Angelina Jolie took sons Pax & Knox to FAO Schwarz on Friday: adorable?

As we learned last week, Angelina Jolie flew to New York City to make an appearance at the annual Women In the World Summit. She gave a moving speech about Malala Yousafzai and she was the first to pledge money to the newly formed Malala’s Fund, committed to providing education for Pakistani girls. What I didn’t know was that Angelina had brought her sons Pax and Knox to NYC too, and on Friday, she took them to FAO Schwarz.

First, can we have a word about Pax’s amazing goggles? I always get the impression that Angelina and Brad are the kinds of parents who are like, “You want to wear that? In public? Sure. Why not?” Like, they’re not obsessed with how their kids “look” in public, their focus is just on letting the kids be kids, and if the kid wants to wear goggles (snow goggles, maybe?) in New York in April, why not?

As for Angelina’s outfit… I think she’s worn most of this stuff before. Like, Jennifer Garner almost always wears jeans and a flannel when she’s out with her kids, and Angelina’s default style is “modern witch”. I think the flared coat is throwing me off and giving me such a witchy vibe. The boots aren’t helping either. But the belt thing is kind of awesome, right?

As for Knox… I look at him and he just reminds me so much of Brad, even though I can see some Angelina in his face. Even though Knox is only four-and-a-half, he just carries himself like his dad. He seems so laid-back, like a little dude. I also believe Knox is close to being a ginger – his hair seems reddish-brown. I want to believe he’ll grow up and look like Michael Fassbender. PS… his gold shoes are amazing. I wouldn’t mind having an adult pair just like those.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Daahling says:

    They have such a beautiful family.

  2. Esmom says:

    Cute kids, lovely mom. I still would love to see her kick back in jeans once in a while but clearly she’s more comfortable with a more buttoned up look when she’s out.

    So she took 2 kids out, only 4 more to go! I’d guess that dividing and conquering is the best strategy sometimes. More quality time, maybe, when you don’t have the whole gang to keep an eye on.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      I know what you mean…she gave some weird reason a few years back how she needs to force herself to wear formal clothing otherwise with six kids she would always be super sloppy….so that’s why she doesn’t wear jeans.

      Some people say she doesn’t wear jeans because they make her skinny legs look anorexic but she wears jeggings and skirts… obviously that’s not the case.

    • anna says:

      I wonder too about the no jeans. I think she would look great. My guess is that the laid back style is just not Angies. Like someone from an older generation, she feels more comfortable slightly dressed up. And at home, when she is dressed down, I bet she just wears robes and mummus.

    • telesma says:

      My husband and I used to trade off 2 days a month where we each took one kid to do something together with them one on one. We spent plenty of time together as a family, but splitting them up for some scheduled alone time was the only way to ensure they each got some individual attention when there was so much other stuff going on. And I only have two kids (grown now). I imagine with 6 kids it’s a lot harder to do that.

  3. Brittany says:

    Pax is gonna be breaking a lot of hearts in a few years!

  4. Birdix says:

    What an ordeal, just to go to a toy store…

  5. Toot says:

    Aww, cute kids. Knox has a cute little face and is a good mix of his parents. I like Angelina’s outfit.

  6. lisa2 says:

    I like what she has on. And LOVE that belt. I don’t know if my waist is small enough to pull it off.

    I think it is great that they spend time with groups of kids. They all live in the same house so it’s not like they are not all together all the time. Beside the kids must be use to it. I think it helps to stop jealousy among the kids. Everyone knows at some point they will get one on one time with Mom and Dad.

    Both boys are very cute. Pax doesn’t like the paps. But from the pics of them in the store you can see how relaxed he is. And it is so wild that the twins are going to be 5. It just seemed like yesterday they were babies.

  7. Aussie girl says:

    I wonder if she let pax wear the goggles because its like a shield from the paps??? He looks like a handful

  8. Doofus says:

    Gah, those kids are so cute they KILL me.

    And those boots are awesome.

  9. dvz says:

    Pax is gorgeous, though he is a tiny thing. Can’t believe how Knox has suddenly grown into his features. Brad all over the place in that kid. Sweet.

  10. Ellie66 says:

    Ridiculously good-looking family.

    • Nessa says:

      Seriously… Like it’s not even fair to the rest of the world!

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Agreed. I usually can’t stop looking at Angies FACE long enough to even look at Brad when THEY are together, but throw in those kids and OMD!!! So beautiful~ I love looking at those kids, all of them. I haven’t ever seen it again but once (long ago) I saw a picture of Angie holding Maddox on a carousel in Paris, and she was looking up at Brad who was standing nearby. She took my breath away, she is SO beautiful~

  11. Sarcasmo says:

    So freaking cute!!

    I did the whole “whatever you want to wear” deal, and I got quite a few looks when out and about (I’d smile and say “He picked out his own outfit today; doesn’t he look fabulous?”), but Kiddo was potty-trained at 18 months.

    • Msbock says:

      I let my daughter choose her clothes from a very young age, frankly she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Lol, the cowboy boots and my little pony bathing suit were over the top, but we live at the lake, lol, she is today (at 23) on of the most creative, artistic and free thinking individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I thing A & B are doing a fabulous job with those kids, they are letting them just be kids and that’s half the battle. Furthermore, they are clearly raising their brood themselves and I don’t think many in Hollywood do

      • Sarcasmo says:

        Yes, I think the blue and white striped baseball pants (go Padres!) with the purple, black and grey Batman shirt, and the Buster Bunny slippers. It was nothing short of glorious!

        But I think the pinnacle was my daughter in FLAMING RED tights and PURPLE leotard (thank you, Oma) looking on the other 4 year-olds in ballet saying “I DO NOT WEAR PINK!” as the other girls’ parents recorded them.

        It was…AWESOME. You had to be there.

  12. Dorothy says:

    I know that body language. Pad doesnt want to hold Mommy’s hand lol and j love how Knox stopped to smile for paps. They all loom beautiful. Gold shoes yes!

  13. Toot says:

    I know people love to say Angelina has a nose job, but Knox has her nose. Their profile has the same slope.

    • Mar says:

      She for sure has one- google it and it shows a side by side – she thinned it out and defined the tip- although she had a great nose before. I think everyone in Hollywood has some tweaking- even the great Jolie!

      • HotPockets says:

        I agree Mar, every one in H-wood has had a nose job, it’s the standard. Even the men, google Tom Cruise or Ryan Gosling.

      • mercy says:

        Even beautiful people have features that don’t photograph well. What looks perfect in person or on screen isn’t always captured by the camera (conversely, botoxed faces will often look fine in photos but awful on screen or in real life.) Yes, even the men do it, though they’re rarely taken to task for it. Yes, those who jump on actresses for even the most moderate and well done tweaks will often be the first to criticise and mock bad photos.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        All three of their biological kids look like a perfect blend of both their ‘parents’ … with Shiloh’s looks leaning more on the Brad side of the DNA lottery.

      • fat nose says:

        So silly- Angie has not had any work done- her nose is especially fat when she’s pregnant or out in the field with no make up. Even at her “fattest” nose, she is still gorgeous. Once her bio kids came along, it was even more apparent that she has had no work done. Before, looking at pictures of her brother, mother, father and grandmother show that Angie is plastic surgery free. Of course, those that hate probably believe that Shiloh, Viv, Knox, her father, her brother, her mother, and grandmother ALL had the same surgeries- whatever helps with the voices.

  14. JLK says:

    Knox looks just like Jon Voight in that next to last picture.

  15. El Kiddo says:

    Knox has always been my favourite. i love, love, love his gingerness. :p

    • Emily says:

      At a big push he could be strawberry blonde… but not really! The ginge is very very faint in this one!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Emily …

        Actually, Knox has more than a little ginger in him. It depends on the photo. The ‘up close and personal’ photos, in the right light, show his hair as ginger.

        It may darken or fad as he ages. LOL!! Michael C. Hall is a redhead, but people here still wonder why he has a ginger beard. Again, on my TV Hall’s hair has always been red rather than ‘slightly ginger,’ yet others can’t tell on their TV’s. I think it’s the same thing with knox.

        If I can find the one photo that definitely show Knox with red hair, I’ll post the link.

  16. Itwillrain says:

    Actually Jon Voight is the main resemblance I see in Knox. I saw it when I looked at the first pic after the main text of the article. In the last pic, I see more of Angie.

  17. Eleonor says:

    I really like her style here, I have a thing for boots, I’d wear them all the time, and that coat: amazing, I love it.

  18. Dawn says:

    Love that first picture of Pax! They must get so sick of the flash bulbs everywhere they go. Angie looks good as always.

  19. Tasha says:

    Pax went with her to the Women In the World Summit last year. Their a fan video of them at some museum in NY, this might be some kind of a tradition for them.

  20. velvet says:

    I am thinking Pax’s goggles are steampunk goggles.

  21. Maya says:

    Knox has such great hair – just like his mom, whose hair is looking great here. And Pax is totally going to be a rebel when he’s a teenager. Again, just like Mom :)

    • Tulip Garden says:

      The thing about the hair…it doesn’t look bad here but don’t you think a Paris Jackson short ‘do might look better on her? AJ’s hair isn’t consistently good and I feel like with a short cut her hair would look better consistently and, also, would provide a frame for her face which is, IMO, by far her best feature.
      BTW, I think Paris Jackson looks awesome with her new cut.

      • Eli says:

        Angelinas hair always looks bad lately, and it is probably due to her eating habits or, health. I am not saying there is something wrong with her, she just appears to not be as healthy as in the past.


        Knox is precious, but Pax looks like a spoiled kid!

      • Tulip Garden says:

        As a person with shoulder length hair I can attest that if I fail to take my vitamins (especially iron) my hair looks unhealthy. In fact, I didn’t discover how much of a difference iron made until my dr. put me on it daily. I was AMAZED at the difference it made so much so that after skipping it for around a week, my elder sister quietly asked “what’s wrong with you? Your hair looks awful?” Sadly, or maybe happily, this made me far less likely to shrug off taking my iron!

  22. Paige says:

    Knox is my favorite Jolie-Pitt child. He is absolutely gorgeous and I think he looks like Angelina the most. He seems to have only Brad’s eye color and mannerisms.He has her feminine features and looks like a girl. He has her eyes,nose, and lips.He will look better than Micheal Fassbender. If anyone looks up a pic of Angelina as a child he has her face.Love this family

  23. taxi says:

    Knox doesn’t look happy w/paps in a couple of these pics.

  24. HowDidYou says:

    I see she recently got her top lip injected. I wonder if she knows she is over?

    • LoL says:

      She sure gets a lot of attention for not being on the big screen in YEARS.

    • mercy says:

      She sure gets a lot of attention for someone who is “over” – even from those who say they don’t like her. Her top lip does look curiously immobile, but if she did nothing the critics would probably be talking about how “old” she looks.

    • Eg says:


      Her lips are all hers.

      And she is far from over. She has Maleficent coming out and is still the #1 female actress in the world.

      Her star power has yet to fade. No other celebs get this attention.

      • Aagje says:

        I’m sorry, but honestly, Angelina never has been the #1 actress from a critic’s perspective. She is extremely well-known, but sadly, more for her personal life than her body of work.

        Actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and many more have a ton of projects nearly every year and they are heralded for their extreme talent. Angelina is known for her former bad girl-turned into humanitarian.

        I respect her humanitarian efforts, but she never has nor ever will be the #1 actress.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I’m not a fan of hers and I agree that she isn’t over. I also agree that she gets tons of attention. As to the lips, I don’t really care one way or the other. However, I don’t think she ranks as the #1 female actress in the world today. There seems to be a plethora of really talented actresses right now that continually do high quality work. Is the “#1 actress” thing based on box office numbers or her asking price or something?

      • cs says:

        In terms of star power and salary, Angie is the biggest actress in the world. There are young talented actresses but I haven’t seen any in the last 8 years that have reached the star power of AJ. Negotiate $20 mil salary w/ back end, executive produce $100 million budgeted movie, Score a second directing job over some pretty well-known male directors.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Aaeje, who wrote: “’m sorry, but honestly, Angelina never has been the #1 actress from a critic’s perspective. She is extremely well-known, but sadly, more for her personal life than her body of work.”

        What, you mean her ‘personal life’ from more than a decade ago? Right. There are a few people who still dwell on Angie’s past ‘personal life,’ but they dwell at Female First and Ian Undercover.

  25. LoL says:

    The kid looks just like angelina. He has her exact face… i guess people see what they want to see but IMO his face has zero Brad.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      I used to think so too, like I could see only a tiny amount of Brad in Shiloh, who I think looks exactly like Angelina as a child (just with Brad’s coloring) whereas everyone keeps saying she’s Brad’s doppelganger, but now that Shiloh AND the twins are older, I see some Brad in them.

      I think all of the biological kids look exactly like Angelina though, and funnily enough all six kids have full lips (and yes I know Brad has a full bottom lip).

  26. Sabrine says:

    Angelina most certainly has not had any injections in her lips. That was laughable! I also think it’s Shiloh and Pax who don’t like the paps. Shiloh looks downright disgusted with them whenever you see her out in public with the family.

  27. mercy says:

    I feel bad for the kids. Is there no way to avoid this scene?

  28. Green_Eyes says:

    I LOVE how she just lights up when she is with if she could get anymore beautiful.. Her features soften & she just looks so radiant around her kids (Brad too). They really are a beautiful family.. Not just in the looks dept either, but also & how they interact w/ each other. :)

  29. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Gorgeous family. I’m loving those goggles on Pax. And I also love Angelina’s outfit. Very chic.

  30. eliza says:

    Surely they can arrange to go in the back entrance without all the paps? It’s sort of ridiculous using the kids to keep her in the spotlight.

  31. jj says:

    the boys are so cute,knox is all Angelina.
    on side note i love Angelina’s coats,she has the best ones.

  32. Carolyn says:

    Nice to see a post about a happy family :)

  33. goodquestion says:

    I’m going to date myself her, but Knox looks a lot like James at 15.

  34. tifzlan says:

    I know a lot of people don’t really like her, but i absolutely adore Angelina Jolie, although her acting bores me sometimes. More so than that, i absolutely adore her children!

    Say what you want about her, but to me, Angie is one of the most stylish people in Hollywood. Her understated, classic style really speaks to my own style, and i just love seeing pictures of her out and about. She is always wearing something that i want!

    I know this is odd but out of all their children, Shiloh is my favorite. It’s insane how similar Brad and Angie’s biological children look to each other. Sometimes, i can’t even tell the difference between them. I love how much she values each and every one of her kids as individuals. Whenever you see pictures of the kids together, you can tell their personality by their mannerisms and even the clothes that they wear. And they are all so good-looking too!

  35. F5 says:

    Very cute.. Knox looks like a Tweety bird ;p

  36. Wingnut says:

    Love the belt. But I don’t see why you can’t look stylish in jeans. It can be done. I’m amongst those who believe she stays away from denim and form-fitting clothing because she’s lost a lot of weight. And no, it’s not ridiculous to say she gets lip injections. Her lips have gotten THICKER with time, which is a dead giveaway. The shape of her top lip has changed, too. She has big lips. But she’s doing maintenance as she ages.

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