “You can’t. In my opinion you’re too stupid”.

      • ol cranky says:

        she can do some immersion at home with Martinez speaking only French to her (and Nahla). Martinez doesn’t want her living in France and quite possibly may not want her to be able to understand French well so he can speak the language openly in front of her and not worry about her figuring out he’s cheating on her (allegedly)

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        Ol Cranky – that was my thought too. If she learns to speak it, your conversations are no longer private. LOL. My hubby is Italian and I try to speak it and he still tries to teach it to me. I butcher it, but I try. Why wouldn’t you prior to living there?

      • lee says:

        plus, I would like Gabe may already be teaching French to Nahla, no? Maybe not, but it seems to me that, even if it’s hard, it’s a good idea to at least try to speak a language that EVERYONE else in your immediate family speaks.

    • eileen says:

      Right? THAT’S the hardest thing you could possibly do? Not try to move your daughter half the planet away from her father or accost him while he drops his daughter off? Nope-FRENCH! lol
      I speak some French and I can tell you…its not rocket science and its a beautiful language.
      She just irks me in every way. Grrrrr….

  3. Jess says:

    Y’know what I find hilarious about this whole thing. Before Halle made a big deal about moving to France because the paps were harassing her, I’d barely heard anything about her in years. I’d seen pics of her kid maybe twice, both times it was obvious she’d called the pap because she was full on posing. I didn’t know the kids name, I knew she was dating/married to Gabriel (only because the guy is so smoking hot), but I also had no clue what the deal was with that relationship. She’s the one who basically invited the media into her private life with all this craziness.

    Lady needs a new therapist, because this one clearly isn’t working for her.

    • Veruca says:

      She strikes me as the type who would fire any therapist that might call her on her bullshit.

      There are many in therapy who will never admit (no matter how much someone may try to show them) that they might be the problem.

      Considering Halle’s track record…

    • Kosmos says:

      Right…and she had been publicly fighting Gabriel all this time…UNTIL the big blowup and fight with Martinez. That’s when everything changed big time, so whatever the judge told her or whatever ensued as a result of the big blowup, she obviously had to suddenly change her tune. I think she had totally planned, or hoped to win, and move to France, so I now believe she is just having to use excuses to cover up the fact that she was totally prevented from moving her child there to live with the man who just beat the heck out of her ex-husband. This violent behavior does not speak well for Martinez as the step-father, does it? Anyway, I’m THRILLED now that Gabriel will get to see his daughter grow up and have a real relationship with her, happy now :- )

  4. Ms Kay says:

    LOL WUT? As if she and Olivier will last that long…

    But most important when Nahla turns 18 years old, she will legally able to make her own decisions, so has it occured to Halle Berry that her daughter may NOT want to go to France or do whatever her mother has decided on any matter? In which cuckooland is Halle living in?

    • jaye says:

      Did you read the interview? She says “When Nahla turns 18 she’ll be able to make her own decision about where she wants to be”.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Ms Kay, you just nailed it.

      I 100% agree: why does Halle just assume that Nahla will grow up to be fine with humouring her crazy mother’s every whim?

      Hopefully by 18 y.o. the kid will have acquired the tools to correctly evaluate the influences in her life and make sound decisions for herself.

      • DreamyK says:

        I doubt Nahla will want to hang out with her mom when she legally becomes and adult. 18 yr olds are notorious for doing whatever the hell they want to.

        This is just my personal experience but from what I have seen, 18yr old girls don’t have a strong need for mom until they get a bit older. Appreciation for mom becomes much more apparent when the daughter becomes pregnant/has a baby and then it’s all about them realizing the crapfest mom went through to raise a healthy, stable human being.

        Keep hope alive, Halle, but I’m pretty sure your daughter will want to have zero to do with your crazy.

    • L says:

      Seriously. I said this below, but when I turned 18 all I wanted to do was get away from my parents-not humor their every need.

      Isn’t that like parenting 101? You can’t make your kids do want you want when they turn 18? Otherwise I’d be a doctor with a law degree married with 4 kids if my mother had her way.

      • jaye says:

        I need y’all to stop making me defend this woman. She said in the interview that when Nahla is 18 she’ll be able to make the decision as to where to live for herself. She’s not saying that when Nahla is 18, she’ll move with her to France.

  5. T.C. says:

    Oh please talk about damage control. She can’t take her daughter to France because the judge won’t let her. She had her man beat up Nahla’s father so badly she won’t be winning anything in court for a long time. LMAO on holding off to learn french until she moves to France. So all this time she’s been trying to get her child to a foreign country she doesn’t even know the language for. Lol.

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    Does Justin Beiber know Halle’s wearing his pants? ACK-WARD. (One of his Mannies better grab him a bottle and his blanket.)

  7. brin says:

    Good thing you have her picture up because I would have never thought those words were coming from Halle. She is fake.

  8. Eve says:

    “In the same interview (I think), Halle also discusses therapy. Did you know that she’s been in therapy since she was 10 years old? I didn’t know that, but it didn’t surprise me.”

    Is it working? I mean, am I supposed to think the Halle Berry we’ve been seeing all these years is the mentally treated/healthy, improved version of herself? My my…

    • truthSF says:

      Scary (Berry) isn’t it.

    • Miss M says:

      @Eve: My thoughts exactly! I think she should change to a new therapist, if the new one can handle her level of “sanity”.

      • Cazzie says:

        There’s a particular kind of neurosis that some people have where therapy actually makes things worse.

        These people just re-hash the upsetting events in their past, get upset, and then feel really sorry for themselves without instituting any changes in their lives. Nothing ever changes, the therapist just enables and doesn’t help!!!

        Yup, I could totally see HB being in therapy for decades and it not making a bit of difference. People with narcissistic personality disorder do not seek out therapists who are going to make them change.

    • TG says:

      @Eve – I agree. I was so shocked that she said she has been in therapy for years I couldn’t think of anything to say. If we are supposed to believe that what would this demon be like without therapy? Let’s see – she has used every underhanded trick in the book to try to strip Gabriel of his rights to see his daughter, up to and including hiring a thug boyfriend to beat him, which would be classified as attempted murder if the LAPD hadn’t been on her payroll. You can attend as many therapy sessions as you want but a narcissist isn’t going to change unless they are willing to acknowledge the rights of others.

    • Asiyah says:

      She did say she was on an “on needs” basis. She probably doesn’t go that often because she doesn’t feel she needs it.

    • Kate says:

      Woody Allen is a big fan of therapy. It apparently helped him accept that it wasn’t his fault that he chose to have an affair with his teenage step-daughter, and sister to his own children, while still with the mother of all three. So that’s nice for him.

  9. Sarcasmo says:

    I think “particularly full of [sh] it” describes her to a T.

    She’s got 13 YEARS to learn French? And that’s just too hard. Because really, I mean, who has the time?

    And the ONLY reason she’s not moving to France right this very minute (or hasn’t already) is because the judge saw through her obnoxious scheme to try to keep Nahla away from her father.

    I’ll be v-e-r-y interested to see who Nahla chooses to live with in 13 years.

    • Veruca says:

      Does she actually have to wait 13 years? I know in some states children can be as young as 12 when they can speak for themselves in court (should Gabriel choose to change custody agreements).

      I don’t know Cally law. Anyone got a clue?

      • Sarcasmo says:

        I think it’s 12 or 14 here, but I’m not sure. I know they lowered the age, but I’ve also been told that some judges will listen to children as young as 6 or 7. (Mind you, I don’t know how much weight that’d carry in a judge’s decision, but I think they try to take it into consideration.)

  10. Britt says:

    Cry me a river Halle, you’ve got enough money to never work another day in your life and your life is just so hard…boo fucking hoo.

    • jaye says:

      I don’t know why people think money is the path to happiness. It’s certainly not the path to mental stability. Look at Phil Spector, Thomas Capano, Lindsay Lohan and many others. Just because Halle Berry has enough money to never work again doesn’t mean that is/would be the end of her mental instability. And I do believe she has legitimate mental issues. I’ve heard too many stories about her erratic behavior for that not to be true.

      • Britt says:

        She has enough money to relax and get as much therapy as she wants and can afford as many anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anti-anxiety medications as she needs…

        She is in a far better position to afford the best medical care for her mental instability. She could live and never work and never feel that pressure that comes from trying to make money to afford the things needed to carry on day by day. Having money takes away a lot of stress out of ones life…

        Far out, it’s not rocket science.

      • Cazzie says:

        Not having to worry about bills would reduce life stressors for a lot of people.

        My Mom is from Italy and she says there’s an expression in Italian: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy peace of mind!”

      • jaye says:

        True, but mental illness is much more complex than that. She may have refused medication thinking that talk therapy is all she needs. Having a shitload of money won’t change any of that if she’s in denial about her mental health issues.

      • Britt says:

        I have a generalised anxiety disorder which stems from having PND after my second child was born. This month I was unable to afford my medication even though my husband and I both work, I had to wait a couple of days in between my last capsule and being able to afford my script for the month ahead. This made me quite unwell due to the fact that you aren’t meant to suddenly stop the medication. I don’t need to be told that mental illness is complex. I’m a nurse suffering from mental illnesses. I work hard, study hard, have two children going to a great school and have a hardworking husband. I’m not some bludger or drug addict. There are many many people in my same position who work hard and yet still sometimes cannot afford things as we need them. Halle Berry can afford the best people to talk to if she thinks that’s all she needs. She can have the most expensive Psychologist and Psychiatrist at her beck and call. I just can’t bring myself to feel sympathy for her. I’d rather be crying in my mansion with a glass of the best champagne in my hand than where I’m at right now.

    • lucy says:

      @Britt, hang in there. Sending good vibes your way. Been there. Will be there again. It is so irksome when one does all the responsible things one can do and still faces obstacles/setbacks despite one’s efforts to overcome them. Hopefully, understanding that the setbacks are temporary helps get ya through them.

      Berry can afford this and that, but she seems to be in denial about herself. She’s not a grown-up, she acts like a petulant child. Most of us, seemingly you as well, are better off than she is, regardless of financial means. I hope it is of comfort to you knowing that money isn’t the answer to Berry’s troubles. It sure irks me, too, when people get in their own way (as Berry does) and then complain about it and blame others for it! Berry is holding other people responsible for whatever she is feeling troubled by, and that just isn’t cool. She needs to take responsibility for her choices and for her emotions and her actions before she can truly be well and happy.

  11. The Original Mia says:

    As if Olivier is going to stick around for another 13 years.

    Has she ever heard if Rosetta Stone? She could pick up the language with lessons if she wanted to, but then what use would Olivier be if she was fluent?

  12. poppy says:

    i would like a gallon of the delicious (crazy) juice she drinks. a little seems to go a loooooong way.

  13. jaye says:

    My opinion on the learning French thing is that she asked Olivier to teach her and he didn’t want to, or he tried and got frustrated because she wasn’t picking up fast enough.

  14. L says:

    “When Nahla turns 18, she’ll be legally able to make her own decisions about where she wants to be and I think that then, when she’s off on her own, we’ll move there.”

    When I was 18 the first thing I wanted to do was go to college and get AWAY from my parents and my hometown. Not suddenly move with my mom to france like I’m her roommate or something. Halle is delusional about what her relationship with her daughter is going to be like-she doesn’t sound like she’s talking about a person who has their own thoughts and feelings. Just wants her to do what Halle wants.

    And she’ll be with Martinez then still. HAHAHAHA right.

  15. Devon says:

    Like they’re still going to be together in 13 years…

    And that is such a dumb reason to not learn French. You’d think she’d want to learn French because I’m sure Gabriel is talking to Nahla in French. What a better way to give your daughter an extra skill by having all the adults in her life speaking French. But, I suppose that would somewhat supportive of Nahla’s relationship with her father and you know Halle would never be that nice.

  16. original kay says:

    that is… the worst interview I have ever read.

    this woman is so out to lunch it’s worrisome.

  17. Mia 4S says:

    Way to save that career Halle! She couldn’t have given a more PR friendly answer. Someone on her team read her the riot act about what this had done to her public image. Well played. It will all be worth it years from now when she and Olivier are stil…hahahaha, nope sorry I can’t keep a straight face on that one!

  18. Debra says:

    can anyone imagine what lizard Olivier will look like in 13 years?? ((shudders))

    alot of men age well.. He doesn’t

  19. PugsterMom says:

    Move now witch and leave your kid with her Dad. We’ll ALL be so much happier.

  20. DeltaJuliet says:

    If MY husband (or boyfriend) essentially patted me on the head and told me not to do something, because it would be “too hard” for me, you can be damn sure that I would do it, do it now, and do it better than him. She’s a froot loop.

  21. Samihami says:

    13 years? Hell, I’ll be amazed if they are still together in 13 months.

  22. aalyceh says:

    Damn gabriel is somking…SMOKING

  23. eileen says:

    Oh man-NOTHING is sexier than seeing GA in father mode.
    Is it getting hot in here? ;)

  24. lucy2 says:

    I’m guessing Olivier’s patience is worn thin and he’s like “Learn French? Uh…don’t bother.”
    No way they’re still together then. And her therapist is doing a crappy job.

  25. Helvetica says:

    It’s really too bad these two (Halle and Gabriel) had to let this custody situation get so ugly.

    I looove her outfit in the top pic (minus the boots). Looks so comfy.

    • bluecalling says:

      thank you…

      gabriel speaks french, is a model, get 20K a month (which she forked over without much of a fight and that was strange) yet still insists on her not moving with the child to another country.

      it is his choice (he may have a life in LA) but from what we know (only gossip of course) his career would be better in paris and he has no permanent ties to LA.

      it is just sad that there was no compromise… hope they relax in the end and things get better for both. or she should ask for some of that money back.

      • LAK says:


        Did you not see the past year’s kicking and screaming Halle did in the form of dragging Gabriel to court for every little thing? Making accusation after accusation and refusing to compromise with Gabriel except where the court insisted on it??

        She’s the one who caused this bad blood, based on what has been released to the public, all in the service of removing the father of her child from that child’s life.

        Moving to France was another ruse in service of the same.

        She should have gone to a sperm bank. The donors aren’t interested in raising any kids that may result from their donations.

        And BTW, Gabriel moved to LA to be with Halle. Why should he have to keep uprooting his life because of the whims of HER love life.

  26. AmyR says:

    The only reaction I can muster up for this whole article is, “that’s nice, Halle. You go ahead and do that. You go ahead and wait 13 years to move to France with your douche fiancé. While you’re at it, go ahead and wait that long to learn the language too. Let us know how that works out. Or, you know, don’t.”

  27. Yasmina says:

    In the last pic he’s a Canadian wearing a Canadian tuxedo! Hahahahhahahah!!! (office job killing me slowly…and I’m Canadian btw so laugh away).

  28. Dawn says:

    Gabe won and that is reason enough to be happy for Nahla. Other than that I have no opinion. But as others have stated I have my doubts that Halle and Ollie will be together for this year let alone thirteen! But whatever.

  29. TG says:

    @lulu1 – I know really. Who would let a man tell them what they are capable of learning? This woman is full of crap. I wonder how many times she had to practice that speech in the mirror. I will not believe anything that comes out of this “boy who cried wolf’s” mouth until her daughter is a full grown adult. I do not believe for a s econd that this vindictive machinating woman has suddenly changed her tune. Like I said, it will take about 15 or 17 years of her behavior and actions before we can believe her. I still think she has plans to mess Gabriel up in some way. Only this time it is taking longer because she needs to make sure she can in no way be connected with the next fight or whatever it is she has planned.

    • MW says:

      Yeah, I hope we, and especially GA, are not being lulled into a false sense of security before the next salvo, as Kaiser said. Every time Halle releases one of these little interviews, I get the feeling that she is actually sending some type of a message to GA through the interview. As if she never speaks to him directly, but is passing on some type of an update on what is going on with her, or at least what she WANTS him to think she is thinking. However to me, it seems suspect. In fact, if I was GA, I would feel like I should be more cautious than ever.

  30. Nooneimportant says:

    As if they are going to be together in 13 years. When I read the story I laughed so hard. She doesn’t need to live in France to learn French. Doesn’t she have conversations with Olivier in French? She must have picked some French up.

  31. valleymiss says:

    Nahla will be away at college when she’s 18. She won’t really be “living with” Halle OR Gabriel, I would think. She’ll probably pick a place like NYU to go to school.

    I tried to learn some French and I was *awful* at the pronunciation. I just couldn’t get all the “swallowed” and/or “dropped” sounds of the words. Languages have never been 2nd nature to me. Ugh.

    Halle and Olivier won’t be together for 18 more MONTHS…forget being together when Nahla turns 18. Lol I know that this seems like PR from Halle, but maybe she’s being serious? Why would she even bring it up unless she’d changed her mind and relaxed on it? Also, I haven’t seen pap picks of Gabriel and Nahla for months. So much for those ppl who think he alerts the paps, Leann Rimes-style, when he’s with her.

  32. Luxe says:

    Sure Halle. We all know this relationship won’t see another Thanksgiving. Who is she trying to fool?

  33. Luxe says:

    Also, that little sweetie pie is the spitting image of Gabe. They are so precious together.

  34. Maria says:

    why in ANY photo I see of her does she always look like she’s frowning a bit as she smiles at the same time. or, kind of like the sun is in her eyes and it’s a partial frown. even on the red carpet, she looks mad while she smiles.

  35. Green is Good says:

    Somewhere, Crazie Hallie’s agent and PR team are face-palming themselves .

  36. WOM says:

    Anyone else notice that since the post-Thanksgiving assault, Olivier has not been papped with Nahla? I assumed it was because he and Halle were broken up. Maybe HIS public relations people have simply recommended he step away from the child because all those photos would be cationed with a reference to the beating.

  37. Suze says:

    “Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do.”

    translates to:

    “I just don’t want to do it.”

  38. moon says:

    Gabe actually seems like a good Dad. Olivier just looks…creepy.

  39. Asiyah says:

    “I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there.”

    This means he doesn’t want her learning it now so that she won’t overhear him cheating on her when he’s talking French to one of his mistresses.

    It’s also a perfect way to make sure that if they ever do go to France she has to depend entirely on him because, duh, she doesn’t know the language. This guy’s clever.

  40. WendyNerd says:

    Halle’s got issues. People who have been abused often do and it’s sad because it often affects people when they grow up and have their own families. A member of my family suffered abuse at the hands of their mother and it really affects their relationships. I can tell you from experience that people who have suffered from verbal/physical abuse often can’t take criticism, can be VERY passive-aggressive, turn even the most innocent statements into personal attacks, and can hold grudges like crazy. The strange thing is, sometimes they often only lash out on the people who aren’t their abusers while still being willing to quietly take all sorts of shit from their actual abusers. The person in my family is a wonderful person and incredibly lovin, but they can’t let things go, can’t take criticism in any capacity, and will lose their shit over the most innocent things and turn something into some sort of “attack” on them from out of nowhere. For instance, a while ago, we decided to have a movie night and it was decided to let this person pick the movie and so I went upstairs and ask them what movie they wanted. This person then decided to turn this into “No, I’m not going to say what movie I want, you’ll just say no. You don’t want me to pick the movie, nobody is ever willing to watch the movies I want to watch.” I pointed out to them that I had come upstairs to ask them to pick a movie, which meant I literally was doing the opposite and that I had gone to a movie they wanted to to see with them the week before, and then they went on a rant about how I was calling them irrational. Basically, they made what should have been a basic movie night into a drama-martyrfest. Furthermore, this person has a tendency to not let go of anything and will bring up things you’ve done or things others have done YEARS ago (and by years, I mean YEARS. Even DECADES ago) in conversations, especially arguments.

    I’m not trying to demonize abuse victims, don’t get me wrong. I’m just talking about the affect abuse can have on the victims. Of course, not all abuse victims are like this, but those are often the affects abuse can have and it’s really sad. The worst part is that after they cause a scene, oftentimes the person feels horrible the next day and then holds onto the guilt they feel for way too long, basically holding a grudge against themselves and worsening their self-esteem problems.

    I think that’s what’s happening with Halle. She obviously can’t let go of anything, and that’s why she’s still in a tug of war with Aubrey. It’s been, what? Five years since they split? And they have a kid. Usually by that time, even parents who have gone through very bitter divorces are able to bury the hatchet somewhat for the sake of the kid. Even Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have managed to make a degree of peace since their divorce for the sake of their daughter Beatrice. I know a couple of divorced couples who had nasty custody battles/divorces/splits but have managed to make peace for the sake of their kids. But Halle can’t let go. But I think she’s starting to realize how messed up this has gotten and is trying to make herself let go finally.

    That being said, I don’t think Gabriel Aubrey is totally innocent either, and I blame the fistfight more on him and Olivier Martinez than I do on Halle. At least Halle made sure to get Nahla away from the scene. But still, I don’t care how much you love someone, if they fight with your child’s father in front of your kid, you need to put some distance between you and that person, at least for a while and Halle didn’t do that.

  41. valleymiss says:

    Btw, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it but…ugh, those BOOTS in the header pic! Omg! The white stitching? Just horrible.

  42. lucy says:

    Is that supposed to be a smile on Berry’s face? Because she looks exactly like a scared animal to me, like a cornered cat or something; very mistrustful.

    She looks like she is in conflict.

    Has she had major dental work done? Looks like her lower jaw is impaired and like she is wearing dentures.

  43. I Choose Me says:

    I apologise if this has been said before but this interview only confirms my feeling that that Gabriel lowered the boom on them somehow in their settlement. And yeah, side-eye at the idea that learning French would be too much for her right now because Olivier said so.

  44. Jane says:

    I think it is funny that Halle thinks she will still be with OM when Nahla is eighteen.

  45. RHONYC says:

    i don’t know why i am as pleased as punch that lil’ angel is the
    S-P-I-T-T-I-N-G image of Gabriel & doesn’t look a lick like Halle.

    it feels vindicating some how. :-D

  46. skuddles says:

    Okay I think I get it now. It wasn’t a case of “I met and fell in love with a French guy so now I want to live in France… and escape the big bad paps”… it’s a matter of “I really want to live in France so I need to marry a French guy”.

    I seriously can’t see Nahla voluntarily moving to France with crazy Mommy when she’s older. Daddy maybe, but not Mommy.

    I think she’s full of shit by the way… she likely still has some vile plan up her sleeve to leave the US and punt Gabe from Nahla’s life.

    • Marie says:

      Agreed. But because of her name the MSM (mainstream media), others in the industry etc will defend and spin for her. She’s even able to control the police like other celebs. Martinez should have been arrested that night was well and everyone knows it. There a reason a judge ordered a restraining order against him for Gabriel while she was too busy making a public display of apparently needing extra protection from Gabriel. Seriously? Did you see the poor guy? BTW Martinez, two quick punches reptile the head DON’T cause that kind of damage nor do they cause damaged ribs!

      My prayers or for Nahla to always have her dad in her life…as much as possible. My god they look so cute and happy together. Halle probably prevents the bigger tabloid sites and bloggers from running those photos as it doesn’t help her case. Eye roll.

      • skuddles says:

        Agree 100% Marie… I was just disgusted at what Martinez did to Aubry.. and got away with. Clearly there was some very shady shit going on behind those scenes.

        I adore the pics of Nahla and her Daddy too. The love and trust they share with one another is so touching to witness :)

  47. RHONYC says:

    It’s where I want to end my days, that’s for sure.’

    ‘I was told very lovingly by him not to work on it too hard now but to wait until we get to live there. Because for me, at my age and with all that I already have on my plate, trying to learn French is probably one of the hardest things I could possibly do. He thinks I’ll have an easier time when we’re living there and immersed in the culture – if we ever get to go that is.’


    lemme decode this sh*t:

    a. he’s just not that into you and tried to separate your daughter from her father. baaaad karmic shaaaade. :evil:

    b. he’s controlling with his don’t bother getting Babbel or Rosetta Stone (that you can learn in a month!) so you can’t hear me talking to my side piece in French. :roll:

    c. he’s really thinking – i zought i cooud tranzicion for gooud tou AmeriKain
    ci-ne-mah et moove to Laz Anghelez juzz like ze way Antonio deed wizz Melanie, but i gess i wazz wrong, MERDE! :-(


  48. kasxyz says:

    Thanks for all the Halle Hate

  49. hanuma says:

    She is too stupid to learn french haha, shes an airhead, period.

    As if Nahla would leave America with 18 haha she can only dream of. What Teenager with 18 wants to leave all his friends, boyfriend and so on? we were all 18, but halle seems to forgot about how it was when she was 18

    The best way to learn a language is to read magazines or watch movies in french, beside private french lessons whitch she can easily afford. shes an actress, she has plenty of time and money, dont these people like to stimulate their brain when not working`? What do they do all the year? Shes doing movies maybe once a year. The most actors must be extremly stupid, vacationing kills brain cell, thats scientifically proven. So if you vacation 11 Month, how much of your brain cell is left after all?

  50. Janet says:

    By the time her daughter turns 18, Olivier will be long gone.

  51. Marie says:

    Congrats to Gabriel and Nahla! Maybe when Nahla is older and Halle sees how much healthier she is for having had her biological dad in her life consistently. He obviously adores her and is devoted to her. With Halle’s father abandoning you’d think she this as the gift it is. She has way more control and power in the situation than he and can even influence who hires him or not if she wants to manipulate him. Now if she’d get rid of Mr former boxer Beat’em down Goon Martinez. Funny how her ex Eric Bennett has a pretty quiet DRAMA FREE, stable life since they split and is a dad himself.

    • lillyrose says:

      To be fair. Eric Bennett’s life has been quite because body gives a crap about who he is. I know he’s a singer, but lets keep it real. Most people only know him because of his relationship with Halle. For all we know, he’s probably doing shady things and we just don’t know about it because nobody is following him.

      Dysfunctional people attract other dysfunctional people, so I don’t believe in this idea that guys like Gabriel and the other men she’s been with are just some unwitting innocent victims. If she has daddy issues, chances are, she is bringing home men who are just like her father. For all we know, these guys are just as screwed up a she is, but she takes most of the heat because she is more famous than they are.

  52. kiki says:

    She does have emotional problems. She has demonized and tried to humiliate just about every man she has ever been involved with. Maybe one you could believe or even getting ahold of two creeps but everyone of them. She is the common denominator in all of them so that should tell you something. It is a shame because now she has involved her daughter in her emotional problems and that is just sad.

  53. fallen says:

    I would think that Gabriel talks in French to Nahla? He is French Canadian, so it might be his first language.

  54. Maria says:

    exactly! it would be wonderful if he has spoken it to her all along. Nothing more wonderful than knowing two languages…! Like a French immersion school but just weekends with Dad. How cool if he spoke French with Nahla most of the time since she was very young! She could teach Halle. ;-) I think we’re onto something… :-)

  55. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    I just can’t anymore with this appallingly stupid bitch. She’s so dumb she couldn’t learn another language if her life depended on it AND SHE KNOWS IT!!!

  56. Sam H x says:

    “Bitterly contested?” wdf was he supposed to do, let Halle walk all over him with Nahla into the sunset with Olivier to Paris without saying squat?! Lord have mercy. Have they forgotten conveniently how OM viciously beat GA that he could have killed him? Clearly, this is a fine example of how a celebrity can buy the media in their favour.

    If Nahla chooses to live with Gabriel when she’s 18, I hope by then Halle has buried her differences with her daughter’s father but I’m not holding my breath though for any miracles. The way this man has jumped through every single hoop Halle has thrown him throughout this process really has made him all the more attractive.

    I found a rather interesting break down analysis of Gabriel being bounced around from one foster home to another as a child and Halle’s childhood in relation to the custody battle. Here’s the link: http://perilsofdivorcedpauline.com/divorce-custody-and-parental-alienation/i-feel-bad-for-halle-berrys-babydaddy/ .

    Aaww, its so heart warming to see the love and affection Nahla has for her daddy, same for Gabriel too, you can tell Nahla totally dotes on him vice versa and is definitely the apple of her daddy’s eye. She definitely is the spitting image of Gabriel!

    I pray Nahla continues to have her father play an active role in her life forever. :)


  57. Izzy says:

    Puh-leez. More like she *can’t* move to France until Nahla turns 18, unless she wants to move without Nahla.

  58. Kosmos says:

    Of course, I’m thinking that the relationship between Halle and Martinez will NEVER last this long, until her daughter is 18…my gosh, his track record isn’t so hot, but even if it were, relationships don’t often have a shelf life that long, do they? Martinez will be having trysts with other women who catch his eye wayyyyy before that time rolls around….

  59. jwoolman says:

    Oh, Halle, it’s not going to become easier to learn French if you delay another 13 years! I’m astounded she hasn’t already acquired a working knowledge of the language. She’s lived with two men (one of whom is the father of her child) who speak French fluently as their first language. And she’s traveled to French-speaking areas. If her current man won’t whisper sweet French nothings in her ear, there are podcasts, YouTube and other videos on the net and plenty of dvd’s available. She could hire a tutor. Le Monde and other French newspapers are available online, as well as magazines.

    Well, at least this might mean the fight is over. Methinks she was read the riot act behind closed doors after her boyfriend nearly killed her ex and the security cameras were oh so conveniently turned away from the scene. She came close to losing her part of the custody of Nahla, I suspect. She handed Gabriel the cards with her stunt and he played those cards well. We’ll know for sure if mysteriously there are no more accusations against Gabriel, no more dragging him into court for various fabrications.

  60. DGO says:

    French is one of the easiest languages to learn. Halle is full of it.

  61. Me says:

    LMAO at you people who think GA is a saint. You know nothing about the man.