Gwyneth Paltrow goes slumming at Williams-Sonoma, plans for ‘Global Goop’

Here are photos of Gwyneth Paltrow at a book signing at Williams-Sonoma in NYC last night. While some of you might think that Gwyneth feels like she’s coming home when she’s in a Williams-Sonoma store, the truth of the matter is that she probably considers it “slumming”. For Gwyneth, Crate & Barrel is a ghetto. Williams-Sonoma is probably “the best” she could do if she wants to appeal to peasants. I actually like Goop’s outfit here – the blouse is pretty and I like the pop of color with the shoes. Her center part still irritates me and HAHA on Goop being a natural blonde. I’m also including a photo of Goop from behind so you can see her 22-year-old stripper butt.

While I enjoy that the Goop Backlash has come full-force and most people think she’s an elitist a—hole, I should mention that her crazy, neurotic cookbook is selling really well and… well, everybody is talking about her, right? So that’s a win for Gwyneth. I haven’t been able to find any new interviews with Goop, but there is this little piece of news…

Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson will give the keynote speech at the Licensing Expo 2013, which is held in June in Las Vegas. Gwyneth’s speech is called ‘Brands on the Brink of Global Expansion,’ and she will be “speaking in her capacity as founder of, a digital media company and lifestyle resource, and as co-owner of the Tracy Anderson brand, Paltrow will discuss her strategy for global expansion.” Gwyneth said, “I am pleased to be addressing this business audience relating to the growth and global expansion of both the Goop and Tracy Anderson brands.” She and Tracy will also launch “global extensions” of the Tracy Anderson brand which includes “fitness content, custom machinery and equipment, four state-of-the-art fitness studios in the U.S. and a range of DVD fitness programs.” Basically, Goop wants to go global. This is all about money for her and deigning to tell peasants how they should live, how they should exercise, how they should dress and how they shouldn’t eat. Anything. Ever.

A few other things… Gwyneth met Demi Lovato at the airport and they took photos and everything – go here to see. And here’s an eye-rolly quote with Goop on what Tracy Anderson has taught her: “The best thing [Tracy] has ever taught me is that there are no shortcuts, which sucks. I used to think, ‘Oh, you know, I’ll just like diet or do a juice fast or I’ll skip and go for a run,’ and no, it’s consistency and discipline and she embodies that.”

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  1. Liz says:

    She’s a a**hole, but I love her style. I would kill for that skirt.

  2. Eleonor says:

    The 80′s shoes are back. OH NO.

  3. V4Real says:

    This beyotch was in NY and no one told me. Damn a missed opportunity to pimp slap her ass.

    • NYCGAL says:

      I don’t think it’s funny or cool to joke about physically assaulting someone. There is too much violence in this world as it is. This is a celebrity gossip site which I enjoy reading. But threatening to “slap” a stranger, a celebrity, takes it too far and sounds crazy.

      • Jenny says:

        Come on, really? Is that really taking it too far? Do you really feel as though that’s a threat and it should be taken seriously? Do you really think this commenter would have assaulted Goopy had she known she was in town? I think you are being more than a little melodramatic.

      • epiphany says:

        Why is everyone so hypersensitive anymore? Goop commented a few days ago that she had the “ass of a 22 year-old stripper.” That’s what the slap alludes to – it’s a joke in response to the comment. There’s no intended threat – lighten up!

      • annaloo. says:

        Chill out. Gwyneth DOES need the proverbial “slap upside the head”.

      • V4Real says:

        Perhaps this is not the site for you sweetie since you seem to be overly sensitive to idle threats on a gossip site. Do you really believe that I would risk my livelihood for assauting someone, celebrity or not? You can’t be that naive unless you live in the Taylor Swift world of unicorns and rainbows.

        On this site I also talk about all the hot men I would bang when asked the question by Kaiser and if given the chance I would lock some away to never be heard from again. Now do you really think I’m going to go out and have sex with all these celebs as well as kidnap them (well, maybe)haha.

        Come on; I would never physically assault Goop but I might just shake the s_it out of her if given the chance. And I don’t apologize for that; call the authorites if you feel the need.

      • marie says:

        I don’t believe V4Real would ever physically assault the GOOP, that’s just silly.. it was a joke

        you’ve obviously never read the Cumby or Hiddles posts, there’s a whole lot of shanking goin on over there. It’s all in good fun, no one ever means anything by it.

      • V4Real says:

        @Lulu like I said call the authorities if it bothers you that much or put a lid on the subject.
        Better yet; why don’t you guys reach out to Goops publicist, agent or whoever and warn them that people on a gossip site are threatening to harm Goop; that way you can sleep better at night. Also they might just award you guys for doing your superhero duties of protect and serve and grant you a visit from Gwen who would issue you your own superhero badge of honor. Then you guys can sit and have a long conversation with her about what to eat, what to wear, where to vacation and so on. But I bet by the time that conversation ends you just might feel the need to slap the crap out of her as well.


      • V4Real says:

        Ag said it best no reasonable person would think it was a serious threat.

      • andrea says:

        Like Epiphany said: 22-year-old stripper butt = pimp-slap that ass. It’s funny.

        That being said, I still think she (and her friend who said it) are silly for thinking she has anything like a hot stripper ass. Yeah, she looks pretty fit, but no.

    • Ag says:

      @V4Real – I found your comment funny. No reasonable person would think it was a serious one. :)

    • Regina Lynx says:

      I’m with NYCGAL. And @V4Real: Am I right that it’s either your way or the highway? Did you really have to get so personal so quick with the other commenters (NYCGAL, Lulu)?

      Now do you really think I’m going to go out and have sex with all these celebs as well as kidnap them (well, maybe)haha.

      Oh, I get it. When women (assuming that you identify as one) joke about kidnapping celebrities for sexual purposes, it’s funny. Okay. Haha. But when men talk about a woman’s ”rape potential”, I guess it’s not so funny anymore.

      Perhaps this is not the site for you sweetie since you seem to be overly sensitive to idle threats on a gossip site.

      On the basis of your answers, the only overtly sensitive person here is you. In fact, your rhetoric is no way different from what the bullies in my schoolyard used.

      Come on; I would never physically assault Goop but I might just shake the s_it out of her if given the chance. And I don’t apologize for that; call the authorites if you feel the need.

      Even though the first and the last parts of that sentence are hilariously contradictory, you do still admit to wanting to grab Gwyneth, yes, no? Honey, you do realize that if I see you doing that, I just might have to call the ‘authorites’.

      @Nina If you are referring to me than I suggest you stay off this thread if you want to shy away from aggressive, meaningless comments. Looks to me as if you are defeating your purpose since you decided to add your worthless two cents to a post that is without content.

      Like yours?

      I can understand if you want to defend your Goop from people who don’t like her but what makes you think your opinion holds more value than anyone else on here?

      Funny, I was going to ask you that very same question.

      BTW if you want content read The New York Times, this is Celebitchy Baby… all types are welcomed here.

      Including those who disagree with you?

      I rest my case. :)

  4. MollyB says:

    Here’s my thing. Yes, she looks good. She’s thin, I guess . . . nice long legs. But for all her talk about how TA changed her life, changed her body, etc, does she really look noticeably different from her juice fast days or her microbiotic days? She’s always been blonde, white, thin, no butt and no boobs. Maybe I’m just not noticing it but it’s not like she looked like Jabba before or something.

  5. Chicagogurl says:

    Her skin and hair are so bad. She needs a deep conditioning treatment and a scrub brush for that spray tan. Her ass looks really flat to me.

  6. dcypher1 says:

    “There are no shortcuts” said by a hypocrite thats stolen lots of $$$$ from madonnas charity. she has no ass its as flat as a wall, I dont see one there.

  7. cmc says:

    Actually, Tracy Anderson has a point with the “no shortcuts” thing. I don’t think that’s eye-rolly at all, I think it’s a pretty good point to make about health and fitness in general.

    • heylee says:

      Do you know what I was day dreaming about yesterday? I wish that a celebrity like Goop would spend all of their *free* time and infinite resources thinking up ways to distill down and make readily available health, beauty and nutrition knowledge to the “average person”. I don’t have the time or money to do this because I work 50 hours a week to be middle class. If Goop really wanted to be a value added she would do this for me :) A pipe dream I know, but wouldn’t it be lovely if that outfit she was wearing cost $70 and there was an affordable way to get THOSE LEGS! *sigh* Make a newsletter out of that!

    • littlestar says:

      Very true. I can’t believe I agree with Gwyneth, but it’s true that consistency and dedication will pay off and make you see results. Working out once or twice a week, well it’ll take you a long time to see any results!

  8. Ag says:

    I don’t get that skirt.

    And I’m tired of Goop. I’m beginning to find her delusion and condescension sad instead of funny.

  9. annaloo. says:

    Oh MY GOD!!! Why are we looking at Gwyneth when Winona was out looking AMAZING yesterday? All of our lives could use MORE of Winona and so much less GOOP. Please!

    • NerdMomma says:

      annaloo. your comments yesterday on goop were really spot-on and made me think hard. about her putting out her catty private-school bullying energy and how we’re not here to make her feel superior. I just think that’s so true and I’m sorry her book is selling well, but I’m with you, I shall not spend any more time being irritated by this woman. Peace out, goopy!!

  10. Ag says:

    I don’t get that skirt.

    And I’m tired of Goop. I’m beginning to find her delusion and condescension sad instead of funny-to-laugh-at.

  11. Tania says:

    I don’t like her, but I LOVE that outfit!

  12. Rhiley says:

    There is a really great interview that popsugar did with Goop at the Tracy Anderson gym opening thing in LA. Anyway, the interview is basically Goop saying, “blah blah blah community blah blah blah women blah blah blah healthy blah blah blah blah inner beauty blah blah blah strength.” What make the interview great, though, is that Goop’s manager/handler guy is such a bitch. He is rolling his eyes and then starts telling the interviewer she needs to speed it up by making circular motions with his hands. I am sure he is outwardly displaying that which Goop is thinking/feeling.

  13. It'sJustBlanche says:

    Thin, great legs, but that hair color is aging on her. She looks like a very well-preserved woman of a certain age. She’s not going to age very well.

  14. Kelly says:

    Damn it, her legs look great. She on the other hand is…insufferable and boring. She was interesting in Flesh and Bone, Emma and Sliding Doors. Downhill since.

    Hmm. DITCH THE FREAKING CENTER PART! I do not understand this penchant for middle parts and long scraggly hair on celebrities. It is really not a good look. Her hair looked best as a bob in Sliding Doors.

    OK, hate to say it, but I like the skirt. Other than her hair, it’s a nice clean, crisp look.

  15. Nev says:

    outfit is happening!!!!

    overdosing on this one really!!!!!
    it never stops.(grrrrrr)

  16. LadidahBaby says:

    If she’s so healthy, why is her hair so thin, dry, and ratty? Sparse hair like that belongs on a “femme du certain age”! If she pulled her hair back into a ponytail or messy bun she would look so much better. Great legs, though. Don’t get the 22-year old stripper’s ass comment she made at all. She must have meant to say “too-weary old stripper’s ass,” because there is truly no there there.

  17. c says:

    the color is too overprocessed and makes her look brittle- ditto the side part, not good for women near their 40s.
    It totally amazes me a simple Google search will show how Tracy Anderson cheated tons of gym customers in her old hometown (somewhere in midwest i think?) and shut the gym down and people had no notice, lost money, etc. She also screwed her ‘business partner’ who designed that stupid medieval looking contraption she shills for her workouts. GOOGLE. It’s all there- her fraudulent practices and lack of ethics. And Goop hitches her wagon to that troglodyte to create a fitness empire? Um, yeah. Not sure when , but Tracy and Goop will have a massive fallout over money. Greed will bring the troll down! muahaha

  18. lucy2 says:

    But…isn’t she the one usually promoting cleanses and juice fasts? Make up your mind, woman.
    Goop and Tracey are a perfect pair – they don’t care what they’re selling, whether it’s a good thing or not, as long as it sells.

  19. Shelly says:

    Those pumps are gorgeous! But I hate the stick-straight hair.

  20. starstiletto says:

    Please stop writing on GP. She’s vapid, pathetic, needy and mean.

  21. paola says:

    For someone so rich she surely could afford a better wig. Her hair seems always so dry and horrible. Maybe is the shade of blonde or maybe she just has horrible hair, but for me that kills even the best outfit every single time.

  22. Faye says:

    *She’s* slumming it by going to Williams Sonoma? Harumph. I love that store (it is my culinary-tool crack), and frankly I think they’re slumming it by having her there. They could do better.

  23. F5 says:

    I swear I read “plans for Global Poop”.

  24. scarlett says:

    To me she has zero sex appeal. Do men even find her enticing in the least? She just exudes pretentiousness.

  25. RHONYC says:

    “I am pleased to be addressing this business audience relating to the growth and global expansion…”

    why doesn’t she just call Ashton up now & get it the fug over with? :roll:

  26. Ginger says:

    Ugh! GOOP AND Tracy are coming here? I’m going into hiding lest they see my “trash can” body and kidnap me or something.

  27. Laurie says:

    Gwyneth wants to become a global brand, but that begs the question: what globe does she live on? On what globe do consumers routinely pay $90 for a basic white tee-shirt? On what globe do people cough up $30 to make an omelet? Or lay down a $100+ for a tuna sandwich? On what globe do people think $200 is a reasonable price for a plastic tray? Or $75 for a candle is a bargain? On what globe do people have their own apple orchards and backyard pizza ovens? On what globe are women shown a pair of $5,000 shoes and thrilled when offered a $1,200 alternative? I am serious… If she wants to be a global brand, she should first start by better understanding the globe her skinny ass is taking up real estate on or – conversely – finding another globe in which she schlep her brand.

  28. Missyvonne says:

    Don’t worry lady , it will be a light slap with a white glove . All done with the utmost level of class so it won’t disturb your fine goopy sensibilities .

  29. Adrien says:

    This is the first time I’m not liking her outfit. It looks like a sales attendant uniform. And Gwyneth and Williams sonoma are a perfect pairing. W-S is a place where you can find expensive, impractical and sometimes hilarious items clueless, rich white people waste their money on. Stuff like an acorn twine holder or a banana slicer. The only novelty value of those items is to make people laugh and drive them to troll amazon reviews. I can see W-S sell her book.