LeAnn Rimes putting on weight to get pregnant & Eddie ‘can’t keep his hands off her’

I know this isn’t the most popular opinion, but I think LeAnn has been looking really good (for her) lately. Yes, the bangs were a mistake (a terrible mistake), and yes, her style is still the worst, but she’s been putting on some much-needed weight and her body is back to looking healthy and athletic, as opposed to what it looked like a year and a half ago.

There were widespread reports – some of which were fueled by stories Brandi Glanville told – that Eddie Cibrian prefers his women bony and pin-thin, and many thought LeAnn was eager to force herself into that body type, lest his dong wander off to some very thin cocktail waitress, I suppose. But I’m glad that LeAnn has stopped doing that for whatever reason, and she just looks so much better overall these days. The Enquirer has an interesting story as to the reasons behind LeAnn’s latest transformation. Beware: this story includes a heave-worthy detail about Eddie and LeAnn making “mad, passionate love”. Do not read this if you’ve just eaten!

LeAnn Rimes is sporting a fuller figure these days and insiders tell The Enquirer she’s packing on the extra pounds because she wants to get pregnant this year. Doctors told LeAnn that she and huby Eddie Cibrian were going to have a tough time with their baby-making plans if she didn’t start putting on some weight. So LeAnn’s been upping her food intake.

And the best part? Eddie LOVES her shapely new physique.

“For the last couple of years, LeAnn did everything she could to try and stay slim,” said a source. “She believed Eddie loved stick-thin women like his ex-wife Brandi Glanville, so she wanted to be skinny too.”

But to LeAnn’s surprise – and relief – Eddie’s more attracted to her now than ever!

“LeAnn’s added about ten pounds since she went on her pre-pregnancy weight gain plan… and she says that since she gained a few curves, her man can’t keep his hands off her.”

LeAnn and Eddie enjoyed a romantic getaway to Puerto Rico the week of April 8, where they took a midnight dip in the ocean and strolled the moonlit beach in the rain. When they got back to their room, the source says “they made mad, passionate love. LeAnn said it was one of the most romantic nights they’ve ever had together.”

Meanwhile, LeAnn and Eddie are said to be shopping around a scripted reality show, which could draw inspiration from the ongoing drama they have with Brandi.

“If LeAnn does get pregnant, they think it will be great for the show.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Eddie loves her new body, eh? He loves that it feels like he’s with an entirely different woman. He likes to role-play that they’re having a wild, scandalous affair and they need to have a quickie before his wife comes home. He gets so involved that he says another woman’s name when he makes mad, passionate love to LeAnn. No, of course that never happens. I’m just a hater, a pessimist, a loon. Eddie loves his wife. He supports her no matter what. (Until he finds someone richer and less crazy, maybe.)

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. NerdMomma says:

    I don’t care what her body looks like. What I want to know is: I thought he was NOT in Puerto Rico with her? Is she fabricating all of these “romantic” details or what?

  2. Charlotte says:

    He’s a sucker for those wandering boobies

  3. Cinnamon says:

    for all that i disdain her, she looks more normal now. although that last photo is one she’s probably not going to like lol

  4. brin says:

    Bwahahaha…the source must be wewe herself. Eddie isn’t within spitting distance of Leann, much less making a wewe-ette with her!

  5. Badirene says:

    He can’t keep his hands off her wallet.

    Fixed it for you.

  6. Maya says:

    Well, there’s a mental image I didn’t need in my brain. Thanks, Enquirer!

  7. Prinny says:

    She really needs to pick more flattering bathing suits.

  8. SunnySide says:

    “getting pregnant would be great for the show”

    Creating a human being really has been turned into a new storyline. Kartrashians, LeAnn, others. Poor kids. I hope this is not successful for LeAnn! At least until she becomes more mentally stable. Sigh.

  9. Green is Good says:

    Her bolt-on tits look like they’re trying to escape her bony chest.

  10. Dinah says:

    She definitely looks to be a healthier weight, but she really should consider getting those east-west bolt-ons dewonkified.

  11. doofus says:

    she DOES look a lot better. still don’t like her, though.

    question…how can a beach be “moonlit” if it’s raining? I mean, I’ve been to PR and it rains pretty much every day, for about a half hour or so and then gets nice again, but it wasn’t sunny or “moonlit” WHILE it was raining.

    sounds like Leann’s writing her own fan fiction.

  12. mkyarwood says:

    ‘packing on the pounds’. wtf.

  13. Christin says:

    So is this supposed to explain all the doubts as to whether he was actually with her in PR and why there weren’t pap photos galore as in the past? The part about a baby being beneficial to the storyline sounds like Rancic plus Kim K.

  14. elceibeno08 says:

    LeAnn Rimes is looking so much better and healthier. Why she is obsessed with copying Brandi Glanville is beyond me. LeAnn you look good in that bikini! I totally believe LeAnn is putting weight on to get pregnant because a woman’s reproductive system shuts down if she is malnourished. It is an evolutionary check and balance sort of kinda thing

    • Lady D says:

      “woman’s reproductive system shuts down if she is malnourished.” No. Look at the millions of starving women in 3rd world countries who keep having babies that starve to death.

    • SydneySpy says:

      The only one of this trio I know of is LeAnn. If she is indeed a liar and a copycat, (I don’t have a clue), it’s likely because, despite her fame and fortune, she has no self-assurance , self-confidence or self esteem, no originality, and probably has fallen into the trap many other women fall into – comparing herself to others and feeling she can never measure up, despite what positive feedback she gets from her family, friends, partner… I think people who do this really believe they have nothing worthy to offer, so lying, copying and taking their cues from others is the way they fit in. People who do this have a personality disorder. They are masters at manipulation, gaslighting, playing the victim and being chameleons. I know what I’m talking about: my family has someone just like this, and the trauma she has caused the family with her machinations is despicable.

  15. Lizzie K says:

    She does look much better with the added weight. She has a boyish figure with broad shoulders and no waistline, and the bolt-ons just look odd on her frame. Her best feature seems to be her ass, which is just one of the universe’s little karmic jokes.

    I don’t think either her face or body are attractive, but at least she looks healthy now.

    As for anything that comes out of her mouth or her camp, I don’t believe any of it.

  16. Samigirl says:

    That’s cool. Did EC get his vasectomy reversed first?

  17. Cam S says:

    But she went on numerous talk shows claiming that it was just “baby fat” that she lost and that she just “grew up”. So I guess it found its way back to her? I know when I lost my baby fat (13 yrs old) it’s never came back. However, my oreo cookie ice cream fat still finds me. :)

    Can’t stand it when these celebs lie about their eating disorders. Young girls think “Oh, well when I get 29 years old I’ll get skinny also, my nose will shrink, and life will be magical”.
    Just fess up or no comment, but don’t lie about your short lived bout with anorexia, laxative addiction and plastic surgeries.

    • andy says:

      “Just fess up or no comment, but don’t lie about your short lived bout with anorexia, laxative addiction and plastic surgeries.”

      Anorexia is a serious disease. Leann does NOT have to give the public information about her health. She may not even realize that she has a problem. Denial is strong with eating disorders.

      • Cam S says:

        @andy: I agree wholeheartedly, anorexia IS a serious disease. One that I doubt she suffered from. However, I found her flimsy “I just lost my baby fat” excuses exhausting. She was extreme dieting, exercising non stop and taking laxatives (can’t convince me otherwise). And I feel she should have not commented at all about her weight loss if she was just going to lie.

        I have suffered my own issues with food/weight in the past and remember hearing famous people I admired say “Oh, I eat tons! Blah blah blah”. I’d wonder what was wrong with me that my weight didn’t melt away magically. Leann obviously found it too hard to maintain that emaciated body (as did I). My problem is she lied about it. I’d rather her not comment at all than lie. Just my opinion.

      • andy says:

        “I’d rather her not comment at all than lie.”

        Leann might not see it as lying. She may think she DOES NOT have a problem.

      • Hakura says:

        It seems like for Leann, the moment it leaves her mouth (or hands, online), it IS the TRUTH. I imagine it’s frustrating when you live in an entirely different reality than everyone else.

        Too bad we can still *see* her in our reality.

  18. Lisalou says:

    Her body looks great. I love the athletic look and some people naturally have wider set boobs (like me, who also is more athletic but no where near like hers) so her implants don’t look too bad. I like that swimsuit on her too.

    ITS HER FACE! GAH! That is the unfortunate problem. STOP with the fillers Leann! It doesn’t help, it just makes things worse.

    If I had a choice, I would take pretty face over bangin body any day. Its easier to fix the body…

    • Hakura says:

      Afraid I’m w/you on the ‘wide set boob’ train. It’s always bugged me. Granted that UNlike Leann, mine aren’t growing out of my armpits. (Thank God for small blessings…)

      A lot of people like us opt for implants just to try to reduce the ‘look’ of being far apart.

  19. Deanne says:

    LeAnn and her PR people try so hard to impress upon the public that she and Eduardo are so passionately in love. It doesn’t ring true and comes across as desperate instead. He looks so over her in regular photos. When he’s got a drink in his hand, he looks happy enough, but a man who’s only into his wife when he’s drunk and on vacation isn’t really a catch. She does look so much healthier now. She looked emaciated a couple of years ago. That face, alas, is still unfortunate, regardless of weight.

    • Christin says:

      Didn’t Brandi talk about their passionate little escapes? This could be all about fantasy in many regards. And adding a baby to the mix will not help anything. There has been “maybe a baby” talk for years, even with the ex just before the affair went public.

      • Deanne says:

        LeAnn needs to get off Twitter, drop the lawsuits, get into real therapy and get her “casa” in order before she should even consider adding a baby into the picture. You’re right. She talked about wanting to start a family for 7 years with her ex and has been talking about it since she got with Eddie and still no baby. Eddie and Brandi did go on hot sex getaways and that didn’t work out very well, so I doubt dancing in the rain with LeAnn, is what will give Eddie that special something he needs to keep it in his pants, when it comes to other women. She basically spends her time babysitting him and keeping him happy with non-stop luxury vacations and lifestyle. Not quit sure how a baby would fit into that mix.

  20. Memphis says:

    No matter how much she gains or loses, she is still a vile person on the inside, so she will never be considered pretty.

  21. K-rock says:

    It reads like a horrid Harlequin romance book. I just puked in my mouth a little. No, make that a lot.

  22. Rachel R says:

    I contacted the Enquirer the last time my husband and I made mad, passionate love. Alas, the only response was, “Who are you? Please stop calling here.” Not even a small writeup in the back of the magazine! I’m totally bummed.

  23. DGO says:

    If Eddie likes her heavier like this, why is he trying to get her on another diet? She tweeted that he sent her a link to a raw diet (weird that he sent it to her since they’re supposed to be together in Toronto).

    He is so cheating on her.

  24. nj says:

    Poor Leann. Loving the wrong man will drive any woman crazy. Obviously this was a mad passionate love for her from the start. Feels so good in the beginning and, 99 times out of 10, turns out horribly.

  25. OK says:

    She is so mentally unstable.
    #1 why would she even share that they made passionate love? Who gives a shit? Isn’t that what normal married couples due on a “romantic” vacation?

    #2 If he likes her like this then why did she lose so much weight in the beginning? And why wouldn’t he tell her to stop?

    #3 She has no business having a child, it may make her even more mentally unstable, look at Britney Spears. Maybe that’s what Eddie is banking on. He gets full custody and more money.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Exactly. Eddie is behind some of this. If they have a kid together Leann will owe him child support for the next 18 years. He’s a putrid human being, but he’s not stupid.

      • OK says:

        And I can’t stand that every time she changes something, she never fails to mention, “And Eddie likes it”.

        “I cut my bangs and Eddie likes it.”

        “I gained some weight, and Eddie likes it.”

        “I wrote Borrowed, which makes him look like a major a-hole and liar, and Eddie likes it.” SMH

  26. nomorerimes says:

    Hahahaha! If LR wasn’t so emotionally sick, this whole story would be sooo funny! Looking at the first pic here, it looks like LR is talking to EC saying “Where are you? You are supposed to be here in PR with me!” We all know EC was NOT in PR or LR would have all her favorite fluff-piece sites showing her hideous (though looking better with the extra weight) body plastered alllll over him while he is holding a drinky poo! Another one of LR’s lies. So why should we believe anything her or her camp put out for printing? And have others noticed that most all her smiles now are closed mouth–like Brandi smiles. But then again, a lot of us gave her fits about her wide open mouth smiling like a braying donkey look. Proof positive we, with our comments, are an influence. Too bad she doesn’t listen to us when we tell her to get mental help–more than her “30 day rehab”.

  27. TheTruthHurts says:

    LOL, was the “source” Darryl Brown or her creepy publicist hiding and peeping out in their hotel suite closet while Eddie and LeAnn had their passionate love making session? They also tried passing off this exact “Eddie can’t keep his hands off her” story when she first started getting plump and they went on another vacation a few months back. Huh, but still no baby. Or maybe this story was planted because people were speculating that Eddie wasn’t even in Puerto Rico with Leann because people thought they recognized the 2 pics she posted of Eddie as old ones, to try and cover his absence. The Enquirer should investigate that, not this. Since when did they become soft?

    • Jayna says:

      Thought they recognized. Never posted proof. He was there. He’s just over her ad nauseum photo-ops and wasn’t going to play along for a brief two-day visit on his way home from Canada. Eddie has basic needs. Take care of him, F’k him regulary, keep him fed, and in beer for his TV sports watching, and in LeAnn’s case keep him stress free financially, living in his “casa,” taking care of his kids, the home. He won’t leave at 40 and career stagnated unless she becomes too demanding and controlling and/or nuts. Of course, the nuts part he probably doesn’t mind because that way she needs him and wil put up with a lot.

      • claire says:

        Isn’t there a bigger payoff if the divorce is after 5 years?

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        True. She appears to be so obsessed with him, he has the control and can get away with anything unlike with other women who would demand better for themselves and their marriage. She has no self confidence, strength or pride as a woman at all.

      • Cirque28 says:

        See, this is what I think, too. People are always saying, “When Eddie leaves…” Why would the Ediot leave? Without LeAnn, he’s living in an apartment, paying his own bills, taking care of the children he wasn’t too interested in when he was married. Sure, he’d have girlfriends. Waitresses and starlets, broke like him. Young, reasonably attractive & wealthy doesn’t come along every day.

      • candigirl says:

        Well said.
        HPV filled “Limp Eddie” has found his cash pig and will ride her wallet into the dust. In many ways they are perfect for each other: two only children raised to be entitled narcissists with no morals or dignity. There is almost nothing either of them could do that would embarrass or shame the other one. Two pigs in $hit. Brandi was right in saying she hopes they stay together, they deserve each other.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Do you really think LR would let the opportunity for a pap-whoring session go if EC WAS there? Not on your life! She would have filled the sites with her bikini body hanging all over him! And being she said he was there, proves he wasn’t, as everything that comes out of her pouty mouth is a LIE! Which we all know anyway!

    • brin says:

      You’re right…they need to do an expose on Eddie’s other women (John Edwards style).

      • littlestar says:

        I’m actually a little bit miffed that there has been NO ACTUAL PROOF yet of Eddiot’s cheating. Lol. Like seriously, he’s lazy – why hasn’t he slipped up already? I know it’s wrong to wish bad upon others, but Eddie Cibrian is a loser who hasn’t been publically shamed enough in the tabloids for all the shit he did to Brandi. It’s time karma kicked him in the ass already.

      • Cam S says:

        @brin: The gossip mags and most blogs are afraid of “Litigious Leann”. Of course Eddie was cheating since before their sham marriage, but I doubt anyone will touch the story even with proof. Leann is psycho

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Cam: But these are the same mags/blogs who aren’t afraid to print stories about Tom Cruise and we all know how litigious he can be with tabloids. LeAnn ain’t no power of Tom Cruise. Has to be something else.

    • Christin says:

      Memories of Kathie Lee and her wonderful Lambchop come to mind. She certainly capped her incessant talking about happy home life and “human love machine” hubby once a tabloid effectively burst that little bubble. That had to be humiliating, yet her incessant talking on a daily show probably made the story more bankable.

  28. janie says:

    Who actually says ‘he can’t keep his hand off me’? Oh please LeAnn.. who cares?

  29. Decloo says:

    I can’t help feeling sorry for her. She is in way over her head. Without having had a normal childhood she hasn’t developed the skills to deal with people who may be manipulating her. She clearly craves attention at all levels, which makes her loathsome to many, but I just see her as sadly pathetic and vulnerable.

    • nomorerimes says:

      So people manipulated her as a child–now we know where she learned how to manipulate people herself. Makes you wonder if she learned her other vices from others while growing up! She certainly didn’t learn to be nice, kind and respectful to others except those who kiss her behind! (Hope they wipe it first!) Seriously she is a pathetic loser and liar!

  30. claire says:

    Seriously embarrassing. You gotta be pretty desperate to have your PR put out a story like that.

  31. Bella says:

    Maybe she promised him a bigger allowence..Dirt bags.

  32. Leslie says:

    “When they got back to their room, the source says “they made mad, passionate love. LeAnn said it was one of the most romantic nights they’ve ever had together.”

    How would “the source” know they made mad, passionate love? Oh…right…the source is LeAnn. And this gushing tells me loud and clear that squint eye wasn’t even there with her. If he had been there would be pictures of their moonlight romp on the beach. This woman is running scared.

  33. qtpi says:

    Saw pics of the tan mom trying to be all sexy in a bikini on a beach. At first glance I thought it was Leann.

    That’s my contribution to the LR thread of the day.

  34. Theskinny says:

    What the doctor probably SAID. “You need to stop popping pills and laxatives.” What Leann HEARD “Only fatties get pregnant.” lol

  35. candigirl says:

    Someone in TV said about Jodi Arias, “she lies because she’s a narcissist who thinks she’s so smart everyone will believe her lies.”
    Yet it’s so easy to see she’s lying, because she’s so crazy.
    It reminded me of Leann.

  36. Ginger says:

    I still prefer an hourglass frame on a woman but I have to give LeAnn credit for putting on that much needed 10 pounds. She does look better. What I don’t understand is why her boobs look smaller now? I thought she had implants? It would stand to reason if you had implants and put on weight your boobs would get bigger. Maybe it’s just the swimsuit versus a good bra?

  37. Jane says:

    Eddie does not love her…he loves her money. Case closed.

  38. Ruffian9 says:

    “her man can’t keep his hands off her.”

    he’s trying to find out where she hides her credit cards.

  39. Jennifer12 says:

    Since she’s getting attacked more and more for pimping her stepkids, I think she’s trying to awaken interest in other areas to keep herself in the news. Anything that keeps her psycho self away from those boys is good.

  40. skeptic says:

    That’s right….You’re just so deliciously beautiful and sexy that Ediot can’t keep his hands off you. Ummm, we’ve all seen pictures of you, LeAnn, so we all really believe that.
    I think you’re a delusional, lying fool.

  41. DGO says:

    According to someone who got free tickets to Rime’s concert tonight, she spent the last 30 minutes bashing Brandi between yodels.

    • Lady D says:

      What a piss-off. Spend hard-earned money for a concert ticket and then have to listen to the artist bitch about their partner’s ex rather than sing. I would not be amused. No wonder she can’t fill seats anymore.

    • desiree says:

      It would be incredibly interesting if someone got that taped and put it on You Tube. I doubt it though. I have checked Ticket Master comments and nothing was there either. However, I doubt Ticket Master covers Canada. What I did notice is that comments on TM have loads of negative and equally positive remarks about her from past concerts. The general complaint about her is in regards to loads and loads of rambling on and on about her life and having a b!tching and moaning fest about how horrible she has been treated. Then she sings very little. Therefore, I would not put it past her to have the same b!tch-fest about Brandi @ this Canada concert. Personally, if I went to the concert, I walk out and have tons of other people do the same while flipping her the bird if she called me out on it. She’d get an earful from me. This chick needs a serious reality check.

  42. sauvage says:

    I may be completely alone in this, but I actually feel sorry for Leann Rimes. Not that I approve of her behaviour – pimping out her stepkids, trashing their mother, suing that teacher over a Twitter war etc. – that’s simply awful and disrespectful and crazy.

    But MAN must this woman be lonely and insecure.

    I listened to “Borrowed” and “What Have I Done?” and I was stunned, not because the songs were so good musically (repetitive gets old quite quickly), but because of the emotion in her voice. A completely lost soul. She bought herself a husband and now she can’t admit that she made a mistake and has to pretend everything is fine. She’s clearly overcompensating. That must be so exhausting.

    Again, I DON’T EXCUSE HER BEHAVIOUR. But I certainly hope, for her sake, that she gets some serious therapy, takes a good look at herself and finally faces her insecurities. Then she can kick Eddie Cibrian to the curb, apologize to Brandi, they can trash Eddie together endlessly, she could write a book and finally go back to making music and touring. She is actually talented, just completely delusional and nuts and therefore mean.

    • Jane says:

      True–she is lonely and insecure-plus totally delusional and mentally ill.

    • Jayna says:

      For LeAnn to be helped she would need someone in therapy with her who could break down her delusional excuses and tell the therapist the truth. LeAnn has no self-awareness and believes she is innocent in her actions. If Eddie was a real man he could be the catalyst in therapy, but instead he’s the enabler. LeAnn will continue down her long-term therapy path with the therapist never being privy to the whole story and able to help her. Like Dr. V said on that reality show, many people continuing in long-term therapy just go to have someone agree with them as they talk about themselves weekly. Sounds like Le.

    • Persephoneo says:

      Hello Sauvage (great handle by the way!):

      I am starting to agree with you. I think that she needs to get to a place where she can face what she’s done, apologize, get rid of Eddiot, and work on being a better person and move on in peace.

    • Christin says:

      Yes – plus spoiled. I’m not sure if she really knows or simply doesn’t care how she comes across. Making excuses and trying to play victim just doesn’t work; it alienates people. The public doesn’t want to be the therapist.

      The part about the husband is spot on. If the money were to be gone, would he stick around? When he publicly called the indiscretion a “speed bump” and tried to stay with his then-wife is something that would have to breed massive insecurity. I’m not sure she’s ever had any significant amount of time outside of a relationship since she was 15 or 16. She seems to be stuck in that mentality age in many ways.

  43. Jayna says:

    I love how some always say the rags like Enquirer and such are afraid of litigious LeAnn. Bull. Then in another post she’s a nobody anymore. Rags post stuff about high-profile people all the time with deep pockets, way more important than Le Le. They post fake and true stuff. The bottom line there is no proof Eddie has cheated, period, except nuts trying to be part of the story on the Internet and claiming info.

    I once on a music board I belonged to ran across many people like that who lied about insider knowledge. They would pm me with all kinds of info and I was naive and believed it. I didn’t understand the underbelly of the Internet with nuts literally wanting to be important and inserting themselves in it as being in the know or knowing parties. I never accepted a pm again. There are crazies on the Internet who seem normal. Even Brandi said a few months ago she doesn’t think Eddie has cheated YET. He will cheat one day and maybe has, but I don’t believe all the side pieces info for a minute spouted on here. He would have already been outed. Just like everyone posting about the latest gossip by a twitterer who had info, pictures. People going crazy about it. I didn’t believe it for a second. It was someone wanting attention. Sure enough, a hoax. When he really is caught cheating, a rag will run the info.

  44. Dana says:

    I bet she is feeling very insecure today since she is on her way to Mississippi to scream and complain about Brandi, I mean sing, and she will be missing a T-ball game and a BBQ at friends of Eddies. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the paps got photos of Brandi and Eddie chatting while they shared the joy of watching THEIR son run those bases. I bet we would finally see a genuine smile on Eddies face that we haven’t seen in a very long time.

  45. bluhare says:

    Just out of curiosity, how do you have a “scripted” reality show?

  46. Lexi says:

    He will leave her one day and no one will be shocked! He is a kept man that married her for money, when something better comes he will leave! He probably cheats on her and she is tooo delusional to admit it or see the signs

    • Cirque28 says:

      Because there is a line of wealthy bikini’d women waiting to marry Eddie Cibrian, give him a mansion, take him on lavish vacations, care for his children, hassle his ex-wife (so he doesn’t have to), etc?

      Nah. The Ediot isn’t going anywhere. Sure, sometimes he thinks it would be cool to have a career like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. But then he realizes he’s not getting any younger and besides, being Brad Pitt is hard work, so he has a few beers and hits the golf course until the feeling passes.

      Cheating is a different story, tho I think he’d be discreet. Luckily, he’s had plenty of practice.

  47. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I find myself fascinated by this real-life soap opera. Leann Rimes left her husband for Eddie. I think if it weren’t for the adrenaline high she gets from competing with Brandi, Leann would have become bored with Eddie long ago and left him for someone else. I hope the vasectomy reversal doesn’t work. There are already two too many children involved in this scenario.

  48. Shannon says:

    Eddie can’t keep his hands off anything with a female reproductive system (or human reproductive system, if rumors are true). Not news, LeAnn!

  49. Lesalou says:

    It must be so tiring living inside her head. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leann doesn’t allow Eddie to cheat as long as he treats her special when she is around. I think he is probably still being good though because with Brandi’s book all his secret ways were outed. He is so in love with the lifestyle her money gives him that he is able to act madly in love with her. He knows if he is not with her he has nothing. At least until he can obtain a decent settlement. Men like him are used to being catered to by women and know how to use their charms to keep women interested. I have no doubt he uses them on Leann. She is so naive that she believes she is his true love. This woman has allowed herself to be consumed by him to the point even her career doesn’t matter. Not that she had much of one before him. She was on the last leg of her 15 minutes but fortunately had already accumulated lots of money. He knows he hit the jackpot! And she knows as long as he is financially dependent on her she is secure with him. I imagine she encourages him to not work. Too many temptations when he is allowed out in the world! LOL.

  50. Jane says:

    Has anyone checked out her current Tweet/short video? It’s only a few seconds long showing her sitting, singing and strangely kicking her foot. No sound, though. Dear Lord, the images she posts.

  51. Missatx says:

    I’m just hypothesizing here but I think they have a swinging lifestyle with that couple Leeann posted pictures of . I think it was a dig at Brandi and those pics where she was kissing that woman , was to show Brandi how “wild” she was . I don’t think there will be any stories of Eddie cheating because Leann is letting Eddie hook up with that one girl, having threesomes , Ect . That’s why she made that cake with them in the bed , Leann thinks that she is giving Eddie something Brandi didn’t , but Brandi had threesomes for Eddie too .
    It didn’t stop him from cheating later . Once Eddie has enough money saved, he’s going to start cheating . Leann would most likely accept it .

  52. brin says:

    No love for HER bonus mom…someone tweeted her to let her know her bonus mother had been in the hospital for almost two weeks.