Hayden Panettiere kisses her huge on-again bf, Wladimir Klitschko: hot or gross?

These are photos of on-again couple, Hayden Panettiere, 23, and her huge boxing champ on-again boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko, 37, at a Miami Heat game over the weekend. I know that other people don’t share my obsession with this guy, that’s fine, more for me, but if you ever lived in Germany you would understand. Wladimir and his brother, Vitali, are huge celebrities in Germany, and they’re practically national heroes. They’re Ukranian heavyweight boxers who grew up in Germany. Wladimir holds a bunch of heavyweight titles while Vitali holds the WBC title. (They vowed to their mom that they would never fight each other, a promise they’ve kept throughout their careers.) The brothers are not dumb jocks by any means, they both speak several languages, and both have doctorates in sports science. Oh and they’re involved in charity of course and both do work for UNESCO. Only Wladimir is single, Vitali has been married since 1996. So Wladimir is a catch.

I’m overselling this, but you get my point! Hayden and this gorgeous specimen broke up in May, 2011 after about two years of dating and I was like “good” because I didn’t like her at that point. Then she downgraded to football player Mark Sanchez, and after that she majorly downgraded to football player Scotty McNight, but they broke up in December of last year.

Anyway these two have been back together since about January, and I picture Hayden texting Wladimir after her last split and the two of them rekindling their romance. Unlike the last time they were together, I kind of like her now. I watch “Nashville” and she’s a decent little actress. (The show comes back tomorrow night, yay!) I say “little” because she’s just 5’2″ tall while Wladimir is 6’6″!

I want them to have babies together, but how would that work? It’s like when a Great Dane and a Chihuahua breed. If you’re interested in the mechanics of their sex life, Hayden has some words for you, which she dropped right before she split up with Wladimir the first time. She’s not going to make that mistake again, the lucky bitch. I can’t hate her though, they’re cute together. (Disregard his stupid backwards cap, don’t judge him on that! These photos do not do him justice.) Also, she’s wearing his watch, I kind of love that.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. elceibeno says:

    Oh my God he is so tall. I do wonder (please humor me) if every appendage on this guy’s body is in scale to his height.

  2. Erandyn says:

    Goodness, she sure looks smitten.

  3. GoldenState says:

    I like them together, too. Even her body language with him is loving and sweet. PS, I also love all of Hayden’s talk in the presses about loving the South. Yes, girlfriend, there’s life outside of Hollywood….and you’re probably better for it. Go get ‘em, girl.

  4. Joanna says:

    they look sweet together. she needs to get rid of that yellow hair though

  5. mkyarwood says:

    He is a catch! Doctorates and languages and muscles, oh my!

  6. Sarcasmo says:

    I can’t hate on her when she’s so li’l and cute and all looking in love like that! I just can’t. So I’m happy for her and for him. I hope this time it works out.

  7. Erinn says:

    …she’s looking at the camera as she kisses him. Sketch.

  8. Nat says:

    Thanks for posting this! I saw the documentary “Klitschko” a couple of months ago and was smitten with both brothers–so charming, handsome, funny, and well-spoken!

  9. backwards says:

    My boyfriend got us tickets to see him box in Munich a couple of years ago, it was crazy. He is huge (as in famous…ahem).
    His body is ridic

  10. Toot says:

    I like them together. I wouldn’t call them a “hot” couple, but they fit and Hayden always looked so happy with him.

  11. yeahright says:

    Honestly? The thought of being wrapped up in big arms like that and feeling tiny really does it for me.

  12. marie says:

    every time I look at her I see a Skipper doll, soo.. it’s kind of weird. anway, he’s really tall, good for her. ha

  13. poppy says:

    what’s gross is her hair.

  14. bea says:

    Usually, it pisses me off when short chicks go for tall guys (I’m 5’12″, so save them for me, please!) But I can’t blame her for going after that. He’s supa fine! She’s really cute too – and surprisingly good in Nashville (which I can’t believe I watch, but I do). Good catch – did not know that he’s smart and famous too!

  15. another nina says:

    On a separate note, but I haven’t realized that his Klichko’s father is such a big wig…

  16. Diana says:

    She looks like a young Pam An.

  17. DeltaJuliet says:

    I think it’s cute. I’d love to have a giant boyfriend!

  18. Lolly says:

    The mega gross blind on cdan forever tainted this chick in my eyes. I know, I know blind items are fake, made up but still..

  19. Vee says:

    Really cute couple. I wish them well.

  20. Catk says:

    God, he’s hot, I love a tall ripped guy with rough features. Yummm.

  21. alibeebee says:

    my mom is 4 ft11 and my dad is 6ft 5 they had me.. I’m 5 foot 3 I got ripped off in the height department. I am with a big polish Ukranian man .. and he has the biggest hands i have every seen that makes me feel dainty and small and yes .. he’s got a generous ahem…

  22. roxy750 says:

    My favorite couple EVER! I could only wish. She is the most beautiful girl just a kitten and he is a stud–a smart hot rich one! Very hot couple!

  23. Gigi says:

    PLEASE post more about Klitscko brothers!!!

    She’s a lucky bitch!

  24. I Choose Me says:

    I like the two of them together. I’ll admit part of the fascination with them is picturing them doing the horizontal tango. I mean all he has to do is lift her up in his big strong hands and …*fans self* Damn my inner perv is strong.

    But yeah, I’ve liked Hayden ever since Remember the Titans. She’s pretty, she’s a good if not great actress and she always seems to get along well with her fellow actors. Get it girl. ;)

  25. Ainsleigh says:

    Gross? I don’t get using that word to describe these two people. They’re cute together. And probably reconciled by the looks of them.

  26. Sweet Dee says:

    DAMN. This is what I go for, huge and smart. If he’s funny, then he’s perfect.
    Lucky Hayden.

  27. Spooks says:

    I like them too. But, the thing I mind a bit is not height, but age difference.

  28. JC says:

    I once dated a 6’8″ Hungarian. The rumors are true.

  29. moon says:

    Lol at the great dane and chihuahua reference! Very accurate.

    I have a friend who dated her in high school and he said she was gorgeous back then.

  30. nuzzybear says:

    Vitali’s going into politics!


    The only thing that would worry me would be the proximity to Ukranian/Russian mafia – you don’t mess with those guys.

  31. SusieQ2 says:

    Yay! Nashville is back tomorrow night! (About freakin’ time ABC) LOVE her on that show!

    Yup, they are totally smitten with each other so here’s hoping it works out this time.

  32. Cidee says:

    He is HOT in every send of the word. The end.

  33. mac says:

    I’ve liked her since Heroes. I’m her height and my bf is 6 ft 1 so I can relate kinda. I weirdly like them together.

  34. Anoni Mus says:

    I’m 5 ft 2 and have always fantasized about being with a guy about a foot taller than me. So so hot.

    I think they make a cute couple. I hope they work it out this time!

  35. crazycatlady says:

    I do not get her attraction to this guy. He reminds me of the big ogre-y giants in the children’s fantasy films. Not my definition of attractive. I imagine him grunting & groaning every time he opens his mouth.

  36. Kosmos says:

    Hmmm, I somehow don’t see these two lasting forever, not sure why…maybe she should stick with non-athletes? Everyone knows that athletes do not have a great track record for being faithful, and being exposed to so many women doesn’t help.

  37. Official Bitch says:

    She’s kinda dull and chubby and trollish. Yuck. He’s hot.

  38. Official Bitch says:

    He’s just having fun…I’ve seen him around LA. Please.