Kanye West ‘secretly’ going to Kim Kardashian’s doctors’ appointments

Last week, we heard (from the tabloids) that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have barely been together at all since she got pregnant. Kanye was been camped out in Paris, working on his new album, and Kim has gone to Paris a few times to see him, but it doesn’t really seem like Kanye has been putting much effort into spending time with Kim at all. One tabloid claimed that Kim and ‘Ye had only been together 18 days out of the last 108 days. But that figure might be untrue. God knows. Anyway, TMZ claims that Kanye HAS been coming to Kim and going to her doctors’ appointments in LA, he’s just been doing it under the cloak of darkness, like Batman.

Kanye West is doing everything he can to support Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy — even though he’s in Paris working — and it’s costing six figures to do it … TMZ has learned.

Kanye has been travelling abroad the past few months — for events, performances and to record a new album — but is still hitting up Kim’s doctor’s appointments.

We’re told Kanye has made at least three trips via private jet from Paris to L.A. (costing about $100k total) so that he can be in attendance for Kim on her checkups.

Our sources say Kanye even reaches out to the doctors beforehand to discuss the appointments and to make certain his schedule allows him to be there.

According to our sources, Kanye has also flown Kim out to Paris on a private jet so they could spend extra time together before Kim is set to give birth in July.

[From TMZ]

Do you believe that? I’m kind of disbelieving, although I guess it might be possible for Kanye to come to LA and no one knows about it. I guess it’s possible that Kim could avoid famewhoring every single detail about her life for a few months. Maybe. My take is that Kanye and Kim aren’t “over” but that there relationship is pretty stressed right now, and that Kanye isn’t even prioritizing the relationship at all. He’s back in “work” mode. He’s recording. That’s his priority.

Meanwhile, Radar had a totally pathetic (my opinion) story about how Kris Humphries only settled their divorce case because he “felt sorry for her.” Yes, you’ve gotta love those shifting goalposts of the rabidly anti-Kardashian. Kris’s defenders are like Olympian gymnasts at this point, twisting and turning to find any possible way to claim that Kris “won”. Oh, he “won” because the Kardashians are out of his life? They could have been out of his life a year ago, HE chose to make the divorce into some huge, moronic carnival of stupid. You can still dislike Kim Kardashian AND think that Kris Humphries is an idiot with no legal leg to stand on.

Anyway, this is what one of Kris’s friends told Radar (I think the “friend” is a basketball): “Yes, he was angry at Kim for the way their marriage ended and he truly did feel defrauded by her and the show. But lately, especially in recent weeks, he just feels sorry for her. She’s pregnant and obviously under a lot of stress. He didn’t want to be part of it any more.” Radar’s sources also insist that Kris finally had a come-to-Jesus moment when his lawyers sat him down and told him there was absolutely no way he was ever going to get an annulment or prove “fraud” and that at this point, he was hurting his team and his career. Basically, what I’ve been saying for months. He’s an idiot.

Here are some more photos of Kim over the weekend. I would like her V-neck sweater without the pocket, but I really, really want the white cardigan.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. dahlianoir says:

    Those breasts look painful… Why didn’t take off the fake ones ?

    • BB says:

      Wait a minute, that is the best Kris Humphries could come up with “I feel sorry for her.” Kris “The Dummy” Humphries is trying to do damage control, because he looks like an idiot yet again (he was an idiot for marrying Kim in the first place). He never had a chance to win. Kris and his supporters need to deal with the fact that he lost and dragged this out far too long and no one has sympathy for him.

      • Jenny says:

        I have sympathy for him. It seems like he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into; his wife wouldn’t even let him move in with her. I do agree that Kris is an idiot. Where I completely disagree with Kaiser is that in court there are laws and burden of proof, but not being able to meet the threshold for proof (especially if it is in regards to Kim’s intent) does not mean his case was completely without merit. He couldn’t prove his assertions, but that doesn’t mean they were wrong or that he doesn’t have the right to feel betrayed by Kim.

      • Jenna Zine says:

        I agree that Kris is an idiot – but, I gotta say, it was nice to see someone take the Kardashians to task. Sure, it was for his own (possible) selfish gain – but they (read: Mommy Kris) tried to bully him into backing down and he really pushed back. Kim obviously never loved the guy. Thanks to his lawsuit, her willingness to marry for ratings was held in the spotlight instead of being swept under the rug.

      • springingforward says:

        Wait just one hot minute.

        How is this website contemplating the legitimacy of TMZ’s reporting, but throwing shade all over radaronline’s information?

        TMZ is in bed with the Kardashians and I am beginning to believe that Celebitchy website is too.

    • Polk8dot says:

      Yes, they do look painfull.
      Her whole fricking body looks deformed now. I hated what she’s done to it over the years, with the ever increasing breast implants, butt implants and never ending facial procedures. But now, with the pregnancy weight gain, she is looking more and more gross each week.

      Pregnant women are beautiful, glowing, bursting with the new life they are carrying. She is just bursting at the seams. Each time I see her I keep thinking ‘this but implant must really hurt by now’ or ‘those fake boobs look like they are going to make her tip over and fall on her face any moment’, etc.
      Seriously, with all the plastic s#it in her body, how can it be even a healthy environment for the baby to begin with?
      Few more weeks and her gross body will start spilling out of the spanx in all directions, impossible to be contained within them anymore.
      She already looks like some cartoon character, where the woman walks in 3 stages: her boobs – her torso – her butt.
      I say before she’s due she will definitely end up face-planting many times, for our enjoyment. I choose to believe that will be Karma tripping her, for each time her grossness made me wanna hurl.

  2. mkyarwood says:

    I can believe it, only because the Dr. appointments are pretty spaced out.

  3. LadyMTL says:

    Wow, KK is wearing flats! Good for her! As for the whole Kanye thing, I can’t bring myself to care. Yes, it’d suck if he really did “abandon” her but I don’t think that’s the case.

    • Hakura says:

      I’m sure even *she* got the message, when her several thousand dollar designer stiletto heels started breaking under her.

    • Erin says:

      So these famewhorses have lived every other aspect of their lives for the cameras, but for some reson they’ve been super stealthy when he’s come to visit her these last few months, …. Until the rags pointed out that he ditched her like last weeks leftovers…….and then media friendly to them run stories how he’s blowing thousands to visit under cover like James Bond , up until today now he’s front and centre with her.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Speaking of gymnastics, I find it funny that once her “poor, poor pitiful me” bid for public sympathy fails (divorce; abandoned by Kanye; weight-gain; etc… – FAIL!), all of a sudden a “source” is telling the notoriously pro-Kartrashian TMZ that Kanye is visiting via private jet and accompanying her to doc’s appointments. SPARE ME!

    I do, however, really like that inverted triangle necklace. (See? I said something nice!)

  5. silvia says:

    those pants must have been custom made…non others would fit those strange proportions of hers..had she not placed those implants literally EVERYWHERE, she would have gained normally.

  6. Daahling says:

    All I got from this is that Kartrashian is clearly reading the complaints of us Celebitchy posters. Oh, Kimmy, you’re so precious! OF COURSE, he secretly visits! Bless your heart.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    TMZ sure loves them, huh?
    I don’t buy it- i don’t think she does anything without a camera present, this is just to try to drag their relationship out in the press so it doesn’t look like they’re over before the kid is born.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Kris Humpries is sorry he didn’t get the million dollars he has asked.

    • littlestar says:

      I’m beginning to think he did get money out of their settlement, but part of the settlement was a confidentiality agreement stating Kris is not allowed to talk about the divorce details. It’s probably why TMZ is on such a roll right now with all of these pro-Kartrashian stories. So no word gets out that Kim didn’t exactly “win” in the divorce proceedings.

  9. truthful says:

    Kris Jenner and Jonathon are super busy huh??

    I’m getting to the point of just rolling my eyes, I now KNOW their money making dramas will never end.

    I’ll be telling my grandkids its all “attentionwhoring”and they will think I am just old and babbling.

    RIP Lil Mercy
    “gone but not forgotten”

  10. A says:

    If I was pregnant and my superduper rich man refused to sleep in my bed every night, getting me those 4am cravings and helping me when things got rough I would so be out of that relationship.

    There is no reason why a recording artist can’t be by his pregnant girls side. None whatsoever. LA has LOADS of studios to record in.

    We all know Kim thinks Kanye is her ticket to the A-list but damn gurl, at what cost?

  11. DanaG says:

    I don’t believe this story for a second. Kanye would have been seen by someone unless he has Harry Potters cloak of invisibility. He doesn’t want to be around Kim or their unborn baby he could record in LA no reason on earth he needs to record in Paris. It will probably suck as much as his last recording did. Kim should get used to being a single mother cause Kanye is not going to be around not with all his “important” work to do after all who else can do what he does?

  12. Queenfreddie says:

    Both of them could’ve ended this a year ago and both Kim and Kris drug it out. Lets not just blame Kris for it. As TMZ they are ridiculous . I used to trust them but not so much anymore .

    • swack says:

      Thank you. I have posted the same thing many times. I hate that they blame it all on Kris H. because I surely don’t see them blaming Kim for it. They both had their positions and were not willing to give in – that’s their choice. I don’t believe this friend in that Kris H is feeling sorry for her. What I truly believe (and I have no proof) is that his team highly recommended that he settle this so as not to disrupt the playoffs.

  13. TOPgirl says:

    That’s very sweet of Kanye and I also think he’s doing the right thing. Kim got lucky!

    • Joanna says:

      not to be mean, but this story is b.s. i think there would be some pictures if kanye came to town to visit her or vice versa. this story comes after posts about kanye not being there for her. KK has a great PR team.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I disagree. I don’t think Kanye is sweet or that Kim is lucky. When I was pregnant, my husband was there with me every day to support me, running out to get food, helping me brainstorm sleep positions, etc. He was there next to me when my baby moved and he could put his hand on my belly and feel his son. That is sweet. If he only showed up for doctor visits, uhhhh I don’t even know. I went to most of those alone, because those weren’t a big deal. They weren’t what counted.

      • Happymom says:

        This exactly! My husband went to my ultrasound-and that was it. But every night, he’d rub my back, or take me out for ice cream. It’s the day to day stuff that matters.

      • JenD says:

        My regular check-ups take about 5 min (after all the weighing and waiting), so those 5 min don’t matter near as much as just being there to support her for the other times.

      • Bird says:

        My husband was very supportive during my pregnancy, but also only came to the big ultrasound appointment. I didn’t see the need for him to watch me get weighed and pee in a cup the other times ;-) .

      • floridaseaturtle says:

        I was thinking the same thing, neither one are “lucky”, or “nice”. Many of us have been through similar scenarios, be it good or bad during pregnancy. One thing is for sure..the posters calling them out on the Dr. appt’s. please. It is absolutely true that there is really going on at this point at the Dr. Give me a real break that he would fly for that. He would go, I suppose, if he was in town and wanted to hold her hand while waiting to pee in a cup.
        My advice, girl, buy some yoga pants and cute tanks, and tops, own your pregnacy even just for you. Enough of try hard dresses and shoes trying to convince us that you are a ‘business
        woman’. And fade a little maybe.

    • tifzlan says:

      LOLZ ooookaaaaay Kim, i mean TOPgirl

  14. Faye says:

    LOL at this story. So believable that Kanye would teleport in from Paris for a doctor’s appointment, and do it quietly and discreetly! We all know how much Kanye hates publicity *eye roll.*

  15. Buckwild says:

    Necklace between the breasts = looks nice sometimes (with the right dress) but doesn’t it get sweaty and gross? Lol

  16. Lem says:

    No way. No.way. If ye was with her, she or her pimp mama would have sold him out. Maybe ‘grainy and from a distance’ but for sure they would have made sure he was snapped.

  17. Dee Cee says:

    Uh huh.. all her robot tweeter fans confirm it’s true.. let’s see receipts..? Lol.. nawh.. let’s not see anything of them again.. He’s flogging a dead mule to bring it to life hopping to win his popularity back by association to her and her family in any tiny matter..

  18. dorothy says:

    Kris must have spent all day working up this press release. Too bad for Kim it’s pure B.S. Kim makes sure she’s papped doing everything. No way she would let this one go unnoticed. Sorry, no ones buying this one.

  19. elceibeno08 says:

    Those white pants must be made of stretchy fabric because there is no way they would go past her hips and lower butt. The t-shirt looks comfy although she is showing way too much cleavage.

  20. JULIETA says:

    Hello everyone. I am from Colombia and in my country the latest trend (for gold diggers looking for a $$$ nice man) is to have breast and butt implants. The trend came from Brazil where has been very common for at least a decade, the problem is that most of the guys in Colombia and now in Mexico like their implants to be bigger. You know what kind of guys I am talking about. When you get butt implants you have to sleep on your tummy for at least a week and have to be super careful when you sit, its also very painful. They look, in my opinion, grotesque and if you come from a good family or you are a professional there is no way in hell that you are going through these surgeries. Kardashian’s doctor is Colombian, from Miami.

  21. HH says:

    I sincerely wish there wasn’t a baby involved, but I’m glad Kim is getting a taste of her own medicine. She is finally dating someone who has a career far and above hers and has to play by his rules. In past relationships she was always the important one and her man just had to get on board. Reggie Bush apparently was upset because Kim never put the relationship first; Kris Humphries had to convince her to go on a honeymoon; and finally, she delusionally thought it would be a good idea for a newly married couple to live with her sister and kids in order to tape a reality show. I don’t think the marriage was ever going to work, but she certainly made no effort. Now, however, it’s not the same. Clearly, Kanye takes his career just as seriously, if not more, than Kim, which is understandable considering he’s the one with talent (awful personality, but talent). Oh, and he has the favor of Anna Wintour so obviously he’s calling the shots here, hehe. ;) Whether Kanye is going to the doc visits or not, the mother of your child and supposed love of your life is PREGNANT and ALONE. I don’t know what respectable bf would do that and that’s why Kim is looking so down lately. Prior to pregnancy, paparazzi were her meal ticket and she was more than happy to smile for them. Now that she lost her figure – which is the reason she is going around saying pregnancy isn’t easy and it never is when you’re vain – with no one by her side she is looking less than pleasant these days. Hopefully, this is wake up call for her and this child will not take a backseat to her career. Long-winded guys, sorry!

    • The Original Mia says:

      Nah. It was spot-on.

    • mogul says:

      It’s not just that kanye is above her in fame but he’s also much older than kris and reggie. They were both much younger than her and quitte immature. So it was easier for her to dominate their relationship, but with kanye he’s the one in control.

    • littlestar says:

      Speaking of Anna Wintour and Kanye. The Met Gala is coming up pretty soon! It’s going to be very very interesting to see whether Kanye attends this year, and if the mother of his child attends with him. I think it’ll really show us the state of their relationship. Because even if Anna Wintour does everything in her power to stop Kim from attending, Kanye (if he was a good man/boyfriend) would say F it to Anna Wintour and not attend himself. However, I don’t see that happening. Ooooo I cannot wait! :D

      • Stoner says:

        He’ll go without her – I’d bet the bank on it.

      • ZL1 says:

        +1 Oh he’s going and without her. He’s already debating what black or white outfit he’ll wear that night. There’s nothing she can do about it, so she’ll undoubtedly have a “conflicting engagement” or be “under the advisement of her doctor” not to travel. Does anyone else find it ODD that he’s secretly flown out to see her for routine check-ups, but did not come to her side during her pregnancy scare a few months ago? What about that Harv and Kris J?

  22. The Original Mia says:

    Oh, please…if he was coming in to town for appointments, she would make damn sure everyone knew it.

    Once his popularity started to drop and he wasn’t being taken seriously as an artist, he hightailed it out of town and set up camp in Paris. If the artiste truly cared about Kim, he could have put off recording until after the baby was born. He didn’t and that speaks volumes.

    • CreamSoda says:

      I think they’re both fools but it might be better to finish recording before the baby comes so he can actually spend time with the baby when he/she is born (not that he will).

    • ZL1 says:

      +1 Oh he’ll be there for sure, he’s probably debating his attire. She will undoubtedly have a “conflicting engagement” or be under the advisement of her doctor not to travel. Doesn’t anyone find it ODD that he’s secretly flown out for routine check ups but did not come to her Sid during her pregnancy scare a few months ago? What about that Harv and Kris J?

    • ZL1 says:

      +1 Oh he’s going and without her. He’s already debating what black or white outfit he’ll wear that night. There’s nothing she can do about it, so she’ll undoubtedly have a “conflicting engagement” or be “under the advisement of her doctor” not to travel. Doesn’t anyone else find it ODD that he’s secretly flown out to see her for routine check-ups but did not come to her side during her pregnancy scare a few months ago? What about that Harv and Kris J? Oops forgot about that one.

  23. Hoya_chick says:

    This is just damage control. Do not believe it. She needs more people.

  24. Annie says:

    PLEASE he’s so over her. This pregnancy was not planned, Kim probably “forgot” to take the pill, and Kanye is not amused. Kim used this opportunity to join the Carter-Paltrow-Timberlake circle. Little did she know Kanye can still turn his back and replace her.

    Still not cool that he’s leaving her alone like this but it speaks volumes that he doesn’t want to be with her. PR stunt/hook up that went out of hand.

  25. janie says:

    I mentioned this yesterday.. No one cared. I think she got what she deserved. She looks nice in the white, i’m just tired of her breasts exposed in every photo. It is what it is.

  26. ladybert62 says:

    Is that baby growing in her butt? It seems to be getting bigger!

    Now that would be something to talk about on her show!

  27. Heebeegeebee says:

    This reeks of desperation. How sad. She’d better realize that she is going to be a single parent because there is no way that creep is going to stick around.

  28. Mela says:

    …so Kanye going to doctor appointments is supposed to make him look good and this relationship so real? HA!

    Sorry, but leaving your pregnant baby mama (cause I don’t even know if they’re even together at this point) to go record an album in another country when you’re a rich artist is BS. I would be pissed if I was Kim, but unfortunately she puts up with it. But whatever. Most pregnant women would probably expect that their partners would be there to support them during their pregnancy, especially through the cravings and the body changes. I guess she doesn’t if she’s going to let him leave her for Paris.

  29. Tasha says:

    I find it funny that the Kanye secretly going to doctor appointments story comes out only days after the story that Kanye and Kim have only been together 18 days out of a 108.

    This story has mama K writen all over it.

  30. Lisalou says:

    Kim, stop with the lip fillers. You look like Octomom.

  31. Kim says:

    SO three doctor ‘s visits mean they have spent twenty something days together rather than 18.

  32. skuddles says:

    I call bullsh*t. Kim’s kamp obviously planted this story to make us think Kanye hasn’t dumped her fat ass.

  33. Mom says:

    Why doesn’t she just cover her breasts some more and put maternity clothes on? To me, she doesn’t look attractive in her nonmaternity clothes being so far along in her pregnancy. I don’t understand what she’s trying to accomplish.

  34. paranormalgirl says:

    “You can still dislike Kim Kardashian AND think that Kris Humphries is an idiot with no legal leg to stand on.”

    THANK YOU. I hold both of them in contempt.

  35. Dawn says:

    Oh good god, let’s give Kanye the privacy he so wants and stop reporting on these two. Please.

    • Hakura says:

      Sorry, but I’m afraid that simply isn’t an option at this point. The jackass dug his own plot on the Kartrashian property. So now, he has to live with the… increasingly large…consequences.

      • Dawn says:

        But it’s always the same old krap…Kim in ugly clothes, Kanye in Paris, bla and bla and bla. Nothing ever changes. Kim can’t give up the spotlight and Kanye needs to fess up if he is still with chicka or not with chicka. Either way this poor baby is the only loser although I still think that Kanye could be a better father than Kim could ever hope to be a mother. This whole thing is so over in my mind at least and now it’s just sickening.

    • Hakura says:

      It’s true. Most of us have been trying not to dwell on the saddest aspect (the actual child, which has thus far not even been mentioned by Kk as though it’ll be a fellow human being. provided she’s a human being. I’m never sure.)

      I do think Kanye would at least arrange for some pro nannies to take care of the kid, where-as Kim will claim to be ‘allergic’ to it & hand it off to a shelter. =_x

  36. Mandy says:

    Goodness at the boobage! But Kim really does look the best dressed this way.

  37. Lady Satan says:

    I see she is continuing her Spanx’d to the max maternity fashion.

    How can she breathe? At this point in her pregnancy she should be all popped out and round (like her ass) not flat and slightly square!

  38. Palermo says:

    Yeah, sure Kanye is going to her appointments, I’m going too LOL; I thought it was great that Kris H said he felt sorry for her, the final slap in the face, nobody wants to be pitied. I’m ashamed to say I watched the show with Ryan Seacrest last night, it’s like they compiled a list of all the comments people make and tried to “explain” them away. It was disgusting as usual, Rob talking about his penis etc. That was the swan song for me, I’m not ever watching again

  39. mogul says:

    Kanye is a fool, he should’ve been more supportif during this pregnancy. Because by not being there he’s unknowningly making Kim money. His abscence will surely come up in future episodes of her show and he will paying Kim tons in child support money, maybe that is why he’s busing recording. He realised that she’ll drain him to the last cent. Got to make some money, we all know that kanye will end up broke some the day so this only the beginning of his suffering.

  40. The Original G says:

    Wow, now I’ve got to hate Kris because he was dumb and didn’t take public humiliation and a broken marriage well? Sorry, I won’t get with that.

    I used to think that Kim et al were pretty harmless, with their boys, babies and Birkin formula. In fact I thought it was pretty great that some short ethnic girls were getting some positive attention as attractive.

    But after that travesty of wedding, no. The question is, WHY Kim was never embarrassed to be exposed as flinty thief of wedding favours? I mean it was the Hindenburg of weddings.

    She was a total bitch as a Newlywed. WHY does she never get to own that? She re-shoots some scenes and gives herself a pass?

    And now, I’m supposed to feel sorry for HER because she wouldn’t settle her divorce quickly, can’t find a decent outfit and shows little interest in spending time with her baby daddy?

    Of course, Kanye should drop HIS work obligations, even though hers seem to consist of getting papped on the sidewalk in increasingly hideous costumes? She just gives herself another pass.

    WHY is everyone else in the world wrong and Kim is right?

    Sorry, we don’t OWE her any more popularity, or viewership or sympathy. Get on a damn plane, put your life together, bitch and stop whining!

  41. Agnes says:

    I don’t believe thus for a second.

    And he’s wearing a man fur, FFS.

  42. tifzlan says:

    Wait, but like, she DOESN’T look pregnant at all. I’m so confused. I’m not saying that in a she’s-faking-her-pregnancy kind of way, but rather in a give-up-the-spanx-for-God’s-sake kind of way.

  43. Missatx says:

    She doesnt look pregnant because she had a ton of liposuction to make her stomach look smaller . She continues to wear a ton of spanx and that is why her stomach looks the way it does .
    This girl never went on a diet or worked out to lose weight , she just went and got lipo . If you think that it doesnt mess with your proportions and fat distribution, then you are wrong .
    This is what getting huge implants, fat injections and lipo do . Everything is unnatural looking and weird .

  44. nikzilla says:

    She just refuses to wear maternity clothes, doesn’t she?

  45. Birdix says:

    on a separate note–how nice would it be to have access to a private jet to go from California to Paris whenever you wanted? (sigh)

  46. anon says:

    OK so does the doc make nite house calls.. lol seriously its the only time she is not seen.Kim has been out every day & every evening being papped, which means she hasn’t given Kanye time when he is in town either.. Cough Cough Seriously this is TMZ up the K’s butt again & PR.. Im sure there on the K payroll. K’s do there own spin. Kris does his & as much as many are in denial Kris walked away with nothing I say BS. Kris got something & now we have the K”s out there PR spinning as winners. Can’t stand either one of them but do not believe for one moment Kris walked away empty handed. Didn’t happen

  47. Mirna says:

    (1) There is no way Kanye has been jetting back to spend quality time with Kim and the fetus and NO ONE has seen him. That’s some bull the Ks are feeding Harvey over at TMZ.

    (2) Kris wanted his pound of flesh and he got it. He was a thorn in their side as long as possible – but “settled” just before trial. He made her go through the aggravation of defending the case.

    (3) Imma need for Kim to put on some maternity clothes now. Someone needs to tell this chick that looking like a stuffed sausage at this stage in her pregnancy is not cute or sexy.

  48. Maria T. says:

    Yeah, no way is Kanye visiting her at all. Like she’d let the cameras skip that. I have a theory about her looking so awful. I think she saw how much attention Jessica Simpson got in her first pregnancy and decided to one-up her. Clearly she and her family don’t see a difference between positive and negative attention – they just see it all as $$$$$. I think she’s deliberately wearing unflattering/risky outfits. My friends and I (all recent moms) have been posting pics of her various ensembles on FB for a laugh.

  49. Karen says:

    If she breast feeds are her boobs just going to get even bigger? Yikes, that look unpleasant.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    This is even funnier since ROL has a story about she already feels like a single mother because she’s going to all her doctors appointments by herself.

    So which is it, Cakes? Can’t have it both ways!

    • The Original G says:

      Sigh. Ok. I’ve been lucky enough to be madly in love. Let me tell you, my man would not let us be away from each other. She’s totally got the means to get herself set up in Paris till he’s done recording.

      He would not just flying in for some Doctor’s appointments. He would be dying for some “somethin-somethin”. That’s how it is when you’re in love, expecially, when it’s new and with a baby. This defies experience and logic.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        TOG, I’ve been that lucky, too, and blessed enough to have a baby with that man.

        He loved me (us); supported me; fed me well (as could be, due to chronic morning sickness); catered to my cravings once I had them; went to all my doctors appointments, ultra-sounds, etc…; and (TMI ALERT) the pregnant sex was GREAT!

        He also spent the entire week after delivery (complications) with us in the hospital, sleeping on that miserable little whateverthehell they call that “lounge chair” thing.

  51. jwoolman says:

    The most interesting theory is that Kanye was avoiding the USA so he couldn’t be found to be subpoenaed as a witness in the divorce trial. That would also be consistent with sneaking in periodically (but is Kim capable of living out of reach of a camera long enough for that?), although I don’t know why he wouldn’t just participate in doctor’s appointments electronically if he were so inclined. So we should look for definite Kanye sightings stateside now that the trial is off.

  52. PinkyTuscadero says:

    this. can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to put this forward.

  53. GossipG says:

    Secretly reads the same as,DAMAGE CONTROL< with best regards, Kris JENNER.best MUM in the world..(CHOKES)

  54. KIMYE says:


  55. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    18 years, 18 years…

  56. Bella says:

    I would be working as far away as I could too!This is only a baby connection relationship.

  57. Kim says:

    I don’t believe this story of Kanye sneaking back to come to the doc appointments either. But even if he did, this would not necessarily be for Kim’s sake, but rather his kid’s. He’s not there for her or supporting her through this hard time. He so clearly doesn’t WANT to be or he’d make it happen. Kim should stop trying so hard and kick him to the curb.