Alexander Skarsgard Viking-struts through Manhattan: would you hit it?

Here are some photos of your Viking in NYC yesterday, with two costume changes. Alexander Skarsgard is in New York to promote his new movie, Disconnect, a film about how the internet ruins lives. It’s an ensemble, and we had some (HOT) photos from the Monday night screening yesterday. I believe the button-down shirt and slacks photos are from Alex’s press junket, and then he changed and he just wandering around NY wearing his headphones. I like the Viking much better when he’s in a suit or some kind of businessy outfit, so I’m more into the button-down shirt photos.

As Alex has been doing press for Disconnect, there are some assorted quotes that I thought the Viking Lovers would enjoy. Here’s a hodge-podge:

On the possibility of playing the role of Christian Grey: “I feel great. I have not read the script, I don’t know if there is script or who the filmmaker is going to be, so that’s just difficult to answer. If it’s a good filmmaker and a great script I would be interested. Those are the two pillars, the foundation when you start a project.”

Would he be opposed to playing Grey? “No, but I haven’t read the books. But then with the right filmmaker they could make it cool and interesting.”

Playing an ex-Marine in Disconnect: “The character, Derek, felt very personal to me as I was in the military when I was younger. He was one of those guys who had been a hero and a warrior. Now he’s struggling with what a lot of these guys deal with when they come home. He found himself in a cubicle, a paper pushing grunt without a mission in his life the way in the military he had one.”

He gained weight for the role: “When I read the script, I wanted to play a guy 10 years ago who was in top physical condition. He was Superman, he was a marine and handsome and happy and strong and had a wonderful girlfriend that became his wife. I wanted to feel like this is a broken man, this is a man who’s not happy, who came home with all that anger. He can’t really proud man it’s difficult for him to even talk to his wife and at this point has almost given up. He’s emasculated.”

He’s playing an internet gambler: “He’s carrying this weight around from the war: his PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder]. No one helped him when he came home, and he was a very proud man. He can’t even talk to his wife about his issues. [His] problem [is] Internet gambling. [And] in his case, it just becomes a distraction when he’s bored.”

[From the Wall Street Journal, Elle]

I hate that I kind of want to see Disconnect. It seems like a pretty typical “diverse ensemble cast playing around with a theme” drama, much like Crash. I get tired of those movies, although some are decent. As for Alex playing Christian Grey… I respect that Alex doesn’t turn down projects simply because he thinks he’s “above” something. It speaks to his natural egalitarianism. But seriously, he’s totally above playing Christian Grey. He doesn’t need to do it. Let this project live and die at the CW, you know?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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82 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard Viking-struts through Manhattan: would you hit it?”

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  1. Shannon says:

    Who the hell WOULDN’T hit that sh!t?? C’mon now.

  2. Miss so and so says:

    I know that lots like him but I am totally indifferent… he is too … clean and perfect.

  3. Bacon! says:

    There are not words in the English language to describe how hard I would hit this.

    Maybe in Swedish. Maybe.

  4. Chicagogurl says:

    He’s gorgeous. When he puts in a little effort even more so…then its like kenneth cole or calvin klein invented this man.

  5. Palermo says:

    Like a sledgehammer! Woooooooh

  6. lady mary. says:

    UGH!noway would i allow Viking to be masochist Christian ,he is to above it ,so is evry other r espectable actor,,frm what i heard its porn version is already out ,,why bother to make it again ,but deep downn in my pervy mind i would love to see Matt bomer in it ,we just dont have enuff matty b hot scenes in white collar for “Escapism ” and ihope he will get a good platform for recognition and far better roles than one in MAGIC mike where i had to peek under tatums beefy arms just to catch a glimpse of matty b’s beautiful face

  7. silken_floss says:

    F*CK YEAH!! I would that sh*t ALL DAY EVERYDAY! That’s a tall cool drink of VIKING SEX

  8. marie says:

    do you even need to keep asking the question? always HELL YES.

    and he should stay far, far away from the crap that is Christian Gray.

  9. Roo says:

    Who wouldn’t? He is a beautiful man.

  10. Sun says:

    I actually saw a screening of that movie last week, and it was way better than I was expecting. It’s not really about the internet at all, but people’s lives. The acting is really great.

  11. roxy750 says:

    God help me I love this man. Finally saw the True Blood seasons and good Lord almighty I am now obsessed. In my dreams only obviously, but he’s so tall, handsome, and just dreamy. Hot Viking Meat is what he is.

  12. Kristine says:

    Yes. I’m not a fan of true blood but he’s sexy. I also like that he took years off of acting to pursue a normal life until he decided this is definitely what he wanted to do.

  13. meh says:

    no, he is balding and has bad skin

  14. Victoria1 says:

    Kaiser I’m upset with you. Here am I off hungover, had I known the sexy Viking was in my town I’d be out stalking him right now…

  15. MissThing says:

    He has the nicest looking ass. For that alone I would hit it. The lovely voice and Viking look are just frosting on the cake.

  16. lucy2 says:

    Dammit! I was in NY for the weekend, had I known, I would have stuck around and stalked him. Kidding. Kind of.

    I think he’s trying to be polite and professional regarding 50 Shades, but there’s no way he’d do it. And based on how horribly written I’ve heard the books are, there’s no chance they’ll get a good script out of it anyway.

  17. Jenna says:

    Nope. Not any more. Now I kinda just want to be his friend. Is that sad?

    Any way, since I’m feeling better I can now kidnap Skarsie for one of you ladies, but beware! He’s slippery and escapes after a few days to a week.

  18. anet says:

    Sorry ladies, but dude is gayer than a sledgehammer.

  19. andrea says:

    Mhmmm, my Viking cleans up well. He looks better here than he has in quite a while. But is his crotch really that low or is it just the way he wears his pants? You’d think I’d know the answer to that from all the times I replayed that basement scene in True Blood, but I don’t.

  20. Queen_haq says:

    Would i hit it?

    Always and forever.

  21. moon says:

    Wow his pants are really tight, they make his legs look so skinny. He’s attractive, but not for me.

  22. Diana says:

    Again: yes! I would hit it. Hard. Repeatedly. Hot, HOT viking.

  23. Grace says:

    He’s handsome but if I have to pick Viking looks Thor wins hands down. Chris Hemsworth is 100% gorgeous. Alex has a fantastic body but his face is a little off to me.

  24. Jen34 says:

    It was 80 degrees in NY yesterday. I should have gone stalking.

  25. Mew says:

    Yep, stenhårt. Well, he seems like an interesting person.

  26. Teeny says:

    I would hit it if he left the sunglasses on… Or turned the lights down low. He has the ideal body type of a man I’d be attracted to, but his face just doesn’t do it for me. A butt-his-face? Meh.

  27. Faye says:

    I’ll take him! I really like him in clean-cut looks, especially suits. I couldn’t stand that grungy look he had going on a while ago.

    As for being above “50 Shades” – I’ve never read the book and I’m not defending the concept, but look at the show he does now. Hardly High Art.

    On a slight tangent, I appreciate how many high-profile European actors don’t consider television to be inferior to movies, the way a lot of celebs here do. I don’t know if it’s because they have so many high-caliber, well-developed series in Europe (I particularly like many British and Danish ones), but the lack of snobbiness toward the genre is very refreshing to me.

    • LAK says:

      Most European film industries are really cottage industries. The films that are made are a triumph of hope over experience. That’s why many eventually wash up on American shores.

      TV and to some extent Theatre are better funded and structured than film work. More opportunities there than film. That attitude carries over when they come to America.

    • LostinSpace says:

      He’s been quoted as saying that True Blood provides his “f–k you money”, which allows him to choose film projects based on what appeals to him creatively, regardless of how successful they will likely (or unlikely) be commercially. He doesn’t have to give in to the pressure to play a certain expected stereotype just to make a living. I think even he knows that TB isn’t high art.

      • Ally says:

        I thought about that quote repeatedly when I tried to watch Battleship. It was such a terrible movie and he was the only vaguely saving grace and yet his part was so small, a super dumb move.

        I think that he is so very attractive because his face isn’t perfect, i dig his Ayrian dream aesthetic!
        yes, I would….so very many times. If he is gahye, even hotter!

      • Ally says:

        I thought about that quote repeatedly when I tried to watch Battleship. It was such a terrible movie and he was the only vaguely saving grace and yet his part was so small, a super dumb move.

        I think that he is so very attractive because his face isn’t perfect, i dig his Ayrian dream aesthetic!
        yes, I would….so very many times. If he is gahye, even hotter!

  28. Izzy says:

    I’ll hit it from here to Sweden and back again…

  29. Dani says:

    LADIES I work in the city and I saw him at Starbucks this morning!!!!! Grumpy man much? Looked rough and out of it but I would still hit it.

  30. Dubois says:

    Ever since I saw the video of him all over his male friend (?) something inside me died. Maybe True Blood can reignite it. Nothing wrong with man-on-man love, I just want the viking for us girls.

  31. RHONYC says:

    “would you hit it?”

    if you mean would i hit the back of his head with a 2×4, then shove him in a van & drive him to secret cabin in the Adirondacks for safe keeping…then yes. yes i would. 8)

  32. Lexi says:

    Yes, hell yes, i would hit it sooo hard, damn he is hot

  33. LostinSpace says:

    Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh noooo (yessss!!!), to show my age and quote Bel Biv DeVoe. He is my ultimate fantasy…at least in the looks department.

  34. dunzo says:

    OMG I would hit it sooo hard… damn, he looks so fucking hot in that grey sweater, love him in casual clothes.

  35. Devon says:

    I hit it so hard he wouldn’t know which end is up.

  36. kingkayski says:

    Yes!&Yes!!!I will climb that viking until i lose my breath!!

  37. Jennifer12 says:

    Except for those stupid Reeboks, I want to ride this man like Seabiscuit. I love how he doesn’t put down the 50 Shades as beneath him and talks about himself as an actor.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Hell yes. The Viking dong is gorgeous. Thank you, little known Swedish film!

  39. biteyMadlady says:

    Yes already! Do you even have to ask anymore?

  40. dcypher1 says:

    How do u say id hit that vampire viking dong all day in swedish?

  41. Ashling says:

    He looks so dreamy in the first outfit he wore on Kelly and what’s his name. Yes, yes, yes!

  42. Oops says:

    Oh yes, I need some comfort and I would be happy if alex is volunteer

  43. Minx says:

    Would I hit it? All day, everyday. God, I love him. He was so cute on LWKAM and the outfit is slammin.

    I like the way @RHONYC thinks…hit that over the head caveman-style, take it home and keep it for good. ;)

  44. Yourshirtisinsideout says:

    Um, Yes. The fourth picture (the one where he has earphones and is looking down), makes me want to drive to Munich, hop on a Lufthansa jet, and find that man. But…do you think he’s very interesting in a 1:1 conversation?

  45. Lovie says:

    NO!!!! He looks like a pretty shell. I need more info.